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Full text of "A dictionary of the Welsh language. [Preceded by] A grammar of the Welsh language. 2 vols. [in 3 ..."

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VTl i. li 

^'= K 10 . fS 










ANB J. Jon.i, 3, m^t-inm, «ht shithpiilo, lokdon. 




E^ A pr^/bR w cMNptfttiMk It impliet aptaeM 
1i»aet.or tomove. 

^staBwng alone, as a word, Impliet action go* 
in; on, and when it aeoonpamet a verb it Is 
the ^eot perlbming the action described 
withont the discrimination of a person. The 
pnmonn it; bat the partlcolar character is 
feneraDj mariLod by uie context ; except in 
the AOnrMn JKoleety wfaeie it implies hiSy and 
his. It Is appropriately the sign of the actlTe 
partKdpie, amhlDg actions of the present tense, 
vfaieh withont it woohi be otherwise. It has 
also tibe form. In many expressions» of what 
wonld be termed an adverb. Examples, 
^■dir, there will be seen ; t awiir, seeing 
takes place, or, it Is seen ; s^m gwt Itr, the see* 
ingorme takes place, or, I am seen ; s dyf^a^i 
the agent swearing was, or he (she, or it) 
swore; edfagmy ^fn,the man swore, wag s, 
not ity or it not. 

S^ Vkvit y SlA ^fl^li MM 

I «Mll not hav« to «el 


ST. (mog) Ample, large, wide, loose, free. 
engf a free amn. 

TteiMrtltoqMeiMwfioraO. JUrngt. 

Eangswl, a. (eaiw) Tending to make spadons. 
Esagder, s. wu (eang) Spaaoosness, capacity* 
Kanglad, s. m, (eanj^ ) A making eapacioos. 
Eaagrwydd, s. m. (eang) Spacioosness, capacity. 
Eai^, «• a. (eang) To make ample or spadons. 
Eawg, t. ■k--pl. eo|pdd (awg) A salmon. 



I, a. (awn) Bold, daring, intrepid, braTe. 
, j./~f4. eosan (aws) A nightingale. 

M hyvtaff M lit mtghtirngmU* Adtge, 

£B, s. wu r^^fL I. Ion. A going ; a going from, 
a proceeding oat of; a sending mm ; ntter- 
anoe; in a state abstracted ftom. 

Eb, «. «• (ftr eba) To go, or proceed from ; to 
send from ; to otter ; to say. Eb Ji, eb y Jl, 
thwgfJL^ tb^ fi^ ouoth I; e6 di, qnoth thoa; 
sft Cf«, salth he ; «o y »i, qnoth we. 

Ebodi, «./.— pi. i. aa (eb— ach) A nook, a com- 
er, a ooTe, a bay. 

Ac yM yr al CoOw 1 l^dd Olcif nfre, m yne I r«Mi elte 
ffvMlsl Sm fibKk carcf mfw« Ik dtrgd. 

cat to tarn aMaaialii of GlHtonbvf^ aad 
Uw c«nur of • itone In a Mcrct 
»ucke4d CMIm. 


Ebachawg, a. (ebach) FbU of nooks, or coves. 
Ebaeth, s. m. (eb— aedi) A nook, or comer. 
Eban, «. at. — pi. ebvn (eb) A passing on ; a go* 
ing by, or aroagh. e. a. To go ; to pass. 

Cvfrad a gwfiia 
fly ban aid Am 
Cytrwag aor a i^aa. 

Mr find MUyatan if nrift aa Ih* Mt M* nilch will M| jwn 
■MMtwaantlMaaaaadlhaflkan. TfMfMa 

•r earth Will 

Pas wmI Daw Saagmwa d Hnm 
Dfddwyre dj daarad araaa i 
Dyckrya twif lodbadd ya aaaa 
Dydiyrai kjuk ■ 

Whaa Ood than rtvaal hb , . 

raha totif o?ar«f : lemr, wMh tt« Ivaalt 
tmpassimg, wlU taka Uf 

Ebargof, s. ai.— pT. t. Ion (anof) A foigetting. 
Ebargofi, e. a. (ebargoQ To forget, to let oot 

of mind; to have diort memory. 
Ebargofiad,«.«i. (ebargof) A forgetting, oblivion. 
Ebawl, f. ak— jM. ebdion (eb— awl) A cdt, a 

fod, a yoang horse. Ifae <fe jfa an ciowl, he is 

qnite a cdt, or foil of life. 

Hir 7 bydd aaick baeh ya ^wL 
LoBffwtUalltllahefMbaacair. Adagt. 

Aaamwwfllaolbapafdloaefll. Admgt, 

Ebedlw, f . m.— pi. t. Ian ^eb— edlw) A heriot 
Ebestawl,f .ak— p<.^bestdion (eb— est) An apostle 
£bidtfa,f./.— d. ebidthion (^b— ialth) A part 
or dividon of a sentence. 

Owaiwch <Maw<d y fUr llala dair gwahh ya aachrand yr dbiatik 



dMtlam «r1M« itmUmet» 


Vou II. 

Ebill, ff. «•.— pL i. ion (plU) A piercer ; a pin, or 
peg ; an anger ; a dmbwt ; the kev of a nra- 
dcil instmment. EbiUUm ts%ra, the keys, or 
pins of a harp. 

AlcUMMfwyntoaar gaa 
Ya aaloa ya d caaa. 

wlft hif wirila ptfs OB tha 

UniShUy aat la Uf 
r. JVfv. 

. eblllderydr (ebOl— taradr) 


A small anger. 

A jiaall tmgtr Itf valae la a half-pcaay. W^h lama» 

EbUlen. s./. dtai. (ebUl) A smaU pec ; agimUet 
EbUliad, «. m. (ebill) A pegging ; a boaring. 
EUlliaw, V. a. (ebill) To peg, to pierce ; to bore. 
Ebilliawg, a. (ebill) Having pegs or das. 
Ebod, s. pi. tiggr. f eb) What Is vdded, dang. 
Ebodn, fl. M. (ebo«n The dang of a hone. 
Ebodni. e. a. (ebodn) To void dang, as a horse. 
Ebobddd, a. (ebawl) Like a cdt, or coltish. 




EbolM, t./.-fl. (. u («ba«l) A jMBB lure. 

EbolgUD, >. ».— ^ t. n (eb««l~cwB) C«lt* 

foot, K herb, alio cdlcd ala (yclUB ; rMt«>v 

y fvrUt, Hvrabicci; abalgant f H*r, mi- 


HbM, «. H. (ebawl) To become u ■ oolL 

EboUawg, a. (ebawl) Fit for foaUng, or breedlDg. 

TV ^HlHI* If > HR s< M '■H ■ Aw w MB M fan UIU 


EbnnwT, >. m. — pL cbraninr (ebna — gwr) One 

lAo rive* proreader far koMU, 
Ebnwl, «. (ebr) Harinr a tendeiic; to go. 

Han. >Mtrr, 1 tmltL 

Ebriid, 1. M. (ebr) A wAm% fraw or OM of. 
Ebrifod, a. (•b-.fUfad) mtboM MMbor. 

EMn, «.M. Ccb—rUU) Tba MMh of AprO. 
EbrilUaUd, a. (ebrUI) Ube April; vringiiig. 
Ebn, a. (ebr) To BM*e, to go from i to attor. 
KkrwjU, a. (ab— tkwrM) Qalek, bMt^, kidii. 

«. (ebrwydd) To butcB, to ble. 


ecele rated. 

in ■ceeleration. 

', paw onward. 
Mlo aaghet 
hnt baegleefed. 

A Bnlecllnr 
dedal f^rooi urlag 

Ebn, V. a. (eb) To proceed ont; bi vtUr; to 

■peak, to MT. 
Ebutl, t. m. (butl) Qall bitter, a. Bitter. 
Eb«eh, >. M. (eb— web) A ga^i ; a groaa, a iA. 
tbmr, J. M. (bwr).TUt ben !■. e. timmf 

EbwjiiM* M^Htt. I. lod (eb— gwnd) Aaenbryo. 
El^'dbedlg, «. (ebwa) Tbel it made to ii{ 

Ebj^D, e. a. (ebwdi) To nap j lo olaaoar. 
"' ■ *.a^(et)Agrtag&»,aptoi ii gaff. 
a. at. (ekwr) Thi« caauea di 

briad, ■. ai. (agr) A beeMHbv hwA M ttaatT- 


fiarwr, ». at.-^ ecmjr (atf— ■*■) A abeip 
deelinf pe WB jfc i ha t per, ■■faWftto— r. 

ECH,*./. r. What ii »r- ■- * 

It la leldeM Mod • 

li alber mwdi. Abe » portioa «f onble 

Fchatrth, (. M. (ech) A Mdoaloii ; rcttramoDt. 

EoWd, •. «. (och) To baaoMO •edadcd ; to re- 
tire ailde; to rat; to repoM; to ilcep. 

Ecbawl, a. (ecb) Sednded^tlTed ; repoalog. 

Ecbdoe, i. m. (ecb— doe) The da; before jetter- 
daj. adv. Oq Oe day before yeiterday. 


Ecbdoeawl, a. (ecbdoe) Of two d^yi ago. 
Echdywyn,*. m. (dywjn) Splerrdonr, brlghtDeai. 
Ecbdjwynawl^ (edidj«yn}GUttariiig, lamliioiu 

b^ jrlMltjt: MI* IviMia nM ■ ^bM ■« atU; 

■*■ !• Iki nMk VMM ;'br Mr kg«T «■ ■HivlEMa^f* 

Ecbdy wrne^grwydd, •. m. (rcbdrwyMdig) ONt- 
• — ~ — -■--deecy. 

-at, *iit n Ja«ti 1 *nk • nr- 


Ecbdywyalad, a. ai. (eebdywyo) A gllltcriog. 
Ecbdywyan, r. a. (ecbdywyn) To rail a lighr. 
Eebdywyajg, <. ak (cehdywya) A dlffMag of 

ngbt. e.a. TocaKataiIre; torilitcr. 
EchdjwyBygawl,a. (ecMywyayg) Reepleodeiit. 


•9j «• ff. (echdywynyg) To cast a 
*, to glitter, to wtae. 
I9 Mm ai. (edwa) A girlng origin to. 


yn aririf g j« mUM IraL 

flfllv HMrfaff. Lord oTtke 
' 'wlAtbt*" 

eohjl (eeh— el) Aiii ; axle-tree. 

'twj yeradafMdItfiJIrcradaelttldtd 

Che coi|wl^th« MSk I Ml*n the wpporter 

EdRB, «• /.— fl. echyn (edi— en) A soorcey or 

; m aeock, tribe, nmiilyy or nation. 

^^ ^ fwryd Bebel! 

AceaMe of Cchel I 

Iq oer dBe, Che laafaery of the 

£1. P.Mtdk, 




Nf I hee 

V ihe gtver of lej 

ilceoaB iiiiier; to the 
Lom, 10 CSe nPNoie 

Eefccnawg^ e. (cdien) HaWng an origin or stoclc. 

EeheMHrt, ۥ f edten) Belonging to a tribe. 
Ednngy <. flb (eeli — ing) A eonnned state. 
Ednng, «. (cdb— i^g) Straitened, restrained. 

ne^MB I noC ••Mlled hj efticUoa 
li. P. ITaei, M. ff. eft Or. 06 C^FaMi. 

EdUsr, «. SI. (cdi— Hnr) Wfiat canses paleness. 

«. O/a pale hoe, U? id. 
EddTSy ju ai.— pL f .ion (ech— llys) Cause, motive ; 

ocesMo; ep^ottiaritf. 
i<9iil)«wl, «. (eehlys) Oocasional; opportune. 
Iddqiiid, #. tm.^pl i, MB (edilys> An occasioning 
£cft^ CL «. (ecbljs) To occasion; to cause. 

Mcdimwd Mji&iiu daragsa; 
■acwdie chlj ieh. 

Of nfc|i<mi Hilar •fWharo S STyrUto pndldetfa ; of the ir«A 
eeof It mUm/mrtiL Ow. ArycAcieiMf . 

<. ioB (edUys) A cause, a 

E d i ljsaia w » nu «. (eohlysnr) To make an occasion. 
E c tt y smawly tu (eeHjrsor) Ocoa^onal ; eaosing. 
Ecklymiad, a;, at.— pi. I. an (ecUyanr) A cansiag. 
EchMs, t. //—pi. t. an (ecb— nos) The night bi- 

farciaBt e. Oftlie night before last. 
Echre, ada. (eek— rhe) Rather, yea rather. 
Eehrotr, s. /.—pi. ecbrestran (rhestr) What is 

regialmd or entered for a deposit; a register. 

rdwarti' jr aaaod. 
The fwgwUndeafig of the co*ciMat. C^» • Lngarfitrn. 

Edb r es tta wl^a.(echrc8tr) Belonging to registering 
Edirestriad, s. wu (eohrestr) A registering. 
Eehrestra, v. c. (echieslr) To put in a register. 
Ed^yd, t. flt.— pL t» an (cryd) Abashment, af- 

fr%ht; a tiemUing, or shivering. 
Eehrydiad, a. m.— pi. I. an (echryd) A shivering. 
Echryda, «. a. (echrvd) To shiver or tremble. 
Ecfaydas, «• (eehryo) Shocking, terrible, horrid. 
Echryn, s. at. (cryn) A trembling, a quaking, or 

sUveriof; ; terror, horror, dread. 
Eckrynadwj, a. (echryn) Capable of agitating. 
Eckrynawl, a. (echryn) Shivering, trembling. 
Ediryttcdig,a. (echryn) Made to quake. 
' Ediryniad,a. as.— ^1. <• an (echryn) Trepidation. 
E<chryau, v. a. (echryn) To quake, to tremble. 

r BCH 

Eehrys, s. akfedi— rfays) What cansea a starting, 

hurt, mischief; terror, a. Dire, horrid. 
Edirysawl, a. (eehrvs) Tending to frighten. 
Eebrysder, «. ai. (echrys) What causes a sudden 

shock; dlreftilness. 
Echryshaint, s. ». (eehrys-4iaint) A blast; or 

nuuignant distemper; a benumbing stroke. 
Echrysiad, s. ai. (echrys) A striking with a shock. 
Echryshiwn, a. (echiys) Direful, or horrible. 
Echryslondeb, t. m. (echryslawn) Direfulness. 
Echryslonder.a. ai. (echryslawn) Direfulness. 
Echryslonedd, t . ai. (echryslawn) Direfulness. 
Echrysloni, a. ». (echryslawn) To become direful. 
Echryslonrwydd, s. m. (echryslawn) Direfulness ; 

heinooaness, cnrsedness. 
Eehryan, «. a. (eehrvs) To become malignant 
Eehn, a. n. (ech) To be not aeted upon; to go 

aside, to retire ; to be reposing. 
Echudd, s. m. (codd) A hiding, a hiding place. 

MjrMchei wjd neirn eehedd. 

Thee tit • oea In w dnri ww. D* Liufd, 

Ecfattddlad, a. ai:(e6hudd> A hiding, or secluding 
Echuddiaw, a. a. (eehudd ) To bide, or to seclude 
Ecfaur, s. m. (cnr) Angnisli, pain ; disorder. 
£ehw, t. m. (ech) What has motton ; a horse. 

Hy hfddei y'nt hyfreio PreienC Mb Pel ; 
Mt eTcchw bjnldd oat M eire. 

Vmm Ihe weof Pd woaM keboMIn the eeaSleli oe U»««rff 
hevrMldbeirheAoaldiioctoontherelani. Aiiettrim. 

Sohwa, a. a. (echw) 'to be on horseback ; to ride; 


Pell ydwyf o Bwjrr yo ecbwe : 
At bI fo pwyllewf bFb pwjrlu. 

Drive ne not fiir from thee; became of iMt far f e« rUini 
mmapi he that Is oot eireunipect will not nee dJecretioii. 

Echnraint, t. m. (echw) A being riding. 


A*1 belch*w«wr to ewr yv newnlBt, 
A'l biUchfor bch acbor cdmalnt. 

Mdfod with its prond Ulnminatioa In the OMtin hper, and its 
proed choir wfthooi m eircif qfpngrtMtiom. Cgnddtlw. 

Eehweg, a. (chweg) Luscious to the taste, sweet. 

Ediwidi, a. (chwlth) Adverse, contrary ; awkward 

Echwng, a. (edf-wng) Closed upon. a. a. To 

dose apon, to envelope, to close to 

HUhebrwBff echwBS; o'eh tft ceddtowlt 

now oMNcsses ne,4oice epoo bim the nioen of the dewd 
fcMif sepcraioB : alas, this covering over! 

Owallh Mwne oedd echwnf , och, Wenhwyfhr d^ 
DygD yuBofdy elnrl 

II was Kloo«y wwk le elmt le, ah, fci'^^i^'J !■'•«'«'? «• 
■y grief for thee I Gr.abM. mb Dafydd. 

Eehwraint, s. ai. (ech— gwraint) A quiescent qua- 
lity, or nature. 

Ech^ydd, t. ai. (echw) A state of stillness, rest, 
or qniescence, a cessation; a cleared region, 
or a place cleared of its wild state ; but the 
common meaning of the word is the evening ; 
aud in some places it is the term for autumn. 

Tun yn nbel cyo dydd 
RlMK odd yr echwjdd ; 
Yr ecihvyA tecaf, 
A'l dynioo haelaf ; 
an4«d Elogl beb wacsaf 
Am deym gwwnf. 

Fire in hoeics ete the day appears before the soreielgn of the 
€uitivaifd mUiim; ttie tWre«t r«tfiMfedp<<i»N. and Its most grne- 
mo« nu»; the Angfes are without boMge fmm the most eoer- 
geilc prince. Tutietiu, 4 UrUm . 

CyfcAnc allt a gallt ec ecbwydd. 

The jttuctlon of cHff with cUff and the euUituled pUin. 


Aeth I wm'ryd bwlydd 

DIan Kab Daw nef yn nwfr ecbwydd. 

The trne Son of Ood of heaven wt,ut to Uke baptisei In Ihr wa- 
ter of f I UlietM. Gmnkkmau 




Eclivyddvw, r, <echwydd) To be ttUl or at reit. 

FTrefltr wca brodjrr a*th fa, 
rlf crhw;diisT ty ffUnthii. 

Fair Frtwr thou badtt brotbcre, when thejr beard the ctadUnf 
toKeiherof ■pcara, ikrrt wtUd be do ttUlnbodt wUhlb cm. 

Echwyn, t. m.-^. t, ion (cwyn) What b taken 
or given for tise ; a loan. 

EchwyD jrw naf . 
A deDial b what U upon Irutt, Adagt, 

Ni chyngain cwyn am ecbwyo. 
An action will not arcord for what U upon return. Adage. 

Cat dyn a ddyco yn eohwyn nwy noir alio daln byth. 
Odiou* U tbe man tbai tball take upon trust more than he can 
«*"• Vf- Adage. 

Echwyna, v, a, (echwyn) To take upon use ; to 
borrow, to take a loan ; to lend . Echwyna gan - 
dtio, to borrow of him; echwyna iddo, to lend 
to bim* 

Chwannawf wyf 1 echwyna 

A dwyn paua y dyn penaf. 

I am amMtioiH for lo lake upan trust, and to take tbe peacock 
of the cbier of men. j}, ab leu. Ddu. 

Echwynaw, ». a. (echwyn) To borrow, to take a 
loan ; to lend, or give open trast. 

Caa a ecbwyno cymalnt af ns bo fanddo a1 uio. 

OdkMM is ba that skaU bmrnm m maeb as not to bare when- 
wlthnltopay IL Admge. 

Echwynawl, a. (echwyn) Relating to borrowing. 
Echwyniad, «. m. (echwyn) A giving or taking 

upon trust; a borrowing. 
Echwynwr,!. m,—pl, echwynwyr (echwvn — gwr) 

A lender, or giver upon trust ; a creditor. 

Daa ddyiedwr oedd i*r no ecbwynwr. 
There were two debtor* for the one crediitr. Lue rtt. 41 . 

£chwynydd,«. m,—fU t. ion (echwyn) A creditor 
£chwyrtb,a.(ech— gwyrth) bull, sottish, foolish. 
Echyngawl, a. (echwng) Having aptness to dose 
Echyngiad, t. m. (echwng) An approximating. 
Echyngu, v. a. (echwng) To approximate. 

Erhynrodd ddf r bardd neb i enan ; 
Ocb aniiawdd yn ddif pdacbwynaa ! 

Tbe tear of a bard has opproaeked to bis cheek ; ab, it is dim- 
cnit to be anfry with complainU ! Qr.abM.ab Eitifydd. 

Echyr, s . m. (cyr) A reach, or attainment. 

Ed, «. m. r. What has aptness to act, or velocity. 
It is doubtful whether it is used in its simple 
form. Compounded with other words it is 
very generally used, both as a prefix and affix ; 
it is particularly the termination of many verbs 

Edaf, ».f,—pl. t. edd (ed— af) A thread, or yam. 

Edafedd, «. m aggr, (edaf) lliread, or yarn. 

Aor a dyr ar edafedd. 

OoM doth rrew upon tbe tkreads. D. ab OwUfm, Pr btmal, 

Hydyr edafedd Tr oedd ortau, dlwniodau, a biynyddoedd; a 
thynired wrth ei iyrr vn tori edaiedd einioes, ac yn aicor drysaa y 
wsl derfyn rhwitK y ddau fyd. 

Aloof tl»e threads there were bosiB. days, and years; and fate 
by his book was cattinv tbe threads or life, aiid opening tbe door* 
of the bonodary wall between tbe two worlds. 

Etis Wyn, B. Cwsg. 

Edafeddawg, a. (edafedd) Full of thread ; ropy. 
Yr eil4{feddawg, cudweed ; edafeddawg Uttyd, 
Uwfd yffordd, llwydyn yffordd^ Uwyd boneddigy 
common cudweed. 

Edal'eddn, v. a. (edafedd) To form into thread; 
to become thread ; to grow ropy. 

Edau, s. A (ed— au) Thread, or yarn. Edau wlan, 
woollen yarn ; edau tidanf silk thread ; edau lin, 
flaxen thread ; edau gywarch, hempen thread. 

Nl ddiidtiyd ynddi edau 

Na lion ion bras, urn iflo 6rau. 

1 brn' was not put iu it thread of cnidc hem • ■ nor roitrn flax. 

/. Uvydt IftgdyUdf t tcasgawd. 

Edefyn, «. m. dim. (edaf) A single thread. 
Edeifniad, t. m.—pL edeifniaid (deifniad) One 
that is trained up, educated, or civilized. 

Pan oruf CeU celfyddtald daiar, 

Dvniadon eddfniaM, 

« goKo on ffwroo yn mblald 


When the Mysterious One rrcated the superior ones in know- 
ledge of the earth, the palished ones of mankind, be formed one 
worthy to support the Welsh. Id. P. Moeh, i Hadri, 

Eden,s./.~-p/. ednod (ed) A flying creature, a 
fowl, or a bird. 

O'i ddwy aneor ui ddlenfynt, 
EbUUoncflimion yn can 
Eden y bwn dan i binan. 

Birds tliat should be fonnd upon tbe wind^ from his two 

d peirs •battinw 
r. AUd, i ITolrA. 

uiiiia uiM BnuHia n; luuna opon IOC WinO, JTt 

pies they would not escape, that were rrooked 
vinged animal the bittern under his nails. 


Dof yw'radar wrth fara. 


Tame are thefowU to the bread, the drink of the birds is (he 
ice. D. ab ieuam ddu, i elfreh. 

Edenawg, a. (eden) Having winged motion, s. /*. 
A hearse, or bier. 

Cenyn cenid aer ; 
Aer selrchlawg, 
Aer edenawf . 

With us was there not a batUe ; a hamesaed battle, a battle of 
weW^r. Anrurlm. 

Hcddyw bawdd j rallafwylaw; 
Cndd-fedd (werthAwr wedd) wrihaw, 
Ac cdanawf y danaw ! 

To-day I can easily weep; the gloomy trave (predous the 
coootenanoe) near blm, and the bUr under him. 

Gr.ab Owrgenmm. 

Edfryd, $.m. (ed— bryd) The act of restoring. 

Gorwyr Bleddynt 

fieb edfryd y'ngwcryd wely ! 

The great grandson of Bleddynt widiout return in tbe bed aC 
earth be lies! OmdekwuA. 

Edfryd, v. a, (ed~bryd) To restore, to return. 

Os o lof, nen o adnen, neu o fentbyg, yr boll dy dda, rbaU iti 
fynegi y dydd y dyltd en bedfryd. 

If with respect to interest, or pledge, or a loan thou dost claim 
tbv property, it Is necesnnr for thee to declare the dav on whicia 
it oaght to be restored, Welsk Lmwm 

Edfrydawl, a. (edfryd) Tending to restore. 
Edfrydiad, s. m. — pi. t, an (edfryd) A restoratioo. 
Edfryd wr, s. m. (edfryd — gwr) A restorer. 
Edfrydydd, t. m,-^. i. ion (edfryd) A restorer. 
Edfudd, 9. m.'-^l. t. ion (ed — budd) Interest. 
Edfuddiaw, v. a. (edfudd) To make advantage of 
Edfuddiawl, a. (edfudd) Advantageous. 
Edfyn,s. m. — pi. I. oedd (ed — myn) Rejection; 
the act of going from, a departure* 

Ail Uam am edfyn 
Yw lladd Uywelyn. 

Like the stop of departure Is the killing of Uywelyn. 


Edfyn, v. a. (ed— myn) To refrain from, to go 
from, to depart. 

El angerdd nin edfyn. 

His ardency teUl not depart. Cynddeiw* 

A'lh ryfbrehaf naf ni edtyn befrdd 
Megys Bardd ardremya. 

Chief, I will greet thee, whom bards wiU not dtpartfrem, ber 
tag a bard on ajoemey. lA. P. Moekm 

Melys yw pechawdjpan I berlvn < 
Mor drwm yr enaia yn >d edfyn. 


Sweet is «ln when the mJachlevons pursaes It ; bow sad the eool 
that refrains mot from it. Meilyr ab Gnvkhwtui. 

Edfynt, s. ni. (edfyn) The act of refraining, or 
going from, a departare. 

Am orwyr Bleddynt 
Ym gornawdd lltdgjat, 
Auil edfynt sni dyle. 
Am adfod arth arfnd arf be ! 

For tile grandson of Bleddynt indignatton assails m.-, frequent 
the d>p«riure hon«rward bemuse of toe nouexlstcocc of tbe bear 
of coiidlct with the bold wca(>oa. tiwakhmai. 




Hit Mef«l««M 4nw hMiM tfrMlaw Icdffrit; 
UUediyaC BlHMystbliJdd yniwruw. 


wimm of the kavtbif MmyMd. It b cvy to be fadlfiMiit 
; tB« ^«Mir«<rf off*prinf of Bleddrot Ihe wolf of c<»- 

:^naetli, «. m. (ed^eyttaetb) Separation; 
^rief, sorrow, wailiDg. 

HMl f^ dc%r • UiMifer 

Wie •» ^ froa la«inir Um, by Ihc twfal MpwaliM n««riaf 
« ^ bs feniB <fo« Mrrowf ol Joaffiaf ! Frfdgdd Bfekam. 

Utfmr, «. (difkr) Penitent, Repenting, Boriy. 
firff/or gtmyfhfmif^ I am sorry ior that. 

: ddrvf ar Bi bo edifbr gMddo. 
li W tbot Mk o?il, and Is Boi Mirf for It. Aiag** 

EAiirtady <. in* (edifar) A repenting ; contrition. 
idifiB-iawl^ «• (edifar) Penitential, repenting. 
IMtMy V. s. (edifiir) To repent ; to relent. 
£dibtivr, «. m,~~pL edifarawyr (edifar — gwr) 
OkwIio U penitent, or that repents. 

Ifdtn, V. •• (edifar^ To repent, to be sorry. 

EJ^iras, c (edifar) Penitent, contrite, sorrjr. 

U:&rwdi, a. as. (edifar) Penitence, contrition. 

M/iw, v. «• (tifaw) To succeed to ; to possess. 

Cfiicdd, a. at. — pL U ion (tifedd) A successor, 
•r heir ; issae, or offspring ; an inheritor. 
£iiiedda«l, a. (edifedd) That conies in succession 
Uieddiad, a. ■§• — pi. <. an (edifedd) A snoeceding 
Eiiifeddo, a. a. ( edifedd ) To succeed to, to inherit. 
Edifctriad, s. as.— pi. I. an (edifar) A repenting. 
Edifeifiaot, a. as. (edifar) Penitence, contrition. 
EJifetriaw, v. a. (edifar) To repent, to be sony. 
Edifeiiiawg, a. (edilmr) Repentant, contrite. 

UJctafowir d« Dow a'i ctJonjii: 
erc^ff cafl«nay4d o'l Sydd fecfayL 

TW(««rf^«s<fa«f, Ood will hoooar bla; ho AatI have fbvoar 

EdiAffiawl, a. (ediftr) Penitent, or contrite. 
Uiieirarch,a. m. f edifar) Repentance, contritton. 

rtptniamet for tellliiff. Admgr, 

£dis^ L 9. C^ — ^Bg) Freedom from restraint. 
£<btt,s. fed— llaes) Slack, or trailing. 
EdSd, I. a.— ^. I. ion (ed— Hid) IrriuUon. 

DtmdnMjw odilw ac edlld 
Am harioo haoldor ryaenid ! 

Tboo aro oaow to aw repraacb aod wemHm for tho goi 
«Mtf *« aOKaorgwieradty. U, P. Mtek. 

BSa^fWr ra ti«iowy traoMwr odUUd— 
Law ar fy wyoob ni Uwjr odM i 

*»(« aad mam mf trmTcUiof wUh tstr«B« vcm««o; not tto 
loft oB ay f^cet • /cr. FyeSoB. 

Edfia, f. ■• (ed — lUn) One in the line of socces- 
«ioa ; a grandson ; an heir ; an heir apparent. 


wcdi y brcBia tc y fraaiaca yw odUn bralat oca 


after tbo kiaff aod the qaeea h tho JMr 
bf palTflcfa, or Mrth. WtUh ' 

EdSv, ff. M. (ed — niw) Reproach, upbraiding. 
E^v, «. a. (ed — Utw) To upbraid, to reproach. 
Edliwpr, «. (edliw) Reproachful; contumelious. 
Uitvfanrcli, a. m. (edliwgar) Contonielionsness. 
EdGwiad, a. «. (edliw) A reproaching, a twiting. 
EAwtaat, a. m. (edliw) Reproach, contumdy. 
UKwisw, «. a. (edliw) To upbraid, to reproach. 

Edlifriaial, lie gwelaltt m, 
ra date o'* clwyf a'n dolor. 

Tim hmtt rt ^ r o at k tdf wbrre thoo hait feen aflfrtion, to mo 
Hk of aiy dfaeaoo and pals. 0,mb a,ab Tmdur, 

EAnnawl, a. (edliw) Upbraiding, contumelious, 
^vicd, V. a. (edliw) To upbraid, to reproach. 
UGiriwr, a. as. — pi. ediiwiwyr (edliw— gwr) An 
spbraider, or reproacher. 

Vou IL 


Ecllwg, J. m.— pi. ediygon (ed— llwg) A review, 

or obserration. Bwrw ediwg, to cast a look. 
Edlygawl, a. (edlwg) Reviewed, obsenrina. 
Ediygiad, $, «.— pi. I. an (edlwg) A revtewing. 
^lySOf «• «• (edlwg) To review, to observe. 
Rdlym, a. (ed>-llym) Pungent, piercing, acute. 

Mewa ht u c anaidd — bydded yr adroddlad ya edlyn a awyfok 

la aarrathro poHiy let the dcicrijUloB be onfe aad lifomoa. 



Gwao fanH oTor-ddyfr edlya 
Afrwydded Wt dyngad ym ! 

Woe to the bard of omit learaiof that «• aielcM, thatlkto »liooid 
have beeo to advene to bo! XI. •* OmUym. 

Edlymawl, a. (edlym) Tending to make sharp. 
Edlymiad, s. m, (edlym) A making acute. 
Edlymu, v, a. (edlym) To make acute or sharp. 
Edlynawl, a. (ed— glynawl) Besmeared, daubed. 
Edlyniad, «. ai« — p{ ^ed — alyniad)A smearing 
Edlynn, a. a. (ed— glynu; To besmear, or bedaub 

Ae efe a edlyoal el lygaid t ywetyd y bedd. 

Aad kt WW wmU lo AMaMor hie eye* with the doat of the gnve. 

If. Ptrnim^MMm^gimu 

Edmyg, a. m.— pi. I. ion (ed— myg) Honour, re- 
verence. CUd ae edmyg, fame and honour, 
d. Honoured, revered. 

Heabych wall peatryroedd ;>-Boed cyfl«WB dy nd dllhaat atb 
glod, 0*01 cdnyf ya y r yaya boa. 

All health to yoB aoptBaM of klon!— B« thy fhroar alM perfect* 
aad thy faaw, aad thy hoaoor la thb Maad. 

H, Culkwek^MubUugUm. 

Edmygawl, a. (edmyg) Honouring, reverential. 
Edmygedd, s. ai. (edmyg) Honourableness, re- 
verence, solemnity. 
Edmygiad, s. ai. Tedmyg) A honouring, revering. 
Edmygn, a. a. (eamyg) To honour, to reverence. 

Wrth rif. ac wyth raa. 
Wyp Cyiaa ffraM. 

HoBoared will be hit too TefTAn, at aaoiberlaf , aad at partl- 
tloBf (he graadMBi of (ho Sery Calmui. rallMin. 

Edaygaf ndaa rUaa rhadlawa, 
Rhad wehya 

I wlU hoaoar the «adowBCBla of fradooa lords, dlneadaff hip- 
plocok Cwnddetm, m. Cod. o* Modo«(. 

Edn, «. m.— pi. ednod (ed) A flying creature, a 

Hoa faa bob eda el lal«. 

Every Mnf lovea hit owa voice. Adsge, 

Eda elddir. wyd aoaddwyn ; 
Adraf ! drwf ei llo/ o'r llwyo. 

Jcaloaa bird, thoo art dtaasrettble ; go hoaie ! with thy e|^y 
' !^ oat of tbc grove. d** a6 Owi^oi. 

Ednain, a. pi. og^gr. (ednan) The winded tribe. 
Ednaint, «. pU aggr. (ednain) The winged tribe. 

Y gwr a oreu awyrawl edniiBt. 
Ac adaea daiarawl Ef molaf. 

Tho bdag that fenaod the mlal wimgtd tribe, aad the term- 
trial Socha Him I ttog. SUdr Sait. 

Ednan,*./. dim. (edyn) One of the winged tribe. 

CaraS yr ednan a'i llaryan llali, 
Calhl-loddawg coed cadr el hetbaia. 

i love the lUtU wtmgtd mm with her »ildly lootfalng rotee, that 
■olace* the wood with oyBoa, wbote ^reading teat la ftrong. 


Ednarmes, «. m. (edn— armes) Augury. 

Ednarmu, v. a. (edyn— armu) To auguriae. 

Ednawg, a. (edyn) Having the power to fly ; 
elated. ».pl^ Ednogion,wingea ones. 

Ednawl, a. (edyn) Relating to birds or fowls. 

Ednid, j. m. (nid) Entanglement. 

Ednogaeth, s. ai. (ednawg) Ornithology, a des- 
cription of winded creatures. 

EdnogyUj^Ar m. dim. (ednawg) A fly ; a gnat. 

' Nl ddcll yr eryr cdaofya. 
Tbe eagle will not catch the/y. AAt^t* 



Ll«dd • wMonw lludd dm 
EdnofftD, o dor*a «f(». 

H* «o«M kill, except hindered by the nifbt, s fly, Jf it cftBie 

Rdnydd, f M.— pi. f. ion (ed-nydd) The withe 

by which a rostic gate is swudk to the post. 
Ednyddawl, «. (ednydd) Wreathing backward 

and forward, retortive. 
Eduyddiad, i. m.— p/. f. an (ednydd) A writhing 

back, a retortion. * 

Ednyddu, r. a. (ednydd) To wreathe back. 
Ednyfed, $, m. (nyfed) What is repurified, what 

IS venr pure, or bright ; essence. 
Ednytedawg, a. (ednyfed) Full of purity, or es- 

sence ; spirited, vigorous, animated. 

■ler, ibc A^A ^ritittd waatoo momier, and the yellow mMSr? 

Edny w, f ./.-/»Z. < iau (ed-ny w) Essence, spirit, 
purity, vigour, life. » f i 

ce«, and Tlrtaea In the Wetah lanf uage. SSrfS? 

Ednywed,! m. (ednyw) The state of being re- 
punfied, the essential, pure, or spiritual state. 

G» JO t ^d a ftdd o foddlcd 

Men y trif gwledlg fwlad edojwed. 

Edrif, f. m.~-|>l. I ion (ed— rhif) A reckoning. 
Edrifaw, r. a. (ednf) To recount, to reckon. 



P'^fof •<»7l7'Jt ""h edrifaw rhodd 
A irelklio'lfoddoradd 

^ ^!['l.*'*' ''ouW retorn In rvrmmffiy the cia which I recelT- 
llO hi* rood will and of nmfli f~»«i Kioi, ■ - • . . •" 

1 ganddaw 
•d «iiS hia"fW'»iriVi3 of proflVfroM Eloi. ' CintUMw. 

Edrifawl, a. (edriO Relating to reckoning, 
^rifiad, J. m.— p/. t. an (edrif) A recounting, 
tdiin, M.m.—pl,i. ion (ed— rhin) A remurmur. 

Brythwch (raaaryarw 

Brwydr edrtn brcoln hnltg naf. 

Edrinaw, r. a. (edrin) To reverberate, to echo. 

Twr Cynfael yo cwyddav, 
A Oaman odmm yn edrinaw, 
Ac aofeidd ac oog'yr yn llaw. 

TV tower of Cvnral falHor, and flerrely riaior naiiiM»«r»«... 
i»f <cA«c<, and TJoleoce aiKl'.pear» in haild. ' cJlSJE! 
Enyrbaf Geraint Cannwyt a'l fyddln to daw«d a Bn^ » r.^ 

Edrinawl, a. (edrin) Reverberating, echoing. 
Ednniad «.«.-^/.*.M (edrin) Reverberation, 
a climbing. ' 

Edring, a./,-^pL t. an (dring) A lease : also call- 
ed goretgyn Gwent. 

Edmhiad, s. m.---pi« an (cdrilh) An appearing 
Edrithiaw, v. a. ( edrith) To put on appearance. 
Ednthiawl, a. (edrith) Under an app?Ln?e, 

S?"^' '• "•• (\»^«*») A resolvent, a solvent. 
Edrybod, t. m. (rhybod) A history, or a story. 
Edrych, *. iii.-p/. t. ion (ed— rhych) The an- 
pearance. *^ 

Ba raid I ral beri drych 
A'lhddiwydrwydd iV» edrych. 

What aeceaaity ia there that loiDe ihoald ornekf* m. .u**^. -vi . 
thy liBcerliy i« on thy amnttnaH^ Pro«*re • Briirnr^whitat 

Edrych r. a. (ed-rbych) To look, to behold, to 
Bee, to view. * 

^oJ^n*"*^' «'«•• (edrych) Being in the act of 

Edrychedig, a. (edrych) That is viewed or ob- 

Edrychedigaeth, t. t».— pf. t. au (edrychedig) 
The act or state of seeing ; appearance. />iri- 
fawledrychedtgaeth, divine appearance. 

Edrychpar, a. (edrych) Speculative, observant. 

JLdrychiad, #. m,--pL t. au (edrych) A seeing, or 
beholding, vision, appearance, or sight. i>yii 
ag edrychiad drwg, a man of a bad aspect. 

lyg^olf KStlS?** "''''• "^ •"•^'' "c yr oedd yn u«l el to- 

Edrychiawl,a. (edrych) Observing or looking. 

2t; h/*7'''- '• ■" (ed-rhyl) A resource, 
wdat has the power to restore, or to renew • a 
source, or origin ; a stock, famUy, or kindr^. 

Uchdryd, an o»cb cdryd oedd. 
Urbdryd, one of yoar tribe was he. r. 4te4, 

A cyr y iarir, a'i gwres oedd 
A'r un edryd a*r oadroedd. 

Edryd, V. a. (ed— rhyd) To restore, to retnm. 

■anw lanroare that ahall b« cast rrt>n a ibip on land 

Men of strana 

iVtfc'wa"„{ry;7oi};roV;hyiT"rSi?;Jf «; J?.*"n!L*** '■* 

their theft, oti'rwlie thL?. „.?^^'S?foii IhJ "i^"* **' 

Edrydawl, a. (edryd) Restoring. restomrveT" 
Edrydiad, J. «.-p/. «. au (edryd) A restoration. 
Edrydu, v.a. (edryd) To restore, or to return. 
Edryf, J. /.— pi. #. au(ed— rhyf) A resource, a 

source, or origin ; a stock, a tribe. 
Edryfawl, a. (edryf) Tending to reassume. 
Edry6ad, «. m.—^pL t. au (edryf) A reassuming. 
Edryfu, ». a. (edryf) To reassume, to assume; 
Edrysedd, j. m. (ed— rhyscdd) Superfluity, ex. 

cess, abundance. 

Cyfedd edrysedd er ni drelalr. 
Wealthy and of a numeroat train, bit iword will nnt h* m«^« 
to run away, farting lu abundance l« will nS be oM^Jd. * 

Mryw, s. m^pl, t. ion (tryw) Instinct, percep- 
tions, knowledge by tiie sense of smelling. 

Edrywan, ». m — pi. t. an (edrjw) What is found 
out or followed by scent ; a scent, 

Ar griawd y cyjiyo adaen cdnain, 
Ar edrywan ipran mvaew ya adain, 
Ar ednfncdd rwaed fwaeddal nfffrain 
Marcbory nt lelrw ar fll frain. 

«?n1.!} ^Xl* '^ ^^^^ the nocklny of birt., on the iceni of the 
wound of the mear In the wln|r, on the wor^a of blood the rm- 
rens were calling out, the dead Crcre riding on a tbooiand SJw? 
r* J ^ , . ^ frtddelw, I O. Gtcynedd, ' 

£.drywant, ». m. (edrywan) A scent, a trace. 
Edrywedd, s. m. (trywedd) Knowledge or in- 
timation obtainea by the scent ; a scent. 

Gorddyar adar ar edrywedd, 
ban llrfcwn ya niiaitb, 
Gorddyar adar eilwaitb. 

riamoroat tbe birdt on a tceiu, loud the cry of dori in a desert • 
aeaia chunoroai the Mrd«. ^ wVSpJS:! iKT ' 

Edryweddawl, a. (edrywedd) Tracing by scent. 

Edry weddiad, ». m,—pl. i. an (edrywedd) A trac- 
ing by the scent ; a smelling out. 

Edryweddn, r. a, (edrywedd) To trace by scent. 

Edw,o. (ed) Dying away; faded; withered. 

Ed wad, *. m. (edw) A fading, a decaying, a pas- 
sing away, a consuming. 

£DD 11 

£d«aiBty c M. (edw) Oftcav, a piBiing away. 
Edvedd, a./, (edw) What is In a sUte of dec«y. 


O eiiPBdd Mortal, 

A ff«ady akfi Mswr f maUi. 

mbu or MoiW, Mid •Sim Rhjt gc«tt it Iht 

Um^ V. ■• (edw) To pan away ; to consume, to 
teay ; to grow faint; to torn stale; to wittier, 

Dyn fat floftedv jm edwi. 
^or feirA dkoyiiV "• ** GwUgwL. 

bfddfriTtrBp dydd yo odwi. 
of Odotar ii tbo llBC of the d»9't 

(gwica)To extort; to forestail. 

Oodocracl ' 

I to the odier fraiB Us wwUhhot oMry» ud 

Or. Onv* 

EMewr, a. ■§. — pi. edwicwyr (gwicwr) A regra- 
IV ; a fo fcst riler, a monopolizer; an eator- 
tiooer; an Itiaerant dealer. 

Edvis,«. (edw) Fading; withering ; Med; fUnt 

EMaW, a. m. f edwia) A fading, a withering. 

Edviaarar, «. a. (edwin) To lade, or Irither; to 
warte away ; to dec»r, to consame. 

Edwinawl, c (edwin) Fading, or withering. 

Edyl, «. (ed) SYnunetricai, soapely. 

fdyra, a. at. (ed — gym) Sovereignty, snpremaey 

O IMIh^ GhttfMdb pn adioddlr, 
moo drehortut en Boed hi hlr* 
Bdf ra diBdjiB, • BygD dir. 

OritetfvSlel or CaHTMlh when it ahall be i«ieted« the nnlti- 
tofc AbB be«sll, Ihdr rrtcf loDf het been, • gotemtmtmt withoal 
ewtMw4gej Md %amnf lead. Jnemrim, 

Edd, J. mu r. — pL <• ion. A moment; a present 
time of motion; a going, or moving ; a ^de ; a 
tranqnO atate. It is nsed as a prefix in com- 
pssition ; it is also the termination of nonns, as 
Iwiii w Kd d, caredd, or the like ; and it forms 
the ploral of some others, as teyrnedd, rJUoaedd 
sad gwragtdd. 

EMsta, a. m. (edd) A moving or gliding onward. 

Oclf BBerin 
O deffra ^waftte 
leOhoodd oddaHu 

ftaf fnm the amf boanderjr are ihtMamimg 


IB elltnd. 

Ed tte dutag ht Uwtartaiff, ead let the esUe be wmnd frinj[. 

EddaiB, 9, a. (edd) To move, glide, or pass on. 

nel«7f, e'ei meyf yn eddaln i wrthaw, 

I aee hloi tad aiy vifoar tii matlom on hit «cco«dI, 
la Bjr haad, a bright ri«aa. IT. aft Owela. 

Eddfliat, «. as. (eddaln) A motion, a passing on. 
Eddcstl, t. Hi.— pi, i. on (edd— estl) A qniclc 
mover, or fleet ronner, a steed. 

Btaea eddeedawr pteg aM gwarvdal. 
The ««■ «r the failaiied ttrede would deliver him. Anntrin, 

Edddfaiad, a. m^-fL eddeifniaid (deifniad) He 

that inhllics, or socks, a sucker. 
Eddertr, s. m. — pi, L od (estr) A steed ; a drafk 

horse, a cliariot liorse. 

ay« a M M« MMb vr bar, 
RfM a (ai eddystrod f ffaaaf. 

To me mtght there he mlkh Uoe In MBaier, lo ne might there 
be gttmdt ia viator. roUcste. 

AddtrjB eddceir f'sghebyttr llcdrla. 

attoUfcl Ibc tt€*d In a kalhera hallcr. TulUtiiu 

Pedeeir o eddestr add»>a. 

A pacer that to a geslle xfcccf. Oaie'r Ofym. 

Bdden, a. a. (edd) To give Impulse to, to impel. 
Eddewid. s. A— pi. t. ion (addaw) A promise. 
Eddewidiaw. a. a. (eddewid) To make a promise 
Eddewidiawl, a« (eddewid) Promissory. 
Eddi, «. pL aggr, (edd) Thrums, or the ends of 
vreaver's threads ; fringe. 

like the Mraauabeat the loom. JUm§^ 

Eddiawg, a. (eddi) Having tiiroms, IHnged. 
Eddrin, •• ai.-~pl. t. ion (edd— rhtn) A whisper* 
ing. a. Secretly whispering oi" gossiping. 

Gwylaia ya gware ar welT Uialitt, , 
Lldthiieii ee ploawr, pteldlaa eddria. 

Seanewipiaylagoa abed oftorrcat, polished their ploatagc 
tha«e»«<feM^piiVSrM|W- OwmUkmrnL 

Eddrin, «. a. (edd— rhin) To whisper together. 
£ddrith,s. M.— pi. i. Ion (edd— rhlth) A moving 
or variable appearance. 

Tadwedd t6ydd eddrfth lyth lydd Cyamra 
A ChymBiii a chynamrya. 

A lead with Mpect of vurted aj 
aikd the Weltb aalled la aOlctioa 

Wales shall ever he, 

Eddo, e. a. (edd) To go. Eddteyd, thou art gone; 
Ma t «a eddynt oU, one by one they are alt 

5 one; y dydd eddyw, the day going on, or tliis 
Eddw, a. (edd) That is become cause of motion. 
Eddwll, a. (dwU) Covered over; submissive. 
Eddyl, t. m.— pi. t. an (dyl) Duty, incumbency ; 
intention ; purpose ; attribute. 

Byn aoedt ftfralth rn ddlodor: aogea, clefVd gorwehldi«w|r, 
aa bo hydryai Wo el Wlad aag l*w feoad, aea fed nonlwy gwefl- 

gl ihyaglho a*l eddyl. 

The followlnr shall delay law proceedings always : death, tllaese 
so as lo koMi the bed, that Is bladered fioai eatcrlag bhi coantry . 
or seadlDghls oiesseoffer. or that there shoald be an ovctmw ot 
the sea beCweea him aad his d«ly. H'eli* lam, 

Cyll dfa drer eldad o rybaddlaw gorwlad rhag eddyl arglwydd 
el geuedu 

A person Shall loee Ms patrlaionT by warning another coaatiy 
of the pnrpoM of the soveieign of his ova nation. fTcli* XriMsi. 

TrI angen eddyl bdrdd Yors Prydaln: arnlygv gwlr •Mddos- 
barth, rjnaal cof laawl am a fe dalonas a rhagor, a gym heddwch 
ar ddtfrmwd sc aorhaith. 

The three nece s sary d»tie$ oT the bafda of the Isle of BriMa : 
to make trsth mamfest mad to diffbse It, to perpeU'te the praise 

rail r - 

oTalt that is good aad excellent, aad with paaea to previ ^ 
the lawless aad depredatory. BeriidM. 

Cylhrcb dydd da rwae a*l gwyl, 
Iddya', dAfelthh? eddyl. 

Woe to htm that shall see a good day gr eet ed to then, themott 
worthless dWy. T, Prps. 

Pa ohalth 

A ddel 1 ml, eddyl maith. 

What hope shall cone to me, cxtanslTe the rf««r: . ,__. 

Eddyllder, s. oi. (eddwll) Humility, submission. 

Oeraf maltb fsrw-dalth tu ar Tyrder; 
Arwydd yw aa'm Uwyr Itwydd eddflhler. 

The aMsl sad and long dralh-Joeraey snddmly leoh plaee ; It Ik 
a sign that perfect snbaflssloa will notnvail to me. , ^ , ^• 

Gf . oi itf. ab Dafydd. 

Eddyllo, V. a. (eddwll) To cover over; to be co- 
vered over ; to be submissive, or humble. 
Eddyrn, a. (edd— gym) Supreme, pre-eminent. 

Need eddyrn teyro hyd Ian Ta«dd. 

Is not the prince tuprem* as far as the bank of Toedd. 


Eddyw, part, (edd— yw) That is going on, going 
or passing. Y dydd eddyw, the day passing on. 

EF, s. 81. r. It is often used for E, the pronomiai 
agent governing the action of a verb, without 
the discrimination of person j proa. him. 

Kkl efenlr pawb ynddoeth. 
Every body will not be born wl«e« LU/oed, 

Snmmer if will come to a dog. Adage. 

B 9 




Pob Uaift ditrael yn wei nanl, 
Every lUMtrrly nolr; on the tide of the bfoak, kt dotk t\ng trxm 

With Ail 

Gydtfcfy cwtrcAT, 
Nef jn el gmHrcr» (»r. 

I will dwell, bc&vco lo Ut dwcUing 1 shall obtain. 

L. O. CotkU 

Efa; V, a. (ef) To emase motion ; to asitate. 
Efain, v. a, (eQ To move aboot ; to be moving. 
Efan, «. m. (ef) A motion ; a coarse, a career. 

ErjT Penrvfni penriiB Uwyd. 

Ariicbal A efau, 

Eiddlf ftm flf CjaddyUo. 

- The Mf le of Peorwern with tlw trey wry hn6, T«y hlrb hi* 
/ligki, jMlooi for tlw riefth of CynddyUa. Llgwank Be*. 

Efe, proa, (ef-e) He. S^e a 6ia«y he doth own. 

Ef* a raaf nal o*! cbwwit bl, eanyt nwy rhagorswl oedd Id aof 
yclywmiereioaamdaniKaoy beiiddoitoa. 

.i-^'.^"""* *'*X* ^'"J toobulB ber, for oMreexcdkot wMtka 
tbaa ibc report kt bad b«ard of her from tbe b«nb. 

Cmr. e ImmgorfoM, 

Efel, a. (e— mal) That is like, or similar. 
Efelwcb, f. m. (efel) Simllitade, or likeness. 
Efelychadwy,o.(efelwch) Imitable; comparable. 
Efelychiad, s. m.-^pU t, an (efelwcb) ImiUtlon. 
Efelycha, ». a. (efelwcb) To imitate, to do tbe 
like; to resemble. 

.„^"e<U B«rw Elidyr War y doai IUy» Ibb Gorfyaloa to frwla: 
a I ewythr a tfrtychwt ef o lynwyr, a phmddHter a doiikMoeb. 

f.iK'.^Ll?"* "^ ^P ^ BitU. cane Rhys tbe sob of Oor- 
CMiioo, ajid wisdooi. Or. ^ StrtkJr 

Efeliy, adv. (efel) In that wise or form ; so. 

Ji^^Jty^ Artbw ya e« ffwarchaaerelty eayckar OUlaawrt, 

SS LSSStbT' *■ •*•••* ' "''*" »"*°» « •■»**^ • "«*•- 

^VlSJSS!^^^^* ^''*»» • neet with IdlTSd a SI 
made ofiwople of straage fiafoaie. Or. oft if nA«r. 

Efengyl, «. f.— .rf. r. an (ef— eng— yl) What is 
spread abroad, manifested or declared : the 

Da yw y aaca gyd aV efeaf yl. 
Tbe toochslODe Is good witb tbe gttptt, Adrngt, 

Efengylaidd, a. (efengyl) EvangeUcal. 
Efcngylesy s. /.—pi. t. an (efengyl) A female 
preacher of good tidings. 

ier trwy aerlb, O cftagy las Icrvealen. deivbals ; aac ofaa ! 

O ZIoQ, tk^ trimgttt /sad tltUmrg, get tbce ap iato tba Uffb 
ru g99d ttdtmgt ntl It ap t be not afOd. /seteA xl $7 

Efengylo, v. a. (efengyl) To preach the gospel. 
Eftngylwr, t. m.— p/. efengylwvr (efengyl— gwr) 

An eYaagelist, or preacher or the gospel. 
Efenplydd, «. «.— p|. t, ion (efengyl) An evan- 

gellst ; one who brings good tidings. 
Efnys,«. pU aggr. (afn) ITiat comes forward, or 

in opposition; foes, or enemies. 

fireaiii brwydr. Amf% rwrys ffwellynla«ff. 
Pen rbiau psrau aaolcJtbfawf . 

Kiaf of eonnirt, the rorrrrthia oT the/*M, •chief of prinrcs 
with spcan aoi spoitaf of hatoc. MriV, • Or. «« Criaa. 

M tbfoea ol gHa ar eAiyt. 

He taraed aot bb Inek apoa the/e#. /. mk M. 9m4wl. 

Efo, proa, (e— mo) He, or him. Dos rwd or e/«. 
go along with him. bj -^ v i 

A fyoo ef« a fydd ta tl fr©, 
aV bya a r>ao ata bo at bydd. 

.. !!^'A^..?^'**!' **" ^ to Ms coaoifT, aad what be wilMh thai 
a be aet will aot be. L, O. CMAi. 

Efo, cwv. (eQ With. D09 rfo /•, go with him ; 

9f ^9 Qg gf,l wiU go with him. 
Efory, s. m. fmory) To-morrow, adr. To-nor- 

row, or on tne morrow. 

Efr, «. m.— pi. f , an (ef) A tare, among com. 
Efrad, j. m. (brad) Crime, or tnmsgression. 
Efrals, a. (brais) Powerful of body ; muscnlar. 

Owrefralsni ahrals, ya 
Gwr afimid 1 fSuw-oald 1 fi 


Amb |wver/al io opirasloB, aad la Cnosffressioa ; a aas 
whoso dyiof coiuse to the grare ww pi«Batare7 

Cjmddelw, ■■. O. Owgrntdd, 

EiVas, s. m. (bras) Plompness or growth of yontfa . 

Y ds«f weaya airoa y coed, 
Ar wyacb gwellt y gwaed. 

-.TJi'^SSfw*"^" *• *r* •^ "* •«»*• thablaod of Ito yewlA 
at all times has beea moalag over the grass. 

MJifwtvtii nets. 
Y dref wen e hefims e gtas fyiyr. 

The wMte tows Its yewlA tts Mae soas of eoateaplatfoR. 

JUfwsreA Afsai. 

Efras, 0. (bras) Plamp, in a sUte of growing. 

Maeawye, tra fam I efras, 

GwiiawB weltbrad gwr tra byddwa gwas. 

Maeowya, whilst I was yewif oiuf sIrsA I amold perforai tbe 
feats of a warn whilsl I was hoi a yoeih. idgwitUi tttm. 

Aiddwyreaf glow, Itew Haofc efiM. 
1 wlU exlDl the bras^ the fpfighUy ifmrng Hen. CwledSNtl. 

Efrefiad, s. m. (brefiad) A lowing, a MeatiBg. 
Efrefo, V. a. (brefo) To low, or to bleat* 
Efreo, o. a. (bren) To low, or to bleat; to cry. 

Pan ymcho e lw ys 

Nld cfrewys bach wrth elilo. 

WkCB he ratamed the c«w did not Is* to ho* cOf. ToUeslM. 

EfrUid, «. m.'^l. I. an (afr— lUd) Merit 

Efaai OswaUt, plygwa ela gUalaa, a ffwaddlwa-ela ihyddaa y 
gaa syberw la y PryddaliU— Ac efeUy paa ddoal y dydd y cyrdi- 
vat ea gelynloa; a berwydd cfHUd ea tfydd hwyat, a geffyat r 

to be 6eU- 
rthe SBfrsl or 
mk Arikmr. 

vaych ydd QjlS^^ * *"* ^'" *****«^* ^*«d«d Israel yr 

, Many tines have thft fooghl aftlaat ■• ti^m aiy yoalh, let 
Israel say it this boar bi their aviTfo ' 


H. Ma, Ps. cnit. t. 

Efryd, s, m.— pi. t. laa (bryd) Stndy, meditation. 
Efrydiaw, v. a. (efryd) To purpose; to study. 

El sacthao 

Selwodd, eftrdlodd l*lh frad, 
Sel-ddig Mr, salw ddaw caited. 

His arrows he polated, A« aiedilefed IxMchary to ■§, with » 
loag aagry look, the paay god of love. 8. IWwr. 

Efrydlawl, a. (efrrd) StndioQs; flseditating. 
Efrydd, a. (brydd) Maimed, lame ; defectiTe in 
any limb, ^frffdd gwylU^ oat of all order. 

A«th on yo iliydd, a*r Ihdl ya rflrydd ya y syaea. 

One beeaaM petteC, aad the other disa M s d la the sprlaf . 

b, Jamttf • Lam/mtr. 

Efryddaw1,a. (efrydd) Tending to maim or hart. 
Efryddiad, s. wL—pl. t, an (efrydd) A maiBBiag. 
Efr>'ddlawn, a. (elrydd) Fall of maims or ddecta 
Efryd da, «. a. (efrydd) To maim, to disabla. 

Henslal a ddaw Al he aw j a 
A'l doyll I rfrydda dya. 

OM age wlU ooiae like a aaars «Uh lis deceit lo dUmkU »aa. 


EfWr, s. m. (b«rr) The eow^pannep. It grows 
profusely aboot Dinevwr, where It is the name 
of the plant. 

Nelyn dthla, rrto cfer. 

The farae Is yrilow, tha es w - ^is B< y Is dry. tigmtntk Hot. 

Osflawf blaea derw, chwerw cbwaelh oa, 
Cwear eiwr, cbwerthiniad loa : 
Nl cbri gradd cyiladd caloii. 

the top of the oah, hitler the ta«(e of the ai4i. 
e e»tt-mar»mep, Ibc wa»e I* bloslertug : the cheek rot 
IheaSUcUoaoflhehesrt. iJfwarck Mm. 

Efwrn, s. m, (bwrn) A swell, or spreading oat. 

Fell of I 
•«rfi the rs«p-j 
nmis aoti 


B6F 13 

FJjdAf 9. M. (mydd) Copper ; tempered cepper. 



of kfua, tot it «a» of bo 

/auM J^mlHfM. 

E^daid, e. (efydd) Done with copper. 

padyr ciinlavff » i^L 
tta tbIm JBf-pinco Wiltk Imm, 

£fpddai(dd, «. (efjrdd) Of the nature of copper. 
EfyddaWjCp «• (cfydd) HaYing copper, coppery. 
fJhAdxm^tu ^efydd) Of copper, coppery \ brauy. 
Efydden, «./.— pt t. aa (efydd^ A copper pan. 
Effddn, «u a. (efydd) To do witn copper. 
Efyddwaitb, «.M.(eiydd — ewaith^ Copper-work. 
Elyddyii,a. m. — pf.i. an (efydd) A copper vessel. 
Eiyntaa, prMt. (ef— yntan) He also ; and him. 
EfTfnig^ «./. dan. (efwm) A yoong goat, or that 
m with young the first time. 

THM o l ^raigcdaiMiig m illMii tfiaj* humcr oerddcd gtfr f * 

oT ibe jTMrliaf f oa< »re Talacd at one peony aod 
for bcr* be halfoT tkot of liio f oaC WeUh Lamt. 

Effi1lyay«. «. (elWr— Uys) Cow-pamlep. 
E^Btk, s./r— pi. effeithian (ffUth) An effect. 
Effcithiad, a. m.— pi. I. an (efialth) Eflectnation. 
Efoditedwy, a. (effetthiad)£ffectible, or feasible 
Ejfeithiaw, v.a. (effaith) To effect, to effectuate. 
Effcithiawl, «. (effaith) Effectual, or efficient. 
Effcithicdig, «. (effaith) Efficient, effectuated. 
EffcithiolaeUi, •• ». (effeithiawl) Effectuation. 

tr jkbryd, oomra aooai D< 
(ihfotaoth ddlMd » bytliawl 


eaa Mppovt tho alrfl, oseofil Iho hrmtk of 
MptataMari aM teccMM Md «vor <#<c^ 

/ rr. 0«oi«. 

EffcitUoldeb, a. at. (effeithiawl) Efficadousness. 
Efdthioli, «. a. (effeithiawl) To make effectual. 
Effcithiolrwydd,«.fli.(effeithiawl) Efficadousness 
Ueithiwr, s. ai.— pi. effelthwyr (effaith— gwr) 

One who effects, or brings to pass. 
£ln, a. (plan) Splendid, bright, or glittering. 
Eftoawl, a. (efflan) Resplendent, coruscant. 
Eftniad, «. w^-^vL I. an (efflan) A coruscation. 
EBua, e. a. (efllan) To coruscate, to glitter. 
Eftrth, a. as.'-pl. I. an (porth) An ettort to aid. 
Gfcrtbnwl, «. (cffortb) Tending to help or aid. 
Eibrihi, «. a. (efforth) To make effort to aid. 
EAfthiad, «. as.-^ r. an (efforth) Exertion. 
£fraw, a. (ffrmw) in motlMi; awake, or wakeful. 

I lowr ; M n llod'cffnw, al a f lywn Vmn 
ra «»wod anarja IkdndaUd. 

I Maffaanif ««•!«, I cooM 

M. aM« iTrit a. cm$g. 



, I. m« feffraw) A stirring about; awaking 

Effrii, a. a. (effraw) To stir up ; to awake. 

Effiam, a. (nrom) iSwellIng np ; towering ; stiff, 
stnffdy ; hangfaty, stnbbom, pertinacious. 

Eftas, a. pi. aggr. (ffiros) The herb eye-bright. 

EG, s. ai. r. IVhat is open, plain, or clear; what 
is opened ; what Is nlscrimlnaced ; the qnanti* 
ty of land ploughed, or opened in a day ; an 

Egain, a. wu (cain) That u splendid ; a lord. 
Eplen, 9.f.-''fL f. an (gelen) A whetstone. 
Egawr, V. a. (eg) To open, to expand ; to widen ; 
ta d^taj. 

OwcU ofawr ao cbjaawyt. 
II h Setter t» optm Una to ooatala. ddagt, 

^t '•/• (eg— en The sow-bread 

I, #• at. -pi. 

egfain (eg— maen) The haw, 
or white- thorn berry. 

Egfaenrwydd, «. m. (egfaen— gwydd) Hawthorn. 
Egin, «. fl, aggr. (cin) A cfrop, or what coyers the 
surface, the first shoots, or blades of tegetation. 

Ml chfTl drjt-4it d cgta. 
BadlaadwlUoo(«oDcaa)lto«fftff«««i. JS^* 

Eginad, s. wl (egin) Germination, springing. 
Eglnaw, V. a. (eghi) Ta germinate, to spring, to 
sptfout forth, or to shoot up. 

Ac IB yygrM I kadfd 
Yw dynfoo MkMoa j byd; 



4T«y GfM a wiAiil. 

And or Uw NMO comiplloa ti the Mad cora tit the proud lara 
of the worU; aad if tba aell la good, ibty wlU, throiwh Chri*t, 

E^nawl,a.^egin) Oerminant, shooting, sprouting 
Eginyn, t./ dim. (egin) A germe, a sprout. 
£glatt,s./.---pl. t. oedd (eg-~glan) An opening 
shore, or bank, a gulf. 

AOaiwf a y laooai r i eawa ta ran. 

A plcaiaoi fort there tola thofal/, theraplaiMotiT la ctTea to 
CTcry oae hia flhare. roHcria. 

Eglawg, a. (eg— Uawg) Widely gaping, yawning. 

Kr ylUao wfaogawf, 
Oaa riaa rjrfel ejrlawg, 
Myrddin yw fj eow aaBhahnrf. 

For what 1 have drank of wiae froni a fablcV fivn leida of ^ 
MsHaff ivar, Myrddla U my prmfeot aane. Mfrddim* 

Eglnr. a. (eg— llur) Bright, clear, plain, ▼isible. 
Egluraad, «. m. (eglur) Explanation, illustration. 
Egluriawl, a. (eglurJLu) Exegetical. explanatory. 
Egluradwy, a. (eglur) Demonstrable, explicable. 
Eglurain, a. (eglar) lUnstrions, conspicuous. 
Egluraint, a. m. (eglorain) Ilinstriousness, glory. 


AI baieb-hrya efHrya cftenlal. 

BMrod atth Mi ofondiy aolraa temple of 9titm§mat. 

Egluriu, e. a. (eglnr) To make clear, or plain. 
Egluraw, a. a* (eglur) To make dear, or appa* 
rent, to manifest, to discorer, to explain. 

Morgao fch Arthal*-o ddyif el rbal a waaf imwader, ie ft eg- 
larwa saoedl Pry^e^ o weuhradecdd da. 

Morfaa the aea of ArthsL froai the laaCradioB of bla partalii 
did eqalto, aad A« rtndertd coit^iemous tba people of Briiaia for 
rood actMoa. Gr» mA JMkmt* 

Eglnrawl, a. (eglur> Explanatory, illustrative. 
Eglurdeb, a. m. (eglur) Clearness, perspicuity. 

TiJr coloro flftardeh ; y ftir a fo raid, y laalat a fb nld« ac y 
ddaU a fo raid. 

, the 

pac faaaei «f penptemitw s the word that la 
qaaotaoi that it necwaaiy, aad the fom that la 

Egturedig, a. (eglur) Exemplified, demonstrated. 

Eglnriad, «. m,—pL t, an (eglor) Illnstratioo, ex- 
planation, exeniplificatioD, manifestation. 

Egluriadawl, a. (ealariad) Explanatory, demon- 
strative, exemplifying. 

Eglurwr, a. la.— pi. eglurwyr (eglnr— gwr) An 
lllnstrator, exempllfier, or explainer. 

Eghiryn, t. m. ^eglur) An exemplar, an exempll- 
fier ; a manifesto. 

Eglwg, a. (eg— llwg) Bright, dear, manifest. 

Llemaii i lam o lam eflwf ; 
Heaiid da ui'r gao ddrwf ; 
Mygedorth Rlian ya ef ddlwff. 

t hare leaped a leap, a dnar leap :. teed haa beea dltpened 
abroad If a perwa fluda no aril; the (aoecml pile of Rhaa A ia an 
ezptedoo. rolicflo. 

Edwys, «. A— pi. t. an, i, ydd (eg— glwys) That 
18 hallowed or sanctified ; a church. 

Eglwys, a. (glwys) Hallowed, solemn, fair. 

Eglwysaidd, a. (eglwys) Of a hallowed nature; 
like the church; of the church. 

BGR 14 

SglwyiAW^ V*. «. (eglwyi) To hallow, to sanctify, 
to porlnr ; to charcb. 

Eriwyaawl, «. (eglwys) Tending to hollneu ; be- 
longinc to the chnrch. 

Eglwpiad, f. M. (eglwyi) A hallowing; sanctl- 
fication, or parification ; a charching. 

Eglwyaig, a. (eclwyt) Hallowed, sanctified; so- 
lemn ; belonging to, or of, the ehorch. Owr 
€glwyiigy a man of the chnrch, a clergyman. 

Eglwyswr, f . m,-^. eglwyswyr (eglwyi— gwr) 
A dinrchman, a chnrch minister. 

A lMto«d«riMlb» acM 0«w mU, 
y g«lK*f •! kef liffnrr. 

WMk MlTiOkra, MUh Ood the LonI, I will cWKbc htrmbriMitr, 

Eglyd, a. (eg— glyd) HoYcring over, warering. 
Eglygder, j. ». (eglwg) Brightness, deamess. 
Eglyn, c. m. (eg— 4lyn) The golden saxifrage. 
Egni, «. «.~-pf. <• on (eg — gni) Strength, force, 
rigonr, effort. AH koU cyni, with all Us might. 


Ef Bl doil, •# 1 ffW0B dya I 

,tM om ffwdai^— 
•'th WDM ra eljDt 
•ff 1 ffW0B dya ! 

ai m at Mi the tkowbi, thcr* fa aoc • cnatsra IhM m graatly 
in tkM a Cm M doth ■•«, UtteltaK It ik« livviM. 

I, f . ai.— fl. <• an (egni) A making effort. 
Egniaw, a. a. (eni) To make an effort, to nse 

exertion, to endeavour. 
Egniawl, a. (egni) Forcible, vigorons, Impetnons. 
Egnins, a. (egni) Vehement, impetnons, forcible. 
EgnYwr, s. ai.— pf. egniwyr (egni— gwr) One 

that makes an effort, or endeaTonr. 
Egored, c (egawr) Open, expanded, exposed. 

L«l Iha doff KO lo u tptm Amk&r. dd^t, 

Egoredig, a. (egawr) Opened, spread ont, dis- 
played. • 

Egoredigaeth, s . m. (egoredig) The act of opening 

Egorl, V. 0. (egawr) To open, to disclose. 

Egoriad, •• ai.— pi. t, an (egawr) A making an 
aperture ; an openina ; a key. 

Egoriadawl, a. (egoriad) Aperient, apt to open. 

Egorwr, s. ak—pl. egorwyr (egawr— gwr) An 
opener, or one who opens. 

^f «• («S) Sharp, sour, tarting, biting, severe, 
poignant, eager. 

Uya f«Ui «ffr, Uum 

A paddto otsUl* wim*, % Seed 0(001^7 red, 

1/. eft OwU^, Vr 

Egraidd, a. (egr^ Tending to be hard, or stale. 
Egrawl, a. (egr) Tending to harden or make 

^^■^^>'* (egr)That ishardened, or made stale. 
Egredd, «. ai. (egr) Hardness, flatneu, staleness. 
Egri,«. ai. (egr) Hardness, staleness, sharpness. 
Egriad, t. m. (egr) A making, or becoming stale. 
Egrifft, f. m. (eg— grifft) The spawn of frogs; a 

tadpole; also a fabulous animal the griffon. 
Egroes, s. pL rnggr. (egr) Hips, or berries of the 

dog* rose ; called also Aervm wmmi JIfatr. 
Egroeswydd, s. at. (egroes— gwydd) The dog- 

MlMM veef. e byddef lMn» 
Dy fli«ea,bnd 

And I «ttl e 
ftleelta* ktrrj 

Ikaa, If I iSall to eld, Urn oT the hec of the 
H. e* Owl /yei, iV rarw. 

Egrwydd,s. ai. (ear) Sourness, sharpness, acidity. 
Egm. V. a. (egr) To become sharp, sour, or 

stale ; to turn to acid. JMewd awdi egnL stale 

Egryd, t. «• (eryd) Tremnlation. a. Trembling. 


Egrygi, s. m. (eiygl) Hoaiieness, roughness. 

Arekar jm Anlwydd «al«y4d ccH, 
NU «f a ai«Mi arch eirygi. * 

Iwniamat efayLert, Ike iete iiw ipe ri f 
i will aet ew*a ef hia a p e wa ea ef rei^te m . 


ay mayiflk 

Ovelaii Mrdd ya rns. 


« thraaff efharie, set wtth Um 
MBdaff tty laMiatry. 

£1. ^. JfaeS, tfffwM P. flh 

Egryn,f . m. (cijn) F^ar, tremUing. a. Trembling 
Egrynedig, a. (earyn) Trembling. Sgrffnedigwii 

gamamf tremDung steps. 
Egwal, s. w.— pi. t. an (cwal) A cot, or hut. 
^vran, a. (gwan) Feeble, drooping, or flagging. 


Wfloged ey'a vaal «■«•■. 

Hay aUI glf« Id hto, Jadea ttat are poor aaiihifiy. 

Oa wadd Cfwia. aa ddycwydd. 
Ydyw fwr a blodao ffinMS* 

Ofihe wae/MN* appeafMOs, oT the aOM oa^ to laaa a* tto 
M oMOMi of tree*. ^amlimfd Bl^rt, 

Egwanaeth,s.ak(egwan) Feebleness, imbecility. 

OwTB ea hydp bellach darta'r achwya, 
A fttob efwameck, a phob ffweavya f 

Ham thdr ■tela, at length eeaiplaialBC to eaded, aad every 
Aeillir, aad every — • • 

Egwander, t. ai. (egwan) Feebleness, or debility. 
Egweddi, t . ai.— pi. I. an (aweddi) A portion, a 

dowery, what is given by the husband for a 

vrife, a settlement, or jointure. 

yw y da a reddo gwr Vr wialf y hero cyn cyfedl o'l 

Tto JHmtmn to ito goodb which the haihaad ahaU ftvo le Iha 
wife Ike BMfiUaff beAm rtriaff Ikma tor had. WtM Lmm, 

Oeffwrafwralf aewanateyapaay ntthMlyaedd, taJcr Mdl 
«l tof wadd l , •*! harnfiMp an cbovyll, ea ya Ibnrya y dacth : eod 
oicyayMith aayaedd yr yaad UaMgwr, M a ryll y cvhl eed 

If a Bia aad iKNMaa shan MvaiaiB hefonftaoid of eeven y«ar«, 


let Ibera to wlowd to tor 
aad her Maidea fee if ato caaw 
yeata ito rfwil part ftvai 
except her omUcb fee. 

tpTtim, aad tar paraDtoraato 
avlrgfa : totlf tofora Oic end o 
■ her kaihMd. ato ihall lear tix 

A ihraaoHh y hore ydd citya y fenrya ci 
ehaitol ya «yryf> 

And Ito aext day ■orataf Cto mM deaaiidad bnjttmt^ far 
idlaffheravlrytok Jr. ». iriarf4r-JioM»vtei>« 

I, a. (egweddi)Relating to a jolntare. 
Egwy ,s. m. (eg— gwy) Watery eruption ; a plague. 
Egwya, a. a. (egwy) To break out In blotches. 
Egwyd, t. m.-^. I. ydd (eg— gwyd) The small 
of the leg, the fetlock. 

MiM ffwlw ftVDf iMv a rirad. 
Main ef«yd-laca, ■!» g waad l yd. 

A g i t y h o a ad thaito »aatrrly hatneea Ito Meeirt aad tto fonl. 
with a lanll low>h«l«dk, aad Moody Sp. H. •» IUt»»tU. 

Egwydled, «. m. (egwyd— lied) The small of tbe 

Egwyddawr, s./.— pf. egwyddorion (eg^gwydd- 
awr) A first principle, a rudiment ; an alpha- 
bet Egwyddorion crifydd^ the first principles 
of religion. 

Egwyddorawl, a. (egwyddavnr) ElemenUry, ele- 
mental; initiating; intuitive; alphabetical. 

Egwyddoredig, a. (egwyddawr) Grounded upoa 
rudimento ; Initiated, instructed in the alphabet 

Egwyddori, a. a. (egwyddawr) To instruct in m- 
dimentSf or elements ; to initiate. 

Egwyddoriad, s. ai.— pi. I. an (egwyddawr) Tbe 
initiating in rudiments ; Initiation. 

Egwyddorig, a. (egwyddawr) Having rudimeoU, 
or elements ; grounded upon an alphabet, s* ^* 
A learner of the alphabet, an Abeedarian. 

Egwyl, s. ak— pi. I. ion (e— gwyl) Convenience, 
fit time, opportunity. £^vyf dda, a good sessaa. 

EH £ 



EgjDty «. «• (ec) The herb crowfoot. 
G|syr, s. M. (eg) An acre ; also called erm, 
Elagr, m. (liagr) Ugly» anilglitly, delbmied. 
Etagmrl, «. (ebagr) Tenduig to render ngly. 
Ehagriady «. «. (ehagr) A making anaightly. 
Eki^, «. a. (eliagr) To make vgly, to deform. 
Ehigrweh, a. ak (eliagr) UgUnesSy nnsightlinem. 
£bed, a. /.— i»l. f . ion (bed) A flicht. a. Flying. 

Macs dM, nen dh<4r>«>9 a loa£tone. 
Eked, V. «. (bed) To fly. Ehedfrf, fly upward. 

Wff gd wg faretewf lietRh yn dMd. 

I iMer of iiMdi c;l|riv €y«<M«. 

iwg, a. (ehed) Haying flight; flying, 
iwl, a. (ehed) Relating to flight ; ^ing. 
Ehcdby^ a. pL 9§gr. (ehed— pyig) Flying-lah. 
Ebedeg, a. a. (ehed ) To fly. BhtdMg irwff yr ovyr, 

ta fly through the air. 
Ebedneo, a. ai. — pL ehedfidn (ehed— maen) A 
loaditoDe, or magnet. 

o kad nan «hedfeeB, 

D, ad OwriijfM, 

l^edAo, a. a. (ehed) To fly about, to hover. 
Ebediad, a. wL-^pl. t. an (ehed) A flying, a flight, 
Ehediad, a. m.— fi<. ehediaid (ehed) THiat flies. 


Bktdtad ■tf, a^ pfiff o^r Ska 

ofannutiftttlhtbaMliorttefldd; tnd 
■vrfU occuu Jf • Pty9m 

Ekedioo, a. ^. ^gy^. (ehed) The refuse of com. 

Ekedwr, a. at. — fL ehedwyr (ehed — gwr) A man 
that fliea, a flyer. 

Ibedjdd, a. mu—pi. t. ion (ehed) A flyer; the 
brk. Ekedffdd y M«d, nen itgmdogffU^ a wood- 
tark ; ebadydd cseA, red-lark ; tkidydd cribttwf^ 
aea gwick^ grushopper-lark ; thedjfdd yr Aclyg, 
aiHaW'lnilL ; cae^ ikedffdd, nen cdr ehidydd, 

EMya, a. m. diai. (efaed) A winged creature. 

Bhrtatal. mor by ydvyd. 
If fd y Bflft alisdyB wyo* 

iMOtek, i Edwmrd III. 

L f. on (hegr) The staggers. 

Nl plwlte'r cbcgr aeb ttawd. 

irill not drive lay poor one finr. Adagt. 


iMdffl hrital y dvlvlr bod tm dcllU 




•tr yagylUBtf dalr Doer j riHff y liyni 

: to be werranied tbe qoaUtieo 

;1aet the ■N t ywi , tfciee de<ie; aftlMtdMsbadena 
■Man MMB»; end iffiiatt ine ipnvta, e year. n^elsh Lew. 

Ebcgrawl, a. (ebegr) Tending to be swifl. 
Efc^riady a. at. (^^^l) ^ becoming quids. 
Ehc|^, a. a. (ehegr) To go rapidly or wildfy. 
Ebiiyr, a. (hegyr) Swift, speedy ; abrupt ; wild. 
miv. Qmddy, forthwith. 

Acr gyniald cyrcUad eech ea beDfyr, 
TVato erwyr ya ffwyr fmw dicffjrr. 

The SrateMB la theonicc of slMighler »lfh redJeaed apeais. ef 
•laac Tielraca la the panatt of rapid eoanc. O. Cl/eiUevf . 

ai wydaeei pn hryd y'bydd byny, el yn bwyr at yn ebofr. 

ael «bit tfae Oat win be, whether late or 

£4, O. BmrgMt, 

., •• (helaeth) Eztensiye; expansive; 
fpadooa, large, wide ; abundant. 

m bafdd llwfr flaw helaeth. 

a win ant dnrc the crfeadcd bead. Adtgt. 

1, a. (e helaeth) Tending to amplHy. 
Ehelaethuui, a. m. (chelaelh) Ami^sg spacious. 

Ehdaethrwydd, s. at. (ehehieth) Spaciousness. 
£helaetho, «. a. (ehelaeth) To amplify, to enlarge. 
Ehelaethwr, «. ak— pi. ehelaethwyr (ehebeth^ 

gwr) An amplifier, or enlarger. 
EhSeg, fl. ai. (noeg) Green cobnr. a. Green. 

Be will Bol beer chiathi, nor of Uae, nor teww*, nor led, aer 
r*"""* Talicnn. 

Addwya eraff pan fochtef, 
AraU addwya aiorfb I warth^. 

PtoMaat h the heath when a b fVMe, afila piraMat to the lea 
beach for cattle. " -• r- ,.^,^^^ 

Ehofn, a. (hofn) Daring, gallant, intrepid. 

Mvaw ebofh celoAi cyfwyTaia ; 
mt BMddgyn aiyehedyra Mechala. 

AtmOmut peraoa Hke a toweriaf colana; bir du Bead-horaa 
of the potoatpdace or Mechala. <V«ddtfl«, i O. Ci/UUewr- 
BT yw'r ehoAwT o'r swyr ehefktoa. 

He to the aMef fflllenl of the felleai MiM. 

Jflwlaw OffcWlwd. 

Ehofnawl, a. (ehofn) Intrepid, darina, bold. 
Ehofnder, s. m. Tehofn^ Intrepidity, boldness. 
Ehofnedd, «. ak (ehofn) Intrepidity, prowess. 
Ebofni, V. a. (ehofn) To act daringly ; to be bold. 
Eborth, a. (horth^ Diligent, assiduous, attentive. 
Eborthedd, a. ai. (ehorth) Diligence, assiduity. 
Ehud, a. (hud) Easy to oe deceived, rash, unad- 
vised, foolhardy; heedless. 

Beaa bam pob Aad. 
Tbe jadfUMal of eiary one rwA to buly. Mdmgt, 

Tbe btiedlaw to lacoaaaal. Jdegv. 

Ehudrwydd, s . ai. (ehud) Rashness, heedlessness. 

Ehydr, a. (hydr) Magnanhnons, brave, great. 

Ehydriad, «. m» (ehydr) A nmking, or becoming . 
great, grand, or magnanimous. 

Ei, praa. (e) His, her, Its. It strictly implies pos- 
session by the third person without denoting 
the gender, which is shewn by form of con- 
struction, Ei dadj bb father; ei ikad^ her 

Deabarth eerdd el swraatow. 

TwoparteofaMaff thebeerint<«. Mtig*, 

Ciidya a f^lbio bawb* ae nl bo ar aahd ofa. 

Odloaa to the penon that thrcaleaa every body, aad whpai ao 
body to andcr ki$ dreed. Admf 

Elch, praa. (ach) Your ; yon. Eiek lie, your place; 

eick daa, you two, m. eieh dwy, you two,/. 
Eichiad, s. m. (alch) A crying out loudly. 
Eichiaw, v. a. (aich) To soand, to utter noise. 
Eichiawg. a. (aich) Abounding with noise ; loud. 

a. tf. What is loudly uttered ; loud fame. 

Cof hlbr a na fba ddydd, 
Cylraa dcbtowg ya aolydd. 

we! hi 

Tbe leqaadona cacboo alas* with the day, tbe aeify 
tbcdriM. npworel 

Cya gole gwOTyd ar y gradd tadedflyet, 
Doeih dygyrched e fed, a*l glod, a*l elebtowf . 

Befaia the eeith wia covered over tbe cheek of tbe fcneroai 
departed oae, wisely colleetrd wae bto troMmce, aad bto pntoa, 
aad bto high ttmmdimg fnne, AuernHn, 

Eichiawl, a. (aich) Tendina to be noisv or loud. 
Eidiaw, a. a. (aid) To give life, or briskness. 
Eidiawg, a. (aid) Full of life, lively ; vigorous, 
mettlesome, bfisk; wanton. 

Bywiawf ae eldlawf ydyw 

LlTelyaade<f«v«a«tolh«iteid. F. died. 

Eidiawl,a. (aid) Lively, animated, vigorons. 

Ot doeth wyd, ntwytb, eMM, 

*Y Bfbarw Wgtf, fwaa fy^ber toU 

iftboa artwtoe, mj Iwty stof eapple aad e%wnp w. doaecMd- 
lag to die adrlie of lae limple. fr. QriviMf . 

Eidlagi, V. a. (eidiawg) To invigorate; to wanton 

EidioD, I. fH. — fl. t. an (aid) A beait; a nrat j 

bnllock i a beef i ■ Jleer. Eidioa matt, a bea 

wiihoBt horoi. 

Eidr, I. ». (aid) What hi) a tendency to 
Eidran, i. m. (eidr) The inirjoram. 

"1. (uidd) One'* ona ; poi 

chitteli. BiiUi}/,my property, or mine; tiddct, 
thine ;<I(ldo, bU propertv; tuldi,hen; tiddcn, 
eati; eiddoch, jour*; tiJdMt, tiddynt, eiddudd, 

h!>i!u^>™<'ii) (■.TiirVu.'" '" '*'"' " ■""tf'^M '21,^1" 
Kiddawi, t./.-^t. elddolon (addawl) An idol. 
ElUdew,*. m.aggr. (aldd) Ivy; called aiio, tidd- 

fomy. EiddttB y ddaiar, ground-ivy. 
RlddlHd, ». m. (alild) A taking to; a poueuing. 
Kiddlar, t. n. agwr. (ildil) Heath, ling, or hechci 
i:iildlaw, «. a. (Hldd) To Ulti: to ooe { to pouesi 


I. (dddiffedd)TobeJc 

l<:iddl|, 1. 

!.'«l".'"i,Vi"(u'«Vi*ff"''' "" "'' 

(aidd) J. 

Eiddlgeddni, a. (eiddigedd) Apt to bejealont. 
Eiddlgeddwr, ». m.~rL eiddigwidwyr (ciddigedd 

^gwr) Ooe Khoii jealtni. 
Eiddiges, *./,— pi. (. BU (eiddig ) A jolooi feimle 
Eiddigiad, i. m. (siddig) A becoming J ealou. 
Eiddigor, (. m. (eiddis) One that u a poueuor, 

or gnarding ; a lord, or nwiter. 
Elddigni, a. (eiddig) Jealoni ; canlioiii ; aealew. 
Eiddigyn, ». m. din. (elddig) A jealoas penou. 
Piridii ■ (aidd— 11) Slender ; imall, dimDnifiTe. 

KddU, <■ 

Eiddilaad, i , , _^, 

Blender; eitennatfon ; enemtion. 

Eirldiliawl, a. (eiddil) Tending to rcdnce small. 

EiddiUn.t. a. (eiddil) To rednce, or make slen- 
der ; tp beeome rednced, or feeble. 

Eiddltan,!. ■. (eiddil) To mike ilender, tolo- 
MD ; to extennate; to become small. 

Eiddileb, i. f. (eiddU) Diminniioo, or exlenni- 
tion ; the Miiotit, in rhetoric, in which a tUpg 
ii (poken of in ■tighter term* than it deacrro. 

Eiddlliad, J. R.— pJ. t. in (eiddil) A making len- 
der; ea tea na tion, di mi nation, 

Eiddilwu, (. ». — fl. eiddilBFii [eiddil — gwai) A 
ilPnder, or emiciited rontb; ■ fribble, 

Bddilnch, 1. M. (eiddil) Slcndemeu, unallDeu. 

Eiddilwr, *, m. (eiddil— gwr) A ilendcr-man. 

Eiddioi), (. pi. aggr. (aidd) Personal property. 
Elddionydd, i. m. (eiddion) An estate nUch a 

man holds Id his own right, a demeane. 
Eiddiorwg, (. m. (eiddiawr) What clasps ranod ; 

il ; solici- 

Eiddo, I. m. (aidd) One's own ; possession ; c 
te]>. Kidda/, my properly, or mine ; tk 
thine; cidi/o, his; riddi, hers; tiddam, a 
tidd*th,yi>un; tiddf>il,tiddanl,<iddHdd, th 
—Eiddo Dwe i Ddnic, (he things that are G 




Eiddoed, •• m. (aidd — oed) A point of meeting; 
a buraer, or a standard. 

AlDrclwU Urka* jrdd jr ecltwydd, 
O bjiM tmfjivtfiit aai rareuayUd, 
DorksfvD eiddocd odducb lujuydd. 

CricB > a — e r« d asiia if there thoaM be » mcelinf bccaoac of 
U-wUvd, we will Uft vp s Aemirr above the aoaotaiB. TulieMtm, 

A wdei Uwyfienydd afjrdd cypgrya 
Tb eid d «ied cyboedd, yn all meyn, 
Ciid ya Rhyd Alrly«l, cad yn Ynfer. 

RtiaUe aad bwabSnf Ikat aaw Uwyveavddf a rooapicaoaa te«< 
•tr. m dw aeroad plKe, a bttiiic Id the rord of Akiyd, a battle 
U Ite MfklNescc TMetin. 

Eiddolfa, s, /. — pL i. on (eiddawl) A. temple, a 

place of worship. 
Eiddoli, V. a. (eiddawl) To worship, or to adore. 
Elddvii, «. (aidd— nn) Tending to raise a desire. 

Yaie«U|r itef eanld cerdd onin deyrn, 
Cleib cadeira cad cUdan. 

dkignet the load of toaff of tbe prince, tbe alay 
ef the mAgbij om»/»md of battle. Cfuddttw, i O. CgftUtmrng* 

Etddnnadwy, a. (eiddon) That may be wished. 
Bddooaw, r. «. (eiddan) To desire, or to wish. 

Eldd«Baf ■• fwyf piimilwydd. 
tftrng Sbat i be not a handred yewa oM. Ui/wttrdk ffcn . 

Eiildooawd, #. ». (eiddan) The act of wishing. 
Eiddanawl, a. (eiddon) Having a wish, delectable 
Eiddoned, «. /. — fl, L au (eiddnn) A wish ; a 
desire, an option, or choice. 

Eiddaneil berwr hir-noa. 
The 4r«<re of oae' on tbe Mont hi a lonf algbL diagt, 

Eiddoacdig, a. (eiddan) That is wished. 
£iddaoedigaeth, t. m.— pi. t, an (eiddnnedig) 

The ad of wishing, or desiring. 
Ejddaoe<figawlya^eiddanedig) Optative, optional. 
GddoBedo, v. a. (eiddnned) To wish, or to desire. 
Eiddafrjd, s. M.~pl. t, an (eiddan — bryd) A 

knged for purpose, or intention. 

Ah urddaa adds* elddanfyyd Cymmry, 
Dafeik cf aoiraw a tbriatyd ! 

Cpea che afiOTiiprtate boaonrof tbe cAakc rtlitmet of die WeUb» 
daoeriioa and •arrow. BUddfn Pardd, 

#. as. — p2. f. an (eiddon) A desiring, 

wtjihiiig, or longing. 
Cddnnwr, «. m. — pi. eiddnnwyr (eiddan — gwr) 

One who wishes, or desires ; an intreater. 
Eiddnnydd, s. in.— pi. i. ion (eiddan) A desirer. 
Eiddwdl, a. as. (aidd) The state of being near, 

•r within reach ; proximity. 
Eiddwg, a. M. (aidd) Nearness, a. Contignons. 

T djdd bwow. Did riddwf. 
Con dioer, I eailTy dwf . 


a«, «Web la not aeor, tbe neoMrial 1* reitala, he 
IhebcscAt. /rwaa Ttw* 

Eiddwag, tf. (aidd — wng) Hard by, near, conti- 
gaoos. «. as. A neighboar. 


Ub faA eiddwDS Dcb iddo. 

arllboni any body a ntimkhumr to him. 

Cerf. Dafydd. 

Eiddygan, o. a. (eiddwg) To approximate. 
Eiddyganawi, a. (eiddygan) Approximating. 
Eiddyfaniady a. m. (eiddygan) Approximation, a 

drafting near, or approaching. 
EaUygaan, v. a. (eiddygan) To approximate. 

Yr arlwyd boa. ceaa cladd cywca, 
a)*a riddynJial anyben 
Yb nyw tnnun ac Url«fl. 

This bcaftb, la It notacratched no by the fowl, want would not 
■lyiaocA towartSa it la the life of U«aln and onen. 

idjfiBorch Hen, 

£»tldyo,a. «• (aidd) The state of being close to, 
or set opon, or against. 

Vol. II. 

Ban ffeiUawar rhrdya 
At icir jotfidilyD. 

I have been a codi graMhopper upon the heiia In a «ear«c« $Mf, 


Eigiad, «. m.—pl. I. an (aig) A bringing forth. 

Eigiaeth, «. m. (aig) Tbe state of teeming, fallneis. 

Eigian, s. m. (aig) A bringing forth, or produc- 
ing ; a forcing out ; force. Mae yn gweiddi • 
eigian ei ben, he is calling with all the force of 
his head ; gweiihia o nerth eigian dy freichiam, 
worlL with the power of the force of thy arms. 

Eigian, 0. a. (aig) To bring forth ; to force out ; 
to sob. 

Elgiaw, «. a. (aig) To bring forth, to generate. 

£IStodd II jiklnl baint cgwaa. 
Frofa gentrultd aa eaftBehUnir coulaffloB. W. MiddleUm, 

Elgiawl, a. (aig) Generative, prolific, teeming. 
Eiglawn, a. m. (aig) The great source ; the mid- 
dle ; the abyss, or the ocean. 

Ocddrat yn mwynfta rhyddid— wrth co bod mewn eiftawn nddi- 
elihr y oyd yn pnawylaar. 

ThcT were eqjofiur liberty, by bdof In an acfm dwallbif aepa- 
rated froai Ibe wofM. Or. mb AHkmr, 

Eigion, s. m.^pU i. ydd (aig) The great source ; 
t e middle; the abyss, or great deep; Che 
ocean. Naw ttm eigian, the nine wayes of the 
ocean. . 

Tray elfftoa byd trig yn hen. 

Throngh the midst of the world he wiU continue the thief. 

l»e» Brjfdgdd, 

Eigr, s./.~pl. <. Ion (aig) A maid, a virgin. 

Gwell algr ddoetb yn ofnl Dnw, 
A *chydlg bach o fodd i fy w, 
No^r— — oladawg ifol. 

Better adlicnet aioM that hareth Ood, wHh a vcn Utile oeana 
to Uve^ than the aUly one wlih wealth. 

R, PrUekardf a Lmmpmddtifri, 

Elgraeth, a. m. (eigr) The state of a virgin. 
Eigraidd, a. (eigr) Like a virgin, maidenly. 
Eigian, f. pi. ^eigr) Stockings withoot feet. 

a. Eigren. They are otherwise called 6acsav, 

and hoeanau pen geisi, 
Eigraw. v. a. (eigr) To make fit, to generate. 
Eigrawl, a. (eigr) Proper for generating. 
Eigriad, a. m. (eigr) A forming for generation. 
Eigryn, t. m. (eigr) Quaking grass. 
Eil, «. c. (ail) A second, or next in snccession ; a 

successor ; a son ; as, Moffran eil Tegid, Dylan 

eU Ton, and others. 
Eilar, s. at. (ail— Ar) A second ploughing. 
Eilaru, 9. u. (eilar) To plough a second time. 
Eilchwaith,s./. (ail— chwaith) The second time. 

adv. A second time, or once more. 
Eilchwyl, s. /. (ail->chwyl) The second turn. 

ado. A second time, once more, again. 
Eilewydd, «. m, (alaw) A musician ; a minstrel. 

Can yw y daeiliaol. 
Can eilewydd gaiit, 
Ef a*a darogant. 

Since it is Ibey are come, a hundred with the master •/har- 
mttmjf, be will foretell of (heni. TaJMim. 

Eilewydd celfydd 

The ingenious mimtrtl why doth he not Inform me ? TaHtsim, ' 

Eilfalnt, s. m. (ail— maint) Second rate. a. Se- 
cond rate, of the second magnitude. 
Ellfam, s./. (ail— mam) A second mother. 

RIIAtm Diodryb dda. 
A good aunt is a fccand tnlktr. Adage. 

Eilfydd, #1. (ail— bydd) Being second to or like. 
EiHydda, ». a. (eilfydd) To imiute, to resemble.' 
Eiliad, *. m.— p/. ^ an (ail) A placing alternately, 
or putting together in orderj a constrnciing. 

Eilto'r iaitb hi loloV oedd. 
Eiliad awdl A led )doedd; 
Awen ddofn o*r an ddefnydd 
A'r gawod frl ar sovtl f^dd. 



r ' Nt wAibamoniziBf the laoruagir liLe lolo, it wm the od« cm- 
•truetum of A led ; li waaa profounJ gift of the nme tmlter at 
ttoaey dew wliich on tree* la Found. 

Gr. abt.ah Ltywelfn Pychvn. 

Eiliant, t, m. (ail) Constractare, concordance. 

Eilias, a. /.—pi. t, an (al— ias) Harmonic influ- 
ence or power. 

Eiliasaf, s. m. (eilias) The flow of harmonioas 
influence or power. 

Urien yd rrrchaf 

CvDRwya a faffaf 
O^th partb frorcaaf, 
Ydaa eiUaMif. 

To UrlcD f will rcMrt, receptinn I will meet with, in the beat of 
•ilnatfona oadcr the jImp of tweet mmtte. TaluaiH, 

Dinaa el dias ar led eithaT, 
Dor aafor byddio budd eUiaaaf. 

A city whoae tkae extend* to tba moteat parta. the atrayinr 
abetter of the boat ; the beDcfltof the.^MD o/ptrpmaim melodp. 
-. Auturin. 

Oyffoflawdd ten befr berierin 
Men ydyot eiUaiaf elain. 

The bricfat wave on her pilgriaufe rolb down where the yoonf 
deer are ih/mll melody, Aneurim. 

Eiliaw, V. a. (ail) To put in succession, or order ; 
to harmonize; to construct; to build, or to 
erect; to plait; to wattle. 

Etiiafa erod flod, floew-def WenlHaot ; 
Etiiodd dy follant III ycbwauef 

/ have eamttrueted a paBCfyrk for thy aake, Gwenlliant brirlit- 
ly fair ; a tbouaAad more kave ctnttrwettd thy pralae. 

Eiliawd, 8, m. (ail) The act of placing alternate- 
ly, or constructing. 

Eiliawg, a. (ail) Placed together, or constructed. 

Eilier, 9. m,—pL t. an (all) What makes, or un- 
dergoes, changes; the butterfly. It is also 
called, et/tr, ilir, jnla, pt/ai, and ghyn byw. 

Eilig, a. (al) Having aptness to glide or flow. 

Gorwyo blaen hel}|r, ellir pyar yn llyo ; 
Oochwiban jwynt uwcb blarn ^ryag man : 
Trech aniaa nof addyag. 

«i?'il?''*?if *? *?»* ®'*!** *"'•»•. Plrtf/W the flah In the pool ; 
•liiatiinfc the wind over the amall brancbea ; natore la more pow- 
erful than precept. Llpwarek Hen. 

Eilir, s. m.—pl. t. ion (ail— ir) Regeneration, 
reanimation, a return of moisture; a butterfly. 
Alban eilir ^ the ▼emal equinox. 

Mwy na'r dUr yn min drych 
Nl wnacDt ood edrych aroo. 

Like Oie Autterjp on the aide of the mirror Ibey will do nothinir 
but rate upon him. jy. p^j^^ * 

Eiliw, $»m,-^L i. oedd (ail) Appearance, colour, 
pretence, form, or fignre. 

Dwyn ea bdliw eu bun oddlamjnt, a dodi eiliw arallamrBt. h\ 
na adn«rpid, a onig. j»"»»i»j 

He took away their own /otm from them, and jfaTe another form. 
to them, ao that they were not kuown. •"ouwr/orm 

U. P. P. Uffrd—Mahinogum. 

Eiliwed, t. m. (eiliw) Reproach, or disgrace. 

^^^^.l t>«wdra jryfrlfed 
I Riirrudd,rloew »dd a»i radd tad wed, 
Hyd na»a ^wnrl perb4Wd pell elUwed, 
PedrydawK deym uch cyrn coned. 

Faith In Uie Creator la attributed to GrofTadd. the exalied rhirf 
who la concealed In earth, to that alo ahall not cauS'i^nt r,- 
rr<»cA,hethatiaapowerfal prince over the liorna of exhikiSlM. 

Eiloes,«./. (ail— oes) A second age, or UfeTa 
second time. adv. Again. 

Eilon, $, m. (al— on) Music, harmony, melody ; 
also the hart, or roebuck. Eilon mynydd, a 
Wild roebuck. y y > « 

Vr ydwyf yn r»nt-l Hal'r ddan— 
Na'r rifon iV Ian, na'r eUlu I'r coed, 
Naf o droed a ro«.l i oradain. 

i am miftcr to the houaea of rtip two, th4n tlie rodjurk tn fk. 

Qiana parchellan, andaw di'r eilon 
A thread adar cer Cirr Rheon. 

iJaten, llillc pi?, bear thou iho mtMy uj.irh iIm> rrtih«.ri..i 
Jri^iea arr niakin? by C*«t Rlicon. «wl/i'. 

18 EIL 

Carmfl eawa lU forehan ludd, 
A golyiron bwyr bir-wyn t gradd ; 
Caraf eilon mygr matth amadudd, 
Eiliwed aaerw, a acirch cyatudd. 

I love the nigbtlnrale the obatnictloo of the morninr aleep lit 
31ay, with downcaat looka, and long wbtte-aldcd bead ; I k>vr 
the aweet mttody^ heart apoo her the reproach of ahiniDC is 
aolitude, with the trappinga of affliction. GweJcAHui. 

Bilpai, adv. (ail— pe) As if. 

Eilsaig, «. m.^pU eilseigiau (ail— saig) Second 
course, or portion of victuals. 

Eilun, s. m. (ail — nn) A copy, image, or resem- 
blance ; a representation, picture, or portrait, 
an idol. 

Y raae ddw ac dlan Daw mewn dyn. 

There be the form and imuge of God la man. 

14. G. Bergett. 

Eilonaddolaidd, o. (eilun— addolaidd) Idolatrous 

Eilunaddolpar, a. (eilun— addolgar) Idolatrous. 

Eilunaddoii, v. a. (eilun— addoll) To worship 
images, or idols, to commit idolatry. 

Eilnnaddoliad, $. m. (eilun— addoliad) A worship- 
ping of images ; idolatry. 

£ilunaddoliaeth,s. m.(eilun— addoliaeth) Idolatry 

Eilunaddoliant, «. m. (eilun— addoliant)Idolatry. 

Eilunaddolwr, ». m. — pi. eilnnaddolwyr (eilun — 
addolwr) A worshipper of images. 

Eiluniad, a, m. (eilun) A copying, a portraying. 

Eiluniaeth, a.m. (eilun) A copy, or resemblance. 

Eiluniant, a. m. Ceilun) A portraiture, a picture. 

Eiluniaw, v. a. (eilun) To copy, or to represent. 

Eilunid Dnnawd Debenaint, 
Aer ei enw, el arfau o Ffrainc. 

Dnawd M Aim rf$emNt Debeualnt, wboae ntne iaalaarhieT, 
and hla arma from France. Meigaul, m. Cfuddtmn. 

Eiloniawl, a. (eilun) Having a resemblance. 
Eiluniwr, a. m. — pi. eilnnwyr (eilun — gwr) One 

who makes a copy, or resemblance. 
Eilw, a. m. (al) Melody, harmony, a. Melodious. 
Eilwaith, a. /. (ail— gwaith) A second time, or 

turn. a. Second time, or again. 

Prya hen, pryn dlwalth. 
Bay what ia old, and boy a eeevud time. Admge. 

Eilwy, a. m.-^l. t. on (al) That makes melody, 
or harmony ; a musician ; a minstrel. 

Arorea ei lya 1 lea eilwyon byd ; 
Eithid 1 eabyd el yibortblon. 

He opened hia court for the beoeflt of the mUutrels of the 
world; to the gueata are glTeo hia proTlaiona. 

Cynddelw, i GitdwetUawm. 

I gerddawr am breiddiawr, am brain ; 
1 eilwyon am etrrhion archfaln j 
I riajdd rhodd I urddaw bodd i (rain ; 
I feirdd dwfo dyfyd a goSaln. 

To a Kongater looking for the fmit of the chaae, and for a deli- 
cart ; to I lie tone qf metodv for •lender-bodied glfia ; to a nMf 
wolf to prepare a treasure for ravena ; to the profoaod baotla will 
come what will be kept in memory. 

Cymddeiw, m. O. Owynedd. 

Ellwydd, a. m. (al — gwydd) Harmonic presence, 
a love meeting, or assignation. 

Ebrw^dd-ydd af. 

Lie fym llwydd ellwydd arwydd araf. 

Quickly I will go where I ahall proaper In a iii#«<nig «./ kmr- 
MMg, a genUe algn. £/. p. Mtek'i /etvk. 


Dywilon oed a ban He bum. 
Lie gwelala hnen gelrw traia i 
Ddjwaul y bi addawa«i 


Ddyfodi ellwydd ofyn. 
Lie ni ddacth lUwen o ddyo. 

I made on Monday an atairnaiion with the fair where f ba»« 
been, wbert I have seen her of the hue of the foamy wa»c« of llie 
atealing ebb ; on Snntlav ahe had proroiaed to come to seek an a*- 
Btgnaiion whtre the blithesome nymph never came. 

D.ab GvUym, i forfudd. 

Eilwys, *. pi. (al— gwys) Powers of harmony. 

F. a wnaeth eiiwva, 
Yn llyt paradw)*', 
O awen Mwyo 

lewlii (Temlna. 

'n>ei»''»r»r« of harmony, in iht- court of paradiar, did form, <.ui 
of * lilt rib, a U-'auteoui fi'malc. Avdlfratih . 




Olridf t. «•— fl. I. ioD (al) One who prodaees 
iumomji amuiciui. 

Ta'aldlvU eeHydd dm". 


CMvalidr cfldw cOjM bieL 
MB or OidMMr he kMpt ft Hbtnl «<Mlr»l. 

JEQjg, A. «• (al) Harmoiiy, melody, deUght. 


•■B oi OiraBcddt Om Mttit H 
» Mik, Ite Ai^AI of Um woild. 

EHyrth, «. «.— oL t. ioa (al— yrth) The touch or 
UBpnlae ofmdody. 

Ucf ft glFvai; gtoev eUyrlfe ; 
LMfiioft ya eOwTdd fcrth ! 
Ucftafta con btacB cft4 aborfb. 
Uy* iftnr, a Ucf tanr TUftftL 

ibe ckar Itmeh ^ wHtUdgi the ioin4 of mndc 
Dce ; the load load of tte hora bofere 

: as waAU volM, tho caU of the hoU o^J]*Jn|^ 

BIjv, «. a. (al) Hannony ; melody; mnslc. 
ESywiaoty «. ai. (eilyw) The profeasion of moslc. 

Ana/ enrivaf eralved m*m etvyf; 
"jf-nidd nnrf ym ihnodM 
iteilywfaBt rfiair elllwod ; 
doddyw. Daw jm fwared 

»..^»»mej for the chief wHh 
orer aaxkMs; the auMy of aHa- 
rare i» coaM to bm, mn God ■an 
Wnddttw, wu CM. a6 Mmdmrng. 

Ea, fTM. (in) They, those. JEtU doa, they two, 
FaUa, a. Bk f aill—- to^ The ontward side. 
GDdy, a. m. (aill — ty) A shating hoose. 
QEad, c ai, (eU) A catting close, a shaving. 
Glliaetii, a. at. (ell) The act of patting out ; the 

•tale of being out, excommunicated, 
diaw, a. a. (ell) To part from, to serer; to cut 

sff Iram, to exterminate ; to shave. 

I • Oaevallftwn y faddf foltacth, ccrdded a onir 

s Saetoa ;— «e aid aihedis oar ^ «^ ■*« < wnlf , 

i fah; rmayi cf a ^oal i a Uwyr eUliaw oeaedl y Saeioii o*r 

Tklori of Cacwalloo, he went throafh Iho 
i; aad he ipand aefther man* nor «omaa» 
I ; Cor he waa detemlacd attcrly U exter- 
neiioft of the Sftsoa* oec of the island. 

Or oft JtwihittTm 

Flifdig, a. (ell) That is aut off, or shorn. 
nfcdydd^ a. «.— pi. U too (eilllad) A shaver; a 

naar; » pkMgh Ibr catting paper. 
Ciiiwr,a. wu-~^ eillwyr (eft— «wr) A shaver. 

r. eillwreigedd (ell — ^gwraig) A 

• (ei) A sign of possession ; property of; 

property, oars; oar. £m^, ma^, mine 

' atatvyd, thine, etao, his property, 

y tfjniaa, daym, ours, eiascA, yours, 

, ctayaf, theirs. 

Medd y ddvy Wnedd dnyia ; 
On y« • gfttvo Daw ya. 

Id of fhe two Owyaeddaleenr*; It to (ood what Ood pra- 

Eiaawr, a. ai. (ein— awr) The hour that is ours, 
the present time, or now. adv. Now, at present. 

E'nioes, a. /. (eio—oes) One's life ; the whole 
tia« of a man's life ; life. l>tV«dd daises, the 
end of life ; fcir etaloes, long life ; *' Einiou df% 
ya atfwm^** the life of man drawing onward. 

ElnloOi f jth 1 ysyt Foo, 
A dwy dntoftt Vm dyulOB. 

he to the klc of Moa, and two of m to its 

L, O. Cothi, 

Twit acRhcd, tah- tynffcd ton, 
T •y'n dwyn einton y dynion. 


thcR be taking awny the 

Eingbw, V. a. (ana) To cause to expand or dilate. 
Eingion, s./. (ang; An anvil, a forging utensil. 
Eira, s. at. (air) Snow. Casfgr dra, a snow-ball. 

All i*r alareh ar y don 
IJUw*r eir« ar fren tgrnfMItt 
UawcT fwatth, cya eeaaV gog, 
Y rhole jm clog am dana'* 
Ac •*ia lelyn nd a ■!, 
I gana I U, IUw*r ef 

the awan apon the wave to chc of the bae of tmtm on the 
In iMc; many a tlae befbn the aoiclag of the cackoo hare 

I wnpt »y cloke aroand aie, aad my harp along with me, to ring 
to thee who art of the oofcMr of mew. ^conili. 

Eiras, s . m. (air-^as) MThat glows, or gives light ; 
burning matter, a fiery bmly ; burning cinder. 
Eirchiad, s. m.— pi. eirchiaid (arch) A demander. 
Eirchiawl, a. (arch) Mandatonr, commanding* 
Eirfydd, s. la.— pi. t. ion (arf) A blazoner of arms. 

ArfNryr brn eirfyddioB Cyonnrelg yw cyfrlf dyag fn gjdndd eg 
y bonedd ocbaf. 

The cnMon of the old Welch h*rmtdi la to nekon leandag of 
eqaal dignity with the noblcct daiocat. Tnttk. ArwpddmO, 

Eiriach, v a. (air) To deprecate, to avert. 

Elfladi hm, nag eirlaeh droed. 
Dtprtemtt a hand, 4c not dtprweai* ft Ibel. A^*m 

Eiriachawl, a. (eiriach) Deprecatory, averting. 
Eiriachiad, s. m. (eiriach) A deprecating. 
Eiriacho, a. a. (eiriach) To deprecate, to avert. 

Mftien ft Cynftn^ag e« gwetad hwynt. ag an clywai, ffo a wac- 
ynt rbagddyat y flbrad y tebyrynt rafliMi nedilod e m bncfdtoa; 
ac aid driochyai hwyntM neb cr a gyStfftd ftg hwyat aa'c diendd- 

chyal hwyntM 
yat ooid gwragedd. 

Maxco and Cvnan, whoaocycr beheld them, aad hcaid them, 

—— .i.».j wwwu ., from them, the way they ahenM think of obtala- 
ing refnge for thdr conto; and on tbelr pert iftcy wmid iporc not 
any body who dioald coow la thdr wfty that they would not pat to 
death, except wobmb. Or. eft drtimr. 

Eiriachus,a.(etriach) Deprecatory, tending to save 
Eiriachydd,«.m -~fL t, ion (eiriach) A deprecator 
Eirian, a. (air) Bright, splendid j fair, beautiful. 


Ac yn Fhb armh elHan, 

Ac yn Yibryd glocw-bryd glaa. 

BelKgft Fathct, and a Sonbleaced and /air, and napirit of bricht 
ftpprarance and pore. S, Ctrl. 

Eirianaidd, a. (eirian) Of a splendid appearance. 
Eirianawl, a. (eirian) Tending to make fair. 
Eirianedd, s. la. (eirian) Splendour; beauty. 
Eirianiad, s. m. (eirian) A making fine or gay. 
Eirianrod, s./. (eirian— rhod) The galaxy. 

Mi fian dri rhvi^od 
Yn ogliarrelrnnrBd. 

I have been for three aeaiona In the bordcrc of the miMy wey. 


Eirianu, a. a. (eirian) To make splendid. 
Eirias, s. m.— pi. (. an (eirias) Burning matter, 

or the body of fire, in opposition to the flame ; 

burning cinders ; a burning log. 

au tan heh elilaa. 
There io no Are withoet a bnmtng b9dp, Admg*. 

Wyt chwym, wyt tcjra, wyt elilaa cadaa, wyteadan fal dioac 

Thoa art ardent, Ihoa art ft prince. dMO ert theiirr of hftlttea, 
thon art itrong Hke a rampart. Zl. P. Mock, i Lgwtlpu I . 

Eiriasawl, a. (eirias) Of a glowing nature. 
Eiriasdan, s. m. (eirias— tan) A glowing fire. 
Eiriasedd, t. m. (eirias) Glowingness; fieriness. 
Eiriasu, v. a. (eirias) To burn vehemently. 
Eiriaw, v. a. (air) To brighten; to become bright. 
Eiriawg, a. (air) Abounding with brightness. 
Eiriawl, a. (air) Splendid, bright; beautiful; the 
snowdrop ; also called cIscA «a6aa. 

Priaf branin Troea gwr mawr eedd, a theg, ae ymadimwdd by- 
nawa, a cborpb drteWL 

Priam klog of Troy, be w«c a Mf man, and fair, aad he waa of 
' 'I he had a ftvcwfMa 

a plcaaing conv 

rTrof, to 





Eirimwl, r. a. (air— iawl) To iutreat; to inter- 
ceUe ; to use persuasion^ to persuade. 

Ilawdd eiriawl ar j ^••rvr. 
It ii ctay *» prrtmadt ooe UiAl it btiutcJ. Adagt. 

Eiriawl ni chsrer iil rbynckao. 
It U not meet to imtrrot one tliai i« cot lovrd. Atlagt, 

Eiriechaeth, s. m (eiriach) Deprecation ; intreaty 
Kiriesyn, i . m. dim. (eirias) A glowin;; cinder. 
Eirif, t. m. — pJ. t. ion (rhif) A number; a count- 
ing ; a numbering. 

Niddodal eirif sr n ddillw*. 

Ht would not Sx s nuuittr on sc»rl«t gmrment«. 

D. Benfras. 

Eirifaw, v. a, (eirif) To number, to enumerate. 
Eirifawl, a. (eirif) Relating to number. 
Eirifiad, a. m. (eirif) A numbering; enumeration 
Eirig, a. (air) Splendid, sliining ; gay, or fine. 

Eiri; ri nthren r^et'daK^. 

Sfilrmdid lit» prior ely apctir. Taittii . 

Eirioes, «./. (air— oes) Pure, or holy life. 

Corwjn bhen rprnfk; Did mors caledi ; 

Gwatt'iar anaf anToc*. 

CliMe'inz tbr tops rf ili*- haw*: hardship Vt not manmrly; let 
rveri ouf I'ltaroc bis/wri/y o/ l-/r: the wur»t uf hlenii»h i* wtut 
of lumiinera. Hyw^trch Hem. 

Eiriolad, «. »n. (eiriawl) A using persuasion. 
Eiriolaeth, t. m.— p/. f. au (eiriawl) Intercession. 
Eirioled, f . m. (eiriawl) Intreaty; intercession. 
Elrioledd, s. ik. (eiriawl) Intreaty, persuasion. 
Eirioleddiis, o. (eirioledd) Of persuading nature. 
Eirioli, v. a. (eiriawl) To intreat; to persuade, 

or to use persuasion; to intercede. 
Eiriolus, Q. (eiiiawl) Persuasive; intercessory. 
EiriohiMrwydd. «. m. Ceiriolus) Persuasiveness. 
Eiriolwcb, s. m. (eiriawl) Intieaty, intercession. 
Eiriolwr, i. m. — pi. eiriolwyr (eiriawl— gwi) One 

who uses persuasion ; an intercessor, or mediator 
Eiriolydd, $. m. — yL t. ion (eiriawl) A paraclete; 

an advocate, a mediator, or intercessor. 
Eiriolyddiaeth, «. m (eiriolyd'i) A mediatorsliip. 
Eirion, t. pi. aggr, (air) What gives splendour, or 

lustre, ornaments. 
Eirionawl, a. (eirion) Ornamental; adorning. 
Eirioni, r. a. (eirion) To ornament, to adorn. 
Eirionyn, t. m — p/. t. an (eirion) A border ; the 

list of cloth; the edse, or selvage; any border 

set on for ornament ; a ruffle. Dau eirionyn 

tir, the two borders, or cross ridges of a field. 

if'ehh Laws, 
Eirionynawg, a. (eirionyn) Having a liorder. 
Eifionynawl, a. (eiiionyn) Having trimmings. 
Eiiionyno, r. a. (eirionyn) To border, to edge ; 

to fringe, to ruffle. 
Eirllyd, a. (eiry) Apt to snow, apt to be snowy. 
Eirllydrwydd, t. m. (eirllyd) A snowiness. 
Eirthiad, s. m. — pi. t. au (arth) A growling as a 

bear; a baiting, or attacking as a bear. 
Eirthiaw, r. <i. (arth) A baitin;*, a setting upon. 

A I rmrn m'm iretnjn tifmid tT«W <w. 
Ail pa r f w . dd forUueu ^rliitn r rllnaw. 

Another mte %**ii ■ m« from rrtr cie t «<f i-iir, t ftocoa J lO'^hty 
biro tbat toUs lUt a btjr iu (tic i'oajb«i 

Cvdt'lm-, w. R. FtaidJ. 

Eirtbiawl, a. (arth) Bnffettinz, or baiting. 
Eirw, f. m. — pi, t. on (air) A foaming place, a 

cataract, or wateifall. 
Eirwlaw, s. m. — pL t. ion (eiry — gwlaw) Sleet. 
Eirwlawiaw, v. a. (eirwlaw) To fall in sleet. 
Eirwlawiawg, a. (eirwlaw) Abounding with sleet. 
Eirwlawiogrwydd, a. m. (eirwlawiawg;$leetine$s. 
Eirwy, f. m.— ;»/. I. on (eirw) A foaming cataract 

Eirwynt, *. m.— pi. *. oedd (eiry— gwynt) Snowy 

wind, or wind that brings snow. 
Eiry, *. m. (air) iilnow. Adar yr eiry^ starlings. 
Eiry aid, s. m. (eiry) Summer snowfiake. 
Eiryaidd, a. (eiry) Like snow, or snowy. 
Eiryawg, a. (eiry) Abounding with snow, snowy. 

A GruffuHd vnUu o f;ynt:cfltidra a brwjdr a lutUw* jo el erbjD 
Til oirt-lihiiiu Lr>ri eirjavi^. 

And GnifluJd aUo from a familKirily wltli war pitched bb tent 
agaiutt btui in the rtd;;e*of thr tuoutf i^rtri. 

tuchedd G. ab Cgnan. 

Eiryawl, a. (eiry) Tending to snow, snowy. 

Eiryn, s. pi. aggr. (aren) Glands; testicles; a 
plumb. Eiryn duon^ common black plnmbs; 
eiryn A ir/on, damascenes; eiryn cochion, Orlean 
plumbs; eiryn gwynion, green gage plumbs; 
eiryn gwlnnawg^ peaches ; eiryn surion, eiryn 
perthif eiryn tagu, bullace ; eirvK iV«i, eiryn 
perth eurddrain, gooseberries; etryn gtrion, the 
briony berries; eiryn y ci, cnllions. 

Eirynbren, s. m. (eiryn— pren) A plumb tree. 

Eiryneu, s.f. (eiryn) One plumb, a plumb. 

Eirynllys, s. m. aggr. (eiryn — llys) The Saint 
John's wort. 

Rhag miu C7a»er yr eir}nUj» a doda urtbo pan argai.ft-r g^atmt. 

Ajaiii»t a mole lake the St. John*t v</ft, and apj-ly lo ii »hrn 
6r»l ub»crvc(i. Middygon Mgau/ai, 

Eir\nwydd, s. pi. (eiryn— gwydd) Plumb trees. 

EirTnw;dd jn (Tin, 
Aiu'tivtaiil o d«l. iiin. 

I'iumb trm, that are »carcc, unaiubiliou* heroism. Taiutim. 

Eir^s, 8. m. — pi. t. od (air) A coal, an ember, 
risawl, a. (ais) Costal, belonging to the ribs. 
Eisen, s.f. (ai.«) A lath ; also a rib. 
Eisgiad, s. m. (asg) A parting off, or cleaving. 
Eisuiaw, r. a. (ass) To part from ; to cleave ; to 

be destitute, to be in want. 
Eisulwyf, 8. m. — pi. t. on (ais — clwyf) A plenrisy. 
Eisglwyfaw, r. n. (eisglw>f) To become pleuritic. 
Eisgluyfawl, a. (cisglwyf; Pleuritic, pleuritical. 
F.i<>iaw^ r. a. (ais) To lathe, to lay laths ; to make 

lattice* work. 
Eisieu, 8. m. (es) Want, necessity, need ; lack. 

G«ell benthjr no? ei«ieu. 
Borrowing it belUrr tban vattt. Adagt. 

Eisieuedig, n. (eisieu) Necessitated; indigent. 
Kisin, s. m. aggr. (sin) Bran, or husks of corn. 
Fisina, r. a. (eisin) To gather bran or husks. 
Eisinaw, r. a. (eisin) To produce bran or hosks. 
Kisinaidd, a. (eisin) Branny, husky; like bran. 
Eisinaw;;, a. (eisin) Branny, full of bran. 
EisinaMl, a. (eisin) Made of bran; like bran. 
Flisingrnz, 8. m. (eisin — crug) A heap of bran. 
Eisinllyd, o. (eisin) Branny, full of bran; husky. 
Eisiw, 8. m. — pL t. on (es) \Vant, need; poverty. 
KiMuaw, r. n. (eisiw) l*o become destitute. 
Eisiwawi, a. (eiMw) Tending to neediness. 
Eisiwed, s. m.—pl. t. au (eisiw) A destitute state, 
want, need, or lack ; indigence. 

Hcb bcbavd ti>iMrd. 

Wit'i'tut ail) kiii'i of ira -t. Cjnddtlr. 

M.4rgvy d^ Gntiiedil, pi«ae ni « r e;»i«eii, }«si«ae-h >n IrrtiKi - 

W,.c I • «» btc?u.c of the lac' , iUa worthy mrn of «iwtn*dij, 
%\**, art' d} III.' ! bie.'i'f i Ftidu. 

EiNiwcdi*!, a. (eisiwed) That is destitute, needy, 
in want ; indigent, poor. 

T- »t yd (jw Ml I oS ro.kd.f ; 
Ht'ou-lvd. J"-! f»«r» c Ddemnrd oi»e roaplain ; Bith •bcrit^ lb* 

Ei>iwedd, 8. m. (ci^iw) A state of want; neediness 




Eiaviad, ». ». (eisiw) A rendering destitute. 
Eisiwydy J. ». (euiw).Want ; indigence, poverty. 

A fo eiciwrd : 
MjMich mbM 
Pjr Da's dywald. 

C«Mnilv Ihrowli ay life MvrWy lath beeo; the we»Itfaf nMmk 
•iU taHlf ■peak to Mr. TmUe$iu, 

EUoej, atfo. (es — oes) NeTertheless, however; 

moreover; lilLewiite; already. 
Eisor, a. (es — or) Eqnal ; of the same sort, like. 
Eisorawd, «. m. (eisor) What is UIlo ; a counter- 

Eborawl, a. (eisor) Tending to malie eqnal. 
Eijori, r. a. (eisor) To malce eqnal, or like. 
Eisoriad, s. m. — ]^, t. an (eisor) An equalizing. 
Gsoriir, a. (eisor) Tending to assimilate. 
Eissill, «./. (essin) What is parted from, 
liiasilledd, s. m. (eissill) Oflspring, or progeny. 

Tnry ft>r llitturent ee beUilledd. 
Tbdr •f^rUg «lll gMt Ibroaf h » h». TmlUtim. 

Fieiilkl,*. m. (eissill) Offspring, or progeny. 
EanUyd, s. as. (eissill) Oflwjpring, or progeny. 
Kuaillydd, s. m. (eissill) Offspring, or progeny. 

fH be cAftr y dydd j cyrehodd, 
Cyrchcbofe rfMiilydd; 
Giretel ««wr ir wyr ItoMrdd, 
Fel iprr jd {fwrUiladd cywiiydd. 

Ttate irae bo repesMDce for the day he atteckrd, ir ms the on- 
*tx«f* br^Tc rott/ lie perceived • hue oo the rara of batUct like 
a Ktta gptioeiny r<!|iroBch. lAggud Owr, i hgwelgm It. 

Ri<te, s. m. (aes — te) A sitting, the act of sitting. 
£l«te, r. a. (aes — te) To sit ; to be seated. 

Pvy byoar * 'lai6o yoddi. 
Wb<MOCTCT that f A«l/ «ti In II. BretniaH Arftm, 

Eutedd, s. M. (eiste) A sitting, the act of sitting. 
Eiftedd, r. a. (eiste) To sit. Euiedd ar wynu^ to 

»it opoa eggs ; tisUdd vrM, to sit down by, to 

by siege to. 

Eitbaf, f . m.^pl. i, on (aith) The acme, the «t* 
termost, the outermost, the farthest, the ulti' 
mate. a. Ultimate; farthest, most distant. 
EHhqfon fryd, the uttermost parts of the world. 

DyMcfawel y thyfel- 

A tktm J r(BMy«eUae<h heito y doai Bell hyd at Fraa el frawd & 
•vH ya ^aicdd wrth Rarain. 

And is roncrqaeacc of that victory BeH raate to Braa hit brother 
imH w tititmg before Rocae. Or, eS Artkur, 

Eoteddawg, m. (eistedd) Sedentary, or that sits. 

Cneddawl, a. (eisiedd) Relating fo sitting. 

Ebteddfa, s. /*. — pi. I. on (eistedd — ma) A sitting 
place ; also a station. 

Cbteddlbd, s./.— pi. t, an (elstedd— bod) A being 
nttiagy a sitting; a meeting, or assembly; a 
session. Eiated^fad y beirddy a congress of the 

Eateddiad, #. m. — pZ. t. an (eistedd) A sitting. 

Eisteddiai, v. «. (eistedd) To sit often. 

Eufteddig, «. (eistedd) Apt to be sitting. 

Bsteddle, s. m. — ^pl. I. oedd (eistedd— lie) A sit- 
ting place ; a station. 

Eiitcddofnwydd, s. m. (eistedd) Sedentariness. 

Eisteddolrwydd, s. m. (eistedd) Sedentariness* 

Eiitcddwr, s. «.— pi. eisteddwyr (eistedd—- gwr) 
A sitter^ a sedentary person. 

Eisty4d« s. ». (eistedd) The act of seating. 

Eistyddiad, «. m. — pL L au (eistydd) A seating. 

Eotyddiaw, v. a. (eistydd) To place in a seat. 

Eifwag, s. as. — pi. eisyngion (ais — wng) Depri- 
vation ; imminent want; a sigh. 

Ufiera— •*! Ur eiayofloo a*l banaofao. 

BHI, «llb Ha laaCfBff •*!*'. •od ttf trampliaif. . ^ ^ ,^ 

O. aS M» aS D^/)fdd. 

Ebwys, ddr. (eisys) likewise, besides ; already. 
Ehyddyn, s. m.'--fl, I. an (syddyn) A tenement. 
£l^s, ada. (es — ^ys) Likewise, besides; already. 

Bo4 jB Mr ya flif a aarw tfaye. 
Tobcl8i««kfcftiidloSla*Miito. Ai^gt. 

Hyd cithaSoo pella'. 
Rclara the war to the noat dltMot e*tr*miti«t. W. MidiUtm. 

Eithafed, s. m.—pL i, oedd (eithaf) The utmost 

limit, or extremity. 
Eithafig, a. (eithaf) Extreme, or ultimate, s. pi. 

EitkiAgiony borderers, or the inhabitants of the 

marches. Also a sward. 
Eithafnod, s. m. — pi. t, an (eithaf— nod) Nonplus. 
Eithen, «./. dim. (aitli) Ajprickle, a sharp point. 
Eithin, s. j4, aggr. (aith) Furxe, whins, or gorse. 

EUhin ffreinifff common furze ; eithin marwUtSy 

eithin man^ whin ; eithin ffr t€tr, erach eithin^ 

needle furze, or petty whin. 
Eitliin, a. (aith) Prickly, or full of prickles. 

Af eiddew «r el biyd, 
Mor ellbln, l*r grjd 
SIriaa eeayaid. 

With ivy oo Mi froat, lo brUtlcd, the cheivy tret waa provokod 
to the cjittbaL nUttin. 

Eithinawg, a. (eithin) Overgrown with furze. 

Tir eithinawgj furzy land: yr eilMaa«f /awr, 

the greater furze bush. 
Eithinen, s. /. (eithin) A furze, a furze bush. 

Eithinen ber^ or eithinen y ctrrir, juniper. 
Eithinfyw, «. m. (eithin— by w) The savine. 
Eithiw, a. (aith) Prickly, or full of poinU. 
lithiwaw, v. a. (eithiw) To make prickly. 
Eithiwawg, a. (eithiw) Having prickles or points. 
Eithr, ndv. (aith) Except, witlmut ; besides ; but^ 

Elthr f allv aid oca dia. 
StMes power there to nothlof . Aisgt, 

Eithrad, t. m,--^, eithraid (eithr) An excepted, 

or excluded one, a stranger. 
Eithradwy, a. (eithr) Exceptionable, that may 

be excluded, or estranged. 
Eitbraw, e. a. (eithr) To except, to exclude. 
Eithrawl, a. (eithr) Exceptive ; exclusive. 
Eithriad, «. m,—pU I. au (eithr) Exception. 

Rbt« rwytir chwel rhyCel 

Siihrlad brad bron eillaear, 
Elthr cenyd cyooelw ni waaf. 

Rbyt, whoee nray Is like the ronne of war, a tlmngfr to trea- 
chery hl« breast that flow* with h irmoay, eacepi of thee oo da> 
odaace wiU I »e k. Pkpiip trgdgdd,i ' 

peodaace will I »e k. P*P**P BrgArdd, I Rgt I 

EL, f. m. r.—pL I. od. What has in itself the 
power of motion, a moving principle; an in- 
telligence ; a spirit ; an angel, 'ifwyeegee yr 
elodj the queen of tlie fairies. 

Elaeth, s. m. (el) The act, or power, of self- 
motion; intelligence, or the state of angelic 

Elaidd, a, (el) Intelligential, of angelic nature. 

Elaig, s. m. (Uaig) A secluded one ; a hermit. 

Nid wyd ti vaffolalr, 


Uabeo ol'th eiwir yo oydd rbaid : 

Ocb CyoddUlr oa bao*t prralf ! 

Thoa art not a icbolar, tboo art aot a miiutrflj a BMaarcfe 
thoa wilt not be called In Che day of aeecadty : O Cy DddtliR« 
why wert thoa aot a aooMa ! MAgwmreh A«s. 

Elain, $,f,-^pl, eleinod (el-^-ain)A fawn. 
Elanedd, s. pi. aggr. (llanedd) The intestines. 
Elawch, «. m. (Uawch) Indulgence, tenderness. 
Elawr, f. /. — pi. eloran (llawr) A bier. EUttr 
feirehy a hearse. 

Yn LloBfbortb fwelait drydar, 

Ac elorawr jd ofwyar, 

A fwyr rbBiid rhaf riiaihr eafar. 

la Llonfborth I «w a taaiatt. and Hen In Mood, aad raddy 
nen from the onaet of the fee. f/yrerrA Btu, 




Eleys, 9. pL nggr. (el-— cws) Wild geese, ganzis. 
ElcyseDy s./. (elcys) A wild goose, or gana. 
£lecfa, 9,/.— pi. I. an (Uecfa) A slate, stone. 

loseph a droM* «l«ck fevrrar ddrvt Wdd Crirt. 

Joseph rolled • frett JUt «t«M apen Ihe door of ike gnw* ^ 

Aelvyd rbwBf pedalr elerh. 

A. facarth between loar JIti $Uitn. L. G. CMkL 

Eleigiad, t. m.—pL t, an (elaig) A becoming soli- 

tarv, or sedaded. 
Eleigiaw, v. a. (ehug) To sednde ; to conceal. 
Eleigiawl, a. (elaig) Tending to make solitaiy. 
Elen, «./. (el) An intelligence, an angel. 
Eleni, s./. (elen) The present year. adv. This 

year, the year now going on. 
Elenid, s./. (elen) Present year. adr. This year. 
Elest, s. m. tiggr. (el-— est) Flags, sedges ; rushes. 
Elestr, «. M.— j»/. f. on (elest) The iris, flag, or 

sedge. Y9tnul el€9ir, a mat of sedges. 
Elestraidd, a. (elestr) like flags ; like lUUes. 
Elestrawg, a. (elestr) Having lillies. 
Elestren, t./. (elestr) A flag or sedge leaf. 

Md ha»dd bUoffMT af eleMrea. 
It ia Boc eaay t» lay wtth %Jlag Umf. Adag*. 

Elf, t. m. — pi. t. odd (el) A moving principle. 

Elfaeth, s. m. (elf) Elementation ; elementarity. 

Elfed, 9. m. (el — med) Antnmn. Albam e^fid^ the 
automnal equinox. 

Elfen, #./.— pi. t. an (elf) An operatiTC cause; a 
particle, or constituent part; an element. El- 
fen tAn^ a particle, or spark of fire. 

Elfenawl, a. (elfeiO Elemental, elementary. 

Elfeniad, s. m. (elfen) An elementation. 

Elfenn, v. a. (elfen) To element ; to coustitote. 

Elfod, 9. nu^pL i. an (el— bdd) Intellectoal ex- 
istence, or the state of spirits. 

Elfyd, t. m.—pL t. oedd (el — ^byd) Intellectual 
world, or spiritual existence. 

Elfydd, s. m,—pL t. an (elO The state of simple 
self*motion ; an element, or first principle ; 
earth, land. 

TrI pbrif dfydd jr tydd: dalar, dwfr, a than. 

Tbcrc arc three primary rlmni/«: c«rlh» water, and firr. 


Idwn ni a frewya 
Nefae elfydd. 

We wiU adore Urn Ikal created bcareii tad the Htmntarf 
wm-U. Talietim. 

Yd anwyn Elfael pea wnai Clfed. 
Elfyddea rrevlawa, elfydd grtuktd. 

la defenJIoc ElfiMi when Elfedf a Serre refion. aade a blood- 
Maloed land. Ctuddrlv, i Oe^wellaw*. 

Nea'm ha dydd, cer elfydd Elwy 
EiliwQ wawd 

Have 1 not eiijoyed a day, by the rtgUm of Elwy, when I oon- 
poMd a iMnenrtc. U, p. Mock, 

Wm dawr, cia del droc elfydd 
Uanwo for, a ni o f^nydd. 

I •bell nnt be eoaeeroed, if there aball come over the cvuntrp a 
tide from the aea, and a flood from the moaatain. 

D. Uctgwm Mew. 

Elfjrddaid, s. m, (elfydd) An elementation. 
Elfyddan, s./.— pi. i. au (elfydd) That is formed 
of elements; the earth, the world. 

Ail i foddi elfyddan, 
Yw llotfi rknl'D Ian. 

Like to the diownloc of the 

Id li the coaplcte barninf this 
T. Pryt. 

Elfyddawl, a. (elfydd) Elemental, elementary. 
Elfydden, i. m. — pL t. au (elfydd) What is for- 
med of the elementi ; earth, or land ; a region. 

Mab Llywelya bael bylwydd berrben 
Ar w^neb Prydaia, prif elfyddeo. 

The aon of ibc feoerow Llywelyn, a 
tbc Ihcc of Bntaia, the chal<wa rtgitm. 

U. P. V«r*, i Umf. A Ufwttfn. 

Clfjrddiad, s. m,—pi. t. an (elfydd) Elementation. 

Elfyddnewidiad, «. m. — pi. t. an (elfydd— newid- 
iad) Trans-elemeutation. 

Elfydd u, V. a. (elfydd) To form element ; to con- 

Elff, f. ».— pi. eilff (el) What moves in a simple, 
or pure, state ; a spirit ; a demon. 

Elgain, «. (el— cain) Supremely fair or elegant. 

Elgeth, #./.— pi. t. i (el— ceth) The jawbone. 

Eli,s. m. — pi. t. on (el) A salve ; a remedy. 

Eliad, a. (eli) The applying a sahre or plaster. 

Eliaw, 9. a. (eli) To anoint with salve. 

ElVawl, a. (eU) Of the nature of salve, emplastic 

EUn, 9. M. — pi. t. au (gUn) An angle, an elbow. 
PeneUMy the elbow point, the elbow. 

IV milwr y niae eiin 

A wnai drwat a1 waew'o y dria. 


To the warrior there is an rl&nr that woold Bake a laaaJt with 
hb tpcar la the cooMct. L. O. CWAt. 

Elinad, t . m. (elin) A making an angle ;— a cubit. 

Elinaw, v. a. (elin) To describe an angle ; to 

Elinawg, a. (elin) Abounding with angles, an- 
gular, jointy, elbow-wise. Yr eHnawg, woody 
nightshade, elimawg gock^ arsmart ; called also, 
y beugoeh, y benboetk^ Uaiagor, Uytioa y din. 

Eliodys, s. pi. aggr. (elin — tis) The aurelia ; the 
caterpillar; Uie volvox, or vinefretter. 

Elorawg, a. (elawr) Having a bier, put on a bier. 

Elorwydd, s. m. (dawr — gwydd) A hearse. 

Elu, V. a. (el) To move onward; to go. Elsyaf 
yao, they went there ; elid^ let the goer (of any 
gender) go; mol yr eltryf, so that I may be go- 
ing; er nad elo, though he may not go. 

Elid ryw ar berth ba yw. 
Let 9tx g» upon the part of which It la. 

EUd llaw (an droed. 
Ltt the band go with the foot. 

Maddea'n beiaa Vn bywyd, 
Er bar, ryacloni o'r byd. 

Forrivc the fanlti of our Uvea, bccan«e of wrath, before *r Mkmti 
g« out of the world. T. LL D.ah H^mtL 

Elus, a. (al) Benevolent, bounteous, charitable. 
Elusen, s . /. (elus) Benevolence, diarityi alms. 

Nid ore fwyl rbaf elaaen. 
There la no prctrace afalnat ehmritjf, JUmgt* 

Eliueo tarn o garw. 
Even a morael oot of a staff is olau. Admgt. 

Elusenaidd, a. (elusen) Of a charitable turn. 
Elu8enawl,a. (elusen) Eleemosynary, bounteous. 
Elusendawd, i . m. (elusen) Benevolence, chaifty 
Elnsendy, s. m. (elusen—^) Almshouse. 
Elusengar, a. (elusen^ Charitable, benevolent. 
Eluseogarwch, s. m. (elusengar) Charitableness. 
EInsengist, #./. (elusen— cist) A charity box. 
Eluseni, f. m. (elusen) Benevolence, charity. 

A son am elQwni, 
DclljDfed, hardded oedd hi. 

And discoiirslnff of bentvolence, bow meritorloo*, how fair she 
is. Parch. Eram Erant. 

Elnsenwr, s. m. — pi. elusenwyr (elusen — gwr) 
An almsgiver, an almoner. 

Elw, «. m.—pL t. oedd (el) What is past motion, 
or become stetionary; property, goods, or 
chattels ; profit, advantage, lucre, gain. 

Kl Bsad newid ul cbeiif ciw. 
He Bakes no food barfain that fets bo f ara. dimgt. 

ELY 23 

Ehn, w, «• (<lw) To get w«altb ; to make pro6t. 

■ril cftl 4fB. cariVB CM 



ofaw. •dft< 

«M loNv,l» U tr^gUk for • HvclflMod. 

Ehriady «. m. (elwm) A making adfantageoat. 
Ehrant, # . at* (eHr^ AdfantagOy profit, gain. 
ElwAn, «. fl. (elva) To eorlch ; to make profit. 
Elvawi, a. ai. (elw) The act of enriching. 

Wlail, kifin tky CMfM toth* |ilac« or^ftfU. 

id, P. MbcA. 

ElvBvgy «• («lw) HaTing property, or profit. 
Ehpch, ju flk (al) AcdamatloB, joy, gladneia. 



... oriiMfMaf* 

I «r teavn^ BMNlOM mowd «Uk fta 

Bviy aw «• (dw) To get wealth; to tarn to gain. 

Ovytfe rw tn Wa m MmmL 

OwMd «Sydd dwali o koui, 
Yta n Owva MMrr a^ awddtl, 
mmi4 « fwtaft'ii fwlnw4 I^Mil. 

IWAmmI •!;(»• Tiitaffa h0TCMl tka Ml, bcjroad Mcmt • arild 
iq^ ««l •£ «kicft 1 AOTvyriPlirf / «UM Owsla Ike giwi «M, 
■■» • — ■>»— Jiadtri— wwBwwmabtof bftfig t . 

Cfwdiatm, «. O. liPwyStrfrf. 

Ehrig^a. (dw) Being inherent, as a principle. 
B^firHarig, boidnew timt ia inherent. 



y» , 

IVI awyddorlff cMff w 

• B«|«ll 

ihri, a. ^ ^fr. (d— gwl) The reins, or kid- 


Swlea, a. /I— hiI. I, 
l,a.M.(el— ( 

TdwH One of the rdns. 
1— gwydd) Beatific presence. 

Ctm^i Btryf wf yn dwydd, 
AIb gwMih o kenwr jm ftrfdydd. 

■iMtraltoteApeti. Cjpn^Mw. 

Bvyscoy a. /I (dwyicn) A donation, or dms. 

ShriMilam oganr. 
IteM A ■ ■ w al e«l of • iMff b ate*. 4^c. 

Ojd, a. M. («i) What Is fused or rnn to metd. 
Oydn,«.ak(dyd)Aniixednietd; brass. 

A kaSy aflraai, katafany tatMrkf wakiaff Irilow. fe« rayMid 

Bv^nnidd, «. (dydn) Of the nature of brass. 
E^dnawl, a. (dydn) Consisting of brass ; brassy. 
Emr, a. ai^-^pl. t.on (elyd) A compoond metd ; 
bdl-naetd; brass. 

G«lallalydr, |olca-Uw, 

A gcMw at lovflTf jB (oad gwtw. 

r, of bright kaa. gaaid hi* body. Ilka fair trew. 

Elydmidd, a. (dydr) Of a brassy natnre. 
E^rawl, a. fehjdlr) Consisting of brass ; brassv. 
E^, a. Bk (al) What flows, or glides, a. Smooth, 
' ; ddicate. 

Va udwf I MMd^ d«ftB dyfeald I alaf, 

Ya archlyfb, ya arek-tfw gleWald. 
Ya «rf«wrflrocB-fB«r*ffnwaanla. 

A llBver a ' 

ar alyfla a Lotff, 

PyH bwytt Mda. 

SkaaM Walaa cam. .w.^..,. 
y OB kolk 9Um, Pyll woaM 

tea afai fc 

ika attraotfoB of bit traMoie, 

I*. WShiy deak.aad oftka high eolaar of 
Atwdad BoHrib aad gDUciiflroBt. 

£i. F. Mteitt i R- «• Owala. 

□yAa, s. ai. (ttwfiT— 11a) A ravagbig host ; an- 
noyance, or gricTance. 

£lyffwl,s.8i. (llwff)Annoyance, pricYance, plague 
Elyw, «. m. (al) The aloes, the jdce of does. 

A glad, ac ytldVv 
Ac alyw tiaaor. 

Aad fraakkMBBia, Bad aiyrrk, and inotBariBa afaM. TaHafia. 

£LL^ #./. r.— pi. I. an. What is ontward, separ- 
ated, or divided, a. Outward, prominent, 
conspicuous, ado. Eztremdv, very. 

Ellad, #./. — p{. i, iau (ell — ad) The eyebrow. 

Nl aiyawB, pa gallwa gaai, 
Dy dvyBaw, da dy aUaat 

If I ea«ld kava tka apportaalty, I woaU aat daedra tkaa» 
Ikaa wkoaa tgttnm la kfidu D. a* QmUfrnT^ 

EUalg, s./.— 48. elldgion (ell--aig) A pear. 
Ellain, a. (ell) Radiating, casting rays, splendid. 
Ellast, s. m. (ell — ast^ Ae common line thistle. 
Ellbwyd, t. m. (ell — ^bwyd) Famine, foodless. 
EUmyn, «. pi. ajrfr. (dhnan) Foreigners ; the Al- 
lemanni, or Oerttians. 

Oat a diyadMll yr lUaya. 
Oa aad driva aa^y tka Oifiaw*. L rnklL ak i, Umgd, 

EUt, f. M. (dl) What is of a separating quality. 
EUtrewen, «. /.~pl. t. an (sUtraw) A tutoress 

that is not of the family ; a sponsor ; a gossip ; 

a stqp-mother. 

m gara al faai caiad al alllrawaB. 

Let Mm tkal late* ael kb BMtkar Iotb M» wltp-mUktr. diagt, 

Y aalU flwyddyBafyddMwlddyB,aeyUaUiyddalallti««aB. 

Oae year «1U ba a aaolkar ta a aaa, aad ika etkar will ka 
kUslap-aotkar. Adtigt, 

EUwedd, # . /. (dl—gwedd) An outward appear- 
ance. Teg H htUwtddt the fdr of outward form. 

EUwen, «. /. (ell— gwen) Otwardly ialr. Yr ett- 
weuy the fair one. Alartaa. 

EUydd, s. m. (ell) A cutting ofi*, extermination. 

Ellyll, t. «•—/•• '• on (dl— yU) A wandering 
spirit, an elf, a demon ; a phantom ; a goblin. 
Bi0yd fUsfUon, mushrooms; aisayir ellyUsn, fox- 

Tri tkarw allyU yayt Pvydala : aOyU Owydavl, cIlyH Uyr 
Nerial, ae allyU Owitkawl wladlg. 

Tka tkree wtmuitr balk of tha Ma af BritBla: tka mmultr af 
dry dawL 0M aMa«<ir af Uyr Marial,aBdCka aMMjNr of Owrtk- 
B«1»ledig. TrtMdd, 

Ellyllddd, a. (dlyll) like a demon; H^Bth. 
EllyUdan, s. m. (ellyll— tan) Ignis latnus, Will- 
with-the-whisp, or Jack-mth-the-lanthom. 

Mwg allyDdaa a aava. 
Tka ■awkaafrfi B Ma j IrtftaBUha gnat ikyw. D.ahOwUwm. 

Ellylles, s. /.—pi. f. nn (dlyU) A. she demon. 

Aad Ika farai af kcr ri«ge like a Mdato naa, aad kareoadUlaa 
ika ac m nenm af tka Ibatkwad Hlfca. 

Jf. aft OwUgm, Vr ddgUmmm, 

EllyUyn, s. m. diai. (dlyll) A little dcYll ; an elf. 
EUyn, s. ai.— ^. I. an (eU) An exterminator ; a 

Xal y gvakk dfot Sa yr dlyn. 
Ukatketewkavartkaadgaorikaraaw. Aim*. 

Ellynedd, «. m. (Uynedd) The last year, or the 

year gone by. adv. Last ]rear. 
EM. #./. r.— p/. t. an. A rarity ; a jewel, a gem. 

Bychaa, cai etriaa, I nl 
Dy tori. 

It h a tamll thing, aiy (hlr i<wrf, ta a 

' that thoa thABldett ke 
D, mh Gmiigm* 

2 ^ 


c ■«- — -a*. *;, ta i«-. t Vi/ru^r- ir »i5r?»^ 
«. «. — ii- ' at '^u. %. i^^-iuL a. sxacur. 

' ■- " — •- ~ I'^t- "Ti*? iftJiiT'- IT he i 
■- ^a Tiat 12C mm inimanniL. 

^^^*». c. •» — fc^R ?-uar'iu ■anar'iiur 3ire-iiij6. 

•i»- fcl* s 

■»i»- -if^nt-.^^ j> a :* 

- — .rrn 


E N E 



'"^ • Tjl-J u 

*t~l '"S^^TtZ ^S-'f9^-X, 

'w-mt-j I 

♦^r-ir, »- a. — It, z. t-rii Tpr^ A T. wm^ ox. 

■X •-«.:. 

fir ' i»«j* «».«r?r 

1 I--- ^S' . -r- 

.=ai: — 

U^ »•■- li I *-W. ilT''' 



n r'^ KM(l 

.*.iiriii> 1. 

7*. w u -a ^ciiif It jtuaa; emiitT. 



T.iii.t.^T'iKiwL I. «. f'zrm A Irak TTs <?i^«i«fnr. 

.LJ'!-; ••-. f n — <H^ ^'i»i»i ' •'« -HI — j^i yb< do'w 

1' » 
».- - 


■ ■ " t ir- T— - I ■ > 

_4_ ' > _' »M 

.1- . a^*^ » .,» . ,,- 4.;. r ^- 

• •*'^ * ' » T / "* ^ »• '^^ ^ 


•«- '_* ^r^ »-—»•- ^_ tj^ 


^~' *-i- ''»- k* k^. ^. M3 .^ 

•- .-I 1 . 

V . 


^'''■^^-•^r. t. n — 34,. tz^'-iM^ - rrji3 — r'-r; An- 
:»^:t : !:-- w^ic ar; .-r* «-•'' -n. 



£N R 

EaeircbUw, v. a. (arch) To cover with armonr. 
Eaeirrhiawg, tu (circhiawg) CI' coniplete annour. 

Flu &Ajl9m dron fnr. r*Tr enrfrebiavr. 

PrdliM ar •« («■** aitolritiUattr* 
Brtdi kc6 faii ju aid dilieiki4«x> 

WhfB ikcy iteH 

over Ka, the Ben eprnpUielw 
with d«able-fAcrd w^r needs wider ucm ; two 

aot •perlur of bavoc. Mftddim. 

Eser, s. at. (en) An agent of intelligence. 
Rkrfdd ener, a Uberal tool. 

Ctfdd vmfaan CadCM cad-oaldi nifcr ; 
CcnM weddawi fedawl (iadell cBcr. 

Tic ftporopriate aoBf of Obdvan the hawk of iMttle of the mat* 

■odrnle aaox for f lAa from the livimg nprettntm- 
fw» of Cadcll C^ddelw, iV «rjr<. Rkps. 

Eafawr, a. (en — ^mawr) Very great, vaft or hage. 

Efifil, «. M. — pL t. od (en — mil) An animal. 

Enfilaidd, «• (enfil) Of the nature of an animal. 

EofVged, «./. (en— myged) Worship, hooonr. 

Ea^, «./. — pL f. an (en — bys) A rainbow. 

Fji6'8f . «. /. — pi. <. an (enfyi) A rainbow. 

Eolwdd, «. fli. — pi, I. ion (en — hndd) A covered, 
ihaddowed, or darkened state. 

Eahaddaw, v. a. (enhodd) To shadow, to dark- 
en. Emkmddaw y tan, to cover the fire with 

Eahuddawl, a. (enhodd) Of a covering qnality. 

f Jubadded, «./. — pL t. an (enhudd) A covering. 

Dne'n arrlwydd oencdJ-rwydd cad 
IUMf9 daa yr auhadded. 

Mii of a 

Hberal of traMarc ec 

a to daf andar the 
Or. ab Gwifiyn. 

EiAnddediir, a. (enhi^ded) Covered, enveloped. 
Eakoddlad, a.m.— pi. t, an (enhodd) A covering. 
Eohoddtant, «. m. (enhodd) The act of covering. 
Eahncd, s. m. (hned) One who follows the chase. 

Kid wjf eahacd, niled ni rhadwaf; 
Kl alia/ ddarymrod : 
Tia fo da fas fog caoad ! 

I aai Bot a twaUtr, antaxab I do aot keep: f oaoool move aloag : 
w fcooC at a ■icMoOi rood kl the cuckoo tiof ! 

'JUfwrnreh Ifca. 

£ja, e. a. («s) To eiert the mind or soal. 

Paa vaaffar beidra, paa hlir ; 
Pae vcorrya eaaawwa caap cnir ; 
Va Itorbar }d ferair. 

• ln«B ahaJl b« acatlerad, or wbee •trcwed ; wbea the 
■ban he aflcaied Ae feat witl be toUtd Jmr; be will be 


A* areb-lUe rlaia rh»ld 1*b ral, 
Trwj 6dtmjd elriawl doddfiwl Devi. 

h»<led My I Blast mm nertion be cloeelr later- 
•iCh 9bam DewL Sift* mb awmttkmaU 

Eaiad, 9, as.— pi. f. an (cni) A content, or area. 

Uaio, «. m. (tain) State of the weather, or 
teaqreratvre. a. Very clear, pore, or intense. 
fimrw yv et keniain ^keddy, severe is its tern- 
peratnre to day ; mae ya eniain oer, it is in- 
tensely cold. 

Eaid, J. f-—pL t. ian (en) The wood-lark. 

A clywcietl chwcdl rr enid, 

Dr^t pccbawd ol Ur rrUd ! 

beard die •asrioir of the wood'tark, In the brake atoid- 
~ laaia fron loog folio* intr it I 

BngtwitUf f Clfwtd, 

Ettl^ «. (en) Foil of sonl, or animation. 
Uswald, a. as. (niwaid) Damage, harm, hurt. 
Eaiwawy v. a. < niwaw) To endamagr, to hart. 

Yaaid Pm eaiwed ealwaw wrthaw. 

Tb«« to barai to my lot for le be hurt at bin. 

U^fveif* Ftrdd' 

Emaiawl, a. (nlwawl) Tending to damage. 
£aiwed, 9.M.^pL t, an (niwed) Damage, hart, 
wrong, prejadicc. Twrf ac eniwed^ 

Vol. II. 

disturbance and barm, the manner of disturb- 
ing quiet possession to prevent a title. 

Sef yw twrfac eal«td Uo«ffi tal a tborl crvldr. 

Ofatarbasee aad harm la to burn boBMi aod to break ploufbe. 

HTrtsk Lame. 

Eniwedu, v, a. (eniwed) To damage, to harm. 
Eniweidiad, ».m.^pl. t. an (eniwed) A hutting. 

Ma Dodwdi eolwddlad, 

A cbyuuyg yw'cb lawn a f wad. 

Notice aot aa i»/«ry, wbea aoMada aad aekiiowtadfeB>eat are 
offered to yoe. T. died. 

Eniweidiaw, v. a. (eniwed) To hurt, to harm. 
Eniweidiawl, d.(eniwed) Apt to damage, hurtful. 
Enllib, s. ai. — pi. i. ion (en — Uib) Slander, ca- 
Inrany, or libel ; a reproach. 

ElU f wraiy jn ol ea brnlUb. 
Let a vonao go after her repraerik. Adage. 

Enllibiad, f . m. — pU t. an (enllib) A slandering, 
calumniating, or disparaging ; detraction. 

EnDibiaidd, a. (enllib) Calumnious, detractive. 

Enllibiaw,r.a. (enllib) To calumniate, to detract. 

Enllibiawl, a. (enllib^ Contumelious, detracting. 

Enllibiedia, a. (enllib) Slandered, calunmiated. 

Enllibieiddrwydd, a. m. (enlitbialdd) Contumeli- 
onsness, slanderousness. 

Enllibiwr, «. m,—^l. enllibwyr (enllib— gwr) A 
slanderer, a defamer, or a libeller. 

Enllibos, a. (enllib) Slanderous, calumnions. 

Enllibnsrwydd, a. m. (enlUbus) Slanderousness. 

Enllyn, f. at.— pi. t. oedd (Uyo) Victuals, any- 
thing eaten with bread, as butter, or cheese. 
Bora oc «ai/ya, bread and sool. North qfEng- 

Enllyniad, s. m. (epUyn) A moistenin<r for food. 

Enllynu, v. a. (enllyn) To moisten a bit of food. 

Hwnw yw ef yr en v rboddwy fl Iddo dtm weH* yr 1 nii ci en- 
Uynu ; ac efa eall>nai d«iaiaid, ae el rboddcs i Imm. 

Tliat one ia be to whom I ahall fl?e a aiortel after I ihall have 
doae la meiUem it, aod he maitieued a bit, and fa*e It to J«da«. 

tV. Satiebury. 

Enmynedd,s.m. (mynedd) Patience, forbearance . 
Enroyneddgar,a.(enmynedd) Patient, forbearing 
Enmyneddgarweh,s. m. (enmynedd) Patlentness. 
Enmyneddns, a. (enmynedd; Patient, passive. 

Enaiyneddua fum, fur cadeithi, 
Eowawf ortbow)*, o'oi gottbewl. 

I have btrnpiitiemi, tboa balwark of th« war and famed ie««!er, 
becauae of ujr brlu| aiiide Ukat. 

Lt. P. iloek, bygiclk U. ab (hvain. 

Ennill, s. m. (en — nill) Advantage, gain, profit. 

Ennill, v. a. (en— niil) To get advantage, to gain. 

Ennilladwy, a. (ennill) Capable of giving profit. 

Ennilleg, s. /. (ennill) What causes advantage, 
fiiryoil enniUegf a battle-axe. 

Ennillgar, a. (ennill) Advantaeeoun, gainful. 

Ennyn, s. m. (en— yn) A kindling, ignition. 

Ennyn, o. a. (en— yn) To kindle, to set on fire ; 
to indarae ; to excite, to be inflamed, or in- 
censed. EaajfH lid, to burn with anger. 

Ennynuwl, o. (ennyu) Apt to kindle, tgnitible. 

Eunynfa, s. m. — pL t. oedd (ennyn — ma) A kind- 
liug, what is set on fire ; a burning heat. 

Ennyniad, i. m.—pL t, au (ennyn) A kindling. 

Ennynu, a. a. (ennyn) To kindle ; to set on fire ; 
to inflame ; to be inflamed. Ennyni o'i chwant 
hi, thou wilt be inflamed with her love. 

O drrfydd ennyna ty yn mhlltb tyef« laled y ddaa df Deaaf a en- 
ayno ;^iito, uo o bob partb iddo. 

If a hoaM ahall be eet an fire in t>c midtt of a town, let it par 
for the two odjoiuiof bouMi ibct thatl kUtdle from it, one on ea> U 
aide of It. H^tith Lane. 

I Enraith, t. m,~pl. enreithi (ihaitji) A friend. 

EN W 26 

Enrhy, «. m,—pl. I. on (en — rhy) An abundance. 

a. Very much, Terv abundant. 
Enrbyal, «. m. (rhyaf) The increase of cattle. 

Tri ftnlfrl •« fwy rwrrth eo tdcM Bof ea ipvrrth cyfnilh; ft- 
Ulwf u, A tharw trefirordd, » b»«d«l cea&iit; cuiyi ir corhfu a 
(olilr o coUir wjnua. 

Then are three animtto the tiIim of whoce ptrfcction te r mt- 
•r IhkB tbeir U« tbIuc : a •uUlon, aud % bull or m towoibip, 
Md a boar oT a birrd of •wloe; for the brttd vtil be lo*t if they 
■ball be loaL iVrUh low. 

Enrhydedd, i. m. (rhydedd) Honour, reverence. 
Eiirhydeddawl, a. (enrhydedd) Apt to honour. 
Enrhy deddn, o. a. (enrhydedd) To honour. 
Enrhydeddus, a. (enrhydedd) Honourable. 
Enrhydeddwr, #. m,—pL enrhydeddwyr (en- 
rhydedd— gwr) One who honouretb. 
Enrhyfedd, a. (rbyfedd) Wonderful, marvellous. 
Enrhyfeddawd. t./. (enrhyfedd) A great wonder 

Nt't ryfrir nebawd 
O'r bolt fedynawd, 

Ac rvtb Di*» traelba, 
A «DacCh I'd rblao 
U earhTfeddodaa 

Tra fa y ma. 

No bodr cao rccoeni, of all the world, ud never can b« rdate 
•bat he Mth done for our princta, or womder$, wbtlat he was 
iwre* r«<l«ria. 

Enrhy feddawl, a. (enrhyfedd) Wondrous. 
Enrhyfeddig, a. (enrhyfedd) Of a wonderfhl 

EAi n adnewjddne \ 
al danifjilchyowya. 

Bsrocdd Uandaln, ac o enrbjrfeddiy d jroedd 

He beilt anew the walli of London, and with wmdf^fml lower* 
heinrnMndedtt. Qr,»kArikmr, 

Enrhyfeddn, v. a. (enrhyfedd) To be wondering, 

to be marvelling ; to be amazed. 
Ensertb, «. m. (serth) A lai, or falling sUte. 

«. Of a slippery, or falling nature. 
Enserthawl, a. (enserth) Debasing, apt to Ml. 
Enserthn, v. «. (enserth) To make abject. 
Enserthos, a. f enserth) Debasing, apt to be vile. 

Mtrek ddrwg tnnrthtUy an evil and debased 

Entraw, # . m.—pl, entrawon (en—traw) Master. 
Entrew, s. ni.--pl. I. au (trew) A sneeae. Taro 

enirew, to give a sneeae. 
Entrewi, v. a. (entrew) To sneeae, to sternutate. 

Cofa dj din pan entrewf cb. 
ReiMaber Ihf poaterlor wkn Ikm dMt tntne. Adrngr. 

Entrewiad,«. ai.— p/ (entrew) A sternutation 
Entrych, s. m, (trycb) The great scope, or ex- 
panse, the firmament. 
Entyrch, §. ». (tyrch) The fimaMeot, the Tanlt 
or canopy of tba hesvens. 

Yn Bjm*4, sewn Itadded llwyr, 
A cbowydd i eatricb awyr. 

OolBff. ia cxtfMW Ml, wttb a byma tt the •««// nf the At . 

£nw, «. M.— p/. t au (nwj A name, appellation. 

Gorea eaw Ml Man- 
The bfM ■««« l« I own U. Urngt. 

Y dyn a aaSo eow da 
A f alir gan ha«b el follb. 

rU man wbe thaU acqaire a food eeair will ftt lo be rvmrai- 
brred by r»erj bedy. t. G. C^ku 

Cnwad, s. m.-^, t, an (enw) A nomination. 
Enwadawl,«.(enwad) Denominative, appellative. 
Envraered, s. «■. (gwaered) Very low, or prone. ' 
£nwai,s.i!i.— p<. enweion (enw) Nominative case. 
Enwaid, a. (enw) Having a name or title. 
Eowaidedig, a. (enwaid) Named, circamdsed. 
Enwaidiad, t. m.—pl, I. an (enwaid) Circumcision 
Enwaidiaw, r. a. (enwaid) To give a name ; to 

Envndr, a. (gwair) Full of energy or vigour. 

Rhyddyrilid fy nrberdd 

Yn Aber moner MeDciSen, 
Ya enwair yn ddiwalr ddMo. 

My aenr will obtain ita mead In Aber, where dwella the pUlar of 
tbe people of Menai, an tmtnUie and conlioent wnrcrclf a. 

Enwaisg, a. (gwaisg) Very brisk, merry, or gay. 

Ban enwalifr, a pbawb I'bb annereb. 

> n garwr ban fwyn mewu Uwyn a Haacrcb. 

I ba?e been blithceoaie, and every body gritting aw. a lover of 
the klud maid In the frovc and ia Uie lawn. F. tfrwrf Siew. 

Enwawd, t . m. (enw) Nomination, name, title. 


LIuch far«n. llach fan 1 foiawd ; 
ArfoUant arddlant ardd 

Poawadnf a choir of mlendid appearance, a aplcadld place for 
praiae ; tbe adoration of^tbc dignity of n grot ««m«. 

Cyaidelw, i DynMe. 

Enwawg, a. (enw) paving a name ; renowned. 

Enwawl, a. (enw) Nominal ; having a name. 

Enwedig, a. (enw) Nominated,specified, specific, 
particular, especial.. Yn enwedif^ especially. 

Enwedigaetb, a. sn. (enwedig) Nomination. 

Enwedigaethydd, f. m. (enwedigaetb) Nomina- 
tive case, in grammar. 

Enwedigaw,v. a. (enwedig) To denominate. 

Enwedigawl, a. (enwedig) Nominative. 

Enwedydd, s. ai. — pi, t. ion (enwad) Denominator 

Enweirus, a. (enwair) Energetic ; rigoroas. 

Marw Rbya, dralg enwerm drnd 
A'm gwnadb drwy hlraatb drlMyd ! 

Tbe dying of Rbya, a dragon aaargclic and brave, hath tlinagb 
longing caaaed to me aadneaa ! Prpdgdd byehmm. 

Enwi, o. a. (enw) To name, to term, to entitle. 
Enwig, a. (enw) Having a name ; famed. 

Dercbnfhad f aledig 
Am derfya hen en wig. 

The eovcrdgn li eiallad roand the old aad /«■•«« lewrfery. 


Enwir, a. (en— gvrir) Very true, or perfect 

Enwlr fth elwir o^b gy wir wdlhred— 

Angor dcwr 
Sarff inSwy 


Ptr/Mt art Iboa railed f^ooi thy JaM deed, tboo hrave and wide 
cstendlag atay with a »pcar Uke a acrpent. reMciflM. 

Enwogi, e. «. (envrawg) To make renowned. 
Enwogiad, a. m. (enwawg) A making renowned. 
Enwogrwydd, s. at. (enwawg) Renownedness. 
Enwyllt, a. (gwyllt) Very wild, furious, or ra^ng. 

Ni badd aaawr, bardd eawyllt, 
Heb ewya gwyo o'l ben gwylH. 

Enwyn, a. («wyn) Very white. UaHk «n«ya, 

butter-milk. f. m. Butter-milk: 
Enycha, v. tmper. (nycha) Behtld, lo ; look there. 

* ^<*^''"'" '"'' Prydsla caaddo yn dnwed I Uaalell Dotobrl 
yn erbya Criaar. 

..V.."^.'*'*'* ^''t* ?^*"« «• «fc* laad, »rAeW CMwalion, with 
all the »(ff n«th ol the blaad of BrUam with bin, eofoior lo tuc 
raatle of Uolobel agaloii Caear. c;. «« ArtAmr. 

Enyd, •. m. (en— yd) Space, while, time, leisure. 

Tn9 enyd, for a while ; eoel enyd, to get leiaare. 
Enydd, a. m. (en) The seat of intellect or sool. 
En^ed, t. m. (oyfed) Animation, or vigour. 
ENG, f. m. r,^pU t. ion. Space, amplitude. 

a. Large, spadous ; loose, at large, free. 
Engfod, i. m. (eng— bod) Unconnected, or loose 

existence ; a fallible state. 
Engherdded, i. m.—pl, t ion (cerdded) A tediona 

travelling or sojourning. 

Hlr y b« efr yn yr engherdded bwnw. 
l.oNf bat br been In that nt*mrmimg. 




^ , V. «. (sDc) To act at large ; to deliver, to 
looeiif to extricate ; to be delivered. 

« cofl w lygpdi. 
I dlaprtl^ and ts ba ddlTcr«d of • 

0ABrfyMkcicteilfvciB74dlawr«CMtk, 7«eb%*l bdehlogo 
%*tfkf iwMi ffvniff araO Cfrtal a kl 1 w— aaartw ya al lla ya I 

If a fcaMto bIbvc ■ball be ande preffaaal, b« that tball make bar 
to abUnl to finiWi wmoOwr womaa aa good aa ibe to lo 
clakeriteadaBiUa««*«lld<li«M'. ITcbik ~ 

Eaglya, «• ». — ^pi. <. ion (glyn) A term in prosody 
for ooe of the three primary metres, heing a 
flowing combination of accordant sounds, as it 
were cliained together ; a stansa of sach liind 
of metre ; an epigram. There are many vari- 
eties of the cng/ya ; as, the wrion, cyrck, craoeo, 
cufiumidwBgy emdwpMwg, and iribam mtlwr. 

Eagijamidd, a. (englyn) Having the diaraeter of 
an emgiffti; an epigrammatie. 

Eoglyaawl, a. (englyn) Relating to the engljra 
metre; epigrammatic. 

Eagtjrnydd, a. m. — pi. <• ion (englyn) A maker 
ofancag'lya; an epigrammatist. 

Eog«, V. a. (ang) To set at large, to deliver out; 
to render ample, or loose; to be freed. 

Engwa hryd riHur aagca bra ; 
Daw o iDff a*B dimio! 

W0 wUi ke mmtpU agaiaat Iba acceafiy of a eoaacrjr: aay Ood 
m from troiMo ! HMf$ Ptmmrik, 

Before talTerlDf Iba dcalb of f«fr*r« aay I be wfOi two vmemai 
to oblala frteoda. Gr.dbyr V»m4 C«eA. 

£ag«r, a. (eug^nr) Awful, marvellous; amaiing. 
Engoriaw, r. a. (engur) To marvel, to wonder. 
Eogariawi, a. (engor) Tending to amase ; awful. 
Ei^warth, s. m.— pL engweirth (eng— gwarth) A 
spreading aorlace; a beach. 

Bob lUyneirib: 
Bob too jo engwcfrtb. 

I have beea a torreat ea tbc ilope ; I bave beeo a ware oa the 
iifiadorf akmt Ttdinkm, 

Engwawd, s . m. (eng — gwawd) A free panegyric. 

Eagwtb, a. m. (gwth) A quick push. o. Sudden. 

Eagyl, a. ■. (eng— yl) An expanding principle; 

fire. Rkmng y ddoa emgyly between the two ores 


I draa Y tHtr, diwelT'Chwaea, 
I ari, yr eaffyl o'r naan. . 

A fcal^ II vUl be bid to draw, (a fortaoato lot for ow) the/r« 
«oi iT^ma^t. a*f« fee* Erf A, 

Eagyn, #• as. iftas. (eng) An unconnected one, or 
aiiail one. 

m wd dya, enrya anffcall, 
■ (odd y ilall. 

Y Uam y vyrtb 
I Iflipradeiit wrHek, 

ooi the way aaother fell. 

I<we« Tew. 

Eagyniawg, a. (engyn) Full of laaity ; fallible. 
£■1^, a. m. (eng— gyr) A pervading impulse; a 
ibod^ a. Impolaive; awfol,marveUoo8,amasing 

w-» Howy*. pobi doit ya eBfyr* 
Ya OBf yr gorraoel. 

t of Pwwyi, a paep'a 
(boa dldgkoveicooM. 

era In Ibe «S«dl, la the coaMct of 
LL P. Af«cA. 

Eagyrimwly a. (engyr) Amasing, or wonderful. 
Ei^riolaeth, s. au (iengyriawl) Fierceness ; ter* 

a waal ic«yr RbaMa trwy enftrlolaefh ya cu beri^ya. 

wtlh>ltfrrrt«M agaiast tbes. 

Or. mb Artkmr. 

Eagyrth, «. (eng — gyrth) Terrible, or awful. 

oh fWaa diaa y daw 
rby gy vyrib d gam rbagddnw. 

I ie lafce ki» step oaward ! 

Aagce peb fWaa diaa y daw 
Cogyrtb rh] 

TW doalb of all fTcac one* cerulnly will cone, mt/uUp he pre- 

Uleddgn VardU, 

Eagyrthawl, a. (engyrth) Tending to terrify. 

C]« fo4def aagea engrfthottoa 
A*a bwyf gas dea-haelLcael qrfeiiiioa 

Eoca, a. a. (eawg) To fish for, or catch salmon. 
Eofo, a. (ofn) Dauntless, causing dread ; bold ; 

daring, adventurous, confident, courageous. 
Eofbder, s. m. (r'ofn) Confidence, assurance. 
Eofudra, s. m, (eofn) Daringness, boldness. 
Eofneg, «./. (eofn) The parrhesia; boldness, or 

liberty of speech. 
Eofni, r. a. (eofn) To cause dread ; to be bold. 
Eofoiad, s. m. (eofn) A causing dread; a daring. 
Eogfrithyll, «. m.-pL t. laid (eawg— biitbyll) A 

salmon -trout. 
Eogyn, g. m. dtiii. (eawg) A samlet, a little salmon. 
Eon, a. (on) Bold, forward, daring, presuming. 


Dy lateioo too yai. 
To terre thee, tby ailaloaa are hUd. D, et GwUrm. 

Eonder, s. «i. (eon) Boldness, or forward neu. 

Talr ff^BBoo dealt; toader, nwyf ac yaigaia. 

Tbe three tprlBp of the ondeiuaodtag: MdaeM, vlgoar. *ad 
exertloa. harddM. 

Eondra, s. at. (eon) Boldness, or forwardneu. 
Eonfalcb, a. (eon— balch^ Boldly-aspiring. 
Eoafalchedd, «. ai. (eonfalch) Aspiring pride. 

Bo I'r arglwydd el gerydda amei feoafalcbadd. 

It caaw that tba Lord ebatUied bla for blsarrMMufieo. 

Sfarnowg ^wf dred. 

Eoni, V. a. (eon) To become bold or daring. 
Eoniad, s. ai. (eon) A becoming bold or daring. 
Eorth, a. (gorth) Diligent, assiduous, studious. 

Oweddlaw Daw, gwedd Sorth, 
Y boa; onaf gerdd aa biwlb. 

PrayiBff to Ood Ib a dUlgrmt aaaaer, I bare beea ! I will dug 
a MMg for aid. /•<• OerA. 

Eorthawl, a. (eorth) Of a diligent disposition. 
Eorthedd, t. m. (eorth) Studionsness; meditation. 
Eosaldd, a. (eaws) Like a nightingale; melodious 

Yn iimf ydd wyil— — 

O daltt aar droc gerdd Seaddd. 

With gpatleac 

Iboo dldd dtotrfbata gold for the phUvmtUsu 

Xh O. Cmtki. 

Eosig, a. (eaws) Of Uie nature of a nightingale. 
Rpa, «. m. — p{. t. od (ab) An ape, a monkey. 
Epaaldd, a. (epa) Like an ape, or apish. 
Eples, s. m. (eb— lies) Leaven, a ferment. 
Eppil, #./. aggr. — pi. f. oedd (eb — hil) Offspring, 

issue, prosperity, progeny, or descendants. 
Eppiledd, s.p2. aggr. (eppll } Progeny, descendants 
Eppilgar, a. (eppil) Tending to procreate. 
Eppilgarwch, $^m, (eppilgar) Aptness to generate 
Eppiliad, s. IN. (eppil) A bringing forth issue. 
Eppiliaeth,s. fft. (eppil) Tlie act of bringing forth. 
Eppiliaw, V. 0. (eppil) To procreate; to generate, 

to bring forth, or multiply, to beget issue. 
Eppiliawd,s. m. (eppil) 'ilie act of bringing forth 
Eppiliawg, a (eppil) Having issue or progeny. 
Eppiliwr, «. m.— pi. eppilwp (eppil— gwr) One 

who generates, or begets issue. 
Eppilwraig, #. /.--p^ eppil wreigedd (eppil— 

gwraig) One who brings forth. 
Epynt, 8, m. (eb— ynt) An ascent, rise or slope. 

K&'m rn*a pwylUw, pwylUawg idfiut Ry», 
V rbwngrb>w ac epjai; 
Banlil lam iV trjinail Ireoiynt, 
A ch>(lymalth canwatth cyot. 

Hate me not, coneMer. Hby« of fmpelilitg rAotte brtweru the 
plalB aod tbe twe*fitig »l0pt: 1 heve been « hat«l ta tbt^ of wery 
•aicbfalueti, and a coapjniou a bnodred time* formerly. 

PAflip Brydpdd, i R. Gryt- 

Pyflener gwawr ddydd pan ddwyre hyni ; 
CyAlw eiry gorwyn gorwydd epjmt. 

Splendid M the dewa of day wbrn H rtoet oa ire roarae; ofihc 
Mine hue af Uie portly while taow drifting oa the itope. 

Cgnddelw, i #{/'•/. Mmdmwg. 

D t 


ER, f. m. r. A motion, or impuUe forward ; a pro- 
gress, or course. It is prefixed in composition 
to enhance the meaning of words. 

Er, prqt. For, because of, with respect to, in the 
place of, in order; towards; to; for the sake 
of, on account of, through, notwithstanding; 
from; since, ever since.— Erddwy/yerof, for my 
sake ; erod, erot, for thy sake ; ero, for him ; 
eri, for her ; erom, for our sake ; eroch, for your 
sake : erojt*, erynt, for their saite.— \td er dim, 
not for any thing ; er dechreuad y byd, from the 
beginning of the world ; er dywedyd o Aono, 
notwithstanding its being said by htm ; er y$ 
blwydJyn, for a year ; er doe, since yesterday ; 
er y» talm byd, for a long while since ; er »iclU y 
dydd, for a sliilliiitr a day ; er hyn i gyd^ not- 
withstanding all this; er Ayiiy, notwithstand- 
ing that ; er amled, though ever so numerous ; 
er lUied y bo, though it be ever so small. 

Nl rhred rlddif er a djogrr. 
T he Jvftloui oD« will ttol believe /9r all ibat is iworD. Admgt. 

28 ERC 

£rch, s. m. (er) A dark colour^ a daik brown. 

BU chad drud er cbweitbin. 

IM the jcaloas be Sckle tkwgh he Uorhe. 

Er •iDoitaa e r%i yma, 

Er tojn Daw ly'o rtuou da. 


Tkomfk •owe here luy donbt, ncneUk$tand%ng ilita Ood U die- 
pnitinf f oud. r. AUd. 

Kraill, «. p/. (arall) Others, pron. Those others. 
Brain, d. (er) Abounding with impulse ; what may 

be impelled. 
Eraint, «. /. (erain) A round body; a ball; a 

bowl, or cup ; a pear. 
£rbarch,s. m. (parch) Reverence, deference. 

NraV orfydd dy orofn aad Sot i'th erbjrn, 
I'th rrtiarrh feddtent ; 

Mru'r orf)dd jn nirorenw Mornnt 
Ar fllw)r Prydela pcdrydtnll 

Will not cKy dre»'l rmmt Ihei they thall not ee anlott thee, In 
nty r»iojw€ai of 4eH««r; will || not ovrrcooie Id t&e birb utk «f 
MorffMl Uic •Brr1r»r* of Brilelu io «U !» booiidt ? 

£^. /'. AfiicA, i Lgwelgn I. 

Erbarchawl, a. (erbarch) Reverential, revering. 
Erbarchiad, t. m. (erbarch) A reverencing. 
Erbarchu, r. a. (erbarch) To reverence. 
Erbin, », m. (pin) The common calamlnt. 
Erbwl, a. (pwl) Blunting, tending to blunt. 
Erbyliad, t. m. (erbwl) A making blunt. 
Erbylu, r. d. (erbwl) To blunt, to make dull. 

Ar ol erbyln nridd old OMlf«to el ddwja 
OddjnMo hjd Ha/iMB. 

After <f )»<-trlif e •/ wii the rnngt It li no rood nrwe thti he thoeld 
he c«rrtcd from here U* Koom. Skwyll Brgfmnh. 

Erbyn, «. m,—pl, i. ion (pyn) Contrast, opposi- 
tion, prfp. Against, over against, opposite; 
towards; by. 

TrI pheth nid or< a el jn ee hert|o: defawd ffar«c4d, can gov 

Three IMufi to whtrh Rttthinir na ^e la •rpMitiim • r«Moai «f 
the ioavrntioB, eoaf of the ronveotkiu, and voKse of the coavea- 

Erbyn, ». d. (pj n) To take to, to Uke, to receive, 

to accept; to give reception, or to eoterUio. 
Erbynddywedyd, J. m. (erbyn— dywedyd) A gain- 

sayingy or contradiction. 
Erbyniad, ». m,—pl. i. an (erbyn) A receiving; 

reception, acceptation, or adoption. 
Erbyniaw, e. «. (erbyn) To receive, to accept 
Erbyniawd,s.m. (erbyn) Reception, acceptation. 
Erbvnidwl, a. (erbyn) Receiving, adoptive. 
Erbynicd, r. a. (erbyn) To take; to receive. 
Erbyniwr, f. m.— pi. erbynwyr (erbyn-gwr)A 

receiver, or accepter. 
Krbyoydd, s, m — pt.tAon (erbyn) An accepter. 

E*ai rhvdd fdre 


yd. a Ual, 

He will five me of ateade, 
Uiere woaM he for 

Idde dywedyd y darofaaaa a ddelal rhac- 

MynhUa, ' Arflwydd, aid lava draecha e'r 

ya pan y eynbello an|rhenr«i J. P«i a'a dy> 

iny a gnj, aad roao, aaay a dun 

Erchy a. (er) Of a dark hue, darkish brown, dun ; 

dismal, dreadful, terrible, dire. 
Ercbi, V. d. (arch) To ask, to demand. 

Ercbi a ontf Enrya Idde 
Uaw : ac yaa j dywawd M 

rhyw bethan ayny namya ,^u , «,«.-«.'» .••hu* .«-•-•. ■ «. . . 
wetwa III yo aaieer ai bal raM wrthyat tewi a waai yr yahryd ,_ 
dyafaloaau ; a phao (al rmkl wnho y ffoal rhafof.' 

Anbroftins rrguutgd of bim to declare the pradirtlooa that »h»ald 
CMoieln futore: aad Myrddin thrreopon aaid, * My lord, It ta boi 
rif bt to treat of thoae bind of thlnga, esef|iC whea aeceanty tftm- 

Kileth. \t 1 were to apeak at a time wheo there ahogld be ite r«|| 
theai, the aidrit woald ccaaeto laaea ne then; and whea he 
aboald he waaied he woald fo away froa bo. Gr. •b JrlAwr. 

Arch 1 DdaTvdd a archaf ; 
Arch cyn ei bercM a gaf. 

A requeat of Dafydd / wiU at» ; the reoacai before tl U mtked 
lahallhafe. L.O.C^hi. 

Erchlais, s. m. — pi. erchleisiau (arch— Uab) A 
frightful voice, or scream. 

Fy Dghtloa a gryo rhaf errhhMa y fraa. 

My heart doth uemble hacaoaa of lh« uglg eromk of the ravea. 

Ptrg/ 06 C«tf i/er. 

Erchlas, $, m. Terch^glas) A dusky blue; a grey. 
Erchliw, s. m. (erch— lliw) A dusky or dun c joor. 

El riyf Idrch caaajd, 

Yn erchl)fo, yn erchttw ildalahL 

HIa Ytloable ileeh tiecda ao very aaMoth, of the dmstg hut of 
••'■•oaa, u. P. AleeA. • - ^ 

Erchryn, d. (cr5*n) Agitating, trembling, quaking. 
Erchrynawl, a. (erchryn) Tending to agitate. 
Erchryniad, «. m.— p/. t. an (erchryn) Agitation. 
Erchrynu, v. a. (erchryn) To agiute; to tremble. 
Erchwyn, a. m.—pl, t. an (cwyn) A pass over; a 

side, krckwyu gwely, a side, or stead of a bed, 

the outer side of a bed. 

Mah U> waiya haei havl ryfa alreUaM, 
Erchwyn gnid f ryn tyrfa. 

The ion oftlie feneroua Urwelya It the mUrc dalai of the p«- 
titloocrt, the Sery maitmt aad atietiffth of a hoat. 

14. P. MeeA, i ttmfgdd. 
Orald eryr a^wyr Maelawr a archaf 
1 archwyo nef a liawr ; 

rt af 

Udd^inaff dlaaa fwrlawr, 
Ua diaaai, an Bah bmb nawr. 

Tha fary aarl* af Uie warrtora of Maelbr I lA of the ., 
haareo aad aarUi; the aerer refariac chief of iha city of 
a apotlcw oae, the oac (rrat aoa of a aiotiier. 

U. P. Mtet, i Pmdmwg «S Or^^dA, 

Erchwynedig, a. (erchwyn) That has a passa^ 

Gormlr erchwyaedif hon a fb vrlhddrtch pctbanll o'l hoi : ne- 
fla— Gwelaf. 

A 9rrh irofuUif* U thia that li the object of aooMthiag elae fol- 
lowlBf it i each ao— I aaa, 

Erchwynedigaeth, •• ai.~- pi. I. an (erchwynedig) 
The act of paaaing over ; traoaitioD. 

O errbwyardtnelh SaMlaa kyd aaedlfaeth Crtal I h« 
fwyr pvdair-ar ddeg. 

Prwn the eapiintg af BaMloa la iha Mrth of ChrM tmw 
of the acca of aiea foariccB. U. O. tferftaf 

Erchwyniad, a. ai. (erehwvn) TransitioB. 
Erchwyniaw, r. (erchwyn) To cause to paaa over. 
Erchwyniawg, a. (erchwyn) Having canae of no* 
tion. a. m. A place to paM overt ^^ <• range. 

Bdyra irlM Ihddflyrv trydar erehwyala^ff. 

The aoverrtga af the hartle af 


Mochnant dtracbwaat errhwyaUwe gvladtf 
Owiad Prochfhri Yafftihrawg. 

Moehaant ih«* ualv deirr able rmnge of the aovcrelea af tha 
couairy of Urocbvaei Vaftihrof . Cgmddttw, m. O. •* jifai 

, a ¥ri$klf _^ 
idgwttfn P«rdd, 

Errhwyalawff trylow trylwya arb peaia. 

The rorrer of the aioal gkW^M e«a Boat complalaaai over 
the iiaa^ueU CfddHm, 

£{tD 29 

Errhwyaiawl, a. (ercbwvii) Apt to p«ss o? er. 

Ercfawym, «. (chwyro) KMi4ljr iDoring. 
ErchwySy <•/. (erch — ^gwys; A. pack or lio|inda« 
ErchjlX «• (ercb) Ghastly , borriDle, or dreadful. 

RJd chwvev » Id erchjU. 
It b no ftoy thai li iMnr^iiir. Aimgt, 

Ercbtlidawd, j.m. (erchyll) Horribleness. 
Erchjlldra, a. m. (ercbyll) HorribleDess, fright- 

Ercbyllfii, «.y. — pi, ^ on (ercbyll) Hideoas place. 

Tynit frrddiws o iMmAchwi, (j rof flloii duon gyd »*■ cjnfaa 
iV <rd|f afc ■■Wgiit fc»a. 

I ta*c arswM m MflliaB of ym, mj Mack «offvli, with my tail to 
Am ac««r to be lApUtt ^ l u mrm; Eli* Wpn, B. Cwg, 

Ercbyll rwydd, «. m. (ercbyll) Frigbtfolneas. 
Erdiylla, v. a. (ercbyll) To look ghastly. 
Erefayiiawl, a, (eynawl) Apt to exalt or lift. 
Erehyaiad, a. m.— p/. t, aa (cynlad) Elamtloii. 
Ercbyno, o. a. (cynu) To elevate, to exalt. 
EzcbywyD, «. m. — pL t, aa (cywyn) A pass over. 
Erehywynedif, a. (ercbywyo) Transmigratory. 
Eftbywyoedigaetb, s. m. — pi. f. aa (erchywyn- 

e^g) TransmigratioB, or a passing o?er. 
Ereb*¥fyiriad, s. ■s.—pl. f. au (erchywyn) A 

transbiignitisg, a passing over. 
E i c bv w yuu , V. a. (etcbywyn) To transmigrate. 
Erdolwg, V. a. (dolwg) To beseecb,' to intieat. 

ErMwgt dfwid pwy otdd yno, I pray tb^e, tell 

Be who was there. 
Erdd, s. >■. (er^ Impnlse forward, 6r course. It 

is preiSxed in composition, to enhance the 

nea&iiig of words. 
Erdd, frep. For, becaose, for the sake of. terddr 

wff, erddof^ for mv sak4 ; erddod, erddoi, for 

(by sake ; erddo^ for bis sake ; frddt, for her; 

frdrfsaa, for na ; trdd^k, for yonr sake ; erddfWt^ 

far their aake, or for tbeui. 
ErddrwBfy «• (eirdd— rhwng) Confased, baddled. 

CwMOtb 4miir fwyv ocii TnUlwaf ElfacI, 
nu fo pm ^nUti drod ac crddrwof . 

B« cxosAil a tafrat of Mood above TnUwnir EItmI, when the 
MnSJd took plMce. B. mb M. AawAowrf. 

Etddryoi, a. at. (erdd — ^grvra) Potency, strength. 
ErddryiOy a. (erdd— grym*) Potent, robust, lusty. 

Grroi eitUnm aer ddndf afad- 
~ ~ " UrMcredadd hael. 


orSedj, wldi Uic vrasp of Iha dragoo of rfaafhler, b 
le doarrmlant of Ibe georfoaa Merodudda 

Blntdyn fmrdd. 

Oorik faf or ecrdd frddryai 


ool tkroagh the potent aooff* fiuvweU to the 

Efddrya»wl, a. (erddrym) Having robustness. 
Erddrymedd. a. at. (erddryra) Robustness. 
Erddvya, «. a. (dwyn) To bear away ; to get. 
ErddygaDy a./. — ph t. an (dygan) Euphony. 

Wvdd ■ Kfanaat yn foel-«wdl; tef yn ddlfyaghanedd; a 
J cwda^oeth or yr erdd]rr«o. 

IVc oU baf^ Blof la bare rhyBc, that k, wllboat eoacateaa- 
ttmi aad taetec Uw MreM of the iMraMoy apoo the aettntrntim* 
^ Barddmt. 

ti^dd dnrvUgkm a 8a*aot jn well yr hen drefh ar acana y 

Job ae crddygaoaa bllt& tiu phllth. 

oaoi rvHah better theaneient order of ac 
tiiat K varieties of aocenu and nn«Ao 


Hoelr enMygaa »faaal. 

S^rt^ttOf kmrmmtfhB 

WODt to tlBir. 


Do dmi yw'r ert^ygaa da« 
Af aoal y aefioae. 

to Chy harmtmp m the Mart of the bellova. 
M. «S Rkw$, ft §wpnt. 


Erddygana, «• a. (erddygan) To yield eaphony 
Erddygnawd, «. m. (dygnawd) A belaboaring. 

Nl wyr neb, pan nddlr 

^ ddvddwf rlala, 

Wo bed* koevi irheo the boaoa of the panradlaff orb b reddea 
ed, what hiuft tmt the eparkle firoa kmrd wtrkimf of the rtone*. 

Erddygnawl, a. (dygnawl) Very toilsome. 
Erddygniad, a. m. — pi. t. an (dygniad) A toilin<^. 
Erddygun, v. a. (dygna) To toil, to labour hard. 
Erddygyd, «. a. (dygyd) To bear from ; to get. 

GwTr Powyi 

PMalr cynoeddftcadw eadr o«ddeii» 
Ar ddef erddjf lot o Fdnea. 

1 he men of Powya, foorteen ivp^or distliictloqi, hoooared far 
poweMi deftace, tkqf aei/uirtd nrom Melcca- Cgmddeim. 

Erechwydd, #. «i. (echwydd) A fixed state; pur- 
pose, or resolution, a. Intent, resolved. 

Ar erechwydd ethyw fwill, 
O fnw marehawf y«xvall: 
A fydd wrth Uriea anill 1 

Upon the reiolntlon there came a fhlHoffroa Ibe dread of a fB> 
ffooi half ht ; wlU there be another eonpMred with UHrn Y 


Pwyflal Dnnawd, firrhawf fwatn, 
Erechwydd (rwoentbareeula. 
Yd erhya rrytaid Oaraln. 

Dooawd the leadfof knlrht woold drive ooward, imttni oa m»k- 
kiof a eorpM. afalnst the onaet of Owata. L lgm a n k B*»i 

Erefain, v. a. (efaln) To impel, or move onward. 
Erelll, #. pi. (arall) Others, proa. Others. 
Ereinnwg, «. A*, (ereint) A pear orchard. The old 

name of Herefordshire. 
Eres, a. (er — ea) Marvellons, wonderful, strarige. 

Ert9 yw ftnyf, It is straiige to me. 
Eresi, s. m. (eres) Amatement, or wonder. 
Erestyn, a . m. (erestyn) A bardy-gordy ; buffoon. 

Pume eresiyn, a hurdy-gurdy strain. 

Erestyn hi'i carefa*! rraidaot- 

Erddygaoawl, a. (erddygan) Euphonical. 

CIcr y dnait eyooi beb warant aailwf , 
El gnwch a*! olwf a ocfaclant. 

A burdy-rnrdy he lovca not with Wa berth atriar «.tb« ragfth*^ 
nrinitrtni.tiiat rooie befbre a« wlthoat a clear ticefre. bib f^owa 
•ad U* look ^y wUI wtfoid. t. O. €Hhi, 

EresQ, e. a. (eres) To wonder, or to marvet 
Erf, 8. m. (er) What baa motion, or briskness. 

0. Brisk, or foil of motion. 
Erfat, a. (erf) Brisk, or lively ; animated. 

Eflwned erfU ear-falch-wawd Walchnial« 

Yn awr ddlUi ya urddedjg ; 

Vo tynw^r yli II wyr yn lUflcdlf , 

Yn faath feith» ya fotS yo te«tliedi(tt y . ■ 

Let Urn recHvr the««i«Mi«rf and exatlcd folden paMCyric of 
OwJlcbmai, dlKOlSed in a happy boor; th aeoae'cooiplelbw fi»rni< 
ed, beaatifally aapirinf , nerrona and pore. Owatchmmi i tUdri. 

Addnll muo dan ddail Mai, 
A dirfaJnt carted erfal. 

WonhippiBi ny fair aader the leavM of May, with excoM of 
anianted !ove. 0. «6 OtNTpai. 

Erfawr, a. (mawr) Very great; magnificent 
Erfid, f.flii. (er— mid) ThM produces a meeting; 
a junction, or meeting ; a conflict, or rencoun- 
ter. Aethant ben yn erfid, they are gone to log- 
gerheads. SU, 

Tpn tyrAd, told crfld ; 
Pan aot cynraln y*nfiiofld( 
Owen, fwae rhy acn o*lb cdlid. 

Let the wave Metter, let U cover the mm'; bhen theaeteal 
aptar* bo Into toil, Uwen, woe to bin that b too old, becaoM of 
thyfary. XiywovcA Um, 

ErSd a dryebld rhaf el drachwret. 

The mmUm waa wont lo be biokcn twm Ua vtoleBt i 

Wedi cad dnetawr, ae awr drtaM* 
A chyfarfod pebljy n yo erSd 

After the treneodeaa conSlct* aiid.|bo how of awfal ilfbt. 
the meetlnf of aen with heads In contact, horos were Mown. 

PSyCl^ 9ryrfp<M 


Erfidy r. a.(er^inid) To come in contact. 

Piau % bedd h«n, nld trail, 
Uwydtthwch wrth crOd, 
Tratblattaav : cbwartlwl wrihld. 

The owner eribis rrmve, not mother, t »ikt brmr wbcn c»mimg 
•a CMloc/, TrtUtUlntu : be would tniiie over thee. 

Bufl. Btddmm MUmfr. 

Erfin, «. pi. aggr. (erf) Turnips. Erjvn y coed, 
oea nMip ben^iged^ briony roots. 

Erfinen, t. /. (erfin) A turnip, or one turnip. Er- 
fintn yr yd, rape, or cole seed. 

Erflawdd, a. (blawdd) Causing a tumult. 

Erfyn, f. m. dam. (arf) A weapon, a tool. 

Erfyn, s. m,—pL f. ion (myn) A request, a peti- 
tion, prayer, or intreaty. 

Erfyn, e. a. (myn) To request, to beseech, to in- 
treat, or beg ; to expect, or look for. 

Erfyniad, i. m. -j»l. f. an (erfyn) A requesting ; 
a petition, a request, or intreaty. 

Erfyniaw, r. «. (erfyn) To request ; to beseech. 

Etdol eafob Cxrlor*. brtwd EhJoI nril. pAB wdt* HiB««»ir { 
, pe crfyalfti p»mh rtviUM Hiot«*Cr, md a*i U«ddi 




IwDf) boo. 

Eid'>l hk!Sep of •>^'<«or««pr, bn>0>er to E>1ol the e«r1, wbm b« 
•»« H),\cr»tr. wt<f. ifev^r? eae sktmis Mrfmi to liberate Hi. (e»- 
Ijr 1 woald B]«eif 4a; him. Gr. mk Arthur. 

Erfyniawl, c (erfyn) Supplicatory, petitionary. 
EHynied, v. a. (erfyn) To request ; or toiotreaL 
Erfyntedig, «. (erfyn) Supplicated, implored. 
Erfyniedydd, «. m. — pL t. ton (erfyniad) A be- 

seecher, solicitor^ or one who intreats. 
Erfyniwr, t. m. — •!. erfynwyr (erfyn — gwr) One 

irho solicits, or begs, an intreater. 
Erganlad, s. «.— pL I. an (caniad) A singing of. 
ErganUy «. a. (cann) To sing of, to celebrate. 

rVrvrdJoB d«rtb«r, 
D«r«ffra«chi Artbar. 
Y«»il y •? t^nl 
Nra'r ni er|rDjaC. 

Ve tniHitfrm dnU«l», d«clw to Artbar, wkat b tberr morr «%r- 
l| tliui Be ihmt l»rf »iaf tf. TtUetiM, 

Erglyw, «. m. (clyw) A listening, or attention. 
Erglywed, t. m. (erglyw) A hearing, a listening. 
Erglywed, r. «. (erglyw) To hear ; to attend to. 

Vth rdrrdd yth adr%w4d K arf ; 
Par «fr fUar, erfl«« (} a«rAd-lef! 

TbT rt<all*«« mabe in«atioa f*l (bre m int aader beawa ; tboa 
ffoM am)4Ht chief, ke*r my bardic K«t«> ! 

rjrHJd/lw. i*r crpf. Rkfs. 

Krglywiad, «. m. (erglvw) A hearing, a listening. 
Krgryd, t. m. (cryd) Trembling, horror, dread. 

Qrtrwff M»r«ea y iorH J crrvUUi «ni av^iJ e* o/a. al rrgrrd 
«r bob tywyaawf, a pbvvb bieniu aV >^ civ « ai. 

Mavenlla* rt«<t<)iHfr«1 tSe ««t hr wrnL, *> tSit ft« frtr vtd 
4r**d WM a|»Aa ewry |«noce, aad c<<-r; ki^ thti >< »- 



Krgryd, r. a. (cryd) To cause to tremble, to agi- 
tate i to terrify ; to tremble, to be terrified. 

A baad^ ir((T^4 — 

Tb#T *baU •«• the a>^«rrrtCB t>f l'««7« »* .hmt i a^y^s »tv< »••< t 
eMMtHf r«oi. V ••>■ 

Ergrydiad, s. wL—pL i, au ven:r>tl^ A canning to 

tremble; agitation; aterritxinc. 
Ergrydiaw, r. •. (esrydN To CAn>e to quake ; to 

Agitate ; to ternf\ « to be te rridrd. 

C*aa X* »tT -Tk-ii 
(*a)r x» » T;rv-» 
> a rtikri»M«. 

ft|iear%ia iWiJaarbirr «iu «»«»4 B«ra «a <>*.Mt w <t<«ts tn* 

Krgrydiawl, « ^^rt:nd^ Tendinfc to jiciiate. 
Ei|tr>f, «. (cryO Prodnctive of Mren|:th; Mrvmg. 

Aer ahf t*<^^i. r-gr^f t\^z*tmn 
A ewTi Claned wi4b aiaiiffttrT. ff««%.d a. I » ..m^ a t« .-« <vi 

ictara, aad 

Gr. mh Artkmr. 

Ergryn, j. m. (cryn) Terror, horror, dread. 
Ergrynawd, # . m. (ergryn) Trepidation, agitation. 
Eigrynawl, a. (ergryn) Tending to agitate. 
Eiigrynedig, a. (ergryn) Made to tremble. 

Pa beth T ffowcfa, cb«i ofoofloB ersTTDcdic * 
Yachwciack: yaicbwcjwch, ac ymkiAdi ' 

Wby do yoa ice, f « treaibliaf iteid oaee 

Ergrynedigaeth, a. m.— f<. t, an (ergryoedig) A 

causing to tremble ; agitation, tremuUtlon. 
Ergrynii^, s. m.^pl. f. au (ergryn^ A trembling. 
Ergrynig, a. (ergryn) Apt to tremble, timid. 

RbyddetoTfar, rbyrhanaf i wtcdlf , 
Yb ) aUd «dd ocdd enTTBJC, 
Ni'oi gmoei m'a praaiaaewic. 

I will eame*tly iatreat, I aill greatly sine to a •orerclgB la dw 
refi>o wbere be am* mgusied wUh fntUg, that ke caaae ac aal 
to ne aoAbic lo form im Uy. r«ia<«ia. 

ErgrynUyC. a. (ergryn) To bequaking, to tremble. 

Erfryn llwft- Uia«« ciddocd. 
A great baoj baaaera mill terrify a coward. d4af. 

Cr^ryDU f« Bbvyll o bell gerdded. 
My faralty weaid *r m^it^Ud wift etplerif hr, JfriJyr. 

Ergwydd, s. at. — pL i. au (cwydd) A tumble. 

Ergwyddaw, r. a. (ergw>-dd) To cause a fall. 

Ergwyddawl, «. (ergwydd) Tending to ikil dowa. 

Ergwyddiad, «. ai. — pL f. an (ergwydd) A falling 

Ergwyn, s. f. — pi, t, ion (cwyn) Cause or ground 
of complainL 

Ergwynaw, r. a. (ergwyn) To make to complain. 

Ergwynawl, c (ergwyn) Plaintive, doleful. 

Ergwyniad, «. ai. — pi, i, an (ergwyn) A complain- 
ing, or lamenting. 

Ergyd, s. ai. — pL t, ion (cyd) A propulsion, a 
Uirow, a cast, a hurl, a shot ; a charge ; a stroke 

Crgyd arcaia. 
A f Are* at a vcatBrc. Admgt. 

E>Tyd ya llaya cyMl keb ercbi. 
Aa aJTMT a^Mbed u bAe a «Ae< laio a wtMid. Admge. 

Ergydiad, «. au— p/. f. au (ei^yd) A propelling, 
a forcing, or effecting ; a shooting; a striking; 
projection, or ejectiou ; a cast, or throw. 

Ergydiaw, r. «. (ergyd) To propel, or cast for- 
ward ; to throii, to hori, to thng; to push for- 
ward ; to dart, to shoot ; to charge. 

Erg>-diawl, a. (ergyd) FropoUiTe, impelling; mi»- 
siTe, that is thrown, cast, or ejected. 

Ergydiwr, «. ■». — pi. ersydwyr (ergyd — gwr) A 
thrower, a caster, a tlioger, a hnrler ; a shooter 

Ergyr, «. m. — pi. t. ion .er — cyr) An impulse, a 
thrust, or pu>h torwani ; an instigation. 

Ersyrch, s. ■!. cyrch > An onset, or attack. 

Krgxrchawl, «. yer^yrch) Tending to come upon. 

F.igyrchiad,*. m.—pl.^ergyrch) An attacking 

G. rr;; 

rr-^>r«. iSc br»t a4Tra:Brer la the eairrpriae 

KrjTMchu. r. a. .er;\rch> To make as onset. 
t>S>ri.ii1. s. m pi. t. au (crryr) An impelling, 

or pu<>lftng\l ; intpuUion ; instication. 
Krcwiaw. r. m. erryr) lo impel, to thmst, or 

pu>h Tiolontly ; to instigate. 
F.rorijwl, «. v^^^^^*) ImpuUire; instigatory. 
T-roi^aow. s. m. ^ergy r— jwaew) A thrusting 

spe^r ; an impeUoii, or dying spear. 

rrc«r» arw t-x •«« tn «i <lArkaa. 

\ ««£< r< t 1 : A»v^ ivf f"^ ^ ^^v^ bs ft*" M-* '• 

f . ryrilMVf . 

Erhelta. $. /.— pi. t. au Jielfa^ -A hunt, or hunt- 
ing expedition, a hunting party. 




A rtaaa ft tifatflM: m tr ail 

1 4o«i y cam I wWMb 

Aad dlvUi^ Ite taaliiv POTti*' tM spas tk« 
Ike lUff caaa tol« tte (A«M or AfllMr. 

Erioed, Mb. (er— oed) From the beglDaiag ; ever, 
the patC ; never, the peil. 



I ■! IM (wr ladi 
•ffwAa ~ 


£riw, «. n.^pl. L Ion (er) A progrew, a coarse. 

Anfoftw Whjfrr^ d«l«y4d. 


1 £•■• the dsy of Mr vwter; la 
haprr to ite iMD oT okMrrmii«a. 

Erlewjo, «. n.~a|. f . oedd (Uewyn) Wlmt eMses 

iiglity or tiklendoor, n meteor. 
Erlid, «./.— pi. «. iu (ervl) A pormit ; a drinng. 
Eriid, o. e. (eryl) To foiknv after, to p»or*ne; to 

protecnte ; to persecute ; to chase, to drire. 

, GvMia • WHVBL a fib traekaTa hml paa rvfarfnal a bf Mia 
Hf ««1 ab Eai jr l|f2aw a OvalrlMaf. iUi lyMta boao Mffla 
n«B jra ««Bf aa goddattk, caa a|« T rlMl a ffovni cyrcha ca r«i* 

V^y 7* «!'' y rkal hiay a 

raiaa* Ac y rkal a ocddyat era 
fjariwUfM track aa cefia « flb. 

aad Miwaiai Sack aaiU Ikar 


Ike Mrmam of Hywol the ioa of Cayr of Uvda 

Aad ikat hart aroi Uk* a fkMM karoiaf tke vfUcrMM, c»iHRff apoa 

w.aad uwAkhBol. 


Kircatiaff la attack thdr caaalc^ Wbcreapoa 
trfotatkoa^panaiiy rihaaa Ikoy eoaipellcd lo ra- 
ta tara. Or, a* drtkmr, 

Erlidedig, a. (erlld) Panned, chased, persecated. 
Eriidedigaeth, «. ai.— pi. t. aa (erlidedig) The 

act of parsaing ; persecotion. 
Eriidfa, s./.— pi. <• ta (erUd) A chose, a pnrsoit. 
Eriidiad, s. ai.— pi. «. aa (eriid) A parsoing. 
Erlidiaw, e. c. (eriid) To follow; to pnrsae. 
Eriidiawl, e. (erlld) Parsoing, or chasing, 
Erijdic, €. (eriid) Apt to pnrsae, or chase. 
Eriidii^eth, s. n.— k i. an (erUdig) The act of 

parsoing, or chasing ; persecntion. 
Ertidiwr, «. ai.— pi. eriidwyr (erlid--gwr) A par- 

soer, a chaser, a persecotor. 
Eriidydd, s. m,-^pL t, ion (eriid) A pnrsner. 
Erli/^ «. 8i.---pl. f. ion (llif) A great torrent. 
Eriilaw, 9. a. (eriif) To flow in a torrent. 
Eriilind, a. f . an (eriif) A ddaging. 

TfTdar aar later orillM fwaod A«a, 
Tfcfaaa cM aica, daa adoUiad. 

Tke Mpaa of ika aaltf roomet, aad Ika K 

M«(a taa-oraaffkl itractara 





Erilfiant, s. wl ferilf) A violent torrent 
Eriyn, s m.— pl^ if. Ion (eryl) A pnnait, a chase. 
Erirn, r. a. (eryl) To porsoe, to follow after. 

YaMf a'l licrly arivy rarikaa dya 
Uyvalya fvi«d-vya f wma. 

Tkai ia ta aay ko tkmtpwrwm^t II bf pr<i«kHaff a atfora eoafllct 
IS Uyvtiya mbmm tmim U ladieJ by ptmlar. AlyrMrrA tUetp. 

Eriyaad, s. as.^pl. I. an (eriy n) A following after, 
a proceeding. Rriifmim c^rtuik, law pro- 
Eriynadwj, a. (eriyn) That may be pnrsoed. 
Erlyttawl,d.(eriyn) Parsoing.chasing, persecnting 
Briynediff, e. (eriyn) Porsned ; persecated. 
EriynKdigaetb, «. m, (eriynedig) Persecotion. 
Eriyoedigawl, a. (erlynedtg) Of a persecuting 

' nature ; being apt to pursue. 
Eriyniad, s. m.---pl. erlyniaid (eriyn) A pnrsner. 

Oaawd loRkavr arlyalad. 
A pmnutT la gaaarally oao la l««vt. dimg9* 

KHyniaeth, «. m.—pL I. ao (eriyu) The act of 
porsuiog; persecution. 

Erlyaledydd, s. ok--pl. f. Ion (crtyand) One who 

pnrsnet; a persecotor. 
Eriyniwr, a. ai.--pl. eriynwyr (eri y gw r ) A 

pursoer, a chaaer, a persecutor. 
Erlvnydd, a. ak— pi. i. ion (eriyn) A parsner. 
Erllen,«./.— pl. I. no (er — ^llen) A lamp. 

Erilnsg, a. ai. (Uusg) Lesser periwinkle. 
Erllyfasawl, a. (Uyfaaawl) Of a daring diapeaitlon. 

Erllyfasiad, a. wl (IWfasiad) An adTontnring. 
Erilyfasn, a. a. (Uyfaan) To adventare, to dare. 

au arOaMlav iW ikyaUr; 
aw or lla» aU orOyCErir. 

To caaaa ubalranhiai la tkapiiaca It taa aalka Soaa: la aSfaa- 
iHokavtflaalWaaraA O i d dr l ta, I B. at Owaia. 

Erilynedd, adr. (Ilynedd) Since laat year. 
Erilyriad, a. ak— pi. erilyriaid (Dyriad) The 

plantain, a herb ; also called lAmdim y/Md. 
Ermaes, a. (maes) External, eaterior, outward. 
Ermid, a. wu (mid) A cause of meeting ; contact, 

or junction; a conflict 

BraM al fiaa-lav arol fraaiaa 
Tka caMMoT Ma Maody bM« apaa Mi lary pWa. 

Ermidedd, a. pi, 9ggr, (ermid) Reaeoontara. 

Aa laka or Ltaiiya- 

UoOfT wrArya Iva Uya Uwaiyaaay ; 
Wyr llada*g a i aSd a d d IWyfaf 

Uyvalya ika ^vanary M Uoa«r bay* 
awy* Ibc grtadaea af Madag laoaad la a 

Ermideddawg, a. (ermidedd) Havinc ronflicta. 
Ermig, a. ak--pl. 1. ion (er — mig) An Instrument. 
ErmiTus, a. (mllns) Prowling, hunting about 
Ermoed, ada. (er— my— oed) In all my Ufa. 

m Ihawala ara^ad on aaa Haldrad. 

I koM aol la ail aif 14^ fiaM caMai fraa pnMaff kar Sko aaa 
dlMrartod. Cfuddttm, 

Emyg, f. M.— pt I. Ion (myg) Whatclaiam refe- 
rence, reapeet, or honour. 

Erraygawl, a. (ermyg) Tending to honour. 

Errayglad^.m.— pL (. an (ermyg) A worshipping, 
a hallowing, or honouring : adoration. 

Ennygu,a. a. (ermyg; To adore, to honour. 


Krayval _ 

af cw bal ko waald ka pap ai l aa ; A# 
afkrav* aad pa>;aafM aioa, akkkla Iko 

for Ika ac 

HyfeUd Hir erwyglr tm fa 
NyMid mr. ka wiN A> 

•ha baa 

Em, a. Bi. (er) What aervea to drite on ; earnest, 
earnest moaey, or what la given to settle a bar- 


Tkna la la my 


« apaaay I 

Ojrla r O^ira. 

Ernaw, a. a. (em) To giro earnest moneir. 
Ernes, s./.— ^1. t. aa (era) Eamest, or pledge. 
Erniw, a. ai.~pl. I. ion Cnlw) Harm, or hurt. 
Erniwaid, a. m, (eraiw) Harm, or damage. 
Eraiwaw, a. a. (erniw) To hort, or to harm ; to 
be afliieted, or hart 

NM aagra ffNaer a rramaf kcao* 
Naaiva aiy kaa ad araa^Klaf ; 
ryai ffodyr %*m lysyr a f »ynaf ! 

It la aal Iko dcolfc of rrratr ikal 1 aai ^fUettd wllk Ibi* altkt. 
koi tkai ajaalf aai fooMy ilck ; ay aawcmttt •»•! n? reaniry I 
I f Llfwmn k H*m, 


A'ai aroHv cr aa ddav. 


Emiwawl, a. (erniw) Detrimental, hurtful. 
Erniwed, a. m, (emiw) Detriasent, or harm. 

E R \V 32 

Erniwiad, «. m,—pL t. an (erniw) A doing harm. 
KrDiwiaDt, f. m. (erniw) Detrimeut, or hnrt. 
Ernwy, f. m. (nwy) Briskness, or vivacity. 
Ernycb, «. m. (nych) What causes anguish. 
Ernycbawl, a. (ernych) Tormenting, afflicting. 
Ernycliiad, f . m.—pl. t, an (ernycb) A tormenting. 
Ernychn, v. a. (ernych) To torment, or to afflict. 

0« dyn llonydd r fydd fo, 
Fo ernycb hwii iwcli wnio. 

If a qnlct nan be ahall be, tbit om for yoo viU fyrvnnixe over 
W"». f. Pry.. 

Ernyd, j. m. (ern) A precipice, or a slope. 
Erritb, s. m,—pL t, ion (rhith) A passing form. 

Bhaf denwr yn nentnr t tiran*, 
KbaK errith a cby I ar •elwpan. 

BafBK t«o men tbey wiil land in the beaten ; before a p*»$tnt 
otjed and a phatitooi over tbe pale clear Cold. Myrddin. 

Ertrai, *. m.~pl, ertreion (trai) The ebbing, or 
the ebb tide; also the high-water mark, or 
where the tide begins to turn. 

Syllal, can ffcrddod yr capiarth— celain yn dawcd fyd a*r ertrai. 

He beheld, In iralklog the strand, a corpfcrominr withtL< 

/*. P» P. JJyj'tti — MaOttti.g 

tLe tidf. 


Gwyddfeiicli ton lerynt yn ertnd. 

Tbe wooden waAcra a wave broke tbem In tbe rM tide. 

«> .- . Cynddtlw. 

Rhwnr Menal a'l bntrai bi. 

Between Meaai and Ita ebb'ng tide. Rhys Goeh Eryri. 

Erth, *. m.^pL (, an (er) An effort ; a puff. 

Erthawl, a, Terth) Forcible, violent ; puffing. 

Ertlii, t. m. (erth) An effort; a pnff. 

Erthiad, f. m.— p/. /. an f erth) A making an effort 

Erihrwch, t. w.— p/. erthrychiou (trwch) A tear, 
a rent. 

Rrthrychaw], a. (erthrwch) Tending to mangle. 

Erthrychiad, *. m — pi. ^ au (ertlirwch) A tear- 

Erthrychu, r. a. (crthrwch) To tear, or to mangle, 
Eithn, r. a. (erth) To make an effort; to puff. 
Erthwch, «. m.—nl. erthychion (erth) A puffing, 

or difficulty of breathing ; a groan. Gwedd 

ertkwch, a countenance ot distre^it. 
Krthychnin, r. a. (crthwch) To puff, or breathe 

with difficulty ; to breathe fast and thick ; to 

pnff; to utter groans ; to roar, 
r.ithychiad, t. m.^pl. f. an (erthwch) A puffing, 
r.rthychlyd, a. (crthwch) Miort-breathed. 
i:rth>ohu, r. «. (erlhwch) To breathe hard. 
I rthyl, «. m—pL i, od (erth— yl) That is born 

untinirly, Mn untimely birth, a miscarriage. 
Kithyliiiitd, It. (eithyl) Of an nntiroelv birth. 
Kitliylnwg, tf. (rrthyl) Having miscarriages, that 

niUran irn ; abortive. (Vol* erikylatrg, a mis- 

niri>luK womb. 
I.tlhyliad, », m, - 0I. f. an (erthyl) Abortion. 
If fhylu, V. n. (rrthyl) To bring torth befoie the 

ttmr, In mlaoarry. 
Irlhylyn. «. w. dim, ^rrthyl) An abortive birth. 
•''Hhyiit, », m, (ty«t) Testimony, evidence. 

llliThw «riltta< vn; r)nb«i Artbwr nni: 
MItvbH amn^lliawd, fwyi.t ff«i«n iia mr^ur. 

HiM* U't l»r»« »H.»*my f«r n*. \hfre Kk.t h-.-., Arthur ,%( ^r-r, 
tl.»tii li«.l tH»n lit* linputoe of «ia.l brtak.nt n,r.u-h »Uv, m,»' 

••'•• i.r a -i 

I I w, «. /. pi. I, 1 (tr) A drive, or a da\*s plough. 
IhM , a slNnu of arable land, n rldgo ; an acre. 
liiw fviHivijr, a Welsh acre, bring kU) square 
ptficlipa i.f *0 Uh each. Krw ddiff\uUifd>f:. an 
»felln|tulahrdacre,or rschcHt ; rrir yr tfck du 
llm acre of the black ox, or land alloid d to one 
who had a bfa>t hurt bv plouffhing in conjunc. 
lion, •rm y fyydd, the ncre of the womi or 

E U W 

Meaur erw uyfrelthiiwl; pedair irotdfedJ Tn fatd » feriaa- »»rt, 
yn J fcuau ; acudde« >n y ee.eih.u ; oi,art,,B.,ber »o VThtr^Jn 

Vicwr j..rfedd ,r ,au lu-oo; a hy^ , cMhaeCtii bono o bobirf/ 


yw lied jr erw ; n'l ,ieg ar Qfaiot jw ri i.jd. 

1 he neaMre of a lawful oere; foor feri iu tbe Intftb of the thArt 
yoke; tltfhi in theclo.e ,oke : t.ej.e lo U.r iSrVaJ loki mU^o 
111 the lung yoke ; au.l a rod of rqul It-ngtb witb tbai .n tt* mTj 
of the cnver, with bU otber h^nd u,ou u.«r Biadte knob of .hn 
yoke ; ai.d a* far a^ that reacbe. on each udt of hiai U iS? breads 
of tbe acrf ; and Ouny tinea ihu la ita l««fth. WtUk Uri. 

Un dmedfedd ar bymthef a fydd yn hyd rr hirtaa : ac u iaa ar 
bynitbvi; a »aaut byd yr erw ; a dwy fyJd ii lied. 

uake the Itra^ of tbe acre . and two Bale i(a brcwltb. 

O bydd mar* ycb o dra aredir. el bcrcbenawg a fdff erw : t 
elwir erw yr ycb du. * "" » • 

If an o\ shall die froni eirestjve ploarhiar. bb owner ahall bava 
an «Tf ; and that ia called the «re of the b&k oa. 

Erwain, s. »/. aggr. (erw) The meadow sweet, 
also called, ehwyi Arthur, and J/yaioK y g^ireayii. 

Pan yw per erw^ln. 
When the goat's beard be aweet. Tmtmim, 

Erwaint, s, pi, aggr, (erwain) The goafs beard . 

SI mwy goronal aar n^erwaiot flawd. 
He would no more hoard gold than bkicaoaa of the goat^ beard. 

Erwan, «. m.—pl. t, an (gwan) A stab, piicking, 
or stinging. 

A garw dd}»cyr g»yr a gwyihcrwaa. 

And horrid ahhe-ks of Okea with agony of woasd. 

O. Cgfttlimvf. 

Erwan, a. (gwan) Debilitating, feeble, weak. 
Erwanawl, a. (erwin) Stabbing, or thmsting. 
Erwaniad, t. m. (erwin) A running through. 
Erwano, r. a. (erwan) To ran through ; to stab. 

Dog Ywain «rn-fa2n, ni «a baa albood ; 
Nekd 1 Loeci a'n erwaa ! 

U« bas taken O ^aii), tbe fur and v^euder ooe. i kaov oot whe- 
ther l-> pr^'Cied or ua) ; bu life be:ur at an « ji u ^wa hv««^ 
n>t\ Li. P. MicM, i Mud. at G'mfudS. 


£ W4B uoaor mil laU-caat. 

From loauig Lini, paia teill Uimg a thoaaand tho::»aB.^t of b««- 

£rwas,«. m.~-pl. erweision (gwas) A hero. 

Ouu, ( ; \ frarrbt:! dedwT.V, 
Na t iuidd tl J rt- r» f^ ? n n L.a u t av>l«l, 
Yn ilea rtl'ii- »r>»«HdJ, 
R;.af ernrik Kh. o-trcu a«l ra^fiadbr fydd. 

LiMen. i.ti'e p-g ; ^>^^ diKrert |1;. burr not lb' »Dr«t on IK« 
ntoucU.c (tj , ID a Wt t ,ii»A. r.*«e \u f -r.-fci*, (<t frar oi xLt ker^t 
oi tv..> C<'C r«^ h LuC gcati «><••. ttMt Icacrr or c^r^^rud^n. 


Erwawd, s. m. (ijwawd) Panegyiic, encomiast. 
Erwch, s. m. [cr) Impulse, drive, or po^h. 
Erwig, «./. dim. (erw A small piece of ground. 

W ^^ R' ^» vt'.\ o'l iv« I la T ^r p" <»r • 
M. »n ^rr^i « vb<r. * o-ac'c far. U.. a>«r ! 

Thf *"■ f Kl:\«, \u tfc CO w- fro"i ' i» a^aiK; a t" lJ>e bot'o)*) «-f 
ti.c Av^ai./ . , u.^rT araivi & 4 »io. c« br 4> a (•r.fcoder. 

F.rwyd, s.f. —pL t. oedd yCw) A pole, or perch. 

Thf cfT*pnnr o'C^oar. fc# » ir»..«^tr»l witi f<i*f, thr en o»- 
Brrai <^. t ir to.ig, ««» e-. j wm n i <: *.r« e. 

♦7r. o^ <.«T.<«-». 

Krwydd, «./. — /»/. I. ail ^crw ") A pole, a ro'i. 
Eiwydi!, s. pi a^gr. ^gwydd^ Ma>e$, or split 

woivi, useii in coopcry,\di!,.t. ». y^sjvviid; Picscncc. conj. Because, 

in rcsard lo. 
Eiwydviaid, s. w.— p/. erwyddeidian ^erwydd^ 

Tho length of a perch, or a p^'le. 
Krwyiilcn, «./. dim. crvydJ; A rod ; a perch. 




ErwjII, «. (s^U) Tluit casts a gloom ; gloomy. 

Pui nfai fa unra pabyll 
I v oorvdrd arwyll 

la Ibc door of a teat apoa a dmrk ftfjf 
mUtoimhero. Uj/wmrck Htm. 

Erwya, a. (gwyn) Very white, or splendid. 

Baabych veU Dafydd, dawa fafM. 
O Oriaw deoa arekaftd. 
Ae o ddya, bawl crvyn Wl. 


awta Mm* Davkl, eUalalaff craea, of God the rapreiae 
, and of Baa, a t/igndid aad liberal claln. 

G. JIJK/U, i V, aft Oiiaia. 

EHryr, «. (g^r) Tending to be oblique, or awry. 
Erydd, «• m. — pL (. on (er— ydd) An eagle. SU, 
Eryf, «. at. — ^^ I. oedd (er— yf) IrapalsTon, tIo- 
lent exertion. 

ar lafa, a'r llafk ar la NortBMiat 
Ibodri trva rbaff trtatfd aaf aa 
craa af erffata. 

I bbdc, aad the blada on Iba boat of Mormaady, 
« ^xrrtiama acaiaii tbe «ifnal of death froai the ranaiaff 
mith lollteff. CgmM*lm, i O. Ow^nfdd, 

Art eryf eryr Naabocaaia, 
Ara/ y w arvydd i diebwala. 

■«A|Ma of oirHiMi of tbe aaale of Naahoeaainf geatla to 
of tta fete. C9»ddet», at. O. 0«yacM. 

Eryfiun, «. a. (eryf) To use exertion. 
Eiyfed, a. ih. (yfed) A qnafling; a carousal. 
Eiyfedy «. a. (yfed) To drink much, to quaff. 

Eryfala ily wla o*tb «cn adaf : dlaedd. 
mrjMdjtBdd; dvfoddawaaf; 
Enraat aaaat 



O aar ae ariant. 


of thy via* fhNa tbr Mr hand; bavlac 
• wUldo; BilB- 

daar. i miU dtemtg ^mmfthj memd; thy pIcaMiv 1 « 
mtnm aatf SMpiw ammfott of void aad Mlver. 

lifiMig* Fmrdd, i O. Owfuad* 

Cni, t. /I — fi. I. oedd (er— yl) A look oat. 


r cwn ya eryl« y cyalaf o hoo?at a gyMcratancb, 
yafybraavf , d barebca Mcal^dd. 

.. afeplacadoalba«alcA,tbeflntoflhcaithatahall 
, «r a lex, or a bare, hto owecr ihall poMaw wbiebevar 

(er — ^yl) To watch, to look after. 

a1 wla ya el eryl* 

A klaa vtlh hia eonwMally faorrfiiv U*. 

L,G. CtkL 

a be. 


Eiyr, a. mu — fL i. od (er — ^yr) An eagle. Enfr 
ar/ym, neo erifr dvraiil, golden eagle ; eryr Ita- 
1098, ring tail eagle; erfr y mor, eryr y da/r, 
■eo f9tg'€nfT^ the osprey. 

Neflkeryr ya al yWa. 
The ancagdiofaaMyleiahtobMk. Admt* 

Eryiai, a./, (eryr) The eagle stone, or ostitis. 

CryiaUld, a. (eryr) Aqniline, like an eagle. 

Exyran, a. »• (ervr) A vonng eagle, or eaglet 

Eryrswl, a. (eryr) Aqniline. like an eagle. 

&yrcs, a. f.^^fL t» an (eryr) A female eagle. 

Errriy «./. (eryr^ What is precipitated, or thrown 
eat violently, an irmption ; the shingles ; call- 
ed aleo, eryr and eryrod. It is the appellation 
ef the aaonotainoos part of Arvon, called in for- 
■er toaet by the English, the forest of Snowdon 

trynm, a.pL ^gr. (eiyr) Eagles; heroes. 

Dywavd derwyddoa 

oiNs bdsf born afala of tbe rtee of 
LL P. M«eh. 

O hOeryrea o EryrL 



Erytdyddian, ode. (dydd) Days ago ; a good while 

igo, some dme since. 
£mgwyddlad,#.». — pi. t. an (ysgwyddiad) Snp- 

portation ; a shouldering, or propping up. 

Ofjil cadr cad, 
Oaui ciyn wr j ddiad. 

TW pawofal laktraaeat of battle, a (Wr $upp»rt. 



Ervii, f. IN. (eres) Marrellousaess ; a wonder. 

Lie cbwery aterw o emibryd; 
Ue cbwery eriiyd byd heb o^. 

. Where Om brlfht feaiai wlU play hto adad heloff filled wlfb 
etoezeMflir; where tbe fneitoof all the world will play wttheat 
oae aUMlaf . jj, oTSWi/rw. 

Erysmeityn, ode. (ysmeitvn) Some moments ago; 

sometime since ; a while ago. 
Brystalm, adv. (ystalm) Since a while ago, soma 

time since, a good wUle ago. 
Erysu, v. a. (eres) To wonder, or to marvel. 

Cenyat cciddoitoai 
Krysyat isadfloa; 
Dadwyrala I Prytboa 
A one Gwydfoo. 

NlMtoeli bare naf 1 nca of eoallict bate woadcred at tbe re- 
newed flory to Brfteae which Owydlon accoBpUihed. re<m«a. 

ES, «. at. r. Motion from, or a divergency ; sepa- 
ration, division, or parting from ; a shoot, or 
dart from. It is used as a pre6x in composi- 
tion, being of the same force and origin with 
the latin ex. It is also a termination of femi- 
nine personal nonns, and of the third person of 
verbs in the preterit. 

at wddaat cwdd ant rwy roddci 
Ya dyiUM iMllaat, aial ydd c». 

7^ hapw aot whera they AaU go who« he aSHctcd, ■etitlar 

Esbyd, a. pi. aggr, (es— pyd) Guests, strangers. 

OoroBwy, fwr— 

OewT-ffoetb, lladdfbwr yn iln araltwlad, 

DInidr gad fjnayddn : 

Olaaa «byd eyd (yrcaa; 

Otaac goelfUn Ibnes Ai* 

Oeroawy, a laaa nobly brave, warlike la the boat of a forelfa 
coaotry. net to be oppoaed ia aiaklnir the batUe to proaper; tbe 
MfOBff hold where faeaf^ «tttaally appieach ; a token of varaUlDf 
hepplBoaB he baa beea . Bleddvu Fmrdd. 

Esg, a. m. (es) What diverges or shoots out. 

Esgaeth. a. (es— caeth) Void of restraint, divest- 
ed of bondage; libertv, or free. 

Esgaethu, o. a. (esgaeth) To free of bondage. 

Esnidd, a. (esg) Nimble, brisk; smart, gay. 
Trot 3fa agaidd iawn, to turn very smartly. SU. 

Esgair, s. f,—fL esgeiriau (esg) A shank, a leg, a 
limb; a long ridge, a hill, or mountain that 
stretches out, whence it is the appellation of 
several places; as, Eigair IVeddar^ Esgair-yn- 
HrUf Eigair Getltowg, Eigair Hir^ and Eigair 

tapir dda 1 Ilan I'm ban bacb; 
Od nnnoa nkl yw wyoach. 

A welUfemed Umk my tttUe lUr oae hM fol ; lb« «"« nlffbi*t 
aaow la not whiter than it. .. . ~ 

Ueceiddo llraf i heatair 
Nt chyfyd aag yd na gwalr. 

a. aft Ay awi. 

Where ahe with feeble «*aaA happena to walk there will not 
grow nor com nor hay. Oormtrnp Owaia, t gtnflgrm. 

Emr, i. wL—pl. #. ion (es— car) A separation, a 
divided state; a divorce; an adversary, or 
enemy. Un gar mH agar, common friend aod 
common foe. 

Cant car a fydd I ddyn a chanl cagar. 

A nan aball have a hundred Menda aad a baadred memi«$. 

^^ Adage. 

Esgar, V. a. (es— car) To separate, to part; to 

cast off; to divorce. 
Eagarant,f.m.—pl.e8geraint (esgar) An adversary 

Nia niedd mia, ale trahid eageralat. 

Oppraaalon faaa ao hoU of bfaa; eaeaikt come not in to bin. 


Esgard, «. m.— pf. t. Ion (esgar) A cleft, or chap, 
Esgardiaw, v. a. (esgard) To cause to chap. 
Esgardd, «. m. — fd, t, ion (esgar) A rupture. 
Esgarddawl, a. (esgardd) Tending to disperse, 





E8K«rddey ••/.(eigardd) A dU pertioa, aicatteriog 

Dyrawy4 ty fg^jd jm ngftrdde s 
Dytambt ••gtruit gwaev o*l kMff ra. 

My thMA bM been aaal to 4i«pcr»l0D; foa wtU be acciwlonicd 
In p«ln from lu tlMOitr. H. F, MtcK* 

Etgaredd, i. m. (esgar) Separation, or schbm. 
Eigaredig, a. (anfar) Separated, parted ; dUoroed 
Es^redigaeth, «. at. (e«garedig) Separation. 
Esfcariad, «. wu^pl. «. an (eager) A separating. 
Eftgariaeth, «. m,—fL U an (eigar) A separation. 
Esgariaw, v. a. (ecgar) To separate, to part. 
Esgarllys, #. m. aggr, (esgar— 11>8) Birtliwort, 

hart- wort. E$gturUy» gron^ ronnd birthwort; 

eigarUy» hir, lonv birthwort; $$ga.rUjft bychan, 

periwiniiies, or cHmbers. 
Eagani, «. a. (esgar) To separate, to disjoin. 
Eageiddig, «• (eagaidd) Smart, nimble; moving 

with ease. CtfrffMdi«lfigimdd4r»« smart walli; 

dya eageUdigf a graceful penon. 

Yr hMdd MRdMlf «u.fbB ■«*■ b«t d aw t*l Ww, 
Cl)w adiwiB m^b tocbog a ti M ■ 

Tb« comdy mm} fraeffW Mr oqa, bai H a o w of fanf tPd com- 
ptekloo, bmr A* CQKpiuot of * b>mkk yonlb. 4wa Me*. 

Eageirca, v. a, (eagair— ca) To move the ahanlia. 
Eageircawraig, a. /. — pL eageircawreigedd (ea- 
geirca — gwnig) A walking woman, a walker. 

Taky oaM eiea IMynC bwvthaa ; • tbev, a fwrridaMd. a by- 
aamaeddj ac aMdreawialf d<la; a «ao oaiM rawan el dwyad. 

Elm wmtt liallar to ihm al«>; and hir, and affemlnale* and kind 
«M tbr ; and a food wolMiug wtmmuf and cbeie mv a nark be* 
iwcea ber cycbrowa. H, Dmrtd—MmHmtgitm, 

Eageiriawg, a. (eagair) Having shanks, or len. 
Ksgeirnoeth, a. (esgair— noeth) Bare-legge£ 
Esgemydd, «./.~|rf. t. an (es— eam^ A bendi* 
Esgeraint, a. p|. aggr» (esgarant) Adversarirs. 

TeyraMi*lb lav, Ud Genial, aid ebwtth, 

Ry cbwydad avffrralBt ; 

Nid belb llalb ya Uav VHvalnt; 

Ry cbwydad avfrralBt ; 

Nid bath llalb ya Uav vi 

Nl bydd byUi bydavl el gymmttat. 

Tboa wbe art la wrath like OeralaC, a klnffdooi In ifct hand h 
H awkttard, nolwitfaiiii^ltBc tbc wNalllaf of i 
dlSerant Ibe tbaft in tbe hands of tbc rtladfei ; tbrre wlU m*ot 

aoC awkward, nolwitfaiiii^ltac tbc wNalllaf of md9tramrU§f 

« rtlailf ca : tbrre wlU i 
be aaolbcr worldlafio aalrb with bin. U, t, Mtek, i JUdri. 

Eageolas, «• (cael) Negligent, caralem, heedless. 



Nldcywlr oadcU 

cerviMt It a Mrrbol ; Ihd mart IkllhAil to • d«f . 


Eagenlnsaw, v. a. (esgenlns) To disregard. 
Esgenlosawl, a. (esgenlns) Disrecarding. 
Esgeolnsdawd, a. m. (eagenlns) Negligence. 
Esgeolnsder, a. ai. (esgealus) Negligence. 
Eagenlusdra, *. m. (esgenlns) Negligence. 
Esgenlttsedig, a. (esgenlns) Neglected. 
E^nlnsiad, a. m. (esgenlns) A neglecting, or dls- 

regarding; a carelessly acting. 
Esgeulnsiant, a. m. (esgenlns) Indifference. 
Esgenlnsrwydd, a. ». (esgenlns) Heedlessneu, 

negligence, or neglectfolneM. 
Esgenlnswr, a. w^^pl. eagenlnawyr (esgenlns — 

gwr) A neglecter; a heedless person. 
Esgid, a./.— p(. <. Ian (es--cid) A shoe. Etgid* 

iaa y gsf , bine bells; etgid Afctr, lady's slipper; 

€tgid oid^ofiryN, mermaid's shoe, a species of 

sea- weed. 
Esgldfedig, a. (esgid) Famished with shoes ; shod 
Eagidiwr.a.m.— pi. esgidwyr (esgid— gwr) A shoe 

man, or dealer in shoes. 
Esglyw, a. m. (esg— llyw) Protection ; defence. 
Eagly wind, a. m.--pl. t. an (esglyw) A defending. 
Esglywa, 9. a. (esglyw) To protect, to dafend. 

M0g9t el aagad I eiflyaa 

Esglywyn, v. a. (es|^yw) To,proteet, to defend. 

Cifad aagad I of liwya gwlad. 
A aiaMr hud far itffmdktg a eoaairy. Mfttyr. 

Esgob, a. m.— pi. I. Ion (cob) A bishop. £afa6 
fwya, white blahop, or bellis major, a herb. 

Caceiffob M» Myiy. 
Odioai li a M«A«f withoat learaiaff. AUgt, 

Esgobaeth, i,f.—pl, t, an (esgob) A bishopric. 
Esgobawd, a./, (esgob) A bishopric ; a diocese. 
Esgobswl, a. (esgoD) Diocesan, or episcopal. 
Esgobdy, #. m.— pi. t. an (esgob— t^) A bishop's 

palace; a bishopric. 
B^oVf a, M.— pi. t. an (es— cor) A partage. 
Esgor, V. 0. (ea— cor) To separate; to diuniss ; to 

qnir, to leave o(f ; to bring forth. 
Eagoradwy, a. (esgor) Separable, that may be 

parted, or divided ; that may be left off. 
Esgordd, a. pi. anr. (cordd) Snch as be oat of 

the circle ; tBgwrddion^ strangers. 
Esgored, a./, (esgor) What is parted from. 
Esgoredfa, a. /.—pi. I. an (eagored) A place of 

breaking forth, or aeparation. 
Eagoredig, a. (e^ior) Separated ; delivered. 
Eagoredigaeth, a. «.— pi. f. an (eagoredig) A se- 
paration; aqnitting; a deliverance. 
Esgoredigawl, a. (eagoredig) Parturient. 
EsKorfa, «. /.—pi. I. an (esgor) A parturition; a 

deliverance ; a place of cleliverance. 
Eagorfaich, a. (esgor— baich) Delivered of a load 

Nt taevorMch Bryaakk biwck 
The crawa efthc H^rUaadi have net bceayVM/Vw a 

Esgori, «. a. (esgor) To separate; to dismiss; to 
qnit ; to be delivered, to bring forth. 

Esgoriad, a. m.— pi. 1. an (esgor) A separating; a 
delivering ; a being delivered ; parturition. 

Esgoriant, a. at. (esgor) Separation ; deliverance. 

Esgorlys, a. fl, aggr. (esgor— ll>s) Birth-wort ; 
called also, llp&ni y faloa; esfarlya bffckmm^ 
climbing birthwort; «agariyacnpB, round birth- 
wort ; eager/ys Mr, long birthwort. 

Eagorwraig, a. /.—-pi. esgorwreigedd (esgor — 
gwralg) A midwife. 

Esgoryd, o. a. (esgor) To part ftom ; to deliver. 

Cva eifar, wrih «* ter y d 
Norwya weaaddrwya oeddyd. 

Befefc MfJaraHoa, la MiV^iV/MA • Mr ktad MM thoe weet. 

If. mk RAp$ a* GwUfm, 

Esgorydd, a. ak— pi, I. ion (esgor) One who takea 
from, or divides ; a deliverer ; an aoooncheur. 

Esxnd, a. (cud) SwiO, quick ; nimble ; skitUsb ; 
flippant ; active, diligent. 

Maa eif«d ft waa iMffth ddlavf . 
A laiy daagMw Mkeaa MfS 


Oa cind Tw dad jdwyf s 
O^ d«l a*l gfWh dkwf wyf. 

aal to bl« gTBond; getof oal of kle 



Esgndawg, a. (esgnd) Abounding with activity. 
Esgudfryd, a. m. (tragnd— biyd) Of quick mind. 
Esgndfrys, a. m. (eagnd— brya) i^nick bnstle. 
Esgodogyll, a. ». (esgndawg) The wood -lark. 
Esundwal, a. /. (eagud— gwsl) A quickly •moving 

Im yry«c*H. eeffodwal eyawaa 

A*r eaa wm 

Yef »yd Ujwetya. 


Wbo owaetbe tkleld, tbefaMly-aMvlaf tkeUrr af the fenaKMi 
e««ar«c aitb Ibe bMadrad amn aroaad Hi fmaU'^ll to ibv aiiirM 
or Uywdya. Upmmnk Utmif, 1 O. a* " 




l«iB, t./. (Mgwl— gwm) K twift carter ; 
^wdmrnm gmrikn^ tbe swift c 

eoaneof ci»i6ict. 

tagaSf «. M.— pi. t. ion (es--ciis) A receding from, 

a refiaining ; an exense; an apology* 
Eaguaw, o. a. (eigas} To recede ; excnie. 
bgosawd, t. ai.— pi. esgosodion (esgns) A refrain- 
ing, or flinching from ; an ezcasation. 
Eigojawl, d. (etgva) Excusatory ; apologetic. 
Etgasedlg, a. (esgas) Excused ; palliated. 
ERgnjiad, a. Bi.--pl. f. an (esgna) An excusing. 
Eigasodai, s. as.--pl. esgnsodeion (eignsawd)One 

tiiat ia excoaed ; one apolodxed to. 
Signsodawl, a. (esgnsawd) Tending to ezcoBes 

excnsatory; pall&tiTe. 
EigBsodedig, a. (esgnsawd) Excused; remitted. 
Eigaaodedigaeth, a. m. (esgnsodedig) Excusadon, 

&e act of excusina. 
Eignsodedigawl, «. (esgnsodedig) Palliative. 
Eigiisodi, V. a. (esgnsawd) To apologize. 
Escnaodiad, a. ai.>-j>l. I. an (es^sawd) Ezcusa- 

doo ; an excusing, or apologiiing. 
Eigaaodwr, a. ak---p{. esgosodwyr (esgnsawd — 

gwr) One who excuses, an excuser. 
Eagnaodydd, a. m,—^ t ion (esgnsawd) An ex- 

caaer; an apologlftt. 
Eigntwytii, a. (eagud— gwyth) Quickly provoked. 

Dfm €9gmiwjfth^ a person easily provoked. 

Eagyanarl, a. (eym)Uttaiioclatlttg; nnsodiable. 
Eigsrauad, a. tm,-^ t. an (cym) A dissolving or 

lepaimting a sodety* 
EagynuiyC. (^rmnn) Eseonminnieate; accursed, 

execrable; detestable. 
Esgymamw, v. a. (asgynran) To excommunicate, 

to exdnde from society. 
Eagymnnawdy s. ai. (esgymun) Excommunication, 

exdnmiMD from sodety. 
Eagymanawl, a. (esgymun) Excommunicate. 
EcgymBid«d, s. as.— pi. I. an (ese^mnn) An et- 

eoattoaolcating ; excommunication. 
E^mfiferwydd, a. m. (esgymua) An exeommuili- 

cated state ; aftcntsedness. 
Escyam, a. a. (cym) To disconnect, to break oir 

tan assoeiatitig. 
Eigymaa, tf. (cyitt) Separated frolti society. 
Eacyn, a. at. Ccyn) The act of ascending up. 
Etfju^ 9. a. (cyn) To ascend, td mount, to rise. 
Eagynadwy, a. (esgya) Ascendable, that may be 

ascended, or mounted. 
Zsgyaawl, a. (eagyn) AscendaDl ; ascending:* 
Eagynedi^, a. (esgyn) Mounted up, amended. 
Esgyneifigaeth. a. fii.--pl. I. an (esgyttedig) The 

act of aacenaing ; ascension. 
EsgyDfi^a./.—pl^e. an (esgyn) An ascent, rise, 

ar acclivity; a getting up; a horse-block. 
E^ipnften, a. M.—^. esgynfhin (esgyn— maen) A 
BHNtirtliig stone, a horse-block. 

Wttna fyddmf IT bcB jr e«nn&Mi mw l*tb arawi dl. 
*«4 I iMa be oa dM fop of f ond^f Aortc'^Za-* to «t»7 for thc«. 

Eigynglwui,s^.— pl.esgynglymao (esgyn— clwm) 

An ascending node, in astronomy. 
Eigyniad, a. m. —pi. t. an (esgyn) A rising, or 

McendMig} aeceniioa) aocUvity* 
Eigyaiadawl, •• (esgyniad) Ascensive, rising, 
bgyaiattb^a^/. (esgyn— laith) A climax. 
Eigyalnwr, s. ».— pi. esgynloriao (esgyn— llawr) 

A scaffold } a rabed platform. 
Esgyawr, a. ai.— ^ esgyawyr (esgyn— gwr) One 

fite mimnCa ap; an ascender. 
Esgyaydd« «. as^pl. I. ion (esgyn) An ascender. 

Eigyr, s./.-pl. f . oedd (es-gyr) A day's ploagh- 
lag with one yoke ; an aore. £«yr Oaf aga, 
fitfwr Mtlwyr; places so caUed. 

Esgyrnawi, a. (asgwm) Ossllic; of bonv natore. 

Es^mdy, «. ai.— pi. *. an (^esgwrn— ty) A bona- 
house orachamelhonse. ^ . 

Esgymiad, s. m. (asgwrn) Osslfieauon ; a boning 

Esgymiawg, a. (asgwm) Having bones, bony. 

Ei^mle, «./.--pl. I. oedd (asgwrn-Ue) A char- 
nel-house, or oMuary. 

Esgyrnllyd, a. (asgwm) Of a bony nature, osseooa 

EMyrnllym.a. (asgwm— Uym) Sharp-boned. 

Esgyrallymedd, s . ai. (esgyrollym) 8cragginess, 

Esgyrawg, «. m. (asgwrn) Fullness of bones. 

Esgyrnygawl, a. (esgyrawg) Grinning, gnashing. 

Esgyravgfa, t. A-pl. I. an (eigyrnwg) A place 
ofgrinning, or gnashing of teeth. ... 

Esgyinygiad, #. m.—pl. (esgyrnwg) A grin- 
ning : a gnashing the teeth. , 

Esgyrtygn, a. a. f esgymwa)To grin, to gnash the 
teeth: to chop nones, to none. 

Esill, s. as.— pi. 1. ion (sill) A member ; offspring. 

Esillt, f. as.— pi. I. ion (esill) Offspring, issue. 

EsiUtydd, $ pi. aggt' (e^"0 <>ff«pringi P~g«ny- 

EsUlydd, f. pi. flggr. (esill) Offspring, progeny. 

tumult with It, or I could hardly contain ro>self 
an acconnt of it. SU. 

Tni» dwjn fly* aMwjn, flew eaioff ofcl. 
OffMlf Mtelinnlnf ; 
Mab Owtio nelfainceelfav, 
Mswr ra4 irmioS«a iwelllaff. 
It wm« oppreMloo to uke »«*, the »awdton chief, *«S**« ^*J; 
JtfW Sre. me hope of the wtwfry ?* "•«»OT».55taJJ Jf 

Esiw, a. (es) In a state of privation, or destitute. 
Esiwaw, a. a. (esiw) To cause privation. 
Esiwydd, s. m. f esiw) A state of privation. 
Esiwyddawl, o. (esiwydd) Necessitous, needy. 
Esiwyddiad, s.m.-pl. I. an (esiwydd) A feeling 

want : privation, or destitution. 
Esiwyddn, a. a. (esiwydd) To experience want. 
Esmwyth, a. (mwyth) Soft, or smooth to the feel ; 

easy; quiet; agreeable, comforUblc. 

Btmwfthaf r«siUi jw aethn. 
The tatirit work It to fall. ddmgt^ 

Mi fum emw^* • "•?•• <*•••» 
A baleh lie bawo, a brjwtia, 
A lUwenaf dyn I'm P}^*t 
A beddy w 'dd war'n ofe>«* ! 

I hare been c«nAr'«*''» ■"<* '^"'^ *»' eHJnyment, a»Hl prwid 
wheJer er lWa..\?& w»ntoo,a..d the merrW man io njf cjm.- 
BuoUy, and to day I am opprcMed «llh caTe I Hop* T. thyUp. 

Esmwythftad, «. m. (esmwyth) A softening ; qui- 
eting; a mollifying, or assnaginp. 

EsmwythUwl, a. (esmwyth) MolhficaUve. 

Esmwythator, ger. (csmWyth) Making easy. 

Eamwythftu, a. a. (esmwyth) To soften, to molli- 
fy ; to become easy or composed. 

Esmwytbaw, e. a. (esmwyth) To soften, to make 
soft and easy ; to ease, to emolHf> ; to assuage ; 
to quiet ; to be easy, or quiet. 

EsmwytUawl, a. (esmwyth) MoHientf assnasire. 

Esmwythder, t. m. (esmwyth) Softniiss; easiness; 
quietness ; tranquillity ; ease, rest. 

Tri dyn nj charant eu gv\*A ; k gmio el fol, a faro fyf»«(<)* ■« 
ft faro cuBwytbder. 

Tbn* peraoBi «ho ha*e no refard forllMlr eOoAtry L*«to*«« 
bia belly, that loret wealth, aud that lorta «a**. BanUM. 

Esmwy thdra, s. m. (esmwyth) Softness to the feel, 

easiness; quietness, stillness, rest. 
Esmwythedig, a. (esmwvth) Softened, moUified. 




Esmwythedigraeth, s. m. (esmwythedig) The act I 
of gifing ease, or qnietneas ; mollificalion. 

Esmwythiad, $. m. (esmwyth) A Bofteniiig; a 
qvietia^; mollification. 

Esnwythiant, «. m. (eamwytb^ A state of ease. 

Esmwythid, s, m, (esmwyth) A state of ease, rest 

Csmwythitor, rap. (esmwythid) To be easing. 

Esmwythyd, «. m. (esmwyth) A state of ease. 

£sogryn,s./. (gogryn) An inflammation ainrnt 
the jaws, or the mumps. 

fitplydd,«. (plydd) Delicate, tender, or soft. 

Afftllen btrcn Uodao wfUjM— 
A dyf jfB argvl jrn wgo«aydd« 

Sweet apple tree »hh drtiemt* btowoiM-tbal groin » ikeller la 
IM r«ne»tf. MfTdMm, 

Esplydden, 9./.— p/. I. an (espWdd^ A pippin. 
Essill, 9. m. — p/. I. ion (sill) Oiispnng, issue. 
Essilliad, s. m. — pi, I. an (essill) A generation. 
Essilliaw, v. a. f essill) To beget offspring. 
£ssiUing, j. m. (essill) An origin, or source. 

OV cedrini cedawl h»«l blrddMof; 
O Oadall cocr o iradellliiK ; 
O'r ilao eMilUd rIocw cAlUtti ( 
O'r clyw flew dyvat nl dal nl dwf . 

Of the Diaaiaceol mlglily ooci of fhr nlendlnr ctalm : of CodeO'* 
•lock of CodellUii powet; of the pore oflepriiif of tae mlcndld 
t9utce; of itae chief broTo aod Serce that wlit not roDceoe. that 
wUI Dol iloih. Ctnddtiw, I Rtrifd Flaidd, 

Essillt, «. W'—fl- i» ion (essUl) Offspriogy issue. 
Essilltydd, s. pi. oggr, (essill) Offspring, progeny. 
Essillyd, «. fl, ^ggr. (essill) Offspring, issue. 
Easillydd, «. pi. ogf r. (essill) Offspring, progeny. 

Pedwaredd «ely(Qrddt pedven<M aokwd. 

Nolan Ijwaidfrllfdd; 

Ma«r dorf darf f jfiarf f^wdlbydd. 

Nolan IjwaidfrllTdd; 
Ma«r dorf dan ffjfiarf gri 
Madoglon Madawg e^lydd. 

The fovrth oomaiaDUjr ; a foarth pancffyilc, I will prahe Uni 
who drwrvca li ; a Blffhty boil •triUnf tcrrar wtaoo ananBllUmry 
witli Uio mtaal weapou, Madovioa, Om n^^wg of Madof . 

Est, s. m. (es) A partition, or parting from. 
Estawl, a. (est) Tending to separate or part. 
Estrawn, s. m.— pi. estronion (trawn) One of a 
separate community ; a stranger, a foreigner. 

Dil lUd. fofld, ac afbr, 
A chw wrth calrawD a char. 

llolJlof DMlloe, pala aad vexaUoo» and hatred lo itrmmgfr and 
frtend. am. mb S^fm. 

Estriciad, s. m. (estrig) A hastening, a bustling. 
Estridaw, v. a. (estria) To bustle, to brush away, 

to make haste ; to be active. 
Estrig, a. (estr) Apt to dart aiway ; quick. 
Estronaido, a. (estrawn) Strange, extraneous. 
Estronawg, «. (estrawn) Extraneous ; strange. 

A'th felaf, niwr Mdrydawf ; 

A'tb folaai py»thcc<«at eadelriawf ; 

Shythfawl ar yt lydd catroola«c. 

I wUI pratoe th«e. warrior of awltt carter; flfteiv baadiwd pre- 
•idiBf baide wUI oxtol thee ; tboa wilt bejrrratly pralKd by Mch 
a* are strmrngt, LL F. MteM, i Lgmtlwrn I . 

Estronawl, a. (estrawn) Tending to estrange; fo- 
reign; extraneous. 

CarawB a cvehli noad 
PMNwedd ya i chylcb rbai 

I— I sadw yi 
rbaf I 

«4ilp«, apon the 
/irrrtgu oattooap 

Prydala ar le«(aa ar j 
y fan ealroMoUoH flcaedi- 

iuna hd 9^ to nard the |«|e of Brtlaln with 
MiTovodlDf It, afalMi the UcpndstloM of 

Or. m^ Afikmr. 

Estronedig, «. (estrawn) Estranged, alienated. 

Estroneiddiad, s. m. testronaidd^ An estranging. 

Estroneiddiaw, c. a. (estronaldd) To be estrang- 
ed ; to render estranged. 

Estroneiddiawl, a. (estronaldd) Apt to estrange. 

Estrones, s./.-^l. t, au (estrawn) A strange fe- 
male, or a strange woman. 

Ould ya retroocaaa y cyfhfal efe iiyai ' 
|)id he aot cottridor •« la hr ttraaffn *. Utnttii %\%^, li. 

Estroni, v. «• (estrawn) To estrange, to aUanate. 

Nl clUd •! wah«i« 1 wrtbo. aa'l aalronl cr addyiieM i 

Hecoaldiiotbeeaparaledrroia hiai, nor cowiA he he mittmmied 
for what any body eoald mj, H, AaiM • Ifaaiivw- 

Estroniad, s. ai.— pi. i. au (estrawn) An estrang* 

ing ; estrangement ; alienation. 
Estroniaeth, s. m. (estrawn) An estrangement. 
Estl, «. m.— pi. estlon (est--yl) What ranges. 
Estyll, s. pi. aggr.-^ t. od (astell) Slit boards, 

or diingles; laths, or staves. Eslyll dyrip|rit, 

winding blades. 
Estyllawg, a. (estyll) Having shingles or boarda. 
Estylledig, a. (estyll) Being done with boards. 
Estyllen, #./. dim.-^fl, t. au (estyll) A shingle. 

or thin split board ; a board ; a close-stool. 
Estyllfa, k»f.—pl, t. au (estyll) A board yard. 
Estyllodi, v. a. (estvll) To slit into boards. 
Estylln, e. a. (estyll) To do with shingles. 
Estyn, a. m.—pL i. ion (es— tyn) Extent; in law, 

a gnnt, or investiture; the act of in vesting witli 

possession when seisin Is given of an estate. 
Estyn, e. a. (es — tyn) To extend, to stretch ont« 

to enlarge ; to stretch, to reach, to hold out -, 

to invest, or make a grant of. 

Dyn wyf o flwyf ya dwja f loee; 
Oa dya fwya tnjn relnloet. 

I aai oao bearlaf the aaart of a woond : If tboa art a Und maid 
Itnglkn Biy life. XI. a* Gwilpm. 

Estynadwy, a. (estvn) Extensible, ductile ; that 
may be extended, stretched, or reached cut. 

Estynawl,a.(estyn) Extensive, extending; stretch- 
ing, or reaching out ; invested, or having seisin 

Oa dcrf^M I'r arflwydd fcWaw cvmhell o Uydd y rbal oi bMt 
crtvaoUooodlr o fywa el fyfoetb ef, aJ ddylylr lltydd iddyoi o 


9f*l*4 witk ariria of 
araiy, the law layi they oogbt 

atteapt to ooaipel Ikste that are not 
laadwHhialiklarMletloa to eerre la 
ey oo^bt ooito oa ohSied lo aervc. 



H^eUk Lmw, 

Estynedig, a. (estyn) Extended, stretched out. 
Estynedigaeth, a. m. (estynedig) An extension. 
Estynedigawl, «. (estynedig) Of an extending, 

enlarging, or stretching quality. 
Eatyniad. «. mi.— pi. I. au (estyn) A reaching out, 

stretching, or extending ; extension; oontioa- 

ation ; a living possession, investiture. 
Estyniawg, a.res^n^ Having extension, eztelided 
Estynn, v. a. (estyn) To extend, to stretch. 
Est^nwefl, B,f,--pL I. an (estyn— gwefl) A poat- 

ting lip ; a long snout. 
Estynwr, a. m.— pi. estynwyr (estyn— gwr) An 

extender, one who stretches, a reacher out. 
Estynydd, a. m,—fl. I. ion (es^n) An extender. 
Eslyr, s. m. — pi. estrod (est — yr) That darts away 
Estl, o. a. (es) To push away ; to range out. 
Eswm, a. m.— pi. esymau (swrn) The joint next 

to the foot or animals, the fet-lock joint. 
Esyddvn, t. ai.— pi. I. au (syddyn) A mansion, a 

dwelling place. 

TH phrif lya arbanl( >{ 
ya emdyaaa brdatew 
Dlaefwr ya y Dehaa, i 

There are three appropriate cnaria for the three sapfewie prlMiea 
of Wale« aa prhlfefedT «••««•••« for theoi : oaeta Aberffraw la 

if >rdd I dri aiychdeyra dylcdawc Cymaini 
tl mdyat: ao_yw AbeHfraw ya Rfwyaadd, 
a Ma&nM Wyate ya Mhowyt. 

C^wynadd, Oloefwr la the Sooth, aad Jiadirafhl Owyofa la Powya 


Esyddynawg, a. (esyddyn) Having a dwelling. 

Esyddynawr,ff.(esyddyn) Relating to a dwelliDg. 

Esyddyniad, a. m. (esyddvn) A fixing a dwelling. 

Esyddynu, «. a. (esyddyn) To settle a babltatloa. 

Esyllt, a./, (syllt) Tha't is fair, or open to view. 
The name of several famous women. 

Esyllwg, a. /. (syllwg) That abounds with pros- 
pects. It is the name of a part of South wales. 




lariniinl 6flam, and imB of oooildetmblc extent 
in sodent tunes. It wm alto called Gvtni, 

Efytliy «. fL «vfr. (asedi) Sharp sticks, waggets. 

E^thOy V. #. (esyth) To drive a sUke throogh. 

EtewjBy «• wt,^pL t* ion (tewyn) A firebrand. 

TwojktMtmudtwWk bm MMr Itaa one ! Admg^, 

Edfaw, V. a. ftifiiw) To Inherit, to possess. 
E6hcm^ «. f tifawg) Having an inheritance. 
Edfawl, «. (tiiawl) Hereditaiy, hereditable. 
£iifedd, s. a.— pL <. ion (tifedd) A birth ; an in- 
fant; an heir. 

NM hoflder imd ettbdd. 
TlM a^Mcse plcwore 1* m A#ir. ddmg§. 

Eiifeddawg, a. (etifedd) Having a child, or lying 

in childbed. 
Etifeddawl, a. (etifedd) Hereditary, hereditabie. 

HM «cyW«Awl Mb I data dyi|«d dvM «i rlnL 
^ tedf b Acrtdttflvy *• pfty m dabi «a •eoiMiil of hb nrantt. 

Etifeddedlg, «. (etifedd) Made hereditary. 
Etifeddcs, «./.— pi. <. an (etifedd) A female in- 
heritor, an heiress. 
Etifeddiady j. wu (etifedd) An inheriting ; pot- 

Eti£eddiaetb, a. «.— ^ 2. <• air (eUfedd) An Inhe- 

ritancey or heritage. 
Edfeddiaaty «• m, (etifedd) An inheritance. 
Etifedda, v. «. (etifedd) To inherit, to possess 

bv hereditary right. 
£ti/e<ldwdy,«. m.(etifedd--gwely^ A child-bed. 
£ci£eddvrr, «. ns. — pf. etifeddwyr (etifedd — gwr) 

An inheritor, or one who holds by heirship^ 
Edfiad, a. ns. (tifiad) A gettin|^ Inheritance. 
Likfiuit, a. «. (tifiant) Heirship, heritage. 
Etta, emQ. (ed — to) Yet, still, also ; however ; 

aevertbeless. a4;* Yet, again, once more, 

another time, still ; hitherto. 

Gwnrfc m Qrdd aarv alio yn Bblw Fabea. 
Aa «U 'wtmmm «IB dk «f ato to Rbiw Vaboa. Adag4. 

Ectto, CMO. (ed — ton) Yet, still, adv. Again. 


Aaa I obiaiB ftoai ibl« female yet an aotwer. 

O.flft ll.e»rMd«r. 

Etva, cMtf . (ed — gwa) Yet, still, atfr. Yet, again. 
Etmetfi, €9^}. (ed—gwaeth) Yet, still, adv. Yet. 
ETH, a. as. r. That is in motion, or progression ; 
a permdlnc quality. 

^tals) What is spread or laid out. 


Caibireddanff coed, oadr I hcttaab. 

I tawia* ltd* Urd «Uh ber ould voice, SlHof tbe wood* wllh 

£tfaol, a. ns. (tol) Choice, election, a. Select. 
Ethal, e. «. (tol) To elect, to belect, to choose. 
Etholndfry, a. (ethol) That may be chosen. 
Eth^edig, a. (ethol) Elected, elect, chosen. 
EthaUdigism i ddidrane ftoeaav, chosen as ob- 
jects of endless torments. 
EiMediipKth, a. ai.— pi. t. an (etholedig) The 

•ct of ehooaing, or electing, selection. 
BMi,«. a. CntM) To elect, to choose, to select 
EMiad, a. as.--^. t. an (ethol) An election. 
EiMindmwl, n. (etfaoUad) Elective, selecting. 
EteoGant, a. «. (ethol) Election, or choice. 
EcMwr, «. ai.-^. etholwyr (ethol— gwr) One 

who eleeta, an elector. 
Fihslydd, a. at.— jrf. i» ion (ethol) An elector. 
Elholyddnetb, a. ak (etbolydd) Electorship. 

Ethrefiad,s. m.--}>l. (trefiad) Domestioalion. 
Ethrefig, a. (tre&g) Domestical, homely. 
Ethrefigaw, v. a. (ethrefig) To domesticate. 

Nl'm elhreflf Dow a Hg-Hryi 

Ml leddlVB roeb BewUWeMldwjd; 

God will Qol Ammtttiemu ae with aa aajcnr-adaded laart : I 
woold Doi obftiract aay one to cbaaffa a dreaa. Qwuekmai, 

Ethrefigawl, a. (ethrefig) Apt to domesticate. 
Ethrefn,«. a. (trefu) To domesticate. 
Ethrewyn,e. a. (trewyn) To coDciliate, to pacify. 
Ethrin, a. at. (trin) A conflict, a toil. 

U« peithlawf pocib etbrin. 

Obsiall Mathiafcl, bwv tb werla wjtbawf, 

The castie of Mathraval where there li a paiapcrad fbiloas 
throof, it Mack and open froai fiery CMf/lkf . LL P. i 


Edirinaw, v. a. (ethrin) To conflict ; to toll. 
Ethriniad, s. m. (ethrin) A conflicting. 
Etbriniawl, a. (ethrin) Conflicting, toiling. 
Ethryb,#. m. — pL t. oedd (tryb) Caase, or occa- 
sion. O ethrybf because, on acconnt of. 

Pcnlljrnlff ff ngbof yogbTatcfla, 
Yn ctbryb care CarwyefeUa. 

»Be gp wi B <eflor« 

DMractad to my ncaaory lathe cprtof 
lag a yoaag fair ooa of Caerwya. 

Ethrychwil, s.f.—pl. t, od (try--chwU) A liaard. 
Ethrylith, a. m.—nl.t. aa (trylith) Intuition. 
Ethrylithawg, a. (ethrylith) That is Instructed. 
Ethrywylit, a. (try wyllt) Ferocious, fnrioos. 
Ethrywyn, e. a. (trywyn) To conciliate. 

Bytb nld ethrywyn, hcb wf, 
Y ddwy-wlad 1 ddaa olwff. 

Never will the two eoaalrtea draw the mttemtiom of hit ryes lo 
aa to tahe away tbe trornn. bt4m Aaniniiu 

Paa ddel aagaa— > 
Ifl ddlcbou neb atteb yn 
Dalth rywyr, aarelbrewyn. 

When death eomet. no body will be able to answer to at a loac 
>Miney, nor to pM^fy, jjpr. S, Cemi. 

Ethu, V. a. (eth) To go, to proceed, to move off. 

Can ethyw dy bwyll fan wylllon mynydd, 

A thy bun yn afro, 

Pwy wiedych f wedy iafo! 

Since thy intellect i«fMM with the dark iolrlli of the BHMinlaia 
and tbyieli d^ected, who tball reifu after lafo t ' 

Etbwyf o wiw-awyf ya iaeh. 
/ am hte»mt well from esceu of panioo. D, ab OwUgm. 

Ethw, a. (eth) Of a pervading quality. 

Ethy, «./. — pi. t. au (eth) A sharp point; a spur 

Oreddffwr, oed fwaa, 
Gwyclir no din 

Cicddyfawr elaa flan, 
Rthy aur a poan. 

The perfection of a ana, tbe age of a roalh had tbe fallaat oao 
. of loBnli; a faibiof iword blue and brlfht, foldea ipmr and 
ermine. ^aewriaa 

Eo. proa. pi. (ei) Their, them. Eu todan, their 
fathers ; eu Aaaaia, themselves; i% Ueddanmai, 
kill them he would ; garw eu 6od yam, their 
being here is terrible. 

Euad, ».f.—pL eoaid (au^ The piuk. It is also 
the veronica, or speedwell, also called ^air- 
nerth, daH duon da^ erattk naaoa, and llyaian 
Uywelyuj euad ddn, black yles; euad gocfc, 
red yles. 

Euain, a. a. (an) To be moving, or wandering. 


Bid ddyaf etbff o drad ; 

Bid cbwanaawf yafyd 1 chwerthln. 

Let the exile be wmrndering; let Iha fbrloai be rarlac ; let the 
iUly be food of laafhluf . Ufwmvk Bern. 

Eoawg, a. (au) Guilty, false, Imperfect. 
Euddon, a. pi. aggr, (an) Acams, or mites. 
Enddonawg, a. (endaon) Abonnding with mites. 
Euddoui, V. o. (euddon) To breed mites { to be- 




ity. BUwd wedi guddoniy meal htvlng 
_i, V. «. (aeg) To baiH, to ery out, to shriek. 
£akNi, f. pL 0ggr. (aol) Excrements, dang. 

EwUmgei/r, goat's dang. 
Enkmi, v. d. (ealon) To void ezcrementi. 
EoloB, f. m.—pl t. od (an— llan) A false image. 
Eaociad, s. «. (enawg) A making gnilty ; a be- 

conung gailty, or wicked. 
Eaoeiawl, a. (enawg) Tending to make gnilty. 
Eoocio, r. a, (enawg) To make gnilty; to be- 
come guilty. 

a woaetkock, a Uadd y cynavn. jr h«u aii irwrthwyn- 

Ym hare beeom* giMtg ta •lajiaf the Hr'it^""* *^ o^c *i>o 
tea BOC opposed f o«. If. SalMitrpB If •• 

Eood, s. pi. aggr. (an) Worms in a sheep's Urer. 

Ettogiad, J. m. (enawg*) A making gnilty, or 
condemning ; a becoming gnilty. 

Eoog&n, V. a. (enawg) To make gnilty ; to con- 
demn ; to become gnilty. 

Hi ddaolbne* Daw 1 Fab Tr byd 1 caogaa y byd. 

Ood did act tend Us Soa iato the world fo CMMlraMi the world. 

Mmrchaw§ Crwpdrad. 

Enogfani, #• /. — pi. t> an (enawg — bam) A sen- 
tence of goilt ; condemnation. 

Enogfarniao, «. m. (eoogfam) Condemnation. 

Enogfamn, v. a. (enogfam) To judge guilty. 

Eoogi, V. tu (enawg) To make gnilty, to condemn 

Enogrwydd, s . m. ^enawg) Guiltiness, guilt. 

Enoo, f. pL aggr. (an) Bots, a species of worms 
in the entrails oi horses. 

Eorafal, s. m.—jl, t. an (anr — afal) An orange. 

Enrafallach, #./ (anr— idallach) An orangery. 

Eoraid, a. (anr) Oolden, of gold, or like gold. 

Eoratdd, «. (anr) Of the nature of gold, golden. 

Eoraint, s. m. (aor) What is made of gold. 

Eoraw, r. a. Taur) To do with gold ; to gild ; to 
make splendid, to embellish. 

Kurodd lurw^th, rrla-wprtb fan, 

Rrllynedd («tr n^'dd fwia, 

Arawd t»% o orrn loc ; 

O (Odd Uaw, a enrodd dya. 

lorwrrth, of hicb-«rlied tonf, last year at a true banquet of 
wtnp, embtUishtdm lair oration of pureH acceot, the gift of tiod, 
aad wbl'fa Biaa hath emb«Ui$htd. Srfnyn. 

Swyddaa a ftht aydd ryAon; 
Swf dd 1 law evraw i f enMorioa* 

H« obtalnH oAcce Ibat are Jaal ; the ofllce of Ma band hi* mln- 
•trtb /* »m/tply wUh guld. L. G. Cot hi. 

Eurawd, s. m. (anr) llie act of doing with gold. 
Kiirawg,a. (anr) Abonndlng with gold. 
Karawl, a. Canr) Bi^looging to gold; auriate. 
Kurben, «. m.-^pH. au (anr- pen) Tlie gilthead, 

a fifth ; C4ned also hanu^i, 
EiirM)/aa, «. pi. uggr* (aur— pib) Orpiment. 
K«ird»fawd, «« m. fnur tafawd) A golden tongue 
Kfirduf'KlUwg, ft, (Mirdiifawd) Golilen tongiied. 
K<ir4»la«th, •//. pL c^urd aid ihiau (aur— talaeth) 

A gttM tUlf.lf or t^trtftf.i. 
yMtdnifUhUvtn, ft. (fttttUiutitU) OoldcB-crowncd 
i^Aif^Of «. m. (mn \o) A ((old covering, a. ('o- 

9^f»4, or ffUlt'ti. ¥iHU gold. Lluryg eurdo^ 

^At94A*tft^h, 9. / ( nuf drtiffi; Tlic gold -gi fU'd ; 
nn 0^p«^\\i*Unu tot lUf riv«<r .fordiitt. 

^. il',itf,*,o »,.,.»»•..*« I v.f*f ».f I'tf 1», "n Ihr finnk. r»f 

pHffiop^h^ / pt 9. mi fnhf lorrfi) A ((nIHrii 
mt^^^' i ^^tftit ^^ fffftnmtttt^ of dUdncllon 

Enrdorcbawgyd. (eurdorch)Ha?uig a gold wreathe 

Or a aeth tTaitimelb o ewdofcbaglOB, 
Ar nefcn Myovddawf myoawg oaaoo, 
Nl ddacth )o ddiwarth o bartb Brythea 
Ododln wr bell well no Cyaoa. 

or all that weat to Cattraeth of «*«•« wearing tht g^Uem i«r««« 
on the erraad of Mynjfddof featle Inder of the throof, there came 
Aot Told of ahame on the part of Iha BritoDa of Oododla, a mirfaty 
man better than Cynon. Jm 

Enrdreth, s./. (anr^treth) Gold tribute. 

Enrdywod, s. m. aggr, (aur — tywod) Gold dost. 

Eorddail, «» pi. oggr. (anr-— dail) Gold leaves. 

Enrddalen, «./. (anr->dalen) Gold leaf. 

Enrddaleoydd, s. m. (enrddalen) A gold-beater. 

Enrdde, a. (anr— de) Covered with gold, gilt. 

Eurddraenen, s. /. (eurddrain) The barberry 
tree. It is also called pren melyn. 

Eurddrain, s. pi. (aor — drain) Barberry trees. 

Enredig, a. (aur) Done with gold ; auriate. 

Enrem, #./. (aur— em) A golden jewel. 

Eurenau, s. pi. aggr. (aur — genau) Golden lips, 
a. Golden-mouthed ; eloquent. 

Eurfaen, s. m. — pi. eurfain (aur— maen) A chry- 

Eur fail, s. f.—pl. eurfeilian (aur—^mail) A gol- 
den goblet. 

Eurfal, $, m.—pL t. au (aur— bal) An orange. 

EurfanadI, s, pi. aggr. (anr— banadl) Dyer'i 
greenweed; also called cor/aacuU, grmglwfnj 
and banadUn. 

Eurflawd, s. m. (anr— blawd) Gold powder. 
Eufflawd ei ysgwyd, his gold-powdered shield. 

Enrfodrwy, s./. (aur — modrwy) A gold ring. 

Eurfodrwyawg, a. (enrfodrwy) Goldricged. 

Eorfrodiad, 8. m. — pi. i. au (aur-^brodiad) Gold 
embroidery ; gold brocade. 

Eurfrodiaw, «. a. (aur — brodiaw) To eokbroider 
with gold ; to brocade. 

Eurfrodiawg, a. (aur — brodiawg) Embroidered 
with gold ; brocaded with gold. 

Eurgaen, a, f. (aur — caen) A golden surface, 
a. Covered, or sprinkled over with gold. 

Eurgain, a. (anr — cain) Of golden brightness. 

Euriraln. merch Mael(nvn Owynedd, a roee y ganwyll vrcti yr 
adar (rwylltiun i ddaujcaws y ffordd i'w cbtrlad. 

EIIRG A i N, thp dauphti-r of Maelgwn Gwynedd, fastened a torcL 
to the wild fowia to chew ibe way lo her lover. Aial»ni«yi««. 

Eurgalch, s. m. (aur — calch) Gold enamel, a. 
Gold -enamelled. 

Clyw riew 

G'walcn yn ennralcb, yn eargaea. 

A brave leader, a hawk In gold mamet. in gold armoor. 

Cfndd*km, iU.ab Mmdmwf. 

Eurged,*./.— pi. Mon (aur— ced) A gold treasure 

Rhed eurgfd crgyd trot Wynedd : 
Rhja j^wynfyd gwan-fardd Arllt«hwedd. 

1'he gold treaaure will take a coarae over Gwjacdd; tlir p^ur 
bard'i ro-id to liapptnen* i» Arllechwedd. ikjn^m. 

Eurglawr, s. m.—ol. enrgloriau (anr— elawr) A 
cover or flat snrtace of gold. 

0«I<1 arijledr ifvilr dir dllyt 
Ar eurgtawr yr arglwydd fthy*. 

lie wa* truly and doabtleoD the trinty pi^terttoa of the goiden 
plain of the lord Khjs. PrgAydd Bgrk,/^. 

Eurguron, «./. (aur — coron) Gold crown. 
F2urgoronawg, a. (eurgoron) Golden crowned. 
Eurgrawn, s. /. (aur — crawn) A collection o( 
gold ; a treasure. 

Or rMd <lTn ilir dyn Arall cr caddiaw peth yaddo, |iedair «vin- 
Uw)( (-vfiMith H gvifl |K-rriicnaw(; y tir aoi agori daiar, ar y pud'l 
fa : onid eurifPAwu fydd, i*an}H brenin biau bob earfirawn. 

If a iMTA'Hi Kliall (lie thr land of another pennn for tSr parf'ow 

If a iMTA'Hi Khali (lie thr land oi anoiner pennn lor v\r p*rT 
nl litiiiiiK vonuthinif in ii, thr owner of the land •liali hate fn 


iH-nre in law for opening thr earth, and th« hoard; exrrpt rt abali 
In- a /rraf Hr< of g«U, for the king own* every hoard of gUd. 

WHth L*wrs. 


Eaifnvydr, «. (tnf^-cnnFdr) Strewed wlA goM, 
sesttmd over with goUL 

Eoriad, «. M.— itf. f. ao (««r) A doinc with gold. 
Eorin, «• (««r) Of gold, like gold, geMe«. 

Arte Owilii M^tanl dllB 

Oy « Ifce kH4 of ■wMinw Ovate, tht pu« ch iai of ^hfw lc 

Ewinw, 9, m. (enria) To mke like gold. 
Earioav^y «• (enrin) Having the oalvre of gold. 
Eirioaw^ «. (eorin) Of the natore of gold. 

Tl cryr oAgjr •anNdMvlf 
Th ytk lya katrtcQilBavL 

•r, Iktae Ck« cmH vj 

EaiiBlIyB, e. n« (eotiB— lip) St. John's wort. 
IiriftWy «. (wnr— Hew) OoM handed ; mnaifieent. 
Enien, «./.— ]rf. «. i (avr— Hen) Arras. 
Esriiii, J. fli. (anr-lUn) The raw sUk. 
Etfiiw, ff. M. (nnr— lUw) Gold colonr. «. Of tiie 

ealoor of gold ; yellow-hned. 
Eorffiw, «. nk (anr— Ulw) That is of goMen eo- 

loar; orpimenty or yellow arsenic. 
Euflri, s. M. mggr» (ani^-Uys) Orache. It is also 

Eamydcddawg, a. (anr—nydeddawg) Ahonnd- 
iar witb colde 

folden circles or arches. 

flMMi TCedvmi tiM 
of Iks bdlUo': Om Ufb horns or the ox. Ihon hort 

Csm,«./. ( 

) The bean-trefoil tree. 

to afaid Ihu Mor wild atlnra wai ferdn. 

Cirrvyy «. au — «!. I. ion (anr— rfawy ) A cold ring 
E siiwya w g , «. (enrrwy^ Wearing a gold ring. 
Esniderawg, «. f aor— «tderawg) L«ced with gold 

Cmnnth, «« m. (anr-gwaith) A gold work. 
EarmOt, #. «. (aar— gwallt) Golden hair, far* 

mBI 9 firwfm^ common hair-moss. 
Eenowdy a. «• (anr — gwawd) Golden panegyric 
«. (aar— gwawn) Odden gossamer. 

TiriSa dvfr lyflod enm^WB. 
eitWdy* fwWriow dftwn. 


' gMtmJlfiMur HrdM, let Om 

Earmwr, «./. (anr--jnvawr) A golden dawn. 

Earvch, a. «. (anr) What is made of gold. 

Earaeddy a. f. (anr— gwedd) A golden, or fine 
aypearaaee. a. Golden-hned, yellow-haed. 

Earveraea, ••/. (aar — ^ern) Lime tree. 

Earwttleii, #./. (aar-gwudl) Golden- rod. 

£arych, a. aL-HsL t. od (anr) A goldfiner, a 
aorkcr in gola; a goldsmith; a worker of me- 
tal i a tinker. 


LAe two HuUn, 44mg9, 

XarychaeA, «. ai. (enrych) The trade, or art, of 
a goldaadtb ; the art of working metab. 

Er ockab cnft eoryehwdi, 
I cfcfl o MoU y4d Mth. 

the aids flTiflMlry iho ««at 10 ft nalthy or iMvoi. 

D, 06 OwUj/m* < rtfmdd. 

Ear^dnwf, a. (eoiych) Of a goldsmith's trade. 
Caiydiwaith, s. m* (gwalth) Goldsmith's work. 

Earjdd, f. flk— fi. I. ion (anr} A goldsmith. 
Cvyll, t. ak diss, (anr) A golden jewel or toy. 


Earyn, # . ai. diai. (anr) A gohlen trinket. 
Enrysgwyd, «. /. (aar— yscwyd) A gold shield. 

a. Having a golden shield. 
EWy a. ak r. What has aptness to glide; what b 

clear, smooth, or sleek. 
Ewa, «. ai. dm. (ewythr ) An andoy in fond ipeath 
Ewach, f . aL (gwaoh) A weakling, or a fribMe, 
Ewain^ f. pi, Qpraint) Yottth, yonng people. . 


Ut tht ■tocUeroas 
lo povof^ lot old affo 

diflid. bM fcr pob 
■fyp widd. 




Ewerddon^/.(gwerddon}A green spotof ground; 

the Welsh name of Ireland. 
Ewerddonig, a. (ewerddon) Like green Erin* 
Ewi, V. a. (ew) To listen, to heai% to attend. 

JBapais mr kts miat^ I haTO listened to the song 

of birds. 
Ewiar, a. (ew) SaMWth; dear; sleek, glossy. 


WtnmAim, % phroiddiio owtw. 

lol Ihy MirniSoiBt awSa oroMlf!, asiVi, oonlf t **d 

Ewlgi s./.— pL <• od (ew— 4g) A hind ; a deer. 

Ewlfod 91 yo rhodiMr, 
Yo woddwoa IT dryafeo draw ; 
ahod—tt o ■oHitiit yo wyMi, 
Eltloo prr aoM gonvyllL 

0iMb oro wandariiif abooC yoodor. to irfdovhood aid vtry 
hnn I <^ rw* Ihey arUlly rittp ■bootror wool of a woatw ho> 
died haabood. r. ^»y«, i t/|r» tarw. 

£win,ia./.— jrf. #. edd (ew^in) A nail of the fin- 
gers, or toes ; a talon, or claw, of birds ; a di- 
vision of die homy substance of the foot of any 
animal, that is divided, or doven. I?irta cUii; 
the screw, er edge of an anger. 

Ewinallt, «./. (ewin— allt) A steep cliff. 

Ewinaw, v. a. (ewin) To nse the naib, to claw. 

Do t pryddotl, yd i ff«odd|«, 

W.U 010. Mowoa^f •-! te. lod-a. pojjj;. h«dj^^ 

Ewinawg, a. (ewin) Having naib, or daws. 

Clywo ^ 

Bwtaftwg, gnfcoffawff poT. 

I oooM haw hOff, /aniiaAod wM eiMM Md itTOM oTniM^ 

Ewinbren, s. ai.«*pl. #. i (ewin— pren) A girder, 

or binder, in carpentrr. 
Ewinfedd, s. f*-^ <• I (ewin— bedd) A nail's 

measnre, a nalL 

•Wtelhdd oil tn iirfbdd wr. 

Thott wflt ooc, ma, i«C a mUPihnmiAh ofaliathla will. 

4. anayolliw. 

Ewingraff, a. (ewin — craff) That is sharp clawed. 
«./. A grimalkin. 

Ewinarwn, a. (ewin — crwn) That b turned as a 
nail, f . M. German text writing. 

Ewinor, s./. (ewin— gor) A whittow. 

Ewinrew.fy.(ewin— rhew) Nlpoing frost; numb- 
ness of the fingers, or toes, from a cdd. a. 

Ewinwasff, s./. (ewin— gwasg) An agnail. 

Evm, a. (gwn) Powerftal; impetuous; bdd. 

Ewnder, «. m, (ewn^ Impetuosity ; boldness. 

Ewni, e. a. (ewn) To become Impetuous. 

Ewybr, «./. (gwybr) What abounds with vdod- 
ty; the firmament; the atmosphere. 

Ewybr, a. (gwybr) Having velo(Bity, full of mo- 
tion ; quick ; nimble. Ka twybr^ quickly. 




lirir ■•< Alhinff 
I (idwfod. ddyfod 
ImH wjbrewjoraf 

Rh»i rl (idu-fod, ddyfod yr haf : 
A UedMH w)bre«Ybr 
A ilawcB haul. 

Truly it U vesatfow, lett it tbonld have an rad, that erer the 
•ammcr ahoold come ; and the f aJriab swi/ie$t movimr welkin, 
aad the tmlliaf mb. D. ofr GwUsfm. 

Ewybraidd, a. (ewybr) Of a swift nature. 
Ewybraw, c. a. (ewybr) To ino?e with velocity, 

to brandish; to ribrate; to glitter^ to shine 

with a trembling light ; to dart. 
Ewybrawl, a. (ewybr) Apt to be swift. 
Ewybrddmd, a. (ewybr — dmd) Swiftly-fierce. 

Ynlithimw aonif Aitbar j xsotho, a*i furaw jn ewybrddrvd. 

Arthar alldcd oot of hit hold, beatioff htm with blows twlfUff- 
JUret, Gr. ah Arthur. 

Ewybredd, $, m, (ewybr) Velocity, swifhiess. 
Ewybren, «./. (ewybr) Firmament, atmosphere. 
Ewybreoawl, a. (ewybren) Atmospherical. 
Ewybriad, a. m. (ewybr) A moving with velocity. 
Ewydn, a. (gwydn) Tongh, clammy, viscous. 
Ewydnaw, v. n. (ewydn) To become viscous. 
Ewydnedd, $, m. (ewydn) Toughness. 
Ewydnu, r. m. (ewydn) To become viscous. 

Ya barawd ei waed ewydn. 
Ready Is hii clammjf blood. X>. ah Gvi/jrin. 

Ewydd, «. m. (gwydd) Presence. 
Ewyll, i, in. (ew — ^yll) The will, the action, or de- 
termination of the mind. 
Ewylliad, s. m« — pL I. an (ewyll) A volition. 
Ewylliaw, v. a. (ewyll) To exert the will. 
Ewyllu, o. a. (ewyll) To exert the will, to will. 

Difefl yt Ulas, 
Huddid cwylliifl, 
Cyn bo clawf via* 

BeddGwifrUof frakc. 

ir be dM rrqolU there !■ no dbfrace, Hoddid wUled It. before 
the frara of the glfantic Uvrfellof became a preen award . 

Ewyllys, «. m.—pl, I. ion (ewyll) WiU^ inclination, 

Deoparth rbodd yw ewyllya. 

Two parta of a flA la the wUL Adage. 

V fenedl noeth ddlarfau k ymcbwelynt ar ffo i*r lie y ceffynt 
waafawd ac amddilTyn; ac nl ba nn iroblr, yn y lie daJy Gillain- 
wri a wna«thbwyd» aM rynUiell wrth ewyllyi Arthor. 

The naked and aaanned nation returned bark Aytaf to the place 
where they couM obtain shelter and protection: aadthere was no 
delay, for imn*ediately Gillanwrl was laid hold of, and dealt with 
arcordlng to the will of Arthur. Gr. mb Arthur. 

Kwyllysgar, a. (ewyllys) Willing, complying. 
Ewyllysparwch, #. m. (ewyllysgar) Willingness. 
Ewyllysiad, s. m,—vl. t, au (ewyllys) A willing, 
or wishing ; volition. 

Ewyllysiaw, v. a. (ewyllys) To will, to desire. 

Ewyliysiawl, a. (ewyllys) Voluntary, willing. 

Ewyllysiolrwydd, «. m. (ewyliysiawl) Voluntari- 
ness, willingness. 

Ewyllysiwr, «. m. — pi. ewyllysiwyr (ewyllys— 
gwr) A wilier, a desirer. EwyUyriwr da, a 

Ewyn, t. m. — pi. t. oedd (ew — yn) Foam, spume, 
froth. Malu ewyn, to foam, to scatter foam 

Ewyn dwfr addewid fwas. 
A yoolh's proaiae is like the /ralA of water. 


Ewynawg, a. (ewyn) Foamy, full of froth. 

Ewynawl, a. (ewyn) Foaming, or apt to foam. 

Ewynedd, s. tn. (ewyn) Foaminess, frothinets. 

Ewynfriw, s. m. (ewyn — briw) The spraying of 
foam. d. Foam-spraying. 

Ewyngaen, «./. (ewyn — caen) A surface of foam, 
a covering of foam. Hoen eugyngaeny the brisk- 
ness of the foamy surface. 

Ewyngant, s. m. — pi. ewyngaint (ewyn—cant) A 
circle of foam, or foamy circle; the breakers 
on the sea shore. 

Ei fwallt melyn 

GerlUw y wen-f trn f orUlw ewyngant. 

Her yellow hair around the white chin, paaaln^ fte bne of the 
/•amff eircU. H. tb Grnilfm. 

Ewyniad, «. m. — pi. t. an (ewyn) A foaming. 
Ewynllyd, a. (ewyn) Apt to produce foam. 
Ewynllydrwydd, t. m. (ewynllyd) Foaminess. 
Ewynriw, s. m. (ewyn — rhiw) The fall of foam. 

Molaf lawn 1 dawn, fne fwawn gw^wd-cbwef ; 
Khw ewynriw i^wyn-frlw ^waoeff :— 
Oloew-dey Wenlilaot. « 

I will praise her of perfect accoaiplishment, of the bne of the 
sweet flowinr ffoshamer : like the pasilnf white faUiugfamm oT 
the wave: Gwenlliant brifrhUy fair. Canudpn. 

Ewynu, v. a. Tewyn) To foam, to froth; to gather 
into foam, froth, or scum ; to despumate. 

Ewy thr, t. m. — pi. ewy thredd (gwy thr) An uncle ; 
also a term of respect to an elderly man. 
Ewythr a modrybf uncle and aunt; familiarly 
used in the same sense as nuuter aid damty or 
gaffer and gammer, in English. 

Ewythr yw brawd tad, neu fam, neo hendad, aea heaibm, nea 
orbeodad, neo orbenfani. 

An unele Is a brother of a father, or mother, or rraod-father, or 
grand-motber, or fieat-giaud-fatber, or grrat-yraiid-niother. 

IVelth Lams. 


FfA, I. m. r. What is enveloped, or covered 
over. s. pU aggr. Beans. Ffaffreinig^ French 
beans ; ffa cochion, scarlet beans ; ffa y gors, 
buck beans, or marsh trefoil ; ffa y mock, hen- 

Ffaced, «. m. (ffag) Curd ; posset curds. 

Ffad, t. f'—pl- f* au (ffa — ad) That is disguised 
or masked. 

Ffo a WDa*r Bedo o'r badell ; drew-son, 
Ffcd ffweision fTad fyssellt ; 
rfo waithj fal Aaf 1 o wellt ; 

Frnrf o waith, fal 
Tliloreff fflel 
Ffod anjfiiloc* enflyh 

■eff metrjn 
Froaydd fyddlbwddyn. 

Tliat Bnlo will run awiy out of tlie paa ; dlsgastinjr is the con- 
duct of the youths of hidden connection; bin work 1« all 
like a blaze of Mraw ; the babbline of tiin feister of the ditcbcw h 
slave of th« scarKlal rene of the dirty fcllnw. 

Bawgm ItuetU, i B. BrwfnUpa. 

Ffadu, r. n. (fiad) To be disguised ; to be cover- 
ed over. 
Ffadw, a. (ffad) Of a dark bay colour ; dusky. 
Ffael, s.f. — pi. t. ion (ael) A failing ; a fanlL 
Ffaeledig, a. (ffael) Failed, miscarried ; fallible. 
Ffaeliad, a. m.-^pl. t. au (ffael) A failing. 
Ffaelu, V. a. (ffael) To fail, to miss, to miscarry. 
Ffaen, «./. dim. (ffa) A bean, a single bean. 



oU If* Witt mCmj^Ami 


Mfuiwaiik! ilb«iddl/MUilMti; 

mmUu kandred Una ! tbere never «•* tti wnBiwwi 
nfMiiwifctei iin'f rnif -r-T-' -"'* r.iVyt. 

Ffebd, J. ». (Set) A shaming away ; a fylng* 
Ffdaw, *. «• (flU) To pot to shame; to hoot 
Ffagmd, #. m. (fiaig) A drfving to extremity. 
Httgiawy V. «. Cffug) To drive to extreoiity ; to 

eabarratoy toponle* to nonplos. 
Ffeigiawly a. (ffaig) Ultimate, extreme; emluuv 

nssingy or pazziiiig. 
Ffeiiiidy «. fli. (flain) A risaog into a point. 
FTdnidwydd, «. pL (ffeinid— gwydd) Pine trees. 

CMbtr gvacwryitad. 
#*•■« iTMf iB Ibe porch, » Mmt oTdlipBtftlioD. miMia. 

Ffeiriad, «. m. (ffi^r) An exposing in a mart; a 

trafficking; a cfaanffing. 
^niiaw, V. c. (ffair) To exchange, to change. 

wo aft flUitefS 

■y*B MkoMl dfM tf ahoeai. 


FfetriaiHy «. (flair) Commercial ; trading. 
Ffeiriirry #. m- — pi> ifelrwyr (fiWr— gwr) A chap- 

■an, a tnfficker ; a dianger. 
Ffeithi^y «. m.— pL i. an (ffaitfa) An effectnating. 
Ft^thianty «. m. 0^^) Effectuation; operation. 
Ffeitfaiaw, «• «• (naith) To effectnate ; to mal^e. 

Ufm wH ffailk ja faetb pob nnw; 
G«r g afr ftT gbrflwap pao arnaf. 

TWa via aoK rm^A- pttMit erery ftabboni one; ft tnatt bmb to 
jntolte Ivtte I ■hill ■liiwrfti "■■ UM^eftace. Id. F» iUek, 

Fftithiawl, a. (ffatth) Effectnating ; operative. 
Frdthiedic,4u (ffiith) Effectnated; performed. 
Ffel, c (9y — el) Snbtile, fine; canning, wily. 
Fpi cmimOf wily is the fox. 

Pkf lip ab RhM fjW tmA-wjcb, 

mi yw I goiir. — 

phfl^ 1^ »A of tkyt of a geacrtMa and liratc tiodfyjhif fe bit 

OwiliiNli, awePo ffil y ffclrn, 
A*l iwyll jB Imdyeba dya. 

t*c taBi» tfM PBcay b erm/if, with hb dccmClOB drtadiag dmb. 

Fiehiddy «. (ffel) Of a snbtfle nature ; sly. 
Ffehog, a. at. (ffel — aig) Preceptive sonrce; a 
Mvereigii, or governor. 

Cvnafaa taer-daa ihag teyraoo* 
Cata ffrtiifi pea diatf* a phea drafoa. 

ThB tenMHlioB of flercc Arc pncedcs the piiacc, a tpleadid 
tmnt tfMmmmttdgt, ddef dnffoo, a chief leader. GwelchwtaU 

FUaig»«. (ffel»aig) Preceptive; governing. 

A d*T ddialff freWr ff^i* nmat 
Fat dea-lew ay'li d/lochaeai^. 

AaA iW two Umiimg dnfoat af floriooa oatrt, like two Iktos 
1^ were peocectlBff ai. LLP. Moeh, 

OrrUe^wl Lf welya* frrm felr-ber torf, 
T«r«yM«rydeIaMer! _ 
YagmA red drilc fCelalg fTer, 
Y4:«B yafvydiiiirydd rbagder. 

■plUhcd Uyvclyo, the theme of the avreeUT-vpeikinB 
je » cioacd! The dragon /0r#inM#. and ofUrbly, wMi 
I alMid ready ia reaWlug, Uooy • da«b oorpM. 

Id. P. Maehf i Lyvcif a !• 

fU^*^ a. fli. (ffel) Subtlety ; craftiness, wiliness. 

FMdra, s. m. (ff^l) Subtileness ; crafftiness. 

f ^ant, s. ai. (ffel) Snbtletv ; cunning, craflt. 

flcirwydd, «. m. (ffel) Subtileness ; craftiness. 

HcfayV. a. (ffel) To act snbtlely ; to become sub- 
tile, vrQy, or discreet. 

Ffeo, a./, (ffy— en) Flowine principle; air. 

Fieocstr, •./.— pi. ncneatrl (iTen— estr J An opcn- 
ii^or passage; an air hole ; a vrinaow. It is 

43 FFB 

alio figuratively used, the same as gwerddyr 
and ffwreh^ for the vagina, in speaking of ani- 
mals; mtffnuirhuwch; fenestrpob benyw, 

aUdBMidd Efa a fbwreyat ; 
TfanyB y tiaUdwal tnifn a Kcdwyal, 
TieWdle flyw Powyt, pel ft'oi^fetyalj 
i^iB dreiddcial yao tb ydd oeddyat, 
Tkiry tNatHOl gwyv ydd ym ir*«diBL 

The aplihalaBilaBi of Era they were UMd to extol; lo the aeene 
I »»• aSed to aaas through they ««ve etcd to keep order, •honid 
tbey bear witliBie Ib tiw plarc of audieBce of the loverelKB of 
Po«y«: when I appeared there aatbej were prcacoi,thrpoKh flaw 
wimdim they beheM me. CfmddOw, 

Ffenestrawg, a. (ffenestr) Having windows. 
Ffenestrawl, fl. (ffenestr) Fenestral^ windowed. 

Torcd diawl, fTeaertrawl (Tan» 
A phwl arf ar ri phUeraa. 

The wtadovred dea. may the devil with ft Uaat weapoa. brca lb 
yUUn. D» a* Owilym, Vrflemmtr ddtrm. 

Ffenestm, v. a. (ffenestr) To make an opening ; 
to make a window. 

Ffenigi, f . m. (ffen) Fennel. Ffenigl heUn faydd- 
awg^ spignel, or baldmoney ; ffenigi y mor, sam- 

Ffer, «./.— pi. <. an (ffy— er) What is hard, or 
solid, what is congealed, or fixed with cold ; a 
severe cold ; also the ankle, or ankle-bone. 

Ffer, a. (ffy— er) Dense, solid; fixed; strong. 

NM moBer aa ffer aa fTyoediff : 
Nia dlfdra caddru cad argiodlg. 

Not a plftdd oae diher tiie airong or the praeprraaa; the Mlgli' 
ty ooea iHU aotcoodcain aaplcodid battle. Gwatehmai, i KM^i. 

ni thechal Bcr fTcr rTrmwddua ; 
Mab QwalB bro gorifahi faryt. 

The aoverdgB cf raag aad aetlTo woald BOt Hee : Ihe eon of Oarala 
the qeick oaieo of the bapploeaa of a coBBtry. . . . „ . 


I ddylir rynalf cynhebvcer : 

I ddtlan aai laa, am IvMaid rfer, 

Tfff^ag tOB djlyag djlelav aber. 

Lkwelyn-to the progt««« of tamalt he |i cftBipared ; lo the 
flood cov4sr<Bg the thore, coreiiag the ttr^t •J*"**?* »»■ »•»• "S^ 
lag of the »a"e that AlU (he bay with wreck. Em. nb Owgawn. 

Fferad wy, a. (ffer) Congealable, that may be fixed 
with cold, or that may be concreted. 

Fferawl, a. (ffer) Coucretive, or coagnlative. 

Fferdawd, s. m. (ffer) Concreteness; coagulation ; 
a numbness with a cold ; a freezing. 

Fferder,s. w. (ffer) Concreteness, congealedness 

Fferdra, «. m. (ffer) Concreteness, congealedness. 

Fferdd, a. (ffer) Substantial ; soUd, firm ; thick. 

.^eth yB waa dara o>r dcyraaa ; 
Clidroalliacoalaa! ,, , 
AI gwlr y w IMd y gwr lion ! 
Oa gwir. Daw troMO Garoii ! 
MaeeMna pyndaa peai^iddr 
A gwn nWrw, ac awea fferdd. 

A part of the Ungdoai la become feeble ; CBdio, »**»'•?"' *»*• 
beeo atalB! la It Urn that the pleeaaut waa ta cui off! If line. 
God pro*per Caion ! there la the lack of the notea of a chief cf 
•ong. MHlOie fer gowa, aad the inmg genUia. ». Tudmr, 

Fferedig, a. (ffer) Congealed, fixed with cold. 
Fferedigaeth, s. m. (fferedig) Congealment 
Fferf,a. (ffer)Substanlial; solid; firm; thick. 
Fferiad, «. m.— pi. t. an (ffer) A congelation. 
Fferiant, ». m. (ffer) Concretnre, congealment. 
Fferis, s./. (ffer) Hard metal; steel, fferis dan, 

a steel to strike fire with. 
Fferllyd, a. (ffer) Apt to congeal, or fix with 

cold ; benumbing, chilliug. 
Fferllvdrwydd, a. m. (fferllyd) Aptness to congeal, 

or fix with cold; freeziness; numbedness. 
Ffem, i,/,—pL t. au (ffer) The ankle-bone. 
Ffem, o. a. (ffer) To concrete, to congeal, to fix 

with cold ; to freeze ; to numb, to be numbed 

with cold, to be chilled ; to be very cold. 
Fferyll, $. m.—pL t. ion (ffer) A metallurgist, or 

one skilled in working metals; also one skilled 

in any handicrafit; an artist in any branch. 

F t 




LlTfTni rljr; lljrUd nrjr rypl; 

LlnrtMU llriiitil«a yiltnt-^ 

Ur)*'lian u (Tiiriutt (teryU. 

Thr Uin|i« nf ib« niinttrrlt; tyr* ni nrn of jor«; romt of 
mnom thr) umm ; or nlrrerkiroai th^ r«Jni of « mrl «Mu/. 

G. at GmilfiMf i Mb p^en. 

Ot mini wybod »rilyiiiberv tir, a'i ddlwjillodn«.*tb, dy«f lyfr (Ti'r- 
yll;r h«D a rlwlr Virgil. 

li' iIh>« wovldrtt know Ihc amrliontinf of laml. and ila c««Ulta- 
lion, l««ro thr book of Gtorgtct, the wbirh I* cilled Vlrfll. 

Gut* Ofmmneg. 
AM fur jrn dcbjrf , wrth fwriad flTrryll. 
I dn o b'««<jll «r dir gwaaud. 

\> lib iu wall aimitar, aflrr tba dcalgnatioD of an ariM. to three 
rwtlv* on lerel land. L. G. Cotku 

Gwrithtaw I marnt, iliar wytbwjnt, 
Gvaitb ffrryll artrotyUfynt. 

Thr J arc vforkiort to makr aecarr araloat eight wind*, the work 
Al a metitilUt ou caHic* lii rormrr tlmea. Gmt* y Gly, 

Fferyllawl, a. (fferyll) Relating to roetmllorgy. 
Fferylliad.f. m.—pL nerylliaid (tferyll) A metal- 

list ; one skilled in metallargy. 
Ffery lliaethy f . m. (fferyll) Cliymistry ; metallargy 
Fferyllr, $, m. — pi. t. iau (fferyll) A worker of 

metals; ametallist; an artisan. 

Fi rhwr y aydd, nid gwydd gwyllt, 
<i rryrf gelf)ddyd rrerylit. 

Tlic t'>p of tt« angle la, not of aplltting wonH. but nf the Sm 
wurk of tW rnttall'*!. If. mb GwU^m, Vr 4rtyn. 

MdeV dager e walth fTinlli : 
Gytbrel o hll Gwyddrl gwyllt. 

The dagger la of the work of a nttUrt an Imp of the offapriiir of 
a wiU lrWiiu«n. A. G«rA Ergri, i tVU. Otmtt. 

Fferylltaetli, «. m. (fferyllt) Mechanical art. 
Fferylltiad,».m.-pl. fferylltiaid (fferyll) \ work- 
er of metals ; a hardwareman ; a metallist. 

fY*>ryllUald oedd yn trigaw ya Rhydychaln ryo gwnentbar o Al- 
ffrrd yagol ynddi. 

Hardwarfmen wrre dwelling In Oxford befoie AUVed hid erect- 
ed a irhfiol Iu it. ff«n Hmmesiam, 

Fferylltiaeth, s. ai. (fferyllt) Mechanical art. 
Ffes, «. m. (ffy—es^ What penetrates; subtlety. 
Fff sawd, 9. m. (ffe») Knowledge ; snbtlety. 
Ffesawgy a. (ffes) Fall of subtlety, or knowing. 
Ffesawl, a. (ffes) Of a sabtile natare ; cleyer. 
Ffesig, a. (ffes) Haying snbtlety; clever ; cunning 
Ffest* a. (ffes) Fast, speedy, hasty, or quick ; 

adroit, clever. Cerddedun ffertf to walk fast; 

gwUwio fft^ffe$if to rain fast* 

To*t yd rnyn pob rolledig; 
PfeM yd bawl ckdw«\lig. 

Piteomly dnfh erery coadeianed ooeeoinplaln ; every nereishoaa 
•ue rlaima wiik tyeed* Advgt. 

a rhewi. 

FfcaC a glew y 
Fatt aad ievere It !• frccalng. D. mh Owilrm. 

Ffestin, a, (ffest) Of an active nature ; hasty. 
Ffestiniad, s. m. (ffest) A hastening; festination. 
Ffestiniaw, v. a. (ffestln) To festinate ; to hasten. 

Tarf ar y*(wy«taa, terwynlaw addjag 
lerfyag ffytg Jfmlnlaw. 

Shield* being M^aitered, a beromlag enraged will t^arb the ta> 
M«ilofqaickly AMimiiig. Cgmddrtw. 

Ffestiniaw), a. (ffesfin) Hastening: hurrying. 
Ffestiniawr, «. m.—pU ffestlnorton (ffestin) A has- 

tener, or one who accelerates. 
Ffestrwydd, i. m. (ffest) Speediness; adroitness. 
Ffestu, o. a. (ffest) To make speed, to hurry. 
Ffesu, 9. d. (ffes) To penetrate, to pervade ; to 

have perception, or knowledge. 
Ffctan, «./.— p(. t. an (ffed) A budget, a bag; a 

saucy girl. 

ft| |4irynaf glib tb ffettn. 

I will not but a cat In a t^f. 44*gf. 

G«eil I'l gwr • «e<h I manrf i yt« nog S ffetan. 

fieiter for the man iliai hM Kooe with a glove i* beg for rntn, 
tlivi With • *0g Atlfigt. 

Ffataniad, «. m. v ffetan) A budgeting, m bagging. 
Ffttann, v. a. (ffatan) To budget, or to bag. 

Ffetauwr, j. m. — pi. ffetanwyr (ffetan — gwr; 

One who sacks ; a bag- man, a budget mao. 
Ffetur, s. m. (ffed) What b all outside ; wild oaU 
Ffetus, a. (ffed) What is under cover ; subtile. 
FFI, s. m. r. The act of casting off, or loAtbing. 

intetj. Fie ! 
F6aidd, a. (ffi) Loathsome, abominable, odioas. 

PSaIdd nl charer. 

What la not loved ia dHeHmhie. 


Ffiawg, a. (ffi) Having aptness to recede. 

Ffieidd-dra, t, m. (ffiaidd) Loathsomeness, abo- 
mination ; disgust ; disdain. 

Fiieiddiad, g. m. (ffiaidd) A loathing, or detest- 
ing ; detestation, abhorrence. 

Ffieiddiaw, r. a. (ffiaidd) To loathe, to abominate 

Ffieiddiawl, a. (ffiaidd) Abhorrent, abominable. 

Ffieiddiwr, <. m,—pl, meiddwyr (ffiaidd— gwr) A 
loather, a detester, an abhorrer. 

Ffieiddrvirydd, s.m. ^ffiaidd) Abhorrence, diygnat 

Ffil, $,f,—pl, t, an (ffy— il) That is ejected, or 
thrown from ; a scud, a quick dart. 

Fiilawg, a. (ffil) That scuds, or darts, s./. — pi. 
ffilogod, A wing ; also a young mare, or fill> ; 
a wanton girl. 

Can faint trw*t-gna}«!r arlwyJrcw 
Dwy ffilawc y talawg lew, 
Tygiaym— nal trwU eiddlg. 

From the rrpatneai of the nolay roane oa the haar front of tlir 
two vBingt of the fit roiroe, ■cihongbt it waa the Maatertor of lb* 
Jealout chart. D. mb Owtlfm, i*r rffjjfimwg, 

Ffilcas, s. pi. og-gT. (ffil) Offcasts, old rags. 
Ffiloges, $,f.—pL t, an (ffilawg) A ^rting female 
Ffilor, s. m.—pL t, ion (ffil) A minstrel, a 6ddler. 
Ftiloreg, #./. (ffilor) Vain babbling, idle talk. 
Ffilores, «./. — pi* t, an (ffilor) A female miDatrel 
FAll, s. /.—pi t. ion (ffy~ill) A writhe, a torn. 
Ffiiiiad, i. m.—^pl. t. au (mil) A writhiog, a 

wreathing, or turning about. 
Ffilliaw, V. a. (ffill) To writhe, to twirl about. 
Ffilliawg, a. (roll) Having a writhing motioo. 
Ffin, «. m.—^. t. ian (ffy— in) A bound, a limit. 

Gorwyllala noa vn achadw Urn 
Gorloca rydlao d«fr Dygaa FrcMdJn. 

I anxlonaly watched the night gnaidlng the 
marainrlng forda of the water of Uygeo Vrelddin 

of ibc 

Ffinedd, f . m. (ffin) A conlinity a boundary. 

Arilechwedd, Arfon, EMdioaydd, 
O ffinedd en hanaedd l*r nynydd- 
A glyw. 

Artlrchwcdd, Arron and EMdIonydd, fi 
babitalion to the moantaina, will bear. 

MTintly of ibnr 

Ffinfa, t.f.—pl> ffinfeydd (ffin) A boundary. 

Ffinfaen, t . m.— pl.ffinfeini.(ffin — maen) A WMaa- 
dary stone; a landmark. 

Ffiniad, #. m. — pi. I. au (ffin) A bounding; a aet- 
ting a boundary, or limit. 

Ffiniaw, r. a. (ffin^ To set a boundary ; to border. 

Ffiniawl, a. (ffin) Limitaneons; bounding. 

Ffiniedig, a. (ffin) Terminated, bounded, limited. 

Ffiogen, «./. dim. (ffiawg) A coney, a rabbit. 

Ffion, «. m. (ffi) The foxglove, or digitalis; m 
crimson, or ruddy hue. a. Crimaon ; ruddy ^ 
blushing. GrnddUu ffionj ruddv cheeks; daii 
ffion ffrwtfih, the leaves of the digitalis ; jflom y 
ffiidd, purple foxglove. 

Diiw Btawr avberawdr dyaiadon, 
Dlllwnc dv walcb ttrwyn-falch tirtoa: 
Urwr 0«ain de«radd ttw ffioa. 

Great God llir aoterfign of (Itc »nn« of awn, Ubetatx thy «»ii.« 
aiMl ardently lo««ring hiwk: the Urate Owalu wtlh chr^i» <»t 
Die «-nlo«r of criiiiaan. H. P»*t »t Grt^rt, 

Yitola ffrt o Hon. 
A new rnbr o{ rrtmsw. 

R. GorA, 1% gut4g^» 




Ffitfa, u M. Cffy— ith) A gliding motion. 
FfitbeU, «./. dim,— pi. f. od (ffich) Young salmon 
PfitbeUiad, «. ». fffitbell) A. platting or laying 

tbe upper row of rods in hedging. 
Ffithdiu, V. «. (ffitiieU) To plat tiie top row in 

Ffitfal, f . ak (ffith) A glide, a dart forward. 
Ffithlen, s. /. — pi. I. i (ffithi) A darter, or what 

moves forward by gliding. 

nUklM (Uo. ft pbotfhtavn fo— 
y nctdr. 

A \UmivTgiider, and that is foU of beat u Ibe siMke. 

IV. Utfn, 

mtUeo irc-lklo foeffalcb 

Yw'r 6Ajn. 

«— aovtted rcl perlljr proad !• the fUr one. 

FlfitUiid, «. ■!.— pi. I. an (ffitiil) A gliding. 
Ffithliaw. V. «. (ffithi) To glide, to dart forward. 
Ffith^s, s. pi. ivirr. (ffith) The bindweed. 
Ffla, 9. m. (ffy — lia) A parting off, or from. 
Fflsced, s. J"—^ I. an (fflag) A mass \ a flock. 

PAa««4u • phi* eoedfdd. 
n&Aa «ad pla«ftire of trca. D, *b GwUgt 

Pr eaav. 

F6ad, s. BL (ffla) What throws, or gives oat. 
Ffladr, a. (fflad) Doting, oafish, foolish; fond- 
ling ; using fair words, flattering. 

y dfdyllaaii 

Wf II Sladr a gaa Vt Ikdron. 

The owl gk w y and tiupid tliat alngv to tbc OArrc*. 

D.ab dtitym. 

Flfladraidd, «. (ffladr) Doting; oafish; fondKng. 
Ffladrawly m. (ffladr) Apt to be complying. 
Ffladriaid, s. m. (ffladr) An acting dotmgly. 
Ffadrv, V. a. (ffladr) To act the dotard. 
Ffiag, J. y. — pi. I. ian (ffla) What parts from; 

what is separated, or rift^ ; a flag. 
FfiMm, s./.--pl. ffleimian (ffla) A lancet, a fleam. 
Fflair, s./.--|a. ffleirian (ffla) A feist. 
Tfitts, s. ».— -pi. ffleisian (ffla) A break, opening, 

or rent ; a ravage, a. Open ; exposed. 
Ftba, s.Ji—pi» t, an (ffla) A flame ; a blaze. 

Dvryn tiBai 7 daran 0«eli, 
Oaf warvyfa'a difrtrwch. 

vboii of tke pcrradiDg tbaodcr It look away the plea- 
r play. D. mb OwUfm, 

a haiarn i aorhdthlwi, a*i thywyiogloa kdda. 

1 Arthar. 

and iron he devaatatcd, and her prtneM 
to Artbor. Gr. ah Arthur, 

Fiaoaidd, a. (fflare) Like a flame, flaming. 
Ffiamboer, s. m. (fflam — poer) A vomiting of fire. 

m, Vaariting a name, flammivomons. 
Pflaaadaa, j. m. (fflam — tan) A blazing fire. 

Gasard yd fynrii 

Mai paa gyrch Aaaidan flamdo ytpwnf . 

H* ia wad to lanMlt aa wbeo VbitJUu»ii»M0re pcrradc* the per- 
Ue^mA ««Blt «r Sre. Em. ah M. Hkahawd. 

Ffiamdo, s. m. (fliam — 16) A covering of fire. 
FSaBMlmis, «. m. (fflam— trais) Ravage of flames 
FSAmddwyOy a. (fflam — dwyn) Flammiferons. 

fr«Tr ffyaflad oial fldmlad fliaiaddwya. 
Iff tmolt like a /si 

(eariajr coDfltffrator. 


fflaose^ «./. (fflam) Inflammation ; blearedness. 

Ffltmgoed, «./. (fflam — coed) Sparge, also called 

Flu^gyrch, t. m,-^» i, an (fflam— cyrch) An at- 
tack with flames ; a carrying flames, a. Flam* 

llirbell, fal Fflamddwf 0, d flUaiffyrcliao. 

iit-€x\mkiingt like FSaoiddwya, wcrif hto>lrr-a//a«A«. 

Llfgad Gwr. 

Fflamiad,«. m.— pi, (« an (filam) Fkammatida. 
Fflamiaw, v. a. (fflam) To flame, or to blaae; t9 

inflame ; to be inflamed. 
Fflamiawg, a. (fflam) Abounding with flames. 
Fflamiawl, a. (fflam) Flaming, or blazing. 
Fflamliw, «. m. (fflam— iliw) A flame colour, a. 

Fflamlyd, a. (fflam) Flammeoas, flamy. 
Fflamlydrwydd, s. m. (fflamlyd) Flammabiiity. 
Fflamwch, «• m. (fflam) A flaming state. 
Fflamychadwy, a. (fliarowch) Inflammable. 
Fflamychawl, a, f fflamwch) Inflammative. 
Fflamychu, v, a. (fflamwch) To emit flames. 

Paa raddan radd-fllaia flbuaychai byd aef, 
Yo adder at ooddal. 

Wheo «e voold kindle the raddy Sum It mtm i d Hmxt ap U 
bearen, a dwelling wonld yield 00 safety. if. 9b Omai*. 

Fflasg, a,/,— pi, I. an (ffla— asg) A vessel made 
with wicker; or straw work ; a basket. Fj^Mf 
diiUady a clothes basket 

Fflasgaid, s./.— p/. I. ian (fflasg) A flasket-foil. 

Fflasged,s./.— pi. I. i (fflasg) A vessel of straw, or 
wicker work; a large vessel of straw bonnd 
with briars, like the work of a beehive. Ffia$- 
gedftawd, a meal receptacle. * 

Fflasgn, V. a. (fflasg) To pnt in a basket. 

Fflau, «./. (ffla) A spreading out ; radiation. 

Fflaw, «./. — pi. ffloion (ffla) A piece shivered off; 
a ray ; a dart; a banner ; a shiver, a splinter. 

F0aw clier, o bob aer cafTiel fwytlloo. 

A brif hi rey, from every battle obtalnlnr baatagca. 

Cgwrfitdd Omtnedd a Dtktu. 

Ffle, #. m. (ffal) A hem round ; a dosare. 
Fflecb, s.f.—pl, I. au (ffle) A shrill utterance. 

Nld tebfg, eoyd tyblala, 
Bl fliecn loB 1 flwcb lalt. 

Not at all like (long bave I thongbt) te hie naked iqueuk te a 
praapt vote*. O. ah OmUfm, Vr Sva haek. 

Ffled, «. /.— pi. I. ion (ffle) Restraint; refusal. 
^RAc^ iifn jjMy for fear of refusal. 

Ttledf ffwvthoded ffled I Ellnyn. 

Let blm pay, lei Mm refrain from a rtfiuat lo Oermaaa. 


Pail brynaaant Daned, dnry ffled ealledd* 
Gan Hon a Hengyt, oedd yn en rbyaedd; 
Ea eyanydd ba 1 wnbym ya aafonedd. 

Wboa tbay have baf«lned for Thaaet, Ihtoai^ be* of diaeit- 

Uon, with Hon and HeaiT*, who »era la tnnr caacerj itbcfr 
proqierlty bai been deriveif from 00 wlthoat honour. TmtfeH*, 

Ffled, a. (ffle) Restricted, or stinted; scarce. 

Ymym aar ae arlaat nid ffled. 

I am pocieiaed of goM and silver not fcaaly. U, P. Bhek. 

Ac o*r pryd y profaf nad ffled, 
Na'tb adwB fMa eWwed. 

And from the time I ihall prove that it waa aot acfirrr. that Jesaa 
left thee not to want. id. r. Mftek, 

Ffleg, a.f,~-pL t, au (ffle) Confined utterance. 
Fflegain, a, (ffleg) Squeaking; chuckling. Im' 

JUfain, a chuckling hen. 
Ffleisawr, s. m.— pi. ffleisorion (fflais) A ravager. 
Ffleisiad, s. ^•—jf' ^* &a (fflais) A ravaging. 
Ffleisiaw, e. a. (fflais) To break out : to ravage. 
Ffleimgoed, «. pi. aggr, (fflaim— eoed^ Spurge. 
Ffleimiad, s. m,—pl, ffleimiaid (fflam) A l>earer 

of flames, a conflagrator. 

Pan gycbwynwv 

Oedd nyagtad ffleimiad fflam 


When he aro«e be was the qukk hU»er of the flame at evening. 

CpnddelWf Vr mrgt. RkpM. 

Ffleimlaw, v. a. (fflaim) To lance, to use a fleam. 
Ffleirgi, s. m.^-pl. r. on (fflair — ci) A feisting dog 
Ffleiriad, s. m.— ^1. t. au (fflair) A foisting. 
Ffleiriast, s./. (fflair— gast) A feisting bitch. 
FfleiriaWyO. a. (fflair) To feist, to make a stink. 

FFL 46 

Ffleiriawg, «. (flair) Apt to f^Ut, or to stinlu 
Faeirysi «. m. dim. (flair) A febter, a tdnkard. 
Fflemawr, f . m.— pi. fflemoriOD (flam) A bamer, 
or eonflagrator ; a fogltlve. WeUh Lamt, 

AU 9f aoiMtfiodder y tjdd 



The MSl povM Uibte to be ouUavcd ii » hmnur. 


Ffles, f . M.-^ ffleisioD (ffy— Ues) The dregi. 
Fflew, •.f.-^pi. I. Um (ffle) Tbat keeps in. 

Ll«ir ft flew, fflew d rM ; 
Ucw Cmmi Bbll kf Md. 

A lion M<1 • gmmrdimm, of Mr r^ae; the lioe oTttM fgaed Bm- 
OQ the Twin. Or. UirmMkmifg, 

Ffliciad, <. m.—pl. I. aa (fflig) A darkening. 
Fflictaw, V. n. (mig) To become overcast. 
Fflicwi, t, m. dim, (fflig) That is dripping with 

rain, or dew. a. Driuting. 
Fflicb, «./. — pU t, ian (fial— ich^ A sqveal. 
Fffidiiaw, «. a. (flick) Tosoneak, or to soneal. 
Fflichiawg, a. (fflich) Squeaking, or sqaeaiing. 

XHtr fwllov wediV ffwyliae ; 
PiicbMwf leareil Ojcwn, 
rTroaedlff v frig y Iroa. 

Me weaU Seeire three SUie* aller the hoUdsfi: iqnMlimg sad 
•ed prmeera, prwt^ oe the brow of the hlU. T. Prf «. 

Ffflj, a. (flal— 4g) Tending to overcast. 
Ffload, s. fli. (flaw) A darting; radiation. 
Fllocky «. (flwch) Flying al>ont ; rise ; abmpt. 

Cyd el V dywaichee Ooch 

Ya brMd bafr y brawd dn^ocb : 

NId a llewTch eaawd ailrala. 

Pry4 belch, eed ym lll«*r caleh cale. 

Hieagh the lr«iwleet HM fare* te vfij neeld, ihoe friar hi 
Uaek rthe aneeraocc of the detteaie flMh of dlgnlM wpert wUl 
eehr tare le the eeleer oTlha apleBdkl chalk. D. ah OwUgm, 

Fflochen, «./.— p/. I. an fffloch) A splinter, a rift. 
Fflochenawl, a. (fflochen) Splintered, or shivered 
Fflocheniad, i. m. (fflochenji A splintering. 
Fflochenn, «. a. (fflochen) To splinter, to shiver. 
FAochi, e. a. (ffloch) To aart suddenly from. 
Fflochiad, s . mj^-pl. i. an (fllocb) A darting ont. 
Ffloewy a. (fflaw) Radiant, Incld, bright, daaaling 

Y ddraif 

rSdew a Biyeirtir 


Tha red diagee «tlb re rf i eef eelUr Ukc a S*«e. 

a. OarA EryH. 

Ffloi, V. ۥ (flaw) To dlverte, to radiate; to ray. 
Ffloyn, «• Ml. dial, (fllaw) A shiver; a splinter; a 

shred. Ni iM • floyn, it Is not worth a straw. 

FJIa^/nf nonsense: SiL 
Fflo, s. Ml.— pi. t. on (ffy— lln) A breaking ont. 
Fflnr, s. Mk--pl. f. oedd (ffla) Bri^t hae ; bloom 

Keyoa uii i emr ceutaaa 
Y e»a add Hndala, prld 
Ye erbaap, je axbyvM 

Rhybe Oil CelNr ceUiaaal flar 

d he»c«r; 
iKbywM, ye egbad, ye er^er. 

then haf beee Jallag Caaar whe waet te oblaia the Mgkt gtm 
fro* Mm iovcrriipi of Brilala, ef aMrllorieiw coanc ; Ihrre baa 
haee Mraa ttw aae ef Uyr, a kader ef a boat good la the feat, la 
eecle|y,taihullr,«Bdbitoil. X<. F.lfacA. 

IMfea l*r bvd o derecb 
Elgr bryd flar, • br«l flwch. 

BMMich ef beaelr far the irerld li the Umminm roenlrmiire of 
the If Mph •! mm4t decell. J>. mh OmU§m, 

MIlloB. dillyaloa llawr, 
rt flar 7 flaabewi^ 

A flwyt bei 

I win eellect the aprightly iraMli, ihr Je»eli ef the rnrmA, and 
tte perely fay Maaai of the grcea patUre, apoa iIm rrave of 

Ffl«raldd,a. (fflor) O^a blooming nature. 
Pfloraw, V. n. (fflur) To seem bright ; to bloom. 
Fflorag, s./ Cfflnr) A ship's piow; forecastle. 
Fflaw, s, Mk (ffliO A diverging, a running ont. 
Fflowch, i. Ml. (fliuw) A full or busby hair. 
Fflnwehaidd, a. (ffluwch) Of a bashy nature. 
Fflnwchawg, a. (ffluwch) Waving about. 

Fflw, t. Ml. Cffy— llw) A tendeDcy to spread 
Fflwch,a. (fflw) Prevalent, rife, abandant; 
flush; brisk, lusty. 


The bird with the lo*ely voice cerreet aad ila«A{ the lai 
er the Mwg of the Msorial of Joy. 

Cyw ar hot IcTcfwalr flvcb; 

odd brif ddigi Inich. 
fle a'l Ueiiiaa flwch. 

She Uadeied 
and ^roar^ criea. 

deaihl, ahe with her teettae p 
O. eft Gv^iraiv rr 

Derya fllaai y daraa flwch 
Dag warwyffi'a dIgrlArch. 

The flaarfa y peiat ef the tkmpt theader. It took •*a|_lhe ple»* 


of oar dtVerdoa. D, aS 6w4^aa. 

Fflychiad, s. m.— pi. I. an (fflwch) A breaking oot 

abruptly; a prevailing. 
Fflychiaw, r. a. (fflwch) To break ont abruptly. 
Fflychiawl, a. (fflwch) Breaking ont suddenly. 
FFO, s. m. r. A going from ; a iighty or a retreflt 

Rhaff aaffca el Ihyda ffx 
Pkoai deelbyMf Al will not etall. ddsge. 

Ffo, V. a. (fib) To flee, to retreat, to run away. 


Gwylltio*r forwya fwyo fclawea* 

Owaan a Ifc ffwyaff d phee; 
Ffyaoa'a dcff, fToen BiBaM*B See ; 
E nbca boo. a (Tola lanaat 



The reeMar of the theedcr It «ared the klad aad delkale 1 
who wrapolnf lienelf ckNc raa ##* bead r or a wo rt ; falrty proi 
Inr we bolhTM owey I abe fled, and 1 fled too. 

D. •* Owiifm, 

Ffoad, «. m. (fib) A running away, a fleeing. 
Ffoadur, s. m.—pL f. ion (ffoad) A fugitive. 
Ffdadoriad, s. m.-^L rdaduriaid (ffoadur) A fa- 

aitive, a retreater, or one who takes flight. 
Ffoaduros, «. m. (ffoadar) Fugitive, foaacioas. 
Ffoadwy, a. (ffoad) Capable of retreating. 
Ffoawd, A. Ml. (ffo) The act of retreatinf . 
Ffoawdr, «. m.— p[. ffoodron (ffoawd) FngiUve. 

FWodroa thaf ha S ae. I 

FagUiMB frPM chSaM. & 0. CMAf, Dt44f Mk^dla*. 

Fr6awl,a. (ffo) Fugitive, retreating, or fleeing. 
Ffoc, «. /'.•-pi. r. an (ffy— oe) A focus; a fire- 
place, a furnace. 

Mai daU Rd bendoll l*ai taalaa 

geld y flbe y herwU yBddl,ae 


dor! fVicd 

at Atgooea ! Mer doM y« 

Like la] 
I Ml I 
the aiBidi who ewde It 

irlag bold of aa opre leech baa the tcBjierrd rtecl peln 
ed nef Let the fimmta wherein It waa Billed be erceraed, am 

'^ ""*" • - Howterereltl*: 


Ffod, t. m.— pi. (. an (ffy-^) A shank, a leg. 


AM fed, bollach bach dl hwl. 
A*l gabyttr a'i glaat ya r»bwL 

The plee g h with fta anmU aharp «Ae««, with lia heed, ud i«M 
lyllaleayT "^ ^ O. CWAi. 

Ffodawg. a. (ffod) Having thick shanks ; squabby. 

DfM bwtanff6dawg, see there a thick -legg^ 

mot. JIfoa. 
Ffodiant, s. m. (ffawd) Prosperity, good lack. 
Ffodlaw, r. n. (ffawd) To prosper, to be lacky . 
Ffodiawg, a. (ffawd) Prosperous, fortunate. 

Bedd Mrllyr Molwraawji, nIw foddewf ayawyr, 
FfTafflad flWyr ffedlawr, 
Mab 1 Frwya o Pracbtrlatewf . 

TMa la the grave of Mellyr Motwyaof* of feebly fonlahed aew*«>, 
the badcaer of a/arlaaalr cwrer, aoo to BnnH of BrtYWlotog. 

a. Bfddtm Jftiiryr. 

Ye nya Aherffrew, er fhw fMlewf , 
Ilea o de gwladlg ya IMtUawg. 

la tte coart of AbeHfrew, for tha boaoer ef the /arloMir, t 
heve beee •eeied by the tide of a aoren4ga. JfcUirr. 

Ffodiawt, a. (ffawd) Tending to luck, prospering 
Ffodiogrwydd, s. hi. (ffodiawg) Fortnnateness. 
Ffbddadwy, a. (flawdd)That may be liahted. 
Ffoddawly a. (ffawdd) Of a shining quslily. 




Ffiiddly V. «. (fiawdd) To cast a iplendoor. 
FfinMiad, «. wt.—fLt an (flawdd) An Ulnminiog. 
Ffoddiafai, «• (Oawdd) Plioiplioric. 
Fibddiaiiit, «. m. (ffoddiain) Photphorni. 
Ffoedi^y «• (ffo) FngitiTe, fleeiof , retreating. 
F<oed%iieth, «. m.-^ t. an (ffoedig) Facation. 
Ffied%r«Ydd^.«i.(ffoedig) Fogacity,flightine88. 
Tkif a. «. (](R») To ran away, to flee, to retreat. 

MicbcHf tIdiirvlvfUi s fRo. 

■•wUlBaC^UaciMloeoriteptlwtfficfc Adsge, 

ribtti ddiMTl k«»l with boil 
If lu rteff oTb df bryd tt. 

Fi^ fciwlli^ » cWb the dcvU Uaaelf m«U A IdIo Om lira 
ktimrai Ukf enmMummnem. T. Prwa. 

Pftly a. (ffy — ol) Ronnd, binnt, tIDy, aimple, 
feoliaii, vain. 6«MJ#JkJU,ttaeleii laboar; dya 
^Uy a fddish man ; /ol gent, an ideot* 

rooBih ii evary poor on*. Jisf t. 

YariwB a libido fyMlffoUch. 
HhpiH wlih (fae/M<<«* ud tboo wttt te sMrwyMlfA. Adage» 
TM AwitWo llbl; •■ boo y do, ooi tea y drwf, oc OB ben oo'o 

oT tbo 0l0vr ol «kit to good, tft vhtt k 
tvfi^aadoftwfeBtkokiioinBOi. AotMm. 

Ffeledd, a. ». (ffol) Foolubneu, ollineM, foUy. 

Ta Hihab pockMPd y iMO flUedd. 
fa ovory ilo Ikcra laJhOif, Adagt. 

F&leDy«./w— ^. f. an (ffol) A buttock, ahanncb. 

ft htAh drop goBwedd • roddwii MdoT A hwy o ddywedyot 
ooTf o plioap o lygod oar. 

Ub for 



I oTgirid. /. 8ammtl tU 4. 

Ffbienawg, c. (ffolen) Having buttocks ; ba?ing 

large battocks ; sqnabbv. 
FfiiMs, «./. dtak (ffolen) A little battock. 
Ffoletta, o. tu (flblen) To become rotund. 
Ffoka, «./.— |»i. t. aa (ffol) A foolish female. 
Ffirii, V. A. (ffol) To condemn as Ibolisb, to deride. 

Magmi ya/f #oil, tbey aecnse me of folly. 
noGnebp a. m. (ffol) SUUness, foolishness, folly. 

Nid flUloA ond BMddwdnvd. 
Thcro b BO fMg except dnokcnneM. Aimg*. 

FMoff. a.y«— ^ t. od (ffol) A silly female. 
FfiO^. m,—pL i. an (fly— oU) A broad mass. 

C«rvyo Maco eon ffrir JHgyO tare ; 

-^ Jm top of the fanel by the hUl of DlgoH: every 
eM«fU belMy:UfatheoctloBoftheMifblytokeepa 

L lg wi u t k Bpt. 

FMacii, a./.— ^. /. an (ffoll) A squabby body. 


fMlKh vegil^fiacb gnl-freff. 

Tbe« €nm ait • tcabby nocked weAlirr tdlh o itnltencd 
fciiMiiniiM D. ah OwUpm. 

TMmdmwgf «. (ffoUacb) Having a bulky form ; 
thick aet. Ei ektrdded ynffoUaeharngf her walk 

Ffon, B./^'-pL Hyn (ffy— «n^ A staff, or stick ; a 
cuigd. Ffyn Mr, flie sticks of a drag-frame, 
/ya rheml, the sti^ of a crib ; /ba doa, a tube 
used ia blowing tiie fire ; ffon ddwMg, a quar- 
ter stiff. Ffon 3f bngaUj a shepherd's rod, J^yn- 
■rvyr MfUnf ffynwewft y ploai, cat's tml. 

Trydydd troed t hen ci ffion. 
Tbelhlrd<botorttoi(cdiaUe<l«#'. AAagf, 

Cyatal or dreed a enrrhoffielii flSoa. 
Aec«odoalitatelaelkoildlngora«tjdl. Admtt. 

Ffimawd, «./.— ^. ffonodiau (ffon) A stroke with 
ii • " 

Ffondoriad.f. m. (ffbn-*toriad) A striking with a 
stick ; a breaking a stick on one. 

Ffondoriaw, v. a. (Son— toriaw) To beat with % 
stick, a cndgeliing. 

Ffonodiad,! . w^-^pLt, an (ffonawd) A cndgeUing. 

Ffonodiaw, o. a. (ffonawd) To beat with a stick. 

Ffonwaew, $./.—pl. ffynwewyr (ffon— gwaew) A 
javelin. Ffynwewyr el/ylloa, reed mace. 

Ffor, #./. — uL l.iau (ffy^-or) An opening ; a pass. 

Fforch. s. /.—pi. (ffor) A fork» a parting into 
two blades, or shanks. 

Fforcbaid, #./.— ;iZ. fforcheidian (fforch) What is 
taken upon a fork. 

Fforchawdl. «. /. — pL fforchodlan (fforch— «wdl) 
A kind ot alternate rhime, in prosody. 

Fforchawgy a. (fforch) Forked, pronged, strad- 

Fforchawl, a. (ilbrch) Tending to part into two ; 
forked, divaricatliig. 

Fforchdroed, t. ai.— pf. fforchdraed (fforch — 
troed) A divided or cloven foot. a. Bisulcous* 

Fforchi, o. a. (fforch) To fork, to part into two. 

Fforchiad, t. m. (fforch) A forking, a parting. 

Fforchogi, v. a. (fforchawg) To divaricate, or be- 
come fDrked ; to deave die hoof; to straddle* 

Fforchogiad, f.m. (fforchawg) Forking, astraddle 

Fforchwain, s. /. — pL fforchweiniau (fforch — 
gwain) A small rastic cart, contriveid to be 
drawn either by hand or by horses; it is made 
of a forked trae, the car that holds the load 
being built upon the fork, which rests upon 
the axletree. 

Ffordd, !./.—«<. ffyrdd (ffor) A passage, a road» 
a way. PJw4d JmeT^ a high way ; ^ordd 
droed, a foot way ; aiyacd t #9rdd, aiya«d s 
ffwrdd^ mffned i /ads , aiyasd i bantf mynid ym- 
atlk, mffn€d ikval, to go away. 

Oeapenk ffoidd d gwybod. 

Two peitt of reed |e to kaow It. AAage, 

Adfyd Pfraae «r flb lAirdd nt otyn. 

The tflbetalloa of a Pkaak oa the retreat the wey he dodi not 


Fforddawl, a. (ffordd) Relating to passage; tra- 
velling, wayfaring, s. pi. FforadoUon, tra- 

Malth o^ red, hdb raid ea heMawl, 
MytUen Mrch ffvyr^welrch fforddawl. 

Abendantly of Ihy grece, wttboat the necoMlty of lameediag 
for ihoBf Seat 11006 throw vp tte 

LLlF,Mt€k, iD.mhOwmim, 

Yrd ffonTdollon a*n rhed 
Drwy ytpell a gomaU gwyd. 

Rfi SeMi eatbdy wUl be ran o?er by all the iruw t tUn Intent oa 
IT. Jfiddldem Pff. n. 

Fforddlad, t. at. (flbrdd) A making out, or ex- 
ploring the wav ; a directing the way. 

Fforddiaw, v. a. (ffordd) Toezplora the way ; to 
direct the way. 

Fforddoli, e. a. (fforddawl) To direct in tbe way. 

Fforddoliad, a. m.--fl. fforddoliald (fforddavrt) 
One who shows the way i a guide.' 

Mae 1 m fforddolUd trwy ff^dd at y And hyn ; ya yr hwa ydd 
yn yn ■efyUf ae yn ygilaweojdra dan obaMh y gogonlant. 

it ofiti^r for at tbroagh faith lo this gnoa; in whoa 
I, and rdoiee nndcr the hope of glory. 


Fforddrych, a. (ffor— drych) Having sicht of the 
way, acquainted with the road ; wayfaring. 

— — Dwyndya g wawdo l r, 
A gado Bleddyn gidwai. 

There it a i 

Fforddryeh dman cryaAa erwm. 

TUing away a man of good word, and leaving DIeddn 
Idem ooe, %mgahmi, BlMre^, nod baot Uhe a sidde. 

Or. Orn* i l>. «» Ow 



Hoew feilliDn, dilljrnlon llawr, 

A glwft ben flnr j 9l*»bvirr 

Ariadd Ifor. 

«kl TJ1L*5^"!S^ *!m •prifhUy Irefolb. Ihr jc»eb of (be rrounJ. and 
the parely gaj bloom of tfae frewi pwiurf , upon ihe rnve ot 
'^^' U, oh GwUvm, 

Fflareidd,a. (fflur) Of a blooming nature. 
Pflarmw, v. n. (fflnr) To seem bright ; to bloom. 
Fflareg, #./. (fflnr) A ship's prow; forecastle. 
F6aw, c. m. (fflo) A diTerging, a mooing out. 
Ffluwch, f . m. (ffluw) A full or bushy hair. 
Fflowchaidd, c (ffluwch) Of a bushy nature. 
Ffluwchawg, a. (ffluwch) Waving about. 

F F L 46 

F6eiriawg, a. (fflair) Apt to feist, or to stink. 
PflelryBi m, m, tftm. (fflair) A fetster, a stinkard. 
Fflemawr, t. m. — p2. fflemorion (fflam) A burner, 
or cooflagrator ; a fugitive. Welsh Laws. 

Ail Ajn ■ ii r h e i ttioddcf j fjdd flemawr. 
The aeit penon liable to be ouUiwcd U a bmrner. 

Ffles, s. m. — pL ffleision (ffy— lies) The dregs. 
Fflew, s.f.-^pL i, ion (ffle) That keeps in. 

Uew %, fflew, rle«r ei Klod ; 
Ucw Eocon Efoil bynod. 

A lioD sod ft guordioMf of fair fiine; the lion of tb« fAined Ene- 
on the Twin. Gr. Hiroetkowg, 

Ffliciad, s. ^—pf* t. an (fflig) A daikening. 
Ffliciaw, v. n. (fflig) To become overcast. 
Ffflcws, s, m. dim. (fflig) That is dripping with 

rain, or dew. a. Drizzling. 
Fflich, s.f.^pl. f. ian (ffal~ich) A squeal. 
Ffliehiaw, «. a. (fflich) To soneak, or to soueal. 
Ffflchiawg, a. (fflich) Squeaking, or squealing. 


Dair fwilor wedi'r rwyUau ; 
FfllcUawf lances i Inychton, 
Ffroaiedir ftr frig y Iron. 

He woold dctire three flllle* afler the holidiiy«: sifmealing and 
ieet prancen, proad oo tie brow of the biU. T. Pryu 

Fflig, a. (fflal— ig) Tending to overcast. 
Ffload, «. m. (fflaw) A darting; radiation. 
Ffloch, a. (fflwch) Flying about ; rise ; abrupt. 

Cyd el J dywsrohen floch 

Yd brldd barr y brawd dui^ocb : 

Nid a llewycn eoawd miralo, 

Pryd tadcfa, ond yo Uiw'r calch cain. 

..""l?"!!! ** te'Andeot c-lrtd terni to u^ly mould, ibon friar in 
black ; the appeezmncc of the delicate n^b of dlriiiH<tl mpc. t will 
only tarn to the colour of the apleodM chalk. D. ab GwUgm, 

Fflochen, «./.— pi. t, au fffloch) A splinter, a rift. 
Fflochenawl, a. (fflochen) Splintered, or shivered 
Fflocheniad, s. m. (fflochen) A splintering. 
Fflochenu, t>. a. (fflochen) To splinter, to shiver. 
Fflochi, V. a, (ffloch) To dart suddenly from. 
Fflochlad, s. m.^pl. L au (ffloch) A darting out. 
Ffloew, a. (fflaw) Radiant, lucid, bright, dazzling 

Y ddrai« (foch 

Fflaew a mynwair fflam unwedd. 

The red dragon with radiant collar like a flame. 

Ffloi, V. a. (flaw) To diverge, to radiate ; to ray. 
Ffloyn, s. m.dim. (fflaw) A shiver; a splinter; a 

shred. Ni thai ojfViyn, it is not worth a straw. 

FJlihfn/ nonsense! Sil, 
Fflu, f. m,—pl, I. on (ffy — ^llu) A breaking out. 
Fflur, t. m.—pl, t, oedd (ffla) Bright hue ; bloom 

Rhyba Ull Cetar ceUiasai fflur 

Y emn odd Prrdaln, prid botrar: 

Rhybu Fr«n ab Uyr, He rwyfiador mad 

Yn nrbamp, yn uf^hywlad. yn nxhad, yn nghor. 

fJ^'^ *"* ***" Jallaa Cmaar who weut to obtain the bright gem 
[^ 25 "ojereiirn of BnUin, of meritorioua courwf : there hat 

***IL i" ^f.!*®" ^Lt^^'.^ '**^«'" of • hort good in the feat, In 
•odety, !■ baUle, and in toil. ■ u, /.. Moei. 

Dlgon Pr bfd o dejrwch 
Eigr bryd fflnr, a brvl fflwch. 

BnoBgh of beaaty for the world it the btoomlHg cnontfnanre of 
the Dyaph o( rea^ deceit. 1». ab Gwiigm. 


Fflw, #. m. (ffy— llw) A tendency to spread out. 
Fflwch, a. (fflw) Prevalent, rife, abundant; fuR ; 
flush; brisk, Insty. 

Cyw ar lioiT lef cywair fflwch ; 
Cyfeilydd cu cot elwch. 

The bird with the lo»eIy voice correct and /mA: the InveDlor 
of the Bong of the menorlal of joy. 

D. ab OwUfm, i*r /vyelcA. 

Uestdriodd brtf ddlgrifwch. 
Uaea ei fflo a'l lietiiMi fflwch. 

She hindered •upremc delight, abe with her tralUog planajtc 
and prompt crie.. D. ab Gwifym, Vr/rml^ 

Ouryn mam y daran fflwch 
Dog warwyfa'o dlgrlfwch. 

The flaming point of the abrvpt thooder, it took awmy the olea- 
rare of our dfTeraloo. £>. ab GwUrm. 

Fflychiad, f. m.—pL t. au (fflwch) A breaking out 

abruptly; a prevailing. 
Fflychiaw, v. a, (fflwch) To break out abruptly. 
Fflychiawl, a. (fflwch) Breaking out suddenly. 
FFO, 8. m. r. A going from ; a flight, or a retreat 

Rhftg sogeo nf tbycia fTo. 
From death ^l^A* will not avail. Adogt, 

Ffo, V, a. (ffo) To flee, to retreat, to run away. 

Trwat taran 

Gwylltio'r forwyn fwyn feiowen, 
Owaayn a (To K^yz el pben ; 
FfvnnH'n deg, fToeii niQDio'o dan ; 
L rrocB boo, a fToit innan! 

The romblinr of the thunder it wared the kind aod deltcnte maid. 

r.^*J!7ll^/^*™^''*^.'°^*'5i*f^^"^ '•"«"«*'; f*lrty prosper- 
ing we both hted away ! the fled, and 1 fled too. ' •- i^ 

D. ab GrUgm. 

FHiad, ». m. (ffo) A running away, a fleeing. 
Ftdador, s. m,—pL t, ion (ffoad) A fugitive. 
Ffdaduriad, s. m.^pl, ffoaduriaid (rdadur) A fo- 

jfitive, a retreater, or one who takes flight 
Ffdadurus, #. m. (ffoadur) Fugitiye, fogaciona. 
Ffoadwy, a. (rdad) Capable of retreating. 
Ffoawd, «. m. (ffo) The act of retreating. 
Ffdawdr, #. m.— p/. ffdodron (ffoawd) Fugitive. 

Ff6odron rbaf holioo. I 

Pagiticet from clalma. L. G. Cotki, Ihddf HAmddUm, 

Ffdawl,a. (ffo) Fugitive, retreating, or fleeing. 
Ffoc, s. f.—pl t, au (ffy— oc) A focus; a fire- 
place, a furnace. 

Mai data gej bendoll I'm toiitea yr halam dor! Poed emendi- 
gftid y fToc y berwid yoddi, ac y go^ a'l dtgooea ! Mor doat yw ! 

Like laving hold of an open leech ba« the tempered «eel pain- 
ed me! Let the /WnMc« wherein it wat melted be accoraed, and 
the •mith who made it : How severe it l» I 

U. CmtAwek—Mabimogion, 

Ffod, s. m.—pl. t. an (ffy— od) A shank, a leg. 


A'l fod, bellach bach di bwl. 
A'i gebyttr a*i glutt yn g«bwl. 

The plough with iu toiall aharp thoHk, with lu band, ud lot 
ly ila loop. £, a. Cbtki. 

Ffodawg, a. (ffod) Having thick shanks ; squabby. 

Dyna bwtanffodatcg, see there a thick -legged 

runt. Mou. 
Ffodiant, s. m. (ffawd) Prosperity, good luck. 
Ffodiaw, e. «. (ffawd) To prosper, to be lucky. 
Ffodiawg, a. (ffawd) Prosperous, fortunate. 

Bedd Meihr Molwynawj^, aalw foddawf aynwvr, 
FM«pia<l frwyr ffodtiiiwi;, 
Mabi Frwyn o Frechdniawg. 

Tht» is the gra»e of Mciijr .Molwynog.of feebly -famished senve, 
the bastener of ik fortunate career, son to Drw>ii of Brrclieioio*. 

B. Brddau MUteyrT 

Yn llys AberlTraw, er fbw ffodiawi^. 
Bom o do gwledig yo lldthiawg. 

In the court of AberfTraw, for the bononr of Ihe fortumate, I 
btve been seated by the aide of a sovereign. Metlyr, 

Ffodiawl, a. (ffawd) Tending to luck, prospering 
Ffodiogrwydd, s, m. (ffodiawg) Fortunateness. 
Ffoddadwy,(t.(ffawdd) That may be lighted. 
Ffoddawl, a, (ffawdd) Of a shining qualitv. 




Ffmrdd, «. n. (ffraw) Promptness of action ; 
if^titioii, tmnnlt, or confosion. 

Oat a dyf«T« ar y davdd 
Ovtdi cvM^ffrmv, rwvdl flkmwM ; 
Gvaa with wlii j^Mrto f ndrMidd. 

Aaak Mk ffivmi vpoa Sm dykA after th««llllBg of Mood, 
^ iMnlf : WW friMB lk« ^mte aad eoalenDoo of er «in«. 




fodiet flkawdd o«rM ffitM, 
fiVvvddM ftrydlatt. 

Ike immmU of Hmt gUaiBlnff cqU, ihe 
IMI or taaattaooa loncntk 

Ffls w Jd , «. (ffrmw) Prompt or ready to move ; 
tmdtooaty agitated. 

■ nrwyiiAtvr a'n 
o m^ m M fuaa add h^ laddlaw. 
GMhml mdaa; 

TW laadf giaad» ktaklr tnlM^ 
fraa Iha imiia< gaod wilt of Um 
Vtflftoto hb jcMIb: ha iten obui 

tnlMd t» iha tfMto w» 

■atar t tcn, «tlho«l otatractlon. 

obuia oar praMei*. aaetailar itnln* 

- - - - i o. " 

Ffnvddawlyfl. (ifrawdd) Of an active tendency. 
Ffnaddeo, «. /. fflrawdd) Emotion, bamonr. 
FfniHdeBaa, «. (ITrawdden) Hamoonome. 
Ffnuddced, «. f ffirawdd— ced) Pronpt of gift ; 

arafina, liberal. 
FfraiNldiain, a. (flrawdd) Having activity. 

If dyfa dnOff Ua ya IJaMf 




Ok «aa of lorwcrth, tke mm of Omia, the mmimmtti 
Ike leader of a koet la Mae larpcBik^ 

FfmiddWat, «. «. (ffrawddlaln) Plenitude of 

notkni ; agtlibr, or nimbleness. 
Flifrnwddo, a. a. (ffrawdd) To move promptly ; to 

be active, or lull of bastle. 
Fftawddon, t. at. (flfrawdd) A commotion. 
Finwddoniad, #. ai. (ffrawddnn) A patting in a 

^te of motion ; a making a bastle. 
Frrawddaniaw, a. a. (ffrawddan) To pot in a 

itaie of aMtkm ; to agitate ; to be bnstUng. 

mdi ; af ddeafkym i yaw er ffiawddaaiav bwyd a 
or caffkf fy aghyfanr*. 

— ikwch: i did not coiae bere far tta whe of re wawl a f 
« -d «.*, i-l that I .ay o»*-J -iSJStj^^,.^. 

Ffnvitldiialawl, a. (fifrawddnn) Apt to agitate. 
Pftaaddna, a. (ffrawdd) Tnmaltnoas, agitated. 

«odr1 tael, ef baJU nl ffvaald, 

O ddvfr ae aiwyr, ac oaald a phridd, 

A flrawddaedaa ai pbaU. 

t raa fo iw, hit UOam bv aol beea fonoMd, of water 
aad »attrr, and meUvt Sre thee ccaaetli aot. 


ar bob PIkaac Mtawddee fykh. 
Aa caa to avery Fraafc of I 


Fftawddosrwydd, «. as. (fTrawddns) Tnmaltnoas- 

■ttt ; a state of activity, or bastle. 
Ffre, «./. (Hy— rbe) A quick or sharp noise ; a 

FTree, a./, (ffre) A chatter, or chattering. 

Ockel d fftac sMwa tec-oMd. 

to bcr rAott«r fa tha fair wood. . ^. .. 

Ffteg, s./. (lire) A chatter, a babbiiog ; chat, 
nrcgawd, a. /.— |il. ffregodan (ffreg) A preach- 

Och », ood tcs dy ffregawd ! 

c.lrf«.b«^bow f-r ^rgriS^o^k, 

Ffrcgodi, a. a. (ffregawd) To chatter, or to talk 

abberiih ; to weak alTeetedly. 
Ffrcimg, «. (ffraln) Of a prompt, free nature ; 

of u free, or fall growth. I>ya ffreinig, 
Vol. II. 

a gigantic person ; coUen ffninig^ a walnat 
tree; caaa .treinig, walnuts; eithin ffrein- 
igf the greater furze ; btrwr ffreinig^ garden 
cresses ; Jfa Jfreinigf French beans ; y freeh 
ffreimigy venereal pox ; Uygod ffrewig, rats ; 
ceUitutg ffreinigy a turkey cock. 
Ffrengig, a. (ffranc) Promp, frank, free ; of a 
prompt, active, or free nature ; of a free, or 
full growth ; Fronch. 

Mid oedd ddilr, ffreoflr ffriw, 
I^baddleat doe 1 hed^w. 

The nleesara of yeMerday, of PrcaddScd Dko, waa aotbiaf l\\u 
that orto-day. If. oA Owilya. 

Ffres, a. (ffre) Active, vigorous, pure, fresh. 

^ Fftee tvf Uagar a bywoO, mU taidd dali a flaavrltt, a bakat 

fWeS the gMwIh of aboola and fcnaa, tike the breaUaf oat or 
lea?ea» aad ftaen grvm, aad the bade of (lowera. Hnnfito*. 

Ffresg, a. (ffres) Active, pure, or fresh. 

Ffresgaidd) a. (nVesg) Of a fresh nature. 

Ffresgawl, a. (nresg) Tending to make fresh. 

Ffresglad, s. ai.— pi.<. an (ffresg) A freshening. 

FAresgn. a. a. (ffresg^ To freshen, to grow fresh. 

Ffresuid, a. hl (ffire§) A IVeshenIng, a briskening 

Ffreslaw, «. a-lffres) To freshen ; to grow fresh. 

Ffresiawl, a. (nres) Freshening, refreshing. 

Ffreoad, s. ak (ifnn) A spouting, a gushing out. 

Ffreuaw, a. a. (fifran) To gush, to spoat out, to 
spurt; to flow, to stream. Gtosed ya ffntutw^ 
blood spouting out 

Ffreuawl, a. (ffran) Oashing, spouting, spurting. 

Ffreulad, «• m. (ffraul) A purling; a rippling. 

FfVeulaw, a. a. (ffraul) To purl ; to ripple. 

Ffreulavfg, a. (ffrael) Purling, rippling, gurgling. 

Ffrewl, V. a. (ffraw) To interpose in an affray : 
to make up a quarrel, or to pacify. 

Ffrewiad,f. m. (ffrew) An Interposition In an 
affray or quarrel. 

FfrowylU #./— p<. «. (ffraw) A scourge, a whip. 

Ffrewylliad, t . ai.— p/. i. au (flfrcwyll) A scourg- 
ing, whipping, or flagellation. 

Ffrewylliaw, a.a. (ffrewyll) To scourge, to whip. 

Ffrewylliedig, a. (ffrewyll) Scourged, whipped. 

Ffrewylliwr, s. m.— pi. fifrewyllwyr (flfrowyll— 
gwr) A scourger, or a whipoer. 

Fffearyllydd, s. «.—/»!.*. Ion (ffrewyll) Scourger. 

Ffrewyn, a. a. (ffraw) To alla^ an affray. 

Ffrewynawl,4.(ffrewyn) Tending to stop an aUray 

Ffrewyniad, t. m. (ffrewyn) A stopping an affray 

Ffrewynu, a. o. (ffrewyn) To stop a quarrel. 

Ffrewynydd, «. ai.— pi. t ion (ffrewyn) One who 
Interposes to put an end to an affray. 

Ffrid, «. «.— p«. *. iau (ffy— rhid) Sudden start. 

Ffridd, f./.-i»l. t. oedd (fly— rhidd) A forest ; a 
plantation ; a track of ground inclosed from 
the mountains ; a sheep-waik ; a track inclosed 
on the side of hUls to turn cattle into at all 
times. In the extent of Anglesey, it signifies 
a tenantless farm or land, i^ridtf Celyddon, 
the forest of Caledonia. 

Mae'r (Tridd o wydd Morelddiv 
Wedl bwrw oil byd y brif ; 
Ktto hefyd i lyftuit 
O eiin coed again cant. 

The Mrrb of the wood of Moreiddlf has abed ita leaves oeltc to 
J«to^^ln nevertbele.. ^j;:^^,^,,^^^^/^^* 

Ffriddlys, «. m. (flfridd— llys) Wood anemone, 

also called ^friJdogea. 
Ffril, s. m.'^pl. f. Ion (fly— rhll) A fickle one ; 

mean thing. fjfHI o ddya, a fribble of a man. 
Ffrill, «. «.— pi. i. Ion (ri^-rhUl) A tvrlttcr, a 

chatter. FfriU adar, twittering of birds. 


P F R 


r F R 

rn^ USUI, i m'*u»*r. 

* kM ■■?■ iMC 'ami 3e in Ji» vij. tiaa tfta^ lax^I k* 

«. «.— !ic f. 5i«l 'aor — est' Am iap«5- 

? iirnscrv. «.^?fc R*fci£i«^ to a forest. 
?*nr»?5€iatt. s. «.*« A iit;»kiii2 into a forest. 
* •iir^ani. t c i»»oe*c T* nake Toid of wavx ; to 
•wcmz JKH a mt-sc ; k> iMrest- 

FSir^^Trr. «. bl — fL face»twirr ficre»t — gwr^ A 
mroDer, <ir kiCt^p^f- of a unrest. 

1» •«!«; -^rnrttcii 


mu Mil. *ee m. #. «f t; nt^o.. 

*^»i""*!*i- «- '"-— ?^ ^»« '^'X' — €t^ A tWtVir. 

5»-3wr • n* 

tf ^ ::»>«» 

a.W a 

A« t^ i^ 4; .. ^ « . 


F'-'iriiii- i. K. — ft. f- 2« !f>r E\BJorario«- 
F^'irar*. r. «> #jc rv> eioicrv a wjr ; to 50v>«t. 

F?»ir;wT. «. m^ — »i. feorxr !fcr — ffwr 0»< who 

e\3Miot» a way ; a *CTMit_ 
FtJi». »./.—#». r. %'iii tfSk— ^ A dit-ii. a tnfacli. 

Ftii-siwxi, «. ai. — 3L f'.'TH.dua ioe" A ix>a . a 
*f r'i*.*, <ic cut wiia 4 

FTn<=tbii jj, «. Qraeih) Of flnent ntteraoce. 
Firartii-ur. ». «.— ^. tfraetbeiriaa (ffraeth— ^air) 

Aa eioqcent e\prc3««ioo; a repartee. 
Fi'rarikiwe, «, ifiraetb Havinf tree utterance. 
FtraetkkwL«. ffraeth Freely uttering; floent. 
FrVa^rWer. s. «« crAeth) Flaency of speech. 
FTr»e±^£>, f./. tf'rieta An oration; oratory. 
Ffr»e:i^:awU«. ixra<th<b: Oratorial. 
Fmcih^c<j«i, #. k. ^raetheb) Tbc act of haran- 


Firaetteb«, r. c (fnetbeb) To barangae. 

TW iCKacv «< eM^-«c«M iLSctet <« A«r««f«< and to divnarv 
'^^^ U. Prrrt. 

Fira^th^U. <- dra^th Endaed with flnency. 

Frr^tfta^i j, J. «, ifraeta Flaencr ; eloquence. 

Fr"n<:bir«b, f k. ifrieth Flaency; eloquence. 

FiVir; :!ic:£u r. «, iFn^ttawr To make eloquent ; 
to becc-xe eio»iaea^ or of daent speech. 

Frrie -^co--^. $. j. lYraeth Art of elocution. 

Kirua, «- tfra Acoa»iiQs with promptitude, 
t'^acka^*, o€ t^e1^::c^n of' action. 

Firum:. » ^ rnia France. Ffrimc ddwyrem- 
t'sri. Fnaojcua- 

FiVaL #, «- — »;. I. oedd ffra>. A skipper. Rhyv 
f-i, * 11 1"%, a balr-bnkiccd person. StL 

Tirujzs:^ *^ «. — pi. t. cti nn An actiYe one; a 
}-':th: a tV^atia; a Freoohotan. Different 
tri>fs ci Ce^ts weot cnd^r the appellation of 
Fnok*. Tkff cve.rte at> at the <eine were so 
ci- <\i be ion? ck« Fnul< o< Gern&anv settled in 

F:r Anc. «, ifn Prx:«i;»< ; active : free or fnmk. 
FTnisov'a. jl »». ^rr^- ifnac The bearer. 
FinDtr. *- ■».— »%. r. 3 a tfra Pewter. 
Fthjo. », «t. nra A nai. a ftreaai. a torrent. «. 

^lo." I «vni.ii«--iiif >i««r. lau 

V '^rr*- 

F'-Jw- ?- «> i»M Ti ii.ike i r^scii ;r a^4.e. 

F oaiMiiiMi. ». ^ £j8awvi Tj oso. :i» dui:<ii. 
F'.ufiO. ft. WL f*!* Jk. arejiLiU ria, jr ornaoe- 

l ; . .r-i I 4 .> • LTi« B- ^ wn . 

J^l!><U I Dt-T^ • CI 

•* a t>« 

V U.>i and 

F'N iB w a , IL w. "fiw A r»afr : a ♦w:ri. 
F'i.'Ci. u'. — w. r. w "f^ — )rh X r.iiTi vr^^ff. 
F'licir^'L *►/ — •»- '- m "fjcj \ ^^"aJ, X ^il>^Y^ 

F^Vio-'. jL «. — »•.'- frsfakra Bra A rippling. 

Fn Jk». * w. r-'n Prvcrt ra»»^ to kotc. a«:ita- 
nc; >:r^> r;». x. \;c;rA;r\i. tHiil of motion. 
-4it .' _f'/a\ 1 ^rvsk ril^ . -?i jfr^tr. a coort tall 
V t" ^a^ci";: : rxu /'•^xa-. xa ^.^rt leader. Ab<r- 
T'-ix". :a ^i.a. lo^; "^j^ *.^f ti»< riier F/rmr into 
!ii;f st-A . X I >.^f c^LTrTrxrevi r'cr bfin^ th^ cLief 
rv>A\:;;30f ci i^-e pr\aot> c* Ncitk Wales. 

^ » » .1 V'> .-^1 ^1' I.- 

^n i' v *». •■ IL -. 1- • It . ; >';i-. 

•"-'•: , v. ^ i; ). — il--. T>v 


y.-i'^^.. s. -n. y. 2"r,c Xtt ifrxw Commotion, 
cr S-x: e N: x'I'l: 'xv^ j T^at^, fee ZkkXiie DO 

iT\rxT .c>;.sr. 


Pfnwdd, «. Ik (ffraw) Promptnets of action ; 
agitatioii, tnanlt, or confmioo. 

Dar • ijtwf ar j cla««M 

G«M with vto y«£rto 



*t Mm iftcr llM 




hall of taaallBOM torraalk 

cM, Ike 

FAawM, «• (ft»w) pRMBpt or ready to novo ; 

^ Tka raMf aiaiib feMMf uilMi •» il 
bM IW jww;^ iMiwftl oTtlM wamm 
We akMla Mi ilMli : te tteli ahUla ow 


Ffirawddawl, c (ilrawdd) Of aa aetife teadcaey. 
Fftawdden, «• /. fflfrawdd) EmotloBy haaMar. 
FframldeBai, a. (IFrawddea) HanaoitoaM. 
F ftaarddg ad^ a. rflrafMld--ead) Praaipt of gift ; 

P^ipddbia, a. (ITrawdd) Having activity. 

iMk Oiidii i> awJiHiii ilHwHi liaif, 
Cr4y«i4nlf Ua !■ IMV MMmI. 

the MB «f lonrcrA, ih« m* of Ovata, te < 
W feM kWB Ite lM4«r cTft hMlto Mm fwm 


PfmrddiaiBt, t. ai. (ffrawddlalD) Plealtade of 

motioa ; agility, or oimbleoeM. 
Ffrawdda, «. a. (ffrawdd) To aiove pronplly ; ta 

lie aetivOy or fall of battle. 
Ffrawddan« «. m. (ffrawdd) A eommotioo. 
FfrawddaBlad, «. m. (ffrawddon) A patting la a 

ftate of motloB ; a makiag a bottle. 
Ffrawddnniaw, e. c. (ffrawddna) To pot in a 

•tate of HMtkNi ; to agitate ; to be batttlag. 

or aflhf fy agkyfarvt. 


drink, kal thai I mtj okUta 

Ffrawddaalawl, a. (ffiawddan) Apt to agitate. 
Ffrawddasy a. (flrawdd) Tamaltnoat, agitated. 




iMl, «i kaW Bl r«MM. 



Mtov kaaa 
, aad adiw ti« Onl 


As cat to •*«ry ffkaak af i w llB a y c^ ^^ 

Ffrawddntrwyddt c m. (ffrawddnt) Taaaltnoat- 

nett ; a ttate of activity , or bottle. 
Ffre, t./. (fty_fbe) A qaick or tharp aoite ; a 

Ffrecy #./. (ffre) A chatter, or ebatteriag. 

Ockd fl mat Mvi 

la ker tMmttm to Ika Mr 

D. aft ««%■, IV rfdyflnaa 

Ffreg, f./, (ffre) A ehattcr, a babbliog ; chat. 
F frcgawd y t. /.~pl. ffregodaa (ffreg) A preach* 

Ock il, oad toK 4f ffragawi ! 

IW ^«c« toka tkat. kav ikir tkf fmrftaM«< / 

A. Iflwyrf OarlM*. 

Flregodi, «• a. (ff'regawd) To chatter, or to talk 

fpblMsrbh ; to tpeak affectedly. 
Ffreiaig, a. (fTrttB) Of a prompt, free natare ; 

of a free, or foil growth. Dffn Jfreinii, 
Vol. il 

a gigaatk penon ; eMem Jf\riwig^ a walaat 
tree; raaa freimig^ walnott; Htkin freim- 
igf the greater forie ; berwr Jfreinig, garden 
crettet ; jf» J/Mmig^ Preach oeant ; y freck 
jfreinig, venereal pox ; lU/g^d jfremig^ ratt ; 
cMamg frtimigy a torkey cock. 
Pfrengig, a. (ffranc) Proap, frank, free ; of a 
proBipt, active, or free natare ; of a free, or 
fhU growth ; French. 

aM aaaa aMlr» Oiaaito flHv. 
Drk^dtoMiaa I kat%«. 

^TW j ihaaiia af laaaniar, aT PrcackMai tn^ «aa aaMa 
tkal afto^f. x». mk tfwMi 

Ffret, a. (fTre) Active, vigoroot, pare, freth. 

, PAaa tvf ktofar a kr««ll, aMi tortt 4aU a itoaw tBl, a kalwi 

X». a* OwUgm. 

Prmh aim ftaatt af tkoali aai arrw. Vka Om ki«akii« oal af 
Itovai^ aad gtaca fraM, aat tito Ma al tiommn, M^rd^M. 

Ffretg, a. (flM) Active, pare, or freth. 
Pfretgaidd, a. (nVetg) Of^a freth natare. 
Pfrcigawl, a. (ffrev) Tending to nnke freth. 
Ffretgiad, a. ».— pllf. an (ffretg) A fretbenlng. 
Ffkctgn. V. a. (ffretg) To t rethen, to grow freth. 
FfratM, tL au ((ht§) A IVethenlng, a britkening 
Ffretiaw, v. a. (ffret ) To frethea ; to grow IVeth. 
FfiretlatH, a. (firtt) Frethening, refrathlng. 
Pftennd, t. a^ (ffraa) A tpoating, a gnthing oat. 
Ffrannw, a. a. (ff'raa) To gnth, to tpont oat, to 

Gawra jfa t\riimw. 

tpnrt; to flow, to 

Hood tpoating oat 
Ffreaawl, a. (ffran) OntUng, fponting, tpnrting. 
Pfh^nlnd, t. wu (ffraal) A parling; a rippUng. 
PfVenlaw, v. a. ?ff^aal) To pari ; to ripple. 
Ffraalawg, a. (fmal) Parling, rippling, gnntling. 
Fftewl, a. a. (ffraw) To interpote in an affray : 

to nnke ap a qaarrel, or to pacify. 
Pfrewiad,*. m. (ffrew) An Interpotltlon In aa 

affVay or oaarrel. 
Ffrewyll, t./— p<. f. (ffraw) A tooorge, a whip. 
Ffrewy Iliad, t. ak^jil. f. aa (ffrewyu) A tcoorg- 

ing, whipping, or flagellation. 
Ffrewylliaw, a. a. (ffrewyll) To tcoorge, to irhip. 
FfrewylUadig, a. (fTrewyll) Scoargad, whipped. 
FfrewylUwr, t. ai. — pL ffrewyllwyr (ffrewyll — 

gwr) A tcoaiger, or a whipper. 
Ftrewyllydd, t. m.— pi. I. Ion (ffrewyll) Sco a r g er. 
FfVewyn, a. a. (ffraw) To allav an affray. 
Pfrewynawlya.(ffrawvn) Tending to ttop aa affray 
Ffrewyniad, t. m. (ffrewy n) A ttopping an affray 
Ff^wynn, a. a. (ffrewyn) To ttop a qnarrel. 
Ffrewynydd, «. m.— jrf. I. Ion (ffrewvn) One who 

interpotet to pat an end to an affray. 
Ffrid, t. 81.— pi. f. Ian (ffy— rhid) Sadden ttart. 
Ffridd, t./.— pL f. oedd (fly— riiidd) A forett ; a 

plantation ; a track of ground incloted from 

the mooataint ; a theep-walk ; a track incloted 

on the tide of hillt to tarn cattle into at all 

timet. In the extent of Angletejr* it tignifiet 

a tenantlett farm or land. F/rtdd Cttjfddon^ 

the forett of Claledonia. 

Mac>r ffridd a v|dd MoraUdtg 
Wcdi kwnr all byd y krif ; 
ROa kciyd I lytail 
Oaglacaad agato 

Tka MTft af Ika «ood at %lor«Mdit kaa akad lli IcavaaaaMa to 
Aa ton. aiato a nart h ak aa ikrv «UI grow la tkmMaad* af joaag 

Ffriddlyt, t. oi. (ffridd— llyt) Wood anemone, 

alto odied friid»gfm* 
Ffril, t. ak-pL «. ion (fiy— rhil) A flckle one ; 

mean thing. lyrU • ddaa, a fHbUe of a man. 
FfriU, t. ai.-^. «. Ion (ffy-rhUI) A twitter, a 

chatter. FfriUUmr. twittering of birds. 





TfrjmBt «./. dim. (firwd) A UmmleWa tlraaak 
Tfrydtmd, i. m. (ffrwd) A ■treuiing; a llowiaf. 
Ffrydiawy v. a. (ffrwd) To ttreain ; to ma oot. 
Ffrydiawl, a. (nrwd) Streaming; gosbiiig. 
Ffrydioledd, t. m.(linrdiawl) FlowlngneM|floUlity 
Frydiolrwvdd, «. ai. (mydtawl) Ploidity ; flaeocy. 
Ffrymaidcu a. (nVwo) Vicoroui: Inxuriaat. 
Ffrymiad, I. m. (fTrwrn) A rendering vigoroat; 

a becomiag ▼Icoroai or laxoriaat. 
FlVymiaw, a. a. (ffrynn) To make prolific or Inx- 

ariant; to become vifforooa or laxariant. 
FiVymiawl, a. (ffrwm) Of vigoront qnality. 
Ffryn, fl. «. (ffy— rhyu) A qntver, a shadder. 
Fl'rysiad, a. «.->^ i. an (ffrwa) A briskly driving. 
Ffryaiaw, v. a. (ffras) To impel briskly ; to be 

barryiog or haatening. 

Ferch hoew-lMi w ferch belli 
Vm ffrTilmw ion, ttlf iry4 v- 

The •a^Bcw, Uke a briik Mr tody od b alnd arbrlBe Aturviaf 
•« tbc wave, tboa art p«re. D. ttmjf^, ak Grugrndd. 

Ffryiiawl, a. (flrwa) Briskly impelling; horrying 
Ffry ttell, f . m.— pi. t. oedd (ffrwst) Hnrly bnrly. 
Ffrystellach, f . fli. (ffrystell) Hurly bnrly, bastle. 

V. a. To bustle, or to be all in motion, 
^frystelliad, a. m. (ffrystell) A bastllng, or bnr- 

rying about ; a being In a hnrly bnrly. 
Fl'rystello, r. a. (ffrystell) To bustle, to hurry. 
Fl'rystiad, a. in.--pf. i. an (ffrwat) Ffeaanation. 

OwM ft nr. «• w»9r, ■» itwyiU fTryvtfad 
tiwMwt inff djtnht ncf UnfQcf da TmI! 

Woe lo Um that loTe« uy lliliif , cUb«r whac h gcsOe or wiM 
MwftMlMa or* lows aoenc, laalead of Hmvm tto Meat abodo of 
our fatbar ! XiyiMtffs iMv. 

Ffrystiaw, V. a. (ffnatt) To bustle, to hurry; to 
make haste; to acceleimte. 

DachfCMlB, ffrysaali y« ITnaib, 
Uaaa awdl l*r ganadlartfc. 

I ibd bagto» f kwrrUd tmntif, lo eo«Mir an ode lote Irtba. 

T. PnUfm, fr 8me»9m, 

Ffrystiawl, a. (ffrwat) Bustling, full of harry. 

Ffryatiedlg, a. (ffrwst) Accelerated, or hastened* 

Ft rystiwr, 9. M. — pL fViystwyr (ffrwst — gwr) One 
who is full of haste, a bustler. 

FFU, t. ak r.— ai. I. on. A fleeting state ; a pas- 
sing, or Tanisaing nature ; a veiled state. 

Ffnannaidd, a, (ffuant) Apt to dissemble; feigned 

Ffnaanawl, a. (ffuant) Feigning, disaemUlagy 
oonaterfeiting, canting, hypocntical. 

Fruanniad,a. ai.— pf. t. an (ffaant) Dissimulation. 

Ffaannn, v. a. (ffuant) To feign, to dissemble. 

Ffuant, f . fli.--pl. ifuannoedd (ffu) A feint, dis- 
guise, coioor, pretence, or hypocrisy. 

Ffuantiad, s. m. (iTuant) A feigning ; a disguislag. 

Ffuantu, v. a. (ffuant) To feign, to make a feint. 
To dissemble, to counterfeit ; to cant. 

Ffuantus, a. (ffuant) Dissembling; canting. 

Ffuantwr, t. fii.— pi. ffuantwyr (ffaant — gwr) A 
feigner, a dissembler, a hypocrite. 

Ffug, «. m.—pL f. ion (fin) Delusion ; a feint, dis- 
guise ; guile, deception, or dissimulation. 

Havddularrac IffoL 

I ( b caay lo reuilaee a /i fe4 od Ihc tilly . Adtgf. 

Rbytlir a Mmg, uld (Tag tfmtr ddiija, 
bryaalcb, braw Udyni a ilyrhrya ! 

Aa aiMalt ba «iU aMka, aa|a/«ta/ of Um attack ia Ibc p«nall, 
Iba Htfblaadcrs, dtoaiay ioCb«« and terror. Owfmwm. 

Ffttgiad, s. m,—pi t an (ffug) A deluding; a 
feigning, a dijMembling ; dissimulation. 

Ffvglaw, V. «. (ffug) To delude; to fei^n, to dia* 
semble, to deceive ; to deal hypocritic^ly. 

Ffiigiawl, a. (ffug) Deluding, ulusive ; obscure, 
deceiving; dissembling; apt to counterfeit. 

Ffnciadig, a. (Oug) OhMaed over, dissMnbled. 
Ffugiedydd, a. m.-^ <. Ion (ffuglad) A feigner. 
Ffnglwr, a. m.— pi. Ancwyr (ffug— gwr) A delud- 

er ; a dissembler, a deceiver, a ndsifier. 
Ffugl, a. «.~pl. ffn^on (ffug) A puff of wind. 
FfngliMl, a. ai.-Hpl. I. an (ffo^) An inflating, a 

puffing ; an inflation. 
FAigliaw, V. a. (Ifual) To inflate, or to pnif wind. 
Ffogliawg, 0. (ftugl) Inflated, flatnona, puffed. 
Ffugliogrwydd, a. ». (ffngliawg) Flatalentnaaa. 
Ffagliw, a. m.*-pl. U Ian (ffag— lliw) A feigned 

colour; a false ooloar. 
Ffogr, a. m.— pf. f . an (ffog) A type; a figure. 
Ffugym, a. m. dim, (ffugr) Type, figure. 
Ffnll, t.f.'-pk t, ion (ffu) Haste, speed, celerity. 

Nl cbir ffaU aa cbaraw fTnt, 
Na cbaa dwra o cbald oraeM. 

He lovfa not 

Ibc ftu 

i bit$tU» nor audi Sf btf ag, aor of eleocblac Ibc • 
take place. OromtetOwmm. 

Ueaiala a na«r ITull roialih 


away «ah latal Aoarr, |>«iaftlyi 

joarBay. Or^mwt Oiaaia. 

Ffulliad, a. ai.-Hil. I. an (Ifnll) Festination. 
Ffulliaw, V. a. (ffuU) To hasten, to make haste. 

Yrbodd . , 

Aiehaf, a fVtlHaf, jm aa pballed. 

I viO wk, 1 wUI ba impatleBt, let not Ibc gift Ml Jo cope lo 

Ffnlliawg, a. (flnll) Full of bustle, hurrying. 
Ffulliawt, a. (ffiill) Tending to produce bustle. 
FfuUiwr, a. m.— «/. ffnllwyr (ffntt— gwr) One who 

burriea. a bustler. 
Ffun, a./— pL t. oedd (ffy--nn) What is united, 

or combined together; abuaole. 

A pbM «ald y« ttwmtM yi. 
AiiS «h«n ttcra vara la at «*MaM art 

Ffunel], a./«-«pl. I. an rffun) A littla bundle. 
Ffuncn, ••f>—fL <• aa (ifnn) A band, a lace, a 
riband; ahead-band; a fishing line. 


Orwy IMacair Syra ITrmb 
OytehaHlSalf^ ^ 


Ffnneniad, a. m. ^finnan) A binding wlA a bee, 

or with a riband. 
Ffunenig, a. /. diai. (ffunea^ A bandlat, or ateoa. 
Ffunenn. v. a. (ffunen) To hind with a riband or 

with a laee, to tie ia a handle. 
Ffnnlad, a. ak— pi. I. aa (ffun) A tying togethar, 

a banding round. 
Fflinnd, a. m. (ffun) Figure, form, manner. JCaa 

y ddaa ya aataa yr wnjfmmi a'agt^Mdytbe two 

are exactly of the aame form wm one another. 

ScT a orag Hiagtair yMMddyUaw o beb aeddvl t«]raeanM ya 
fliavd y nlW ar ddawad l*r Ur. 

Wbai tfld HaaglM thaa So was la UwUk by arary SarHlfat 
wTiri ia vbat wm ba ihaaU ba aMa t* caseia tta aai. 

Ffiion, a. ai. ^gr. (ffu) Thai ia of a hiashiiif » 
blooming, or red nature. ^ 

Cocharh aadS d daaivAS aaV fl 

Her two cbcaba wan Mora rad Ikaa Ui 

If. CMAi 

Ffur, a. (ify — ur) Of a penatnUng, oranbtle na^ 
tare ; canning, wary, wily, crafly ; wise. 

Baddig a TtU, 
Rbygvldw eldelifci 
^ajr«M Belli 
T^blawf oedd lU. 

r«««4«f fr I «UI C^a rtM pnba, bavtag p r e a w laaa r a vmm 
B«H, tiM Mi« of Maoogaa Ska pHacv : tboa wiH apbold Ibr li»> 
iioaft aTlba boMy Itlaiad oTBrM. fWI 



Ffim^ «. (fiiur) Of a lobtile nature. 
FAred, B./.'-fL I. an (ffar) That U aiibtlt, craf- 
ty^ or cuBDing; a ferret 


at «0 n to ttftie Nt nag« «ir« eni/lil|r djfeaa dor, or » W 
Iff. T. irr** • f torwr, 

FforeMM, «. (ftared) Of the oatare of a ferret 
Fforediad, «. m. (ffared) An acting craftily, 
mieda, aw a. (tfanMl)ToaCt tnbtilely; tolhrret 
Ffaredwr, a. at. (ffared-irwr) A i^rreler. 
Ffarf, 9,/,—pL «. ian (ffnr) What U detlgned, or 

eeatrived; ehape; form; order; aianner. 
FfaHatay a./, (fiiirf— men) The firroamevt 

• « Utlar B M cnct bi tlw Mr 

FiaittJd,«.(ffarf) Shapely; orderW; foniial. 
Ffaifeiddiad, a. m, (ffurfaidd) A making orderly. 
Ffarleiddiaw, v. a. (fforfaidd^To frame, to form. 
FfsrfeidiUawU a. (ffarfaidd) Tending to make or- 

iefftff or fonnaL 
Flarfciddnvydd, #. m. (ffarfaidd) Shapeliaesfl. 
narfiiw, V. a. (ffarf) To form, to shape. 
Pfnst, «./-— jrf- 1. ian (ffn) A flail; a thresher. 
fiosthk, «./.— pi. ffastniyad (ffost) A beating, a 

bouog nBatch. 
Ffutiaw, V. a. f ffdst) To thresh, to beat, to bang. 
Ffiistiad, a. ak (ffast) A banging, a thnmping. 
FFW, 9. as. r. Volatltity, or qnlckness or motion. 
Pfwd, s. at. (tfw) An atiraptness; a quick motion 
FfvdaOy a./.— jrf. t an (ffwd) Bastle, or flurry. 

Oiwfa ocdd n 'mjnroecal eT, 
A WdiMT. mnoetk Umdau 
Taua f«adf b1 laftdaclk fwtti. 

» pRv tftat te iboold BOC take wurolBr» and cease with 
liBfbff, aiOli i«<l» BMl • Vila Jovncj. T. Frft . 

Ofh, o'r ffWdu 1*81 nerch; 
Yb lori tnryB cr ■«!" bmrb ! 

_. «hBtfi«aM« Ba I BMBJlBrt villi, broBklBir mjr note for IhB 
^to «• gM ! i** •* OiMlyM. 

Ffwdanllyd, a. (ffwdan) Fall of bastle, or flarry ; 

fidgety, restlem. 
Ffvf&m, a. a. (ffwdan) To bustle, or toil hard ; 

ta br In agitation, to fidget, to be restless. 
FIMnoa, a. (^dan) Fou of bosiness, or hurry. 
fViig, s. «. rffw) ^kat is volatile; dry gram. 
Ffngwa, a. ak (tok) Dry leaves ; tobacco. 
FIM, s. m, (ffw) what is tight, wasted, or dry. 
FM, a. as.— fpL ffTliaid (ffy— wl) A blunt one, a 
a dolt, a fool. 

A^ Swybrf oT tto fUr h B de^ loUda her. 



8, Tmimr, 

.ttwr. (ffwl) Refuse; light corn. 
(ffwl) ki 

Ffvibri, f . as. (ffwl) Rafase. trash, or dregs. 

FMbffUdd, a. (ilwlbri) Of the nature of trash. 

Ffwa, a. ak (ffw) A state of proceeding from, or 
origiaatiH; a soarop ; the breadth, or respira« 
tiaa ; a pair of breath exp^led ; a sigh. 

fTaat, a; as. (ffwo) A produce, or what is genera- 
ted or ande to spring out 

Rar, a. m. (fiw) A ditrergeocr, or gmng away, 
snp. Off. «. imp. Away, off, begone. 

f^ai^ f . ai^— ^ ffyrchod (ffwr) An angle from 
aUchaay thing brancbes out; the fork, or in* 
of tke junction of the thighs. 

Y« dMB ft 

i «oiU ••• « nd fes, aataf aat • dlf hK, bjr the Me of yg 

4n,o»aMholtomorha AwflNa*. 0.#* aflpUyii. 

Ffwrdd, a. m. (fiwr) A divergency, a going away. 

Cep. Off, from. ada. Away. a. unp. Hence, 
I gone. Daat/ksrdd, get thee away ;/l0rdd.' 
avaanti begone! 
FfSirm, s. m. (mr) A point of divergency ; a fb* 

ens ; a fornace, an oven. 
Ftfwrw, $, m. (fFwr) What is apt to diverge or fiy 
about; fur. 

FTriw ead newn ffwrw aidan 
nhrd iBor BWdi offelrtokd aaaa. 



aqicot la sUkcB/iir, like the lermt of the aea ebovc 


Ffwrwr, a. m. (ffwrw) Fur, soft hair of animals. 

Broch b1 fol aioeh fU twr 
BrB«B fffttammn heiryn a Itmrwt, 

A hBdier with hto heUy towarda yw, Hke b haw oTaoUd hrava 
ia raaheaaad far. Bkf§ Ifmmmtr. 

Ffwtiar, f. ai. (fIVvd) A Aort person, or a sqnab. 
Ffwtog, i.fs-^pL i* an (ffwd) A scut, a short tail. 
Ffwy, f. M. (ffw) Volaulity, aptness of motion. 
Ffwyl, s. ak — pL t. au (ffwv) A drive, or impol* 
sion, a stroke upon ; a foil. 

Bi hwch aawjFV— 
HI fBfodd f n dren at rl phen j fTwyl ; 
Hyll oedd Martha am H Uadd a »imhirrl. 

Her helored aov, woeMly haa abe reeHlvd tfeeiUf-an her 
head ; fartoiia waatHartha. to kill her with a haamicr. 

Ffwyn, f. m. — pi, f. an (ffwy) What is produced, 
or thrown ont; hay; hay newly cot given ta 
cattle when it is green. 

FfWynen, s. f,—pl. t. au (ffwyn) A band. of hay. 

Ffwy nog, a.f,-^U f . ydd (ffwyn) Meadow land* 

Ffwyr, f ./. — pL t, ao (ffwy) A vehement propol- 
sion, or drive ; an onset, or assaalt. 

Mor Kjrftvi ffyCr*d 7 dooloii 
Meramwr-iror. Morraotanayddioo : 
Morfadara I flWyr arllhraoa VfMae, 
Ac ar ffrawdd o wyaUoa ! 

Hoap complete and accordaat the eadomaaata of the fv-tx- 
teadlnff hvKrarfc with the haancra of Morgtftt ; ho«r rnttBly |kl» 
eaeei oa the hcroea of Fraaoe, aad on the tBBiaUr" 


CgmddetmjVtO. Omgmtdd. 

OwT creulawa, creelaa hi cyffry, 
Cjrflltaw cad cadeiHar weljr 1 
Gwr a «f r ja af dd ttwyr oa tti^ 

A fiiHoai man, who will be acllaled hf the hloodv pftdb; the 
terror of the hattle of the Cademaa tilbe ; > hero «itto kaoapa te 
the day of eaart aot to flea 


Aflhar of vohp, whoao comrte 
eflert In ohtala ti«a «e hava done. 


Arthur mnt.ffwyr lochyat fliaa. 


the darttBg of flape^Mw 

Qoavd KKae rh^ ffwyr drma aCCa arao. 

It will be co«awi la poi • Ffraae 00 aithtk far lnr«r a* 
deadly oMeafl. i/. Bt^frma, 

Ffwvrad, s. m. (ffwyr) Impulsion ; an assaoltiagf 

Ffwyrad AwtU a gost of^wind. ^rm. 
Ffwy raw, «. a. (ffwyr) To impel, aapel or diiva 

violently; toassanlt. 
Ffwyrawl,a. (ffwyr) Violently driving, or ianpel* 

ling; assaulting. 
FFY, s. m. r. Aptness to move, or impel. It is 

used as a prenx in the composition of words^ 

denoting agency, or cause. 
Ffyd, «. pL aggr. (ffed) Coverings, or garments. 

Uto hefyd. a'l ffyd 1 ffiocdd, 
Yirr eagoo { f wael y w'r yafordd. 

Eavioaa abo. dlvaated of hla ro»ar, la the bUbop t mlaaqtl^ W 
tha rrflecaoB. Or, A CmK 

¥¥ydd, «./. (ffy— ydd) Faith, or confidence; rclt- 
ance, dependance. * 

Dcnpartta ffjdd y'ofhalea. 
Two parUof/aUAUelu the heart. M^f* . 


Gobalth idd oe« ood gwtblo 



mj^^hn d, «. m,--fL fFyddirwiTT (ffVdd— 
FfyMttd,«.«. (tFidd; Tlie teruf ^tk or rei- 

Ffvddiav, r. «. f flVdd^ To kav« futk ; to cAiifide. 


( »w»t ; P i uyjU i; liKk, fortiDe 

Aiiaek,wmtd Bom. 


I feM m/ncJyW . 

Ftfrddiivl, c (ffydd) Sdatn^ to &iA ; fiith/vL 

^•^•^■■Miit ••« Ueaet w»a i!Mv hapc. viari inca »C 
■« kc ei^irai*e< n tat fmaikf^ m^*. W. »xt^^ «. 

Ffrddlswv, «. (fffdd) Fttthfal. I^fddl^mmU, 

fmxkfwA nTi,T WIkwii . 
FYy^<floodek, «. ■. (ffrddlaini) FaithlklBes. 
FYjiidlosder, «. a. (flT^ddiawn) Faith iTiliiess. 
FfyddkNU, r. ■. (flfj4dlaw«) To became faithful. 
Ff>ddio«d,«. a.— ^ fTrddloMaid (tfyddUwn) 

A £Hthiml oae, or a beBever. 
F^E, «. m.—fL t. o« (iTt— Tfl) That shades, or 

/^^ •▼w- «- OrercTOWB ; ^oomy. 

' "" ' " *. aa (flfTll; A shadiag orer; a 

FfjSaw, r, «. ( flfy U ) To o>rer«h^e, to grow over ; 

to becoae f^oomr, ^ dmikT. 
FWfiaw^, «. (fiWJ} Shading orer; aboandiag 

with ^ark corert^, or brakes. 
Ffyfloc, «-/.--^ I. od fffVn A place that is orer- 

growa, wild, or aacaltirated. Y FfylUf, a low 

piaia so caOed ia Glainorraa.«hire. 
F^Uoa,s. fL ^ggr. m\U; GIoomv recedes, or 

krakes. Smmt FffUmm^ a pbce so caUed in 

MqwC f.u M t. 1 1 ihi re« 
F fyBw^Ut, «. C fTvn— fwyflt) Darkly wUd. 
Ffywadwy, m. ' flwa^, ProdactiTe, prosperous. 
YUwtA, «./. (fFwa} The act of generating, or ex- 

— *■ — \ Mr ; a breathing. 

V. «. (flfwat) Prosperons, fortaaale. 

FTfBcdigrwydd, s. m. (tTVaedig) Proi^peroasness. 
F^raeg, «./.— jrf. #. an (flfwn> What generates. 
F^raegl, «. r.— pi. nViieglaa (tYVitecN A fnrrtrw. 

F^^^^!^' *• "*• (*^yn<1^> A farrowing. 
Ffiacgia, r. «. (flFrneirl) To make into tnrrovs. 
*^^,s./.— pi. #. oedd(flwn) An air-hole, or 

taaael ; achinner. 
FJ^^eil, %f,-~fL i. an ( t!Wn> An air-hole. 
FtSrwetr, »./.--p«. tTroetri (nr>i»ed ^ A chimnev. 
Ftymanl, «, ■. (flfWn^ Production, generation; 

•■•adaace, prosperity. 
Vf%mam^ r, a. ( ffwn ♦ To produce ; to generate. 

FJ^WMdwT, c Cflfwai^ Capable of prosperiac. 
^^7^*»^"^ «• /-—pi. flyuDooia ;iTwnt' A fi>aa- 
* *priag. a Miwixe. Frraa#««sU 

X. «- fcvt'^ Maj« lacky ; pnn!sperx>as. 
Li ■,««€. f w. Vywae^ii; ' Pr\>»perDiL>ac59 
mi, t- ^vaiaat; Prc^pehac. 

' F^aM»awg,a.(flFjnoo>. 
Ffyaooaea, «./. diak {ffy 
or fooatain ; aa issae.' 
F^Dooi^ », a. ( ffyaaoa ) To rise ap ia tpnaffk. 
Ffjaaoawa, «. at. {ffjmmom) A place laOofsprijigi 

fall of springs 
e; tDproi* 

FfynaoowTs, «. ak CffymioB) 
Ffjaaa, r. a. (fTwat) To be 
per, to be fortanate. 

Ffj &bMi cn^ «■ ifrvaa'a dcf . 
^•rrrM Is tea. aad !• hii v»j», 

Ffynnoo, «. /.— p^. L ydd (flfwa) A spring, a wdl. 

F/jraa#a Imm, F/fwm^m FeUm^ Fffmmm Frtck, 

lakes so called ia Eryri. 
Ffynu, r. o. fffwn) To produce, or to geaente. 
Ffynas, a. (tTwn) ProdoctiTe or abaodaat. 
J^^r, J. aL (tl^ — yr) A sabstantial or firm state. 
Ftyrf, c (flfyr; Substantial, thick; finB,stions. 

Kk^a pe^*7 j* ffrrf. *a ?]■(, ank kv^l, 

Va ^trU <-ir*i cVr^rf <f*frv4H«^ 
^ • incj^i, ja anrur»4 ci%c- 

.»»«c^ r u» X t is«( ;* ca« wiT« ,/ *oaif« «^ tike tooi^x =•«. 
a p»*et, and a pranr* teart a^ ra»£ract3ca. Cr^'i^**^- 

Ffyrfkad, #• bl rflpyrf) A rendering thick, or firm, 

a becoming thick, or firm. 
Ffyrtaawl. «. .'rtyrf; Of a teadencr to thicken. 
Ffyriaidd, c. (ffyrf; Of a solid or fim natnre. 
F^rlau, r. a. (ffyrt*) To make sabatantial ; to 

strengthen ; to establish ; to become sabstan- 

tial, to grow thicks to become firm. 
F^rfawl, •, (t1yrf) Tending to make solid or thick 
Ftyrfder, s. a. (tYyrf SubstantialBess, thickness; 

firmness j steadiness. 


Ff •TT ffi rS6<r «<r ^j - aat. 

TW* mrL>a cW a^wM efjb~m»aa p%M prmpi-itj. 


Ffyrfetddiad. «. m. (ffyrfaidd^ A remfering sub- 
stantial, or firm; a becoming substantial. 

Fiurt'eiddiaw. r. a. ^tTyriaidd) To render sabsUn- 
tial; to become thick or firm. 

Ffyrfeiddiawl, «. (rhrrlaidd' Tendiag to make 
substantial, 5olidi or thick. 

FTyrt'eiddrwAdd, s. ai. (f^rfaidd) Snbutantial- 
ness: brilkine5s; thickness. 

Flyrtiail. 9. m, — fL t. aa f flTyrf) A readering, or 
beci^niing tirrn ; a thickening. 

Ftyriiani, *. as. ^rtyrf) Substance; firmness; 

FiVmaid, s,/,--pL ffyraeidian (fl^rra) A fnrnace- 
full . an oren-mll. 

FrVmaidd, «. uYwra Focale; rioleBt ; pungent. 

Ftymawl. a. (tTwn:^ Focale; of a diarp, or tio- 
lent quality. 

Fiymic, «. «,tY«m> Penetrating; wily, cnnnlog ; 
nolent; outra^eoos ; fierce. 






Tcyraw Dda» trvjr MWi ti ddig. 

I of the 

IrvBkaris, tkc* •! 

(Mi of God : tBTBI 

IfUHynif OBdd. 

Ff^niigaiadytf. (fl^mig) Violent; ferocious. 
FfTrnicaWy o. «. (ftyr^) To act Tlolently ; to act 

nbtilely, or conning ; to become ? iolent, oat- 

lageoasy or fierce* 


nn PM^rt^fodd— — 

or ptti (WMBB ddyrwwd 

K UMkflfudda 

l,bc wM BOTrtvtb* lonMiit of h«U whM A«B«^ 
be apUhed ■ Moke mod th« nrth did 

F^ndgnwly a. (flTymig) Of a violent tendency. 

Fffra^iad, «. ». (ffymig) A becoming fierce. 

Fffnigrwydd, <* m. (ffyrnig) Aptnen to pene- 
trate tbrongh; rabtlety, craftiness, violence, 
oetrageoofloesB, fierceness. 

Stf T« irrnrifrvydd dM^nnwv 7 dB Iddo d km, M i*r n^ blevfo. 
M* coMbti io Ike tpaOlaff cT p io p qly to klBtclf, 

' dvB, • Uidd dyv, keb well, ii«« I 

IV dft Mdo cfl liwit ac Pw kerrkewwS' 

I • BM. ead UlliDf a nan 
to ipon property to bin- 
Wel$k iMm, 

Mat a wMtad, er »ttk PoImb: aad 

Ffymitwr. »• m.—fl. ffymigwyr (ffyniig—gwr) 

A vident or ootrageoos man. 
P^ig, «. m.— pi. e. ion (fly— ysg) A qnielc coorse; 


Ccdawi wvavo wawd wabaiidd i 
CBdr fSm rvydd kfUy^, rodd kawdd. 

moid, proltaN of beverafB^Md tsvitfiiff 

', tae, aad wdVUaioed cmh-m, aad ftaafcor gill. 
Xlymifs AyrffM HtdmmU. 

F^ig, «. (fff — ysg) Of a qniclK motion ; sadden ; 
abnipt,qaicl(, hasty; orimpetnons. 

_. arnir* 
Ueir a dan llocr; 

.eayiiByddtrwafiftnry ffen; 

tlftf ya ear-wryis ya aer. 

faa aofcrelfB Ota day oa ika ean^Ch«« b aok a 



dcaea; impkumu U 
ittlc. CriMiilm, 

d Tttryw cMroBloo baal. 

flWdy AevfaB «r the fettan oTatrBBCcfi l«9c«BMiily ka k«r 
■CTOie aoikattlBil ptala. CyBMWtv, I 0. Owfutdd, 

Grtir ky kroo a fry ar fTjtf . 
Tbe kare, a bold Jewel of iIm tewa ikai oa a tmddtn icade away. 

Aaghaiad fela-UuB ! 

Hoea ffyw dda ddytf , old eedd aa, 

Haaa 'wybr, a kl BcbBB. 

Aottarad or eleoder form! Tbe hritk wUrl of tke wave, of 
foodly laMfBctfoo, tkcre wai boc obc aad the aoC oae, tendaary 
of tbe flraaaieal. D. ah ft e i lp a u 

Ffyssiad, «. m.--pl. t an (ffjrsg) A moving with 
celerity y a going rapidly; a hastening. 


Tbe OMBralaff or Owjoedd ! Wee to ai the briof dcprtr 
bawk eTiai^Merilf , tbe beeiowcr oTcrfiaeoB aad Teivet. 


OwBB PoBy ae Arl!M,SOTfod roUi rbwyf 
Bwyer aviardd Ellmi 
Gwaew fMed i^iglM nd gynl, 
Owawr MlMawf ; TaddlSawf rt. 

aad ArfpB. le be flM«d Id loee a prlace ef the vlo- 
EBnl: wifli a near oTMeBd, the bailBBlBff oT tbe 
laU: tbe awwBiplhfced laalaanr, aad raAttdGed 

Woe to Mea aad Arfps, 
ICBt cdwne ot EBv 

Ffysgiawy v. a. (ifysg) To move suddenly, to har- 
ry; to go impetaoasly. 

Aerik fewr eeMwawr ear^waa > 
Bai^wikh halcb beteb li r 

or ■rcare Biaahood, aad aablenUMd taapalAw. kstttmlmg ewqr 
tbe kiee oT tbe deprnkOoa ; or r^dea coarse rwaadaf daatb la 
tke great ilaagblar; atoweriaggobleB bawk wtthbrakeatUeld. 

FfVsgiawd, s. in. (flysg) The act of moving qoick- 
ly, or impetaoasly. 

Mawr-byig nirala ffyeg f^iglawd eigloa. 

Tbe Mr gvaal Sibca oT Iba iayif aeiif aMtiw or tbe < 

Fffsgiawl, a. (%sg) Of a aaick or hasty nature. 
Fiysgiolin, a. (flysgiawl) Of a qnick, vehement, 
or impetnoos coarse. 

Bid Oymmry al gaawi yng ogmwd rdthrla kerf 
Ac yn cyfuUt car corr fly«gloila. 

Let tbe Welsh be Bot road of belag accaetoawd to cberlib wrath 
reepectlag my taodate, tiie rriead with tb e^*rfa*b odjr. ^ ^^ 

Ffysgiolyn, t. m. (flysgiawl) One of a qoick, or 
iropetaoas coarse ; a hero. 

FYytgloifB byddlo, badd achrercerddaa ; 
Ccrodwf ■ bacl ya ahMfaeT 
Carao, fko IMolawl adder. 

I bacl ya ahMi 
D IMbIbwI add 
A gwBdl Ourao caer Ncr. 

Tba ktn of tbe arayf Am tnmmf ct beaevoleBceor Mmge i,tbe 

_ _ ioDelegOBetod«traaqallUi|orCanio, ibevartlagplace 
of a BtMiegBd coBBlry, aad alter Carao, the aaa^a oT bcavca. 



Ga, #. ai. r. a throw, or jot oat ; a divaricat- 
iagy or parttng from : whether it be used in 
its siflsple fomiy or nncompoanded, is not cer- 

oid, «. ak (ga) A parting from ; qaitting ; leav- 

t^ or desisting; qatt; leave, o. uap. Quit; 

fet, leave, suffer. Gad Isav^d, let me alone ; 

fad Uda, let it be so ; f od t hmw/od, let that 

he; gmd tet beih^ leave some for me ; na aio 

w^ iBBjr laa v en prevent. 
G^ad. e. b. (gad) To nart from, to qnit, to 

Iceve, to reUnqnish ; to fbnAe, to abandon, to 

give over; tosafTer. 

Caa Bl wad dda> ae ak gate I araU. 

OdIoBi b he IhM wffl do BO good hlaielf, aad f Ael wjU tmf- 
fer BO OBC elee. AMge, 

Gadaw, «. a. (gad) To ooit, to leave, to relin- 
qnish; to permit, to snflfer. Gadaw y amcs, to 
quit the field. 

Nladdlriadai gara. 
Tke mieekieTow wttf aot ptrmti UHaair to be loved. Admgt. 

Gadawedig, a. (gadaw) Relinqnished, permitted. 
Oadawedigaeth, s. m.'-pl, t. an (gadawedig) The 

act of leaving, or reliaqaishing ; abandonment, 



G A F 



ft. M. (gadaw) A qvittin^, lea^inir, or 
nb^ativishiaf ; p«nDisstoo, or satterinf. 

V. ■. (fad) To qoit, to leaTe ; to abandon ; 
la permit ; to resign. 

r* :«•■« a «ifi aitk om dtacracc aa4 k> akc kcr viik two. 

Hco ei bo«Uli. 

rw<r wilt Ummm ■■( •■ orrterd. if fhcfv •bo«ki be oar, vitkost 
fc. 6. •* 7. •* l#FW<» • t^. 

«. «. (gafad — trin) A close combat, 
or grapple, v. «. To 6ffat crapplinf Iv. 
GnfaelAckyS. m.— pi. f. an (ganel— bach) A grap- 

pJias-hook, or a j^rappler; a holdfast. 
G^eliEar, «. (safael) Apt to hold« or tenacioos. 
JL m. (gataeh^ar) Tenaetoosness. 
f: H. — fL I. on(gatael — ci) .•% aiastilT. 

Tiicf rn«id <cc X VrHsmafl with • eo«t «f •kin* afcovt k/v. ui<J 

Ga&eiiad, t. a. — pi. #. an (galad) A holding, or 
laying bald of; a grasptag ; a caption. 

Gaiaeiaw^ «. a. (garicl) To lay hold ; to grasp ; 
to grapple. 

Gaiiaeliacwgy «. (ga^Ml) Hafiag hold ; grasniag. 

Gaaeio^ r. «. ( ga^i) To hold, to Uy hold ol*; 
to graiip. to grapple ; to arrest. 


« & irm :a 

Apt to hold, that holdeth 
ciingiag^ adhering. 
«► ML— pi. gncieiw^r (sateel — gwr^ .\ 
a p^m^ief, a gnppier : a distrainer. 
Canetynd, a. «.— pL t. Uia gajael) A holder. 

u m.>—fL t, an ^gaT A tbrk or angle ; the 

<ir inande <if die chishs. 

f. SL— pL L an gad; A fork, or ani^le; 

•ir hearrfnri ipenr; a kind ol' hantiD^* 

ibrk, or inside of the thi«h$. 

Tftia foqiacMmm^ to throw darts. 

pak in fhe fiinn of'a Ifurk. 
«. ( zaiinch Fareated, currriag a 
wide between thn le:sBi. 

" ^ jwiwa. » rw^r Uramarr «c "^ ii«»fMi i«-,iHih 

«rr > 




tt \inc ■iinilMiiU t>««J 

tferiawQ 9i [imm^urk n<tk Utfit 

uitl tie tart -"mrtms '•wtlUeiMO^ Mith :li«<ti 

sk — pi. gndwjT(gnd — gwr) One who 
qnits, or lenres ; a relinqnisher. 
Gskdyd, s. ak (gad) A leaving^ or renuunder. 
C nd da w, s. ai. (ad^nw) A promise, a threat. 
Gad^ftaw, v. a. (nddaw) To pronnse, or to assure. 
Gaddewid, s. /. — fL I. ion (gaddnw) A promise. 
Gnf, SL a. (ga) A reaching ont, or diraricating. 
Gatel, a. ak—fi. I. ion (gaf— nel) A hold, a 
grasp, a holding ; a fastening. G^fmei sarya- 
flBf , a sheriff's arrest ; g^fmel ctifreithmtrly a 
lawlnl deposit; fi|^ crnsdl, the hold or te- 
of a fiuuJj ; g^fati tf, the gable of a 
; g^mei»dir, a hold of land ; a division 
so called. 

kmid km «u«u- * 

Gaflachiad, t. m. (gaflach) A dlTiding into forks, 

a forking ; a b^UNning forked. 
Gaflachn, v. e. (gaflach) To divide Into two, or to 

fork ; to become forked ; to beard. 
Gaflaw, s. at.— pi. #. on (gafl) A salmoD-pe«l, a 

yonng salmon, or snin. 
G^wegy t. /. (gaflaw) A salmon, or snin net. 

BMa««l(»^«eii twelve peatx. WeUk Uwt. 

Gaflawg, a. (gafl) HaTiag a fork or barb. 

Gaflgam,a. (gafl— cam) Hnvlog the thighs beot 
outward ; crooked thighs. 

Gafr, 9./.—pL geilr ar g^frod (gaQ A goat. G^ 
iUm^g^fr ddmama, a hind ; gm/r y dwr^ a water- 

■«T ao*r air cr Straws dlUa. 
No mort tkaa the gtmt after tkewiaf her tan. AUgt» 

Gafraidd, a. (gafr) Like a goat, goatish* 
Gafren« s./. dim, (gafr) A mtle she-gont. 
Gafriad, s. ai. (gafr) A banrestiiig of gnio is 

heaps smaller than the stack. 
Gafriaw, r. «. (gafr) To tie in little whisps, or 

bundles. G^/riam jfd, to rear up com in smsll 

whbps; g^riawffkj to tie benns; n method of 

harTesting sometimes nsed. 
Gafrlam, j. bl— pL t. an (gafr — llaai) A capriole. 
Gag, 9.f,—pL t. an (gag) An aperture, or opemns 
Gajeen, ». /*.— pi. t. an (gag) A deft, a chink, a 

tit\, a slit ; a chap. 
Gageoaidd, a. (gagea) Apt to rift, slit, or chsp. 
Gageaawg, «. (gagen) Fall of chinks, or rifVs. 
Gagenawl, «. (s^agen) Tending to slit, er chap. 
Gagendor, «. ai. (gagen — tor) A yawning gulf. 

A ia«i)'J i'r I >»T iinrvyiMawl An* 
CV» Wiu m rtiJ »«cor cii y dtior, 
Pa du Tr x^vnttur (}U«io ! 

W^rn thv toml te <7n tV icwtaat of foi'^C into tkc vast rtrmaJ 
r«yio.i. i« tWrv no rvfi*^ vara Um <kK>r b^n* u> opra, OQ «kaci> 
•Kir Ol ciM fvU tc aaj be * EUs Wgm, BL Cieif . 

Gagenisd, s. si. Cga^en') A rifting, or chappiof . 
GageoQ, r. a. (snigen) To deft, to rift; tosEt; 

to chap ; to gape, or to open. 
Gai, J. M. (ga> Vl'hat b thrown ont; fonm, spray. 
Gail, s. H.— pi. geilian (ga — U) The eye-lMi. 
Gaiag, s. ». — pi. geiogan (ainc) A wedge. 

Pv6 «a lidriU ydd Tr ainf jay Vva- 
B« Dui« aatl km* liba v«^ gacs taoe *e tMbv. J^ff- 

Gair, s. at.— pi. geirian (ga^ir) A word; a say* 
ing ; a rvf>ort, or tame. G«tr dm^ good report; 
m«€ iti tikr bod ya si^ddart, there is a report of 
thee that thou'do«t get drunk; » /if sgair, 
upon my word. 

NiU x%u fair »ilt«d ar Grmmr^ 
Tbc wvrd *M % tiniifvr t* aoc a v«rrf over a Webbaaa. 

O bcOwar fwr »'\i p«rthtrtaM« rr bolir, ac o dii fair yr Ut^t' 

Of liMir >d/i'<^. aa<i ticir n>iU'on» thrrv tkmU be qatrtwtKt 
4ii«l >>< ltir\>«i w.yia^i lUvre *lt«il dv MMtivnii^f. WrUJk I art. 

A «air v« ri air «f ar bavb. 

\««i bi» avni w % «a»d ««cr every bo4y. ITaijA l^wt. 

Ml t.-4)onai»a — 

Na'ta *tr ila. sA'tli «ir 4i. 

TW« baM a^H u>»& MM* ia« («ud •erW, aor iby nckt. 

Gaith. «. /.-pi. gelthoedd (ga—ath) Utterance; 
pen4>is:uit^« clearuess. c. Open, dear. 

Gal« «. Ml. -pi. geli (ga--al) What b uttered, 
fleeted, spread out, or deared ; an epithet tor 
aiilk . a clearod or iiair snot ; a plain ; a goal, 
or cou»p4caous »tation ; al:»o what breaks out, 
or ui4ke» au irrupbon; an enemy. The Cyn- 
•wr^r. thiHith tbev were geuerally careful of pre- 





MiTiof tlieir patronymie name, were often 
oiled aher names characteristic of the countries 
ihej iniiabited; tlie two most universal of 
vhicb being the open plains and the woods ; 
heace orii^nated the two grand distinctions of 
Gii and Celi, or the open plm and the coverty 
with others of similar import. Of the same 
oieaoiog with Gal and its deriTatlves are Gwal^ 
Frydamj Ptitkyw, Gwynedd, Gwent, and SyU- 
wgt f^r or dear regions. With CeUtwd, may 
be classed the Gwydd^l or Gwyddelod; the Ks- 
gtimdt or KsigsdflgtiMi, and Ce/^don, — the peo- 
ple of the coverts ; of whom it is remarkable to 
obierfe, that not one became so powerinl and 
itationary aa to eonfer its name on the conntry. 
These two classes snbnsf ed by different means, 
the result of which most of necessity haTe been 
s state of warfare ; hence with the Celi theap- 
iidlation of Gai came to be synooymona with 
Eaeny; for aa the Gai or cleared redon, be« 
caae too Itally peopled, it sent out CMODtea in 
seardi of other settlements, to ocenpy which 
war nnut IreqoeDtly have been the conseqoence 

Sryr Oal rahw^ ci 


vnes gradUvl g»hel 



sf 6«l of TlolCBt IknMl, brt?e Md gencroM, veatd 
Orten of srdcoC fnn. 

ZlnMreA am. 

ya Miwlr, g«l EdwlnM Riaf I— — 
KM I calM, Ike A* of Xwln and the Aoftoip^ the 

•d tram 
P. JTerA. 

TyOoa d 9km H ft! t gedvl* 
O godvcal me yaW. 

■re Us foci, hh timUm he hao 


Ilcw ilMhar Rechwm 
«n el aMKhyaco, 

Sea of ftaunlBff hctt aepenled from hh fbee, 
tttmtim, the formrd e oabet at i, peitiet ef the 
U the wolves of the wood deroored llieai. 

LU P. Mtek, 

Gal,c (0t— al) Uttered; spread ont; cleared; 
dear; nir. 

r«w, i xr» IV* 





rlf«v with Ml loot coofte la/a<r mcedow-tand. 

Gaiaeth, s./. (gal)The galaxy, or milky way. 
Galaf, a. as. (gu) The green sward. 
Gtlan, a./.— fl. I. oedd (gal-— an) That is depriv- 
ed of behig; a corpse, or dead l>ody. 

oemg; ae 
, a, 7— p«. 

f. an (galan) A massacre, or 
ider ; also, in the laws, satisfaction for 

Y MM sy«M y lliddcdigioa ete h«b ddW. 


of Am MSeshteied onn li yet enFeveejied. 

0. GSer. Jfof .~iroMo«f<«i. 

Awyaewl, ae elitad bteBla, fala hew % 


rtMbmtimm of a mlite gntlcaca, end • ktaf** 
' te «xty three oofm. WtUh Lnn* 

.. Mel hyn y tellr gweifer eluee: ini»t 

chvmgBlat ma eefhdertvt trlnipdiii rbea cyft r- 
' ' ~ eilfa, pyalhcff yw rhu gorcheifli, eelth 

fhe tere of a ft 

„. TdMbfiMmu In thie maner ihall he paM a 

rvf ritaf <•■ i the shere of a hroiher ihau be a 

. . of a ee«da tls More neocc ; the thare of a Meood 

•re poaee, the ehare oi a third coetin thirty peace 

roorth cowln Sftevn pence, and the riiere or one of 

WtUk ' 

Cstaaasawl, a. (galanaa) Mnrderons, slaoghtering 
Vol- II. 

Galanasdra, #. /. (galanas) A massacre, general 
slaughter, or mnrder. RkoeM H aiana$dra or- 
nyal, he laid his murder upon them. 

Galanasiad, s. m. (galenas) A massacreing. 

Galanasn, e. a. (galenas) To massacre, to murder. 

Galar, t. m.— pi. f. an (gal— ar) Lamentation. 

TrI achawfl cytTredla »ydd t alar : wrch, coll* a fwrthwynob. 

of Immmtttimt: Iotc, loee, aed 

Galareb, s. /.—pi. (. ion (galar) The voice of 
mourning; threnody; monody. 

Galargan, a. /. (galar— can) A monody, an elegy. 

Oalargerdd, a, /.—pi, f. 1 (galar — cerdd) A mo- 
nody, a song of lamentation. 

OateTferdd yw cas fwy«lhn% hIraelhlawB; alpbrif adttweac 

There are three feaeral 

The mmtdw h a pklntiTe and Boarnfel wnff ; and tta leadlnff 
caaee and laftMleo tolaaieotatloo. Bmrddm*, 

Oalargom, a. m.—^. galargym (galar— com) The 

horn of lamentation. 
Oalargwyn, t. /.— pi. t. ion (galar— cwyn) The 

complaint of mourning; a monody. 
Oalargwynaw, «. a. (galargwyn) To mourn. 
Oalariad, a. m. (galar) A sorrowing, a monrning. 
Oalarloes, t.f.^L t. an (galar— gloes) The pang 

of mourning or lamentation. 
Galamad, i.f.—fh t. au (galar— nftd) The cry of 

mourning, lamentation. 
Oalamadn, v. a. (galarnad) To utter lamentation. 
Oalarnwyf, a. m. — pL I. au (galar— nwyf) The 

paaaion of grief, or mourning. 
Galaru, v. a. (galar) To mourn, or to lament. 
Galama, a. (guar) Mourn fol, lamentable. 

Bid tilil peh lalarw. 
Let every e i —wrf^yoae he detected. ddmgt* 

Hi Awaff ffolUai, ac e ffvtr galaraa. 

The one 

with eare will not ileep, hot the aerrMi^l wOl 


Galarusrwydd, a. m. (galama) Moo mfnineaa, sor* 
rowfulness, dolefulness, lamenfableneas. 

Oalarwawd, «. m. (galai^--gwawd) A dirge. 

Galarwisg, a. /.~f3. t. oedd (galar— gwiag) A 
mourning apparel, or weeds. 

Oalarwr, a. m, (galar— prr) A mourner. 

Galarydd, a. m.— pi. 1. urn (galar) A mourner. 

Galawnt, a. (gal) Brave, gaUant ; fair. 

F aawylyd, wyd Ihn alawnt. 
My dear, thon art a /air daoMcl. tnum Bg/l, 

Galeg, a. /. (gal) The language of the people of 
Old ; the cSinlish tongue. 

Galen, a. /.—pi. t, i (gal) A whet stone. 

Galioa, a. pi. aggr. (gal) The people of Gal ; the 
people of Gidloway. 

Galofydd, a. m.— pi. I. ion (gal — ofydd) An ar- 
chitect; a fine artist. 

Tri plofydd Yaye Prydida : OraUlawl, Tryotaa nah Tallwcb, a 
Gwfon Gwino. 

The tleve orcAifee«» of the tde of Britain : Gnidlol. Trytian 
the eon of Tallweh, and Owgon Owroa. THoedd. 

Uywelyn r^lTa felofydd, 

that to a fee f hoi MIdt ematUti that to exactly potat- 

Uwyrgyrch darogan'cyaiaa ceUydd. 
ed at^HM accarate prophecy. Xlpfotf Gmr, i Xywrfyo' 1 1. 

Oalofyddiaeth, a. m. (galofydd) The fine or higher 

arts; architecture. 
Galon, f . pi. aggr. (gal) Enemies, hostile ones. 

ahyddrrUU fy nfhcrdd 

l*aa wnaelh pen drafon pefldiTdriOD o wyr 
Pan diychwe el akm. 

Greatly lacembent waa ay lonf when the eevcrelffn leader 
■nde hrokftt-headcd «cn, when he hewed hia/eer. 

CfmiMw, i O, Qwfrdd. 




G A N 

^'f^tw^ f. M. (ffl) A call ; as tavooitioo ; a naai- 
iag. IM wnk dkt^ to be St a calL 

Galw, r. «. (ol} To caU . u iavoke ; to af>peal to ; 
to aaow. G«^ «nM, call apoa kiin; pvy »^n 
irmir, mho is calling, or vlw mils ; «■ m et/ir, 
oc« tkat caUs: gmlw or y WosiartJk, to appeal 
acajnst tbe decisjon ; fmlw frcn, to appeal for 
jad^enent ; ^mhe jK^ota, to drive oien io 
dramas : gmim of orfoa, to call to annt. 

Galwad, j. m.—pL I. an (?alw) A calUng ; an ap- 
peal . a Tocation. 

Gahvadavl, «. (calwad) Retatiiic to a calliiif . 

Galwai, t. m. — pi. sahr^on (salw) A caller; an 
iirvoker; the ▼ocative case ; a drirer of oxen. 

Galvedic, «. rfraJw) Called ; nomhiated, named. 

Gal««difBefli, 8. ■».— pi. f. a« (fwNredi?) A call- 
io?; an laTocatioo ; an appealing; avocation, 
profinaioo, or occopatioB. 

T« make aa *ppfl rcspccmr • wrMf vrrrfirt. 

Oalwedi^aetkavl^a. r^wedigactli) Profe«owiI. 
Galwctlif^Mtkydd, •. ai.--pl. U ion (fcakaicdigaetli) 
itire csM, in frai 

to a calling . de n aa Mna t i f C ; aoroinative. 
Gaivys, j. pL ^^, (g^^gwys) The men cf 

Gal, or the Ganb. 
GalwTth^a. M.( g ni g wfth) Tbe rafe of war. 
Galvytbaint, «. ■. (galWyih)Tbe wrath of war. 

TMti c« djtokX ciwd crmoxaial. 
F'vur tad iwiraCT »«« ■■ tbe famUy nf Uv«»rrh. oi br%rr men 

Gall, f . ». (g»— all) Eaer^ ; power ; abiUtv, 

capability; pouibility; an eveataal state, or 

when it is poMible to be. 
Gallad, a. at. (|ndl) A being able ; abUity. 
Gallael, r. a. (gall) To be able, to have power; 

to be possible ; nay, or can. 
Galldwyroyn, a. w. (call— twjmyn) Tertian ague. 
GaUdw>n, *. m, rgall— ^o) The plagae. 
Gallcdig, «. (gall) Having power, potential. 
GaUedigaetb, t. at.— pi. I. aa (galledig) Energy ; 


Tn pkeik mm «««» 4trf*i btrti •m^itt r»n mtrn eq rillts'ir- 

!l^v ^\' t*"'*^* t*****^ '""''*^' * ''" ^""i^-* • ^n f^'o btiw- 
a«t h»«i a.ti ,0 c« htanrmr. »i Mtt »i narw »dtnt. jn aainW 
k»nM a i.'AM&i» otcii f rvjntSd. ' • '** •-*^jw« 

»»1 muu <rfrx.^«Kf* ; tfeew .111, 4j„w«l vf ih*,r PT,|. .ftdol 

GaUel, c. a. (gall) To be of power, or abilitv, to 
be able; to eHectnate; to have power to; to 
be possible. 

»■■■■ ? ■€ to (ttoti^e 

Gallmarw, a. (gaU-marw) Under the possibilitv 
«» ^} »«>f , ready to die, half dead. 

•0 j» «r e«cv4. 

*»d IW mwir ikr kir% 

•i*! Wf fea^ jrti o« »t iV Cf»f. 

, sc I tinbui «b4rw 

•c e< 


Gallt, «. «. 

^ tea tea —wr^ j i 

— pl. f. oeM (gaH) Eaerfy, power. 

C*aR%} Adda at Eft 

I r!W«*4ibn 

^r»j»f< "^ %«e w« ni\ 

He toafc AdMB uA Etc to a ghal^ Io ptac 
kaowiuf tW« to be voM of A</p, a ecrtata 

T Mac ffwwd ini on if lyiM. 
A c>U( •'« ado. a gweUiioijM. 


hb aemlty. aad 

TWre t« dcirveraar* fnr aw fii 
lca«c htoi, ami for better ttqaon. 

Gallt, s.f.—fi, gelltydd (gall) An ascent; a diff ; 
a woody cliff, or steep, la mUi me pt agvaererf, 
on tbe ascent and on the descent. wAk Umt. 
It forms the names of several places ; as Gotil 
FddaiTf^, Gallt y Crt6, GmUi m Mmr, Pen yr AlU, 
Yr AUt G^ek, Yr AUt Rmdd, Yr AlU #M, Y 
Wmallt, Y DduaUt, Y FelaUt, Y GoedatU. 

Galliofydd, t. m.—i4. f. Ion (gallt— ofydd) Aa 
artist of power ; a mechanic. 

GaTIo, f. m,— pl. I. oedd (gall) Energy, power, 
might, ability ; puissance. 

M ciU aeb naaiyo ti alio. 
Nobotlj laa do bejoad bit mbiiitf. Adage. 

Oalln, c. a. (gall) To be of power, or ability, to 
be able ; to effeetnate ; to have power to, to be 
possible; may, or can. 

Kt eUl Daw dA i ddiiiad. 

Cod m d* BO food to tbe victcd. Adm«^ 

Th ph«tb Bi* pcUir barrfd bebddval: a««B wrtb gei^, ff«lM 
ifnoach birdda*. a cbjrnaedd&a oa. 


ThiYe thiiiT* witlioat wbicb bo one 
frtttn, koo«l«dfe ia thie ai]aCeT7 of 



S\ al'iaa* bva a clhek ; 

Std hjfrritjd oad Uc hjek. 

Tkrf ran Bot vbat f*M cuuai do; Ikcre to BO T^i m m t •tlk 
bat Bbere ii>o« art. Htm Cmmwy. 

Gallnad, j. ai. (gallo) A making aUe, or enabtiag; 
a becomiDg enabled. 

Galloadwy, a. (eallaad) Possible, effectible. 

Gallaajdd, a. (galla) Of a powerful natnre. 

Galltiaw, V. m. (|!alla) To endne with power. 

Gallaawg,a. (galln) Powerfal, mighty, paiaaant. 

GailnawL a. (gaMn) Energetic, potent; posaihie. 

Gallaedig, a. (gallo) Endued with power. 

GalloecUgaetb,!. at.— pl. 1. an (gallaedig) A ren- 
dering able, or powerful. 

Galloedigaw, r. a. (galloedig) To endne vrith 
power, to make mighty ; to become able. 

Galluedicawl, a. (gallnedig) Potential. 

Galluedd, a. ai. (gallu) Puissance, ability ; faculty, 
or power of acting. 

Galloeiddrwydd, *. m. (galloaidd) PottibiUty. 

Gallnogawl, «. (galli.awg) Potential. 

Galloogedd, «. ai. (gallnawg) Potentiality. 

Gallocgi, r. a. (gallaawg) To empower. 

Gallnogrwvdd, s. wl (galloaiif ) PowertnlneM. 

Galloolrwydd, s. ai. (gaUaawl) Potentiality. 

Gallas, a. (gall) Powerful, naghty ; able. 

CortMUwf Hkmn, »«<dd Eraifaa, 
Hm ikifwia jr Alb^a, a fydd •llaa. 

A rro«n«d lofiat, sJ^t Erui^o*, aa old profbet of AOmd, vffl 
hf mtfkty. R. AaaoMT, d. C. FmtmM. 

Gallusrwydd, s. m. (gallos) Potentlalnem. 

GaUuii5, a. (galln) Potential; potent; able. 

Galluiisrwydd, s. m. (galliios) Potentialness. 

GaUwyddel, s. ai.— pl. gallwyddyl Tgall — gwyddel) 
A name sometimes nsed for Gv^fddel, vroodman, 
an Irishman ; bnt more appropriately to certain 
tribes who partly lived in the woods and part- 
ly cnltivated land. 

Gan.s./. (ga— an) A bringing forth ; a bifth. Yr 
aa Kva, Uie white thmsh ; yr aa gMil, the red 
thrush, diseases so called. 

G4a, s. Ok— pl. f. oedd (aa) Capacity, or wtet 
bag the |H>wcr lo^oatoio; a ttortiae. 



OiB, fr«^ (cAn) WUh ; la conpflliy ; in mdmo- 
tHB; In ooHC^nencn of. Ocnyr nid Mt mm- 
oriA, in ay fwwirion tbare is no mMey ; pa 
kf ft «y fcnyd f whnt hMt Uina got t muefm- 
tfdb «W, he has got wenlth ; bodfanddi, to be 
with her; flMe^0iMe vftMlA, we bnve hope ; nul 
«ef inawh dUiM* yon hnre got nothing; eqfUi 
gnidpa, I ahall obtain benefit from them ; aetk 
fte y i«E, he went with ti^e boat 


T« fwaft pMN «r tab »tt* » CM. 

i« % WMl Ffrolla, U »*! m4Im> 

I, ud wtth hli haeli ba ton tin 

0^ €m0. (cin) In conteqneace of, becnateef, 
hecanoe ; whereas, Ibr at mneh ; ainoe. Ckin 
viMlhar • koKBt Aya o fttlh, IbraBmoeh at thon 
kajt done thU thing. 

Gnavl, a. (g&a) Belaling to capacity. 

Gamad, a. ai. (gin) A containing^ a holding. 

Giaa, e. b. (gnn) To be of capacity ; to contain. 
Cte llaaraMf ag y #anaa«, at fall as thev can I 
coatids; aMi yr oaa /ewer, so that it shall hold 

Quid ym wjt yn ahy Dow. 
Tl ■ ■■■!■■ II iufi ffr FT '~" *~ "^ * ^a^- 

Ok atew y ay« a w<a «•■ jniMgkyfMtbtewl, el d4]rami » 
•a^moMyrW'YMMMiiyroffNddkoM; cmAateya 

*■!! 4«H lb« oowt aiilwlUlT. ke •ball b« krld con- 
tbe H/c of ihe lord to ^him Okut bfneli beloii(i; 

T«il« Owtia bid 

A— 4r«<dlb ir d rt l h ; 

A aBvid ya aboa oOiwallb ! 

Tto fcaBy af Ot»aln tha f eaeroat wjU >wl •"•^'^ I??" » 
1 I Jia ji «S«fl Mt la** tv aar «l«d« in Rba* fer AffS^tt 

Gar, «. nk— pi. f. an (ga) The shank ; the hani» 
or hnver part of the thigh. Cmnedd gw^ the 
bead of the knee, or theham; i|/a2ygclr, the 

TySd ebavl o byd gar. 
let tl« eett crow frooi iba Aaai. ^tf4f #. 

Gar, p»«p.(g6r) At, bjr, nigh, near, hard by. Gir 
Oav, at hand ; g^r oron, fas ptetenea. 

Giiaa, ti m.— pi. U ad (gdr) A thaak; a shaft; 
aciaat^ or haraa. Gam grychydd, the little 
I ; garan Airyad, the comatoa wUd dock. 

md aafn* aM iwaD. 

r flo diaprapoftfaaatf aa a Uron, Adagt* 
■d y faiaa an at ddvygoas. 

Uka (ba hen* for bU taro icfi* ^<f«f e. 

^ «. (garan) Branching oat into sliafts ; 

greatlyTlmbed, long shanked. 

IddD lb MBO aaaadd aicb. . ^ 
Ac ya waagaar can wfa-gaicb, 
Ac a gyleb ogylab I baa 
Naw o arddaa ya wyrMloa. 

To bin brloom a |ay ball, bdog^wldla waited w»«h Wt toe 
■ad Nand aboaTlbis aioa f «rd«at rim ara grtcB. L. O. CMbi. 

Gardden, t./. dim. (gardd) A ItUle garden. 

Garddiad, «. m. (gardd) A making a garden ; a 
gardening, or cultivating a garden. 

Garddn, v. a. (gardd) To make a garden ; to gar- 
den, or to ciUtlvate a aarden. 

Gardd wr, t. m.— p/. garddwyr (gardd) Gardener. 

Garddwriaeth, «. at. (garddwr) Horticulture. 

Garddwy, «. m. ^ggr. (gardd) Caraway, or carui. 

Garfwch, s. m.— pi. garfychaa (gAr— bwch> A 
fiat-bottoaied boat ; a pnat. 

GArgam, «. m. (gar— cam) A bandy-legged per- 
aoa ; a cripple, a. Knoek-kaeed. 

Garhir, a. (gir-hir) Havuig a long shank. Emg- 
lya gorftir, a metre having one long verse, and 
the others shorter. 

OaU Riadalad tea fbtddwyd OcnlBt, 
OarbMoa grawn folocb, 
Rbaddloa nithr cryroa each. 

UadCT Uw tblgb of Ocralat wata lltal maaera, i^t^^K*^ ^ 

GarlhMs, a. (gar-Utes) Umpina, baiting, ^f • 
lya garlloMy a metre so caUed, andiag with a 
long verse. 

earll««, (gir-Ueg) The garlick. 

Garllegan, s. /. dtai. ( garlleg) A head of gn»i««k. 

GarUegawg, a. (garlleg) Aboanding with garUck. 
Yrullegunpg^ the snake's garUck. 

Oarm, s. ?.— pi. t. oedd (ga— arm) An ont-cry. 

Oi daf naiar nar nawiaM 
O a r y a 'y yra ir fonadd. 

the bafraaik o# /br^MivAisir grntuwi 
oac of an Mianaal-aaai, a\ la ilck. ba 

Garaafair, a. (garan— hir) I/ong shanked. 
Ganaa, v. a. (gana) To famish with a shank. 

• baffaaebaaHoanddannr — 

Garaaa Iroan-face 

ly Srll>me exedtrarf at baloagf ag to nc*,— aa tbe 
f te tin whW-rtoaa ofa griwtor. 

0. a* Lmk lis fVaAaa* 

GaidM, a. ai*— pi. gardytaa (gir— tat) A garter. 
Gaidys^ a. ai^—pl. i. an (gir— tyt) A garter. 
Gaadd,«./.— pllgarddi (gar) Aa eacloaure ; a gar- 

daa. Oantd fi» cora-yard ; gwrdd wmr^ hay 

^rth ; gtKtddJagm, a nursery. 


,^ . -a rbivgav. 

BhagI groea ya rlM>l galaa a gatraa. 

Tha erboiag of iba «rf of aoma dawadai^M dog* ; » «>j»y»;*" 
blar tbal givaa bolb faia and beat. V, a» OvllraH IV daf«. 

Garmiad, «. m. (garm) A shontlag, or hallooing. 
Garmiaw, c. a. (garm) To sboot, to raise a cry. 

Daiydd^nae I «TrM rbodd ; 
Gorawa a nyddiail pnalo; 
Oarw Smya a fya ro> 

Daiydd la oana to ffara a glfc ; a ireiMaiaBia aae «bo kaowa 

Garmiawl, a. (garm) Shouting, or bawling. 

Garmwyn, «. m.— pi. I. Ion (farm) One of the 
shout ; an epithet for a warnor. 

Oarsytb, a. <g4r— syUi) Being stiff in the hams. 

Garth, ». /.—pi. I. au (gar) A buttret, or ram- 
part ; a fort ; a fold ; a cape ; a ridge ; such a 
mountain ridge as forms a bend or cove. It 
forms the appellation of several places; as, 
Garth AfMrawd, Garth Bet6io, Pfaartfc, Oo- 
gartft, Gorlft Au, and lAwydiarth. 

Gartiian, •./• (g«rth) A camp, an enoampment ; 
hattie array ; hattie 

A rbagod. , 

od, paa ctod daav Mgwydawg, 
vaa gartbaa ta GaAbyidavt* 

Aad before ibae. i»bo "rt ftw"*^ ""Jte Jt^^^fiiirJ? 
bright ablckla, awiftly bnraktag tbroag h lka*«nlr hptow Oartoja- 
towg ; .0- blood Soalag roa»d Iba fjet.^ ^^^ ^ ^^^^ , 

Ynaf a1 betly arhay gartbaa dja, 
Llyvalyagvavd-wya gwaa. 

He that panaoa It, tbe profMoo of tbe Srm r««tp. la IJyartyn 
of Mr tamti cownt. X/ynervA Umetw, i X" •* Mmtawf, 

GarOikn. a. a. (gartii) To fortify ; to defend. 
Garthen, M./.—pl. t. au (garth) An encampment. 
Gartheniad, #. ».— pi. garthenlaid (garthen) A 
defender ; a ttriver, or contender. 

Gvrtlivyaab gabn. gartbniad ndter> 
Garrddgar, gwlogar for. 

leina tba resar of the foea^tbatAoa^iMi wllb tbe "••/•'l •P'*'^' 
a pMreiNl aad «tea-ei4oytogj*laf. i». a* Owiiya'. 

H « 

G A W 



Garthon, i. m. (garth) A rod to dri? e oien with. 

Garw, 5. m. — pi. geirw (e^r) What b rough, or 
nigged ; a torrent. Y garta^ the after-birth ; 
tori y garWf to break the roogfa; to break a 
great craving ; to stay the stomach. 

Garw, a. (gar) Rough, rugged, UDeven, harsh, 
sharp, severe. Tifwydd garw, severe weather ; 
Hwr garw J a rough sea ; mae ya arw iddofod yno, 
it is terrible for him to be there ; mae ya ario 
gmiffam doao, I am grieved for him. 

Ancev Kvw drnd a*i heirch. 
Bold ia he thai riKWKt a vUUfnt death. Adage. 

Mae ein mrddjiiau nl ysfbykh j ddalar yn eirwonac yn anfaa- 
wl, o'r Falh af ftfdd yn fwedda i*acyA»r. 

Oar idcat with mpeci to the earth are rough and inaccarate, 
•( the fort that arc cooauuajit to oar condition. ler. Uwaia. 

Garwaad, s. m. (garw) A making rough ; a be- 
coming rough, or rugged ; a roughening. 

Garwaawl, a. (garw) Tending to roughen. 

Garwaidd, a. (garw) Of a rough, or severe natore. 

Garwain, a. (garw) Abounding with roughness. 

Garwiu, v. a. (garw) To ronghen; to become 
rough, or rugged ; to become severe. 

Garwedd, t . m. (garw) Roughness, mggedness. 

Garwen, s./. (garw) A rough female; a virago. 

Gast, s./.—pL geist(ga— ast) A bitch. Gost ddr- 
awg^ a bitch big with young. 

Gasten, «./. dun. (gast) A little bitch. 

Gau, M. m. (ga— au) What is covered , hidden, or 
maskad ; a falsehood, a lie. 

Gore« padcatr jm faa. 

The be*t tra? elier la a lie. Admge. 

Pao farno DoTydd, dydd hir, 
Tywyll fydd faa, folaa fwir. 

Whrn the Unl shall Jad|ce, toaf the day./alMAMd (hall be dark, 
and truth illamfated. Ufwmrek Htu. 

Gau, a. (ga) Hidden, masked ; false, lying. 

Khya FychMi d calwaol, jra gsa, 
Rhys rawr-falch ys'iiffaaJ^ y *achadan. 

I{h)s the liule they call him. It b/o/M, he ia Rhya the rnrstly 
towerioff in ftiltenaf aratoar io the batitea. LL P. Moek. 

Gauaf, M. m.— pL f. oedd (gau— af) Winter. Et- 

di&n trigaut/f a beast of three winters old. 
Gauafaidd, a, (gauaf) Wintery, winter-like. 
Cvanafar, s. m. (gauaf— &r) Winter ploughing. 
Gauafawl, a. (gauaf) Brumal, or wintery. 

Py ddTK Herod 

A on yd gauafawl. 

What brootht od Herod the wimlny blaat. TalUtiH. 

Gauafawr, a. (gauaf) Brumal, or wintery. 

Cynhwrf yo efajr, lln yo Ilenwi, 
Oof byd KauJiawr hwyllawr heli. 

A lumnlt to the frilha, the tide risinf hl/h, the wiutrrf seasoo 
raciof b tiie roune of the occaa. LI. P. Mock. 

Gauafdy, «. m.^pl. t. au (gauaf— ty) A winter 

house, a vrinter cot. 
Gauafle,s. m.—pL f. oedd (gauaf— lie) Winter 

quarter, or a winter place. 
Gauafnoe, s. /. (gauaf— nos) A winter night. 
Gauafrawd, s. m. (gauaf— rhawd) The course or 

sway of winter. 

Ocr f aiiafr««d, tlawd aorfa. 
CoM the reigm e/triafcr, naked ia the sea-ahote. Lt^ord. 

Ganafu, v. a. (gauaf) To winter, to pass a winter. 

Aethym I'r nor mcwn lioof o Alexandria, yr boo a faaaal ya 
raoafa ya yr ynja. 

We went 10 sea In a ship of Alexamlrli, the which had been 
wimUrvtg to the island. <f . Saiubmrf. 

Ganlid, s. m. (gau — llid) Shame. 

Gaw, s. ai. (ga) What stretches, or extends ; a 
sinew, tendon, or muscle. 

Gawl, t. M. — pL golan (awl) A light; a dawn. a. 
Holy, pure. TyU y Gair/, the station of the 
light; a place so called in Glamorganshire. 

Oawn, a. (awn) Direct; right, or jnst. 
(iawr, «./.— jW. goriau (awr) A shout, an ootcrj; 
a tumult; a conflict; a gray colour. 

GwcWi wvr fforfiwr 
A ddygyrcbynt a*r. 

i hMMt seen figantic aen haateainf to the lAaal. Tslwrn. 

Lias Morgan but fawr, llaaar wawr waaar, 
LlAry, lUchar, llawcb cerddawr. 

Slain U Morcant the balwarfc of the ihnU. the leader MalDf Is 
blue : mild aod farions, the refare of the minatrrl. 

Cpuddtiw, wt. l«iUv 0. 6vy*(d^ 

Gawri, v. a, (gawr) To shout, to cry alood. 

Gawriad, s. m. (gawr) A shouting, or bawling. 

Gawy, a. (gaw) Muscular ; nervons : strong. 

GB, «. m. r. Aptitude. It is doobtfal whether it 
is used except as a prefix in coropositioD. 

Gefail,s./.— p/. gefeUiau (gaf— ail) Tongs, pin- 
cers, or nippers ; a smithery, or smithy. G^- 
aUguaUf uut-crackers. 

Ymryaon a*r c^of yn el efail. 
To ooDtesd with the aoiUk in Us tmitkg^ Aiaft. 

M«n rwynhM, fal mala fcweool ; 
Gwlith y roT, Sinew, a thCf ynt ; 
Gwiw flodaa gefail ydynt. 

There are slone* cet on each saooth wf ag ; satall and vkitr, 
like tho'-e on « shuttle; the dew-drops of the »mitb, so clear vA 
fair; they are the finest flowers uf the gmilk^. 

Gut, Ovesa, i d«rifa. 

Gefeiliad, s. m. (gelail) A holding with pincen^a 

pinching, or nipping. 
Gefeiliaw, e. a. (gefail) To hold with toog^ or 

pincers; to use pincers, or nippen, 
Gefeiiiawg, a. (gefail) Pincbing, or Bipping. 

Gefeillahit fal dnid, fefeiHawf yth law, 
tvafaelaa draif Ifraw ffrau vymynawr* 

ITiou dida take hold like a fnry, o fjkrm rmtp Is thy band, Um 
tenadooa aad active leader of the toarcnt of wvaodlae . 

U. P. MteA, 1 199^ I- 

Gefeilydd, s. m.— pi. i, ion (gcftil) One who takes 
hold, one who holds with pincers. 

Gefell, fl. c.—pl, t. od (gav— ell) A twin. Da 
</f U, two twins. 

An Fadswf, faHdlefcfell 


For Madawf, < »i» of the bardic sonf , terrible ia the oKf ! 

Gefyn, s. m.— pi. f. au (gaf) A fetter, a gyre; 

a manicle, a shackle. 
Gefynawg, a. (gefyn) Fettered, or shackled. ^ 
Gefyniad, s. m. (gefyn) A fettering, a shaeUiog. 
Gefyoiaeth, s. m. (gefyn) A fetteml condition. 

Hon a roca hoen i*m poeni ; 
Hiraeth gefyni«clli, i^wae fi ! 

She has riven a lyaad to torment 

p, ah me ! 

it ia 

bomd»gf, ab me : D. mk GmUf- 

Gefvnu, v. a. (gefyn) To fetter, or to shackle. 
Gefynwr, s. m. — pi. gefynwyr (gefyn — gwr) One 

who puts on fetters. 
Geian,s. m. (gai) Spray, froth, or foam. 
Geifawr, a. (gai — mawr) Greatly foaming. 

Y nor ddytrvfor, feifawr, a gyfyd 
0*i Of ofau tiistfkwr. 

The snrve of the acA, pc^y foaminf, will rlae oat of hn cdW 
»att aod awful. D. Sf~ " 

Oeilig, a. (gal) Apt to explore, or to hunt cot. 

Llawer ri getUf , a hebawf wybrenlf 

A lithl«Td ar ci llawr, 

Cyn bv ^leon liawedrawr. 

Mauv a kmntimf dof , and aerial hawk have been trained oe II* 
floor, er« that Erllcon was desolau. Llywtck tin- 

Geilwid, i. m.— pi. geilwaid (galw) A caUer, or 

crier. Geilwad tfchaim^ a driver of oxen. 
Geilyg, «. m. (gal) The state of being made dear. 
Gcingiad, s. m. (gaing) A driving in a wcdgr. 
GcMii^taw, r. fl. (gaine) To drive in a wedge. 


GctTber, c (gatr— per) Straelly-apeiktiw. 
Gcirda, «. •• (svr^-da) A good word; time. 

6t GEL 

Goirw, ; pL a$gr. (gtrw) Ron^; ^n^t •>* 

bOtows ', catftfacts, or falit. 

kf gutr, 

I tores !• 



lib Mir fte ABM to low Ml piopcTtT, Md «MlaM, Witt Ui 

6«rdudd» «. m. (nir— Urdd) Etymolof y. 
Gcirdvddawl, a. (geirdardd ) Etymological. 
Geiidro, a. i«.— jil. I. ion (gair— tro) A pun. 
Geirdrottd, s. m. (geirdro) A ponning. 
Gctrdroedydd. a. «.*-^« i. ion (geirdroad) A 

Morter, a player npon words. 
Gdrddadl, a. /.— ^ gflrddadlan (gair— dad!) A 

captioiia argnment, or cavil aboat words. 
Gttcddadliad, s. m. (geirddadl) A caTiUing about 

voids; a quibbling. 
GtuddadlOy v. a. (geirddadl) To cafU aboat 

words ; to qnibble. 
GdiddsMUna, a. (geirddadl) Apt to qnibble. 
OcuddsMllyddy t. as.— pi. L ion (geirddadl) A ca- 

filler aboat words; a qoibbler. 
Goiddoeth, a. (gair— doeth) Of discreet words. 
Gcirfritb, a. (gair— brith) Of probable word. 

Bran bore ddcwla ! 

Bbm I ml capoari • mjHen 1 If lk« oaca of lh« dlvlacr by 

Geiigall, a. (gair-nall) Of discreet words. 
Gdfgar, a. (jgair— car) Verbose, fond of words- 
Gcirgarwcii, a. ai.(geirgar) Verbosity, prolixity. 
Geiriad, a. ak-^. «. an fgair) A wording. 
Gtiriadit, a. a. (geiriad) To word, to pbrase. 
Gtiriador, a. ak--pl. t. on (geiriad) A Tocabnlary. 
Goriaw, a. a. (gair) To word, or to phiaae. 

Hycta. dywB gor> lio«>r !•<■> 
Ya SWMr MB • fUtlfc 

U, I eMid IMW Ite ewkoe* of AiU toIcc^ *^\<^T^ ^ 

Gtirimwg, a. (gair) Wordy, Terbose, fall of words, 
or talkative, a. ».— pi. Oeiriogion. Averbose 
person ; an orator, or speaker. 

Geiriawl,a. (gair) Verbal; garmlons; wordy. 

r r MivT^ bra «1 SO|M R*^* 
Mfnr gwMjftMal tr l Uairr 
as«M • MaddvoB selitevl. 

ttat !• fcrvakcn bf tbe thosl, more conrtnW oo <<* 
■ • loIAoftMr* — '■— 



Getriolaetfa, $. m. (geiriawl) Phraseology. 

I bob poch o'r oibravltelbM w ddoaborth, 711 7 'ir*^* 
o'r ■odTlMrwyM Wtb • frirtolwlb jvmiimm^ ef y 

1 tan Mi don oMTV Iblor of iho liMtnictloM io rodmeBt in 
kc m oMer mS node, wltE ropeel to terwgo, oad pknut- 

V. a. (geiriawl) To phrase ; to yerbaiize. 

•M L ir - 9 ^M w Mth: town tWoli, lawn yaddwyn. ae 

Gftrioios, a- (geiriawl) Verbose, garmlons. 
Gdriyfr, a. ai^-fl. gelriyfhw (gaii--nyfr) A to- 

csbalary; a dictionary. 
<»cirllaa,a. (gair— llaes) Of drawling words. 
GcirSaearwyA, s. (geirUaes) Slowness of speech. 
Gciriiwyaa, a. (Uwydd) Of prosperons words. 

ryaavf iWa Ma tefld, 

fm wflodd baa. drllwydd bad. 

ite h a BoBio tody of doMeaia ilr, a fUr oaa obeiractfar doap, 

G«rswys, «. m. (gdr-nnvyn) The cbann, or 
power of words. 


Uii fo aim*^ hoH faco e dd. 

Tbo Sowioff of oe(«facf« firoi 
ware ibo Miryct of all the 

Ibe sky, a aaid SoodU «m, lew 

Geirweddiad, s. m. (gair— gweddiad) Phraseology 

Y pctbaa a baraot cflar GyBBrtof yw pcHhUh fcUhyddtaedi, 
a ebySawu olnreddtod. 

The IblnRe that ara coadatire to panpaeatty la tka WaUb, are 
peiftet eoosirvcttoa, aod Jaat pkrutt^agW- aerddof. 

Oeirwir, a. (gair— gwir) Of tme words ; true. 

Odnrir fyarvd a garoadd, 

AU HooMT, odyif byddysff, oedd. 

. A Itfo of fioMre eMMwriall«i ba lorad, like HoaerjM'oaad la 
loanlof was be. !««. r*«M«, • Aifoawf. 

Oeirydd, «.«!.— pi. *. ion (gair) A worder; a phi- 
lologist ; a speisker. 

Mi elirir ya aaawf oalo gelrydd. 
He wll Boc be caUad lyioff If be la oot a tptaktr, d^agt. 

Gel, s./.-^/. «. od (ge— el) Aptness to flow, or to 
ooze ; a leech. Gel y meirek^ nen gel fteadofl, 
the horse-leech. 

Gdach, s. ai.— pi. t. od (gel) A langaid one; a 
little sorry feUow, a fribble. 

Gelawr, #./— p* gdoran (elawr) A bier. 

Gele, t. A— pi. t. od fgel) A slow rill ; a leaeh. 

I*r foto y vac dwy farcb ya ItefUa, noca, moea. 

!.»• AMM tarn Smnmhimtm ^IHnv. dvo. atvm, 


To tbo iMTft tbere are two daaf bten calHaff, fly, giva. 


Gelen, i . /. dim. (gel) A leech. Gdlta bendoU^ 
the horse leech. 

Gelen, e.f.—fl. t. od (eel) That flows impercep- 
tibly, that ooaes ; a leech. 

EdewU tarwya t«7ni falbloBt 
A adaa galea ya aa gatoa. 

Tbo tiolaat one baa Jolt beblod blai royal waa wbo waaU toava 
gmdOmg ^ftlaod la Ibdr foes. Cgnddetm, m. f odwa il aa. 

Gelenan, »,/. dim, (gelen) ^ small leech. 
Gelenmdd, s. m. (gelen— rhndd) A flow, or 00s- 
ing of red. a. Red oosing; crimson-stained. 

O ale i add eta gwyr gwodl UaddjBdJrwa, 
TrcnU gofwy nar Naalawr drefrad. 

The erinutn^Mn of oar aiea after bamytaU, be Hacaa by fba 
vtatteat of tbe waU of Maelar DrclM. O. CgfiUitm, 

Bardd Uywelva baal byd ya galwir, 
Geleumdd gclyn i bqb aawlr. 

Tbe bard of Uywelyn tbe geaeroaa, tboogb I amy ba called 
«loto<d wilA NMd, a foa to every aa|aal aaa. Cp u ddt lm. 

Gelenmddiad, e, m. (gelenmdd) A crimson-stain- 
ed one ; a blood-stained warrior. 

Bf forayddfakw getearaddlaldacr 

He will bring down tbe foea, rtd-4Ukud mtn of alaofbter to 
aabaat to bla tarna. ^ ^. MkA, i 

Gelenmddiaw, v. a. (gelenmdd) Tocanse a crim- 
son flnid ; to stain with blood. 

Gelfryd, «. m. (gel— bryd) A breaking ont of the 

Owotoia aya yn Uyt Elialdlo, 
Gdflryd galyn yn allfro. 

MB Rbya to tbe ball of ElaiUJo, wltb tha rmghif miud^t 
to a foialffD eoantry. PkfUp Brpdfdd, 1 Jl. Orfg, 

Geli, «. m,—ph t. on (gel) A shooting oot. 

Dyddtowl baladr daddf all Bell, 
DawB Dow acU dan dy aellwydd ; 
Dwg ya waladr dec town eU. 
Dontoa CeU, dloag^ylwydd. 

1 bave 

Wltb coaebcd abaft followlBg tbe enaple of Ml, tbe gnure of 
God thoo wlH tea to aapport tby aadartaking; Ibe gift* of Ibo 
myalertooa one, infialUbly proaperoaa, wttl prodaee a leader, a 
ftfWM* aapraaMly (air. MHr. D^/y4d» 

Gelin, «. «.— pJ. *. an (gel) What spring* out. 

O Iwylb Elyataat a*l Ho 
Earnid wal yr wyd etta ; 
O gyaaa, locw lydaa wMd, 
Wya« toWB-wacd d«ry Wyoedd. 

. . , cold, rath«i 
L eDl[rei)iD|;, wboleiome, Btrtgtl- 

wr Ug, a fur ■nd temperately cold momioi. 

JDiavdcla«riaK>*,very refreshingdrink. Gutnl 
Geloer, ( n. (gel — oer) A temperate, or refreih- 

log coldoeu. SffgUgn w grtotr, to Umnd in a 

<ool place, Id wirm neather. Gtmf. 
Oelwain, e. ■. ''galw) To cry onl rrequently. 
OHwIg, :/.~pl. I oedd (Kcl-«wte) NroaU wood, 

bmahwood, or nuderwood. SU. 
Oelyn. f. ■>.— pi. I. ion (gtl) A foe, or eoemy. 

Gf^ yr Mtr, a banard. 

Oeljnaidd, a. (gelyn) Of a boitile oatare. 
Belynet, «./.— -pi. I. ao (gelyo) A female foa. 
Oclyniaetb, ■. m.—pl, I. id (gehn) HoaUlity. 
Gelynlaetbawl, «. ((elyidMth) Relating tn a *Ute 

OelyniMtba, v. a. (relyniaeth) To create hoitili- 

ly, or warfkre ; to render boitile. 
Od^maethni, a. (gelyniaelb) Suitable to boilili- 

ty, or warfare; of boitile dlspo^tion. 

Oelyniawl, c> (gelyn) Ho«me,or adTene. 

TVa Uironfb lJ»< MmUU Anrar af thfl «1ndA, »ftn bvlni « tfat 
Hut •■■ cxl gl ifcon U Uw mtlk, UfUMr >lUi U> iIishJ, 

Oelyntoldeb, i. ■. (gelyniawl) A rtate of war. 
Gelyniolrwydil, $. m. (xelvniawl) A boitile itate. 
O^ynni, a. (gelyn) Hantlle. luitable to a foe. 
Gelyit, I. pi. aggr. (Kcl— yit) Sedgei, or flag). 
Geli, 1. n. — pi. t. oedd (ge— ell) A dnn, or bay 
colotir. a. Dnn, or glcramy. 

Gellaig. *■ pi- aggr. (geU) Pears. They are also 
callM Hmmifr and ftrtnau. 

Ocllait, 1. f.-~ti. geUelit (gell— ga.l) A buck- 

lunnd bitefa. 
Oelleigbren, i ■ tree. 

OeUeigen, «.J ear. 

Oellelglyi, *. eeo. 

Oellelgwydi], ir treei, 

Oellrigoydde r tree. 

6eIlgarw.«.M lATein- 

deer ; 1 1 1* 
Oellgl, (. ■.— pi. 1. OD (gell-dl A kind of Urge 

hQdtlDgdo(,af adnneoloar; « bnck-faonnd. 

Yil ned iirKniuticif Tcll<nl<>>|>n)gcT'ii4lh|dil|ut' 

! G£K 

OellbeH. (■ «•■ (gell— iMg) Water flowarile-ldee 

GdUfvta jrr f^ eomflag; gOUuif* Ur, 

sweet flag. 
Gellwng, e. a. (ge — Uwng) To loosen, to let go ; 

to diicbarge, to drop ; to disband. 
GellyngSHl, a. (gellwng) Laiatlve, relaxing. 
Oetlyngiad, i. m. (gellwng) A looseoingi adrop- 

ping ; a dinbandiug, or discbarging. 
Gem, ■./. — pi. (. an (em) A gem, a jewel. 

Gema, c a. (gem) To adorn witb gems. 

Gemydd, «. n.— pi. t. Ion (gem) A jeweller. 

Gen, (. M.— pi. (. oedd (ge— en) The inieDect, or 
soul. At rfy n no (Um yua, on thy life go not 
there : ut daja, «r gwttWn d'n, tboa shslt 
pay, do nbatthoo wilt; gwaftWad'Miia spile 
of tbee; gwaitka' (Crn, mavigTe thee. 


month 1 a Jaw; a cbin. Clicudgtn, a jawfaonc. 
MClh tuigufgtrffdi dy ddiry n, I irill An^ thee 
by thy two jaws. 

ODtlets or inleti. Attr 
double plural GMflui 
y GIja .- place. » 
and Cardigaoihire. 

9, the lipi, the month ; 


Genawg, a. (gen) HaTlng a long jaw. 
Gcnawl, a. (gan) Relating to birth, OMtutal. 

girl, a daughter. 

Genethaidd, a. (geneth) Maidiih, or girlish. 

Geoetben,*./. dim. (genetb) A little maid. 

Grnethlg, j./. din. (geneib) A little m^d. 

Oeneaaid, i. m. — p£ geneneidian (genau) A 
mDathfal, or a chopful. 

Geneuawl, a. (genau) By mouth, onl. 

Geneugoeg, i./.—pL I. ion (genan— coeg) A li- 
zard, ao ell. 

Nl 1,1, ri^ «M 

•m o twkdunAiljri IM^J »•■ 

Genfa,*./.— pj. t .^ , 

bridle ; also a barnacle, a farrier's iMtrament. 
Oenfl'rwyD, *. /.—pi. I. an (goa— ffrwvo) The 

chiniUy of a bridle. 


GcaL •. fl. (fu) To apfear, to be kfmigkt ftrtby 
to be bom. 

RU iteU I MadwyM awya fli til. 


f W jMdd «f w a 

Aai ^ JftM, jrwU^ villi inun«, to Mr Owri . 

GM, «. «. (s^n) To be beM, or conCaiaed. 
Gcmdyj. SI. (sMi} Natl?ity, or biiHi ; the itate of 

being bnNi|;bt fortb. 
Gcull, a. M«— jrf. f . ion (gan— III) A pro^enyy an 

GeaiDes, a./, tflai. (genni) A jonng nymph. 

r^«iBf.>% Uv cyiMta IIMd»| w air. 
AvMHaicprawlMiM, «UMvflhswwdilMUIto««. 

GraiByB, a. m. dtai. (fBaiU) One befspttea. 
GcmkI, fc A— fi. geaoglaa (fanawg) The bhu- 

diMe, or jaw. 
GenolaeCh, a. «. (xeaawl) A brindng fortb. 
Oeawair, a. /.— pi. geawaitian (geft-<gwair) A 

*****'"> rod. 


Dmi^ tyuii wftk ifvys gnvtir* 

flnv back, IM aaiit 

wtib cncCMNtt 
0. O. Umwd, 

Ofdi l a d, a. ai. (genwair) An angling, iisbing. 
Gcttwcifiaw, «. a. (genwair) To anf^e, to fish. 
Ceamciii iiit a. ai.--^ genwdrwyr (genwair — 
evr) An angler, or a &ber with a rod and line. 
M^/L — pi. f. ydd (go— ol) A gaol, a priian. 

9am offck Col c»d eodawl wioa. 

ho dtaMbateii Mi booiitr: 
of At Uii—f O K l itoff Iwro. 

Gcr, a. ak— ^ 1. an (go-*or) Uttaranoa, a cry. 

Dy »>Oi* teo irpjM wH b/bo r P»«; 
Docbvrflk doB^ftotwf n» givya ylfryiooi 

* ' 1 MB OO ow oo, ^ 

fvrAMood fwithnd fwtWm 

U Abcr Dao covo om o IvlUy : a oaiiwio the 

fco thoflrapao; ftoe Ddoi polo dago «ke 
to oppoio MO wtth cDOtiwy 

6cr,prcpi (eer) By^or at; near to, bard by. Oir 
•yaa* daily face to fbee with me. SO. 

TAmam Dw: oafcMTOvl fcr ii hoo. addrvol far BcUmrlt 
%dis§m»%t^iBi^ cf§mT bfwydolloo f ^fldi f firyo^d. 

ftattnoMnMonaModoborGod: MiOo ky MMoir. firito 
«■ tmt to a i pw ln otibot, nod coondof with tvevy aodo or eni> 
iMtKloaMcArcicoClhoworidofiolcfiMt. Jmrfifot. 

Ocrv, pnp. (g^r^ Toward, in a direction to. 
Gcrato, a. a. (gerS To iqned, to iqoeak, to ery. 
Gcfaoy a. a. (ger) To M|veal, to sqaeak, to cry; 




mo; ItaooNMi vhov I wm 
D. ab OwUfM, Vr Yibrpd 

ficffanHyd, a. (garaa) Spaealing, or squeaking. 

6eri»roa, prep, (ger — bron) In presence. 

O ete t a B ydy a. (gerain) Sqaealiing, sqoealing. 

GeHydd, prap. (g^r) In contact with, by. Ger- 
fyid dk Uw^ by thy band; Uairq^dtg«r/y«M dy 
■aUr, I win drag thee by thy hair. 

(icii, a. as. (ger) Tlie cboler, bile, or gall. 


D, «b OwUifm, 


Ao hat« M4ho |oU. 


Wilkoitt hor it !• follfar no |» tiEitt. 
Covrh jqrhooddl 

0««loo«lai|tf ilyvodhwa; 

wt loMh aoci good. T. tk Hi/m MMnV- 


Geriaidd, a. (gen) Cbolaric, or biUana, like bHa. 
Geri'awg, a. (geri) Aboaadlng with bila, bUiaaa. 
Oeriawl, a. (geri) Relatlag to tbe dudar, or bile* 
Gerllaw, prep. (gei^-~llaw) At hand, by, nagr. 
Germala, a. a.(gann) To cry often, to wail. 

Pan 1 M »Ma ar Ihloc y fnmA 
ffo slf V y ilavd yu panaalB. 

Whoa ho ^^ at 09 Iha Chiwoorjn|fw«B(» ke vUl ^M^0f 
poor MMpMafaf . Bdm, Frg$» 

Gem, a. ai.— pL t. an (ger) That extendi ihr ; 
depth, or profnodity; oolUtaral; a fiAh rehi- 
trre, or eoasln. 

Garni, $, pi. nggr. (gern) Ckdlateral kiiidi«^ 19 
the fifth degree. They gro also called Ceififi^ 
and KigMoa. Gwrfa gerat, the same with 
Gvr<A«raSy nlatlons In me 4zth degree* Sea 

Sofyw rUcal ff«r, tf dad, ol hoodadf «e d orheadid ; oc o hy^j 
hyd y oawdid lei aa adryd, goral oa f i la% . 

Tho ptraalan of a buib lapliai. hia Ihlhar, iSi naadMhar» aad 

Ma rraMfraadfttharraiid oa^aidi viio at* «*?»'*?«•• «* 
doioaet, tfey ara caOod w rta i. iMf* Com*. 

Gerwin, a. (garw) Rough, eevere, rigorous. 
Gerwioad, t. m. (gtrwio) A making rough; aba- 
coming harsh, or scTore. 
Gerwioaw, a. a. (gerwin) To make ronghy or 

harsh ; to become rough or rigorous. 
Gerwinawl, a. (gerwia) of a rough or harsb na- 

tnve. Mat pa gyra arao pa erwimnMAf he is drla* 

ing upon him terribly. 
Gerwindeb, «. m. (gerwfn) Rouahneas, rug|ed- 

nesi, bHrshness, severity, or indemency. 
Genn^dd, prip. (ger — gwvdd) In presence. G^- 

wyid §{ wyiih^ before his f^ ; g$rwydd y iy, 

before the house. SU, 
Gerwyneb, prep, (ger— gwyneb) In presence. 
Gerwynebawl, a. (gerwyneb) Opposite. Yn tr^ 

wyacAaad, being present. 
Gerwynabuy a. a. (gerwyneb) To place appoiita. 
Geryn, t. M*-jfl> <• od (gar) One that ntlare m 

shrill cry. Gtnfm Amigd, a mallanL 
Gaetwag, a. a. (ystsrng) To lacline^ bend, or bow 

down, to iMnrar, to alioBa. 

A Antawoaa la «a|ph, • «!•» wa t» mV«c«. 

Gestyngawl, a. (gestvng) Tending to lower. 

Oestynglad, a. ai. (geatwng) A lowering, a haw- 
ing, or iaellning dawn; sutgeetfon. 

Oestyngn, a. a. (geatwng) To lewar, to Im»w dews* 

Geuaddoli, a. a. (gau— Mdoli) To waaAip falsely. 

Genaddoliad, a. m. (gan— addoliad) A ndae war- 
shipping, idoiatroas worslUp. 

Ganaddoliaeth, a. ai. (gan**«ddallaatii) Falsa wor- 
ship; idolatry. 

Geuaddolwr, a. ai«--«l. genaddolwyr (gan-^adM- 
olwr) A raise worshipper; an idolater. 

Geuain, a. (gau) Full of falsity ; lying; Also. 

Geuaw, v. a. (gau) To fUsify^ to aaake false. 

Geoawd, «. m. (gau) A falsifying, deception. 

Gkuawg, a. (gau) Falladous, lying, deceiving. 

Naiaa a orair Morddln at y dawtetoa. a fofya iMyat ; Ooodwch 
i ail, dwyUwyr vnn«ir» pa both y tydd ya ogvaolawd y Uya. 

. _ _ lothoBaglclaaitaNfclnvthaai: iaUa^'ya 
/olf«doef|foni»»hatlalbaaeiaUMhotloiaortfaolaka. . 

Or. o* Arthft. 

Genawl,a. (gau) Falladoas ; deceiving. 
GeuMant, a. pi. aggr. (gau— fdant) Falaa ddMren. 

Crla ^laf, a Off ya oaaf. 
CyAiawM M an ariaat : 
Dlga asaM awnamwit. 

A briuie md, or a Boo# la the nTlaa, to iho doaSor of tho Su- 
on with hk Bwaey : Totdor affeelloo iha tool ofilM Bocbtr ar.MM 
tAHdrn. AltnuoreA Btm. 

6 IL 


G L A 

Gcubwyll, «. m.— p2. t. oedd (gan— pwyll) A false 
reaaoD, false sense. 

Gendeb, «. m. (gaa) Falsehood, or deceit. 

Gendy, j. m. — pL *. au (gaii — tv) A privy house. 

6eoddadlytf./.---p{.genddadlaa (gan— dadl) Para- 
logy, or sophisti^ argument 

Genddadledo, «. m. (genddadl) A paralogism. 

Geoddadliad, «. m. (geuddadl) Arguing falsely. 

Genddadln, v. a. (genddadl) To paralogize. 

Gcaddaw, s.m. — pi, t. iau (gau— daw) False god. 

Kl Mcih« y f eaddaw nyth-wto, 
A*l tm% loit a fo yn ton. 

M ftjr tha ftrrow and the vnrrre bow of his itrattlor. fpeble, <!#• 
cdvinj- f crffAip be in the Sre. S, TWdnr. IV Cmriad. 

Geoddnwiaeth, f. m. (genddnw) False theology. 
Genedd, t. m. (gan) Falsehood, falsity, fallacy. 
Genfiirdd, «. m.--^. genfeirdd (bardd) False bard 
Genffjrdd, s. f.—pL U ion (gau— ffydd) Heresy. 
Genfiyddiawg, a. (gen— ffydd) Having false faith 
Gengred, «./.— jrf. t> ion (gan— cred) False belief, 

Geogrediniaeth, s. m. (gengred) False belief. 
Geuffrefydd, «. /.— pJ. «. an (gan— crefydd) A 

laise religion, heresy. 
Gengrefyddawl, a. (gengrefydd) Heretical in faith 
Genlith, t. m.— pf . f . iau (gan- Uith) Heterodoxy, 

or false doctrine, false teaching. 
Geulithiad, s. m. (genlith) A teaching falsely. 
Genlithiaw, o. a. (geulith) To misinstruct. 
Genlithiawg, a. (genlith) Falsely instructed. 
Genlun, «. m,—pU i, iau (Ran— Hun) A chimera. 
Genlnniaidd, a. (genlnn) Chimerical. 
Genogrwydd, f. m. (genawg) Fallaciousneis. 
Genrith, «. m. — pi, t. iau (gau— rhith) A false 

appearance; illusion. 

INr bdehedd. anwedd aBftir. 
MeUdith • fcvrilh a r*''* 

To her pride, of limlUr reprotch, there will come ■ carte and 
detmimi. W. MUdietcn, 

Genwedd, «. m. (gan — gwedd) A false appearance 
Gcnwr, i. m, — pi. genwyr (gau— gwr) A false 

man, a deceiver, an impostor. 
Gewach, t. m. (gaw) A lean one; a greedygnt. 
Gewai, s. m. — pL geweiod (gaw) A lean person ; 

a greedygnt, a glutton. 
Gewyn, s. m. — pL i. au (gaw) A sinew, or tendon. 
Gewynaidd, a. (gewyn) Of a sinewy nature. 
Gewynawg, a. (gewyn) Sinewy, having tendons. 
Gewynawl, a. (gewyn) Relating to the sinews. 
G«wyn]y8, s. m. (gewyn — llys) Butcher's broom : 

also called gieulyt, 
Gewynogrwydd, $, m. (gewynawg) Sinewness. 
GI, #./. r. — pi. t. oedd. A slender fibre, a nerve. 
Giach, «./.— pf. t. od (gi) A snipe. It is also 

called Ytntd and Y$niten, 
Gian, «. pi, aggr, (gi) Nerves ; nervous system. 

Gild, «. HI,— p/. t. ian (gil) What is produced. 

Gwnaethan' Ic* o'u hanet bwyr, 
Gild y rhew, foMwyr awyr. 


Anaf yo Dfiu* anrn jn nffwyihl. 

Di^eaae In the frtti, death in the veint. 

Y mae rwcwyr I'm fian 


There Is a diieaae in my nervett wbkh she conld atfuaen. 

/I. HtVyn. 

Gid, M.f,—pl. i. au (gi— id) A she-goat, a goat. 
Giden, #./. </tm. (fi^id) A young she-goat, a kid. 
Oieuawg, cc. (iiriau) Having nerves, nervous. 
Gieuawl,a. (gian) Relating to the nerves, nervous 
Gieuedd, t. m. ((^au) The nervous system. 
Gienlyd, a. (giau) Affecting the nerves, nervous. 
Gienyn, «. m. dim. (giau) A nerve, a sinew. 
Gil, f. /.— pZ. *. ion (gi— il) A yielding, or pro- 
ducing ; work, or action ; fermentation. 

They have done rood by their erentng talc, Ibe wor* of tl 
fro«t, marlKold of the Uy. D. ab Gwtiyai, iW ttr. 

Gildiad, a. m. (gild) A producing, bringing out. 

Gildiaw, v. a. (gild) To produce, to yield, to coo- 
cede, to contribute. 

Gildiwr, $. m,^pl. gildwyr (gild — gwr) A pro- 
ducer; one who brings to effect; a yielder,a 
conceder; a contributor. 

Gilydd, 8, pi. (cil) Mutual efficients, mntnal 
selves, or other selves, proa. One aoother, 
each other. 

GwaboddloB y*nfwlad Foo fydd 

There will be inrltotloni In the Uknd of Mob after the kofiftaf. 
to the booMi of tack otker. L. G. C^hi. 

Gin, «. in.— p{. t. ion (gi— in) A pelt. Gtrlaiigia, 

pelt wool, plucked wool. 
Gingroen, a.f, (gin — croen) Tlie toadflax, a kind 

of stinking mushroom. 
Giniad, t. m. (gin) A stripping off the skin. 
Giniaw, v. a. (gin) To strip, to take off* the skio, 

to pluck off the wool. 
Giniawl, a. (ein) Stripping, or flaying. 
Giniedig, a. (gin) Skinned, stript of covering. 
Giniwr, s. m,—pl. ginwyr (gin— cwr) A flayer. 
Girad, «. m, (irad) Mournine, lamentation, a. 

Piteous, lamentable, terrible. 

Cenldon hoo Rnffoddp nidd ei rCad, 
Ac 1)1 ryrant dyn dim mor irad. 

I taof this of GralTudd, of roddy coone, a nan had not wnif at; 
thing M) mtmmfnl, D. Btnfrmt, 

I U cyfcaaf 

Oorwaf fi^dylian» 

C«llwriro« gredao. 

Oferion lyfao, 

Gelriau f irad ! 

To thee will I eonfea*— very y^Sn thonf hia, fanciral orecdi, and 
QwleM oathg, dreadful wonh ! D. ak GwUpm. 

Giten, s./. dim. (gid) A she goat, a young goat 

Gith, $. m. aggr. (gi — ith) Com cockle. It is alio 
called ydig, ^U. 

Githran, s. m. (gith — rhan) Honewort: also call- 
ed githrag. 

Gla, 8, m, (Ha) A brightness, or glistening. 

Glaf, 8, m. (gla) That Is glistening, or smooth. 

Glafr, 8. m. (glaf) What produces a glisteniof, 
flattery, or false praise. 

Glafriad, s. m. (glafr) A making fair, or glisten- 
ing ; a flattering. 

Glafru, V. a. (glafr) To glaver, to flatter. 

Glai, 8. m. (gla) That is glistening, or smooth, t. 
Glistening, glittering, dazzling. 

Glaif, 8. m. — pi, gleifiau (llaif) A bill-hook, s 
crooked sword, a scimitar, a glaive. Gleifnud^^ 
ruddy-glaived, g{et/ nc/ftr, the assault of a glaive 

GnawH it froch a riew elalf ran fwng forwydd ; 
Gnawd icocbea rodwyda mad oitWDf . 

Usual to thee to hare the red and daahinf teimitar orer tV 
man oT the Rteed ; haMtnal the ruddy plain of conflict oJleBiivc 
of •hooti. E. ab Mad, RMamwd. 

Da oedd el ^nf mewn tofld, 
AM laif yn fyflawn o lid. 

Collected was hia mind in tronble, and hb gtaiv* leentnc «iib 
wrath. tola GatM. 

Glain, s. m. — pi gleiniau (glai) What is pare, or 
holy; a pure one, an angel, a saint; what is 
bright, clear, or transparent; a gem, or jewel; 
a bead. Glain nod, a prime jewel; gUnm c</«, 
gleiniau c^n, the back bone, the joints of the 
back : glain cawodj maen catcod, or maen gvlmv., 
the rain stone, which was rolled to procnre 
rain; glain fieidr, glain nadroeddy gleini nadroedd 




f Ifw, or MMm magU make ttones, adder 
itaneiy or adder beada. The matn gUnnj t rans- 
pareat stooeay or adder stones, were worn by 
the diflereat orders of bards, each having Ita 
appropriate colour; the bine ones belonged to 
the presidiDg hards, the white to the dmids, 
die green to the ovates, and the three colours 
blended, to the disciples. There is no certainty 
that they were worn from snpentition original- 
ly; perhaps that was the drcmnstance which 
gave rise to it. Whaterer might have been the 
eaose, tlie notion of their rare virtues was anl- 
versal in all places where the bardic religion 
was taoght. — It may still be questioned whether 
they are the production of nature or art. Be 
that as it may, they are always to be found in 
grtat nombers; and there are people who may 
be apUy called hunters, from whom they are 
to be bad ; but they insist on being credited, 
that die Gleinittu are only to be had at one sea- 
son of the year ; and that they are blown by a 
knot of snakes. At ekwythM y gkdn y maent t 
what, are they blowing the gtmf (appli^ to peo- 
leirheads together in conversation.) 


Cm di#mli Trindawd trl aaewy o das* 

Tri BMft fftaa xWa dmj 


Titaar vi«wrv«d Um three cMtdren fna the Are. three 
"tad eiMicly yovihe. Id •■ coaOde. QfrnddHw, 

0%m f f laio floew adcf yn oef drefired ! 

ef Cjnaa be with the gforloartt dwelttof enirel In Um 
! JVHIyr, ilLab fyiMit. 

Gvrlbddrjeh dadwrrala 
' lyDMl. 

ikatf Maud ofthe «fnt, where there le a qrieadid pie- 


Taya glaa y (lala. 

GUb, c (glai) Pure, holy; — dear, bright* or 
transpareot. Gietaian setatiua, holy saints; 
firnaoa r«laa, pure Tlrtnes. 

GUd, a. /—pi. gUnydd (llan") The brink, side, or 
bank of a river, or any water. Gkm y mor, the 
sea shore ; ^loa yr i|^a, the river side ; glam y 
i^f the water side ; ar y Ion, on the shore. 
Hole At tV Ion, send her np. Dyfed* 

C^r*t y cvrdd daa ddyn aadwy lea. 
Saaaer wtti Ina bmb neet thaa t«o knAf . Ad^gt. 

GIsa, a. (f^) Pore, holy, fair, dean, complete, 
eaUre. Yr YMbryd Gloa, the Holy Spirit; dyn- 
e> lea, a handsome woman ; dtiiod gUm^ clean 
dothea ; wme wtdi darfad yn Un, it is entirely 
sane; ibfmafyw 3fa fan, there is fine living ; dyna 
H dim yn Im, that is very fine indeed. 

Umt laa, dfogel ei phercbea. 

The owner of a eUam hand to mfe. Adage, 

Cyd y ddy dd a o a*a haawyl 

NcvfaUav f laa gaMaau; 
Cydchwaruiia yo y oUa aiaa. 

■aSMfly AaeoarMtaff wHh ay love; eachaaa1aff^»«r# ktoiee; 
vAaaBy M^linc Up to lip. It.^OwUpm. 

Giaaiady #• at. (glan) A purifying ; a cleansing. 
GIsaaawi, a. (glaa^ Abstergent, deansing. 
GIsbAb, a. a. d^n) To purify, to hallow, to dear, 

to dnnae, to make clean, to dean. 
Qaadeg, a. (glan— teg) Comely and fair. 

At hoa fcvr yr oedd aicreh laadef aruthr ya tefyll. 

Olanwelthdra, t. ai. (glan— wdth) QeanllneM. 

Olanweithiad, a. m. f glanwaith) A deansing. 

Glanwdthiaw, a. a. (glairwaith) To make dean. 

Glanweithiawl, a. (glanwaith) Abstergent. 

Olanweithns, a. (glanwaith) Abstergent. 

Gk», a. «k~pl. gleision (lias) A blue colour; a 
verdancy ; a green, a green plat. GIom y dor- 
Um, the king's-fisher ; f laa y Uwyn, wild hya- 

Gwadl fvacdffraa r 
Gnae wr wrth y bo i 

Cooa every lover there «a« a vrnr fair and comely woaian 
^^ . BtU Wgn, B. Cwg. 

9. m. (glan) A landing, or a going ashore. 
Otaaiaw, v. a. (glan) To land, to go ashore. 
Gbawaith, a. (glan — gwaith) Clean and neat; 

iplete. lie glanvpoith^ a tidy place. 

Vol.. II. 

Gwadl fwacdf raa fwvr a lai ; 
" "■ " lal " 

An oak hath 
■en who were 

a apon the fT«*a> afler the blood ilreaai of 
a i woe lo the man of arbooi there ■hall ha cantc 
Rehert tywywwg Horddmandi. 

Pea ddcto hon i*rbronydd, 
I Irhlaw dim ar !•• dydd, 
Yr adar, va liwyr odiaethy 
A gaa yn Are* t«yolon Sneth. 

Wheo die ronet to the lawnt, to toae a lay at th« damn of 
mom, the Unto aMSt charalegly wtU briakly rtaf their eioqucnt 
cmaplalBls. T. Prjfi, Vr geg. 

Glas, a. (lias) Blue, u* aaure ; pale ; gray ; ver- 
dant, green; fresh, or young. Bretkun glaa, 
blue cloth ; Uko gloM^ blue colour ; vyoraa Ium, 
a blue sky; frlodaa^letatoa, blue flowers ; artaa 
gIriaioB, pale mom^y, or silver; wyneb gloM, a 
palid complexion ; maidd gloa, milky whey ; — 
aiareh gloa, agray horse ; caseg Iom^ a gray mare ; 
— gweUt gla$y green grass ; derwen Uu^ a green 
oak.— ilfoa tfe or ti oroa gla$^ he is as busy as 
he can be. 

Am ar y xartS ren b1*b earwy, 

Nead lladderilff glaa rhaa fflaa fordwy. 

Am ar y KknA ren b1*b earwy, 
'■_..■ haft" ' 
Need Uawen aaeof awd neod mwyl 

Since I an doomed lo love one that will not my love retaroi err 
not the shorra oppreeted heferc the Hue torreal, to not the muM 
aalaMMcd, to not the gale Ineraaaad 1 

Cgmddeim, % Bf^f. Madmvg. 

Glasaidd, a. (glas) Bluish, or rather blue. 

Glasar, a. at. (alas — ar) Land newly turned up. 

Glasawg,a. (glas) Tlmt is bine, livid, or pale. 

Glasbaill, a. m. (glas— paill) The bloom ot fruit. 

Olaschwertbin, a. m. (glai — chwerthin) A half 
laugh, a simper, or smirk. 

Glaschwertiiin^ v. a. (glas— chwerthin) To simper, 
to smile, to smirk. 

Glaschwerthlniad, a. la. (glaschwerthin) A mak- 
ing a half laugh, a smirking. 

Glasdonen, a./, (glas— tonen) The scarlet oak. 

Glasdorch, a. /.--pi. glasdyrch (glas — torch) A 
leveret, or young hare ; a voung wolf. 

Glasdwr, a. at. (glas— dwr) Milk and water drink. 

Glasddydd, a. m. (glas — dydd) The dawning day. 

Glasfaen, a. ai. (glas — roaen) Blue stone, vitriol. 

Glasfaran, a. m. — pL f . edd (glas— maran) A sam- 
let, a young salmon. 

Glasfedd, a. m. (glas — medd) Green metheglin. 

GlaefBdd ea haaewya, a*a fwenwyBfa. 
Oivra meed was their dalaty and their potoon. Amntrim, 

Glasfor, a. m. (glas— raor^ The blue sea. 
Glasfyr, a. m. (glas— myr; The blue ocean. 

Corfu x^ynt r«aoddfiin uch glaa gUifyr. 

The load-voked wind i aged on the shore of the hhu arfou, 

O. CgfeUUtmg* 

Glasgaen, a./.— pJ. I. an (glas— caen) A blue co- 
vering, or armour. 

Glasgangen, a./.— p/. t. od (glas— cangen) A fish 
called a greyling. 

Glasgoch, a. m. (glas— coch) Bluish red, or pur- 
ple, a. Of a purple tinge, of a purple red. 

Glasgoed, a. pi. aggr. (glas— coed) Green trees ; 
young trees. 

Glasgolndd, a. pi. aggr, (glas— colydd) The small 
guts or entrails. 

Glasgroen, a. m. (glaa— croen) A thin cntide. 


GlaRgyflaith, «. m. (glas-^cyflaitli) Bine electaary; 
some kind of compoond medicine. 

Bolvit gvHrnii o tjfjd, i f lMn*><(k J meddjtHr. 

U a rholic la ibe bowek akoold ariw, mith Nme tUelmmrf It H 
to be cwd. Mtdd, Jtfy<f4/r«<. 

Cbihaid, M. f—pL glaaheidimn (glas— haid) A 

yoQog swarm. 

GlKiad, 9, m.—pL L an (glas) A tingeing with 

bine. Glasiad y djfdd, the dawning of the day. 

Glaslao, »./.— pi. #. an (glas— llan) A green plat. 

Gladanc, «. m.— pi. #. ian (glas— Uanc) A yonth 

nearly grown up, a springal. 
Glaslanerch, t. m.— p/. t, an (glas— llanerch) A 

green plat, or paddock. 
Glasloew, a. (glas— gloew) BlaUbly bright. 
GUislwyn, ». m.— p<. *. 1 (glas— llwyn) A green 

or verdant grove. 
Glaslyn, #. m,--pi, f. an (glas— llyn) A blue pool. 
Glaslys, *./. (glas—llys) Woad. It is also caUed 

9 g^y y gUwrUf$^ and gUuddwr. 
Glasnoden, «./. (glas— noil) Grass wrack; also 

called gwem y gmkUu, 
®*M<«. «- f*-fi' t. an (glas) An epithet for seve- 
ral internal vessels of animals ; the liver; the 
kidney ; die giaiard of a bird. 
Glasogo, #. /. (glas— gogo) The flower of the flax 

Glassan, t./.— pi. *. an (glas— san) A grey ling. 
Glassanen,*./. dtai. (glassan) A greyling. 
Glasresaw, s. m. (gla»— gresaw) A cold, or half 

Glasresawiad, #. m. (glasresaw) A receiving cold- 
ly, or with a half welcome. 
Glasresawn, r. a. (glasresaw) To receive, or en- 
tertain coldly. 

ClaareMva a wmyut tr y fwyi , a rhfanea taa gmrrt^ IddrnL 

for ibcs ire wtth dry sttrU. 

is$*Tatiom OB the Ben, llcbHnr 
Ar. Rk«mabm9—Slatim9gimu 

Glasresawns, a. (glasresaw) Giving a eeremonions 

or half welcome. 
Glasrew, t. m. (glas— rhew) A grey frost. 
Glasn, r. «. (glas) To make blue ; to become 

blue, to grow pale, or livid ; to dawn ; to be- 

C(Mne verdant, or green* 

abac rhathr rkddjikwr 
Cksyat cs^U g«a»r. 

'^'y t»f«d »«th Mm tibc wtap of the dawn. Tmtitum. 

Glaswawd, t. m. (glas— gwawd) Affected praise. 

Drrordwi Inai o U»wa«d cfrcd 
Wrth a rawdd d fe^lawd. 

*-^i!!U*11S?^ ^-»*^?!^">" *• carniic, of •/«<- 
*• ^•«*'. •• "Kh a« M f>p p r cw <d la heart. Tmlinim. 

Glaswelw, #. ai. (g|»— gwelw) A bluish paleness ; 

pale blue, c Of a bluish paleness; pale. 
Glaswelwder, «. m. (glaswelvr) A blnUh paleness. 
Glasweiwi, r. a. (glaswelw) To become pale. 
Glaswellt, (glas— gweUt) Green grass. GUu- 

wtiU y ciTB, I/ygad y ci, couch-grass. 
Giaswelltawg, «. (glaswellt) Herbons, grassv. 
Glaswelltyn, #. m. (glaswellt) A blade of grass. 
Glaswen, ».f. (glas— gwen) A simper, a smirk. 
Glaswenawl, a. (glaswen) Simpering, smirking. 
Glasweniad, «. m. (glaswen) A lamperiu?. 
Glaswenu, r. c. (glaswen) To simper, to smirk. 
Glaswenwyn, t. m. (glas— gwen wyn) Devil's bit, 
Glaswst, «. /. (glas— gwst) The chlorosis. It is 

also caned Y gUsuL 
Glaswydd, a. pL mggr. (glw— gwydd) Green wood 
Glaswydden, «. f, dim. (glaswydd) A green tree, 

a sapling. 


Ghnwyn, «. m. (glas— gwyn) A bluish white, c 

Ofa bluish white. 
Glaswyui, s. m. (glaswyn) A bluish whiteness. 
Glaswynu, v. a. (glaswyn) To make of a bluish 

white ; to become of a blue white. 
Glaswyrdd, s. m. (glas— gwyrdd) A bluish green. 

a. <Jf a bluuh green. 
Glawdd, s. m. (glaw) A lustre, glow, or splendour 
Gledd, *. IN.— p<. <.an (Uedd) The face of the 


Foad orddvcb jn wrcb dy wcdd, 
l^>r Kl«7«-M«*n porio glu-kM ! 

Wert Ibon not of tpleodld appearance, coicrlar with herbc{rt> 
the freeo sad, tboo pvre-coloared larAl D.ob C«ri/y«, Tr 4«A 

Gleiad, s. /.-pi. gleiaid (glai) A cake of dried 

cow dung for fuel ; a blake. 
Gleiaden, s./. (gleiad) A blake, or casing. 
Gleifiad, t. m. TglaiO The using a scimitar. 
Gleifiaw, v. a. (giaif) To use the scimitar. 
Gleifiawg, a. (glaif) Having a scimitar. 
Gleifiwr, s. tm.'-pl. gleifwyr (ghuf— gwr) One 

wlio uses a scimitar. 
Gleindidy s. m. (glain) Purity, hoUness, brig;htncs8 

Aehavi v dacthaal j KTawja, with ddfljo o bavb fad falaara 
yr aimer gULaOld hwaw. 

The reaaoD they caae io leaf «■«, tet cTcry body ihoaU br ckai 
in that tioie of pwri/y. Writh ' — 

Gleindorch, s./.^pl. gleindyrch (glain— toi«fa) A 

circlet of beads ; a bead necklace. 
Gleinfaen, s. as.— pi. gleinfeini (glain—maen) 

Gleiniad, s. m. (glain) A purifying; ahallowiag: 

a brightening. 
Glelniadur, «. m. (gleiniad) A pair of snnffen. 
Gleinlaw, r. a. (glain) To purify, to hallow, or to 

Gleiniawg, a. (glain) Abounding with pority; 

full of brightness, or splendour. 
Gleiniawl, «. (glain) Purifying, hallowiog. 
Gleisiad, s. m.— pi. gleisiaid, glelsiadan (glas) A 

salmon. The varieties are inaraa, flaiqr, pea- 

lliryd, 4u(/arlcA, g€0aw, gwfmiad y gog, gw^mad 

AnA 6rilAyll y mor, 6rtlAyll da, 6rtayll inyck; 

the names for the fry are, jslod ArtlftioM, nl y 

gro, and 6rt<A y ^ro.— GleUMd, is a teim also 

used for a draught of fishes. 
Gleisiadeg, J./, (^eisiad) A salmon net. 

GtrMadrf pedair ar agalBt a daL 

A tmbmm «ef ito valaa la tw«aty-fbw peace. 

ir«if A £•»«. 

Gleisiedyn, «. ». dtai. (gleisiad) A salmon. 
Gleision, s. pL aggr. (glas) Whey cleared of the 

curd ; any bluish liquid. 
Glendtd, «. m. (glan) Purity, holiness; fairness, 

comeliness, neatness, cleanliness. 
Glendyd, s. m. (glan) Purity, holiness, 

Mae'r galr dros Gynml gyd 
Htd LuiHiun an dy leudytj. 

Thy fume it over aU Waka, aad as Ihr aa Loadoa, for fty heamtw, 

M. Ddm. 

Glesid, t, M. (glas) Blueness, axnre, palenesa. 
Glesin« s. m. (glas) What is blue ; what is yer* 
dant; a greensward. 

Yr aelwyd boo nea* cadd p1e«fo? 
Yb oijw Owojii ic Elitio 
Bcnkjisai (fl phair brri«Vlin. 

Till* hearth i« it ooC co»cred ht ih< rrrrmjrard ' Id th« hfr 
tinir of OnaiD aikl Ltphtu, lU caal<ln>B boded lh« prrj. 

GlcMii, 3. w. (glas) Blueness, paleness, verdancy; 

bloom of fruit; the chlorosis. 
Gleswg, 5. M. (glas,^ Blueness, verdancy. 
Glesygen, «./. dm. (gleswg) A verdant spot. 



Gtaya, jw «. 4m. (glw) Wtat is Mae. CHf^ys 
y fM^, or cMd«ynW» th^ winter green ; gltmfn 
ff wktHatLt tern laagwort ; gUmfn y myayddf moiin- 
tain Imgle; g-lMyn f I9t6er, ▼iper't bu^ou; 
ficiym 9 coed, jfr oleMittd, broUe-wort, or bn- 
^; borage. 

Okw, c ak— pi. <• ioD (l^w) A lesolote, or per- 
■everiag man ; ahero» 

Ya alNk g«W y Mdr dnr. 


II to harder flmo • ftone. Adage, 

ihln: Omdoca, Hrnbaiit M Aadenw; «■ 

Jt mrt of the faW of Brfttta: Oreadnee, Hcn- 
; their priact|4e* vera, ttet they «mU not go 
■poo their Wen. Trioadd, 

Glew, «. G^^w) PerKvering, indefiitlgable ; re* 
Mlate, stoat, brave, TaUant; having penetra- 
tian, aharp, aeate. Mae rft ya d4yn ifUm iawn^ 
be b a Tery proTident nuui ; yr wyd H ya o lew, 
tea art pretty sharp, a wy^ N ya o Mw? art 
tboa pretty well f 

Bid drad glev, ft hid rev brc. 
Lei the rweM« he daitoff, let the hlU bc^ley. 

Oiew ft lyddllew hyd ya Uwyd. 
a ft» «fB he temr. eam he to fifty* 

Oleva, «. a. (glew) To make expedients, to shift ; 
to aoqaire by sharp meaas. Maeni ya glewd 
fMtm/eUy^ they scrape things together by that 

Gkmi, a. c. (g|ew) One who is sharp or greedy 

after any tfiiog. 
Glewdaer, a. (glew— taer) Resolotety ardent, or 

Glewder, s. m. (glew) Perseverance ; resolntion, 

fiirtitode, stootness, bravery, valoar; sharp- 

aeis, or eaimlng. 
Gfewdkl, a. M. (glew) Perseverance ; resolution, 

bravery, or valour; acnteness, or collectedness 

of BUBO. 

Gfewdrawa, a. (clew— traws) Stoutly perverse, 
fikwddrad, a. (glew— dmd) Resolutely daring. 
Gfeaineb, s. at. (glew) Bravery, resolution. 

aU fflewincb ood floevincb. 
Ttare to bo rtwobUimt wlthoet penplcetty . Catwg, 

Glewyd, a. as. (glew) Perseverance, bravery. 

Oydkyfyd glevyd (tow hyder. 

« «iU leiwlme vftleraee ceftNeare. Cgmddm. 

GfiB, 1. ak— fL t. Ian (gal— in) A knee. It is 

aisa eslled pea lin and pea gUn. Doi or dy Ita- 

HB, go npon thy knees. 
Gfiabrafi; a. at. jii. gUnbrelffion (gUn— praff) A 

Norfolk plover, a bird so called. 
Gfin^iam, a. (^in— cam) Having crooked knees, 

GEaiad, a. ak (glin) A kneeing, a kneeling. 
Gfinsw, «. a. (gUn) To kneel; to beat with the 

knee, to ase the knees. 
Gfiaawg, a« (gUa) Genicnlated; having knees. 
Gfifliogai, a. m. (gliniawg) The cow-wheat. 
GLO, a. at. r. What U black or glistening ; coal. 

Gio tmngf atone coal ; glo ctrlm, small coal, or 

calm; g'lo rfttac, or simply rhinc, the common 

coal ; gU ifogog, flaky coal. 
Glomdd, a. (glo) Of the nature of, or like coal. 
GkibwU, a. as.— pi. globylbia (glo— pwU) Coal pit 
Gloddesc, f. /.-V- ^ ■" (glawdd) A revel, ca- 

nmaUy or riotous living. 

GMdMt, a. a. (flawdd) To revel, to carouse. 
Oloddesta, v. a. (gloddest) To revel, to carouse. 
Gloddestawl, «. (gloildestl Revelling, carousing. 
Gloddestgar, a. (^oddest) Disposed to revel. 
Oloddes^nvch, s. m. (gloddestgar) Fondness 

for revelling ; riotonsness of living. 
Oloddestiad, s. m. (gloddest) A revelling, rioting. 
Gloddestrwydd, s. m. (gloddest) Riotous living. 
Oloddesta, v. a. (gloddest) To revel, to carouse. 
Gloddestwr, s. ai.— pi. gloddestwyr (gloddest— 

gwr) A reveller, a carouser. 
Gloe, s. m. (glo) The state of being black or dark. 
Gloen, #./.— p2. t* an (glo) What shines. GCkn 

ftyao, a butterfly ; a alow-worm, 
Gloes, s./.— pi. f. an (Tloes) A pang, pain, or an- 

gnish ; a swoon, or fainting fit ; a qualm. GlotM* 

ioa aagea, the pangs of death. 

Gloew odder ftluei lef ft glee toln ar fftan 

A r'yvir yB 


A mdlata nSMaf of Uie cry utmrnpOaht wldl the hloe Hade 
OB the thifh. will heVftfd la Brilria. 


PerUfttot er piua oee floei (lu fena I 
Pom wen Cell rclfyddodaa. 

For the «ke of Ave ftget thoa didtt heftr the peef of Mae ihift*; 
the itre woaada ol the myiterioae oae are aij u e ri w. ,^ , 

ato. eS OaMldUaal. 

Gloesawd, s. ai. (gloes) The act of tormenting, or 

paining ; a state of pain. 
Gloesi, V. a. (gloes) To pain, to canse a pang, or 

angnish; to swoon, to faint. 
Gloesiad, t. m.— pL I. an (gloes) A causing a pang, 

or anguish; a fUnting, or swooning, 
Oloesiaw, v. a. (gloes) To pain, to cause a pang; 

to snfler a pang ; to svroon ; to be In a qualm ; 

to vomit. 

Wyron labnn a loeMcdd, 
Mare H*t ea mvyaT ciroedd ! 

The fraad-chlidiaa of Ltatooa/elii<ed, thr|f«ateit diat be» heen 
liu died ! '<*• tttnlwftt, 

Gloesiawg, a. (gloes) Suffering anguish; having 
fldnting fits or qualms. 

Gloesineb, s. m. (gloes) A state of angnish. 

eioesion, t. pi, <iggr. (gloes) Pangs; qualms; vo- 
mitings, y giofsioN, y gloestoa ataivr, y gloes- 
toa Uewygf gloe$ion hwrw, the faliing sickness. 

Gloeswg, 9, m. (gloes) A state of angnish or pain. 

Gloesy^awd, s. m. (gloeswg) A state of pain. 

Gloesygiad, s. m.—pLt. an (gloeswg) A paining; 
a fainting, or swooning. 

Gloesvgn, t. a. (gloeswg) To canse pain; to pain ; 
to lie in pain, to ache ; to swoon, or to faint 

Gloesyn, t. m. dim. (gloes) A pang, or smart; a 
fainting; a qualm. 

Gloesyndavrd, a. ai. (gloesyn) Angnish, or aching ; 
aftdnting; a loathing. 

Gloesyni, s. as. (gloesyn) Angnish ; fainting, 

Gloesynu, e. a. (gloesyn) To cause pain ; to be 
in pain, to ache; to swoon, or to iaint. 

Gloew, a. (gloe) Bright, clear, transparent. 


I Raffodd, gloew add ai codd tadwed. 

BdWIo the Creator w«« accounted to Cniffudd a «p'«*<|'^ «>■ 
vereifn whoei the earth doth coTer. JteUyr. 


I Fadvwir fed cynnwys. 
Gaa lain jrofton baradwrt, 
I.IIB eniryiioD fleewoa fflwye. 

To M«dof hM been $Wm a hupy rceepdon, wHh «*•**!» • 
haUowed pindtoe, with anrda ^ngiu aod pare. GwaUAmat. 

Gloewaidd, a, (gloew) Of a bright, clear, or 

transparent nature. 
Gloewawl, a. (gloew) Tending to brighten or to 

clear. . . - , 

Gloewdeg, a. (gloew— teg) Brightly fair. 

I If 


Glocwder, s, m. (gloew) BrtgbtneM, clearnen, 
limpid nesB, transparency. 

Yd arbTDDWjrB rhvddid ilcindld yloewdery 
Yd a(olcoad rhu rbyddamuDer. 

Tb«t he be reccivlog the freedom of the paiitv of briffbUieM, ii» 
tbe iUamiDation of grace, will b« «rdentlj tmTeil. 

CgnddetWf i*r ergL Rhpt. 

Gloewddo, 3. m« (gloew — do) Bright-black, coal- 
black, a. Of a bright black. 

Gloewedd,«. m. (gloew) Brightness, transparency 

Oloewgain, a, (gloew— cain) Brightly fair. 

Gloewgochyf.m. (gloew— coch) Bright red, flame 
colour, a. Of a bright red, flame coloured . 

Y brenin anirea yn ei rrenfnwitg floewgocb, ac ar hyd-ddl lun- 
un gwrclgedd a pblant yo wylaw, a gwjr jn oebeDcldlo. 

The ktnif death, In hi* royal aiUre of briikt red, having over it 
I he repreteutatiOD of women aod cliiidren weepiofr, and men ntter- 
iDg sighs. Mfi, iiryu, B. Cwsf. 

Gloewi, V, a, (gloew) To make clear, bright, or 
transparent ; to become clear, to brighten. 

Gloewiad, «. m. (gloew) A brightening, or clear- 
ing ; a making transparent. 

Gloewineb, «. m. (gloew) Lucidity, lucidness. 

Tri gloewineb cerdd : gloew laith, gloew ystyr, a gloew ddyben. 

The three pertpicuUia of song : perepkaoas language, penpi- 
CHons meaning, aod pcnpleaous design. UarddoM. 

Gloewliw, 8, m. (gloew— Hi w) A bright colour, 
a. Of a bright colour. 

Gloewlys, a. m. — pi, I. ian (gloew— llys) The eu- 
phrasy, or eye-bright. 

Gloewon, «. pC aggr. (gloew) The clear of liquid. 

Gloth, a. (/. o/glwth) Volnptuons, gluttonous. 

Glothineb, s, m. (gloth) Voluptuousness ; riotous 
living; gluttony. 

Glowr, ». tn.—pL glowyr (glo — gwr) A collier. 

Gloyn, «. m. dim, (glo) A lump of burning coal. 

Gloyn,«.m.— p/. t, an (glo) A glow-worm. Gloyn 
byw, pilai, eilir^ ilir, the butterfly. 

Gloynaaduw ghdolaa dail. 
The lmtter/lU$ are the gems (•! tbe leavra. I), ab Gwilgm, 

Glud, i. m.— pi. t, ion (Uud) lliat is the essence 
or power ; that is tbe point of attraction ; a 

Ornd a glad gwUdoedd yinandaw, 
Docth a choctn ryfoi>th i-yfanaw. 
Dwys aer-gwya Powys poed elddiaw. 

Ll^gad Gwr, i Ruff, Maetawr. 

Glw, s, m. (llw) That is clear, bright, or pure. 
Glwf, i, m. (glw) That is clear, or transparent. 
Glwth, J. HI.— p/. glythion (Uwth) A voluptuous 
one, a voluptuary ; a glutton ;— a couch. 

Tri glwth byd : mor, dlnas, ac arglwydd. 

The three in$aliabU ones of the world : the «ea, a city, aod a 
lord. Adugt. 

J macnt— yn ymertyo ar eu glythaa. 

They are stretching on ti.eir comcAm. Auuu vi. 4. 

Glwth, a, (Uwth) Voluptuous, sensual ; glutton- 
ous, greedy. 

March I ddlawg, ci i Iwth. 
A horse for tbe lazy, a dog for the Toluptuoas. Adage. 

Dau bryd ucwynawg a wna'r trydydd yn Iwth. 
Two starving meals will make the third kIoUodous. Adage, 

Glwyd, *. m. (glw) That is of a bright or light 
hue. o. Of fair appearance; pure; venerable. 

fiardd Elflin, Dalievin Iwjd, 
O dooMU mor a dyiiwyd. 

The bard of Elpbio, the reMrraMcTaliekiD, from the wares of the 
•e* waa drawn. o. ab teuam Ddu, 

Glwys, $. m,^pl. t, au (glw) A hallowed place ; 
a fair spot; a delectable spot. 

Gwenwyn yn aaiwynan dir breinniawl Powys, 
A'l diffwys, a'l glwys a giyw ei hawl. 

Gwf nwyu gnirding round the privileged land of Powvs, and its 
wUdcrocs«, and tia/air regiom will hear his rlaim. 

Ein. ab Gvgawn, % Lpwttym I, 

68 GLY 

Glwys, a. (glw) Pure; holy; pleasaat; fair; 
abounding with love ; delectable. 

Llywdyo Hew glwys, Loegrwys lagyre ; 
Llary rryg teitberyg llocg el thefyrn, 
Twrwrtorcdwynt mawr mis Chwefrawr cbwjnu 

Llywelyn the awtiaUe lion, the torch of the Uoeniiu; ik 
oat that boms its tavemt, viih il« imA 

mild hoarsely sj 
ofthc great wr 

of tbe setere montb of Fefanmiy* 

Sim, ab Ovakkmti. 


I eglwys Daw ein glwys Dad. 

We will go to the temple of God, oor Aely Fadier. ItU GeU. 

Glwysaidd, a. (glwys) Of a pure nature. 
Glwysaw, v, a, (glwys) To purify; to sanctify; 

to make delectable ; to make fair, or beioteou 
Glwysawg, a. (glwys) Having purity; hallowed; 

delectable, pleasant. 
Glwysawl, a. (glwys) Of a pure nature; sancti- 

fled, or hallowed ; delectable. 
Giwysdeb, «.m. (glwys) Pnreness; hoUDeas. 
Glwysder, «. m. (glwys) Purity ; holiness j plea* 

santness; beauteousness. 
Glwysedd, «. m. (glwys) Purity; sanctitade; de- 

lectableness. , 

Glwysiad, 8. m, (glwys) A purifying; abailoff- 

ing ; a rendering delectable. 
Glwysle, 8, m,— pL t, oedd (glwys— lie) A holy 

place ; a pleasant place, a region of delight. 
Gly, «. m. (lly) Plastic principle ; what keeps or 

connects together. 
Glyd, 8. m,~pl, t. ion (11yd) Viscous matter; 

glue; birdlime; paste. 
Glyd, a. (Ilyd) Viscous, tenacious; that iuids 

fast ; patient, diligent. 
Glydai, a. m, — pL glydeion (glyd) One thatiticks 

fast ; an adherent. 
Glydaidd, a. (glyd) Of a viscid or sticky oatort. 
Glydaw, v, a. (glyd) To stick together nitb loy 

cement; to glue. 
Glydedd, «. m. (glyd) Viscidity; clamminess. 
Glydiad, s. m. (glyd) A cementing, or glueing. 
Glydiaw, v, a, (glyd) To stick together, to gloe< 

Rhwyroer, glydier y gwledydd, 
Rhocd Diiw rhwng pob rbal oed dydd. 

Tbe countries be they bonnd, be thef cetMmted i«g«*^f' ^ 
God give concord amongst every body. H,abD,ab Lahnh^ 

Glydiawg, a. (glyd) Viscous, viscid, glutinous. 

Glydiawl, a. (glyd) Viscous, glutinous, sticky. 

Glydiogi, o. a, (glydiawg) To make viscid, or 
ropy ; to become ropy. 

Glydiogrwydd, 8. m. (glydiawg) Viscidity, glae- 
iness, clamminess, roptness. 

Glydioli, r. a. (glydiawl) To make viscid, clam- 
my, or sticky ; to become viscid. 

Glydiolrwydd, 8, m. (glydiawl) Glueinesi. 

Glydlys, «. its. (glyd— llvs) The cateh-fly. 

Glydrwydd, s, m.(glyd) Viscidity; clamminess. 

Glyd wydd, «. pi, aggr. (glyd— ewydd) Lime-twigs 

Glyf, 8, m,—pl t, ion (glwf) The mallow. 

Glyfoer, «. m,-^pl, t, ion (glwf— goer) DrireJ, 
slaver, or slabber. 

Glyfoeriad, s. m. (glyfoer) A slavering. 

Glyfoeriaw, v, a, (glyfoer) To drivel, to slaver. 

Glyfoeriedig, a. (glyfoer) Drivelled, slavered. 

Glyfoeriwr, 8, m,—pl. glyfoerwyr (^yfoer— gwr) 
A driveller, a slaverer. 

Glyfoerilyd, a, (glyfoer) Salivous ; drivelling. 

Glyn,9.m.— pi. t, oedd (llyn) A deep vale throagh 
which a river flows ; a glen. 

Y gwr a fuasai anordifygedic cyn no byny, yr awr boo » «**^ 
y mywD glynau diffeithon. 

The man who had been thcictofovc invtBciMe, bow wu Jrft « 
<hc valtt of desolation. B, y Tgwjftf*^- 


G»B,i.«*(gfar)Aaiwitw i . «.Adlieiiiif,atlcktaf 
Gljnwl, a. Gp7b) Adhering, or tdckiaie. 
dyaedi^ «. (i^yn) Made to adliere j lacking. 
Glnuid, t. m.-^i. t. ao (glyn) Adhesion; • 

dingingy or ftlicking to. 
dym, o. «. (i^yn) To adhere, to stick, to clea¥e, 

to cUiig, to stick dose to* 
dynwt, s. m.—pL glynwyr (glyn— gwr) One who 

dings ; an adlierent, a stidder. 
Glys, «. Si. dggr (Uts) The yeUow stone-crop. 
Gljthaidd, «. (giwth) Apt to be iroluptnons, fl^nt- 

tonoBS, or greedy. 
Glythai^, a. (g^wth) Voloptnotts ; glnttonons. 
GlythawLe. (^wth) Voluptuons; ^nttooous. 
Glythcddy t^m. (dwth) Vdnptaoosness, gluttony 
dythfin, «. «. (^wOi— min) A volaptuoas lip; a 

giatlonoos month. 
G^thi, s. M. (^wth) Voloptoonsness, gluttony. 
Glythig, «• (glwth) Vdaptaoas; glattonons. 

-f cvTcb ta jadrsi acvn eong^A ft ttonydd, 
y ner ritalflylhlff mcddwoo yu yndrot^ ac ya 

ya yrn anld 

I wtilowcOi tn bofftMd dBftfUlb, In the nmc atniMr 
ftmmt dnudWB obm wallow aod ffrovH 1b draotanacM 
r. Marekmwg Crwpdrmd. 

GlytUneb, s. M. (glwth) VolnptnoasnesB; riotous 
liviBS > glottony. 

_ fw cy fi f d o ddya, o aehawt dl|flftrck aaawdawl, 
lya anvy no digswo. 

GlmUtmm to whra a p««Mi. for the wke of caraal ■ennnttty, 
M» efwat or dEtak anre thao mflclent. JU. O. UtrgeBt. 

Glytfainebgar, a. (glythineb) Voluptnbus ; greedy 
GiytUoebgarwch, ». «. (glythinebgar) Vduptu- 

tooosness; fondness, or greediness for eating 

sad drinking. 
Gljthinelm, e. a. (glythineb) To life volnptn* 

oBsty ; to five riotously, to revel ; to gormandise 

Effdt a lyttiiicbaal d ddacf. 
> ihaU rietaMfy «aiey Ue wealth. Beel«f . xlv. 4. 


0BMr, Sb M. (naw) HaUt, enstom. imtlaet 
Gnawd, i. m.— of. ^odan (nawd) A thing aC' 
customed ; a habit, custom, or ve. 

Doddy w api OwalB, doefb-wawr o*l falM 
Onawd foUwDf delyr hyd Uwr. 

lieR tt coBM for Owaio, the lalelUffeal Ufht, baeeacc of hie 
kNO the AeMloflettlBg the tcdre trickle to the maad. 

BUddgn Fardd, i O. OeeJk. 

Gnawd, ■• (nawd) Accustomed, habitud, osnd, 
I, fashionable. Hwn yw y gfuOaff this 


Gljthinebwr, #. m.— pL glythinebwyr (glythineb 

— «wr) A ▼dnptnoos man ; a greedygnt. 
(^jtiUyd, «. (^wth) Apt to be Toluptnous ; of a 

^ttooons disposition. 
Glythm, #. m. (glwth) Vduptuousness ; revelry ; 

riottony, gormandidng. 
Glythn, v. «. (glwth) To indulge in voloptuoos- 

aess; to glnttonixe, to gormandise. 
Giythwr, ». «.— pi. glythwyr (glwth— gwr) A vo- 

taptaoiw man, a gormandiser. 
G^yn, «. Ilk dtm. (glwth) A vduptnous thing ; 

a soldi conch. 
Glyw, J. fls.--p<< t, ion (Uyw) A governor, or mler 

Bacyfryeadd— ^ 

ahwaf irlyw Powyi a glwyt WynedA. 

TWk WW cootaaOoB batwacn the f oMraer of Powyt aad fair 
CwyaaM. O. C]fftiUawg, 

Uywdya, llyw Prrdaia a*l phir ; 
U«w, a Klew, a f fyw gyfarwar. 

Uyvalya iha diraeier oT Brilala Bad ito apear ; a Hon, a hero. 
aad a vaaq^Qiiiaff # MMraer. JU, P, M»ek, i Iffwrlya I. 


bU iawB y aafll heb y UcUl: flyw, fflew,a gwlid. 

to aol right wllhoat (be other : a rmt- 


Glyw, c. (Uyw) Regnlating, commanding, puissant 


ly w glew aaabaagD 
fdyn OwyBedd. 


,a etnagcr ta peace, Uy- 


Olaw law o Ha GadwaUawa, 
Glyw lyw gu yd hyw ba waa 


Uaa of the Hae af Cedwalien, a wg afe l wy leadtt, afan 
wlistakaUwedo! MtUdimfmMpiO.aiKh, 

is the most fashionable. 

Gaawd ar dddU ofclea. 
Carea are AaMiaal with the freUc. 
Gaawd o*l gaanawl caaaioladwy. 
it to ataal for aae befag {Mraiaed to beeoaw pntacworthy. 

I dref wen rbwng Tren a Throdwydd, 

Oedd gaodacb yagwyd toa 

Yd dawcd o gad oog ydd ycb i echwydd« 

To the white towB between Tren and Trodwydd, aierf ajuol wae 
the tavokea aUeU eoailBg f^ota battie than the os to Ma erralBg 

JUpmmrh amm 

Gnaws, «. m. (gnaw) Nature or quality. 

Gloa, cUtoca eigar, 
A*Bi cur MUearcbart 
Ac aagerdd anwar» 


A paag, already departed, aSllcta me like a prtooa, aad the Serca 
vtoleiice of the ttatt of the oak eader thm beau 

f Mtllfjlturi 

A bertbya aaa ddyn a ddywedaf; 
A bortbo goftd bU bwyltocaf ; . 
A fo gnawa achawt ecbaf i fcddiaat 
I feddwl bid lelaf. 

What appomiBa to naa I wlU apeak of; he that andargeeaaf- 
flictioBy lei bin be the laoat paiicat; be that la of the big beat poe- 
aoMoa ffwa the caoac ofaoJarr, let Ma aiiod be the feeblcat. 

BUddfm FmHid* 

Ctaiavra, a. (gnaw) Natural, temperamental. 

Gne, s. m. (ne) A hue, or tint ; a complexion. 
Gas gtfya, a white hue ; ga« giotn, the hue of 
wine ; gne HreUj the brightness of a star; gne 
atregryd mm^ the hue of the stony ford of the 
brook ; gne gwamn, gossamer hue. 

Uiw gelrw rbyd o brtd a waaclb brad I'm gae* 
Gaawd aerchawg yauyaiad. 

She that to of the coloar of the rippling of the fold halh deaA 
treacberooaly to my etrnpUxiam; the eoamoared to hablualed to 
be a paraucr. Or. obM.ab Dtfgdd, 


Sr'a blwyddya am ne Ueaydd. 

I have pined for a year for the ^iMdear of the dalea.^ 

A*th lea gwych wythHw ae gwawa. 

And thy elegbat form eight Ubmb the coloar of the trifhtmeu of 
the goaaamer. i** a* Owtfpm. 

Ones, s.m. (gne) A state of 6uctttation; a flutter 
Gni, «. m— pi. I. on (ni) What pervades ; what 

overruns ; diock, pdn. 
Gnif, s. m.— pi. t. ion (gni) Pain, anxiety, trou- 
ble, toil, conflict. 

NId ofer goif ym bog! maen. 
It la not aactoaa fail for aw to whet a atone. XIpwareAAm. 

Yn Hafnr dy ddwytow, a gnlf dy galoa y bydd dy ymborth. 

In the laboar of thine handa, aad aa*l«ty of thy heart, abaH be 
thy proriakm. B. Car, Mag.^-MaUm»gi m . 

Oedd elea-daer, oedd elaer daddyf oeb gwala, 
A niooB yngaifa ttofnaa llatn. 

iBceaaaatiy ardent aad bright waa the aword oat vi the aheath, 
aad with tbebrojdbjg^ , 

Gnif, f. m.— pi. t. ion (gni) Pdn, andety, trou- 
ble, toil, conflict. 

Gnis, f. «.— pi. t. iau (gni) A brandishing, a 

Gnisiad, s. in.--pl. L an (gnis) A brandishing. 

~ ' ' r^v.a. (gnis) To brandish, to flourish. 

Arddwyta Regcd ryaedd rtae, 
Oatayot cad lafhawr 
Y dan gylchwy awr, 
Llaea goica gwyn geWn. 




iUeld of (he ihotf; irho« ttrtt di«pl»y 

(gBi«) Bnmdfahtng, floaruhing. 
Gu^dmwl^ c (gusipd) Cnstmnaiy, oommoo, oni- 
venal; aooutomedylaaliioiMble. Hfn9$gnod- 
mwiy Hum it cnitomary. 

EfffT* 4dir 0»«d fBswd ya f»ods«l ercH! 
Fear IW i iHrm iiiiBi tn>«bled ow ^"*-*tr* In lb« 

Gaodi, r. c. (gnawd) To uake coiiiaM»D, to habi- 
tnte, to become 

•*i rfw fMPd arel oL 
n<n»ai«rA«rf of h» .art s crop after MiB. r.^M. 

Goodig, «. (gnwd) Hmbitoai, or commoD. 
Gnodu, «. (gnawd) Habitiial, costoonry. 
GsoCiad, «. ai. (gDawd) Ao acautoming, or ba- 

bitsatiag ; a making or becoming common. 
GaotMH, «. (gnawd) Accustoming, habitual. 
Gaotaedigy a. (gDawd) Aceaslomedy or usual. 

**<**: <*■* ^ •«»»»Hir*e|i draffccdCnaa, pa Ic I cerdd«eh 
cbvi 4rai f<^ ff ■ot^rdifloa bractaa ! 

■a! y"« aacYlkd bias ■hue are joa proceediac fo cTer yoar 
annwiMf^ rwx* ? Cr. oft if riAar. 

GaoCaedicaetb, s. m. (gnotiiedig) The act of mak- 
ing kabttoaJ, or common. 

Gaotai, 9,/.—pL gnoteion (gnawd) A circle about 
tfce son, moon, or star ; a halo. 

Gaotan, r. «- (gnawd) To accustom, to habituate, 
to make common, or general; to grow into 
eastoBi, to become habitual ; to become fash- 
ioaai>le. Cmmfs inuUai, in regard it would be 
asaal ; Cu ^ imni ffdftl kf»^ it had been custom- 
•O to be this wise. 

»*f*« f 4rvaw4 CfVlal^ aid aiavya j pednwd hwair. 
rr a>vk. ftuxarySM a Aoda rfjaiaal aatea ea fwaeothar. 


A« n^Hm ka* nrf, aoc rcrcptioc that tia, bat aU the rias which 
kMaa aacsfT t« acnul^a^ k> comaiii. Cr. a6 Arthur, 

Goctiaf, m. ^gnawd) Habitual, customary, usual. 
G»wth,f. St.— ^. gnytfaau (nwth) Voracity. 
Caythawd, s. m. (gnwth) A devouring; voracity. 

0»». r*rtk«v fwrtiMidrych »• Acfawd, 
*w»t\M rm-^Jt *:m<rm\K poo fnjthavd. 

* ***■ ^'*' »»• *» n^MOK* to a* o9po»inr object, be will 
'W5^«w» a«» f»f^» '.M^A^ ♦r* »'-'>,.yi tlM^j U«^y^(De <x>[M>neou ; be will 
*^,<^^. O^ r-.«S«a u^» ^Oar f^wAMjbr ro'i*-r with tlte WU- of w- 
'•'•'#' Cfm44i,lm, Pr orgL Rkyt. 

Cmatbawf. «, ^gawih) Voracioas, devouring. 

<^»,ttfc.Ad, #. m.^pi. t, ao (gnwth) A devouring. 

€j%ytkm^ ». «. ^rnwth^ To eat greedily. 

^■^f •' «. r. A profrrets towards; that is gone, or 

fM««. ap|/rcar;fa. It is used as an inceptive 

yr^r^mwm, d^n^ytang approach, or that the idea 

M v/«^«tE^ r>f, or near to its absolute stotc. 

Th^^f'/r^, when it is prefixed to ttovxs they 

ar* d««»miLiv«i, tiui; zerlm are in a degree, or 

^^X fA tif: zU^AaU action, and the adjectives 

ar^ ff^rtiy th^ <|itaJity they describe, and they 

taKA the fr/mw of adverbs, like those having 

Ih^ t^najaarfioQ fy in EaeHsh* Gcbant, a little 

k</V/w . ir*/nni, « Uttie hill, or hillock; gofiew, 

t*ad*T hair, or down; -'godarmWf partly to strike, 

*r t* purt geatly; if«dHg«ar, partly to tarry, or 

Uf tftirer ;— gad^it^a, ia a decree thin, or thin- 

■«* : r*^r«]g, pretty bad, or baddish. 

C^f «dr. /'co. s.^ .Somewhat ia some degree, pret- 
ty- Mitf hi ya ddfmes g« dfws, she is a tolerably 
kiniiiMM woman ; « wp ti ya o dda f art thou 
l^reUy w^U.' ame ya kia g'o arar, it is rather 
roajdi weather. 
G<Arh«b, c, c (achab) To save in some degree. 
OMcbabiad, s. ak (goachnb) A partly saving. 

Goachnl, a. (achnl) Somefrini |tainy, or ilL 
Goadgas, a. (adgas) Somewhat veaatkws. 
Goaiael, #. m. (ga&el) A slight hoM, or grasp. 

I have a friead of oiHrhl; not a hero, that wfll lake a dh«Aii(- 
aaai, of the hcracaof coafldeaoa ofycvMe kUA. 

UeUy, • /ea. Umfd. 

Ooafaeliad, s. m. (goafael) A holding sli^tly. 
Goidaelu, v. a. (goafael) To hold slightly. 
Goair, s. m. (gair) A half word, or eapresnoa. 

NId oe« cr BAwredd aat UefnrBt, 
Goair aahebfor aat cynaMdraL 

ly re wai not for Rreataew bat tbcr woald apeak, encal (br 
iodtepeonble Ul/wont bat they voald bamoadM. 


Goammod, s.f.-^pi. t, an (ammod) A promise io 
part, a half promise. 

Goammodawl, a. (goammod) Partly promising. 

Goammodi, o. a, (goammod) To promise partly : 

Goaml, a. (ami) Somevrhat frequent, or rife. 

Goanesmwyth, a. (anesmwyth) Rather uneasy. 

Goanesmwythaw, ». a. (goanesmvrytii) To !« 
somewhat uneasy, or troubled. 

Goanesmwythyd, s. m. (goanesmwyth) A some- 
what of an uneasiness. 

Goanhyfryd, a. (anhyfryd) Rather unpleasant 

Goanhynaws, a. (anhynaws) Rather unkind. 

Goanniddig, a. (anniddig) Rather uncomposed. 

Goannyddan, a. (annyddan) Rather comfortlcs». 

Goarfoel, a. (arfoel) Somewhat baU. 

Nycha y dynion ya dawed wr coch goaHbel rvrlaia a la*b 
fwrysg. ■ " ^ 

The men beheld oorninf a red aaa rttktr baid, aad talhtf ie- 
crepid, with a loid of ntick*. Br. JtkmM^^ MaftiT^S. 

Goarfoeledd, s. m. (goarfoel) A somewhat oft 

Goarfoeli, r. a. (goarfoel) To make somewhtt 
bald, or bare. 

Goarogl, ». m. (arogl) Some degree of smelL 

Goarswyd, s.f.—pL I. ion (arswyd) A little dread. 

Goarswydaw, v. a. (goarswyd) To become some- 
what frightened. 

Goarswydiad, s. (goarswyd) A partiy terrifying. 

Goarswydas, a. (goarswyd) Somewhat timorous. 

Goathraw, «. m,—pL t, on (athraw) A amatteier 
in learning. 

Goathrawd, s. /.— pZ. goathrodion (athrawd) A 
slight reproach. 

Goathrist, a. (athrist) Somewhat pensive. 

Goathrodawl, a. (goathrawd) Somewhat reproadi* 
fal, or detracting. 

Goathrodi, r. a. (goathrawd) To detract slightly. 

Gob, s./.—p/. t. au (ob) A heap, a mound; what 
stays, or bears op ; a pad, a cushion, froth. 

Gobaill, 8. m, (paill) A coarse kind of flour. 

Gobaith, s. m.—pl, gobeithion (paith) A seeing 
darkly, a partly seeing, hope; a common or an 
open wild, jlfeiat gobaiih, stones of explora- 
tion, set np on mountains to direct the vray. 

Cwlad • chcnedl to ^ffrtdin bicafynt bob irwylli a mbaitb • 
hcb ):«nad trflwydd. ni ddvlid adcUad yo acabaith. amUe n 
Bf obaitb, a difoediaw tir gwryUt ya ngobailh. 

The roantry and aatioa Id coiaiaoa ova eTery «fld lad de'wrt- 
wiihoui permlflftlon of the lord, there ouirht to be so boiJHwj; on 

a i-ummon, ploafhiaf on a cooibiod, or the cleariat wM hstd «» 
wood oo a COBOMMI. Trivtil U^mmaL 

Gwell Daw ao drwf obaitb. 
God it better thaa we vhooM lark kppt. 


Y iryHydd Klocw-ddydd, rfayr<yddioa oballh, 
I ba fyw eilwalth hcb o/aJt 


The third briifhi diy, the kept of ble*<4a(«. he w»» araia alr«c 

void of aoxtoue*. 




Ootat, lu a«-^ flobentydd (pnt) A Uttfe 4lii- 
gleor MIoiw. 

Mm[<' tet« ««• hwdrad* of 
1>. «fr OwUgm, iV atol. 

Gobed, «. 11^ j rf. I. aa (ped) A eoUroiiy or and- 

iklMSBad^ «. «. (gobaill) A coane kind of floor. 
GobeiDiAW, «. a. ^baill) To make ioto coane 

Gobeith&wr, a. (gobaith) Foil of hope. 
Gobeithgary «• (gotiaith) roll of hope ; ea^ectant 
GoheithU, «. wlt-^ U aa (gobaith) A hoping. 
Gobadaadipvy, a, (gobeiUdad) lliat may be 

k^ied orexpeeted. 
Gubolidaw, o. a. (gobaith) To hope ; to be in 

bipea. a. mi. Hope ; expectation. 

Qvnm fmtth tw nWOAwj 

' If l»A4Pf> knovlfeit IhTdnvia 

Y ■Me'a veU, pe dMlyn' 
Bytii 0«w M gobeillilMr dyiu 



Ood li alwaya batin' Aaa tha 

ttfaiawgy a. (gobaith) Having hope, hopeful, 
atiiiawfj a. (gobaith) Hoping, looking for. 
rdbaranaa gvSrif Jbiowf, prisoners of hope. 


Gabestiiioideb, a. ai. (gobeithlawl) Hopefulness. 
Gobeitliioirwydd, s. (gobelthiairi) Hopefulness. 
GobeitidwTya. ai. — fH, gobaithwyr (golndth — gwr) 

One who hopes. 
Gobetthlawn, a. (gobaith) Foil of hope, hopeful. 
Gfibeitlias, a. (gobaith) Hoping; relying. 

Pia KlfwwB yr arivyddea Cofladlfaalh ja darllala y gairlaa 
^B, at ■ tf i iMi aB iialao aMtiiai. 

I bcatd dw mtaoBM Bcaicnftnaca readiaf iliae words. 

(kbeitliasrwyddy «. ai. (gobeithns^ Hopeftdaess. 
GoUA, «./•— jpl. t. an (gob) A pan; a saddle. 

rcU te 

. ddMaa al feiddwjd droa oball 
m onrydd o var ac o MO. 

Ma Orich ovar Iba «adiU« of hto lea d, of the 

MfB df fad, rhyw afcal rhcf , 
Vb ■gotaal, ya aiabaUalart• 

•lrtff« to get tfhaa, by 

I fbtalbeU, in a «aglt, la a 


Gobellafvgt & (gobell) Haiiog a pad; saddled. 
Gubella, v. a. (gabell) To pad, to pot on a pad \ 

Gobcs, £ wu-^* U aa (pan) A pennltima. 
Gabenawi, a. (golien) Penaltiniate, next to the 

Gobeaiady a. m.— al. #. an (goben) A being nearly 

die head, or end ; a placing in the pennltima. 
Gsbeaa, v. «• (goben) To conclude nearly; to 

pinee in the penaltinuu 
CQbenydd»*— 111. f. an (goben) An end, or 

itfafei*n^ ; a bobter ; a cushion. 

V iwaa yilafcil4 gatf— y gabcaydd a ddoler daao ya d gadar. 

I of tha ebanbcr dMU bave the ewAlm that shall be 
Ua In the chair. WtUh Lamt* 

Ue bwyf a'm pea ar obcaydd 

I staB ba «Ub Biy bead on a piUtmt • white stemaied 

aUartuM abaU grew. a. IWn. 

Gobeuyddiad, a. ak~pl. I. an (gobenydd) A fix- 
ing or sapporting tiie head, or end; a bolster- 
ing ; a bracketing; a bracket ; a pennltima. 

a ddeibfa yr heairaa a 
a ya y ralf lUosawg. 

real wedl cstya 

Jves Ihoac dsbcs thai have Ibdr^a- 
tandnatloa la the plaral aa aibeir. 

Gobeayddlaw,a. a. (gobaovdd) Ta fix iplba end, 

to support the head, to bolster, to braekeC. 
Oobenyddn, v. a. (gobenydd) To bolster ap» 
Gober» «• ai.— pi, «. oedd (par) OparatiiA, dead. 

Lei treachery prodaeaa graeelaN <mI. £ljr*avtb Heiu 

TMglyd an cy wyd, a*B cam ober. 
Hay he tara away oar wkhadawa, aad oar wroag^ 

Qoberaidd, a. (peraidd) Somewhat Insdous. 
Goberawl, a. (gober) Operative, or effectire. 
Goberiad, s. m.— pi. f . an (gober) An operating. 
Gobem, v. a. (gober) To operate, to worts. 
Oobetms, a. (petms) Somewhat donbtfuL 
Oobetmsaw, a. a. (gobetrus) To hesiUte a littte; 

to be somewhat ^bobtfoU 
Oobetmsiad, (gobetnis) A partly hesitating, 

a l>eing somewhat donbtfnl. 
Oobisaw, a. ai. (pisaw) The diabetes. 
Oobisaw, v. a. (pisaw) To discharge urine dnb- 

OobisUid, a. m. (piiiad) A discharging of water 

drop by drop. ^ , . , 

Oobiyg, f. m.--pl. *. ion (plyg) A half double. 



Goblygawl, a. (B^blyg) 

ny Ibovffhts ^Mda. 

Half doubled^ partly 

doubled, or folded. 
Goblygiad, s. m.— pi. *. an (goblyg) A partly 

doubling, or folding. 
Goblygu, a. a. (goblyg) To make partly double. 
Ooborth,s.ak(porth) Sustenance, victuals. 
Ooborthiad, s. m.-|>I. goborthiald (goborth) A 

purveyor, a provlaer m food. 

Cyafelya gaeaar. 
Ysgwa bi^fM Hbr, 
OoSorthlad ^ar. 

CyafelyB the bosille cbtef, Iba asaltod loarca of wi>ai. the 
rv^ofvrV/sad for hlids. IWtoia. 

Ooborthiant, s. ai. (goborth) Sustenance. Braaes 
dftorfAiaal, food of ravens. 

Gobr, s. m.--fk *. an (gob) A recompense, or 
reward, price, wages, or hire; fee; bribe. 
Golrr cf/roiih, law fee, due to the judge from 
the party gaining the cause; gobr gwarehMdw^ 
protection fee, being a hundred and twenty- 
pence, paid by a returning exile to his relati- 
ons for preserving his title to his land, and re- 
storing to him qniet possession; Go6r atyaavg-, 
fee for information ;— Ga6r csfjfa, extent, or 
seisin fee; Gobr mereh^ maiden fee. fVeUk 

_ agalffdbrayaiff,setyw,yde|fedgeliiftwt«d«lo 


Aa iafonaer sbaU teva aa laforailog retpard, which Is, the teath 
penay of the ralae of the tfabig he shall lafom of. wtUh Lam. 

Gobrawl, a. (gobr) Compensative, rewarded, 

hired, having a fee. 
Gobfiad, «. m. (gobr) A recompensing, a paying 

of wages, a feeing. 
Gobrid, «. «. (prid) What is somewhat dear. a. 

Somewhat dear, pretty dear. 

Gorfyaawff drytbyll, goiddyfa arlwy, 
Ariwyaw erUMd goMd gobrwy. 

Of the height of oomplalsaace Is tfw Sekle oae, oae of wofoaad 

praparailoa, pnpailBg the Panattaf UMSlMdM- alteeftaiml of 

b CywIaMW, • iyo /• 

Morwyo a welab aior drybeUd 
Yb eaiUea, ya wea, yo wao obrM. 

A Biald hafa I seea so samcaiely gay la a goMea ▼•MoHcate 
aad of saaO dcgrf* tfmttMMMttit, im: FifCMmu* 

Gobrynawf^, a. (gobryn) HsTiDf; merit, deserving. 
Gobryoawl, a. (gobryn) Meriting ; desenring. 
Gobryniad, t . w. (gobryn) A meriting. 
Gobryno, r. n. (gobryn) To deserve, to merit. 

A an foeUo eldwyUwr « obiyn d dwylUw. 

Il« Ihai beUevcs hl« decdrer • lecond tine de$frvet to be decdred. 

a. Car. Mag^^Mahimation, 

Oobwyll, f. m.— -pi. I. oedd (pwyll) Indecision of 
the mind; consideration; meditation. 

Gobwyllaw, v. a. (gobwyll) To take into consi- 
deration, to consider; to meditate. 

Emid Owmlo mb Urien, 
GobwylJtd d Ren d raid. 

TW iod of 0«da the md of Urten, «i«y hto Lord Mvi<l«r iu 

Ni dijifs/, fobwjltef o'n diwedd. 
I »UI not tleep, / wiU meiUate on D17 tnd. ralimn. 

Gobwyllawg, a. (gobwyll) Having consideration ; 
considerate, tboaghtfol. 

Gobwylliad, i. m.^-pl, t. an (gobwyll) A consider- 
ing, a mediuting ; consideration. 

GobwyIlas,a. (gobwyll) Considerate, Ihonghtfnl. 

Gobwyi, #. m.—pl. t. wa (pwys) A tendency to 
press to ; gravity. 

Gobwysaw, r. a. (gobwys) To graviUte. 

GOB 72 

Gobridlad, ». M.— pi. f. au (gobrfd) A rendering 

somewliat dear, partly expiating ; a rendering 

some consideration. 
Gobridiaw, «. a. (^rid) To render dear, to expi- 

ate partly ; to give or pledge some valae. 
Gobra, r. a. (gobr) To compensate; to fee. 
Gobrodd, a. (pmdd) Somewhat sedate, or sad. 
Gobrnddiad, i, m. (gobmdd) A making sad, a 

becoming dejected. 
Gobrnddao, r. a. (gobmdd) To become pensive. 
Gobnrv, «. m.^-pl, I. on (prwy) Recompense, re- 

wmrd, price, wages, hire, fee, bribe. 

Yb Bbob daiod J one ptbrwy; 
Ya Bbo6 iTjgk>ol J OMC pecMwd. 

la rrwy ^oo^ *«« !■ » reward; In erery mbdolof tbere to lio. 


Gobr^ad, j. m.— pi. ^ an (gobrwy) A recom- 
pemng, or rewarding; a giving a valae, or 
irrice, a paying wages. 

Gobrwyadwy, a. (gobrwyad) Remnnerable. 

Oobrwyaeth, t . m.--p/. t, ao (gobrwy) A reward- 
ing ; a hiring, a feeing. 

Gobrwvaw, r. a. (gobrwy) To recompense, to re- 
ward, to re<|oite, to give value, or price ; to pay 
w ages, or hire ; to fee, to bribe. 

G obi wy awg, a. (gobrwy) Having recompense, 
reward, or requital; having pay, or hire. 

Gobrwyawl, a. (gobrwy) Rewarding, feeing. 

Gobrwyedigy €. (gobrvry) Recompensed, reward- 
ed, or requited ; hired, or feea. 

Gobrwyedigaeth, f. «.— p|. t. au (gobrwyedig) 
Remuneration ; the act of hirine. 

G^rwyedigawl, 0. (gobrwyedig) Remunerative. 

Gobrwvedydd, t. m.^pl, t, ion (gobrwyad) A re- 
warder ; one who gives hire, or fee. 

Gobrwy wT, s. m.— pf. gobrwywyr (gobrwy— gwr) 
A rewarder, a payer of wages, or fees. 

Gobrwvvdd,s. m. — pL f.ion (gobrwy) A rewarder 

Gobrydd, f. m.— pi. I. ion (gobr) A rewarder. 

Gobryn, s. m,—pL t. au (pryn) Desert, or merit. 

O dri ph«tli 7 ■jrthier vn abred gaa anyeo, er ymlynu yn mhob 
p#fh arail wrtli y d« ; o fakhdn- byd sown, o aavlrcdd hyd obryn, 
ac o anolirofaredd byd rydSl, a tbrdflo jn ol at ddyndawd, falo'r 

For ibree rtatcnt there will be a fall Into tbc drrle of iof h5atioa 
IhrrMfb MceMlty, thoorb there be an atiadimeDt to good In everr 
abioc ebe : for pridp 10 the loweit point of exiatence, for fatoehood 
*^ » f^rrnpomdtmg state; and for criadty to a corresponding bru- 
tality, whence to return to hamadty, aa before. BartUta*, 


Gobwysawl, «. (gobvrys) Tending to press. 
Gobwysiad, #. w.--p|. t an (gobwys) GraviUtloa. 
Oochan, s./. (can) Equivocal song; irony. 
Gochanu, r. a. (gochan) To sing equivocally; to 
sing ironically ; to disparage. 

GocbtDant d fdrdd 

A nioBaa o*ai rbadan rnn aaaat 
TO itodd-aar yn rbwydd arddoolaar. 
His bMds wiU laapMM, wbild |, with my dfts of the BM*r 
of harmony, am arrayed In radd, g'old prSLSSini!!l!^Sr 

LL P. Mack, i Lfwetf I. 

Gochel, s. m.— pZ. /. oedd (eel) Act of avoiding. 

wrth ymraliydfw; gocbd cynnen, can mai r«? wVtb KdWb 
ydyw ; a gocbefffottDd), cu 'md gwr wrth bwyll ydywl 

There are three Ii^iioctJons of remitting on a bard • in nM 
sloth, a. belnif a man of exertlonTio .^^ conienSS»; m S^e 
a man of peace; and toaroid foUy, as bdng a maa otriuoaT^ 


Gochel, r. a. (eel) To avoid, to eschew, to shoo; 
to beware, to take heed. 

Gorng Ldlins Oallas, cydymdaHh AledM, cynmlitw t rid 
ar ddlangesyat o'r Rhafdnwyr atto I Undal^a nSlJtSI 
ceislaw irwrthwyneba oddyna y Prydetaidd, nea ynte socW t 
cynddryduwl aogea oedd yn ea hobyn. ' "^ * 

.i.i!!"f 0"«iM, the wwmnfoB of Alcdos, coDertal lagdher 
Oiose who had fled of the Romans to him to Undoa : tkteSwto 
devlw means from thence to wtthstaod the Brftoi^ or^to 
arold the death that wia present befor« ffaam. Or. ok Art^. 

Gocheladwy, a. (gochel) That may be avoided, 

avoidable, elndible. 
Gochelawg, a. (gochel) Apt to shun, or avoid; 

wary, or shy, 
Gocheledig, a. (gochel) Shunned, avoided. 
Gocheledigaeth, «. fn.—pl, t. an (gocheledig) The 

act or state of shunning. 
Gochelffordd, #./. (gochel— ffordd) A byeway. 
Gochelgar, o. (gocheH Ready to avoid. 
Gochelgarwch, t. m. (gochelgar) CircumspectioB 
Gocheliad, «. m.— pi. I. an (gochel) A shunning. 
Gocheliis, a. (gochel) Apt to avoid ; reserved. 
Gochelwr, s. tn,—pl, gochelwyr (gochel— gwr) 

One who avoids, or takes care, a diunner. 
Gochelyd, v. a, (gochel) To avoid ; to beware. 

Yno'r oeddwn 

Yn goch'lyd tywyn-bryd les. 

There I was, ataUb^ the gtowlor presence of the saimhfaie. Dmfydd. 

Gochlyw, 8. m. (clyw) A hearing imperfectly. 
Gochlywed, r. a. (gochlyw) To hear partly. 
Gochrwm, a. (crwm) Somewhat crooked. 
Gochrymawl, o. (gochrwm) Somewhat bending. 
Gochrymiad, s, m. (gochrwm) A partly inclining. 
Gochrymu, r. a.Ygochrwm) To bend a little ? to 

become somewhat crooked ; to crouch a little. 
Gochryn, a. (cryn) Somewhat shaking. 
Gochrynawl, a, (gochryn) Somewhat trembling. 
Gochryniad, s. m.-^pl, t. an (gochryn) A makiag 

partly to tremble; a partly auaking. 
Gochrynn, v. a. (gochryn) To snake somewhat 
Gochwaeth, ». m. (chwaeth) Degree of taste. 
Gochwaethawl, a. (gochwaeth) Somewhat sapid, 

tasteful, or palatable. 
Gochwaethiad, #. in. (gochwaeth) A partly tasting 
Gochwaethu, r. o. (gc^waeth) To taste slightly. 
Gochwareu, s. — pi. *. on (chwareu) Amusement. 
Gochwareu, r. a. (chwareu) To act somewhat 

Gochwerw, a. (chwerw) Somewhat harsh. 

Ro ddoeth, a cbocth, « STberw ; 
Nid oedd cf wrib gyfedtf gochwerw. 

He wa* wi»e, and sincere, and naiestJc, be ww not kmrsh m 
the social fea»u At^rim. 

Gochwervrad, ». m. (gochwerw) A l)eing bitterish. 




Gc^kwtrmmgf «• (goehwerw) S<miewtiat harsh. 

man, rit^fdnr rocliwerwmwf , 


Goehwcnrawl,a. (gochwerw) Apitobe somewhat 

hanh, or bitter. 
Gochnerwi, «. n. (gochwerw) To become bitterish 
Godndban, «. (chwiban) Partly whistliiig. 

tOt MM. govddyw Biiradd, 
Ooehwwib fwjBt neb Blien rvydd : 

tbe ■MntaiB, vAMIiiif the wind 
mian wilt not darciT* tto diimet. 

Ni ih«7ll drrfutaa dadwyi 

iMT ibe iriiM, Uwtcrlag 
•wte np pfttc wood : liT ; 

Godiwibl, a. (ehwibi) Somewhat sharp ; soarish. 

Ooefawiblad, «• m. (gochwibl) A making or be- 
eoming tart, or soarish. 

Gochwiblawy «. a. (gochwibl) To make soarish ; 
to become somewmit soar. 

GeehwUry «. (chwidr) Somewhat giddy, or wild. 

Gochwidiawy «. a. (gochwidr) To make somewhat 
giddjT ; to become rather giddy. 

C«ekwidriady #. m. (gochwidr) A makiag or be- 
coming somewhat giddy. 

Gocfawfl, s. m. (chvril) A slight tarn aboat; a 
digfat aearch. 

GoebwfUady «. a. fgochwil) A slightlv searching. 

Gochwilsaw, «. a. (gochwil) To search slightlv. 

Godmaiad, «. m. (cfawimiad) A partly moving) 
a di^t motion. 

GocfawintaWy v. a. (chwimiaw) To move slightly. 

Socbwimiavrl, a, (chwimiawl) Somewhat moving. 

Go^wiUiy a. (ehwith) Somewhat awkward. 

G«cbwltlmw, «. n. (gochwith) To become some- 

Oodbwithedd, a. m. (gochwith) An awkwardness. 
Godiwydd, a. m. (chwydd) Somewhat of a swelling 
GodMyddmw, v. a. (gochwydd) To swell a little* 
6«diwyddawrl, a« (gochwydd) Tending to swell. 
€«d^wyddlnd, a. m. (gocbwvdd) A parUy swelling 
GockwySy «. m, (chwys) A degree of sweat; sweat 

Twrf ■nrehofton laid i t h tcochwy » < 
SBal twrf toreimytn am bryt. 

The twwill of kviftiU with foamimg iUi«dt, Ufce tho tamult of a 
vMrtwiiBd aboat Ih* brvlwMod. Cgndddw. 

Ga ch py aa wl, a. (gochwys) Somewhat sweating. 
Gaehwyated, a. m. (gochwys) A sweating partly. 
Gocbwyso, «. «• (gochwys) To sweat partly. 
GtekwyA, a. aa. (chwyth) A'dight pnff, or Mast 
Gochwytfamwl, a. (gochwyth) Somewhat blowing. 
G«ch«ytidad, s. ». (gochwyth) A blowing gently. 
Gochwytfaa* r. a. (gochwyth) To blow gently. 
God, s. flt. (go) A swei^e from ; incontinence. 
Gwlaer, «. (taer) Somewhat ardent, or violent. 
Godaierawl, a* (godaer) Somewhat contentions. 
Godaeriad, t. as. (godaer) A slightly contending. 
Godaeni, w. a. (godaer) To contend' a little. 
Gsdaiawg, a. (taiawg) Somewhat boorish. 


Hal bfs J dyly brodvr rua tir y rbynrddynt; pcdafr er« wrth 

>k tfMva. A ir«cdy Dmy y MroiudwTi Bleddy n sb CrDfrn ddeu- 

i fab ochclwr, ac wy lb Tr to A alill, a pbedair i'r f oda^ 

la tiila wfM duMid 
arre* to c*crj teacmeat. 

divide laad bttwaen tbem ; foar 

And after that Bleddyo the ton of Cyn- 

««a altered It to t«rlTe acrct to ibe won of a ffentleiDJo* aad eifht 
la fte foooHMf aad foar to tbe *rMt Ic th* riiiatM. 

Wtlth Lawt, 

Godsrao, m. /. — pi. t, an (taran) A mnrmar, or 
rmnbiiDg, somewhat like thunder. 

Celabi a vvcb o da tan 
Pan rtvayf irodwifrodaran 
Lla UeaieaiK aiab Mab^aran. 

bf Ibaaidr of the Bre wbaK I bear Ibe rambHar 
'^'iBc ctearfcrijif dtti of OImi boK of Uemenif the ion of Mabft- 
«^. Ugwareh Hen, 

Godaraniad, t. m. ^godaran) A slight rambling. 
Vol. II. 

Oodarann, v. (godaran) To ramble, to mnrmiir. 

Godardd, a. m. (tmdd) A soA tlow or oozing. 

Godarddawl,a.(godarad) Oozing, softly springing 

Godarddtad, #. m. — vl, t, an (godardd) An oozing. 

Oodarddo, e. a. (godardd) To flow out slowly. 

Oodarth, a. m.^pf. t, an (tarth) A genttc exhala- 
tion, or fog. 

Godarthawl, a. (godarth) Gently exhaling. 

Godarthiad, s. m. (godarth) A gently exhaling. 

Godartim, e. a. (godarth) To exhale gently. 

Godaw, «. m. (taw) A half silence, u whisper. 

Godawdd, a. m.— |>l. gododdion (tawdd) What U 
partly melted, or dissolved. 

Godawedawg, a. (godaw) Somewhat silent. 

Godavrel, a. (tawel) Somewhat calm, or still. 

Godawelawgy a. (godawel) Somewhat calm. 

Godaweliad, a. m. (godawel) A silencing partly. 

Godawela, v. a. (godawel) To be partly oabn. 

Godeb, a. m. (godl Incontinence ; adultery. 

Godebawgy a. ^goaeb^ Incontinent; adulterate. 

Godebu, v. a. (godeb) To act incontiuently. 

Godebyg. e. (teoyg) Somewhat similar, or 'like. 

Godebygawl, a. \god^hy%) Tending to be some- 
vrhat rimilar. 

Godebygiad, «. m. (godebyg) A making partly 
like, or similar. 

Godebygn, v. a. (godebyg) To make parUy simi- 
lar; to become something like. 

Godech, a. m. (tech) ▲ Inrk, a sculk ; a lounge. 

Godech, v. a. (tech) To sculk, to lurk ; to lie hid. 

Godechawl, a. (godech) Apt to lurk, or to scnik. 

Godechfa, a. /.—pi. U oedd (godech) A larking 

Godechiad, a. m. (godech) A scolking, or lurking. 

Godechial, v. a. ((^ech) To sculk, or lurk about. 

Godechn, v. a. (godech) To sculk, to lurk about. 

Godechwr, «. m. — pi, godechwyr (godech — gwr) 
A scnlker, or lurker. 

Godeimlad, a. m. Tteimlad) A gently feeling. 

Godeimlaw, v. a. (teimlaw) To feel gently. 

Godemles,ff. m. (temles) Serenity ; temperatiire. 
a. That is of a serene nature. 

CyiAwanycbvy Rnlil welea, 
A Icnwia mlcao mar edlea 
Ar yitre can fore gdOeralei. 

I may niatBally wl»b for the repoae of Enlli, which the •liroud n( 
Ihe evil of mortality baa litled, bomr by the twin glider on n trrent 
mora. Tuliftin. 

Godenen, a. (tenen) Somewhat thin, or lean. 
Gk>dew, a. (tew) Somewhat thick, gross, or fat. 
Godid, a. m. (god^ The state of being ont of the 

vray, or extraoroinary. 
Godidawg, a. (godid) Extraordinary, excellent 

Gwerthfawr pob fodldawf . 
Every thlog rart U predoos. Adage. 

Godidogi, V. a. (godidawg) To make rare, excel; 
lent, or preeminent. 

Godidogiad, s. m. (godidawg) A making rare, ex- 
cellent, or preeminent. 

Godidogrwydd, a. m. (godidawg) What is rare, un- 
nsual, or excellent ; excellence ; simplicity. 

Godidofrwydd yw nrif tsforiaeth pob petb; can nil jetUrcya* 
nal foleuder lynwyrVan fo ry fymbietb yramean. 

SiwtpUeitw ia tbe prinanr excellence of every tbinr : for the per- 
Kplcalfy of the lenae eaonoC be soppoited when the dc«icn 1* too 
C'tmpiU-ated. iAfiB*li/» • Langtufdd. 

Godineb, «. m. (god) Incontinence; adultery, 

Oodineb yw mroiiiired eydynawd y rbway f^^ • swi^f adlad. 
AdnUny is tbe act of carnal copalatlon between a •Ixtv^ man 
and woman. U» O. Utrgttt. 

I neb ediiicb el dad. 


ftobody will be reproached In pabllc with the adall^v of bit fa- 




Goduiebmwl,a. (godioeb) Adalterooi, adalterate. 
GodioebUd, t. n. (godioeb) A coaunittiDg adal> 

tery; fomicatioD. 
Oodiaebo, r. a. (godineb) To commit adaltery. 
Godioebns, a. Cgodioeb) AdoUerons, addicted to 

adnltery or fornication. 
Godinebwr, i. m. — pL (B^odinebwyr (godioeb — 

gwr) An adulterer, a fornicator. 
Godinebyddyf .«. — plJ. ion (godineb) Adulterant 
Godirion, a. (tirion) Somewhat agreeable. 
Godiriooi, v. a. (godirion) To become somewhat 

kind, or engaging. 
Godlawd, d. (tlawd) Somewhat poor, or destitnte 

Godtovd ni byddafo'th gjfniM%9. 
I •kail oot be wamlimg ot thf laws. Etn. mh Gwmlekmmi, 

Godlodedd,«. m. (e^odlawd) A degree of poverty. 
Godlodi, «. fli. (godlawd) A degree of poverty. 
Godo, J. in. (to) That partly covers; typha, or 
water orchis. 

ra«Tl1c<>n, lljw Mm, B511 Pabe. a*ik img, 
Ef a'lh dw|r y'nrodo. 

Caerlleoa, by Siint Pabo, bath taken Ibee •«ftf, forn-oor of 
Mona, and « ill bear tbce to the extrruUtf. 14. P. JfocA. 

Gnawd rhyrirydd riijiral* niallo; 
GaavB gvtmt alaf y'ofodo. 

He tbal rannot atlnnpt mark i» babllaated to rreqaeni f<iniDf ; 
men i« it, io winter, for Ike Uore lo be andcr r»ver. 

Pkflip Brgdydd, 

Gododdawl, u. (godawdd) Somewhat melting. 
Gododdi, v. a. (^awdd) To dissolve partly. 
Gododdiad, «. m. (aodawdd) A half dissolving. 
Oodoni, V. a. (tdni^ To strip the sarface partly. 
Godoniad, «. m. (toniad) A paring slightly. 
Godor, J. m.—pl, t. an (tor) A rupture; an inter- 

rnptlon, discontinaance ; a stop, let, hinder- 

ance, or delay. 

Of cytUrof ion a hola dir o eydandeb, a cbTserjrd cjdoed iddynt, 
o bvdd on heb ddavtd i'r otd, ae nas lladdio angen gyfreitlilawl, 
fodor jw byoy ar ei fyvMleithioo. 

irjuint iand-kolder* ikall prtMecate a cbin for land In eo^jonc- 
tioD, and take to tliemselvrt a joint terai, if one aball be •ritboat 
raodnr to the term, and not kiodcred by lawful necewity. tkat is 
a deUif on kit rompaoloiM. IVeUk Lams, 

Godoran, «. m. (godor) A tomnlt, a din* 

Cad yo Bfwlad Brackan, 
Cadl^n mdorao; 
Teymedd Vn*a 
Crynyd Ang Cynan. 

A baule in the ooaatry of Bracban, a warrlnf vcenc oftumtrntit 
oilier«ble rklcfUlM were ondc lo tremble before Cynan. 


Godori, r. a. (godor) To make an interniption, 
discontinuance, or rupture; to prorogue : to 
stop, to hinder, to delay. 

Godoriad, «. m. (godor) An internipting, a discon- 
tinuing, a breaking off; a stopping, hindering, 
or delaying. 

Godoriant, i . m. (godor) Interruption, discontinu- 
ance, ruption ; stoppage, hinderance, delay. 

Godorin, s. m. (godor) A tumultuous noise. 

Oedd braicK wai*R ei frtlt-'in ; 
Oedd brwjtf r«y*ff rhag y fodorio. 

Vftwerfnlly active waa'uia hott; awful waa hi* roiir«e in front 
of the tummli, D. Ben/rmt, i Lvwelfu 1. 

Godornn, s. m. (godor) A tumultuous noise. 

Clywed godoruo gwyr yndawed. 

Il^annir the din ot men rowlnr. 

U. P. P. Dyftd-Mabinofiw, 

Gotlonin dan bared yr y»tafcU — a glywid. 

A N«u« «aa beard by the wall of the chamber. 

it. Math, ab Matkomwp — Hiahinofiom. 

Godowydd, «. m. (godo— gwydd) The yellow wa- 

Godr, f. m. (god) An extremity, or girt. 

6odrais,s. m. — pL godreisiau (trais) A slight op- 

Godnunwy, t. m, — pL t. on (tramwy) A ilowtii> 
veiling; a loitering peregrination. 

Godramwy, «. a. (tramwy) To travel slowly. 

Godrarawyad, s. m. (godramwy) A travdlin^ 
slowly, or loiteringly, a perambulation. 

Godraws, a. (traws) Somewhat perverse, or crosi. 

God re, «. » — p[. t. on (god — rhe) A skirt, bor- 
der, or edge ; the lower edge. Godreoa y Bnr, 
the skirts of the veil ; godre y myaydd, theskitt 
of the mountain. 

Gwfdy adrrb a tndrrk melyB, 
A gawr a fwaewaur (twrtkrya. 
Ab ddinea rhvck kyck droa odrfon 
Pea harM Llofni Haw yaffya* 

After the trappinir*. and vellfm ateed*. and tboat, awi owttiof 
■cicara. for •»aklnff the mtter lo trickle, be yoa over Ihr iktru, 
chief baid of Uoraa »ttk tke opUncd ksad. 


NI bvdd arodrydd ar odre Prydain 
PrydyddioB arwyiv. 

On Ike b0rdtr of Britain tke diffiiiSed pnet* will md he eioqwat. 

U. P.Mt€k. 

Godread, t. m. (godre) A bordering, or skirtio|. 
Godreawl, a. (gc^re) Bordered, or skirted. 
Godref, s . m.—jU. 1. 1 (treQ A lodge, or lodgemeot 

O fVnnd pyvfawd, 
Maint y fodrefl 
Grata D R'or bell, 
Y dan dywawd. 

Tlie ffahea mif ht ahew the caparity of tke UdiimnU of the r»*t 
of tke briny aea, beneath the sand. TMtm. 

Godreigl, s. m. (treigl) Somewhat of a torn. 

Godreiislaw, r. a. (godreigl) To revolve partly. 

Godreigliad, s. m. (godreigl) A partly revoWinK. 

Godreisiad, f . m. (godrais) A using some force, s 
slightly oppressing. 

Godreisiaw, r. a. (|^rais) To act somewlnt op- 

Godreisiawl, a. (godrais) Somewhat oppresiire. 

God rem, a. f.—pU t. ion (trem) A slight look, t 
glance ; a glimmer. 

Godremiad, i, m. (godrem) A slightly looking, i 
glancing ; a glimmering. 

Godremiaw, o. a. Cgodrem) To look slightly. 

Godremiawl, a. (^rem) Slightly lookiog, or 
glancing; glimmering. 

Godremydd, s. m.—pl. I. ion (godrem) A gtencer. 

Godreaydd fwyr ardri-mdrdk. 
A tptctmttr a( men on three koraes. /'AW Mb. 

Godreon. «. pi. aggr, (godre) Skirtiogs, skirts; 

Godricawr, f . ai. — pi. godricorion (godrig) A lin* 

gerer; a sojonmet'. 

Mi nid af Tsa yo awr ; 
Golru gwaith y fodrtcawr. 

I will not fo there at prcacnt; coaapicnooa tke Art ef • <** 
jnurmer. WiM"- 

Godrig, f . m.—pl. t. ion (trig) A delay, stayioCf 
or tarrying ; an abode, dwelling. Mm goirig 
ar y Ueuadj the moon is in the wane. 

Godrigaw, r. a. (godrig) To delay, to tarry. 

Godrigiad, s. m. (godrig) A delaying, a tarryiog- 

Godrigian, v. a. (godrig) To delay ; to abide. 

Godrigiawl,a. (godrig) Dilatory, apt to stay* 

Byddal el kad ef yn odrtiiawl inc«a tir eatrava. 

HIa aecd woald be ityvmrning in a airanrc land- 

IT. 5toii**«f • 

Godrin, s. m. (trin) Somewhat of a bostle. 

Oedd civbod clwyf yn mhoh ttta ; 
Oedd briw rhiw yn nbrabludd odrin. 

In rrerr elbow a pain waa fell; the a*-eni wm broke" •« "»' 
roufiLMouof eom/lici. D. B^m/Vms, i Lrv**f' '" 

Godriniad, s. ai. (godrin) A bustling a little. 
Godriniaw, v. a. (godrin) To bustle a little. 
Godriniawl, o. (godrin) Somewhat bovtliog. 


Mn, f . m. (godr) A mUking. Gwtartkig f «ln», 

or Oa MWm, milch kine. 
GfldiD, f. «. (godr) To mUk. Do$ i •dto, go to 


GadroU bawA o*l pWn. 

GodrSad, f. «. (godio) A mUking, the act of 

Godromri, c (godro) Relating to milkiog. 
Godnmi, a. (trom) Somewhat heavy, or weighty. 
Godroiedd, t. ai. (trwedd) A dight transgreMioo. 
Godmi, V. 0. (troai) To drive out of the way 

Idd ocdd cf drcUf jM odrcMaf, 
NaajB I dnMaw 4 rot • welal. 

HtMBOt trfwrfnOy iacllMd to jMfMCalf i» IA« Uuf, ex- 

Godmlad, f. ak (trosiad) A driving off a litde. 
Godroydd, j. mi.— jil. t. ion (codro) A milker. 
Godni, a. (tni) Somewhat miserable. 
Godnao, a. (godm) Rather miserable. 
GsdreaDiidd, a. (godman) Somewhat of a miser- 

ible, or wretchal condition. 
GodraaoD, a. a. (godnian)To become rather mi- 

feraUe,or wretched. 
GodrnddyO. (tnidd; Somewhat agitated. 

Uwrw Uvyr-glod wawd rod odmdd. 

76 GOD 

Godttth, 9* m.-^pl. I. Ian (toth) A jog trot. 

Oodathiad, #. m. (goduth) A trotting slowly. 

Godnthiaw, v. a. (goduth) To trot slowlv, to jog. 

Godothiawg, a. (g^uth) Jogging; ambling. 

Godnfliiawl, a. (godnth) Joniog; ambling. 

Oodwll, s. m. (go— twll) An imperfect hole. 

GodwUon.f. /. (godwll) Imperforate ; St. John^s 

Oodwrdd, a. ai.— frf. godyrddaa (twrdd) A ram- 
bling noise ; a mormur ; a din. 

Oiacat larclwIlaD, d1 hawddqrigtf. 
Rtair ffodwrdd y filar jMrdd arnar: 
flat aiyiMdil a deaffaia «d boribaU I bom ; 
Ya orwf o orhoea y tydd anaf. 



the mgiimltd coarae of pralae. 

Baed bydr am kocdlwydr odradd. 
Aaiia* taaglBff tarn an »iilmte4 life of frailty. CfnidOm, 
Paa waHth haick «dndd bvtcha Fleodalald, 


irnid gTfd lofrvdd : 

Brvyac aaad o cad ocdd gtathndd. 

WWaibeacffcir lovdlnff haro bewadtbe FleMafa, te 


WWa Ike mtHm loveilnff haro bewad the FleMafa, Baaco Ma- 
M Am dw Bidracy of Um rcd-haadorcarBafa ; ab f ril n n g ran 
diffrn battle they vera aacd to. 

C^Mldf l«, M. O. 0«yMffM. 

Gfldnddaw, v. a. (godmdd) To aetata. 
Godnddawly a. (godrndd) Agitating, tarbnl^nt. 
6odniddiady t. m. (godmdd) Pertnrbation. 
G«— fi. I. iao (truth) A little flattery. 
(rtdnitmad, s . m. Cgodmth^ A partly flattering, 
(adiadiiaw, v. a. Cgodmth) To act rather fawn- 
ii|i]r, partly to flatter. 

Gtdnithiawly a. (godmth) Somewhat fawning 
Gfldnrai,a.(trwm) Somewhat heavy, or weighty. 

O Odnr nm 1 i briddya bnck 
Oad ooddodnvBi 4y cdrycb i 

Hewd God! to a fnU nortal wai It not mrUntkolif to be- 

6«lni8|i,«. (trwsgl) Somewhat awkward, 
fiodiwy, f. ai.— pi. I. on (trwy) A wreathe, a 

Oodnryad, t. au— pl.f.aQ (godrwy) A wreathing. 
Godrwytw, a. a. (godrwy) To wreathe. 
Gddrayawg, a. (godrwy) Having wreathes. 
Godrwyaw^ a. (godrwy) Wreathing; entwined. 
Godmyawr, a. (godrwy) Of a wreathed form. 

rigaog cyohorawir blidddo naran* 
Gwcfrawr go^wyawr lorrhawr aai ran. 

„ ottb a caanlraaBee forenoit io the rank, with amber rvl>- 
^ •naihs mad Ida icaplea. ^am-iit. 

Wnwyth, #. at.— pi. *. an (trwyth) Wild beet ; 
ndOot ; otherwiae called pyi y eeirw* 

Ovyaacb ocdd el ddwylaw no chefMmron godnrjlh. 

WbUcr vac ber bands than the Moaaoma of the frHony. 

A. P. i*. i>j(/M~jroNaarl«n. 

Godryma, v. a. (godrwm) To grow somewhat 

^rysg)aidd, a. (godrwsgl) Somewhat clumsy. 
^^rytl^U, a. (try tbyll) Somewhat fickle, or wild. 

Lhten. llUle plr. I cannot eaally aleep , became of the ttmutt 
ofthe ffrtef with nUch I aai oppiVMed ; flfty yeara have I endared 
pain: thcrefbre the tranaportoTJoy now apon no la bataa eril. 


Yn ea eyich bwyal ndrfloddiaa gwaatad boncddlfaidd, cvf- 
lawn o Sodaa, trwy r ihal y cerdda dwfr y flyaaooaa yo ff^ian 
gao llthraw o araf odwrdd. 

Sanoaadlof thna thera were level and noble nieadoafi leeninr 
wtthSowara. IbraMh which the water oT the «|NrlB|B ran In itreania 
by (Udlaff la geotle Mwranwv. Cr. o» Arlkmr, 

Godwrf, a. m.-~pl. godyrfan (twrO A rustling 
noise ; a bustle, or stir ; a murmur. 

Oodwrfa rlTwafam clawr MacliCDydd, 
MnreHyddBUhn gawr 
Teoln Madawf 

I hear a aiwrMwr over the fere of Maclleaydd. the bulvarh of 
the ngtan of dw adghty Blvaa, the groan of tho faml^ of Matef . 

CfmdMwt m. M. •* BSfredudi, 

Oodwyil, t. «. (twyll) A sliaht deception. 
Godwytlaw, v. a. (godwyU) To deceive slightly. 
Oodwys, 9. at. (twvs) That is somewhat elevated, 
a. bomewhat raised, or heaped. 

thltmy baldi odwyvt 
Bdthyulad glad giwya. 

A Bteep plane gamtwhat high, a (Ur conaiaodior ^^2^^ 

Godwysaw, a. a. (godwys) To raise, to elevate, 

or make preeminent in a degree. 
Godwysawl, a. (godwys) Somewhat elevated. 
Godwvsiad, s. at. (godwys) A raiMug somewhat. 
Godwytb, «. m. (twyth) Somewhat of a spring, 
Godwythaw, a. a. (godwy tli) To spring a little- 
Godwytbawl, a. (godwytb) Apt to spring. 
Godwy thiad, a. at. (godwytb) A springing a UtUe. 
GodJ, a. m.— pi. I. an (tj) A shed or outhouse. 

Godai mab aillt y w a1 fell. a1 feady, a*l nfubnwr, aM odyn, a'r 
call, nV riao inocb, a*i hafdy, al nnlnvaaf. 

The enlSawMr of a yeoman are hia battery, and hia cowho«M. 
aad hia barn, and hia kiln, and the sheep coce, and the pinUe. and 
hh aanaer-bowe, and hia harreat bouac fr^h Lmmt^ 

Godyn, a. (tyn) Somewhat tight, or pressed. 
Godyner, a. (tyner) Somewhat tender, or soft. 
Godynern, a. a. (godyner) To emollify gently. 
Godyniad, s. at. (godyn) A pulling gently. 
Godynn, a. a. (godvn) To pull or draw gently. 
Godyrddain, a. a. (godwrdd)To make a murmur- 
ing noise, to murmur. 
Godyrddawl,a. (godwrdd) Rumbling, murmuring 
Godyrddiad, t. m. (godwrdd) A rumbling. 
Godyrddu, V. a. (godwrdd) To rumble, to murmur 
Godyrfawl, a. (godwrf) Rumbling, tumultuous. 
Godyrfiad, s. m. (godwrf) A making a tumult. 
Godyrfu, a. a. (godwrf) To rumble, to murmur. 
Godywyll, a. (tywyll) Somewhat dark, or gloomy. 

Aeron cynt a fn'n arail 
Dan bvbyll rodywyll dall. 

In dayt of yore Aeron oied to watch beneath the t'M«f tenia 
ofleavw. D.mSawilpm. 

GodywylUad, f . m. (godywyll) A making gloomy 
Oodywyllu, a. a. (godywyll) To make gloomy. 
Godywyllwch, f. ai. (godywyll) A gloominess. 

R 2 




G«dywyo, «. m. (tjwyn) A glaoce, or glcain of 
light, a glimmer. 

Gody wyniad, i. m.—pi. t, aa (godTwyn) A throw- 
ing a gleam of light, a glimmering. 

Godywyoo, v. a. (godywyn) To cast a gleam of 
light ; to ihine faintly, to glimmer. 

Godd, s. M.—fl, t. an (odcH That breaks ont, or 
appears partially ; a tmali plant, or shrub. 

Goddail, t, pL aggr, (dail) Leaves not folly spread, 
or grown, yoang leaves. 

Goddaith, «. m.— ^. goddelthlaa (dalth) A smo- 
thering fire ; a homing of a wild, or a place 
overgrown with brushwood, farce, or heath, and 
the like. LUugi g^ddeitkUm, to barn clearing 

Odld n redklot dto forddwyd Genial, 

iiuUrkm fpa*u bfdd, 

Khttlhr foddsitb «r ddiffalth fynjdd. 

Thrr« were iwift raaacn ■adcr the iblRh of GcTmiBt, loof leg- 
ircd oaa ttnfinf the oorn abovt, wlioec laaoll ww like the cw- 
Jlagr^im on Ike wUd ■owilala. Ltjfmmrtk Un, 

Goddao, s. pi. Ofgr. (godd) Shmbs, shmbbery. 

O iiiwd gwjMf % foddM. 

And iaportvniiif ttc for prlariMci, tkc Seven of the hill: for 
iImt h l oMOMi of ireeft, and $irmt$. TaUnim, 

AbrtoUa • brtwddaU, 
A Mmo f wydd » foddaa. 

Make the SmjtrooUoff wlik pitaroaet and the ktU-hrmti IcaTct, 
aadlhelopeartbotreooflhajAniMfry. IWUfte. 

Tnvy odder |dd a corall ya Mniat paMr. 

cad Goddaa, no o dalr ofer-nd Yaye 


a'r ivreii fechwjw, a chornlcyl 

The haule of the tknMtrf, one of the three foolMa battles of 
iheMeof Brilaio— ooaccoaalofthe hUrh, aad the doe big with 
roaoff, aad the lapwluf. TtUtdU, 

Goddawed, v. a. (dawed) To come gradoally. 

Bmlaw a oroe Gweirjpdd jrataa, ac ea herlld hwyat o le wmj 
(ydd, hfd paal ffoddawed hwyal ar laa y Mor. 

iw a ore 
gUfddt hfd put 

What GwHfydd thea dM 
aaoiher, aaUi they weie 

to panne (heai lk«ai oae place te 
to the eaa iheic Gr.akdrlkm, 

Goddawedawl, a. (goddavred) Adventitious. 
Goddawediad, (goddawed) A partly coming. 
Goddawl, a. (godd) A growing, or arising from ; 

Godde, s. m.~pl. I. on (de) Design, purpose. 

Go(ld€ gwnfckf a cormorant. 

Nrtdlodd ffwae 

Col biff, ar edde cwl hvyd. 

The leaf bMked Mffae leaped irtlh the MrM l» ehiala feed. 

r. Fryt, 

Godde, V. a. (de) To purpose, or to intend. 

Addall tir I ddlawl wyd tl. 

Thea doM d«alffa ■torhUf; a leaf of the devn*b kad art thoe. 

Goddeall, s. m. (deall) Imperfect apprehension. 
Goddeall, v. a. (deall) To apprehenil partly. 
Goddealtus, «. (goddeall) Somewhat discreet. 
Goddeao, a. (deau) Nearly right ; southerly. 

O Biwl a hiedae. 

Of oiia aad Sowere, aad tmuktrtf alod, there will be eaoajrh* 


Goddef, s. m.— p/. t. ion (dcf) Sofieranoe ; sub- 
jection; permission. Rod ya arglwydd-oddef, 
being under fealty to the loitl* 

Gwrll ffoddef na fofal. 
9mf*rk»§ to pi«fer«ble lo care. Aimt* 

O dripheth y aiae doethloeb : ffwlrlenedd» y«tyr, a goddef. 
W itdom to frooi three caotee : iraih, theeff h r, aad aareHi 

Goddef, r. a. (dcf) To suffer, to bear, to endure, 
to acquiesce. Goddtf krmmd, to acquiesce in a 

A oddef a rydaa. 
Ht that #«ifiirri will br ifulrkly »iiriii. Jrfcf f . 

Thipogh nfi 
of a ■halt. 

the dirtaff teaaie will itoe to the pri«ik|« 

tJ foddeaV awr y fveddai. 

h thereto] 

.to praoriety ia eaSiefiaff at liaea, bat ta tmgeriug 
always iberewaa a faSl T.AUA, 

Goddefadwy, a. (goddef) That nay be endured^ 
snfferable, tolerable. 

Goddefai, s. m. (goddef) That suffers; the pas- 
sive, in grammar. 

Goddefaint, s. m. ^goddef) Suffering ; suffemnce. 

Goddefawd, s. bu tgoddef) Sufferance. 

Goddefawl, «• (goodef) Passive, or suffering* 

Goddefedig, a. (goddef) Passive; suffered, per- 
mitted. IJirf goddtfmUg^ pasttve voice. 

Goddefedigaeth, «. m.— p/. ^ an (goddefedig) 
Suffering; forbearance; permission. 

Goddefedigaethydd, t. m. (goddefedigaeth) Tbat 
undergoes the act of suffering. 

Ooddefedigawl, «. (goddefedig) Pauible, passive 

Goddefedd, s. m. (goSdef) Sufferance, endurance, 
forbearance, patience. 

Godde^ar, a. (goddef) Forbearing, patient. 

Goddefgarwch, «. m. (goddefgar) rorbearance, 
endurance, tolerance, patience. 

Goddefiad, «. m. — pU I. au (goddef) A suffering ; 
toleration; permission; iiidolpence. 

Goddefiaeth, t . m. (goddef) Sunennce. 

A phaddawiawl oddeflacth, 

Aod what di?toe/er6eer— Cf, aad what good lo aay om did h« 
do! i. rkflif. 

GoddefiantyS. m. (goddef) Sufferance; forbear- 
ance; connivance. 

Goddefoldeb, f. m. (goddefawl) Endurance. 

Goddefns, a. (goddeO Patient; forbearing. 

Goddefusrwydd, «. «. (goddefiu) Passiveneas. 

Goddefwr, s. m.— pL goddefwyr (goddef— gwr) 
One who bears, or suffers ; a permitter. 

Goddeg. $,/,—pL t, au (godd— <eg) Uttaranou, or 
speech. JMw gwedi ctitt ti oddigf he baa lout 
his utterance. 

Maaach hna gyfMltta«h bfcg | 


ed hto ijpMM 

of filihlcn filewtoUp, a Jew thai haia Mt obaala- 

if. Coe Lim94, 

Goddegawl, a. (goddeg) Relating to utterance. 

Goddcgiad, s. ai. (goddeg) An enunciation. 

Goddeneu, t. ai. (deheu) That Is pretty dexter- 
ous ; that is partly south, a. Partly right, or 
deaterous; partly south. 

GoddeUiad, s. at. (goddail) A covering vrlth aauU 
leaves ; a foUatton. 

Goddeiliaw, v. a. (goddail) To cover with leave*, 
to foliate; to adorn witn leaves. 

Maith achel a ddal I odddllo d d*is 
Aed ya ei warth wdca wrtho. 

May there co«e a lofty prop hto froat to otfera with 
fiwatbelopofltletUeiheee^icDdcdby awythe. S. 

Goddelliawg, a. (goddail) Having small leavea. 
Goddeintiad, s. m. (deintiad) A using the teeth 

sliahtly ; a nibbling. 
GoddeintUw^ u. a. (deintlaw) To use the toetli 

slightly; to nibble. 
Ooddelntlawl, «. (delntlawl) Apt to be nibbttait. 
Goddeithiad, s. ». (goddaith) A ctoariag of vrU4» 

by fire, a consunBing with fire. 
Goddeithiaw, v. a. (goddaith) To consume witli 

fire ; to bum heath, or any other wild growth. 

Y flMB a oddeiihhidd boll breaaa y Maee. 
The laae cvMaerrrf all the Ireet of the Sehl. forf 1. 1>. 

Mai y goddcilbla Mm f^ayddofdd. 
K* thr Sane ceofvaici the iMNUtalM. fwim boauii. i «. 

CaddcUUMrg,*. (EOddnllb} OuHUMd, or clMT- 

GoUeitluMrl, a. (foddidtli} CoMwaiDg. 

GoddCDaKl, a. (deoBwl) Sonewhat allaiing. 

Ooddeniad, >. a. (deaiad) A gentl; aUariiig. 

GodiieDD, ■- a. (deaa) To tlloK, or entlcB geatlj. 

Golden, «. wt.~ii. t. oa (godde) Intent, pirpoie, 
deii^; rcwilDtioa; lim.ead. Yr vtif ar ttidtu 
inrwitiw Anj, I ui apoa the intentiOD of 
doing that ; O air gvailk edirt, at dowariebt 
ul, or pOTposc, or ou pDrpoM. 


1. (goddawl) To enrM, to cndotr. 

Ggddta, v. a. (godde) To latead, to parpoie. 
iMUff, a. HL-^ I. loo (diff) A fling, or caiL 
Ccddiff, s. a. (dlff) To fling, to ea*t ; to darL 

Goddlheili, a. (dlffaelb) Somewhat nngei^. 
Goddiffaw, v. a. (eoddiS) To ffinfc, to cait. 
Gaddiflawlya.(godd{ff) EJectiag, fliagiiu, darting 
GodWiffiad, a. w.—^ '■ ■« (gMdiff; A. fliaglng 
Goddig, a. (dig) Someiriiat aogrT, or dlipleaied> 
CtddiKiad, a. m. (goddlg) A. partly diapleating. 
Gaddigiaw, v. a. (goddig) To make a little angry. 
G«l£giBwl,a.(KO<Mlg) Of a dlipleaiing teodeaey. 
G«d<Urgad, *. a*, (dtrnad) A illght perceptiaa. 
G(ddro»d, V. a. (lUniad) To Intimate ; to haTe a 
riiriK idea «f, or to pcrcrtve a Ult!*. 

>•, lOlattowte; to have m ftlnl tdea. 

G^difiw, «. w. (dlw) That I* partly raaiplete. 
Geddiwawd,*. M. (goddivr) The act ofoTerteUng 
GiiJiwJydJ, •■ m. (dlwedydd) The day of doom. 

O^M nAfMl iHdte (^n<rdd. 

Ggddiwttdd, a. >.— ^. t. Ion (goddlw) A conli 

la the ead ; a condas ap to, aa ovcrtaklog. 
Caddiwedi), v. a. (goddiw) To eopte np niifa. 


nrl, a. (goddlwedd I Comlag ap with, 
ad, «. M. (rMMIwead) Ad orertakiDg. 
I, B. ■. (goddlwedd) To come ap with. 
Gaddlweddwr, a. m.~pl. goddtwoddwyr (goddlw- 
edd — Rwr) One who overtakei. 
God£w«4d]rd,i>.a. (■oddlwedd)Toc«me up with 
<Mdtw«a,iL a. (nid&w)Too*ertak«. Ctiaddlm- 
tMgw^wtkm kfuii, than ilMlt do Aat at thy 

1. (goddlwet) llat Ii overtaken. 

Ooddaw, a. bl— pL t. Un (daw) A. denifiod. 
Godduwin,a./.— Bl.f.w(gaddaw) Ueailgodde« 
Ooddwfn, a. (dwfa) SoDtewhat pnAiBd. 
Goddwr,*. n.— pJ.godd«jr(gadd— gwr)AeoaD- 

.*. wi.—fL goddlwcawyr (go^dlwei— 
fwr) Obs who oierb^ea. 
Goddiwaaydd, >. at— pi. (. ton (goddlwca) One 

who eaoMf apm, or oTeitakw. 
G«4dolnw, a. (goddawl) Endowed, enriched. 
' " ' ' .a. <dclef) To make a clomonr. 

Ooddyig. >. m. (dyig) Smalter, half leamlng. 

Ooddyitawa, ■.,„,, , , 

Ooed, 1. at. (gwedj A aayiag; ipeeeh, attonuice. 
Ooedawl, a. (goed) Spedtiag, or lerbal. 
Ooedlad, t.n. (goed) A tpcaking, a wytiig, 
Ooedyd, e. a. (goed) To ipeak. to uy, to altar; 
Goen, (. ai. (en) laflnence, or tdai- 
Goer, *. M. (gwer) A freahneta. a. Fredi. 

Lta ft dwfr, UafsHdUaf. 
A •»« m Ihe iru«, ( inM ltd irllb«M»al»^^^^ 

0«f, t. ai.— pL I. an (of) Aa artlit; ametaUar- 
gtatiamitb. Ga/da,a biaekimlth; gB/gmi, 
■ whlteiaiith ; gifmr, a go1d*mtth ; grf vCa, 
a dWertnilth. la (bnnertiinei the nnltb pre- 
pared M* own metal tnm the ore. TraditiMi 
relate* of the laH, who nied to do m in Walw, 
that he Mew np hii fbrge by letdng ont too 
mach metal to prodoce a report , In M^Joieiag 
for the revolntlon to 1688.— The GqTwai reck- 
oned In the Wclah Lawi ooe of the three piO' 
faHon of liberal ideacea. 

• OP 

Ni aiU Mb gtf fW !• u cyamwrf I'r riT Hyt heb d r«Di*<i. 

?*??' ••/.— ^. soleiliaii (eof) A smithy. 
Golal, f . M.-xji^ #. on (mal) Care, anxiety, aoli- 
citude, regard, charge ; thooght. 

Ooril dyo Dnw d r*«ryd. 

Tht MMrMy of him Gcd will do tway. iC^f t . 

Trt frfd CrictfoQ : rh«r did««r Daw ; rhar trmmrwyddaw dvD. 
• rlMff yawMMi o1 rariadoCidi at bob ddodi. ^ ' 

Tba three cmrei of a ChrfitiaD; acalad offcndhur God: anlnat 
io««r«a aTarjr good. " Bar^dt. 

9^^^\ •• "•• (8ofi»l)A becoming anxions. 
OofcUawl, a. (Koftl) Tending to be anxious. 
GofalAD, ©. n. (gofal) To become anxions. 
Gofaiedd, s . ai. (^ofal) SoUdtude, carefnlness. 
Gofalfawr, a. (gofal) Full of anxiety, or care. 

Dolonw raloB ofalfiiwr. 
AehtM to tke bcarl yWi ^/^ r«rv. ^<|,,,. 

GoWlad, f. «, (gofal) A carine, a being anxions. 
OoMrwydd, «. m. (gofal) Anxionsoess, anxiety. 
Uoftln, V. «. (gofal) To use care or solicitude ; to 
take care of, to attend, to mind ; to be careful. 

bJSfydd'IITSfSr.'**^'" *^ «««»fy«cbyna, ac o longattl yoladd 

Oofalns, a. (gofal) Careful ; solicitous : anxious. 
Oofa usrwydd, «. ». (jrofalus) Carefulness. 

lu^' *' "•""?'• Rotalwyr (gofid~gwr) A care- 
taker ; one who takes care of. 

Goftn, f. iii.^;il. gofain (goQ A smith. 

Ooftniaeth, t . m. (noftn) Metallurgj- ; the craft 
or trade of a smith. 

Oofcnt,«. ««.-pl. gofaint (gof) A smith. 

Gofer, s. ai. (bar) Wrath, ire, fury, anger. 

gwr ocdd aayarafa mmt ai gaolid ; 
G»r a*Bi nnwetb edtaa goSd gof>r. 

%mtJT^^!iLVt\lSL!^!!^?^ ■•.• fee ,- a man wbo baa caused 
«•• tba paidoa ol attcttoa of wrmik, BU4dfm tmrdd, 

Gofaran, «. (baran) Apt to be forward. 

Diaaaod oi rIM — . 
Diedin- aryr fwyr ro^rma. 

Uadltpeled h bia lb«e. tt» bow «,!• of ibo Anrwrrf b^ron. 

Golardd, «. m.— p|. gofeirdd (bardd) A poetaster 

Er paa fW ElSn ,* ab««rTi^ Mae^a 
Neaa portbc* peprva peU dyf^jrdeddT 

Aad lb* ^atfaifMi aad the baids dtamttiiv * diM« ik* Hka m^> 

A« aid fV ftSrirM r« rrfrrchd. 

••I*, 1^ Bot to ite ptUMtn «a» It iTcdcd. 

PAWi^ Brfdf^d. 

Gofes, a. (bas) Somewhat shallow, or low. 
Gofasw, €. (masw) Somevkhat wanton. 
Gofeswedd, t. m, (gofasw) A degrt^ of levity. 
Gofeddal, c. (meddal) Somewhat soft or tender. 
Gofeddaln, r.«. v gofeddal) To make somewhat 

tender; tocmollify. 
Gofeddw, «. (nieddw) Somewhat inebriated. 
G#feddwi n a. ^gofeddw) To get rather drunk, 
wej, «vA— W- '. «o (meg) The mind ; thought : 

•ill; avectioo. 



HybwfaaM 10 

r? •'TrtoeM fvBr{i 

*«^" ■? »r»rf to tbrr. fwr anirf. 

Gi>^wl,«. (eoleg> Rebting to the will, mental 
Gofepiant, #. m.-pl. goteiliaint (gofel) Solici- 
tude, aaxietr. 

Gofelys, «. (nelys) Somewhat sweet, sweetlsL 
Gofer, s. m,—fL t. oedd (mer) A small current, 
or rivulet; a stream that runs out of a spring. 

A rad y dwfr 

0*r facool ar I fynydd : 

A*r gofcr ffrwd of«r daitb, 

Ya ol i*r ^BDOo dlwalth. 

Will Ibe water ran apward* fron tbe vale : and tbe rtvmiti lack. 
OKlew woold b« tba ■treaai, to Ibc tpHof ania. 

rimk ah Bdm. Prfu 

Goferawl, a. (cofer) Drippling, or pnrling. 

Goferedig, a. (gofer) That is made to dripple. 

Goferedigaeth, s. m.— ^(. t, an (goferedig) A drip- 
pling, or purling. 

Goferedigawl, a. (goferedig) Apt to flow, or pro- 
ceed out; apt to dripple. 

Fob Kair lydd aa o ddwy ffarf ; oalll d cyieSnawl, al fofmdif • 

Erery word la of one of the two foim* ; altbar prlodtife 0i it- 
rtvali9t. Or. JMcrU 

Goferen, «./. dim. (gofer) A rivulet, or brook. 
Goferiad, m. m.— p{. i. au (gofer) Effusion, cf- 

fluxion; emanation. 
Goferini, s. m. (gofer) The brooklime. 
Goferiys, «. m. (gofer— Uys) Common livergreen. 
Goferu, v. a. (gofer) To efinse, to run oot. 


Gwaed fwyr Sacral, fwyni oowydd. 

Before bla tbe blood of Men wuU 

Gofervs «• (berw) Somewhat boiling. 

Goferwad, g. m. (eoferw) A partly boiling, or 
bubbling; a parboiling. 

Goferwi, v. a. (goferw) To boil partly ; to par- 
boil, or to half boil, r jy K-. 

Gofid, s, m.— pj. t. ion (mid) Affliction, troable. 

Gwdl rddlb na goSd. 
Better b deatb tbao aSBctbrn. Adage, 

Gofidiad, t. m.—pl. t. an (gofid) A grieTing, a 
vexing, troubling, or afflicting, 

Gofidiaw, c. a. (gofid) To afflict; to grieTe, to 
wail, to lament ; to be grieved. 

Gofidiawg, a. (gofid) Afflicting, grievous. 

Gofidiawl, a.(gofid) Afflicting, grievous. 

Gofidiwr, s. m.—fL gofidwyr (gofid— gwr) One 
who grieves, or is sorrowful. 

Gofidus, «. (gofid) Grievous, vexatioas ; miser- 
able, wretched, distressed. 

Goflaen, s. ai. (blaen) The foremoet point. 

Myofd b orarArthar iV goSaea, ac eirU iddyat aa Mdyat aio 



Wbal Artbar 

bar dd was to fo to tbe /rm/, aad dedrv of the* Itet 
iM« cooia to bin. rxcept tbey fboaM wc bito to ^jwer . 

Or. mk Artkm. 

Dodaffv ffon 

Ar iaca'ci fo<aea bl | o ya n » . 

I «ili»««BTMicboaibrpoiaiorite<atfaadH wQIfUl 


Goflaenu, r. a. (goflaen) To set foremoet. 

Goflawd, ». m. (blawd) That is parUy meal; tbe 
mill dust; meal over and above in baking. 

G<^ew, ». pi. aggr, (blew) Down, or soft hair. 

Goflewawe, a. (goflew) Pappoos, in botanv. 

Goflewiach, t. pi. «^gr. («oflew) Down h^r. 

Goflio, a. (bUn) Somewhat tiresome, or pninlnl. 

Goflinaw, r. m. (goflin) To tire a little; to be- 
come rather tired. 

Goflodi, r. a. (goflawd) To make partly meal ; to 
sprinkle meal, or floor; to dredge. 

Gododiad, s. m. (goflawd) A sprinkling of meal. 

Goflodiaw, r. a. (goflawd S To auike partlv meal ; 
to sprinkle meal; to dredce. 

Goflodydd, s, w.— p/. i. ioQ (goflawd) A dredger. 

GodwchyS. m.— p*. goflychau vblwch) A small box. 


G«fod, «. «u-lrf. t. an (nod) Spact. Gt^im- 
if/H tile tspmot of one day. 





i! U, P.itteh, hnmtk Gr. c» Cfmm. 

Wvd initli 

ITtliiriililln tnkhntif ofed. 

fr« vftk ftf boo^r mJ lit «HiM»«*«g y ^ggj;^ 

Gotfbes, M./.'-fL L an (moes) CerenKmiooflDeaa. 
GofMiawf y «. (gofoes) Somewhat polite. 
Gofoettwl, «. (gofoes) Ceremonioiu. 
Gofoagar, «. (eofoei) Apt to be ceremonioBB. 
Gofram, «. flik<-pl. e. aa (bnm) A feUt; a Jeer. 

, ,, ft ctmir, w anyB ai IM r* •"Mai «i 

.Owj rtowTr wrth yw dd,* g ofrMt » roddfA Iddo, 
lys* y cfdwial %1 lyw^ nywii diofl. 

"hitodaonKHU B«Md)rrM Mrtmof XMCSMd he 
■I of rUicale to tto dcrU viM «nik«l kim toliafiMt. 

GoftifliawK o. (gofram) Feisting ; jeeriof • 
Golnmuy «• «. (gofiam) To feUt; to jeer. 

Oaiyr yanrwn !*■ goflTMBii. 
II«aciiflittMlli«gatff*iMrM. H.afttffWfC 

Gofrn, V. (bras) Somewhat coarse ; meaOy base. 
Qdng, «. wu (breg) FroUck, or gambol. 
Gofrepddy a. ai. (gofreg) FroUckiomeneas. 
GoftegaayC. (gofreg) FroUcksome; fickle. 
Go6i, s. fli.--ipl. «. OD (bri) Attribate; glory. 

Blnaicl taw, nM elMi 

70 OOF 

Oofrydiiy a. a. (goftyd) To porpota, to Intend. 
Gofryo, i. m*-^ I. iaa (brya) A hlUoek. 
Gofrya, «. ». (brys) Some degree of baste. 
Oofrysiad, s. ai. (gofrys) A hastening a little. 
Gofrysiaw, e. a. (gofrys) To make some haste. 
Gohyslawl, a, f gofVys) Somewhat haitjr* 
Gofbdry a. (bnar) Somewhat dirty, or fool. 
Gofadredd, «. m. (goindr) Sqnalidness, foulness. 
Gofhly a. (mnl) Somewhat bashihl ; diffident. 
Gofoldra, «. m. (gofiil) Diffidence, modesty. 
Gofhoad. t. /--^L gofnnaid (mnnad) A resigna- 
tion or the wiu; a solemn vow; a wish. 

Ovini qrdfcM, falia coadfL 

She ta the dnir* of Ika hoaadi of aceordant aolc, the foe of the 
dffforihairaod. J>. aft OvUirfli. i r«<M«** 

Gofaoaw, e. a. (manaw) To make a solemn en- 
gagement, to tow; to wish. 

Ooftined, s. /.--pL I. an (mnned) A vow ; a pro- 
mise, or engagement ; a petition. HAsddi go- 
yiaMii, to make a tow. 

Gofnnedawl, a. (gofnned) 1>efoted; devout. 

Gofhnediad, 9, at. (goAined) A making a soltano 
engagensent; avowing; avoUtion. 

Gofnnedig, a. (gofnned) Devoted; consecrated. 

Goftinedn, e. a. (gofbned) To make a vow; to 

» _ . tteflarir oTikcvar: what I pradlet nrcly «IU 
to PM GTCMldidd-A wetfttn la the kaad of BeU. 

Vm 4n dragavedd aaaredd ofrf, 

Vm &m dalr 


Oae of iaOaite BMnqr. vhoae # tery !■ loo great for rifbli oae 

■d, s. fli. (gofrl) An attribution, 
aw, V. a. (gofri) To endow with 

O^rfnaw, V. a. Xgo^'O '^^ endow with an attri- 

bate, or peculiar preeminence. 
Gelnawl, a. (gofrl) Conferring dignity, 
fiflfian, s./.-^. t. ydd (bron) A aently rislna hiO. 
G«frwnt, a. (brvrnt) Somewhat dirty, or filuiy. 

OoCrwBi y rhoei y inrf^>tt'^ 
0» a dfs I'r gelya failh. 

K Iftw eoadKii dw chattela aad tta Mr to the eoea 

— jrf. f . oedd (brwy) What pervades 


~' Uaav Bed ffofrwy. 


Gofrwy, «. as. 

Gad iwamiialhaNiaTrni fron ft SDOdof iridaKprMdHiv. 

I edryd fV Ucdfrfd al llad ofrvi; 
I adrfd llr«y IHw toa dytaa. 



8odlto0f«*atllarMM>K!»: to . 
a wave. /lf.e*OiB««. 


Gofrwyd, a. as.— pi. <. an (brwyd) An intricacy, 
BMxe, or quirk. 

Iftm i * glladd ya 7 arwywd, a dJaagc rhaff foAnnrd 7 ffyfMth. 

Sot lie ««B killed ia the naahble, sad See for feer of the qetrk 
ar& tev. H- «* '»• •* ae6<v«. 

G^rwysg, a. (brwysg) Half drunk, maudlin. 
Gufi w yagn w, a. a. (gofrwyag) To get half drunk. 
G efi w ya g n wl, c (fofrwyag) Somewhat inebriat- 
ing, ar intoxieattng. 
Geffrwjagiad, a. m. (gofrwyag) A partly intoalcat- 


Gofryil, a. ak (bryd) Deflin, nurpoae, intention. 

Ofm gam tfirjfd^ a man of bad intention. 
Gofrydawl, a. (gofryd) Designablei intentional. 

Gofnnedus, a. (goAined) Devoted; consecrated. 

Golunedwr, a. m.— pi. gofnnedwyr (gofoned— 
gwr) A devotee. 

Gofnrthiach, «. «. (burtbladi) A slight skirmish- 
ing or bickering, a. Bickering. 

Trllai Ylfheh fwiyd getelMach. 
OjUhdi iroaU picree Uektrhtg aaaheod. TMr$lm, 

Gofwr, a. m.-^ gofyrau (bwr) A mound. 

Ya aaiwya Gwcayitmd f iwclld foArr. 
Ia Che defeoee of Gwcajilrad there wae leaa a mi 

Goiwy, a. m.— pi. t. ion (mwy) A visit; an Inter- 
course; a sending good or evil. 
Qofwy, a. a. (mwy) To visit, to go to see. 

Tra wvf yai fofwy t9hl 
Aa a* teg Tadavd. 


wUi 9Mi MuaftOT the air MM of 
dradrffiwak fciflaOwafa. 

Goiwyad, a. m.— pi. «. an (gofwv) A visitation. 
Gofwyaeth, a. ai.— pi I. an (goiwy) Viaitation. 

Gofwyaw, a. a. (gofwy ) To visit ; to keep up In- 
tercourse ; to send good or evil. 

Otrae a gawdd r«MML 
Gwie na ddyddan f cIcMoa; 
A chareharorioo ait goftvya. 

Wee to Uai that ihall dirtfCM the iaaeceat: woe to Ua that 
ehaU aol ceaOort the ack oun; aad who del* aotvMf prtMoert. 

m^tk JIVMSsafasiiK 

GofWyawg, a. (gofWy) Having visits. 

GofwyawL a. (gofwy) Visiting, relating to visits. 

Gofwyedig, a. {gofmy) Visited. GtfiojftHgUm^ 
those that are visited. 

Gofwyedipieth, a. m,-^, i. an (gofwyedig) A 
visitation, or the act of visiting. 

Gofychan, a. (bychan) Smallish, rather little. 

Goiychann, a. a. (gofychan) To make somewhat 
little ; to disparage. 

Gofydd, a. m.--pl* '• ^^ (oMd) An artist. 

Gofyddar, a. (byddar) Deafiih, dull of hearing. 

Goiyddeb, b,/.-^. t. an (gofydd) Acanon; that 
is scientific; a connection, or correspondence. 
CffMraeh a g^ddefr, affinity and correspon- 
dence. • 

O hydd Miawd arwvdaMtod y^nMaa ya f r Ttgnthrr Un^n 

grrtfyr Lea; yao Aali y« ocHnr tyawyr andean tnti, ya el aa- 
y gelrlaa. 

G O F 80 

SkMiid ik« %p|»io|irlBle ilfntfleaUoa of the wordt In the Hoi? 
ScHptare be in<:ompilible, whether with the doelrifu of the faiiK 
•r «ith the cxpllcft ttM^ of the Holy Scriptare, then It !• neee»- 


^ , . . . Scnpwre, 

- ^J**^J^' *<»"' oucr SCUM ud mesninr accordin 
propcrtlet of the worda. 

to th 

I ■ - T 


rdinr to the 

Gofyddebaw], a. (gofyddeb) Scientific ; canonical 
Goijddiad. ». m. — pi, t, an (gofydd) A rendering 

•deotific, correspondent, or regular. 
Gofydda, v. a. (gofydd) To render scientific. 
Gofyddna, a. (gofydd) Canonical ; accordant. 

B^jjd i ddttnircb fod j» ayswynwl, mc yn ofrddu, I nel ci 
-'■— "-^ yn hylwydd. " 

It ta rcqaWte (hat a prorerb ahoold be ntional, and •pplieahU, 
•o ae t* be aatfy reoocttlMd. H.PtrH, 

Gofyged, J. /.— /rf. *. an (myged) What contri- 
botes to dignity, or to honour, a. Dignified. 

ab«Q Kymmrawdd, Gymmry ofyyed. 

CoBiTenrible like ab«n, the f tory of the Welab. 

U. PVMoeht » «y» Gryg, 

Nend wy al fofw 1 1 nedd cofyKed, 
GeCaloa dloii aefwyd RhefedT 

SkaM tkty doI ^Wt Mb t are not the tfliletlona of the amiM die- 
«(^«d on the hearth of Rhefed ! Cpnddtlw, i O. mb MadawK. 

Gof^gedigawl, a. (gofyged) Tending to honour.' 
Gofygeda, v. a. (gofyged) To render dignified. . 
Gofyn, s. m,-^. t. ion (nyii) A demand, a ques- 
tion ; a petition, or request. Heb ofyn, M 
ghnmA^ without asking, and without leave. 

Trl phrif ofynlon Daw : carlad, cyflawoder, ac ufyddnlawd. 
The ftarae prioMry rejwlrt/fent of God ; love, equity, tod obedi- 

Gofyn, «. a. (myn) To ask, or to enquire. 

Gododia. ffo^aarfi*ili blefyd, 
Y'oi^wydd caalyn arial yr eaoyd ! 

Godedla* on thy behalf / wUt mouire. In the preiencc of a 
handred atchlerlnr berok deadi would thou not be aera ! 


Gofynadwy,a. (gofyn) That may be asked, or de- 
manded, reqnirable. 

Gofynag, f . /.--pZ. gofynegion (gofyn) Desire; 
affiance; confidence, trust. , 

U a oaodea d obalth al ofyaar 1* Drbyaaorthwy Dow. 

He placed bis hope and bit ctmfUUwee in the aaiHUnce of God. 


Gofynaig, #. /.--pU gofyneigton (gofyn) A re- 
quest; a desire. 

A Gwladaa wcddoa wyl febia fab-wrairt 
Gofynair y fwfiin, 
Arbeoaf oriirnsld ryfrln: 
Mi al aiawl 1 aKiyn eltUn. 

A«4 r«rth« haodeoMe G«|adaa the basbfal nyaipb and benny 
frtnto, ite dttir^ of the thfonf , I will otter the priratc alrh : I 
vnifrtfl her vlCh (he 

•r>mao, life dtttr^ of the thronv, I will otter the' pnratc alrh ; 

yellow btoeeon of the lone. 

U. ab Owmtn Gmynedd, 

C«la«l^«<->M rf ofynaiff driif Gwyndedydd ; 
0«r a roddai (ad cyn dylla y dydd. 

M* 1« «ji* d^tirf of iMilnna, the drafon of the men of North 
M »tra ; a mvt (hat wcraid ftv« b«ttic before the darkenlnj of the 
d«r MeUfr. 

Cofynawf , a. (gofyn) That is asked, questioned, 

or inquired aboat. 
Gofynawl, a, Tgofyn) loqoisitire, asking. 

O *fjK4 ruii cofyaawl 
P»y fx'vmt Syn. 

ff *jry It^Aj «4.>*a*d W iH/iHUiti94 who roaipoaed thia. 

Sftttl Siantyn. 

€io(yn^Mf^ «. ^e«fyn) That is asked ; questioned 
Ci<<yn«9diga^(h, s. m. — p/. t. an (gofynedig) The 

a/'t of aiakifig; <'fiqtiiry ; inquisition. 
0'/f^fiHiga%»f, <. ^gofynedig; Inquisitorial. 
Oofroiad, «. M.- -pr I. au (gofyn) Theactof ask- 

iiijr; a qii4;»U//n ; a demand. 
Cofw/fi//d, f. «•, - f/. I, ao ^ gofyn— nod) Note of 

t^'^juy44, t, m. — 14. t, an (ffo — mynydd) A 

•tz/M;, a M4ff of a bill. Vr oedd yr hen ffordd 

sr kfi f g^f^fdd 4ura, th^ old road was along 

tU$k iAJ^. thifrd. 

Gofyr, 4. (byr) Somewhat short ; cnrtailed. 

Gofyrawl, a. (gofyr) Abbreviatite. 

Gofyriad, s. m.-pZ. u an (gofyr) A cnrUiliDg. 

Gofyru, ». a. (gofyr) To curtail, to abbreviate. 

Goftrsiad, s. m. (bysiad) A fingering slightiv. 

Gofysiaw, r. a. (bysiaw) To finger gently. 

Go^rsiawl, a. (bysiawl) Slightly fingering. 

Gofysiedig, a. (bysiedig) That is slightly fingered 

Gofysiwr, s. m.—pX, gofyswyr (bysiwr) One who 
fingers gently. 

GoflTaig, s. m — pk, gofiTeigiau (flaig) What Is ame- 
what embarrassing. 

Goffeigfad, a. m.^^. #. au (goffaig)' A nikiBg it- 
ther puszllng. 

Goffeigiaw, r. a. (gofiaig) To embarrtn sUghtly. 

Goffeigiawl, a. (goffaig) Somewhat embarnsoBg. 

Goffelai^, a. (ffelaig) Of a preceptive, or com- 
manding nature. 

Gwall fwall fo arfoll ar Cynon ; 

'* T** •'«?!» of f»olt8 to recdte Cynon; irdckt iod donWt 
anient la the hy^iKommaindimg leader frow Soovdoo of T*rl<t[ii 
^ n<l>^ Meigmmt, m. Crnd4fln. 

Goffol, V. a. (ffol) Somewhat silly, or shnple. 

Nid bawdd idlawd ffawd a*i pben coifbl 
Hitfyr»ffaffhielhlrwen. * 

* !}}\ °°* **'7 'o*' the Indigent to proiper In trylef ta vmn ^ 
tail fair one with her giddf head. iT eA Qtilfm. 

Goffoledd, ». m. (goffol) A degree of Billing 
Goffoli, I?, a. (goffol) To condemn as silly. 
Goffreuad, s. m. (ffreuad) A small efiVuion. 
Goffrenaw, «. n. (ffreuaw) To effuse a littie. 
Goffreuawl, o. (ffreuawl) Somewhat effusive. 
Goffrom, a. (ffrom) Somewhat pert, or stiff. 
Goffromawl, a. (goffrom) Tending to be pertijii. 
Goffromiad, s, m. (goffrom) A pertly acting. 
Goffrost, s. TO. (ffrost) Somewhat of a boast. 
Goffrostiad, s< m. (goffrost) A swaggering pirtij. 
Goffrostiaw, r. a. (goffrost) To swagger a Utile. 
Goffrostiawl, a. ^goffrost) Somewhat svraggerinr. 
Goffrwd, s./.— pi. goffrydiau (ffrwd) A streamlet 
Goffrydiad, *. m.^-pt, t. ao (goffrwd) A flowing 

in small streams. 
Goffrydiaw, ©. a. (goffrwd) To flow gently. 

Nl wybOan dy«eirydd 
Am oifrydiaw aweaydd. 

r had not known thy equal for efuginf of the •enr* 

Parek. EtM» fin>'> 

Goffrydiawl, a. (goffrwd) Effusive, gently flowioc 
Gog, s. m,—-pL t, ion (og) Abundance, pleoty. 
Gogaled, a. (caled) Somewhat hard, or scTere. 
Gogaledawl, a. (gogaled) Of a hard tendency. 
Gogalediad, s, m. (gogaled) A making somewlut 

hf^rd or obdurate. 
Gogaledu, o. a, (gogaled) To render somewbit 

hard, or obdurate. 
GogalU a. (call) Somewhat discreet, or pradeat 
Gogalledd, s. m. (gogall) Half diseretioD. 
Gogallu, o. n. (gogall) To become half-witted. 
Gogaro, a. (cam) Somewhat crooked, or beat 
Gogaraawl, a. (gogam) Of a bending tendency. 
Gogamawl, a. (gogam) A little bending. 
Gogamiad, a. m. (gogam) A bending a little. 
Gogamp, »./. — ji, t, an (camp) An inferior ft»^ 

or game. V gogampau, the minor games. 

Un o'r pedAlr jroramp yw cyweirlaw lelya. 
One of the four inferior rame$ ia the timina of Ike htrp. 

Gogampns, a. (gogamp) Somewhat clever. 
Go<;amu, v, a, (gogam) To bend a little. 




Gogam, •• /•— pt* <• ton (can) An anibi^oos song;; 
a proage, or proplMcy; a satire ; a lampoon. 

WI! A WoMdydil «^o ! Mtwr tndrMU goffftn 
A I ' ■ 


I ftwfnl tte pnmtMA IHaoT tb« mrweU, mm! 
of tfae'anki of the circle. C$fiti JfynMa. 

Gogaaair, a. m.— pi. goganeirian (gogan-^gair) 

An eqai^oeal word ; slander. 
Oogaaavl, a. (gogan) Satirical, detracting. 
Gogandryll, a. (candryll) Somewhat shattered. 
Go^DddTv, a. ai«— ^/. f. ion (gogan— d^pn) A 

tedered person. 
Gogaaeerdii) a./. — pi. #. i (gogan— «erdd) A aat- 

irim sQfq^y a satire ; a lampoon ; an iCTectlTe. 
Gflgniady a. »•— ^1. 1, an (gogan) EqnlTOcation. 
Gsiana, «. ■. (gogan) To speak ambignonsly ; to 

presage ; to satiriae; to lampoon, to duparage. 



A ofSno a oienif • 
lie tkftt tUpmr«iita will be dUpmragtd, 
Nl fkirRlr tim ogmer. 
It vQl Dol be BifBlScd Ikst li ili^miaf «4. ititof «. 

Gflfanna, a. (gogan) Satirical ; slanderons. 
Gs^waith^ a. ai. (gogan — ^gwaitb) The act of 
detracting, or finding faalt. 

Bin gvnwrtilh, 
A'b cvfhryflwallb, 
Ahi c]lfnrMdM« 

aWrMiInt m»d o«r caoniDg worfe, aail ov eoale»> 

Gapnwnwd, 9* ai. (gogan— gwnwd) EqniYoeal 

praiae; irany. 
GsfEarth, a. au — pi. t, ion (earth) That has a 

dcaautng quality. JPridd gogarthy faUer's 

GsgartfcaiH, «• (gogarth) Parifying, purgative. 
Guptftkiady a. ak (gogartb) A porffying. 
GagsrtlUy v. a. (gogaith) To poiify ; to purge* 
G^as, a. (cm) Somewhat odious, or hateful. 
G«gasedd, a. at. (gogas) A degree of liatred. 
Gsiawn,^. as. (cawn) Capability ; energy; full* 

aesB, plenitode. a. Capable; plenary. 
G<^pnr9, •• «. (eawn) To endue with power ; to 

render plennry. 

ET foS*^ni Klfc canvawn edabld. 
TItt fwiaet of eoaflet wilJfiw «a«f)ry *<> Oie ttlMtrek. 

gogorton (gog) Crop; food for 

fv yd «cdl 7 cyebw7«er o Itr y tir y tyfotrne, t ff««ir 
■Idh i kroqrcb, s 1^ ly. 

By n^p i« ImpBrd con, vhen It l« moTed off the landf dry kayi 
II him, ^b' (batch of a booie. IF#1«« lavs* 

G«ge], c (eel) Somewhat concealed, or hidden. 
Gogelaiwg, a. (gogel) Apt to shun, or avoid. 

MS •shvr iM»ctovir> Wd esehMTK Ueldr, 
TVymd ffvrtlfp folndawfr : 
eyiunt bkUdVinU dlawg . 

a. lei • lUef be «cslUiv' Je< (be 
ed ; a lasy abepherd 1* Ibe woira 

GsgawT, a. « 
ealde, fodder 

Ltf» kfllflM be 
■Ml «r Hw wealiby be 

GogeUad^ s. M.—pL f. an (gogel) A shunning. 
Gogeirwydd, a. m. (gogel) Wariness ; shyness. 
G«^eln, r. a. (gogel) To eschew, to avoid ; also 
to shelter, to cover over, to protect. 

Sclyf dianwyd oraaf Gwysyr, 
Gogcled »*1 cawdd, calon eryr. 

S«ir*, wtKk tbe heart «r an ca«1et daantleas at the pott of Owy- 


Xjr, iet whoever iiwalt* bin htmmrt, O. dtftUlmmg 

GogelHs,a. (gogel) Apt to shun; very careful. 
Gogelyd, «. a. (gogd) To shun, to eschew. 

V gladd, araU ar f race, 
GegeM pawb d eialoca : 
Oaft GTttdftreyaimod aid 

A hdid om a tmm d , aaoUwr oa across let every one tmkr tart 

for hh life: wltb Cyodav there !• ao rcrondllatteu. 

Oogellwair, t. ta. (cellwair) A half yoke. 

OogeUweiriad, a. m. (gogellwair) A joking part- 
ly ; an acting jocularly. 

Gogellweiriaw, v. a. (gogellwair) To joke partly. 

Gogellweirus, a. (gogellwair) A little jocose. 

Gogerdd, •^f.—fi. L an (cerdd) A burlesque. 

Oogerddawl, a. (gogerdd) Burlesque, IndicrouK. 

Gogerdded, #• m. (cerdded) A gentle idle pace. 

Oogerdded, o. a. (ceidded) To walk gently. 

Oogerddediad, a. m.— p/. U au (gogerdded) A 
walking gently. 

Gogern,a. ">•— ^ <• an (cem) Partly a side po- 
sition of the race; a leer. 

Gogemiad, a. ai. (gogera) A leering tarn. 

Gogerno, v. a. (gogern) To half turn the fiice. 

Gogerth, a. (certh) Somewhat imminent 

Gogerthawl, a. (gogerth) Tending to impend. 

Gogerthu, a. a. (gogerth) To make rather immi- 
nent ; to become somewhat impending. 

Gogerydd, a. m. (cerydd) Slight chastisement. 

Gogeryddn, «. a. (gogerydd> To chastise gently. 

Gogest, a,/,'-pL i, an (cest; A small paunch. 

Gogestu, «. 0. (gogest) To gorge a little. 

Gogethin, a. (cethln) Somewhat uglv. 

Gogethtnaw, o. a. (gogethin) To make rather nn- 
sightly ; to become ugly. 

^^ogi, a. a. (gog) To dmke, to agitate, to quake. 

6«a«d«MnU • ogon % ogtf~ 

Ac erdlt a refoo a rlfaf* 

Rhyfeddawr ya erihmdd % aaw cant (orwydd, 

Cya eymaa Caaeddaf. n 

Bank ofpralaa that ahaU exalt theaaelvce, / m4U egUmie ; ud 
othen that Bball entarn, i will reckon wonderfb), raialnf a ta- 
■nlt with Bine hnndred ileeda before coataiaaloB »ilh Caaeddaf. 


Gogiad, a. m.—fL U au (gog) An agitating. 
Gogigawg, a. (cigawg) Somewhat fleshy. 
Gogil, s. m. (cil) A small decline, or recession. 


Ar ofU beoo ofawn : 
Dlwedd lioer &1 y dydd liawn. 

A noon on the wmt tliie nifbt was fall: the end of the moon is 
like the complete day. U. mh awUym, 

Cogiliad, a. nL—pl. I. au (gogil) A light retreat- 
ing, or recession. 

Gogiliaw, e. a. (gogil) To recede slightly. 

Gogis, a. m.— pi. t. ion (cis) A slight flap. 

Gogladd, a. m. (cladd) A burying, a depoaiting 
in, a penetrating into. 

Gogtaddawl, u. (g<^add) Tending to hnry. 

GogladdiadfS. at.— p2. e. au (gogladd) Inhumation 

Gogladdu, o. a. (gogladd) To inhnmate^ to bury, 
to trench up the ground. 

Goglaiar, 4. (daiar) Temperately warm. 

Goglaiaru, «. a. (goglaiar) To make lukewarm. 

Goghiis, «. m,-^. gogleisian (dais) A faint stain, 
mark, or impression ; a tickling. 

Goglawd, s. m. (dawd) A mnrmur, a bom. 

GoglawddjS. at.— pi. gogloddtau(clawdd) A small 
trench, or embankment. 

Gogledd, s. m. (clcdd) A state of inaction; the 
north. Gogledd' ddteyram^ north east ; gog/edd- 
ddwyreiaiaial, north easterly; gogledd'ddmy' 
ninwynty north-east wind; gogUdd^ogUdd- 
ddwifrain^ north-north-east ; gogUdd-ogledd' 
orl/nrta, north-north west; gogledd-orlieiota, 
north-west; gogledd-orUewinatclf north-west- 

Tnry fodd Dow 

RMaawf farchaw|r nedd 
Hwyr dy of ledd. 

j By the will of God, BlpUaian Itnlf bt of nead. may it be long 

I before thy period ofrrsU Tmlittim. 

Vol. II. 


Go0eddawl, «. (gttgledd) Northern, northerly. 
Gogleddiad, •.«. (gogledd) A Yeeriog northward 
Gogleddig, a. (gogledd) Northern, northerly. 
Coglcddn, p. a . (gogledd) To veer northward. 
Gogleddwawr, $. /. (gogledd— gwawr) Aurora 

borealU, or northern lights. 
Gogleddwynt, «. nu-^pl L oedd (gogledd— gwynt) 

North wind. 
Oogleddwr,!. m,~pL gogledd wyr (gogledd— gwr) 

A man of the north ; a Norman. 


A jrr ffofleddwrro'n fvlad. 

A hMt wMch ktell drive tfommu froa Mr cMQlrr. 

P. Uwfd G^rkch. 

Goglebiad, «. m.— pi. t, an (goglab) A making a 

faint impreition ; a tickling. 
Oo0tUbmy V, a. (goriais) To touch, or strike 

li«litly; to tickle. 


Ml lyfaaal Salt ei oflcMftw. 

Ufwriya, « tutoo wmild not dsie to f iwcA Ma. 

Or. mi ft Ymmd Otek. 

CflgleiaiawU «. (goglais) Apt to touch, or tickle. 

Oof leisiwr, f. m,—pl, goglelswyr (goglais — gwr) 
A tickler, one wno gently touches. 

Oogioddiad, s, m.— pi. t, an (goglawdd) An em- 
banking ; an entrenchment. 

Gogloddiaw, r. a. (goglawdd) To embank. 

0«na aorgyBBJawdd •! fOffaiwdd gi»n, 
TW raff* «r the im taaiall, Ifce ihore rf0<A clwe io. CyndtfWv. 

GogkHldiawl, a. (goglawdd) Having a tendency 

to trench, or throw up the ground. 
Gogloff, a. (cloff) Somewhat limping, or lame. 

Rwyddfw fwlad fjr heddywrloff; 
A n« dyii Mlh yii llaw dlnwl. 

A cwydd ef Iwf t tydd or li 
A pbob cyfnttb HflUthUiwI, ' 

All Hibllr oflIrM are lane tbit day, and the oflea of the charch 
to ratkfr llmpitig/ aod every salatary law, and the oath of man, 
arr f one Into Ihe devtlU hand. lor. Pynglwyd. 

Gogloffi, V. o. (gogloff) To cause to limp ; to be- 
come limping ; to limp. 

Gogloffiad, s. m. (goglon) A causing to go limp- 
ingly; a limping. 

CKigliid, f. m. (clud) Dependence, trust, confi- 
uenee, affiance. 

Goglad, «. a. (clod) To adhere, to depend ; to 
con tide. 

Ooflad a onif Cal yn nbren o*r glwiewalr. 

What Chi did «•• le («f A«M la • billet oat of I he pile. 

H, Oeniml—Mabiiugiom 

G/>glodflwl, «• (gogtud) Adherent, dependent. 
Ott%tyur, §. m,^fl, I. on (dysor) A small mo- 

liofi, Impulse, Of notiire. 
Goftjrw, $» m, (chrw) Ao over-bearing ; a bearing 
iU9f\ym9df t. «« (goglyw) To overbear ; to bear. 

A in fflew irorhlywlr I |tod | 
O fyrlMd f«»dd4»Ur. 

Ne tUf to l^rave, hie Imm «HI/ Ae A«er4 
he i»IM ««• eefVWd. 

rrem a little 

(iogly wtant, t, m, (n^y^) An over-bearing. 
Oogri^w, «. m« ^ognaw) Activity, or ertness. a. 
Arilvf, or full of motion. 

f 'araaaMrl «taiwi 

Mtt i'fHMfUm rUtd arllaw, 

f«M ya«d rfd Mynad o hoiiaw. 

t ^*9,m*0\hMmmt» «rHh ^r^/<M«^ Iha •*« of CroddylaB of la- 
l^fMi ^lM/, W mW a j«df«, tIfiwKh be weald wM to br. 

m fdMllal red 

yn Mf eH Miryd wryd offaaw. 

r«f» ft*tHff1 lf%mtm mt,u\A tn* fell In the life o^ "IrH of wn 

U*tgtfmil, n, Tgnawd) Usual, or customary. 
iiirfiM^nd, s. fw. p/. I. au (rntfa<l) A slightly 
guaiviiig, 09 Milng. 

82 OOG 

Gognoawl, a. (cnoawl) Slightly gnawing. 
Gognoi, V. a. (cnoi) To gnaw, or bite slightly, 
Gogoch, a. (coch) Somewhat red, reddish. 
Gogochi, «. d. (gogoch) To give a red tinge. 
Gogof, s. f.^pl, u an (ogoQ A cave, a cavern. 

A fwadvfweled oVcawri hwyvl yn dangjktnuu yr yayi. fe ■ 
oninut rr fof oira ac rr myoyddocdd. »»-•-• 

«. ^"^ 5l*f ** **>« ^*B^ ^** "^^ ^^i" rarroandliic the Uaad, ihey 
fled Into the eavet, and Into the Boantaiaa. Or. «» ilrfhar. 

Gogofawg, a. (gogof) Cavernous; full of caves. 
Gogofawl, a. (gogof) Like a cavern. 
Gogofiad, «. m. Tcofiad) A partly remembering. 
Gogofiaw, V. a. (cofiaw) To call to mind. 
Gogolofn, $.f.-^pl, I. au (colofn) A secondary co- 
lumn ; a secondary article. 

Y ffogolflfaaa. aef o htatjnt y mae pynitfier. ac a ctwir s^a m 

yr adiawiaid f olofnaa. 

Of the inia«r eoUmg there are flfteen, and an called by naettc 
■ecoodary colooa. JfarddM ; 

Gogonawl, a. (conawl) Glorious, exalted. 
Gogoned, s. m. (coned) That is exalted, a. Glo* 

Tra da af wedd; trl difolt, 
Af on Daw fogoocd oil. 

A moM poodly forni ; three altboat a Mllnf, and one God illv- 
gether glorious. i)r. S. Oal. 

Gogonedd, a. m.— pi. i. au (conedd) Glory. 
Gogoneddawg, a, (gogonedd) Illustrious, gloriiras 
Gogoneddawl, a. (gogonedd) Glorious, iUnstriou 
Gogoneddiad, $.m.^pL t, au (gogonedd) dorili- 

cation, a rendering illnstrioos. 
Gogoneddrwydd, s. m. (gogonedd) Glorioosaess. 
Gogonedd n, v. a. (gogonedd) To glorify ; to enh 
Gogoneddtis, a. (gogonedd) Glorious, ill nstrioii& 
Gogoneddosrwydd, s. m. (gogoneddus) Glorluvs- 

ness; splendour; magnificence. 
Gogoni, V. a. (coni) To make Illustrious, or glori- 
ous ; to glorify ; to assume consequence. 
Gogoniad, «. m. (conlad) A glorification. 
Gogoniaeth, s, m.-^L t. au (coniaeth) A making 

exalted: glorification. 
Gogoniannawl, a. (gogoniant) Glorious. 
Gogoniannn, r. a. (gogoniantWo glorify* 
Gogoniannus, a. (gogoniant) Illustrious. 
Gogoniannusrwydd, s. m. (gogoniannus) Gkm- 

Gogoniant, «. m.— p{. gogonlannau (coniaot) An 
exalted state ; glory. 

Gogorawl, a. (gogawr) Of the nature of fodder. 

Gogordy, #. m.—pl. t, au (gogawr— ty) A fodder- 
ing house. 

Gogorfa, s. /.—pi. I. oedd (gogawr— ma) Liveiy- 

Gogoriad, a. m. (gogawr) A foddering. 

Gogoriaw, v. a. (gogawr) To supply iMk jasCa- 
nance; to fodder. 

Gogoriawg, a. (gogawr) Having fodder, 

Oof ortawf , forlaaawf gorlaaar. 

AbMmdimg wUh ftddor, meat verdant the enaawllad Mat. 


Gogoriawl, a. (gogawr) Relating to fodder. 

Gogr, t. m.—pL t. au (gog) A sieve, a aierce. 
Gogr 6r<w, coarse sieve ; gogr uum, fine sieve; 
gogr deUt^ a sieve made of split wood ; gogr 
rhawn^ hair sieve ; gogr ndan, silk sieve ; gogr 
rhwyUj gogr rhmoch, gogr dwUdi^ coarie sieves, 
BO called, made of wooden lattice work ; gogr 
diraeanUf a cribble. 

Myned a rogr I'r afon. 
To go with a iiewe to fetch water. A4mg*» 

Gograid, s. «i. — pi, gogreidiau (gogr) Sieve-fnIL 
Gogravrg, a. (gogr) Having a sieve, or alcfve. 


Gofrawl, «. (gon) K^tlog to rffttag. 

OoiriBy «. (ciin) SoBaeivInC brittle, or dry. 

Gogriioiw, V. «• (gogrlo) To beeone tomewlmt 
ertm. or brittle. 

Oogriomrl, «. (gogrin) Apt to be rather brittte. 

G«frisbis, «. (crisbin) Somewhat crinkled. 

Gooisbiniaw, v. a. (gogrisbin) To render some- 
what ciiaUed. 

Gegrma, «. (crwm) Somewhat bent, or hnnchy. 

Gofrwr, #. wL—pL fOgrwyr (gojr— gwr) A df- 
ttTf or one who ilneth. 

Gouwralu./.— fl. gogrwreigedd (gogi^-gwralg) 
Aftonle rifter. 

Gogrwydr, «. iik (erwydr) A laanter, a ramble. 

< igi w jdia w , o. 0. (gogrwydr) To tannter about. 

Gcgrwydiswi, m, (gognvydr) Sanitering. 

Gigrwydited, a.aJ-^. I. an (gogrwydr) Aiaon- 


G«iry3» «• (erydi) Somewhat coried, or nmgh. 
6«giyctewl, «. (gogrydi) Apt to cart a little. 
Gigrycldad, •• m.—pL i. aa (gogrycb) A oorling 

Gflgtydim, v. «. (gogryeh) To carl a little. 
Go^yddy a. ai.-^ I. loo (gogr) A lifter. 
Gopyddca, «-/--f<- ^ aa (gogrydd) A sifter. 
Gspyi; «• (enrf) SomewhaVitrong, or potent. 
Gigiyg, «. (cryg) .Homewhat hoarse, or roogh. 
Gogfyga, m. a. (gogryg) To make somewhat 

hsaiae; to become a little hoarse. 
Go^yiS aua. (gogr) To sift, to sierce, to bolt 
Gigrynedlg, a. (gogryn) Sifted, or bolted. 
Gflgryniad, «. m. (gogryn) A rifting, a bolting. 
G«gry9iedydd,s. ai.— pl.t.ion(gogryniad) Sitter. 
Gogiyno, a. c (gogryn) To rift, to sierce; to 

Mt; or to range meal. 

GagryWwr, a. 8i.~pl. gogrynwyr (gogryn— gwr) 

A siller, or siercer. 
Gsgrynydd, a. m.—pL f . ion (gogryn) A sifter. 
Gogndd, ■. (cndd) Somewhat obscore, or dark. 
Gogaddiad, a. m.— pi. I. aa (gogndd) A partly 

Gs^diBw, r. a. (gogndd) To hide partly. 
~ ~ ~ a. (gogndd) Apt to be scnlking. 

-pi. t. ion (ens) A dalliance 

Gegasa, «. a. (gogns^ To folMw pastime ; to trifle, 
to daDy, to act lamcrooriy. 


■ vMila fttteMpC fa Ifi^, «Mcpt of thy 

_„._ jthere 

r, «. a. (gofgns) To trifle, to daUv. 
. a. (gogos) Apt to trifle, or dally.,adaUying. 
Qsiwrf, a. flu-irf* fosyrf (cwif) That is partly 

a body; a body that is porer than earthly. 
Gagwy, a. (gog) FoU ofmotfon, active. 


Owaith fofwi swyik-fMi ymoKTr"- 
111 _ |_ |i_ Bfi nil -^ -,r - >-' — T whantlwiieio w«it,whaM 


I, il «M MTiw 

(kgwydd, a. ai.— pi. t. ion (cwydd) Obliquity, 
iadumtimi, a bowing downward, a bending ; a 
a. Inclined, recnmbent, fhllen. 


; cyn ftaMredd fwyM* 

nifafiihi n»iri«c Dsk of ht TivMre; before llMfnca •PPe^r- 

Gagwyddad, a.m. (gogwydd) A bendiag. 
Csgwyddadwy, a. (gogwydd) Inclinable. 

Gogwyddaw, a. a. (gogwyM) To Incline, to bend, 
to lean; to dedlne, to give a tettdeoey to; to 
become obttqae, to ipcline, to bend, to tend. 

OoRwyddft olwff eddM. ' 

Oaw'r b«M w WMledd dy «m. 

larlivf MtpprapriMi lookt Ood of 

OH Ifar •UnUwm ef 
p. aicA«rrf. 

Oogwyddawg, a. (gogwydd) Having a |>ias. 
Gogwyddawf, a. (gogwydd) Indinhaa, tending. 
Gogwyddedig, a. (gogwydd) BJast ad, iadfae d.^ 
Glogwyddedigaeth, «. ai.--pl. I. M (gsgwymledig) 

An Indinatlott, a dedinatiaa . *_-.w^ 

Gogwyddiad, a. a^— pi. t. an (gqgwydd)UMM- 

don, or bending downward ; propensit^ 
Gogwymp, •• ai. (cwymp) A P^ti^M. 
Gogwympaw, a. a. (gogwymp)To fall partiaUy. 
Gogwympawf, a. (gogwymp) Partly falHiig. 
Gogwympiad, t. ai.— pi, t. an (gogwymp) A par- 

iJally faiUng. 
Gogyd, f. m. (cyd) A partial janction or anion. 
GogydbwyU, a. (cydbwyll) ParUy iisenttag. 
Gogydgerdded, a. a. (cydgerdded) ParUy to be 

Gogydiad, a. m.—pL I. au (gogyd) A part&atty 

conjoining; an imperfect coiynnction. 
Oogydiaw, a. a. (gogyd) ParUaUy to coiuoin. 
Gogydiawl, a. (gogyd) ParUally conjancUve. 
Oogydlais, t . «. (gogyd— llais) A jingling. 
Gogydnaws, s. m. (cydnaws) A mean equality of 

nature, a. Homogeneous. 
Gogydradd, s./. (cydradd) A mean eqallty of de- 
grees, homoiomery. a. Homoiomerical. 
G^dryw, i. ai. (cydryw) Homogeny. a. Homo- 
. geneil. 

Mm pcttea |Ofydnr« f ■ J»I"o«»I* >» ** ftwylbtoiidtb m 

Gogydrywiad, a. m, (gogydryw) A rendering 

partly homogeneous. 
Oogydrywiaw, v. a, (gogydryw) To render partly 

Gogydrywiawl, a. (gogydryw) Tending to make 

nearly homogeneous. 
Gogydsain, s. A— pi. gogydselnian (gogyd— sain) 

A mean equality of sound, a. Homotonoos. 
Gogydseinedd, f m, (gogydsain) Homotonr. 
Gogyfaddaw, s. m. (cyfaddaw) A threatening. 

Kl ladd gonftddaw. 
Tkntttmimg wlU aei UU. if d^. 

Gogyfhddaw, o. a. (c>fhddaw) Ta half promise ; 
to threaten. 

Y U0« » •torn d «BM I gai^dd^w •! lyaM' 

Gyflyehwr ya foiyfrddaw not ys ddtonnod. 
Th. t«liitW l*r«l«-iV tb. iijpi toato«^ 

Gogyftdddawl, a. (gogyfaddaw) Threatening. 

Gogyfal, a. (cyfW) Somewhat alike. 

GMyfarch, s. m. (cyfarch) Easy notice, a. Easy 

to be noticed ; conspicuous. CyfraiM ogtffatch^ 

a conspicuous scar. 
Oogyfarch, a. a. (cyfarch) To notice easily ; to 

greet with ease ; to welcome. 

Gofryfelrcb pa»b ur bI wypo. 
Every body wUlfw* »»»«»* •»« "•» wHbetcquelnled. dJ^#. 
Dy hrdd %t dy fardl 
Wyf rtb oiryflircb. 

Thy bwd OB Ihy eleed, m I !• ffw* fMt^fnttj, ^ ^^^ .^ 

I Gogyfarchawl, a. (gogyfarch) EwHy greeting. 


Oogyfaicbedigy tu (gOQrfarcb) Easily greeted. 
Gof^farckiad, «. m.—pi. f. an (gogyfarcb) A 

greeting easily. 
Gogyfarcho, v. «. (gogyfarcb) To greet eatily. 
Gogyfartaly a. (cyfartu) Coeqaal, similar. 
GogyfarUlcdig, «. (gogyfartel) Partly propor- 
Gogvfartaledlgaetb, t. «a.--pl. f. an (gogyfartal- 

<Mie) A mean equality orproportion. 
Gogyrartaledd, «. m. (gogyfartalX Parallelism. 
Gogyfartaliady s. iii.--pl. <• an (gogyfartal) A 

partly proportioningy or making paralld. 
Gogyfartalrwyddy «. m. (gogyfartal) A partial 

eqnality of proportion. 
Gogyfartalu, v. a. (gogyikrtal) To render partly 

proportionate, or parallel. 
Gogyfartalosy a. (gogyfartal) Partly tending to 

proportion, or parallel. 
Oogytartalwcb^j. m.(gogyfartal)Mean proportion 
Gogyfer, a. (cyfer) Partly meeting, or aiming. 
Gogyfelriad, i. ai. (gogyfer) Insinnation. 
Gogyfeiriaw. r. a. (gogyfer) To Inainnate. 
Gogvfercbydd, «. »^-pl. (. ion (gogyfarch) One 

who greets familiarly. 

Gegyfkrehtis, fngyfuttoT go g yfe fc hyMi 

I have rrecli gneltii, I wlU freely irect lit^Jkm U im gr*tUr, 


Gogyfiad, s. m.--pL f. an (cyfiad^ A rendering 

coeqnal, a making a mean equation. 
Gogynaw, v. a. (cyfiaw) To make co-equal. 

Ooffvtock trrrn foffwjr teyn^fiurdd, 
tiofyranld toraeai logyStw lorfocdd. 

A Uamt bard kaowa hew lo rreet a priact; Um ebaapioD of 
cottSlctlMWloamM^Uaktlap. Xf. i<. MnA, < J». a« OiMriii' 

Gogyfiawg, «. (cyfiaw) Having a mean eqnality. 

Gogyfiawl, a. (cvfiawl) Tending to be coeonal. 

^^'gyfingy «• (cynng) Somewhat constrainea. 

Gogyfiwr, s. ai.— pi. gogyfwyr (cyfiwr) One who 
makes coequal. 

Gogyflawn, a. (cyflawn) Partiallv complete. 

Gogyflawnder, «. ». (gogyflawn) A partial com- 

Gogvflawnedig, a. (gonfflawn) ParUy aocom- 
piished. Am9€r gog^JuKmidig^ preter-imper- 
fect tense. 

Gogyflawnedd,f. «i.(gogyflawn) Completeness in 
a degree. 

Gogyflawnl, a. «. Cgogyflawn) Partly to complete, 
or to accomplisn. 

Gogyilawniad, s. m. (gogyflawn) A partially, or 
Imperfectly completing. 

Gogyfled,0.«.(cyAed) Mean equality of breadth, 
a. Of one mean breadth. 

Gogyfledawl, a. (gogyfled) Partly of uniform 

Oogyflediad, s. m.-Hil. I. an (aogyBed) A render- 
ing nartly of uniform breadth. 

Oogylledn, v. a. (gogyfled) To render partly of 
uniform breadth. 

Oogyfles, f . ia.(cyfles) A mean eqnality of benefit 

Gogyflesawl, a. (gogyfles) Of coequal good. 

Oogyflestad, «. m. (gogynes) A rendering equally 

Oogvflesrwydd, «. ». (gogyfles) A mean equality 
of benefit. 

Gogyflesu, v. a« (gogyfles) To render uniformly 

Gogyflid. «. m. (cyflid) A mutual animosity. 

Gogyflidiad, f. m. (gogyflid) A becoming mutu- 
ally inflamed, or enraged. 

Goayflidiaw, r. «. (gogyflid) To inflame mutn- 
afiy ; to become mutually Inflamed. 

84 GOG 

Gogyflldiawg, a. (gegyflld) Bf otaally inflaoiiiig. 

Gogyflith, f . m.~p<. I. Ian (cyfllth) A mean equal- 
ity of induction. 

Gogyflithiad, s. m. (gogyflith) A redndnc to a 
mean equality of indnetion. 

Gogyflithiaw, v. a. (goQrflith) Partly to Induce 

Gogyflithiawl, a. (gogyflith) Coequally indncdTe, 
havinga degree oif mutual tendency to persuade. 

Oogyfliw,s. «!•— ^. t. Ian (cyfliw) A mean equal- 
ity of colour. 

Gogyfliwiad, «. m. (gegyfliw) A rendering allkiQ 
In colour. 

Oogyfliwiaw, a. a. (gogyfliw) To reduce to m 
mean equality of oc^onr. 

Gogyfliwiawl, u. (gogyfliw) Of a mean unUbnni- 
ty of colour. 

Gogyflog,t. fn,-~fl,t. an (cy flog) A partial ooTenaot 

Gogyflogawl, a. (gogyflog) Partially covenanted. 

Gogyflo^, e. a. UP>gy flawg) To covenant partiallj 

Gogyflogiad, «.m. (gogyflog) Partially covenanting 

G<MQrflun, s. ai.— |il. r. iau (cyflun) A mean equi- 
lormity. a. Of a mean conformity. 

Gogyflunedd, «• m. (gogyflun) A mean conformity 

Oogyfluniad, s. ai.--^. t. an (gogyflun) A reduc- 
ing to a mean conrormity. 

Gogyflunlaw,'v. a. (gogyflun) To configurate. 

Go^flwydd, s. as. (cyflwydd) A degree of matn* 

a. Mutually proaperona in a 

al prosperity 

Gogyflwyddaw, o. a. (gogyflwydd) To proaper 

mulmuly in a degree. 
Gogyflwyddawl, a. (gogyflwydd) Mntaally proa- 
perona in a degree. 
Gogyflwvddiad, t. m. (gogy fl wydd) A proapetiof: 

mutusilly In a degree. 
Oogyflwyth, s. m.-^^L i. an (eyflviyth) A mean 

equality of burden. 
Gogyflwythaw, a. a. (gogyflwyth) To burden m«« 

tnally in a degree. 
Oogyflwythawg, a. (gogyflwyth) Having a »ena 

eqnality of burden. 
Gogyflwvthiad, a. m. (gogyflwyth) .A bvdeniag 

mutually in a degree. 
Gogyflym, a. (cyflym) Somewhat nimble. 
Oogyflymawl, a. (gogyQym) Of a quick tendency. 
Oogvflymiad, t. m, (gogyflym) A rendering aoaw- 

what quick* 
Oogyflvmu, o. a. (gogyflym) To render aoase what 

Oogyfnaws, s. m. (cyfnaws) A mean eqnality of 

nature, or quality, a. Partially honogeaeonB* 
Gogyfnawiiad, a. ai. (gogyfiiawa) A randerimg 

homogeneous In a degree. 
Qog y f h awt i aw, «. a. (gogyfnaws) To reader part* 

ly homogeneous. 
Oogyfnawslawl, a. (gogyfnaws) Having a teadea* 

cy to be partly homogeneous. 
Oogyfherth, s. m. (crfnerth) A partial corrobo- 
ration, a. Partially corroDoranve. 
Gogyfnerthawl, a. (gogyfherth) Tending to cor- 
roborate partially. 
Oogyfherthiad, «. m. (gegylherth) A partially 

corroborating; apardalconfortatioo. 
Oogyfnerthrwydd, a. m. (gogyfnerth) A partial 

cm^ unction of power. 
Gogyftaerthn, e. a. (gogyfnerth) To corroborate 

Oogyfnes, c (cyfhe s) Partly approximate. 
Gogyfnesawl, a. (gogyfncs) Partially ooHipproK* 




pro iiM t iag partially, 
Gcgyiacac, «. «. (msyfoei) Mvtmlly to «pprox* 

tejfiNN4, «. «•— jrf. I. iia (eyfnewld) A p»r* 

£1 ooaiBvtitioii. 
fagj ibc wkiiad, «. m.»j»I. I. an (gasyfnewid) A 

jMitiallj oMBoiotatiqf. 
G <gjfiicwldiaw, v. c. (sogyfnewid) To eoamm- 

tite putial^. 
Gogyfaemdiifil, «* (fogyliiewid) Partially com- 

BHaUcy or iateicliaii^ff. 
Gegyfiwd, a. ai.*-f|. <. aa (i^rfiiod) A mean «on- 

Gogyfoodawly a. (gogyfnod) Having a partial oon- 

Gofyfnodi, c. a. (gogyfnod) To fix a partial oan- 

G«iyf]iodiady «. ta. (gogyfiiod) A fixing a partial 

G i^O tM , a. ak~fi.<. aa (eyfoeg) A partial ap- 

proadk of night, a t«iH|bt 
GofjfiDoaiwlys. (gogyfboe) Relating to the twilight 
GoKflBati,«. a. (gogyfaoa) To l>ecome partially 

night, to prodnce a twihf^t 
GogjCumd, a. at* (gogyfiM) A prodnciBg the 

Gogylbelir, f« ak— p<. I. an (cyfochr) That b part- 
ly etpnteleraL a. Eqnilateral. 
Gogyfoehrawl, a. (gogyfochr) Partially eqnila- 

tcr^ or parallel. 
G^iyfodiri, «. a. (gogyfochr) To render partially 

Gogyfbchriady a. m.— pi. f . an (gogyfochr) A mak- 
ing; partially eqnUateral. 
Gagyioed, m, (cyfoed) Partly coetaneons. or of 

tkm tame age. «. pL Qogjifotdkm, those that are 

partly eoetaneont. 
Gtgyfraiiy f. f^r~fL U an (esrfran) A partial par- 

Gag^fmattvl^a. (gogyfran) Partially participating 
Gagylraoiady «. ai. — pi. <• an (gogymn) A parti- 

riyating partially. 
C ug y i ka i iii,a.a.(gogy ffan)To partidpate partially 
Qagyfi w i y «• /. (cyfred) A partial coneorrence. 

a. ftrciy mnning together, or of one coarse. 

— -rdreh ya ahcA. 
^'^j^ 'L?* **'*-***?' bigh-Mcflfd oowt wiifonn In coloar 

Gagyfredawl, a. (gogyfred) Partiy concnrrent. 
Gogyiredegf a. a* (gogyfred) To ran the same 

eoarae nearly 
Cigjfiadladj a. ak (gogyfred) A partiy mnning 

Giyficj, a./. — pi. <• an (cyfres) A partially nni- 

loni rank. a. Partiy of an nnlform range. 

Ta «■* gwtoaff Dcf gordiorddioa 
a>inaa— I, ibrdiwyMat 1 ddnpNi( 
O a> i fc ndtf a'»f|fa — p>a fc rJ*»a 
iama ain% a Na4d« a Kvylhoa. 

la Aaaaaaaf OMfovcnorof thaUflli Miren of haaTen thcv 
Aan Airtr ^te« aU «MMar«aairMBla ftafriaea; h« wha n. 
JfKia Aa vsMrai aAaa* oTAe CtOet of tba BHmbera of Rliou, 
aaS IhaMTaSi INryteM. fW/iaHa. 

GofyfremH, a. f gogyfVes) Having a partial nni- 

fan/Atw c£ njuLm 
Goeyfoeh, a. (cyfnch) PHrtiy of equal height. 
GefnrAwhU,.a. wu (gogyfoeh) A making partly 
of oidfbrm height. 

r^ v.m. (gogyfiieh) To make nearly 


£My<Mtialrt, a. (gogyftMh)f%Bdlag to a piMW 

equality of heigirt. 
OoQrfiin* a. (^riiiB) Partiallj mltad or agreed. 
Gogyfoaaw. «• a. (gogyfiin) To unite paitly. 
Oogyfunawly a. (gogyfan) Tending to partial 

aaiog or agraeuieDt* 
Oogyfundeh, a. ai. («Qgyftia)'Fartial union. 
Oogytunder, a. ai. (gogylua) Partial union. 
Oogyfuniad, a. m.~pl. I. an (gogyfnn) A uniting 

together partially. 
Gogyfnrdd, a. m,-^-fL I. ion (cyfnrdd) That is of 

equal di|pilty ; a coaspeer. a. Coequal ia dignity 

Yaa Odco Oaffar ff!fiebd,aet dtcagltai wyrhfd ar ddaadaof |e> 

Oofar Fktf T«(i«alid, aad hta aiap eMapaa «• tkS 
tvdra eompHrt of Fraoca. Or. aa in 

Gogyforddai, a. /. (gogyfnrdd) A partially equal 

Gogyfordda8awl,a.(gogyfnrddaB) Partiy eo-equal 

Gogyfnrddaaiad,a. ai. (gogyfurddas) A rendering 
partly coequal in dimity. 

Gogyfnrddasnt v. a. (gogyforddaa) To reader 
partiy of equal dignity. 

Oogyfarddaw, v. a. (gogyfurdd) To compeer, 

Gogyforddawl, a. (gogyfurdd) Coequal in digniW. 
Gayg/artfdaliaa, those that are coequal in rank. 

Ck)gyfnrddawr, a. ai.— pi. gogjfiirddorion (gogyf- 
nrdd) That Is partiy eqaal m dignity. 

Oogyfarddoriaeth, a. m.~^. <• an (gogyfnrdd- 
awr^ Compeerage. 

Gogyniwchy a. (cyfnwch) Partiv of equal height. 

Gogyfwng, a. (cyfwng) Somewnat confined. 

Oogy 4rn^r, a. ai. (gjogy fwng) A degree of strall- 
ness, or confinement. 

Oogyfjrngn, «. a. (gogyfwng) To confine a littie. 

Gogy^stiys, a. (cyff stiys) Fartiy collateral. 

OogyOrstiysu, v. a. (gonrfystiys) To remler part- 
ly cdlateralyor panulel. 

Gogyfielyb, a. (cyffelyb) Somewhat siaiilar. 

Oogyffelybn, e. a. (gogyffelyb) To compare part- 
ly ; to reader somewhat similar. 

Gogyffiniad, a. «•. (cyffiniad) A terminating, or 
bounding together nearly. 


Oogyfiraw, a. ai. (cyffraw) A degree of agiution. 

Gogyffrawd, a. m. (cyffrawd) A slight impulse, 
e. a. To impel in a degree. 

O rrsad prewat pcrlalawa aa fwtlA i 
Aartaalth prytb gofyffiawd. 

In thte IraasKoTf world oar actfoo to danger; a aligH imtptOa* 
of wrtth li dolractlOB. faiietia. 

Gogyffred, a. ai. (cyffred) A slight comprehen- 
sion ; a general or slight idea. 

Addwyn BjrlM awy foaedd gofyftad. 
PlMdng to the aipcct that Mitdcn not Mmu t 


Gogyffredaw1,a (gogyfrred)PartiT comprehending 

O^firediad, a. m. Cgogyffred) A partly compre- 

Oogyfiredin, a. (cyffredin) Kather common. 

Gogyffredinaw, e. a. (gogyffredin) To render ra- 
ther common, or general. 

Oogyffredinawl, a. (gogyffredin) Tending to be 
rather common. 

Oogyffrediniad, a. as. (gogyifredin) A rendering 
rather common. 

Oocrffredu, V. a. (gogyffred) Partly to compre- 
hend; partly to comprise. 

Y iabpli a ogjtInAyni fjm taaolioa ya ffuMaw j gwragadd. 

Tha tfrpaato wert wMt (9 throw mU Scry harai t» beat tba «o- 

t r tm dd wjf d ram* 

^•gyftiM, «• m. ( 





Oogyhwrdd, $. «,-p|. gogrliyrSil (chwitld) A 
- pwtiy coming in ooDtact 
Gopyhyd. t • m. (cyhyd) Tbat is of a men eqva- 
_ iity of leagftik «. Of a mean eqnaUty of lenglli. 

0<wybydawl| «. (gogybyd) Of a mean e^mdlty of 


ocyhydedd, t. m. (gogyliyd) A mean equality 

Oegyhydeddawl, m. (gogyhydedd) Eqaatorlal. 
Goayliydiad, «. ».-^|. an (gogyfeyd) 

derinc of mean equality oflength. 
hyda, e. e. ' 


A ren- 
(rayhy^) 'To render generally 

of eqnal length T to booome of equal lengA. 
Gogybyrddaid; e. (gogybwrdd) P*rtly in contact 

Oogybyrddfaid. $. m.^^fL I. an (gQcrbwrdd) A 
coming partly in eontaet. 

Oogybyrddu, V. «. (gogybwrdd) To beeome part- 
ly toMtber, or in contact. 

Gogyldi,«. w^'-fL I. au (^leh) A drenmference 

Oogylcbawl, «. (gogyleb) Clrcnmferentlal. 

Gogylcbedd, §. m. (gogyleb) A dreunderance. 

Opgylddad, «. «.~p(. i. an (gogyleb) A making 

• a drcnmrorence. 

Gogylcbiadawf, a. (gogylcbiad) Qrcumferential. 

Gogylcbiadn, v. (gogylcfaiad) To circumference. 

Gogylcbiaetb, «. m. (gogyleb) A drcumferenoe. 

Gogyl^iaitb, «./. (goffylcb-iaitb) Peripbrmii. 

Gogylcbuy 0. «. (go^ridi) To drenmference. 

Gogymaint, a. (eymaint) Partly of equal magni- 
todoy or ouantfty. 

Gogymelnnlady «. wt, (gogymaint) A redodng to a 
mean magnitude. 

Oegymeinntaw, e. «. (gogymaint) To reduce to a 
nmn magnitude. 

Oegymdnniawl, a. (gogymaint) Tending to a 
mean augnltade. 

® V"2|*^^» «• (cymeradwy) Acceptable In a 

OoajFuieiadupyad, $, m, (gogymeradwy) A ren- 
dering of a mean equaUty of acceptation. 
Gogymeradwjraw, e. «. (gogymeradwy) To ren- 
^derco eqnal in acceptation. 
Gegymeradwyawl, e. (gogymeradwy) Of a mean 
^ equal ity of acceptablenem. 
Gofgrmeriad, §. m — pL I. an (eymeriad) Goequa- 

H^rof acceptation, orautbority. a. Of equal 
•oceptatlon, autbority, rank or condition. 

^^ >«H »f ^rt» ^wr ofTMlnld. % chf hyd ra gtwcMw 

wMWf WMWIoa i^Mi ta dvMlM to m9 prsffftaton. wiih 

Oegymbarawl, «• (cymbanwl) Tending to a ge- 
neral compaiiion. 

Gogymbariad, «. « f. an (cymbariad) A 

^mking a genend compari«on. 

Gogymben, e. (oymben) Somewbat florid ; a lit- 
tle pert. 

Gogymbenawl, a. (gogymben) Apt to be pert 

Gogymbenlad, t. m. (iogy»b«n) A being ratber 
pert or iaucy. 

Gogymbenuy e.e. (gogymhen)To act alittle pertly 
Gogymbraff, a. (cymhnff) Of a mean tbicknem. 
Gogymbwyt, a. (cvmbwyi) Of a mean equality of 

^rdgbt ; lomewbat meet, or cooTenient. 
Oogymbwyiaw, e. a. (gogymbwyi) To make te^ 
Itrably eorreipondenti or raitabie. 

GmmnhwyMwi, a. (gogy m hwyi)Pirtfy of a bene^ 
nnng tendency ; partly eorreipondfng. 

Gogymbwysder, t. m. (gogymbwyi) A mean fit- 
neis, or oorretpondence. 

Gogymbwysiad, f . a^—pf. I. an (gogymkwyt) A 
rendering of a mean fitnem. 

Gogymmratnt, t. m, (cymmndnt) A mean eoe- 
quality of priTflege. a. Pattly eoequal In pri- 

Gogymmreinniady «. m. (gogymmnint) A rednc- 
ing to a mean equality orprlfflege. 

Gogymmreinniawy «. a. (gogymmnint) To re- 
oace to a mean equality of privilege. 

Gogymmrdnnlawl, a. (gogymmnint j Tending to 
a ooequality of priTllege. 

Gogymw y d, a. m (cymwyd) Of a mean equality 

■■ tifhwyi priMr^ ptUtr fBfywft^ 

Gogynbety a. (cynbes) Somewbat warm. 
Gogynbetawli a. (goornbet) PMtly of a 

Gogynheriad,«. m. (gogynbes) A partfy warmii^, 

a making ■omewhat warm. 
GogyabetUy o. a. (gogynbei) To warm gently. 





Gogyniaanawl.a. (cogynlant) Partly preceding. 


I ka?« MM Mm or ihls; or of Ike vsfU. «ImmU H fiOlp 
whatMwooMoeaa; who twiM oNVMlly mA«M M. 

Oegynnaliad, «• «. (gogynnal) A partly upliold- 

ing; a geneni tupportation. 
Oogynnll, a. (cynnil) Somewbat exact, or 

rate; rether near, or tparinr. 
Gogyanilaw, e. a. (gogynnil ) Toact nther 

ly; to act a little sparingly. 
Oogynnillad, t. «. (gogynnil) A uaing 

cnrecy; tbe acting lomewbat niggardly. 
Gogynnydd, •• m. (cynnydd) A little inereaio. 
Gogynnyddawl, a. (gogynnydd) Apt to ' 
Gogynnyddiad,«. m. (gogynnydd) An it 

in a decree. 
Gogynnyddu, o. a. (gog ynny dd) To inereaie m 

Gogyreb, $, ai.— pf. I. an (cyreb) A tendency to 
a centre; a partly coming in contact 

Oir»«4odya fe|r » M * dt« IMch • MwaiMyaiiTM. » pte- 
4r caflys Mill wfui j» m enljB, Mrfi kod ya y |«fyrca nmr 

If llaMci la Wfeh : aad tko aaw of iko •oifytka'j 
AM. oKvpHat urn ifeM mt BlM^llMMn la tbo 


Gogyrcbadwy, a. (gogyreb) Partly aeeemihifu 
Gogyrebawl, a. (gogyreb) Apt to appreainate; 
partly coming in contact 

Mm r li nfi Mifc a i— ft a i di o wftk 
• lleir«n fifTfcfeMrl • rbwa mkU 


M rafiai Mira kM tvo MTMa or aifM lyiliU*, lv« vT Aft 
akog g i wim HalloriteMyllrtlafc Or. ^ ' 

Gogyrcbbidy # . ai.— pL t au (gogyreb) A teadiag 
towaidi a centre; a ooadng partly in eoBtncu 




gpee;to tewl lowafdt«MDti«$ tocoBencBr- 
Gogyrte, #. fl**''^'- SOfT^yB (S<>8*^ l^t b 

c«bodi<d ia imre natter; an aogelie fona; a 
penoaificd idea. There have beoi nen called 
ktUeiMBe: Q^gpfok Gmwr^ a chieftain of 
North Wiaeoy vat the ikther of Gwtnkwjffir^ 
OM of Aa whree of king Arthnr. 
Gacrrleii, a. /.—•!. fogyrfyn (gofwrf) That It 
partly eBbodledyOr enveloped in pure nuitter ; 
a ipirf cnal being, or fotin ; a penonified idea ; 

f %Mv0d fwmwd OfyrfM. 

bf IbtmUofCrrridwenl Ld 

t ay datr b* w 



w Ihm la Aa flow of the mimi, 


O^gyrtaaddy «. a. (afrhaedd) To reach partly. 
Gigyihaeddairly a. (gogyrliaedd) Hating partly 

a teadencjr to reach. 
GagyrlMcddtad, «. m. (gogyrhaedd) A reaching 

nearly ; m partly extending to. 
Gofyrhaeddydy a. a. (gogvrhaedd^ To reach partly 
fiogyrrith, a. (cyrrith^ Rather niggardly. 
Goiyobell, a. (cysbell) Eonidiftant; parallel. 
Gt^idadly a. (cjfBdadl) Partly coequal; nearly 

ar tlie aame Taloe, nearly on a par. 
G^Oradadledd, t. ak (gogyadadl) Coeqaalilv. 
C <g y a da d lia d, a. m (gogyidadl) A rendering 

partly ooeqoal. 
GcraMlrwydd, #• «• (gogyadadl) The state 

^a nwan aqnality. 
Gogyidadlo, «. a. (gogyadadl) To partly eqnal. 
Gagyagawdy a. ai^--^ gogyigodkii (cyagawd) A 

pfa a t W B; aahadow. 



0«w; a|«nH*«dO«w|w,aftAi»hr 


{•■^MtewMi ^_ 

MAvaMBif, a««te«wriMMattt i* 4irto i Md wiMawk- 

«M bflMtaHs M aMi lk« ^a or Ow Moly OfMK w«h Ike Ml- 
■Nta«Ma»««fds«rOaiindliilMt«liMntoll, oa Ibr- 

ff a gi w ady a. ai.(cywad) That la pa r t ly c o BgeBCT- 

aaa. a. Partly of the aame breed. 
O agjmft, a. (cywag) Partly tottariag, or yiddlng 


to ««^ vMlMI ft a«lt, ana of Bka JvdffMBl 
/ ihwu fc i Uajl f aM iMpa orcMMMOM. 

C — adiy i i. 

Gagywegy «. a. (cyw^) To totter partly* 

Cytmm cnmjn offywcf * 
C^yadmTBy Cyndadw »1 buiraff. 

Tk»na»«rCraanrrB,aradaelJBffeoaitatuli«rA«Mwr ch« op- 
I Mil i» teMiTi CjMUelw gvccli II. Cwmddtlw. 

G«hail(» a. (hallt) Soosewhat salt, aaltish. 
GdMaawiy a. (hanawl) Distinct, discriminate, 
rihaaiad. a. ai.— ^ f. aa (baatad) A aeparation, 

docrladnatioBy diatiactlon. 
Gflhaared, a. ai.---fl. I. Ion (hanred) That pro- 

ccedafrom; dlscrimlnateness. 
Gahaaredawly a. (gohanred) Discriminating. 
C ah a a r e d iad, a. as.— al. #. aa (gohanred) A pro- 

eeadiag, or aeparattng from ; discriailnation. 
Gahaareda, a. a. (gohanred) To discriminate. 

Oefaaon, a. a. (ham) To ondKa to proceed from ; 
to separate; to discriminate. 

Oohab, a. «.--pl. «. Ion (beb) A soft or Indlatiact 
atteraace; awUaper; conTarsatkm ; corres- 

Gobeb, a. a. (heb) To alter IndisHnctljf ; to speak 
gentiy; toconrerse; to eorrespond. 

Oohebaipd, a. m, (gtfheb) Correspondence. 

Oohebawl, a. (goheb) Cooreraioc; correepondlng 

•beb) A correapond* 

Gdieblad, a. wu-pL #. an (goi 

ing; a conversing in a misper. 
Oobablaetb, a. ». (lOfaeb) A correspondence. 
Oohebot a. a. (goheb) To correspond. 


iili*ih ftyw wb ya folwba ; 
NFlb w|l Ihvfr yb f 4wtt da. 

Ibaa t aa w i ia ^ i Iba^eoawd aaat Ibaa MtfJ" tkt 

/>. aft O wU f Wk, Tr 

Qobebwr, a. ai. — fL gohebwyr (goheb— 
person who corresponds; a eorrespon ' 


) A 


Odhebyddy a. ak— jdL't. Ion (goheb) A correspon- 
dent ; a whisperer. 

Oobed, a./, (had) A nMtlon between a flight and 
a walk. a. Pttrtly flying. 

Oohedawl, a. (gohed) Tending to fly partly. 

Oobedeg, a. a. (gohed) To fly pertly ; to go be* 
tween flying and walking. 

Oohedlady a. >•.— -pi. I. aa (gohed) A flying, or 
going between ilylng and walking 

O&en, a. at. (hftn) Tut pati Ibnmd ; that In- 
flaeaees ; that nves a bias, or Inclination ; bias, 
inclination; inflnence. 

bad } golUal eivlU i tmfwM f 

daao we wrib d obea. 

Tha lollb of tba patbsa ia aatf dad to Iba aialdca faa of te 
daafblerft ar Oh oaMrMdOtoWbo aban ba andar Mai, aodat Ma 
emmnd. WtUk Xaw. 

Airidfvriaar ddfaiir. dni«» aaa Prfdila : 
Uaiiar bardd prydfbwr ya d obao. 

I will axaHlba drarw, tba kadcr oftba Mfcreltaly oT BiMato. 
amy dIfaiSad barda ara aadar bla«ii/^«M. 

LU P.M9ek, « a. a» L lf g»a, 

Carva Daw df fed M abaa GjaBro; 
Ar Gywary ydd wfd nan. 

Oad leokdaHfbltfMC dMO a WdibMa, tboaUaa ba Iba ciaai- 
I watlal orar Walaa Iboa att i 

^aflba^ __ 

ILF, Maek, i BOri ob aywal. 

Oohll, a. ai. (htl) That is bat half prodoce, or 

breed; degenerate prodnctlon. 
OahiHon, a. ak tiggr. (gohil) The amall com 

amongst grain ; refnseofeom, refhse, or oot- 
. cattsi Ka fsMliaa Aya, this Is mare trash. 

M aa gabOloB fir gwaailb. 
Tbm ii • njfiut aowofa Om wbaaL Admgt, 

Gohir, a. wl — pi. f . Ian (hlr) A linger, a itelay, or 
stop ; a pat off. GaAtr dodl, a demar In an ac- 
tion at law. ' 

Oohlriad, a. ak— pi. I. aa (gohir) A lingering, or 
delayliig; a loitering; a staying; a putting off; 
a demarring; a prolatlon, or cnnctation; a 
prolonging, or a4)onmtng. 
lawl, a. 

Gohiriadawi, a. (goblriad^ Tending to delay. 
Gohiriado, a. a. (gohiriad) To render lingering. 
Oohiriannawl, a. (gohiriant) Tending to be Uii* 

Bering; of a loitering disposition. 
Oohiriannlad, a. m. (gohiriant) A prolongation^ a 

creating a delay. 
Gohiriannn, a. a. (gohiriant) To create delay ; to 

cause to linger ; to prolong. 
Gohiriant, a. m.— pi. I. aa (gomr) A protongatlon, 

a prolatlon ; delay. 
Gohiriaw, v. a. (gohir) To prolong ; to pat off. 

to utay; to adjonm; to protract 
to Hngar, to dmy, to loiter. 

; to ni 
; to d< 





OoliirUwg, a. (sokir) Foil of detay , or full of bin- 

Gohiriawly a. (gohir) Prolonging protracttve. 
Gohiriedigy a, ;gobir) Prolonged, protracted. 
Gohiriedigaeth, «. m. (gohiriedig) JProK>agation. 

proloDger, or protractor ; a lingerer. 
Oohoed, 4. iii.-~p/. tm ion (hoed) Somewlnt of a 

Gohoetial, «• a. Tgohoed) To loiter , or«to linger. 
Oohoetiawl, a. (gohoed) Of a lingering natni^ 
Goboew, a. (hoew) Somewliat active ; sprightly. 

Tfttr irrhofw ri«<n Ynyg Prydalo: AagliarBd Tonfelen, «ereh 
RhftldOTcta Hael; ac Aakn, aeich Maig MyfjtirM; a Phcnryr 
nercb Rhoa Rbyfcdilfiftwr. ' 

The three tpHghtlf ladiei oTlbe Itle of Britain ; Anrharad Yel- 
|or«MB. t^ aMcfater of UyMarch the c«am>w: nad Anao, 
^"li^^f °* Maif nif7t«V» Md Fcnryr. daofbter of Ehon the 
•AiiMite. Tritdd. 

Gohoewi, u . a. (gohoew) To act smartly ; to be- 
come sprightly, or active; 

Oobor, f . m. (hor) Somewhat of a sloth, a. Ra- 
ther inactive, or slothfal. 

Ooboriad, «• m. (gohor) An acting sluggishly. 

Oohorian, V. a. (gohor) To act rather slnggbhly. 

Gobwrdd, f. m.—pl. giohyrddaa (hwrdd) A small 
pQSh or impulse. 

Gohwyr, j. m.— pi. f. an (hwyr) The evening, a. 
Somewhat late. 

Gohwyraw, r. «. (gohwyr) To grow latish. 

Gohwyrawl, «. (gohwyr) Tending to grow late. 

Gohyb, 9, m.-^. i, ion (hyb) A nsing up, a 
coming out. 

Gobybawl, a. (gohyb) Tending to rise np ; tend- 
ing to recover ; convalescent. 

Gobybiad,#. m.— ^/. t. an (gohyb) Convalescence 

Gohybn, v. a. (gohyb) To rise np, or come out; 
to be on the recovery. 

Gohyd, ff. m.~-pl. t. oedd (byd) A mean length. 

Gohydawl, a. (gohyd) Of a mean length. 

Gohydiad, «. m. (gohyd) A reducing to a mean 

Oohydo, V. a. (gohyd) To make of a mean length. 

Oohyll, a. (hyll) Tliat cantas some dread. 

Oohylllad, s. m. (gohyll) A startilng a little. 

Oohylla, V. it. (gobyll) To cause some dread, to 
•tarUe a little. 

Oobyrddawl, a. (gohwrdd) Apt to pnsh a little. 

f iohyrddiad, «. ai.— p/. «. an (gohwrdd) A pushing 
a IllUe ; a small degree ofimpnlsion. 

U*Myfddu, w. a. igobwrdd) To push genUy. 

CiobyUan, V. a. (gohyd) Ti linger, to loiter. 

Unkm^n^ i, m. (laen)Tbat covers universally ; the 

Gotten a wel y'Bfhyflair. 
n* aftt>rtmt titing h«ei in the dtflicnity. Ad^t. 

ftoiael, a. (Isel) Somewhat low, or bumble. 
GoJ, #. «. ^. I. oedd (ol) That is ontwmrd, or as 

a surface ; that goes round ; or that envelops ; 

a covering. 

l>y»C<*fthei fwnhnivdi fwrthrftd i bbnl. 
H»»i»w )«r RUtxirl, rbwydd ar olodd. 

TJu opijoMar party reply, a coDtrary tarn lo etpoev, ihit one 

6i>lacbar,a. (Ilacliar) Somewhat refulgent, gleam- 
ing, or glittering. 

Colljrba d* far CHrddloa wc«ii: 
Collarhar I far o farddoaL 

The TttiUbt bard* wlU drprceate tb? wrath ; hie wrath i« r^^o- 
drred gpteudid by bacdten. U. f . ATocA, i U. 06 Owtim. 

Oolaetbyf. m. (gtwl) Adoration, worship. 

Golaith, s. m^^pU I. ian (Ibutb) Diasolntion. 


The d*atk of the fierce Is certaia. Ad»gt. 

Golaith, e. a. (Ilaith) To cause a dissolution. 

Gwr a woai ar Loecr Iwyr aniaitb, 
A dwya ci dyaUm ya faith j 

Ki ellid et olafth. 

He waa a mad who woaU brfoj otter deetmctloa apoo Eeeliiid, 
and carry her mta inta boadaga ; aad befare fate tlbe aajabrr <i 
KTca nynads woaid fall; be coald aoC be MUi». 

Dmm.ab ' 

Golam, f . m.—pl. t. au (Uam) A hop, a skip. 
Golamsach, s. m, (Uamsach) A prancing about. 
Golamsach, e. a. (llamsacb) To prance, to skip. 
Golamn, r. a. ^golam) To bop, to skip. 
Golas, s. m. (glas) Pale blue, faint bine. a. Oft 
faint bine, blush. 

Gwen yw boa man ei haaacrcfc ; 
Gobs wyf, ya gat of acrcb. 

She4s fair ; I keep in my odad wbea I grselcd 

coDsumlog with her lota. 

H HNj I aai P^t 
O. d» OmUfm. 

Galwer ya Emrys, newn aolas wydila. 
A Btaaaif n Penldln omId d FahMM. 

He iMI be called Biarys, In a glaM of ftlalsA Awe. aad r ikH 
be Merddio of accerate soof . x* G. CtUu. 

Golasiad, s. m. (golas) A making bluish, or pak. 
Golast, s. m.^L golesti (Uast) A boop that is|wt 

nnder a beehive to enlarge its capacity. 
Golasu, V. a. (golas) To make bluish or pale. 
Goiath, s. /.—pi. L an (Uath) A small lath. 
Golathcn, 9.f,—jH, t. i (goiath) A lath. 
Golan, ». m,—pL golenon (gawl) light. 
Gohiu, a. (gawl) light, bright, clear; manifest, 

evident; lightsome. 
Golawch, s. m. (llawch) Ordinary protection. 
Golch, f. m.^pl t. ion (gol) An immersion; a 

wash, a washing ; Ive ; urine. Gokk tttr, stal« 

urine, or chamber lye ; golch eaitf, bngle. 
Golchbren, s. m.-^pL t, i (golch— pren) A wash 

beetle^ spattle, or battoon,nsed to beat dotdis 

in washing. 
Golched, i . m. (golch) That u washed, or deaaed. 

S^cynrryn, eynrnd, 
A bnser wen okhcd i 
Ar elor d dynd, 
A graa fwyarUedU 

A Saxoa ablTeriiit and treBbUna, with wUla hair Maijirf. ce 1 
bier he was borne, with a bloody vtase. rafitna. 

Golchcdig, a. (golched) That is washed. 
Golchenid, s./. (golch— genid) The bmise-wort 

or bugle. It b also called Gluyn y cosd, sod 

Uyiiau y ewlwm, 
Golchenraid, #./. (golch— enraid) Wood aanidc. 

It is otherwise named GokAwrotdd, gorekwfr- 

aid, gokhydtUSj and Clmit «r arth, 
Goichfa, 9. /.—pi. t.tku (golch— ma) A washing 

place; a bathing place, a bath; a waahiog. 
Golchffon, 9. f.—pl. golchffyn (golch — ffon) A 

washing beetle, or hattinK-staffV 
Golchi, V. a. (golch) To waUi, to cleanse, to riase 
Golchiad, s. m. (golch) A washing, a deansinf. 
Golcliion, 9. m. nggr. (golch) Washes, slops, or 

suds from washing; water that hath been Died 

in washing any thing; dish-water. 
Golchionach, s. m. aggr. dim. (golchioa) Slipslops 

Cymer— Iswer o lytleeaa j 
Rhai oV laaeft, rfaai o*r ganldaa. 
A'u bcrwl niewn f okhionsch, 
F»l pair Cyridwea, yr hen «rarh. 

Take a farietv of berba aome from the Seld, aoiac froai 1^ z*^- 
drn*. and boil them la tliptitpt, like the caaUroa of ('fnio^.u 
tlie oki ha;. if. id, Uio'Prm^i. 

Golchioni, r. a. (golchion) To make slipslops. 
Golchur, ff. m. (golch) A washer, or a cleanser. 




Golcliiirietyi»/.-~pZ.<. in (leoldiiir) A washer-wo- 
maD. She had the tweliUi place in the second 
ly in the royal honsehold. 


lMi> piroiccttDQ extcndb •• far M ■he can 8iBff 


Gdcharr, «. »•— pi. golchffyr (golGh-~gwr) A 

washer, or deanser. 
Gdchwraidd, <./. (golch — gwniidd) Battenirort« 
Golchwraig, «• f,—pl. golchwreigedd (golch — 

giwraig) A washer-woman. 
Gokhydd, «• m. — pi. I. ion f golch) A washer. 
Goicfajddesy 9,/^--fL t. ao (golchydd) A wather- 

Goid, «. a. (gol^ The marigold flower. 

Gokhryry «. m. (gold— gwyr) The marigold. 

Gole, #. M. — p2. <. an (gawl) Splendour, light, 
rdkei ^, a bill in Glamorgan, so called. 

Gdead, s. ot. — pL i. on (gole) An illamination. 

Goleftoy V. «• (gole) To iUamine, to illnme. 

Goleeh, «. si. (llcch) That is partly a bide. 

Golecfaiad, t. m. — p/. f . an (goiecb) A being part- 
ly IdddeOy or private; a scolking. 

Goieehn, v. a. (golech) To hide partly ; to sculki 
or to lork. 

Goled, s. M. (IIM) That is partly expanded. 

Gslediad, t. m^—pl. t. an (gol«d) A partly ex- 

Goiedrad, t. m. (Hedrad) That is partly by stealth 

Gorea aMdd, ft tehhu vAAt 
Qtl adnwdil aerch golrdnil. 

icii A« tet vsft vtth ebake wo«da, to fet la deicribe a kirk- 
mg paHslan. D. aft GwUmm. 

G atedradaidd, a. (goledrad) That is somi what sly 
6«tedrala, v. a. (goledrad) To steal slightly, to 

Gdedn, «. «. (gi^ed) To expand a little. 
Gsledd, a. «. (lledd) A small obliquity. Myned 

«r «ImM, to go obliaiiely. SU, 
G^leddf, a. (Ueddf) Oblique in a degree. 
G^iteddfidad, a. m. — pi. i, an (goleddf) A rendering 

soaMwfaat oblique. 
Gdeddlv, r. a. (goleddf) To make rather oblique ; 

to render diagonal. 
G<4ef, a. ai. (Uef) A faint Toice, or cry. 
G«te4tny r. a. (golef) To cry out faintly. 
Guleiddawg, a. (golech) Apt to shun, or sculk. 

SaMh Kvaaeditf jngnad : nsd a byddar, dnMl a llafar, afMd, ofn* 
««f • gaicicMavir* 
TW «e«ea ^eaKflcaoraiadge: daub and daaf* bold and Aaaiit, 
feaif al aad rtiirti, WtUk Laws. 

Ookitbiad, a. m. ^golaith) A dissolution. 
Galeiifaiawy 0. a. (golaitta) To cause dissolution. 

Uaa vaa. na oiBd4, na olatth d* Iwrw; 
Dy hiddtew aid bavdd-waltb ! 

C«» yoancaiao, do not toiler, c«anun«not thydiare; lo obitraet 
ihM b no raoy laak. O. Cy/d<ia»f . 

Yd oMtMd vwr. rrrtd | weled, 

ahag ced eOwnf Ilwns bhddd cyaayrcd. 

A aaa Sat Utn tfleto, of aisbtj lapcct, wbo was Bke fbe do- 
narteg 9tU oo ha coane toprerebl bli bdnf spoiled orucaiare. 

Cj/n^dttw, m. Ca dwa lb m * 

GolHthiawg, a. (golaith) Tending to dissolution. 
Ooleltbiawl, a. (goiaith) Tending to dissolution. 
^aleilUawr, a. (golaith) Causing dissolution. 
Goieitbig* a. (golaith) liable to dissolution. 
G«ictthwcli, a. ». (golaith) State of dissolution. 
G«(dthjcbn, V. a. (goleithwch) To bring to a 
state of dissolution. 

Of wyr dl er Gvendtr soleMbychIr, boaaf: 
B»4dlnaa forfelf a e« boogyr* 

Thf Mn, for 0w »ke of the happy land, wtff 6* «I«<m , I do an 


«n; Ike %mH» vWi yeUow polaled ipeari. OweleAaiel. 

GslenatBy 9, a. (golam) To hobble, or to hop. 
Vol- II. 

Golesg, a. (Metg) Somewhat feeble, or weak. 
Golesgiad, s . m. (golese) An enfeebling. 
Oolesgu, V. a. (golesg) To enfeeble, to ener?a(e. 
Goleu, «. m,—pl, t, on (gawl) Light, a. Light. 
Goleuftad, a. m. (goleo) An illumination. 
Goleniiawl, a. (^eu) Illuminative. 
Golenad, t. m.—pL t, au (golen) Illumination, a 
lighting ; a light, a luminary. 

Rf — 

O FaafDTt ranselbr olenad , 

Hyd orwydd Meirlonydd nddriad. 

_rimn Banfor. a tanciaary of lllnailnalloat to the taaiMU of 
Mdrionydd he ia a aiaa of koowledfo. Owalehmmi, 

Goleuadawl, a. (golenad) lUuminatiTe. 

Ooleuadwy, a. (goleuad) That may be lighted. 

Goleuannawl, a. (goleuant) Illuminative. 

Goleaanniad, s. m. (goleuant) Illumination. 

Golenannu, v. a. (goleuant) To illumine ; to illus- 
trate, to shed a light over. 

Goleuant, s. m* (golau) An illumination. 

Golenftu, «. a. (golau) To illuminate. 

Golenaw, v. a. (golau) To enlighten, to illumin- 
ate, to give light, to shine ; to reveal. 

Golenawd, #. ai. (golau) Illumination. 

Goleuawdr, «. m^—pl, goleuodron (golenawd) An 

Golenawg, a. (golau) Having light. 

Goleuawl, a. (golau) Productive of light. 

Golender, a. at. (golau) Light; brightness. 

Ooleadcr baal ffwrl ydyw. 
She that to Mr aa tbo Wigktneti of the tan la bathfhl. 

Golenddal. t. ffi«(goleu — dal) A chandelier. 

Goleaddvod, t. m. (solen — dydd) Splendid day. 

Golenedig, a. (golau) Illumined, enlightened. 

Golenedigaetb, s. m.— pi. <• au (goleuedig) The 
act of enlightening, or iUuming. 

Golenen, «./. — pi, t, od (golen) A glow-worm. 

Goleufawr, a. (golau — ^mawr) Refulgent 

Goleufer, s. m. (lleufer) Light, splendour. 

Goleuferu, v. a. (goleufer) To make luminous. 

Goleufynag, t. m. (golau— mynag) An explana- 
tion, or demonstration. 

Goleulawn, a. (golau— Uaam) Refulgent. 

Golenliw, s. m.— p/. t. iau (golau— Uiw) A light, 
or bright hue. a. Of a light hue. 

Golwfr def, dewta mn at frtlwy, 
OoleoUw folwf yr at f weiwy. 

A gentle look, the deaire ofaneh aibcb^da her, iUvMiafd b the 
conntenance or the one that aeei her. 

CwddOw, i Ufa/, Madtmg. 

Goleuliwiad, s. at. (golenliw) A making of a light 

or faint colour 
Goleulifriaw, v. a. (golenliw) To make of a light 

or indistinct colour. 
GoleuKvriawg, a. (golenliw) Of a light hue. 
Goleulon, a. (golau — Hon) Liehtsome. 
Oolenlonder, s. m. (goleulon J Lightsomeness. 
Ooleulonedd, a. m. (goleulon) Lightsomeness. 
Oolenlosg, s. m. (golau— llosg) A bright burning^ 

a flammation. 

Rawdd f«eM golealoig arnei. 
It h eaiy to peieelre a/oaie apon her. If. at O Owfrntdd. 

Golenlosgi, «. a. (goleulosg) To burn brightly, or 

in a flame. 
Golenne, s. m. (goleu— gne) A light tint. 

Oleane dyfr. nee Lenrd, 
Ctynai ffwedd all EnU. 

The bHght eolmrnt water, or Ittc CyntMa, the ipollcr of the 
coaatcaaoee ltt« Said. Or. oft JT. a» Dmfydd* 

Goleunl, t. m. (gohm) light; Ulnstration. 
Goleuod, s. pi, aggr. (goleo) Ohiw-worms. 


GO L ^>0 

Gt>ienrwydd, j. m. (gol&o) lUasirbnsness. 

Tranl goridni fgolnA rolcnrw Tdd ; 
Cod calso cfniBncyiBlieorwjfad. 

TW U*l»hcf.i»aBipllon of the wealth ot splendour; ttM omen 
of Ui«r«>liTalofnDlvtTMlwiU Cynoaetw. 

Golenthiawp, a. (golaeth) Religions, pions. 

Ynipad • <J«Iyly fod jn fad a brldar, drvd a llafar, ufadd ac ofo- 
■«f, a Koleulhiwir. 

A Jodfc !• to b« male and deaf, boUl aad »loq«en<^ ?!°V^!"* 
fearfol. and rtltfioui. »•''''* '*«"• 

Goleawel, t. m. (golan— gurel) Pcrspicolty. 

Ownactb drefn a doaparib ar faraian cerdd— «an foddi gole*- 
«•! ailiratrlacih arnynt- 

He brooKhl the metre, of iODf to order and ^^^^f*^^^ 
(irlnf to thrm the pertpkuitf of leaminf. E. U^JYM. 

Oolenwr, ». «.— p/. goleawyr (golan— gwr) A 

lighter, or one that makes a light. 
Ooleuydd, t. in.— pi. e. Ion (golau) A lighter. 
OoleiiyD, «. m. dim. (golao) A small light. 

GHddfaniit ryw ochenald tnafrf fyny: a chyoted y meddyllwn, 
fvelwn rym oteByn o Wrbcll yn tort atlaa. 

I alteriHi a coofoifd tlrt toward, hearen S •"Jj^ *S^^ Jj". 
nn to think. I coold perceWe a kind of tmM lirht, «»f •Jwout 
at a (wat lUttance. *• ^ J^» *• "■*• 

Oolewych, t . m. (llewych) A faint reflection. 

Oolewychawl, a. (golewych) Faintly Alnlng. 

Oolewychiad, t. m.-p«. *. ftu (golewych) A fiitet- 
ly shining, a throwing a dim light. ^, , ^ 

Golewychu, «. a. (golewych) To shine falntiy, to 
throw a dim light. 

Golf, f. m.-pi. «. an (gwlQ What envelopes, or 
takes in ; a swallow; a gnlf. 

Ciolfan, ».f.-^U I. od (golO A spanow. Go^oji 
y mynyid, a mountain sparrow ; «^o(/im jf gitrt, 
the red sparrow; ^oVan vf eifff, the greater 
brambling; yr olfan lAtf, the lesser bramblmg. 

Cioliannawl, a. (gollant) IllominatlTe. 

Ooiianniad,«. m. (gollant)Illurolnation. 

CJoliannu, «. a. (gollant) To Illuminate. 

Y lop' <1rtrM>f th, nan oedd belydr yr hsnl yn haitlda, ac jn 
laiiti'i )r fitafell— f wurldrr adda«>ib I pewn atMf • ae a ffyiU 
gt»»ll ym, Urwy ofyn a gwnwn I f^nydd. 

The n«il morning, whrn the rayt of the mn "^^^^^^^ 
aad Utnmint ihrrhambfr.fraillf ranicin to mc.and fT*^»« ■»«• 
at lite eauie time asking if I would rt»e ap. Marekawg LfWfUfa, 

Clollant, «. m. (gawl) Illumination, light. 
Golinlad, «. m. (gUnlad) Apushlng with the knee. 
Goliniaw, «.ct. (gUnlaw) To push with the knee ; 
to push with the elbow. 

Oellnlo riililn— — 
A wnai a*l b«»aelln oer. 

The hit oae he would fwiA wlOi hi. cold j{[^.| 

Gollniawg, a. (gllniawg) Having the joints pro- 
jecting a little. 

Oolilh, f . m.~pl. *. iau (lllth) A gradual train- 
ing ; a gentle enticement. 

Golithiad, «. m pi. t, au (golith) A training, or 

drawing on gradually ; a gently alluring. 

Goiitliiaw, o. a. (golith) To allure gently. 

Golithiawg, a. (golith) That i« gently allured. 

Golithiawl« a. (golith) Tending to train, or en- 
tice gently. 

Golithr, $. m, (llithr) A gradual slip or glide. 

Golithraw, v, o. (golithr) To slip gradually. 

«;wylynt, toUlhrynt yn ogelawg. 
Htt*x en- malt <;> nail y cyndynlawg. 

rriiM^«-tti«'y woQld look xba.licd, they would $Up etMy pri- 
^ftt' ly Un fi-af of the otily ton of Cynan the .tubbora one. 


Golithrawl, a. (golithr) Tending to slip gradnally. 
i>f/lithriad, s. m,—pL t. au (golithr) A slipping 

i/«Witlirig, a. (golithr) Somewhat slippery. 
itoUw^ 0. m.— pi. t. iaa (Uiw) A faint colour, a 

irlinfse, a transitory lustre. 



1 crcbl gwen fetch v cof; 
Yno t gwelaf, Ddafydd, 
GoHwar Ddyn fal gwawf ddydd. 

I win adorn myself, tn order lo obtain the «iltb»i lair dmhter, 
there, David, I iball perceive %gUmp$e of the maid like th* d»«» 
of day. C«le w ^im'- 

Oollwiad, i, m.—pl. t. au (goliw) A colonriBf! 

faintly, a giving a slight tint. 
OoUwiaw, ©. a. (goliw) To colour slightly. 
Goliwiawg, a. (goliw) Having a faint tint. 
GoUwiawl, a. (goliw) Tending to tint slightly. 
Golo, 8. m.—pl. t, edd (gol) What encompaaaes; 

a covering; protection. 

Gwael neaedd maenwedd myawent Udl; 
Golo Nwt, eolen dlreldl! 
Golwg gwalcb dwvthfalch o brlf dellhl: 
Gwraed gwawii, a^l dawn o*l daSoai. 
GwynedcTeDrhfaedd. oedd raU witbl. 

Shelf depodted Id the churchyard', vault of atoae ; a frril mmt- 
•Iod: the HoHngvp of Ne.t la a maaifnt cuiae ! Wtth eje« of t 
hawk, Uvely anddtgniOcd, and of the most Hlurtrioaaracewi. titr, 
fair as the gommcr, wlih her grace flowing from her go^no»: 
the glory oTOwyaedd, ibe waa ncccBMry for na. Gw^kkmau 

Golo, r. a. (gol) To encompass round; to enve- 
lope, to cover ; to protect. 

Gwedy golo dydd o dy wyllawr; 
Gwedy golwg frad goleoad gawr— 
Dy gu (o dy gerddawr! 

After muntlint orcr of Uie day by darkcea.; after the trwcher- 
oa. aapect of dudiy light, be thou a friead to thy wniper!^^ 

G<4oad, 8, m. (golo) A covering, or enveloping. 

Goloawd, 8. m. (golo) Envelopement, covering. 

Goloawl, a. (golo) Tending to cover over. 

Qolochawl, a. (Uochawl) Giving some protection. 

Golochi, r. a. (golawch) To protect partly. 

Golochiad, #. «. (golawch) A giving some pro- 
tection ; a partly defending. 

Golochwyd, s. m, (golawch) A sequestered spot, 
a hiding place, a retreat. 

Y cariad 

Ni lecfaa y'agolochwyd. 

Love wUI BOI lark under cover long. D. ak Oarfly** 

Golochwyd, v. a. (golawch) To take reftige; t» 
hide ; to go to retreat. 

ryd lawnach dlfyrach fn 
Coed olocbvryd cyd lecba. 

So more campleie, tad more amailaff waa Um •««lf<'f^ «* 
oar hiding together. '>- •* CwUfm. 

Golochvryda, r. a. (golochwyd) To lead the life 

of a hermit. ,x». . 

Golochwjdawg, a. (golochwyd^ Living as a hermit 

Golochwydawl, o. (golochvryd) Eremitical. 

Golochwydus, a. (golochwyd) Religiously sohtaiy. 

Golochwydwr, «. m.— pi. golochwydwyr (goloch- 
wyd— gwr) An hermit, or redusc ; a religiously 

solitary man. , v-, t. v*^ n 

Golochwyta, v, d. (golochwyd) To Uve sofitanly. 
Goloed, 8. m. (golo) A covering; a vestment. 

r. o. To envelope, to cover. 

Groffodd greff ufel, 
rym hy Hywcl, a 
.. .iwyaf arnaf eraywed. 

GnilTudd, of a flery dUpoalUon. and the bold Aw «{ £^1; 
with a cooipicaou. w.mcw/, and afcer whom I ^^^^^ 

offodd gren uiei, 
A grym hy Hywcl, a hywydd olfied, 
Ah« ' " 

Gwae Gymmrv, gymmrl gyfagar, 
Gdded gradd hyfcd hygar. 


Woe to Wale., fympalhWog to boaoaia, that the IIU»ali»^ 
aml.Me countenance ,kauld ^^^J^,^ ^ j^ Merrfai*. 

Goloedig, a. (goloed) Enveloped ;.5°7^r!f:^ ^ 
Golbedigaeth, ». m.-pl. «. au (goloedig) The act 

of enveloping, or covering. 
Goloew, «. (gloew) Partly bright, dear, or trans- 

Goloewad, ..'ml'Soew) A 5"g»»tening alit^^^^^^ 
Goloewder,«. m. (goloew) A degree of brightness. 
Goloewi, r. a. (goloew) To brighten a little. 

ooL n 

Ooki, 9./.-^fL t. oeild(gal) A ibeMer; prolee- 
tioB. GU^m dk^rydy eowtrt aad ftvslratloii. 
GoloftUd^ «. (90I0O Teadiiiff to oovar over. 

Ctf Olltea, vea hMhrea ha*. 


Gdolkwl, «. /golof) Tending to cover. 
Oolofi, •• «. (goloO To make a oovering. 
Gdofydd, «. «.--fil. <• ion (goloO One wbo 

■■kee « covering ; anaaalnGtarer of covering, 

or wfnring appaiel. 
Odoffddiaeth, «. m.^-^ I. an (golofydd) Mann* 

tedire of appareL or clotba. 
Goiofyddiant, «. m. (golofydd) The maldng of co- 

vcrins, or apparel. 
Golofhidd, n. (Uofrndd) Ferodoas, fierce. 

tM cfffcka h orsff v crMiaiiMloa, ac nl cfeMiul luradd fl»B- 
aMBf n c« Urn in oloAmL 

bM were ■laiB wKAovi 

•nd thc7 Medvcd M qitr- 


Golofrnddiad, j. m. rgolofrndd) A conuniUittg a 

feiocionay or bloody deed. 
Golofraddiaw, «. a. (golofmdd) To act fiercdy. 
Golii, V. c (golo) To envelope, to protect. 


0«u tf Itew, liadd Owikil 

coraw i« avktf tkb diy nter Mftt ••< 

•lOiMtaiilmilitlMatalnl LUfwnk 


NPn fwa»o neb Ira trail 
TVowf l*r nf arghryddL 

Ilakadr coald M aadaw for ■« tke tad naaaAraaoa of chlaf* 
Ma«S aa lafawaMa te tt fa Awf then! OmleAiaal. 

GeloBy «. (Don) Somewhat chearfnl. 
Gdfloawl, a. (gdan) Of n chearfal iendency. 
CL «. (golon) To make n little cheaivnl. 

GMmudj «• flk (golott) A cheering a little* 
Gflloag, J. M.— p{. I. ion (llosg) Coke. e. That is 

partly tmmt. Glo gomg* coked coal. 
GokMgnniy a. (golosg) Tending to half born. 
CilMiged, «. m. (golMg) What it half burnt, or 

charred; char; the snnffof acandle; tinder. 

Ccoflffca cydd yn f lia iawu— 
Ac a ijug M golotgcd. 

E»rf is very wifhaed, tod baraa Uka Hmdgr, L. G, Cotki. 

Goloagedlg, a. (golotted) Half-bnmt. 
GiiloiB,«. «. (golosg) To bnm partly; to char; 
to iMfle; to blight, or to blast. 

Ya llytoedd DCaa 
Y a ffolQtfl. 

of Iha Smith ara anay Ughledtowen; In Eoflud 

U, P. Moeft. 

GokMglad, s. «i.— fl. f . aa (golosg) A half horn- 
ing, a charring, a redociog to tinder, a singe- 
ing; a bunting; adustion. 

GelMgydd, s. im.'-pL t. ion (gohMg) One who 
■akea «liar ; m ohareoal bnmer. 

(Mt, s. «. aggr. (gold) Marigold. Golf yd, corn 
■•rigold ; gott y mot/o, marsh marigold ; goM 
laairy mnrigcdd. 

Gotaeh, «. m.— |il.l.ion (gairi) Adoration, wor- 
~ », praise, ^sff^ Golatfc, a valley in Ola- 
I, where there are remarkable remains 
of ancient religions sanctnaries. 

Ear-ddfaiff EmI. eryroa fjbyr, 
Eryt fw»r lolacbaa, 
D^oMd f wellhred raaltb Fadoa ; 
Yn aydd fwytb ffvdOkfitfdif draffoa. 

r«; IcC btm tbow a feat Hbe Ibc 
Cfwddetwt a** t'* Oftfmdd, 

Oolochad, t. (golneh) A worshipping, or adoring. 
Golnchaw, o. a. (golneh) To worsltp, to adore. 

Dynaolach Goflrdd viravlyd Inoedd: 
Dyngoddaa Debca dybyatlwdddtaadd. 

Tbt loMb, of IbMa bMtt, wWlrfiidaC «i«Jk«M«r ; tbe Saath 

will ba soierias mt 10 b«va an open road Tor tpoil*. 


Odnehed, s. m.-^ U an (golneh) An act of wor* 

ship; adoraUon. 
Oolnchedlg, a. (golnched) That Is worshipped. 
Oolnd, «. Mk— pL t. oedd (Had) Wealth, or riches. 

Had yw f olad, a g elya 
Biaydr wMt y W| a btai 


WtaUk !• ddatioB, and a iaredly warrtof foe, aad Iha bHiay tr 
of HB. X)« •* Owilyai. 

aw a rf ■ocharfarebad} 
BraUl ar lyfoiU, aar gad— 

daa limnra; iomr on wtaUh, 

\ otbaia OB a Iklcod, a pA- 
Ur. 8. Ctmt, 

Mae'n tlrd olod y B«do, 
A*l rlod d; no golad to. 

Mora alanrira It tba «•■ 

\Uk of Bcdo, and bit rame. ftaa Jhe 
£. O. C0<*i. 

Oolndawg, a. (golnd) Wealthy, rich, monied. 
Golndiad^ s. m. (golnd) A making wealthy. 
Oolndiaeth, s . m. (gdad) A rich condition. 
Golndod, v. a. (golndawg) To make wealthv. 
Golndd, «. m.— pi. U ion (llodd) A little hinder- 
ance, or obstraction ; aisconragement 

Mlafatry aafya afudd, 

■y Lord labniMbaly, and I wUI not rctam wtlbont 

TV soldca diagoB of Eryrl, tbe forenoM of vaalei, the eajl" 
efawn laat hv Sw Mtow ; let btm abow a featHbe the battle 
M Sadan, la Cbc day oTwratb be It a viclortoM leader^ 

I will goto 

^ Oolnddiad, s. m.— pi. I. an Tgolndd) A sUghUy ob- 

stracting; a cansing hesitation. 
Golnddias, #. m. (golndd) Slight obstmction. 

Neam rboddat o*l Ibdd, be b oladdla*, 
Oorwyddawdffyrf, gnawd ibw ffyoMvynat. 

Hat he not ftvan aie fkam hit revaaaa, wtthoat A«>fil«lio», 

pownfal tiaod, tba acc a ttomad ooatpttBant of rojatty. 


GoUiddiaw, v. a. (golndd) To hinder a little ; to 
retard ; to discourage; to cause hesitatton. 

Ooladdlal waglaltb, f«yi ddiarygiad. 

Ooluddlawg, a. (golndd) Slightly obstructed. 

Goluddiawf, a. (^udd) Sllf^tly obstructive. 

Oolnddiwr, s. ni.--p<. goloddfryr (gohidd— gwr) 
One who obstmcts a little. 

Golwch, s. m.— pi, gdychion (gawl) The act of 
IHurolnating, or lighting; the act of coming to- 
gether in the light; the bardic worship; ado- 

Oolwg, f . m.—fl. golygon (gawl) Sight, look, as- 
pect, view, appearance. Gofay-a ws awartfc, 

Carafl cot Fal, forelran Indd 

A golyffon bwyr, blrayn et grodd. 

I love the nlgbUngale of May. that hladrn tbe afrnlag tlaep, 
•rith ianfaid iyM> *oA king wUte cbaak. tHntMaiai. 

Er ai gein, I'r gnlwg 

Y da a ddav, draw, a drwg . 

NotwItbtUttding Itt being concealed, to tbe *<nt the good viU 
come by aad by, and tbe crll. *^ Mopcim, 

Golwm, a. (Uwm) Ratlier bare, or exposed. 
Golyrcb, «. m.— pi. golyrch (gol— gwrch) A box. 
Golwst, J. m.— pi. golyst (gawl) An elucidator ; 

an interpreter. 
Golwth, s. m,—pl, golythau (dwth) A conch. 
Golwybr, s. m.— p<. t. an (Uwybr) A slight trace, 

or vestige. 

Mae yaian yn gwrtbawd ladd I arrtbo tyb a golwybr brad. 

He atao It refiitiag to pat from Um the twolcioa aad apptm 
anee of treachery. «. Car, tag^Mm^inogUm, 

M 2 


There viU be ae tewfal pitem in the klot*s ■!■( ■ 
of Deceioiwr. Wt 



Golwy thaw, t. a. (golwvth) To cot into pieces. 
Golwythiad, c. m. (golwyth^ A cuttiDg of flesh 

into pieces, cntlets, or coliops. 
Golybod, s. m. (sol) The sight, or Tision. 
Golychadwy, a. (Kolwch) That may be adored. 
Golychator, ger, (golwch) Being adoring. 

tiVm golo Gynmro, gmr dlobori 
Wm gotadd gol«d gdydulor. 

t «tall not ba protected Iit a WekhMu, • aieii voM of tlolh ; 
«cellb ilMll not Under ac Aooi htimg W9r»klpptmg, CyetfMw. 

Golychawd, t. m. Qgolwch) Act of worshipping. 
Golychedig, a. (goiwch) That is worshipped. 
Golychiad, s. m. (golwch) A worshipping. 
Golychitor, sap. (eolwch) To be worshipped. 
Golychu, «• a. (golwch) To worship, to adore. 

LHawe »*■ golwch nTa gweleaiit cr M'oed 
O rUacdd a««BL— 

wko have never 

NttiBberairill^reif* me wko have never lean ae, of ifee ladica 
•I Gwanl. awakkmrnt. 

Gorncbel Ddav golydhir yn uhob lie. 

Tke iMMlliIgh 0«d viit to fldefvrf In every place. /M».JII^yw. 

Golychwyd, s. m, (golwch) Worship, adoration. 

Amaa I firfd, ac aweei I elydivyd. 
Tbrre !• tfaM for nMM, and Uaie for wnhip, Aimgu 

Golycbwydaw, o. a. (golychwyd) To worship. 

Golychwydawl, 0. (golychwyd) SappUcant; gi? en 
to prayer; devoot; rellgioos. 

Golychwydtts, a. (golychwyd) OiTen to worship. 

Oolychwydwr, #. m.~pl. golychwydwyr (golych- 
wyd— sjwr) A worshipper, one who adores. 

Oolygawd, s. m. (golwg) Prospect, view ; sight ; 

Carr RaMa, rvMd olygawd, 
Xt adiel ' ' ' 


d defawd. 

The cUyoT ReM, ol woadeifal prmptct, Ue taprena dlv, of 

Golygawl, a. (golwg) ReiaUng to vision; ocular; 

Golygdwil, s. ai.-pl. golvgdyllan (golwg— twH) 

A peep-hole; the sight-bole of any instmnient ; 

the sight-hole of a cross bow. 
Golygedig, 4. (golwg) Endowed with sight. 
Golygedigawl, a. (golygedig) SpecalaUve. 
Golvgfa, •./.— pi. golygfeydd (golwg) A pbce of 

vision; scenery. 
Golygiad, s. at.— pi. f. an (golwg) The act of 

looking; vision; speculation; an o^ect. 
Gdygiadawl, «. (golygiad) RelaUng to vision ; 

prwpective; speculative. 
Gdygiadtt, e. a. (gdyglad) To superintend. 


Oolwybraidd, a. (golwybr) Tending to produce 
a slight trace. 

Golwybraw, o. a. (golwybr) To make a slight 
track or path. 

Goiwybrawl, a. (golwybr) Slightly tr«elog. 

Golwybriad, t. ai.— pL I. an (golvrybr) A faintly 
tracing ; a forming a slight path. 

Golwyd, J. at. (Uwyd) Greyish tinge, a. Greyish. 

Gdwydaidd, a. (golwyd) Tending to be f;reylsh. 

Golvrydaw, a. a. (golwyd) To make greyish. 

Golwyth, «. ai.— pl. f. ion (gawl— gwyth^ Pure, 
or consecrated piece of flMh ; choice viands; a 
piece, coUop, or rasher of flesh.— GalwylWoa 
ctifreUkUwi^ lawful pieces, which were the 
twelve pieces into which a CifUaigy or stag in 
season, was divided. GiAwyih jffran, the milt. 

Da gwcddal y Mr i'r golwyth. 

The tpll ta well Mlled for lhe>ela« ^mmi. Adagt, 

Nl bydd golwyth cyrrdlhlawn yn hydd y bicnia gwedy calu 


GolyiMiuiwl, a. (golygiant) Praapectlve. 

Gdygiannu, a. a. (golygiant) To speculate. 

Goly giant, s. at.— pi. golygiannan (golwg) Scen- 
ery; scene. 

Oolygle, $. m.— pi. I. oedd (golwg— lie) A pros- 
pect place. 

Oolyglon, a. (golwg— Uon) Of a chearlul look. 

Golyglys, #. as. (golwg— Uys) Eye-bright 

Golygo, e. a. (golwg) To look upon; to behoU, 
to view; to oversee , to review* 

Golygus, a. (golwg) Sightly ; of good aspect. 

Golygusrwydd, t. ai. (golygus) Sightliness. 

wlygwcl, f. ai. (golwg— gwel) Specimen. 

. JJJi <w** baaaer digoa o bennlttloB cynnrych a gelyf««* er 

There were not halfeaoagh of HaaiMof eaanple and nrtimtm, 
for learning of the mctrr*. B. S^^Ad. 

^^ygwr, *. m.— pi. golygwyr (golwg— gwr) A 
spectator; an overseer. 

G<^ygwriaeth, i . ak- pi. I. an (gdygwr) The of- 
nee of an overseer. 

Golygydd, s. m.— pi. I. ion (golwg) A looker oa, 
a spectator; an oTerseer, or intendant. 

Oolygyddiaeth, t . ai.— pi. I. an (golygydd ) The of- 
fice of an overseer. 

Golygyn, $. m, (golwg) A specimen, a sample. 

Golym, a. (Ilym) Somewhat sharpish. 

Golymaidd, a. (golym) Tending to be sharp. 

Golymlad, i. m. (golym) A making sharpish. 

Golyn. s. ak— pi. t. an (gol) The guard of a svronl. 

Golyth, «. m.— pi. t. ion (llyth) Rather feeble. 

Cyfym golyth baa ban ym d^eaeirch o bell. 

t wai wru mamf when the Mr one caaM and jrreelcd Xtmm 
•^* GwmUkmmi. 

Golythiad, s. at.— pi. t. an (golyth) Enervation. 
Goly thiaw, v. a. (golyth) To enfeeble. 
Golytfaiawl, a. (golyth) Tending to enervate. 
Odyrehaid, «. ai.— pi. golyrcheidiao (golwreh) A 

OolJI^teid o ell ffwcrthfhwr a dywalltodd Nalr Magdalen as 

^1^^'^*" "^ pradoni oIntaMM did Mary Magdalen poor «« 
ChrM. htZ OtiftklZd^ 

GoUewin, s. m. (Uewin)The hind part, the rear, 
the west. 

Peaarolljm y gollewin, 

O byrUi deer hyd berth Y««wla, 

g;/»:/.?»!» •ji!?".ej«to^Wtaat. 

rMcwIa, tal 

Owenlllaat lUw haSn. 

I the gaiM or Cheilar to An 
praln will be anlTerMl. G 

Oonewia wtedlf , wlid tekblawg. 
Sovertign of the «*•!, a oonntry periect In good 

Gdlwng, f. m. (llwng) A loosening, or dropping, 
a brewing. Brccaa. 

AnMwyr«af hael, hwyl-glod ollwag: 
Aiddaalaat lotfocdd tyrlh eUdwaf. 

I will e»a the generDW one, the 4tpmrHmrp^lmi orttm ea«f«e 
of fune i the gfany oT arvdet, iho attneUeavl the ■mmndM. 

JSia. a* Mod. aS rrm%m£ 

Gollwng, a. a. (llwng) To loosen, to let go ; to 
slacken; to drop; to absolve, to relnse, to mc* 
quit, to free; to redeem; lo brew.— CaflwM> 
fwaMl,to let blood; gMwt^ dtawd, to drovr 
drink; goUmng ergffd^ to let oflf a gun ; gmii^ 
w»g Utfawd^ to let the tongue run, or to aookt s 
gMokg ycAaw, to nnydie oxen ; fUmm^ 
gwrtig^ to church a woman. 

Owji mab G«M M. y dydd y byddal dri* y gollyivM y mm i 
weilddolwacrcdbydaieirogel. # • *-• #-^. 

Blobhei^enoal the aoa oTSaieUfea*!, the day whea he hnwunti 
to be tad, A« wraM rfray hii andcr Up dowa to hto aavHT^ 

M, Culkmek-MmUmtt***. 


(kUptpAmy^ «• (foUwag) TImt mn be looieiMd, 
orletgo; red— nabto; repto^iule. 

GflJlyngswl, «. (gDUtrag) Looteningy teodlag to 
fbcuo, or to drop; abtolfing. 

Gollyngdawd, «. «. (goUwng) Tne act of looMn- 
iog, or setting at large ; release, acqaittaly dis- 
chuge, dismissioii, deUterance ; abwolotion. 

GdljBgdodawly «• fjullyiigdawd) AbMlotory. 

GoDyagedigy a. (goUwng) Lootened, absoWed. 

hod fa oUyicvdlt oV vfelt it roddoayat 1 Emry* 

a^ M flMM to AMbroMw Iba klac 

fraa Ike fwih, wUch 
Or. •* ilf<A«r. 

GaUyagedigaelli, «. ai.— pi. f. an (gollyngedlg) 
Hie act of loosening, abaolvlnr, or discharging. 

G^Oyngedigawl, a. (goOyngedigJ Absolatory. 

GoDjogiady «• ai.— pi. f . an (goUwng) A loosen- 
iag, a letting go ; remisdon, alMolntion. 

Gollyngwr, •. oi.— pi. gollynpwyr (goOwng— gwr) 
A looMner, al»Bolter, or liberator. 

G«ni, s./. (om) What tnms adversely. 

GoBUchy a. /.--pi. I. an (gom) A shank; a sUn. 



I, die ffSto I Snd Bore dlKued. 


W|d tal, Mte ywdV 
A smc Hvdy um thM vt loM. ■! 

Goasnedd, a. ai. (gom — medd) An adTerse say- 
ing ; m refusal ; a denial. 

Gonnedd, v. a. (gom— medd) To say adTersely ; 
Id tefnae; to deny. 

kmMHy pwyllwa, 

MMdM*r aradwra ; 

Ta waaw* fwcv a gallwn. 

«■ tky accoaal I woaM paA oawaAl* «»e«pt ay ana, 
■e; aod 1 voaJd act m wall ai I coaM. 

Ytmddt IVyflMi • OtaaleSaiai. 

I, a. (gommedd) Negative refnsing. 
I, t. M.— fl. I. an (gommedd) A re- 

lasang; a motion. 
GoBuneddn, i>.a. (gommedd) To refuse ; to deny. 
Gosssneddwry «. at.— pL gommeddwyr (gommedd 

— gwr) A refuser ; a denyer. 
Gonaddy a. ««— pi. I. ion (nadd) A thin shaving. 
GonaddUdy a. m. (gonadd) A shaving a planing. 
Gooaddo, a. a. (gonadd^ To shave with a plane. 
Gonaid, m^/,-^» goneioian (naid) A hop. 
Gooawddy a. ai.— ^. gonoddan (nawdd) A small 

degree of protection. 
Gonawf, s. m. (nawf) A partly swimming. 
Gonesesy a. ». — pi. I. an (neges) A petty errand, 

a trifling business. 
Gone^en, v. a. (goneges^ To do petty errands. 
Gooeidlad, a. at. (gonaid) A hopping, a skipping. 
Goneidiaw^ «• «• ^gooald) To hop, to skip. 
Gonesiad, a. a». (nesiad) A gently approaching. 
Goueac, a. (gawn) Honest, or sincere. 
GoaeotrwyiM, a. m* (gonest) Honesty, sincerity. 
Gonesta, a. a. (gonest) To make honest ; to faie- 
boBest, or sincere. 
^9,€. (nesa) To approainuite a little. 
Ganoddairi, a. fgonawdd) Tending to protect. 
Ganoddi, v. a. (gonawdd) To protect a little. 
Gonoiiad, a. m, fgonaarf) A partly swimming. 


gonawf; To swim partly. 

Gouwyf, a. m.-^ I. an (nwyO A little brisk- 
•cas, or iivelinesa. 

GoBwyftw, V. a. (gonwyf) To render a little live- 
ly ; fa beoome somewhat animated. 

Ggnw yfa w l , a. (gonwyf) A little animated. 


Gottwyind, s. «. (gottwyO A aMking, or 

ing a little aniaMTted. 
Oooer, a. (oer) Somewlmt cool^ or fresh. 
Oooeraidd, a. (gooer) Tending to beeooUsb. 
Oooereiddrwvdd, «. m. (gooeraidd) Freshness. 
Oooerfa, s. / — pi. gooerfeydd (gooer — ma) A 

cool place, an arbour. 
Gooeri, v. a. (gooer) To make rather cool. 
6or, ff. m.'^-fT, t. oedd (or) What b superior, 

uppermost, or extreme; an origin, or source; 

an opening; a rim ; a border; congesled blood, 

S»re; matter from a wound, pus ; a brood, a. 
uperior, extreme, high; broody, adv. In the 
extreoM. above, exceMingly, very^— Itisused 
as a prefix in composition. 

■rMdalofWydd a llafb lirmaf, 
Mai krw) a yd fwvddyat rba* I adaf ; 
Mab atdao cTod-hlr caaafTu, 
0>r ckid Ml or, hafeeHliar. 

Ha woald fkj Iba ftwa with keeaaeit btade. like ntbca would 
fall bafera bli ana: tbc aoa of Clydao of laauirtal fcaio I «l|| 
aaf to Ibfc, of pndaa wlCboaC begbtmimg, wltlwat end. Amgmrim 

Owaln arwyrala yr eroadd, ar bawb 
O bybyr gaoadloadd. 

Owalu tba axalled of tbe ta a a df rto. OTcr all Iba nlfhtr Ba> 
tfooa. CvmdMm, I O. aft JJSSowf . 

Owcrdiiwydd or, eydnalat agncrdi al ayth: aaf a ddjty fad fu 
el aytb, padvar cyw arvfaliiC 

Tbe valaaoT a kaiekbit looae to aa aialeb aa Iba valaa of bar 
Bcrt: Ibere oarbt lo be la ber acal twealy-fbor foanff ooea. 

Gorad, «. m. (gorged) Superior activity. 
Goradain, a. (gorad) Great velocity, a. Very 

quick, or nimble. GwtUh gvrmdaiuj a swift 


Ya iliUh llew ibag llyw fondalo. 
Hatlaf Iba appaaraaee of a IIob beCnta tbe «"'^*'"^«ilMi«adar. 

Owr fondalD gwit a gvadal. 
Tbe aellM aiaa Ibal coaSded ia tbe tralh. £. 0. CttU, 

SyaC «*f— aoV aayWa: 
o*r eUaa l*r laa; ao^r ciaia Pr eoed ; 
Noff o dioed a raed t oradala. 

I aa aaplllw tbaa Ibe iM^Mwa: tbaa Iba blad to Ibe pWat 
tban Ibe doe to Ibe grove j tbaa of tba foot Unt la clvea to a» 
nH/r ^ wuiim, L. O. CiMi. 

Goraddaw, o. a. (addaw) To promise too much. 
Goraddfed, a. (addfed) Over mellow, too ripe. 
Goraddfedn, v. a. (goraddfed) To grow too ripe. 
Goraddfwyn, a. (addfwyn) Over-friendly, lund 

to excess ; very benevolent. 
Goraddfwyn, a. (addfwyn) Supremely blessed. 
Ooraddwyoaw, a. a. (goraddwyn) To render su« 

premely blessed. 
Goraddwynder, t . at. (goraddwyn) Excess of bliss 
Ooraeth, s. m.~-pl. I. ao Tgor) A. tent for a wound 
Goraethawg, a. (goraeth) Tented, in surgery. 
Goraethiad, s. m. (goraeth^ A tenting a wound. 
Goraethu, v. a. (goraeth) Tx> tent a wound. 
Goraf, «. m. (gor) Superlative degree of, or thp 

most excellent, a. Superlative, oest. 
Gondii D, f. m. — jX. I. ion Tgrafyn) A grudge* 
Gorafnnaw, a. a. (gorafyn) To grudge, to grum- 
ble ; to envy; to give or take reluctantly. 
GorafunawS, a. (gorafun) Grudging envious. 
Gorafuniad, #. ai.— pi. I. an (goruyn) A grudg- 

iogt grumbling, or envying; a murmnnug, a 

being unwilling. 
Goraig, s. /.—pi. goreigiau (aig) A superior souree 

of production. 
Oorair, s. ai.^pl. gorelrian (gair) An adverb. 
Goraith, s. /.--pi. goreithiau (rhalth) What is 

partiy a rule, or law. 
Gonlw, a. ai. (galw) A calling out aloud. 


6 OR 


tv Umbsm. 


f o 


flow ot 

«ai » Urn tumi;ra: 

Vm* <M Birtmt At «w n -aT 

■Tier i» fr»?9i^. sjtt 9 

GaraUn. r. «. crmT To We imxrf ^am idik. 
Gormliiiad. &. «l cnraUs, A imoBHuiic. or ruoAer- 
manure: tkiB «ii^ 

to rcaibfsr more tiaix; aiflttoiaafc. 

a. '^nrBltii PtoB h> SBPf 'ten Sttt. 

Gnranilkiid, &. m. ^^acBmil A M^Ksndiiiiiiifbiii:. 

tt* Mi}*eT«foiiiid. 


FxBe ikarisc^. 

, ex- 

• 3 S 
T« stireT 

e ™ tke er^, a kiv. 

^ •• ^ — ^ r:*3K3»iwxT r^c^ — 

■^^^ ? r**^" ir«« t ^ rr «a rrLirr' jr rii. tile 
•oooer Iw |eoe» liK^ best. » arT'icunua. 

spirits ; >oT. Aii •v^r.rf «< rir«n «t r»r.t«-^m 

Ljt at ::■( _ 

V MSB zutm > tti mutr* Tap* mtxi mato «f ««aBi rH, Mri 
:nina»n< ai ■ ^m*^ of n ouvtsMiuOk o^onntf & J0K. ke aft »o«( to 

wny nipt- 


kv. r. «. tw^vriil > T* cif« a kiat or 
Aa4 Aa m4 ino €% ii-^iayiii 

G<ftf>«7 Jui^ iL mT— f^ L aa socbvjU) Aa ioti- 
^. «.;eirW;i2 T^axiiaf 10 napren ID 
Oorov^i^ f. «. fwy} A ^epeaiieacey ffcfiaaee. 

• iij lunnmr JUT" 


tk» he 

Gcrbv^iav. r. «. ,r-cbv%5> T« rest apaa, lo de- 
p^aa. ti> r>fAV. O-tr^mrymtm m" 4dmimi^ lode- 
p<a4 apHra c«ad»f«»« 

3k9r iam-c^ . ^r 

Cicct»wy«awl,<. ^^>cbw^s') Restiac apoa, depead- 

fat. PfiAiac- 
Oorbw^ HJ«i, JL n — fi. L aa ^corb«3rs) A resting 

tt^vo. a d<pee>iiair. 

GOB i 

G««h» «./^-fl. U m (far) Wlwt nkm^mt li ni^ 
ed roand ; what eBoompatiet; • ftoea* 





Oordiadw, «. «. (eadw) To keep very rtflctly. 
OefduMtfiy e* (eaetli) Gfeetly eoofinedy of booiid* 


■te AoM, rv|4d fedd 



GordHifiuwy,*. m* (fordi— dwwy) AevnNnd* 

log gloom; the erening • 
OovdMfedig, «. (fordiaO ObCalMdy or leiied by 

•ineriority; toft it aiide topnaie. 
Gordiafedd, «. w. (gorebaf) Soperiority; mpre* 

ine^. a ttale of Mfeaoement. 
GoidMSady «. ek (gorehaO A ralilag laperlor ; 

as eiaitiag; a ■airing vtetofioat; a rlriag 

over; a hnrnining tapenor ; 

Gorchafiaedi, «• ai.— pL I. an (gorahal) Advaaee* 
BMoCorer; laperlorityi oon^ceC 

•i Iftv km*t mttn9ii, fs tiki* 0««. m ft MrMii Yv 
O tF« r OdUMd, 11 « fiJUM 7 foiAdMlk ! 

JallM ««• glTlK «p Ms 


Gorehala, «. a. (geitAaO To laiae Miperior; to 
■mIeo eadaeaty to exalt; toWealftad; lobe 
aajpeiior; to be victoriooa; teof< 

Is ft VWl fl> nNVSVIB MHfllMr WW^Bb OM VMBp fOf 

r dlMliMUftf OMttifti to Mtea^ 

Oordiatey a* (corchaf) Tendinc to naperiority. 
Gorchafaarwyday «. ai. (gordianu) Snperioii^* 
Oorebaled, a. (caled) Very bard, or ie?ere. 




vordfftftd ftc 

roTtatd* vOi 

■•t iiattili Msfeftftftly. mimim Wmt, i 

Gordnleda, e. a. (corehaled) To make over bard. 
Oorehall, a. (call) Tending to be orerwise 
GorchaUedd, «. ak (gorebtth Coneeitednett. 
GordnuBy •• ai.— ^. I. an (cam) An orentride ; 

over-reaehofabone, la pacing. 
Ooffdhaniawg,a.(gOKham)OTer-ttrlding. Muftk 

garcfta w aip g , an Ofer-reachlng bone. 
Qordianiay a. a. (gorcbam) To orer-ttride; to 

orer-readi flie leeL 
Oorckan, a./.— pL I. an (cin) Tbe canon, or flia- 

damental part of fong; an ncaatatlon ; an en- 

Tr uO^wftld ft Mftvm oO o coMm« f mm foreWa; ar •■ 


•r Ika ftiftt 

OonehaWy j« ai . ai. f • en (caw) A gmnt gieal 
mat grandchild, or a cbUd in tbe fihb degree. 

Gorchawddy a. ai.— pi. gordboddion (cawdd) A 
laperior restraint, that keeps in sabjectioB. 

Oorehawn, «. ai.— pi. gordionaa (gorch) What 
riaet saperlor. a. Towering ; miyestic. 

OftfckftWB CffM oftlftftiyft 
T w awmnktm CyaMya ; 

CyaMfft cfivy vjlad. 


ly»} awiMMMtaft«rCyBMyapftfecpitf««no««. IWIiAi. 

Gorcbeginy«gfr. (gorcb— agin) Hi^-groini 


Oorebanaarg, a. fgoreban) Having a 
fttadanental rale ; nnder Incantation. 

GorAanawl, a. (goKban) Fandamentri, with res- 
pect to song; relating to iacantation* 

Gorehann,o.a.(goraban)Toiacantate; toebann. 

Gorehariaa, a./.— pL I. an (gorch— ar—asan) The 
roofof tbenoathftbepakle; tbe upper Jaar. 

Gorcbarfaaedd, s. pL (gorcbarfan) Tba apper 
part of tbe aaoatb ; tbe pahile* 


Oorcbeldwnd, s. ak— pL I. on (eaidwad) A gnard- 
ian; a keeper. 

Oofchellb. t. ak— pi. f . dnt (celfb) Collateral re* 
latlonsbip la tbe seventh degree. See Tras. 

OordMiniad, s. wt^—fi. gorbbelnlald (gorcban) An 
IndMttter; adnrmer; ania|ddan. 

Oorcbehdaetb, a. ak— pi. I. an (gorbban) Incan- 
tation; enchantneat ; necroniaocy. 

Gorcbeltblw, a. ( gorAa et b ) Greatly eonilned. 

Oorehest, «. /.--^ f. loa (cast) Tlmt Is above 

coaprebensloB ; an enigma ; a qnestion; a great 
expMt, a feat, an extraordinary thing ; excel- 
lency. Csrsf •rtheti, a Ibat stone, or a stone 
that Is thrown to display strencth. Ni ^putf 
M •rvbssi, I win not sak of uee an enignm* 
Dyaa Ui arvtot, there Is a Ibat for thee f 

Oorcbestawl, a. (gotchcat) Uneomprebended ; ex- 
traofdlnary; qaestlonable, or anexplalned; 
enigmatleal ; excellent. 

Gofcbestwawd,s. ai. (gorcbest gwawd)An enig- 
matic expteswon \ an enlgnuu 

Gorcbestedd. s. ». (gorcbest) What is not dear- 
ly coaMprebenslbie; an exploit. 
Gorebesoad, s. m. (gorcbest) A making enigma- 

tical; a perlbntting an ex^t. 
Gorcbestn, v. a. (goroicat) To make an enigma ; 

to perform an exploit. 
Gorcnibnnad, s. ai. fgordifont) Tbe upper Jaw. 
Oorchftmedd, i. at. (gorchfoo) Upper Jaw. 
Oorchlbnt, s. ai. — pL goreblbnnan (gorch— meat) 

Tbe upper Jaw. 
Gordify^, s. ^"^ '• M (f^^T^^yS) '^^ "^ 

Gorch^gawly'a. ( 

of cetttnc tbe better, or sabdulng^ 
Gornfygadwy, a. (gorcblVg) Vlndble. 

gawl, a. (fbrebfyg) vanqalshing. 
tP^tt *• (fOf^^S) Van^isbed. 

nm ftV AJfeftft i*r M wrtfisftilt^ • 

■ftcftft ysyft ft 

piftftHft ftftw ft pftrt •• . — - - 

«tM «Ib%«i1c>ft 4»«a iWNlft. Or. 

Oorehfygiad, t . ai.— pi. I. an (gorcfa^) A van- 
qnismng, or overcoming; a discomitare. 

Gorcbfyga, a. a. (gorchfyg) To overcome^ to van- 
qaish, to conqner. 

Tri pftc* • wcM^mM Lotirt mftwyft^yftHMftM, Af^te 
CftfckftiorlM, ic MirMff y fvr mmL 

Oorchfygwry «. ak— pL gorehlygwyr (gorchfyg^ 

gwr) A vanqniiher, a sabdner. 
Goichoddlon, «. pL qfgr. (gorcbawdd) Superior 

powers; potentates. 

Oofehwdd, i.m. — fLt. ton (cordd) A ipp«rior 
rin-lr ! ■ falah. or ipIeDdid retinae. 

Gorcfanin, *. m. (cnia) "nat U placed very low, 

[>r prattaie. a. Veiy k 

OoKfanwB. (. B. (c««w«) A great coUcction, or 

Gorcfcrciniad, i. m.—fL I. »m(garAniv) A beiog 

ym low, or proatrata. 
Ovrckr«iBU«. «. a. (gMckraia) To p«Mr«e, or 

Ut irvrv low. 
OtHvhralaiawl, a. (lor^rais) Pbrcd TCr; low. 
Uon.-hrwuw), a. (p>rvktawn> GreallT coUectioit. 
(n>ri;liruBi, r. a. ^KMckravB) To aninnicBDdi. 
(iurehroiuad, «. m.~fL t aa ^p>^ch[awq) A cd- 

iM'tiiMt (»*«ilv; a Tasl i«t«ptioo, 
Ovrvhrwni, «. (<:rwm) Thai W<»d!^ or bows nodi. 
«itfv-htva,».»*,— pi.t.UB(i:ntdlC.r«»tihiTering. 
nvn-kiwlawl. a. i,p>rekndl Aft lo ((oake macb. 
lltHVkrVUwJ. t «.— f*. t- ■■ ^«orchn^) * «•"- 

(vriiW vvv-Msiivl? i • frral tr«pidalioa. 
IWn'hnUa, r. a. i«%*v*nd1 To »fci«r p««tij. 
«Wn-hriwa«(.a.,,(wn-krwa^ Bow»« treatfj, 
l!»M>-*.i«.iaa, * ■.- pit l.wivP«cfciw»)Abo»- 

(itM^-tii\MH. hd. ,(i>n-tin>«t To bow f r«aU7. 
«iMvli>>a.a. H. vctib) KM-rMOt'lntuMint. 
tl,>Lvh< luawl. a. k(wi\-KiiB) Gtratlv aitiutm]. 
tloix*i ? «i«.l. ». w. H- •• ■■ IP^-*".'") A '™»- 

NtHd oM-mJiTij . ■ ■ . 

<i>>ivht> HH. r. a. ^N»>vhrvn> To IramUe miicb ; 

tlvivho. •. -. VlP'iv-'i) To riio rouodj lo ™»e 

<vilHa »>«>. »r fHvrl^iiluc i « dlvu>*>"il- 
U^.«vh«J,IU«. •- a. (««**"''•'> *•'"* ">*«'op'' '<• 

.-..w. ..M'i. l.> .-"v^r. Ii> .H<|[«i»P- 
»ii.«*tt.l.H«*«. a.»wl»"ld) VJiTdt^fd. roter- 

i>>l »<vi , tUuiiUotl. 
(i..ivhH,MU«l,«. u"f*''"''''^ Tdodinj lo ente- 

■•')>t' t>i lt> iH>t«i uicr 1 dli«nUlii(. 
M.-ivhii>I.H,Hll«. a. (|p>.vhHd.l> Ki»Teli>p«d. 

», M, -fit. (. «u (pirchuddied- 

Blna r«»»r«l i"«t. 

a. (■vt«hiHldl(M<l)[) Tending 

'Jj. M.m'luultlwvKBorahi'*''— 
.Vi'uYori adliliilior. 
>t. t. au (ohwiBl) Exccu of 

fj. t. an (torch wBi) A 

briskneu; to become very oiinble. 

Gorchweiawl, a. (gorchwai) Tendinf to mikp, or 
become very brisk. 

wildly i abecomiDK Ten giddy. 
Oorcbwidraw, d. a. (garchwidr) To mike icij 

giddy ; to become very giddy. 
OoTchwidrawl, a. (gorcbwidr) Tendiif Id be 

Tery giddy. 
Gorchwidredd, i. m. ^gorchwidr) Eice«of giddt 

neu, or fickle motion. 
Oorchwil, i.J. (chwil) A caDlloni gluee. 
Gorchwiliad, *. n, — pi. (. an (gorchwil) Alotk. 

ing abont with earoeitneis, or cantion. 
Gorcbwiiiaw, n. a. (gorchwil) To look abMitcoii- 



gwr) One who looki i 
Gorchwliii, >. m.—pl. t. iaa (chwim) A qalck a 

lion, a aadden emotion. 
Gorcbwimlad, (. n,^pl. I. bd (corehwiB) A mr- 

lag quickly ; a itarting inddcDly. 
Oorchwimlaw, v. a. (gorchniro)l%moTeiiiiiihi- 

ly, to be all in motion. 
Gorchwimiawl, a. (gorchwim) Foil of motini. 
GorchHimiwr,). m,— pi. gorchwimwyr (pwdiaia 

— gwr) One full ormation. 
Oorchwir, t. m. (gorch— gw!r) An explidt tnA. 
Oorchwiriad, i. n. — pi. t. an (gorcbwir) Aalttnl- 

ing, auertiog; atteitation. 
Gon^wiriaw, v. a. (gorcliwir) Tottteit,l«ienlT 
Gorctawiriawl, a. (gorcbwir) Tending to TCrilj. 
Oorchwifiedig,ii.(gorchwiriad) Atteited, rcriial 
Gorchwiriwr, J. m.— pi. gorchwiriwyt (pmiwir 

— gwr) A verifier, an Bttoter. 
Ooruiwith, a. (chwilh) Very awkward, cIdiu;, 

GorcbwithBw, r. a. (gorchwitb) To make ivj 
awkward, or nntoward. 

Gorchwilhawl, a. (gorchwitb) Tending toBitt 
very awkward. 

Gorcliwithiad, (. m. (gorchwitb) A nuking, m be- 
coming very awkward. 

Gorcbwitliig, a. (gorchwitb) Very nolowatd. 

Oorcbwiw, «./.— jri. t. ian (chwiw) A quick tm. 

Oorchwiwiad, a. m, (gorchwiw) A taming, h 

whirling rapidly. 
GorchHiwlBw, V. a. (gorchwiw) To whirlquieUj' 
Oorchwiwiawl, a. (gorchwiw) Whirling i^idl'i 

of B quick circular motion. 
Gorchwig, (. m, (cwsg) A dead or heivy deep- 
Gorchwy, t. m.—pl. (. oedd (gorcb) Auoverwhdi 

Gorchwy, v. a. (gorch) To overwhelm. 

Gorcbwyad, ». m. (gorchwy) An overwhelaiidf. 
Gorchwyaw, o. a. (gorchwy) To overwhelm. 
Gorchwyawi, a. (gorchwy) Overwhelming. 
Oorchiryd, *. m.— pl. (. oedd (chwyd) A Tomit. 
Gorchwydawl, a. (gorchwyd) Tending to to mi' 

Gorchwydiacl,t.m. (gorchwyd) A vomllinginiKli' 





Goidiirpda, «. «. (forehwyd) To vomit severely. 
Gordwyddyt. m.--^ f. ao (cbwydd) A great fall. 
Gwtbwjrdd, a. (chwydd) Greatly ntlleu. 

RH Tffwivr, dlweddwr D4ii«, 
Mac vtaM, BK aar jn tdRda 1 

11* doBnAut of Tewd wr, tbe latt nmn of the aootb, freatif 
frilm ta taule, BB jewcb cover Mm, nor »<lrer, nor foM in (Im 
Mk ! Cpuddtlw, I'r aiirlwM ^Uf'* 

Gordi^rydd, «. ak (chwydd) A great swelling. 
Gttthvyddawy v. a. (gorchirydd)To fall greatly* 
Gofch^yddaw, v. a. (goreh^dd) To swell flancb. 
Gorehaydd8wl,«.(gorchapydd^ Apt to Ml greatly 
Gotdii^yddawlfC. (gorcbilrydd) Apt toswefi nftach 
(i«chfi7ddiad, A faHiog greatly 
6orckwyddiad^.Bi.(gorcli^vdd) A swelling much 
GoriEk«3rf, f. Ok— p/. t. an (diwyl) A great mo- 
turn; a revolving swifUy. 
Gffckvjfawy e. «. (gorehwyf) To make a great 
Botioo, to revolve rapldlv. 
Gwchavrawt, a. (gorehwyf Swiftly moving. 
Gofcbwyiiad, j. m.—pL t, as (gorcbwyf) A mov- 
ii| or revolving swtfUy. 

G«reli*yl, «. /. — pi, t. ion (chwyl) A superior 
tarn, coarse, or revolution; wbal Is more par- 
tiolaHy going on; a concern, bnslaess, or em- 
pfevnent; work or labour. Yr orehwyl, the 
siperior revolntioa, or circle; tbe year. 

Y frfvli, o*r fysmcMog: heo. 
Wlvddft orekvyl dUwcir^bvMa. 

IVfair oM of ito iiQiw anuMfy, of Innqr fHfrfnr and chMie 

G«di^, «. (goreh — gwvH Very basbfnl. 
Gathaylsw, a. a. (goroiwyl) To move in rota- 

^; to be engaged in business. 
Gsrchvjltwg. a. ^gorchwyl) Tbat is supremely 

levolriog,- tbat is more immediately going on; 

aych eogsged In bnslneia. 
^^dwyidy, s. m. — pi, U an (gorchwyl — ty) A 

i^K for the tranaaction of business, 
^^ledd, s. m. (gorch— g^yH Great bash- 

Uaen, shamefacedness» or mioaesty ; a look 

ttprnring great veneration. 
^wjflia, f . /.— -p^ j^orchwyifeydd (gorchwyl 

-as) 4 place or bnsinesa. 
i^rdivjlgar, a. (gorchwyl) BnstUngy or busy. 
^VTli;arwch, j. aa. (gorchwyl) Hnstlingness. 
^vyKad,<. m. — pL U an (gorchwyl) An eae- 

eating t bonnessy or concern . 
^fd^vyliaethy «. ak (gorchwyl) A transaction. 
^cbwyliaw, V. a. (gorchwyl) To revolve above; 

to negodate, to transact business, to operate. 
wiwyllwT, s. as. — pi. gorchwyli^r (gorchwyl 

"•t^) One wfao transacts business. 
^aylai, «. (gorch^l) Apt to be bashful. 
<^<jTckwyliurwydd,a.ak (gorchwylns) Great bash- 
^■ism, ahaoBoiikeedness. 
^"^vylydd, s. ai. — fL t. ion (gorchwyl) One 

tbt U in the act of tnming; one that is doing, 

w is action ; a gerund, in grammar. 
^«dMy|yddiaetb,s.M. (gorchwylvdd)Factorsliip 
^'wchwyraid, s. m. (caryr) Wild English clary ; 

iiu called g&Kkwffrydd, 

^chwytb, s. ai.— ^. i. an (chwy th) Violent gust 
r^Hr^wl, a. (gorchwyth) Hard -blowing. 
^'^^tUad, «. m.—pl, t, an (gorchwyth) A 

Hloviog violently, or in gusts. 
^vttha, o. a. (gorchwyth) To blow much. 
^^uat, s. ak— p2. i, an (cy>-mant) Palate. 
^'^iarwy, «. ». (gorchafarwy) The dusk of 

a« eTtning, the twilight. 
^'•Ayferwy, s . m. (gorchalkrwy) Twilight. 
Vou II. 

Gorehyflyra, a. (cyflym) Very nimfile or agile. 

Oorchyflymder, (gorehyllyro) Great nimbte- 
ness, or activity. 

Oorchyflymiad, t. ai. (gorehy6ym) A making, or 
beeomf ttg very nimble. 

Gorelryflymu, a. a. (gorcliyflym) To make very 
quick, or nimble; to become very quick. 

Gorcbyfnai, t. ak— pi. gorchyfneiaint (cyfnai) A 
relation in the eighth degree of descent. See 

Gorehyfian, #. m.-^. t. an (cyfran) Super-pro- 
portion ; that is over a share. 

Gorchyfranawl, «. (gorchyfran) Super-propor- 

Gorchyfraniad, s. m. (gorchyfran) The allotlng 
an over-proportion. 

Gorchyfranu, a. a. (gorchyfran) To over-propor- 
tion; to allot what is over a share. 

Gorchyfrif, a m.—pL t on (cyfriQ An over- 

Gorchyfrif, a. a. (cyftif)To over-reckon. 

Gorchyfrifiad, a. ai. (gorchyfrif) The act of over- 

Gorchymaint, ado. (cyroaint) So very gceat. 

Gorchymmyn, s. m. — pL U ion (cymmyn) An in* 
juncidon, a precept, a command, a comnrand- 

Oaawd m lyr gnt orcbymmjm. 
H« ItiiMd 10 It who broftk* a hondred eamm€ n dmtiita. Admgf. 

Cm • wypo fff fraftb Dnv, «*i orchramyDioo, ac a dii«41eo jm 
ea fearbyo ar ffwofar. 

Odimm h ha who kaows tba law ofOad, ao4 Ua ctmmmmdmntst 
and who wlU argaa afaimt Ihcoi for a raward. 4rf<v«. 

Gorchymmyn, a. a. (cvmmyn) To command. 

Gorchymmynawl, a. (gordymmyn) Mandatory, 
imperative ; preceptive. 

Gorchymmyoedig, a. (gorcbymmyo) Comnianded 

Gorchyaunynedigaeth, «. m.—pl't. an (gorchym- 
myoedig) The act of commanding. 

Gorehymmynedigawl, «. (gorchymmynedig) Pe- 
remptory, mandatory. 

Gorcbymmyogar, a. (gorchvmmyn) Peremptory. 

Gorchymmyngarwcb, a. m. (gorchymmyngar) Pe- 
remptoriness, dogmaticalness. 

Gorchymmyniad, a. m. — ^pl. U an (gorchymmyn) 
A commanding, or eigolning. 

Gorchymmyn wr, a. m. — pl.gorchymmynwyr(gor- 
diymmyn— gwr) One who commands. 

Gorchynan, a. m. (cynan) Great loquacity. 


Gorchynan goifordd awaggawd ealchd6cd. 

Thara will be heard the Umd la«i 
ed armoar. 

i/y of a Irala clad In paial- 

Gorchynanawl, a. (gorchynan) Over-loquacious. 

Gorchynaniad, a. nk (gorchynan) A being over- 
loquacious ; a talking over-much. 

Gorchynann,o.a. (gordiynan) To talk over-much 

Gorchysgawl, a. (gorcbwsg) Apt to sleep heavily. 

Gorchysgiad, a. ai. — pi. U aO (gorcbwsg; An over- 
sleeping; a sleeping heavily. 

Gorchysgu, a. a. (gorcbwsg) To cause a dead 
sleep; to sleep very heavily ; to be lethargic. 

Gorchythrudd,a. m. — pi. i.wx (cythrudd) Excess 
of affliction, or agitation. 

Gorchythruddaw, v. a. (gorchythrudd) To afflict, 
or disturb to excess. 

GorchyUirnddnwl, a. (gorchythrudd) Greatly 
agitating, tending to disturb excessively. 

Gorchvthruddiad, a. ai.— |>l. t. an (gorchythrudd) 
A disturbing excessively. 

Gorchywrain, d. (cywrain) Very accurate. 



Gorcbywreinifldy $. m. (gorchywrain) A making 
very accurate, a being very ingenioos. 

Gorchywrciniaw, v, a. (gorchywrain) To render 
very accurate, or correct. 

Gorchy wreiniawl,a.(gorchy wrain) Very accurate 

Gordaen, #. m. (taen) A spread, or sprinkle over. 

Gordaenawl, a. (gordaen) Tending to overspread. 

Gordaeniad, f. m.— j>I. «. ao (gordaen) An over- 

Gordaenn, r. a. (gordaen) To overspread. 

Gordalth, «. f.—pL gordeithian (taitii) A great or 
tedious journey. 

Gordal, ». «.— jrf. *. ion (tal) A making satisfac- 
tion over, or before; an overpaying; an ordeal. 

Cntai Bn ordal i mf 

A phe drlwu— 1 Rufslo. 

Eqojlly sood for ■•«. for aa ordtml, U to bo Iwjc* lo newl, •» 
ir I were lo come to Roroe. /. «* «• «* ^«»"" WiPifrf. 

Gordaledif?, a. Tgordal) Being over-paid, or paid 

in advance ; put to the ordeal. 
Gordaliad, «. m.-i»l. *. an (gordal) An overpay- 
ing ; a paying before ; a putting to the ordeal. 
Gordalu, c. a. (gordal) To overpay ; to satisfy 

before ; to try hy the ordeal. 
Gordalydd, «. m.—pL t. ion (gordal) One who 
overpays ; one who pays in advance ; one who 
takes the ordeal. 
Gordardd, t . m. (tardd) A springing or breaking 

out to excess. 
Cbrdarddawl, a. (gordardd) Tending to spring, 

or shoot out to excess. 
G«fdarddiad, $. m. (gordardd) A springing, or 

breaking out overronch. 
Gordarddn, r. a. (gordardd) To spring greatly. 
Gordasg, a. (tasg) An excessive task, an overtask. 
Gordai^wU * (gordasg) Being too groat a task . 
Gordasgiad, t. m. (gordasg) A tasking overmuch. 
Gordasgo, «. a. (gordasg) To task excessively. 
Ciordaw, ». m. (taw) lliat is over-silent, or tacit. 
Gordawel, a. (lawel) Very calm, or serene. 
Oordawelawg, o. (gordawel) Abounding with 

calmness in a great degree. 
Gordaweliad, «. m. (gordawel) A becoming very 

calm, or serene. 
Oordawclu, r. a. (gordawel) To make very calm; 

to become very serene. 
Gordawlad, *. m. (gordaw) A being very silent. 
Oordeiihlad, f . m.(gordaith) A journeying to ex- 

cv%n, a travelling over-much. 
Oordcithlaw, r. o. (gordaith) To travel over- 
much, to travel to excess. 
Oordelthiawl, a. (gordaith) Travelling to excess. 
Oordew. a, (tew) Over-thick, thick to excess. 
Oorciewl, v. n. (gordaw) To be over-silent. 
<fordirlon, a. (lirlon) Over-kind ; very pleasant. 
Cfordirionawl, a. (gordlrion) Tending to be over- 
kind ; tending to be very pleasant. 
Oordirloni, c. ti. (gordlrion) To bcrome over- 
kind ; to be very plca»ant. 
Gordirioniad, s. m. (gordlrion) A becoming over- 
kind ; a becoming very pl<!»»ant, 
Gordirionwch, •. tn. d^ordlrlon, Ov^f -kindness. 
Gordon, t. /. (ton) AMouUr«y/»t, ur nkin ; the 

epidermis, or scarf *kin. 
Gorddnawl, a. (%ort\QU) Ht^UUttx if» fhe outer 

skin, or epldermli. 
Gordon!, r. a. (Kordori) Tv f*i^ *4t ih^ upper 

skin, to peel the •<irf>«'. 
Gordoniad, $. m. (gord'/o, A {f^^^Uux fh^ tnrface 
Gordreth, t.f.—fl. t, i (Ut^^U, An overtax. 

96 GOR 

Gordrethawl, o. (gordreth) Taied to eseesf. 
Gordrethiad, f. m. (gordreth) An overtaxug. 
Gordrethu, v. a. (gordreth) To overtax. 
Gordrin, s. m. (trin) Excess of business. 
Gordriniad, s. m. (gordrin) A being engaged to 

excess; a bustling overmuch. 
Gordriniaw, r. a. (gordrin) To toil to excess. 
Gordriniawl, a. (gordrin) Over-toiling, overbosy. 
Gordrist, a. (trist) Over-sad ; very pensive. 
Gordristfcad, #. m. (gordrist) A becomlog very 

pensive ; a renderiog very sad. 
Gordristftawl, a. (gordrist) Tending to make, or 

become, very dejected. 
Gordrist&ut v. a. (gordrist) To make very mmI; 

to become very dejected. 
Gordristwch, $. m. (gordrist) Sadness to excea. 
Gordro, ». m.— pJ. *. ion (tro) An exeessiTetoni. 
Gordroad, ». m.— p/. *. au (gordro) A tommgei- 

Oordrbawl, a. (gordro) Turning excessively. 
Gordrbi, c a. (gordro) To turn to excess. 
Gordrom, a. {J, o/gordrwm) Very heavy. 
Gordrosawl, a. (trosawl) Chasing greatly. 
Gordrosi, tj. a. (trosi) To drive, or chase eicef 

sively, to over-drive. 
Gordrosiad, s. m. (trosiad) A chasing mwdi. 
Gordruth, ». m. (truth) Exeess of adnlatloo. 
Gordruthiad, «. m.—pU «. an (gordruth) A fiiwD- 

ing to excess, an overweening. 
Gordruthiaw, v. a. (gordmth) To flatter ovenDOch 

to fawn excessively. 
Gordmthiawl, a. (gordmth) Overwecaiiig. 
Gordmthlwr, ». m,-fl. gordmthwyr (gorfniB 

— gwr) A great flatterer. 
Gordrwm, a. (trwm) Very heavy, very «ad. 
Gordrymtod, ». m. (gordrwm) A rcnderuiiieiy 

heavy ; a becoming very heavy. 
Gordrymaawl, a. (gordrwm) Tending to be tery 

heavy or weighty. 

to become very heavy. 
Gordrymder, ». m. (gordrwm) Excess ofhesfin» 
Gordudd, s.m. (tudd) An outer covenngorcise. 
Gorduddaw, «. a. (gordudd) To cover over. 
Gordoddawl, a. (gordudd) Overcovcnog. 
Gordudded,s./.-pi.<. au (gordudd) An over««r 
Gorduddiad, s. m.-pi. U an (gordudd) Anorer 

covering, a covering over. 
Gordwf, f . m. (twf) An overgrowth ; a soper« 

Gordwv. s. m.-pl. *. an (twy) Strict older 
Gordwyad, f. m.—pL t. au (gordwy) Ao ow 

ruling, an ordering strictly. 
Gordwyaw, r. a. (gordwy) To over-mie. 
Gordwvawl, a. (gordwy) Over-rulmg. 
Gordwyll, «. m. (twyll) Great deception. 
Gordwyllaw, v. a. (gordwyll) To deceive giJtti^ 
GordwyUiad. s. m.-pl. «• au (gordwyll) a ««• 

Go?d1?ihrw:'"!tV"i*y*) To r^^ - 

elastic, or springing. . 

Gordwy thawl, a. (gordwyth) OW't\u^^^ 
Gordwythiad, s. m.-p/. *. »a (gordwyth) A ^ 

dering over-elastic. ^.-t«« 

Gordyfawl, a. (gordwQ Tending to overgroir. 
Gordyflad, s. m. (gordwf) An otergrowiof. 
Gordyfn, r. a. (gordwf) To overgrow, to bcco 

overgrown. . , _-|i 

Gordyn, «. m. (tyn) A smart plock, or V^ 


Gwdfiia, f. f.-pL }(ordy«fSfdd (gordyn) An 

tnt^Mkb ; ttttew of dmght 
Goftlyuad, t. m.— j»(. <. an (9»rdyn) A plucktag, 

(mjm, r. «. (gordyii) To platlk gmartly . 
Oorijowr, «. ■^-fl. fordynwyr (gordyn— gwr) 

One who polls inmrtly, a plnckar. 
GordywyD. & (tywyll) ExeetriToly dork. 
G«djwylliad, t. «i. (sordywyO) A darkeniog 

GorrfynyUB, v. a. (gordywyD) To otoiHtarken. 
Mi,s.f.-pL e. aa (gor) An impotm; a bee- 
tie ; a ittUet ; a ohnni-ttaff'. 
Md,i.(gor) ImpetaoWt ardent; earaeft. 
GMddttI, I. imL ivfr. (dall) Bxtertol' lea?ea. 
Geddil, f. M. (dil) An opholding. 
Gffiidal, «. «. (ddl) To nphold, to mitain. 

OaMfM^STrnvyr ft icr 1 

GofddtiKir, tf. (gorddd) Tending to uphold. 
6«ddaliad,f.n.— pl.<.aa(gordd J) An upholding. 
Gorddiliedig, «. (gorddal) Upholden, supported. 
GonMalj, «. «. (gorddal) To uphold, to sustain. 
Mdto, s. A-pi. t. an (gordd) A little mallet. 
Goitia%t.M.— (dam) An exterior piece. 
Mdavd, f. in.— pi* gorddodan (gordd) An im- 
pslie ; an effect ; a stroke of a beetle^ or maUet. 

Id a rbTfMlk sttnU •■ crnMl. pwth MrddMd 
IT On M d cWffiVn: vp Wwy« : u Cacr tl«oo 



Itan nctkVM comrU of the eowtn m^ ]•« vvUwily cpmtf; 
MM, to iapc«t to rgiiei tad cli«nctrr of ihe faiictioranct of 
Mit mi mSSemt'ubm «• W Pownf Ite om of <f««r>iiop 

GffddiwI, «. (gordd) ImpvlsiTe, propettant. 
Goridswo, i. M.— pL gorddoniau (dawn) A supe- 

ri«r gift, or endosment; herb of grace, or rue. 
Osrdd-doreh^/.— pl^rdd-dy reh (gordd--torch) 

i eollar, a efaain, or torque for the neck. 

ftwffca mdk —*i mm im», > gwS J dotc h aww ^ fwi>|l. 

innMi4«# rad tcImI vmwb kto.«id« «?**" „?7y<^ 
Mri ^ MCk. ^^ jr. frltdli^ir-Atoiflw. 

M<ldfiad, s. M.—pt. f. aa (gorddaU) A prodnc- 

IBS the outer leuTes. 
Oorideiliaw, «. a. (gorddail) To prodace the 

eiter lea? es. 

MdeiUawg, «. (gorddail) Having outer leaves. 
Gorddea.*./.-^. »• an (gordd--eff) Impulse of 

Mcesatyi destiny. 

Ya iilr dyaU ayv dn Hafm, 

With cfadd* P>y<«ta hrcida fordden. 

Uvy lr«lM IMydd, IBi«M d «eb«». 


fk««i beyond HsTren» by teberitlnff Brit- 
0f amiei, of amicroui 

Mad fvM fwMiff 

Ummr Dd«« rtcff. 

aiMB goiwMd o bfl Adda! 


Trail dffiMll oNMUl owM Mradd t»«r: 
Ooiddwy Hawr fbHhJM add 1 

BatMtof fo«BB df tbt acflwor oMlMlailoii oTOm » 
; Ibe bsidca of Cbc irouiid to the wieivr 



Owyr y-__ 


yiydiiB fed orddeii ; 


Wc are sen wbo bare been aaaDbBom for n$cruartbmu*rt ; 
.• ar, aol a.«d«aai for Ih. bang, orpgH^ 

Oorddenawl, a. (gordden) Necessitating. 
Oorddeniad, (gordden) NecessiUtion. 
Gorddeno, v. a. (gordden) To impel by necessity, 
or instinct, to necessitate. 

KM cyamhiryiPr naT naba Uaeb ar a*! gordda. 

He a aol Beat fot tMrntaa Ibal to not Milar of vbal allafo 
Ub. Cargg/twpn Cmtwg. , 

Oordderch, s. *.— p^ *. ion (gordd— erch) A pa* 
ramour; an adulterer; aooncnbine. Mabgor* 
dderekf a hsstard son. 

O derMdg«kl aab I mnti^tmr pitatod, a |«nl ■* antt a*i 

1 a 


A D«w 

I af arigbty de$timpiwrm Aod Uw motrlaff 
■rtlaa 9i the race aTAdaia* 

Mden,a. (gordd) Impulsive of necessity, or 
iapcUmg as a principle. C^aUk ordden, law 

ir a cUld iha«U be ben lo a« 
aH ttaetbar <jbM bora by ber 

by bar 

anted ba^wnd, 
W^Uk Lnn, 

Nl cbawn fbd ya oiddocb yt. 
I roald MC |«l ta be tha 9ti€H ef Ikf bat. D. ab Omilpm. 

Oordderchad, «. m.*-y>l. f . on (gordderdi) One 
making love, or wooing ; a fornicator. 

Oorddercbawl, a. (gordderoh) Wooing, adulterous 

Oordderchferch, #. /.-p<. *. ed (gordderch- 
— merch) A concubine. 

Gordderchfun, i./. (gordderch— bun) A concu- 

Gordderchiad, «. .m. (gordderch) A wooing ; a 
committing the act of concubinage or of adul- 

0»ady b«a« y prledydMl BIyilaB ci Ibb yalaa, yr bwa a 
gawaal o etddarcUed. 

Mt-^mmMbag God, and God Che mpvlag principle, bfair of 
ZJ^ ^tf' ^ r^iaNa, £m<A Motum, 


After dktt Kljrtaa hto m» atoo reigned, whom habefatby 
caMaatf^f* *** V •*" 

Gordderehn, e. a. (gordderch) To seek one's love 
and affection ; to woo; to play the wanton. 

Prid iwydd forddeidm pi^d ler; 
Fridach wedi y prioder. 

A ncrltorfotw oflke fe woe the iaiaKa of the ittn{ norc mcri- 
lorlow when narriace bai taken place. O. Ttw. 

Ml a if i orddercha droiod II, ebal y forwya wrth yr tarllei. 

I «11l ffo to mmte tmtrtwet for thee. Mid the maiden to the lady. 

if.O. at I/ri«n— Ma6iN<fM«. 

Gorddeiehwas, ». m.— pi. gordderchweis (gor- 
dderch — gwas) A paramour. 

Uenrel mei«han fforddcrcbwai, 
Uawn o flod, ydyw'r llwyn gUi. 

Tbeiheliarinr »e<l of a maid and her Jww; !• the Rf«-n rro«e 
aboaodiog wtth pratoe. i*- «* QmUvm, t'r iMw. 

Gorddeivhwawd,*. m. (gordderch— gwawd) Love 
encomiastic, love-song. 

Gordderchwr, a. m.~p/. gorddercliwyr (gor- 
dderch— gwr) A paramour ; one who courts. 

Gordderchwraig, t. /.— p/. gordderchwreigcdd 
(gordderch— cwrai^) A concubine. 

Gorddestl, a. (destl) Over-trim, over-neat. 

Gorddestledd, s. m. (gorddestl) The state of be- 
ing over-trimmed. 

GorddestUad, s. m. (gorddestl) A trimming out to 

Gorddestln, v. a. (gorddestl) To trim overmuch. 

Gorddestlus, a. (gorddestH Decked overmuch. 

Gorddethawl, a. (dethawl) Very select. 

Gorddethawl, e. «. (dethawl) To select. 

GorddethoU, e. a, (gorddethawl) To select. 

Qorddethoiiad, f. m. (gorddethawl) A selecting 
in a superior degree. 

N i 

vdd, t. M. ((orddetbiwl) A Klect- 
lu peri or de^^ree. 

.—pi. gorddetholwjT (gor- 


OorddewiMw, e. a. (gorddewu) To lelcct oier- 

Gorddewiuwl, a. (gorddewii) V«T]r kIccL 
Gorddmiiiad, i. m. (gorddewu) A Mtecdng 

Oorddewt, a. (dewr) Braie or bold la eucn. 
Oorddnredd, *. a. (gorddewr) Eum of bra- 

<torddcwri, r. ■. ffonWewr) To be iner bra*c. 
(■orddi, •. a. (gonii; T<> bap«l. la prepd. 
Corditiad, t, ■. — fl. t. ■> r.'r<l>l As impelling. 
Gordd laL c ■. — H.ija Ji<l ELmaa ofnTcnge. 
GvxMial. r. ■.[dul T» rT<«ma »»». 
(ionMijIaM, >.B. cnnidal tic«s of rvTcn^. 
Ga««ia*tM(W. a. ,^orMiakdd} Apt la be bo 

Gunl^lulviiUML L ■. vtvnMi^edd) A rcre^i^ 

(VM^iiiilnUa. r. a. _r;rd<iiiI«vlJ) To nieofC to 

•'ninUiaaC. •; aa. — aL turUunaaa yfonld) \m 


i::)^^fTtk' «hu Uw» the 


Gorddichon, v. a. (dicbon) To be more than able ; 

to be over adeqotle. 
Gorddicbonawl, a. (gorddicboo) Being more tban 

able ; o*er-adeqiute. 
Gorddichoni, v. a. (gorddicboD) To be more thin 

able; to beoTer-Mteqiiate. 
Gorddichwant, m. (dicbwant) UnamUtMwui t* 

eKceu j extremely lold of dettre. 
Gorddifant, (. m.—fl. gorddifailBaD(dirant)Ul1er 

deletion, or annlbUatioo. a. Utterir delected. 
Gorddifanaawl. a, (gorddifant) Tending to de- 
lete, or to obUterate Diterlv- 
Goiddifumiad, i. ak (gorddifant) Utter d 

or obliteration ; a vaniihing entirely. 
Oorddifanw, a. (difanw) Being beyond an e 

eacent or fleeting gtate. 


Gorddlfenwad, (. m.— pi. t. an (gorddihnw) A 
being beyond vanlahiag; alter annlhilBUon. 

Gorddifenwawl, a. (gorddifaow) AnnibilatiDg. 

Gorddifeawi,o.a.(gorddiranw) To delete uttcrij. 

Ooiddifimg, 1. ML (difwng) Superior conatanc]. 
a. Very free from wavering; very atedfeit. 

Gorddigawn, i. m. (digawn) A redandaace. a. 

Redandaot; OTermnch. 
Gonldigiad,!. Mi. (^rddig) A making eztreaidj 

aHTT: exceu ol irritation. 
GordMfgiav, c. a. (gorddigl To irritate to eiccH. 
GordiUgiaw), a. (gorddig) Extremely inltaiing. 
Gorddigonedd , «. n. (gorddigawn) Saperdnity. 
Goiddigoni, v. a. (gorddigawn) To ofer-aatiatc- 
Gordditor, : m — ol. t. au (digor) Preniling dm- 

iion.habit, fondition. 
Gorddillyn, a. (dillyn) nver neat. Or over prim. 


iremely prim, i 
GorddUlynn, r. a. (gorddillyo) To deckMlorer- 

mnch; to become ex (remelv smart. 
Gorddin, >. m.— pJ. t. an (gorJd) What inpeli, or 

drin< fornard ; what ii posterior, nltimatr, or 

following : the rear. 

Ac D> tEnnMI fl til rkif (oddln: 

HI (dmillka rlui flu, llirl t| DtonMli. 

Gurddinlad, i. m. (gorddin) An impelliDg. 



Ooni^Mtfiirl, «. (mcMb) Teadfaf to laptl*. 
Goniaiiite, 9. «. (sorddin) To bMooM tep«M^^ 
GordcttMw, «. «. (goriMin) To Iid|mI» to propel. 


wiMWitenlMlB Hi 

GonldiDSwl, «. (gorddio) InpelUng, impnlaiTO. 
Goffddiogi,«.ii. (gonldiswf ) To beoooM very brnf. 

^ , «./:— pi. «. OB (dlnnr) Exeenlve Hue. 

Gorddirwyed, t.ii^gorddirwj) A finliig ^t%C9a^ 
Gorddirwyaw ^ *"" 


Gorddiacyai •• m.—pL t. oedd (dissyn) Aa ex- 

trene Heseent ; the pitch of a hill. 
Gotddiasyn, «. «. (diacyo) To deaeeod over, to 

deicend extremely. 
GorddUgynawi, «. (gorddiigyn )Extreniely steeo 
Gofddiasyviad, «. m.— p<. I. an fgorddligyii) A 

deaceodiag estremeW; a pitching over. 
Gorddivredd, v. e. (diw) To come np with. 
Gorddiwed d , t. ai.— pi. t. ion (gorddlwedd)The 

extreme end, the npper end. 
Gotddivraddn, v.c.(gorddlwedd)ToconenpoB, 

to overtake* 

Gorddiwca, «. m. (diwet) An overtaking. 

Goffddiwesy v.€. (diwet) To overUke, to coaM np. 

GoiddivrefawKy c. (gorddiwes) Tliat i« overtoken. 

Gorddlweaavil, c. (gorddiwea) Apt to overtake. 

Goiddivicaedif, a. (gorddivret) Overtaken. 

Ooiddiiwiiad, a. «k (gonldlwes) Aa overtaking. 

Gorddiwem, v. a. (gorddiwes) To overtake. 

Goffddiviyd,a.(diwyd) Extrcnmdy diligent. 

Gorddiviydiad, f. ai. (gorddlwyd) A being ex- 
tremely diligent. _ 

Goiddiwydinw.o. a. (gorddiwyd) To net over-di- 
licently ; to be over-diiicent. 

Goiddlwvdiawl, a. (gofdiUwyd) Tending to be 

Gofddodawl, a. (dodavH) Being pboed over. 

Gorddodi, «. a. (dodi) To place over, or above. 

Gorddodfaidy a. ai.--pl. «. an (dodiad) Soperintti- 

Govddodo, a. ai. (gordd— code) A forcing forward 
•adereover; a harrowing. 

C«a wk CoBflrMl • ff«««li k«ck IMIwilr • •! y« agwiid 

Gorddodyn, a. at. (nrddodo) That bnrrowa. 

Tacrck g^rddtdpi^ a bnrrowing pig, a nmle. 
Gorddoeth, a. (doeth) Over-wiae, over-aapient. 
Gorddor, a./*-^« I* >» (^^^) Hatch, or wicket. 
Goiddmd, a. (drad) Bold to excem, over-bokl, 




I. aa (drych) MiBttltBde. 


BhsM Iwfw cwsMa KiiM Iwfr wl avvn. 
KkM ybd »Kn HmI^ oHtf «y ovMral* 
Ar Diii inA Aiwvy. 

Wmandif tentHni^ a» iIimUm; traMy pUk «r 

[IMP ««ll to««i to At «vcr-aMiM vMcaec. tftv At 
of Al^vf. Ckr«4M«,iO. 

Gorddrydiawl, a. (gorddiych) Overlookiag. 
GorddrycUad, a. «.— pL t. aa (gorddrych) Aa 

Mtf dwaii tttr >t M / tdtrlbffl 
to aw tta«a tf tht ata4 to At cpdlas. 

Gorddrwi, a.ak— pi. gorddryma (drwt) A wicket. 

overlooking; a anpervlalna. 

' 'orddryco)' 
Gorddrya, a. (gordd— rhyn) Terror tliat acarea. 

Gorddrycfan, a. a. (mrddryea) To overlook. 

9t pgkt-kmfdUmg Uwnr, At vctfA tf 

Gotddryalad, a. ai. (gorddrya) A driving by fear. 
Gorddryntaw, «.a. (gorddrya) To drive away 

throagh fear. 
Gorddryniawi, a. (gorddryn) Fear-impeUlng. 
Gorddn, a. ak (da) A blackiah aorface^a Mneklah 

tinge, a. Of a blackiah tinge. 

CorMa yw 
Ota ^»f a 


n«r<rf «ilA Wari art Aa Wf*^ t# Ifiriaai ftnm At waka af 
Aa hSehtMaf AagltMr. X. O. CafAI. 

Gorddnad, a.'ai. (gorddn) A blacking the aarface. 
Gorddoaw, a! a. (gorddo; To blackea a anHace. 
Gorddnawg, o. (gorddo) Haviag a Uack tlage. 
Gorddoawl, a. (xoidda) Apt to blacken over. 
Oorddnedig, a. (gorddo) Tinged with Mack. 
Gorddwfn, a. ak (dwfn) A proftindity ; an abyaa. 
a. Profoand. 

W, cfgtyw 

a. I». a* ^aa. 

Gorddwfr, a. ai.— pi. gorddyfroedd (dwfr) The 
extraarfty ofthewator; awatorbrtok. 

NM iImM Iva mp pta a«ya pwf ; 

ar faMw y garMvfr rl«ff Mk faaiiwy 
yualta a*leM«, Utw ft adwy: 
Uyw Owya^^ ai mMI^^ y \Uw4iwj. 


AffTwyM, ely w iy aatato. 

Vraai Aa Tattlr<4tar •*V>« > Mat • CT t 

tt to ■awtlaw to ibPaw toa fcr to bdag to^atottWt wl» a ti| wha 
ni4t At l l iti rf iry wafar agatoM aftfj ** » '■ ■ ■■; ^«**y* 
ardta, Aaltoato AatovMli; Atffataraar wkaawaiOvyaaM 
attorwHatiMwy. £I.F.MirA. 

Gotddwr, a. ak — pi. gorddwyr (gord d g wi) Aa 
Impeller ; oae who aaea a beetle, or amllet. 

Gorddwy, a. ai.—pl. I. oedd (gordd) A preaalag; 
aa iaipnialon; oppreaaioo; violeaoa. Pmik 
•rddwff^ aaautance to impel, or to opprem. 
B^d ya bartk arrfdwy, to be an acceaaary. Hie 
men of Powya were exempt from the GanUwp 
and the Garddla, or the van and the rear. liAyd 
Orddwff, the name of a place in Fllntahire. 

Gorddwyad, a. m.— pi. I. an (gordd wy) A prea- 
aing, or Impelling; Inatlgatlon ; oppreaalaa. 

Gorddwyar,a./. (gordd wy—ar) Din of videaee. 

Triat wff, aan-ftwrf aaarr trta mrnp aa i f t; 
Xkai f frir Utw mm mmr, gawr forMwyv. 

I aai Ml wlA aa aviital kMdaa vaaad, Aa icvaia i 

ftoa« afitoagfctar; frma palitaf Aa tatrtfM Uaa a 

Ohm toAaciyarAa^tofir^Sraer. _ . 

O. af Jtf. a* OayW. I O. aft 

Gorddwyaw, v.a. (gorddwy) To prem greatly; 
to impel, to opprcaa; to treapam; to carb* 


W. Uaffn, 


OmUmjtX Daw y |bpM 




C o u l d w j redigaeih, §, m.-—pL #. as (gorddwyedig) 

The act orimpeUiDf ; oppression. 
GorddwyOy t. m, — pi, t. an (gordd) A beetle, a 

Gorddwjrain, s. ». (dwyraio) Great exaltation. 
OorddwyraiDy v. «. (dwyrain) To exalt highly. 
Gorddwyraw, r. a. (dwyraw) To exalt liighly. 
Gorddwyrawl, m, (dwyrawl) Highly exalted. 
Gorddwyre, s. ai. (dwyre) A rising superior, a. 
Highly exalted. 

Gorddymr fvrUiawf , iprtvawt fotlmu; 
A gtMU7 ft sonldwyre pob rbai: 
Saaf dilcw dtt iBcnndd 7 Moroal. 

Tancttaow the ilothfcl ooe, bri(bUy •hloc* the blae of tbc eni- 
nelted cotrrlnr; prolirtc and kifhif exmUtd are all, withoat r^i- 
Hntrf the tirp bir the ckie of Che wstpry f roots of the tea hahlt»- 
UofM. TmluaiM. 

Gorddwyread, f . m. (gordd wyre) A rising orer, 
or saperior ; a becoming highly exalted. 

Gorddwyreain, v. a. (gorddwyre) To rise over, or 
saperior; to beeome greatly exalted. 

Gorddwyreawg, a. (gorddwyre) Having a ten- 
dency to rise over, or saperior. 

Gorddwyreawl, a. (gorddwyre) Tending to rise 
over ; rising over. 

Gorddwys, a. (dwys) Extremely dense, or close. 

Gordd wysaw,«.a.(gorddwys) To make very dense. 

Gorddwysawl, a. (gorddwys) Tending to make 
extremely dense, or compact 

Gorddwysedig, a. (gorddwys) Greatly condensed. 

Gorddwysedigaeth, «. m. (gorddwysedig) The act 
of condensing to excess. 

Gordd wyaiad, t. m.— pi. t, an (gordd w>-s) A great- 
ly condensing ; a condensation in the extreme. 

€K>rddwywr, #. ai. — pL gordd wywyr (gordd wy— 
gwr) One who impels, or drives, overmuch ; an 
oppressor ; a trespasser. 

Goitldyar, «. m. — pi, i, oedd (dyar) A roaring 
noise, a roaring, a bellowing, a. Roaring. 

Ef nud s Bate; 
Ef ya ocddf sr. 

He !• daab aod vocal ; be k UuMltrimgi Tmliuim Vr Gwyt, 

Hir-aea forddjar ajnidd. 

On Ike lose nlchC b^uttrwms to the noantala. LlywarrA Hm. 

Gorddtar idar m^lyb fro ; 
DaiI nvTddid. difryd dtfro: 
Ni vadaf, myi claf heau. 

CUmtrams are the birda. the brack b wcl; the IcsTta kt thrm 
Tkll, ancoarmcd the exile: I do not deny it, I am dhofdered 
Ub aicht. Urrmnk Hen. 

Gorddyarad, t. m. (gorddyar) A making a great 

diD, or tumult. 
Gofddyaravri, a. (gorddyar) Tending to raise a 

great din, or tumult. 
Gorddjraru, v. a. (gorddyar) To make a great din. 

Tea 7 b« 7 ticftia a'r |ordd7an» 70* 7 ba aewldia* m? ovcb 
M7TM4aaobo6panb. * ' " ' 

Aad the* there vaa (V •boatiBf aad the ■»!•«# • grral ««• 


aair,- (kern tbrie vaa the eifhan^iag of freqaeot blows oo erery 
riifc. Or.mbArtkmr. 

Gorddybenawl, a. (dybeu) Primarily descending. 
€K>rddybendawd, #. m. (dybendawd) Snpercon- 

te^jnence ; an over descent. 
Gorddyeithraw, v. a. (gorddyeithr) To estrange 

greatly ; to become very straoge. 
Gofddyeithrawl, a. (gorddyeithr) Greatly es- 

Gofddyeithriad, s. ta. (gorddyeithr) A greatly es- 

Gorddyeithr, a. (dyeithr) Over-strange, too 

Gorddyiii,f.M. — pl.gorddyfnoedd (dyfn) Custom, 

Me, habit, fashion, manner. 
GorddyfBad,s.M.(eofddyfn)An habituating, fa- 

^fiariiing, or accustoming. 

Gofddyfnald, «. a. (gorddyfn) To babitaaCe, to 
familiariae« to inure, to practise; to become 

M«7 poen vw cof&a pr7dfef1h«cli • ch7focU r*edi I ceOer, 
aoff oedd 47o4dcraagbMoct7d beb erSdyroaid CMBirytMer cyo ao 

It to Bore ptiaM to rcaeaiber nacalSoeacc ftad power aflrr ti 
to lost, thao It waa to saffer Beceasity wltJioat sxpenemeimg iat^- 
rmcc before tkat. Or. eS ili^Sar. 

Ya«ar acbeaaid a ddyvaid anaf 
Ya ol ft D(ofddyfaaid, 
Niad Oawddalddirlald. 

Ad oppretsiTe aifb beapeaka apoa ac, lAer aM ia a y m 
«<Mf , God wUl Dot aofcr good to the BtacMeroai. 


Owyr gar^jt&M Into. 

Mea/mmUwiximg rioleiicc. O. CafHUmig. 

Gorddyfnawl, a. (gorddyfn) Tending to habitu- 
ate, familiarise, or inure. 

Gorddyfnder, s. ai. — pL t. an (gorddwfii) Profun- 
dity, depth. Gcrddfffuder bam Oair, tiie depth 
of the judgment of God. Gordd^ifndermL f 
ddotor, the deep places of the earth. 

Gorddyfnedig, a. (gorddyfn) Familiariaed. 

Dlrooed d iy*— — 
A fiif rwlrodae, 
A llafar ir«rddaa. 
A lief fso dABoaa* 

Hto covt vat replentoked wlfk an orerflov of liqaers. and joy- 
o«s toaga* aad roicc accord laf «ltk tke atximgtfitmUimriMn^ 

D. «S tttmrn D^- 

Gorddyfnedigaeth, a. m. — pi. I. au (gorddyfned- 
ig) The act of familiariiiiig. 

Gorddyfhedigawl, a. (gorddyfnedig) Having a 
tendency to habituate. 

Gorddyfnedigrwydd, «. m. (gorddyfnedig) The 
state of being habituated, or inured. 

Gorddyfniad, s. m. — pL goiddyfhiaid (gorddyfa) 
One who habituates, or makes fmniHar ; one 
that is accustomed, or inured. 

Broodor wrdt** orddmd ofddybitod aaadoadd^ 
Uch caawd Bieinr ar yalrad. 

An ardent brract-plale, the orer-^ariaf ear thmt hmlbitmmtn tke 
packs of wolrca to be owr dead carcaact apoa tke plate. 

CfndMm, iO. Cytkitimmg. 

Yasyml rlew, a Hew, a llciddiad, 
Va rbyfel ofaa otddyfatsd. 

To BM there to a brro, aad a lioa, aad a day«r» aae 
ttd Id tke lunielt of war. £i«. eS 

Gorddyfnu, v. a. (gorddyfn) To accnstoaay or to 
habituate ; to become accustomed. 

Nt ckar rrallb Bto corMpfiM. 

He lores net work that to «•! oecasfoaietf 4a U, 

Yr aelwyd hon nraa cMd hvck{ 
Mwf ftirridrfntsai elwi-k gvyr, 
Ac amfymcyfrdowck! 

This hearth will it not be tonied op by tke awlae; 
■m/ !• it wonld k*9t btrm the riainoar of BM 
boras of the haaqaet. 

Ocdtl trw prieidr crae, creyal dgfrate; 
CelADodJ forwedd forddyfaasaia. 

■or* nrnft- 
tke cinim( 

Thick wrrr the r«ry »hafls; Ike rar 
eame hitituattd with fallea 

ok C 

IA«9 *t- 


Oorddyfnus, a. (gorddyfn) Habituated, frared. 
Gorddyfowr, t . ai. — pi. gorddyfnwyr (gorddyfh- 

— gwr) One who familiarises. 
Gorddyfnydd, s. at. — pL t, ion (gorddyfo) One 

who familiarises, or makes habitual. 
Gorddyfod, r. a. (dyfod) To be upon, or over. 

Gorddifwy ralla irallari rbei*a ddiddift 
Gwn yaa ryAf r»1a yarmfM. 

r>«« mt MMiy b« the power to be able to cfre witkoat <!»««- 
teat ! 1 eitpcncncc the C3iceas of the wlae of coaieatiua. 

a. ak /nuns Hn 

Gorddyfodawl, a. (gorddyfod) Tending to be 

over or upon ; superadventent. 
Gorddyfodi, r. a. (gorddyfod) To be upon -, ta 






GoiAlyf,!. •. (dyg) A brindoK wet, or apoD. 
GorM jgsdwy, a. (gorddyg) That may be broaf^t 

orcTf or n|Hiii« 
Got^jpi, i. m,-^ gorddygtIoB (gorddyg) An 

GonUygsB, ««/*-fL (. an (dygan) A ringing op- 


ny Jl«rway to «r Ite am ItM M llM «fBd of llM bcUoira. 

Jfr. •* «Av«, i'r ffwrM. 

Gorddyguawl, a. (gorddygan) Harmoniont. 
G«nMTpniad,«. «• (gorddygan) A harmoniiing, 
tiiBgiiig ia harmony. 

Gwddjguo, 9. 0. (gorddym) To harmoniie. 
Gd^wl, c. (g»nldyg) Bringing o? er. 
Gddy^,*. m,—^, (gorddyg) Abduction 
GffUfgD, €. (dygn) Very te^erft, or hard. 
Gc4%Daii(dy#.m. (gorddygn) Over-exertion* 

Ciftw wi^jra DhdjnrrtB ptfk or gmwd jr fttet: 

Fitated KTc«, ud a wu work of •ocr^nrriM; t ohtiiMd 
^ititoreeMBpcBM forfloaa of Ite pnloo Ihat woo oobi: boltho 
MiniaadftpteitChetoafiie. B.otOMito. 

GoHdjIMirl, a. (gorddygn) Greatlv toiling. 
Gatiypnad, i. ai.— pi. I. an (gorddygn) A toil- 

ii|toexeett; extreme exertion. 
Miypn^ V. a. (gorddygn) To toil OTermnch. 
Mi)gfd, v. a. (gorddyg) To saperindnce. 
Gerddylif a. m.-^. I. oedd (dylif) An OTorflow. 
6ttddyijftir, e. a. (gorddyliQ To overflow. 
Mjfli^wl, a. (gorddvlif) Overflowing. 
CflidTlifiad, t. ai.— JM. t. an (gorddylif) An 

— ■— '-- adeflnsdon. 

GtnhiTilwng, «. ak (dyllwng) A dropping over; 

iflieddiDg over. v. a. To drop over. 
MyHyagawl, a. (igorddyllwng) Dropping, or 

Mding over. 
CaUyn, lm.— pi. 1. mn (gordd) What iropelsy or 

iapi off; a lioondmfy. 
Myaead, «, m.— pi. #. an (dynead) A ponring, 

aletthig onty an eflfnaion ; a shedding. 
Mlyveawl, a. (dyneawl) Effnaive, shedding. 
<>n<idyiieo, v. a. (dynen) To poor out, to effbte ; 

(oM; to east Gorddyaea gwafd» to let 

U«n1; iwddynira dslm^ to eaat an image. 
CvMyrdad, t. ». (dyrcbad) An exalting over. 
<«Myrdialawl, a. (dyrchafliwl) Tending to ex- 

aHover; over-elevating. 
GwddjTdiifiad, «. Ni«~pj. #• an (dyrebafiad) An 

^UoK Of er. 
<^dyrehifii, a. a. (dyrehain) To raise over. 

O^rUf/r^kqfu naif, to over-strain the voice. 
^^vddjip, «. ak (dysg) Superior instmction. 
<i«ddy8(5wyl, «. m.— pL #. ion (dysgwyl) Earnest 


^7>f^l» «• '• (dyigwyl) To expect much. 
^^y^f^ylgw, a. (gorddysgwyl) Apt to look 

fervvd, or expect earnestly. 
wAiysgwylfaid, a. w.— pi. *. an (gorddysgwyl) 

A lookiag forward, or expecting; expectancy, 

^igwyliaw, ». a. (gorddysgwyl) To expect 

^jwd, a. (dywal) Extremely fierce. 
<«^y«alder, t. m. (gorddy wal) Excess of fierce- 

fi<^yinaa, a. a. (forddywal) To become fierce 


Ooreby a. m.— pi. i. Ion (eb) A response. 
Oorebawl, a. (goreb) Responsive, cottoqnial. 
Gorebind, a. m.— pi. t. an (goreb) A responding. 
Gorebu, a. a. (goreb) To response, to answer. 
Gorebr, a. «.-i»L f . od (goreb) A night-raven. 
Gored, f . at.— pi. t. au (gor) A wear, a place for 

catching fish. 
Goredavrg, a. (gored) Having a wear. 
Gorediad, a. m. (gored) A setting a wear. 
Goreda, a. a. (gored) To make or set a wear. 
Goredwr, a. m.— pi. goredwyr (gored— gwr) One 

who tooks after a wear. 
Goreflras, s. m.— pi. f . au (efras) That is greatly 

nourished, or fkttened. a. Greatly plumped 

up, or nourished. 

TrI gorcfno dlioMl: f l|tkio«b, fiiltM, oc Mwadohrcb. 

Tho Ihroo ttumr^mtmts of mMtkt: wOaptwmmmtfHMugt 
saA laeoiMluicy. Truatm 

Owr forefru, ffvai ffwoawyn, 
GwBin iwiBor, hfgn kifwrn. 

Mr, ft Iftonld TOoOi, Iho down of proenlooMff, 
lioiortoJ cimddtlwtWt.uum»»Dmrt' 

Ootefhuawl, a. (gorefras) Tending to nourish 

greatly, of a very lattening quality. 
Gorefrasn, a. a. (gorefras) To nourish greatly. 
Goregni, a. WL—p* i. on (agni) Over*exertion. 
Goregniad, a. m. (goregni) An over*exerting. 
Goregn'iaw, a. a. (goregni) To over-exert. 
Goregniawl, a. (goregni) Tending to over-exert. 
Goregni wr,s. m.— pi. goregniwyr (goregni— gwr) 

One vrho over-exerts. 
Goreiffiad, a. m. (goraig) A teeming greatly ; an- 

perfetalion, superimpregnation. 
Goreigiaw, v. a. (goraig) To teem abundantly ; 

to supeifetate. 
Ooreigiawl, a. (goraig) Teeming over. 
GoreiUad, t. m.— al. *. an (eUiad) Snperstmction. 
Goreiliaw, a. a. (eiltaw) To raise a soperstmc- 

ture, to superstruct ; to respire. 

Trt pbcih oU ydynt 
yn gvdlhiaw'; jr mo: 

gorpkmy no amer loewn ijn : t SoIob 
JO fonimw ; Ic yr eaald ya noddorl. 

Tkne lliiiin wliiA aro ocver at real In a maa: the heart heal- 
tofTSo hSB. in m^f ; ■«! tt,« thpo^hU-tolghi|^ 

Goreiliawg, a. (eiliawg) Superstructive. 
GoreiUd, a. ai.— pi. «. an (dlid) What is laid upon, 
a pressure; a grievance. 

Bwrw oddfvrthyd orottid y coawd. 
Caal fnm thee Oie hmdem of the S«h. 

Owr J ay'a SoddoTsr lorollid. 
May I weelro the grwet othlm that U bcarioff ^hm^.^ 

GoreUidiad, a. m. (goreilid) A viole^it bearing 
dovm, a praming heavily ; • grieving. , 

Goreilidiaw, a. a. (goreilid) To bear upon heavi- 
ly ; to bniden ; to be a burden, or grievance | 
to vex, to trespam. 

Odieoa wUI be kirn tUI trttpuag, Adagu. 

Gorellidiawg, a. (goreilid) That is burdened. 
Goreilidiwr, i . m.— pi. goreittdwyr (goreilid— gwr ) 
One that is cumbersome, or vexing. 

Tri Bod-oremUwr Yaya Prydain: Rhl^ Otwr yn forellUI nor- 
iBci ae aarhaMh y hreaUiioedd aaaoabarlhoo. 

The three nod karratitn of the iaie of Britala : oae was aUia 
the ffhMit, barraiaing the Baotortattoa aad tyrftaay ^"^^jj^^*** 

Goreilidns, a.(goreilid) Burdensome, cumbersome 
Goreiliedig, a. (goreiliad) That is snperstrocted. 
GorelKwr, t . m.— pi. goreUwyr (eiliwr) One who 
raises a supentructure. 




OoreUydd, c. wu—fL f. ion (etlydd) One wlio 
. mans tupremely anifonn, or narmonloos. 
GordlUad, «. »• f eiUiMl) A shaving the top. 
Ooreillinw, «• a. (eilltaw) To sheve the top. 
Gorellllawgy •• (dUiawg) Havins the top shaved. 
Ooreiriad, t. m. (gorair) A forming an adverb. 
Ooreirian, c. (eirun) Supremely splendid. 
Ooreiriaw, «^ e. (gorair) To form an adverb. 
Goreiriawg, a. (gorair) Having an adverb. 
Goreirlawi, a. (gorair) Adverbial, as an adverb. 
Ooreislan, s. m. (eisian) Extreme want. 
Ooreisiwedy t. at. (eisiwed) Extreme indigence. 
Qoreiste, s. nu (elste) A sitting aloft ; a presiding 
Gorelste, e. a. (eiste) To sit akift ; to preside. 

Oor d i tt ar fryo wrfrvyD tj aryd* 

A hefyd ni'n rj chwTn : 

Bjrr fy Dhalth, dUhlth tf ahydSja. 

Slcdar W|b vfMMi ft bill, ny nlnd U broodbir vpoa wtr. and 

Rlt doth ufA lapel aw Mmftrd : ilMft te ny Msracy, aiid my 
dlUff wrrlcbed! Llpwmrek Htm, 

Ckireistedd, «. m. (eistedd) A presiding. 

May ■eaailil have a loaf pmUUmg, Jdt$f. 

Ooreistedd, e. a. (eistedd) To sit over ; to preside 
Ooreisteddawp, a. (goreistedd) Presiding. 
Oordsteddawl, a. (goreistedd^ Presiding. 
Goreisteddnr. a. (goreistedd) Having an apt- 
nesty or tondnem, to preside* 

Ha fydd ofcMeddfar yn jtlMMU 
Be woiftrnd ntprtitdimg la a roeoi. Aiag9» 

Goreisteddcarwch,*. nu (goreisteddgar) Fondness 

for presiding. 
Goreisteddiady s. m. (goreistedd) A presiding. 
Gorelsteddwr, «. m. — jl. goreisteddwyr (j^oreis- 

tedd — ffwr) One who sits alMve ; a president. 
Goreisteddwraig, s. f.-^pl. goreisteddwrttig«dd 

(goreistedd— gwrmig) A presiding woman. 

Ml Ivydd cdl gacaMaddwraiff. 

1W S eai tfc o W aflfca pntMmg — — will act preiptr. 


Gorel, f . ».— p(. t. an (gor) An apertnre. 
Oorelawg, a. (gorel) Al>oanding with apertures. 
Gorellad, s. m. (gorel) A making an opening. 
Goreln, v. a. (gorel) To make an apertnre. 
Gorelandn, v. a. (goralw) To ery ont violently. 
Gorenttych, a. (entrych) Placed above the firma- 
ment, snper-celesaal. 
Gorenw, s. m.— pi. I. an (enw) A surname. 

Naa'r offlyydt/a 


la iha nmrlOT'UMf of Moriaal. wcr« not Om vanlon of Brit- 
B all pftfiff ( . 


atof froai 



Gorenwad, s. at.— pi. I. an (gorenw) A snniam- 
ing ; a giving a name of distinction. 

Gorenwawd, s. ai. (gorenw) Great renown. 

Gorenwawg, a. (gorenw) Having a great name. 

GorenwawU a. (gorenw) Of great renown. 

GorenwI. e. a. (gorenw) To surname. 

Gorergyd, s. m.— pi. I. ion (ergyd) An overshot. 

Gorergvdiad, a. ai.-^. t. au (gorergyd) An over- 

Gorergydliw, r. a. (gorergjrd)To overshoot. 

Gorergydiawl, a. (gorergyd) Overshooting. 

Gorerlid, s. ».— pi. I. Ian (crlld) an eager pur- 
suit, a violent persecution. 

Gorerlid, v. a. (erild) To pursue eagerly. 

GorerlldladfS.m.— pl.1. au (gorerlid) A pursuing 
violently; a violent persecution. 

Oorerlldlaw, a. a. (gorerlid; To pursue vehe- 
mently; to persecute greatly. 

Goreilidlawg, a. (toreilld) Eagerly pursaln^. 
Oorerlidiauf, a. (gorerlid) Eagerly pursaing. 
Gorerlldiwr, «. ».— pi. gorerlidwyr (gorerlid- 

gwr) A violent persecutor. 
Gorerlyn, t. ai.~pl. I. an (erlyn) A folUmii 

eagerly; lo persecutejEreatly. 
Gorerlyn, «. a. (erlyn) '^i follow eagerly. 
Gorerlynawl, a. (gorerlyn) Eagerly followiag. 
Gorerlyniad, s. ai.>-pl. t, an (goreriyn) A fo 

lowing, or pursuing eagerlv. 
Oorerlynwr, «. m.— pi. goreiiynwyr (goreriyo- 

gwr) An eager follower. 
Gorerwin,a. (gerwin) Over-severe ; very roogl 
Oorerwinad. t. m. (gorerwin) A making yei 

rough ; a becoming very rough. 
Gorerwinaw,e. a. (gorerwin) To make very rong 

or severe ; to become verv rough. 
Oorerwinawl, a. (gorerwin) Tending to not 

rough ; of a severe tendency. 
Gores, s. /.—pi. i, au (es) what lies open, ( 

waste, a. Open, unincloeed, waste. 

Tri pbMh al ddygaat wr 1 nwaeffad aavr; d vnif |a hm 
If aceidvyar 

ei, d geiyi ya Uyi 

Tbrea lUafi wideh will aot hftaf a aaa to gmt r 
lri« wife Ibc arfrtrtM, hh hone laaa, aad hto laad IfAwMok 

Ooresawg, a. (gores) Lying open, or wsste. 

Goresawl, a. (gores) Laying open, or waste. 

Goresgyn, s. m.— pi. t, oedd (esgyn) Ao sdnoo 
coming upon, or entry upon ; a sobdning, ; 
taking possession, or conquest; an eotsii; i 
lease, also called tffia^. CyrrAa fofcv9"t < 
dock an entalL 

Goresgyn, a. a. (esgyn) To super ascend ; to ooit 
upon, to enter upon; to take possessioo; ti 
OTermm to rabdue, to eonqner. 

BarfliM Radwyeawf, 
fUeh aaahfufanwir* 
Al heaiylLyo vttmm, 
o Seraienfc; 
Boll Loefr a 1>hrydaia« 
O tea »or Llychlf a 

' uycaif a 

arpCBL MercUeM aad 
Icom; that mo dMO CMfwr aU of Eiftei h 
ofSeotlaad, froai the itera of the Lochlla «• to S* 9««fn. 

Mt^ r. «fft^ 

Goresgynadwy, a. (goresgyn) That may be con 

upon ; that nsay be possemed ; cooqnerable. 
Goresgynaeth, t. wl (gor— esgyn) Posienimi 

Goresgynaft A iryaawynawl, imtife primsry « 

Goreagynawl, a. (goresgjn) Tending to ooste ip 

on, or to possess ; possessed ; prevailing, pf* 

valent, conquering. 

Mar ffydd •m hotkaa hdh re 

aweled ; ya yr oa •«** T ••'£ 


hefrd; caayi gaaaita yr byn 
ela'hod ya oaecfyaawl e hyuy ja baiawd. 

PaHh !• vllh rM^Mt to tMay* not w««; of Ibc tf*<J*|^J 
hope llboviw ; for bei* a* to what It Mca !■ ao< ho^j> ^^^^ 
aro ^oiMMrd of that already. 

Goresgynawr, i. m. — pL goresgynorioa(goreig7* 

An occupant; a vanquisher. 
Goresgynedig, a. (goresgyn) That is come opoi 

entered, or posseiMed ; overeome, sobdaed. 
Ooresgynedigaeth, s. m.—pl. I. ao (goresgyof<»f 

Saper.ascendancy ; the act of coviag np^ • 

sobjogation. ,. , 

Goresgynedlgawl, a. (goresgynedig) Teadisf t 

come upon, or to possess; sabjective. 
Goresgyniad, t. «.— pL #. au (goresgyn) A <^ 

ing upon ; a possessing ; oossmsIob, ocaip«"n 

ling, aeoi 

a subduing, or overrunning, a conanttij^ 
Goresgyniadawl, a. (goresgyniad) Tending 
give possession; tending to subjection. 




Oort^gynteila, «. «. (goreigyalad) To ouue to 
coflM upon ; to give poiiesaloiiy to tabjogste. 

GoreigyiiiaeUi, t, m.— ^ 1. 1, ao (goresgyn) Haper- 
ascendancy; the act of comlAg apon; pottea- 

^4op ; lobjugatioo. 

WTttgymi, ». a. (goresgyn) To come apon, to 
oater o pon ; topOMess; tosobdac. 

Gorcsgynwr, •. m,—fl. goresgynwyr (goretgyn— 
gwr) One who comet apon ; a pottetaor, or oe- 
capant ; a vanqaiaber, a coaqneror. 

Oore^gynydd, «. m.^fl. t. ion (goretgyn) One 
who ascends, or comes opon ; a primary ocea* 
peitf ; n vaoqnisber; a cbild In tlie fiftii de- 
gree, or a grandchild's grandson. 

6<M«siad, s. Hk (gores) A laving oat, or open, an 


esposiag; a drrestiag 

Gorest, «*/-~j»i. f . aa (gores) What hiys opea or 

waste. «. Open, nmncloaed, waste. Tir ger- 

«i<» waste land. 
Oorestawl, «. (gorest) Layiag open, or waste, 
Gofestiad, s. m. (gorest) A layiag open, or waste. 
Gofetta, V. m. (gorest) To lay open ; to Ue wwte. 
Gorestwng, v. a. (estwng) To yield boasage. 

I*r tywywvf kyaj ml omijmgaU ; yniMt p m moM, »*■ 

MsafT, if* 

To cbM Prtnc* / mAmUUii Md ha* in the 
rudiaaS mm Sluwtoe. Sfarr4 

Gorestyn, s. ai. (estyn) Extension Of er. 

^•restjrn, e. a. (es^n) To extend OTer; to ex- 
tend in continnity. 

Oomtynawl, «. (aorestyn) Extending ofor. 

Gorestynedig, «. (gorestyn) Extended over. 

Ooreatynlad, s. «i.~pl. t. ao (gorestya) A stretch* 
lag, or exteodiag over. 

^orcatyngad, s. m. (gorestwng) A yielding ho- 
nsage; hnmiliation, sabmissioa. 

Gorcatyagawi, «. (gorestwng) Haadliating. 

Goreatyngder, «. m. (gorestwng) Coodeseension. 

Goreatyngedig, «. (gorestwng) Beeaose sabiect. 

GOTaatyngedigaeth, s. wu-^ t. an (gorestwng) 
HnariUatlon, sabmlsslon, eondeseenslon. 

Goreatyn|riad, s. Bi.~pl. gorastynglald (gores- 
twaf ) One who aahndts ; a aabjeet. 

•ykaS ml tfeMM UoNhr, (li yr 

ca tynai w yd d, #. tm. (gorestwng) A slate of 

anbjecd on, hanlllty. 
Gesastyaga, v. a. (gorestwng) To sohadt. 
Goteaty ngwi , s. «■ pi . gorestyngwyr (gorestwng 

--gwr) One who yMda hoamge or aabmlts. 
Goreatyagydd, s. ak— pi. t. loa (goiastwag) One 

wfco does homage, one who sabtaitB. 
Oornsa, o. «. (gores) To lay open ; to lie waeta. 
Goreaymiad, i . ai. (rhesymlad) A partly argaing: 

a talking Ikmillariy. ' '^ ^ •— • 

Goresyma, a. a. (ihesyma) To talk familiarly. 




•1 Rtywwl r 

kf* mf BriMlB, ft pwptil o r 

I flT lagv, Ikfti lotti la Mood. 

Goretfidii, a. a. (gorethawl) To select aicely. 
GorethoHad, t. ai. (gorethawl) A selecting nicely 
Goren, «. m.— pi. I. on (gor) A saperior; what is 
best; excerption. «. Best ado. Best, or in 
the highest degree of goodness* (yr forca. of 
the bM, or verT well; germ iH beiiUf thoa 
hadst beat be qaiet 

Tko wt tk Um coaUflUM Mi ttittr. Jd«f f . 

Vol. II. 

A ro|w«iifyMt«ffwry4dii 

HlMil«AMtlbr«wr,wlHkolho»Mf lhrprt«#. Jicfr. 

CfBMrf ■ a (afhr 

I alaU atetaneipOaa to Ikt oMmmI pMco. FoIWIm. 

Oori$a, e. «• (gore) To make, to create. 



I ae ft*B fvatytf. 


Ooreaadi a. ak— pi. I. oa (goren) A bettering ; 

Ooreaaeth, a. nk--^. I. aa (goren) Optiauty. 
Goreaaaty s. ww-wL goreaanaan (gorea) A sape- 

rior stale ; optlmacy. 
Ooreoaw, e. a. (goren) To better; to become 

better; losarpasa. 
Goreoawl, a. (gorea) Bettering; sarpassing, 
Goreagwr, s. ak^fl. goreagwyr (gorea— gwr) 

Aa optimatey or select nnn. 
Goreariid, s. m. (eared) A gilding with gold. 
Gorearaid, a. (earald) Doae over with gold ; gilt. 
Qofaaraw, a. a* (earaw) To cover over with 

gold; togihi. 
Ooreaiawf , a. (eaiawg) That is gilt with geld. 



ao» J.. ^fMofiJit 

G o i ear a w l , a. (earawl) Covered with gold. 

Gorearedig, a. (earedlg) Gilt with gold. 

Oorearla, a* (earin) Overiaid with gold, gilt. 

Gorearwr, s. ai.— W. gorenrwyr (earwr) Oom who 
covers with goU ; a gihier. 

Goieorydd, s. m.— pl. t. loa (mrydd) A gilder. 

Gorenrya, s. ai.— pl. I. an (earyn) What is co- 
vered with gold; whatUgUt. 

Oorew, ff. m. (rhew) A slight frost ; thla ice. 

Gorawi, a. a. (gorew) To fteaae sUghtly. 

Mao lav glo(M lalaa*r firat t«aV ftvyr 
Ta gMwirr dyftyK. 

__ lift 

a«ar tta kaaaa «f Iha valt; Iko 

Oorewlyd, a. (gorew) Somewhat fVostv. 
Gorewyddy s. m. (rhewydd) Bodily v^goar. 





Gorewyddawl, a. (goiewydd) Invigorative. 
Gorewyddiad, «. m. (gorewydd) An invigorating. 
Gorawydda, «. a. (gorewydd) To iavigorate. 
Gorewyn, a. m.--pl. I. oedd (ewya) A high, or 

coveriflf foam. a. High-foaming. Medd gar- 

Mrya, hIgh-BMBtliag mead. 
Gorewynavrd, s. m. (gorevrya) A foamlag over. 
Gorewyaawgi a. (gorewyn) Covered with foam. 

thnkaa la afttal ftmy. 

Oorewynawl, a. (gorewyn) Tending to foam over 
Gorewynlad, s. si. (gorewyn) A foaming over. 
Gorewynny e. a. (gorewyn) To foam over. 
Gorfaidd, t. ak (baidd) A great ventare. 
Gorfidn,a. (main) Extremely fine, or slender. 
Oorfainc, «./.— pi. gorfeindaa (amine) A saperior 

seat, or throne. 
Oorfaint, s. m, (maint) An oversiae. 
Oorfaith, a. (maith) Eittamely 





Got talcfa, «. ( balch) Highly towering ; ?ery proad, 
or stately; supercilious. 

Gorfan, «.'(baD) Extremely lofty, or high. 

OorfaDadl, s. m. (banadl) Broom-rape. 

Gorfual, i . m. (banal) The broom-rape. 

Gorfanc, «. m.— |il. I. on (gor—banc) A stage ; a 
cut of hay, in the rick. 

Gorfaniad, i . m. (gorfan) A raising very lofty. 

GorfansoQ, t. m. (manson) A mattering. 

Gorfnnson, e. a. (manson) To matter extremely. 

Gorfant, s. m. — pL f. an (mant) Upper mandible. 

Gorfan tawl, «. m. (mantawl) Over- balance, pre- 

Gorfan toledig, a, (gorfantawl) Overbalanced. 

Gorfantoli,v. a. (gorfantawl) To over-balance, to 
overpene, to ontweigh. 

Gorfaotoliad, «. m.— pi. t. an (gorfantawl) An 

Gorfano, v. a. (gorfan) To make very lofty. 

Gorfiinwl, a. (manwl) Extremely accnrate. 

Oorfanyliad, t. m. (gorfanwl) A acnitinising 
over-mach ; a being over-nice. 

Oorfanylu, tr. a. (gorianwl) To oTer-scrntinlxe. 

Gorfaran, «. m. (baran) That spreads ont extre- 
mely; that presents a vast front, a. Of a 
grand front ; magnificent. 

Ftcad f»rw hla 

Pko y« foriWno twrf loM« wrtk laa. 

Ii Ml the «caih«r rwiffh «hea ik« taaalt of th« warvt to of 

mmgmi/lermt/nmt »gtin»t the albnn, TutUwin. 

Gorfaranawl, a. (gorfaran) Having a magnificent 

Oorniraniad, «. m. (gorfaran) A presenting a 
grand aspect. 

Gorfarann, v. a. (gorfaran) To appear extremely 
grand ; to display a granid front. 

Gorfas, a. (1>as) Extremely shallow, or flat. 

Gorfasiad, «. m. (gorfas) A making very shallow. 

Gorfasa, v. a. (gorfas) To make very sliallow ; to 
become too shallow. 

Oorfawdd, «. m. (bawdd) A great immersion. 

Gorfawl, s./. (mawl) Extreme praise. 

Gorfawr, a. (mawr) Very great. Immense. 

Gorfiiwriad, #. ai. (gorfiiwr) A magnifying ex- 

Gorfawriawl, c (gorfawr) Tending to magnify 

Gorfawrao, «. a. (gorfawr) To magnify much. 

Gorfawredd, «. aL (gorfawr) Vast magnificence, 
extreme greatness. 

Gorfeddiad, •.ai.(meddtad2 A possesing overmuch 

Gorfeddiannawl, «. (gorreddiant) Tending to 
possess overmach. 

Gorfeddianniad, s. ai. (gorfeddiant) A possessing 

Gorfeddianno, v. a. (gorfeddiant) To over-possess 

Gorfeddiant, i. at.— pi. gorfeddiannan (medd- 
iant) Excess of possession. 

Gorfeddo, r. a. (meddn) To possess mo9t secure- 
ly ; to possess orermuch. 

N» bo dmf ncaod %*m forfnklo. 

I ynj tbat oo kod w^k mmg ft t— rwrr h^ld ot mr. 

MfUfT »t CvaleJkmmi. 

Oorfeddw, a. (meddw^ Extremely intoxicated. 
Gorfeddvri, r. (gorfeddw^ To intoxicate to excess 
Gorfeiddiad, s. ». (gorfaidd^ An over-daring. 
Gorfeiddiaw, v. a. (gorfaidd ) To over-dare. 
Gorfeaddiawl, a. (0>rfaidd) Over-daring. 
Gorfeithder, (gorfaith) Extreme tc^ioasness 
Gorfeithdra, s. ak (gorfaith) Over tediousness. 
Goffeitbedd, s. at. (gorfaith) Extreme tedium* 

Gorfeithiad, «. m. (gorfaith) A rendering 
tremely tedious ; a becoming very long. 

Gorfeithiaw, r. a. (gorfaith) To make extremely 
tedious ; to become very long. 

Gorfelthiawl, a. (f^orfaith) Over-tedious. 

Gorfelyn, #. m. (melyn) Yellow exterior, yellow 
tip. a. Having a yellow extremity ; tipped 
with yellow; very yellow. Goi/flya eu h^mgyr, 
yellow-tipped their spears. 

GonriD bb«a bwmdl, Cfvaadl JMUctowf ; 
GorfH>n c»ur*> k>ir*;*«v; 

Bu rbjd; foawd hjfrjd yo baoovf. 

GlHtrrlac tiK Vapt of Ike brooai, the lotar** plac* af 

Uofa : »/• ntrndid jftUmm tbe cliMlirril 

coaiaoied baa easy •leap. 


Gorfelynawg, a. (gorfelyn) Having a yeHow ex- 
tremity, or surface; of very bri^bt yellow. 

Gorfelyniad, «. «. (gorfelyn) A tipping vrith yel- 
low ; a making of very bright yellow. 

Gorfelynu, v. a. (gorfelyn) To tip with yeOow; 
to make of very nright yellow* 

Goferw, s. m. (berw) What b thrown np by boil- 
ing; froth, or scam; the refuse of metal in 
melting of it. 

C)d bvtf Hddll a bycbaa, 
Ar Ian forfcr* Bordylan. 
Mi a voaf, yn otdd cyfrdaoi 
It' well DO tbricban 

Thourb I ">aT he fccMe and Maall, oa the dMN« oTA"* sf (be 
OTcrvhelaiiicaca, I ■teil. in tbe day of trial, ylcU Ikee mmm food 
tbaia Ibrae baadnd of the Saay Utte. TUItkm. 

Gorfervrad, t. ai. (gorfarw) A throwing ap by 

boiling; eballition; an over-boiling. 
Gorferwawl, a. {gorferw) Over-boiling; teaifing 

to throw up by boiling. 
Gorferwedig, a. (gorferw) That is over-boilcd; 

that is thrown up by boiling. 
Gorfenri, o. a. (gorferw) To over-boil ; to boH 

over; to throw up a scum; to bubble np. 
Gorfeth, s. m. (meth) An extreme failing. 
Gorfethedig, a. (gorfeth) Greatly enfeebled. 
Gorfethiad, s. ra. (gorfeth) A failing gcendy ; a 

being greatly enfeebled. 
Gorfethiannawl, a. (gorfetUant) Tending to en- 
feeble excessively. 
Gorfethianniad,«. wl, (gorfethiant) An eafeebUag 

to excess ; a beina greatly enfeebled. 
Gorfethiannu, e. a. (gorfethiant) To enfeeble ex- 
cessively; to become greatly enfeebled. 
Gorfethiant, s. wu (gorfeth) ^treme debility. 
Gorfetbiantrwydd, «. ok (gorfethiant) Extreme 

feebleness ; or fhilnre. 
Gorfin, «. m.— pi. t, ion (min) The cater edge; 

extreme edge. 
Gorfiniad,s. m. (gorfin) A sharpening extiftly. 
Gortiniaw, v. a. (gorfin) To make an extreme 

ed^e ; to sharpen extremely. 
Gorfioiawl, a. (gorfin) On the extreme edge. 
Gorflawdd, s./. (blawdd) Extreme uproar. 
Gorflin, a. (bllo) Extremely tiresome. 
Gorflinaw, e. a. (gorflin) To tire extremely^ to 

Gorflinder, s. m. — fl. I. an (gorflin) Oyer-ftttigwe. 
Gorflinedig, a. (gorflin) Over-tired. 
Gorfloddest, $, f.—jU. I. au (gorflavrdd) A riotooa 

Gorfloddestgar, a. (gorfloddest) Apt to be very 

riotous, fond of loose festivity. 
Gorfloddestiad, s. ai. (gorfloddest) A raidDg a 

great riot ; a becoming very riotous. 
Gorfloddestn, r. a. (gorfloddest) To act very riot* 

ously, to be very oproarioos. 


Gorfloddl, «. c (fMikwdd) To onkc •xtr«ae «P' 
to mtkt aa apniw. 


GoHMdIad, f. M.--fl. I. n ( go t fc w d d) 
naklag •■ extmM aproftr. 



lty» Jti^ipw w i — af H i r i ium , m 

GoHloedd,!./.— pi. f. u (liioedd) An cmlcry. 
GorHoeddawgy «. (goriloedd) That naket an cx- 
tfCiDC 0Qtcr|r> 

ib«t tes«Hlp«vtittttftt«ar*vkMM»atf «r 

CatiUwddgar, a. (forflaadd) Apt to naka an ax« 

tranM oolcry* 
Oaiflaaddiady •• ai» (forioadd) A raiilaf aa ax- 

Oorfloaddiaw, a. a. (gorioadd} To aiy ant as* 

tian w l y ; to aafca a mat aniery. 
Gorflaaddiwr, a. ak— pL gorfaaddwyr (foHkiadd 

aa i i ) Ona mho HMkaa a groat oolcry. 
Goflhpch, f. m.— pi. gorfljekan (Uwcb) Oofalot. 


Gorihvag, a. (blwng) Vary inUan, or 
G aff flych nid, «. ak-^pL corflychaldiaa (gorflwdi) 

A goMet'lnll, a aap-inB* 
OaHlycUad, •• ai. (goriwob) A Aittng a flap. 
GorflydM, a. a. (gorflwch) To fill a goUat. 
O ot^ ya gdar, a. ai^-pL I* an (gatfiwag) Morofo- 

G o rfly ng iad , a. ak (aorfiwng) A landaring fallca^ 
•raoar; a baooaHagcnw; asatparatioa. 

Gorllyaga,«.a.(gaffflwag)ToMkatoari toox- 
amerata ; to bacama BMioaa. 

GorM, a. ak— pi. «. an (gar— bod) Tba ttata 
whieb faapala obUgatioB. or oobadMlaa ; abUga- 
flao, IsMltlaa, aaoaHlty 9 oageocy ; tba ap- 
par hand, ar auMtary ; vl 

Tff «a njf i ll*: pwyVi 

Gorfody a. a. (gor— bod) To gat wperiory or 
abora; to caaar obligation, or Mbmiition; to 
obtlga, or naceitltata ; to Tanqaiiby or toovar- 
coaio •^— to ba lain, obliged, or forced to do, to 
be iaipellad ;— to anawer for, to a arrant, to ta- 
tiafy.— Gae/M dUtm^ to be oUlgod to retreat ; 
(f^ wnm vada, ba waa obliged to deny; i9ir* 
^ g9iilhT94, to make aatiiAetlan for an art ; 
gwrf^d amVtl rktg t^ffi^ to warrant a baaat 
free fraai diaaasa. 



107 G O R 

0»f« fwM •'r PryMBtotf, U • #m1t«I | Ujrli1y««Tr-( 
AfMr «mMitaff af *• IHMM. At MM •rUMMki iia I* iMr 

Oorfodadny, a. (garlbd) Tbat amy ba ova rc aai B , 
annnanntabie ; ? indble ; tbat BMy be abl ig a d , 
or oompelled. 

Oorfodaetb, t. Bi.--pl. I. aa (gorfad) Tba act af 
overooariag, or ooaipelliag; a v a aqni t b i ag ; vie- 
taty, eoaqaaat ; a naklag obUgatory* 

Oorfodal, a. ^.^fL gorfodeioa (gorfod) A tar* 
nHmnter ; a victor j an obllgeor. 

Oorfodawg, a. (gmod) Uaviag an obligntioo; 
able to eonfftraln. $. c.— pi. gorfodo^oa. Oae 
wbo overeatoei; an oM^^e; an amplre; a 
coaatralaant. JtfacA gmftimtgt a aarety wbo 
anawaiv Ibr aaotber'a appearance* 

*fa*j*J'fraji*ai»f !• aakiniak 1 •«* i^ wo •i^* 

r wiw lit awii tow ■■>iwii If m iMi|niii« ir«ia 1mm. 

., a. (gorfod) Tending to anrmoaat, ar 
ta arareaaa ; pradaailnaBt; eoMpalalve. 
OadbdHliaf, a^.-pl, 1. i (gorM— tref) Tbe tbir- 
teeatbpart of a BMWor; baiag a aapanNmera- 
ry ta<waiMpi 

f| ili H — m l^—i % Ikuffm y <wl y to f 4»»M frnm. 

Oorfod.dretli.a/.-pl. 1. 1 (Mrfod^ttatb) A tax 
of conpnlaton, a tax ievlcd by an aaamy* 

Oarfodadig, a. (gorfod) Sanaonnted. overooaio. 

Oorfodedigaetb, a. ai.— p!. I. aa (gorfodcdig) Tba 
act af ovaroonlag* 

Oorfodedd, a. ai. (gorfod) Pradoariaancy. 

Gorfodlad, f. at. (gorfedj Aa overcoaiiag. 

Oorfodoc&ad, a. m. (gorfodawg) A readerlag ob- 
litttory, a pattlag aader a eontroal. 

Gorfodockawl, a. (gorfodawg) Tending to reader, 
or bt to w i e obligatory. 

Oorfodocio, a. a. (gorfodawg) To pat aaderabli- 
gatlon ; to become eognixable. 

Oorfodogaetb, a. ak— pi. 1. an (gorfodawg) Tba 
act of taking npon oae'a aetf ; an obligadaa, or 
ii^anctloa ; a recogalaaaea; a wardeaahip, «a* 
BMneat, ar caatady ; tba party, or wbat ia 
nnder gaanatee; tba ofieo of a aareQr, or 
gaardlaa ; tba act, or ofice of arbitration ; can* 




Oorfodogawl, a. (torfodawg) Tending to render 

obligatory i nnder obligation. 
Oorfodogi,e. n. (gorfodawg) To hv nnder an In- 

Janction, or oMigatioa ; to render obligatory ; 

to pnt nnder namageaient, or wardahip. 

Gorfodoglad, a. tm. (gorfodawg) A rendering ob- 
llgatory ; a beeaailag liable to eoatroal ; a be< 
coming oldiged. 


Oorfoi- „,- ^ ., 

or contented ; bad tempered, anriy. 

O f 

imittg oldiged. 

fodogwr, a. m.— pi. gorfodofwyr (gorfodawg— 
irr) One nnder obligation, or recogniaance. 
foddawg.a. (boddawg) Above being plraaad. 




(goHavl) Great re- 

r<rr$:w»T&fai, t. wl, 'ffOvi«4«dd) A trisBphing. 

9» m. igorfoJ«<id; To give 
to reyoifce creaii^t ; to triamph. 

«. <'sortj4ed-i; FbQ of praise and 

«. — ^jrf. g w fiifeJJw fr (porMedd 
Oar «%9 rejoices, or trioBpfas. 
r. o. 'serfnri. To praise to excess; to 
, to co«f>4iaM9t kigUy ; to flatter. 


a orlotor: 

fee accMed. O. CtftUiMmf. 


«. (gorfofiaat) Extresely 
« adaUtory. 

, a. flL (gorfoi i attt) A eoameoding 

r. «. (goffofiaat) To 
treaieiy ; to praiae overHBock. 
^orf<»4iai«Sy «. (gorfoliaBt) Extrctocly com 

Gurtbiiaat, j. wu (cor^nH) Excess of pisise. 
Cof for, c. (naor) L poa tlM sea, tliat is on the sea. 

1 ^d4 ten 

er n 


lb«f« «iUkea 

C bcfiwT Uk nrtk of Sallaoff. 

Gorlbriaw, r. «. (gorfor) To go opoo tbe sea. 
Gofffni9, €. (I>ra8) Over- bulky, orer-gross; OTcr- 

fat; over-rank; too Inznriant. 
Oorfrasder, t. wu (gorfras) Excess of Iwlkiness; 

excess of fatness, or rankness. 
Gorfrasedd, s. at. (gorfras) Excess of bolkiness. 
Gorfraiat, $, m,^pl, gorfreiutiaa (brain t) Sope- 

rior privilege ; prerogative. 
Gorfran, a. (bran) Extremely fragile, or brittle. 
Gorfraw, «. at (braw) Extreme panic 
Gorfrawn, c. a. (gorfraw) To terrify extremely. 
Gorfnu^wcb, a. m. Tgorfraw) Extreme panic 
Gorfrawychawl, a. (gorfrawwch) Extremely ter- 

ri6ed, or intimidated. 
Gorfrawychiad, *. ai. (gorfrawwch) A terrifying 

or scaring extremely. 
Gorfrawychn, r. c. (gorfraV^wch) To terrify ex- 
tremely ; to be greatly scared. 
Gorfretnniad, a. ai. (gorfmint) A conferriog a 

prerogative, or privilege. 
Gorfreinoiaw, r.«.(gorfraint) To confer superior 

privilege, or prerogative. 
Gorfreinniawl, a. (gorfraint) Greatly privileged. 
Gorfreaad, s. ai. (gorfran) A rendering very brit- 
tle ; a beooming very tragile. 
Gorfrenaw, r. a. (gorfran) To make brittle in the 

extreme; to become very brittle. 
Gorfreuawl^ a. (gorfran) Extremely fragile. 
Gorfreoolder,«. m, (gorfreuawl) Over-brittleness 
Gorfrenoledd, «. ai. (gorfreoawl) Extreme brit- 

tleoess, or fraplity. 
Gorfreaoli, v. a. (gorfreoawl) To make extreme- 
ly brittle, or fragile. 
Garfntk,«. (brith) Variegated on the surface. 
Gorfrithiaw, r. «« ^gorfritb) To oter variegate; 

to variegate over. 
Gorfrithawi, «. (gorfrith) Apt to variegate over. 
Gorfritkder, s. h. (gorfrith) Variegaaoii of the 

Gorfrithedd, «. m. (gorlHth) Variegatioo of tbe 

Gorfrithiad, s. m. (gorfrith) An over-variegating. 

Gorfrwd, a. (brwd) Extremely ardent or hot. 

Gorfrwth, a. at.— pf. gorfrythan (brwth) A great 
taasalt or aproar. 

Gorfrwysg,a. (brwysg) Extremely unwieldy. 

Gorfrwysgaw, «. a. (gorfrwysg) To make ex- 
tremely unvricldy ; to beoome very unwieldy. 

Gorfrwysgawl, a. (gorfrwysg) Tending to beoome 
very unwieldy. 

Gofrwysgedd, a. a. (gofrwysg) Unwieldiaeai in 
the extreme. 

Gorfrvrysgiad, a. wu (gofrvrysg) A making, m* be- 
coming extreasely unwieldy. 

Gorfryd, a. m. — pi. <. aa (bijd) A superior maud. 

Gorfrydawl, a. (gorfryd) Of a superwr aund. 

Gor^'dedd, a. ak (gorfryd) Magnanimltsr. 

Gorfrydiad, a. wu (gorfrwd) A rendering ex- 
tremely hot, a heating intensely ; inflammation 

Gorfrydiannawl, a. (gonrydlant) Extremely ia- 

Gorfrydiannn, a. a. (gorfrydlant) To heat, or in- 
flame intensely; to be greatiy inflamed. 

Gorfrydiant, a. at. (gorfrvrd) Extreme heat ; the 
height of inflammation; apau-oxlsm. 

Gorfi^diaw, a. a. (gorfrwd) To overheat ; to in- 
flame greatly ; to become much inflaaicd. 

Gorftydiawl, a. (gorfrwd) Overheating. 

Gorfrydu, r. a. (gorfryd) To endow witkma^gna- 
ninuty ; to bec»me high-minded. 

Gorfrys, f. m. (brys) Extreme haste, or harry. 

Gorfrysiad, a. at. (gorfrys) A hurrying mncb. 

Gorfrysiaw, r. a. (gorfrya) To over-hasten. 

Gorfrysiawl, a. (gorfrys) Over-hastening. 

Gorfrythawi, a. (gorfrwth) Outrageous. 

Gorfrytfaiad, a. aL (gorfrvrth) A making a great 
tumult ; a becoBBing ootrageoua. 

Gorfrythu, a. a. (gorfrwth) To act very tonal- 
tuoosly; to become outrageous. 

Gorfnan, a. (buan) Overquick ; oversooB. 

Gorfuander, a. ai. (gorfnan) Overquicknesa. 

Gorfochedd, a./.— pi. t. an (buchedd) Superior 
life; snrvivance. 

Gorfncheddawl, a. (gorfuchedd) An ontUviog. 

Gorfocheddiaeth, a. ai.(gorfnchedd)Snrvivorahtp. 

Gorfttcheddu, v. a. (gorfuchedd) To survive, to 
overiive, to outlive. 

Gorfncheddwr, a. «. — fL gorfbcheddwyr (gor- 
fuchedd — gwr ) An ontiiver, a survivor. 

Gorfudd, #./.— pL f. ion (budd) Superior benefit. 

Gorfuddiad, a. au (gorfudd) A rendering a s«pe- 
rior advantage. 

Gorfuddiaw, r. a. (gorfudd) To afibrd superior 
advantage, or gain. 

Oorfuddiawl, «. (gorfudd) Very advantageous. 

Gorfnrth, a. ai. (bnrth) A very violent thrust. 

Gorfnrthi, a. m. (gorfurth) Extreme impulsion. 

C»i)r kvyvfiBt orfrat orfartU Te«dor ; 
Oadr ytgot arfor iifod vaddi. 

Miirtitaly (W\ womU opfwae the a»MtioQ eftke matal titimt m- 
$mmli of Tr«dor : Bicbtj tbe maridat« bniwark «Iwb aaaOaA i» 

Li|r«irl|r« f^rddt* 1^: 

Bi«dv apoa h«r. 

Gorfurthiad, a. ai. (gorfnrth) A thrusting very 

vit^lently ; a chasing extremely. 
OoHurthiaw, v. a. (gorfnrth) To repel extremely ; 

to drive, or chase, very violentiy. 
Gorfiirthiawl, a. (gorfnrth) Very repcUant. 
Gorfyd, $. m,—pi. i. oedd (byd) Superior world ; 

a superior stole, or existence. 
Gorfydiad, s. m. (gorfyd) A living in a superior 

stale or world. 




{jwffiitm,9.M,(iiKfyd) To lifo in a aaperior 

mhtU oritstfi* 
G(irf^diiw|,4. (soriyd) Of a rapeitor ilate of 
eiiitaioe. __^_^ 

Uo EonyvlftVf 

Tk MMrelffll OM if • A%*«r jtel* kc vfll TWfiftfc. 

G«ffy^ I. /r-fL f. loo (myg) What ipreadfl 

mod ; what if oppemMit by ita Ugbtneu. 
Oorfygidify, a. (goi^g) Sapenble. 
fiffff jnrl, i. (gorfyg) Tenaing to of ercooie. 
bHyged, t^A'-fL U on (gorfyg) Sopreme glory, 


Gtf^ediwl, c. (gorfrged) Sopremoly glorioof. 
GoHnedo, ii c (goHyged) To render rapremo- 

iy pmoa»^ loleinn, or grand .- 
ds^f I. •. (gpffyg) A ramoaotingy over- 

vm^at fan^^bhiu* 
G«i^,t.«. (gorfyg) To tobdoei to Tanqniab, 

Gorffo, I. wL—pL t an (myn) RiTaliUp, emnla- 

^'^^'i^f <• (for^yn) HaTing an ezoeailve de« 

otto obtain; emnloni; envioni. 

I bmr towBrdawboai I pnlat* nd 

Cai^Mri, c (gnrff n) Having an eatreme deiire 

t>oblaiB; •■faltiona ; enviont. 
(v^admd, $. wu {forfyn) A state of rifnlahip ; 

(Mhtioo; anbituiD ; envy. 
Myooi, !.«.— jil. e. an (gorfyn) An aspiring 

lAerntremely; an envying. 
Oo^ A. (gorfyn) Ambitions; emnlona; en- 

6orM| ft akwyll r« aWll «agtM ImUjw, 
MaOmMaiftw ifvia aiynwj. 

JfMM b m hM m tOa aiilMit bMatej thb dty. la pe- 
f^ II il n ite fcaa — tta Ida af ETyrairy. O— fciwat 

^mirii 0. fgoriynt) Eatremely oaplrlng; 

libitioiifl, emaiona ; envlona. 
Wyaaiid,*. au^pi. f , an f gorfynt) An aspliing 

m extremely ; an envying. 
^•^•n, o. a. (gorfynt) To aaplre afler ex- 

tf^veiytto enndatey to envy, to be ambitions ; 

«^t, f. Bk— pi. gorfynnan (gorfyn) Extreme 

*M,«r desire ;anBbnion; envy. 

Ovr tttfnt, a«r •dfrBt* fwr Itawr, 
Efrkvnpri, A cbathtal a cidknvr. 

JWn^ ■«, ik«Srk]« sa^ the baM MB ha troaM laar, 

«^7Bi, V. a. (gorfyn) To aspire after extreme* 
?? to envy ; to be ambitioos ; to be envious. 
*7*7i «. ak (mvny) An ascent, or np-hUl. 
""Tvydd, f. Bi. (gorfyn>) An ascent, or np-hlll. 

Bydd imfi afd d revydd radalai. 

^s• (byr) Vary abort, brief, or abropt* 
«. ai^ p i . i, odd (bya) Tbe first finger. 
I^byv) living beyond ; sapervlvaat. 
a. Ok (gottyw) Extreme vivacity, 

J^fcatef^ajgwija fuvffwdawdf 
rn damMaaaat ■• fItfdaM wand. 

JVfMntkM II ihc ■plaBMloar of tka Uc fail af mirwmt a^ 
"^l^ditait^ ikMld iha aUartittto Itan nmt Ifl then doff 
"•■^ Ifflllyr. 

^I^^viad, a. ak (^arfyw) An animating extreme- 

Ti s baooodng over-Uvi^. 

••f^wiaw, a. a. (gorfyw) To anlmate'to ox 

OorfyvHawg, a. (gorfyw) Extremely animated. 
Gor^wiaari, a. (gorfyvr) Extremely <nimftiog. 
GoHvvryd, a. «. (gorfyvr) Superior atate of life. 
Oorialg, a. /.—pi. gorffeieiaa (ifalg) Extreme 

embarraasment, or difficmty; 
Oorffawd, 9./. —pi. corffbdian (fiiiwd) Extraordi- 

naiy hick, or good fortune. 
Oorffawg, t. M. (nawg) Extreme delight, or bllsa. 

vritk dy Md M 70 - - * 

tbe hooour,' aia jest 

win ay iMtf im yo n roctaawrt 

Ac f a 7 for^haa. nrthwr am^ydadd^ 

Trarunadd gaa Ddan trafanwf . 

n art of laoawacd cbatayfcr , ba iceotdtaw la 
ilaf ««alcb, and la Iba eeaclaalea,«jfrMi#Ri«» 
It Uio« iac«lT« aarcT rroia God Iba <oaiMpla»- 

aarcy rroia ood Iba «oajpaariai 
UggadOwr, i £. aft O. JfSfSr. 

Gorffeigiad, a. at. (gorflfaig) An embarrassing ex- 
tremely, a becoming groatiy pnaaled. 

Oorffelgiavr, v. a. (gormig) To embarrass or to 
pnaale extremely. 

Sf*^?!2^ tnwfawdd tiagywydd nidwyai 
M'ai garffeifch M amf aar «yf aradd. 

fJrmu MiAMV««MMii# at to my balag 
bcilow < 

■a^ aalBS " ^'^'V abject* 

dW I ng ito h ad lagaid «1U » nald bortow •• 

/•r. r 

Oorffeigbiwl, a. (gorflalg) Very embarrassing. 
GorflTel, a. (ifel) Extremely subtile, or cunn] 
Gorffildra, a. ai. (gorffel) Extreme snbtilty. 

GorflTel, a. (ifel) Extremely subtile, or cunning. 
Gorffildra, a. ai. (gorffel) Extreme snbtiltv. 
Oorfflam, a. as.— pi. t, an (filam) Intense name* 

Gorfllamavrl, a. (goHBam) Intensely flammeons. 
Oojfflamiad, a. ai^— pf. I. an (gorfflam) Intense 

flammation ; a flamlnc extremely, 
colour. 0. Of a bright flame oolonr. 


Uiw) A bright fltn* 

GorflSwch, a. (fliwch) very prevalent, or rife. 
Gorfllychawl,a. (gormvrcb) Soperabandant. 
Oorfllychiad, (gorfilweh)Aanperaboniidlng« 
OorflSychn, v. a. (gorfllwch) To aoperabonnd. 
Gorfflemvrch, a.m. (gorfiam) Great flammabiUtv* 
GoH&emychawl, a. (gorfflemwch) l^tremeiy 

Gorfflemychiad, a.ak (aorfllemwch) A flaadng 

extremely; extreme flammation. 



iiv; extn 
cbn, 0* a« 

(gorfllemweh) To flame ex- 

CarnMyeb Uawyeh Naa afbUvydd caa. 
GarpbfOinfa •■> 7 fn* >*1 ^^b n*i> k|dd« 
Tba flare of tba «hfta Tcil of tbe maplo trfe>lraM< Mgktlgt 
laMiBr ott tbe brow wlikfaa lU dowa will aal ba. I»r. ^fdimm, 

OoHTodiad, a. ai. (torffavrd^ A prospering much. 

GoriTodiaw, a. a. (gorffiiwd) To prosper much. 

Gorffodlavrg,a. (gorffawd) Vety proaperous. 

GorfiVaw, a. (irraw) Extremely active, volatilei 
or agitated; full of briskness. 

Gorffrawdd, a. m. (ffrawdd^ Extreme bustle. 

Gorffrom, a. (ifrom) Very Irritable, or touchy. 

GorflromI, a. a. (gorffrom) To become very irri- 
table, or testy. 

GoHTromiad, a. fa. (gorffrom) A becoming very 
irritable, or testy. 

Gorffrwd, a./.~pl. gorffrydan(ffrwd) A violent 
stream, or torrent. ' 


Ootftydaa dd orttaivas atOawco. 

tfrt wan eaaa tba wMtmt iMrrali of the eaaSkt fall of alen- 
aad c&altailaa. 

Gorffrvdiad, a. ai. (gorfiArwd) A atreaming exoea- 

aivefy; an overflowing. 
Gorffrydiaw, a. a. (gorffrwd) To atraam groalfy. 
GoHfrydiavpl, a. (gorffnvd) Overflowing. 
Oorffnll, 9,/^^^ i. Ian (mill) Extrama aaitrify. 
Gorflolldid, a. ak (gorllnll) A haatening giaatly. 
GoHliiillaw, auik (gorffhll) To move exttanNly 
~ ; to be extremely brisk. 




Goriliilliawgi c. (itorffnll) Extremely alert. 
Gorffwdao. «. f. (flwdanj Extreme bustle. 
GorffWdaniady #. m. (gorffwdan) A boitlingmacb. 
Gorffwdann, o. •• (gorffwdan) To bustle macb. 
Gorffwyr, #./. (ffwyr) A very Tiolent impalse. a. 
Extremely impetaoiis. 

Gwma ffwdrfferch ffwucf oHTwjr, 
G«M al «t ■WW H nor owyr. 

DlvUiBt itke • faty-fork with • r*>t »«'< topflMw, woe to v* 
Itat ilM tuonld bBTo died to Itio . /•!• Otk, 

BO osmi yCi oya orffwjrra 

Ccrttlalf . Iboo wo«ldaM bo lamented if eattrelj CKtemfmicd, 
thot wo aort r t, p «l< < i n to ItM world. D. ■* Ow<4m» f r ertya. 

Gorffwyrad, s. ». (gorffwyr) A greatly impelling, 

Oorffwyraw, v.a. (gorffwyr) To impel extremely. 

Gorffwyrawl, «. (gorffwyr) Extremely Impalsive. 

Godfynawly a. (ffynawl) Tending to great pros- 
penty ; extremely fortunate. 

Oorffyniad, s. m. (ffyniad) A prospering greatly. 

Gorffyniannawl, «. (gorfyniant) Tending to be 
very prosperous, or fortunate. 

Oorifymannu, o. «. (gorffyniant) To prosper ex- 
tremely, to be very fortunate. 

Gorffyniannusy a. (gorffyniant) Tending to be 
▼ery prosperous, or fortunate. 

Gorffyniant, s. m.(ffyniant) Excess of prosperity. 

CorSyDtent llUiaol llu Owyododydd; 
G«ipiianwd 1 phrlfwrnwd gin i plujrdydd. 


Tte tmfrtmtforinmf of Ibe hmt of Gwyndod ; noit rcadr wl 
bar bold ta btr Mloiy. /«r. ^JUa. 

Oorfl^niaw, «. «. (ffyniaw) To be very fortunate. 

Gorti^niawl, «. f ffyntawl) Very prosperous. 

Gormrnii, v. n. (ttynnVTo prosper extremely. 

Gorff^sg.f . m. (vysg) extreme celerity. 

Gorffysgiad, s. m. (gorfl^sg) A moving with ex- 
treme celerity or swiftness. 

GorffjTSgiaw, v. (gorfl^sg) To move very quickly. 

Oorffysgiawl, a. (gorffvsg) Of extreme speed. 

Gorgadw, s. m. (cadw) A supercharge. 

Oorgadw, r. d. (cadw) To keep, or watch over, 
to superintend. 

Gorgaddug, t. m. (caddog) Superior darkness, or 
a gloom that covers over. 

Gorgaddugaw, v. a. (gornddtt|) To darken over. 

Gorgaddngaw1,a. (gorgaddug) Tending to darken 
over, or to become overcast. 

Gorgaddugiad, s. m. (gorgaddug) A darkening 
over; an overcasting. 

Gorgaeth, c. (catth) Excessively con6ned. 

Gorgaetfiawl, a. (gorgaeth) Tending to confine, 
or restrain extremely. 

Gorgaethiad, s. m. (gorgaeth) A confining ex- 
tremely ; extreme restriction. 

Gorgaethu, «. a. (gometh) To confine greatly. 

Gorgaffad, s. m. (caffad^ Superior attainment. 

Gorgaffael. r. a. (caffaei) To attain supremely. 

Gorgaffaeltad, «. m. (gorgaffael) An attaining su- 
premely ; a getting overmuch. 

Gorgais, t . m. (cais^ A superior attempt. 

Gofigaled, c. (caled; Extremely hard, or severe. 

Gorgaledu, v. a, Tgorgaled) To harden extreme- 
ly ; to overharden. 

Gorgall, a. (call) Extremely discreet, or crafty. 

Gorgalledd, «. m. (gorgall) Extreme discretion ; 
excess of cunning. 

Gorgallns, «. (gorgall) Overwise, very crafty. 

Gorgam, a. (cam) Extremely distorted. 

Gorgamawi, a. (gorgam) Tending to bend, or dis- 
tort extremely. 

Gorgamlad, s. m. (gorgam) A bending much. 

Gorgamu, e. «. (gorgam) To bend overnluch. 

Gorgan,a. (can) Extremely white, or bright 
Gorganiad, «. m. (gorgan) A making very white* 
Gorganu, 9. a. (gorgan) To make very white. 
Gorgas, a. (cas) Extremely disagi^eable. 
Gorgas&ad, # . m. (gorgas) A hating to excess ; a 

rendering extremely hateful ; a becomiiig very 

Gorgasau. v. a. (gorgas) To ha^e extremely. 
Gorgawdd, f . m. (cawdd^ Extreme vexation. 
Gorged, #./.— ^1. f. oedojfced) Superior treiMre 
Gorgedu, v, a. (gorged) To hoard extremely. 
Gorgeidwad, #. m,—pl. t. on (gorgadw) One who 

guards, or watches over ; a supercargo. 
Gorgeisiad, s. m. (gorgais) A making a snpeiior 

attempt, an over-attempting. 
Gorgeinaw, «. a. (gorgais) To make a Mperior 

Gorglawdd, «. m.— pi. gorgloddlau (davrdd) The 

bank of a dike, a mound ; a wall that la open. 
Gorgoch, a. (coch) Extremely red ; red <mi the 

extremity; tiptwith red. 

Gorfoledd t Locfr focsocb taifsM. 
The trlanph of Uoegrift tbe Modos tlpt wUh rwL affiiadu. 

Gorgoched, t . m. (gorgoch) A reddening over. 
Gorgochi, v. a. (gorgoch) To make very red ; to 

colour over with red ; to tip widi red. 
Gorgodawl, a. (codawl) Superemlnent. 
Gorgodi, «. a. (codi) To rise superior. 
Gorgodiad, # . m. (codiad^ A rising superior. 
Gorgoddawl, a. (gorgawdd) Very overheating. 
Oorgoddi, v. a. (gorgawdd) To vex extreaidy. 
Oorgoddiid, s.m. (gorgawdd) A vexing extrendy 
Gorgoddiant, t . m. (gorgawdd) Extreme vexatiae 
Gorgoetb, a. (coeth) Extremelv pure, or refined. 
Gorgoethawl, a. (gorgoeth) Tending to reader 

very pure, of a very pure nature. 
Gorgoethedd, «. m. (gorgoeth) Extreme parity. 
Gorgoethi, «. a. (gorgoeth) To purify estreniHy. 
Gorgoetliiad, s. m. (gorgoeth) A porifyisig ex* 

Gorgosp, «. /. — pL f . an (cosp) Extreme pvnish- 

ment, or correction 
Gorgospawl, a. (gorgosp) Tending to excess ef 

Gorgospi, V. a* (gorgosp) To punish eHiimifiy. 
Gorgospiad,«.M. (gorgosp) A punishing extreaaely 
Oorgrafawl, a. (crafawl) Tending to seretCh tiite 

Gorgrafiad, s. m. (crafiad) A scratching ever. 
Gorgrafu, 9. a. (crafu) To scratch the surface. 
Gorgraff, a. (craff) Very sharp of pereeptifla. 
Gorgraffawl, a. (gorgraff) Very penetrating ; very 

Gorgraffedd, i. m.(gorgraff) Extreme penetratien 
Gorgraffiad, t. m. (gorgraff) A penetrating very 

quickly : a quickly perceiring. 
Gorgraffn, e. a. (gorgraff) To penetrate very 

quickly, to perceive quickly. 
Gorgraid,o. (craid) Extremely vehement. 
Gorgras, a. (eras) Extremely parched, er arid. 
Gorgrasiad, «. m. (gorgras) An over-pareUng. 
Gorgrasu, v. a. (gorgras^ To parch overmu^. 
Gorgrawd, f . m, Tcrawd^ A supercreseenee. 
Gorgrawn, s. m. (crawn) An over-collection. 
Gorgred, «./. (cred) Implicit belief ; saperstitioa 

EsCTii * corn er cydrffd— 
A drdo wf e frtnwd, wr 
Ar n« uwffto UrftWB. 

ifmwd orfred, 

Brinf Ihoa tbe bor», for coBvivtaHtf t Md ofbtarft* • tt^wtr «r 
eonjUdevce, slve into the band of the Miibborn Gwf an. 

O. CTffhlimww. 

Gorgredawl, a, (gorgred) Superstitions. 


(rMfrait, 1. 1. (prgred) To bettere tmpttdtly ; 

tobeiopentmooi; tocoofide. 
G«|iiii,<. (eiio) EitremeW erUp, or brittle. 
Goifriuv, r. n, (forgiin) To become extremely 

crup, dry, or brittle. 
Gagrunri, f. (goigrin) Tending to render, or 

Mone brittle io the extreme. 
Gorgrdnvl, a. (gorgrawn) Tending to collecty or 

i|pcfit6j ovenmeh. 
Gupoi, f . c. (gorgmwn) To eoilect orermncb. 
Goipteiad, f . m, (gorgnwn) An orer-eoUecting. 
Gttpt^ f. /r-pL t, en (croth) A very great 

MKr, or pntaberance. 

GttgndiiwlycCgorgrotb) Bnlsing oat extremely 
Hindii, 9. «• (pngTOth; To bnlge, or swell oat 

GutratUid, t. M. (gorgrotb) A bdtying ont ex- 


faywy , fl. (ermn) Very mach bent 
Oii|rfftk, f . M. (erwtii) A very great rotundity. 
G<inrfdr, t. n. (erwydr) Extreme wandering. 
^nrfdrul, «• m. (gorgrwydr) A wandering 

»M8f dy ; entreme deriatlon. 
Cii|i«)dfi», V. a. (gorgrwydr) To wander 

Gt(|r«ydii«i, a. (g org rw y dr) Extremely de?i 

Gvfryd, f. a. (eryd) ExtraoM af^tation. 
^^jM, M. (gorgry^) Very agitatiag. 

fonijM, t. ai. (gbrgrvd) A greatly agitating. 

^ _, , - ,„orgrwm) That bendi extremely 
^HTftuAf f* i fc — yl , I; an (gorgrwm) A bend- 

^Bfyda, f . a. Cgofgryd) To agitate extremely. 
^I7"nrl,«. (gorgrwm) That bendi extramel; 

eg Qt reBMJyy a ciwnchinfr 
^^tvyan, v. & (g oigi w rn ) To band, or cronch 

^pTf^t «• (oyn) Extremely tremnlom. 
^If?"*'* ^ (ioVTB) Tending to tremble ex- 

^ywidy «. ak (gorgryn) Great trembling. 

^"ir^uad, a. ak— pi. t. an (gorgryn) A trem- 


**Pym i «• (eryno) Very laompaety or tidy. 

SiTitedy t. in. (gorgryna) A making Yety 

^oiya ct ; an overatocUng. 

""I'T^Amdy «.(goigry no) Tending to make very 

'^pyasly fli a. (gnrgryno) To make very eom- 
JJ^tto o?errtock. 

^"lipi, a. a. (gntgryn) To drnke or qnake 

''ntkairiffl, (gorgrwth) Tending to bulge out 

^SiylUad, a, m. (gorgrwtfa) A bellying ont 

'"Pyna* «. «• (gorgrwth) To bulge, or swell 

I^N^f •• ai. (endd) What eorers over. 
!!*N^, s. ak (gorgndd) A covering over. 
^pMiaw, a. a. (foi^pidd) To oover over. 
^^^Miawl, «• (gorgndd) Tending to hide, or 
•<iftf ever* 

gyyid, «. ak (cwydd) A laU over, 
gyyddaw^ «. a. (gorgwydd) To fall over. 
r^*Hdaal, fl.(goffgwydd) Apt to All over. 
!!*t«yddtad, a. a^ (gorgwydd) A falling ovw . 
^jyra, JL /.—pi. <• Ion (ewyn) Extreme com* 

'*l*yia«, a. a. (goigwyn) To complain ex* 
'•T>7n«ly a. (gorgwyn) Very plaintive* 

111 OOR 

Gorgwynind, t. «. (gorgwyn) A roMpklwhig «x« 

tremely ; a grealiy bewaiHag. 
Gorgydgam, t. ^n^^—ff* <• ao (cydgam) Clhnax. 
Gor g y fla w n , a. (eynawn) More than complete. 
Gorgyflawnedd, «. ak (gorgyflawn) Saparaban- 

danoe; soperfluity; sunMus. 
Gorgyflawni, a. a. (goi|grflanw) To render more 

than complete. 
Oorgylhwchy e. a. (cyfiawch) Surpassing bi hai^t 

nd yat forffyfiivch • cbjfkml^ 
Thty ■!• Ml tm p t H$ rto ihalftv. a^«M £mm. 

Gorgyilraw, •• «. (cjrffraw) Extreme agitation. 

Gorgyffred, «. ai.— ^ <• t. ion (cyffred^ A surmise. 

Qorgyffredawl, «• (gorgyffred) Imaginaiy. 

Gorgyffrediad, t. m. (gorayffred) A somAslng. 

Gorgyflredn, v. a. gorgyffred) To sormlse. 

Gorgyffroad, «. ai. (g o rg yffra w) An agitadng ex- 
tremely; excess of agitation. 

OorgyflVSawl, a. (gorgyAraw) Greatly agitating. 

Gorgyffroi, v. a. (gorgyffraw) To agitate ex- 

Gorgykh, s. ai.— al. I. an (eylch) A superior dr* 
de ; an outer ctrde ; that surrounds. 

Oorgylchawly a. (gorgylcb) Surrounding. 

Gorgylchedd, s. ak (gorgylch) What surrounds. 

Gorgykhiad, a. m. (gorgylch) A surrouDding. 

Gorgylchn, v. a. (gorgylch) To surround. 

Gorgylchyn, s. m.— pf. i. an (gorgylch) A sur- 
rounding cirde. 

Gorgylchynawl, a. (gorgyldiyo) Surrounding. 

Oorgylchynhid, 0. ai.— pi. t. an (gorgykhyn) A 
surrounding, a drcumserlblng. 

Gorgylcbynu, r. a. (gorgylchyn) To snrvonnd. 

AmmqiiC li«yBlM Udo ef fHM«d fhMS«P fl^ AMI te 1 
s ckyiMnd f wTOCMft fan 7 waris, • AtrMad y Mill B g« 

«• ttet ba ii«aU nwMl ftnraal, frp« tfwl 
las Maa. aad Aifna. aad Ikya, aadtka pf»- 
I Uaaiifas aad Id laka fcaaata tnm Um pat- 

JfacA. Or. M Cjraaa* 

Gorgymhell,«. m.— pi. I. ion (eymheU) Extreme 
compulsion; excMsive importunity. 

Gorgymhell, e. a. (cvmhell) To impal overmuch; 
to exdte extremeqr- 

Gorgymhdlawl, a. (goigymhell) ExtreoMly nans- 
pdslve ; very urgent. 

Gorgymhdllad, •. m.— ji(. #. an (goffymhell) A 
oompdllng, or urging extremdy. 

Gorgyrch, a. »•—«<. I. an (cyrch) Exoemof resort. 

Gorgyrchawl, a. (gorgyrdi) Of excessive resort. 

Gorgyrdilad, s. m. (gorgyrch) A resorting over- 

€K>rcyrdin, v. a. (gorgyrdi) To resort overmuch. 

Gorhadawg, s. m. (had) The herb all-seed. 

Gorliaedd, s. m. (haadd) An overreach; an over- 

Gorhaeddawl, a. (gorhaedd) Overreaching. 

Gorhaeddiad, «. m, (gorhaedd) An overreaching. 

Gorhaeddu, a. a. (gorhaedd) To overreach. 

Gorhad, a. (had) Extremely liberd; prodigal. 

Gorbdlt. a. (hallt) Extremely sdt, or briny. 

Gorhdltiad, a. «. (gorhallt) A sdting overmuch. 

Gorballtu, a. a. (gorhallt) To salt overmuch. 

Gorhardd, a. (hardd) Extremely towering. 

Gorharddiad, a. at. (gorhardd) A towering greatly 

Oorharddo, a. a. (goriiardd) To tower very high; 
To make very sbewy. 

Gorhairi, a. /.*-pl. gorhdion (bawl) A superior 
dalm; anover-dinm. 

Gfffhebt a. «.— ^pl. U ion (beb) A .response. 

Gorhebawl, a. (go^eb) Respondve. 



fl^ 0(Ml da iMavt 

ph, aad to praeaad la ifeat Wf, aad 




GwkednA, «. (bcdavri) Flyiag above. 
Gdfffcedef, r. c (hedcg ; To fly above, or over. 
C oAed ia d, «. la.'-pl. (. ao (bediad) A flying over 
C offce iael h, a. (belaeth) Over-aaple; eugger- 

afeed; aaiplified. 
Gorfcelaetbavly a. (gorbelaeth) Tending to ampli- 

ly to execM ; exaggerating* 
Gofbeiaeriiiad, «. ak— jrf. f. an (gorbebietb) An 

•ver-«apiilying; exaggeration; ampliflcatioo. 
Gorbelaethrwydd, <. au (gorfaebetb) Tbe sUte of 

being over-anqde, or exaggerated. 
Gorlidaetboy o. a. (gorbelaeth) To make very 

ample; to amplify extremely ; to exaggerate. 
Gorben, a. (beo) Extremely old, or aodeot 
Gorbenaidd, a. Tgorben) Somewhat antiqnated ; 

Gorbenaint, <• m. (gorhen^ Extreme age. 
Gorbeoedd, t. wn. (gorben) Extreme antiquity. 
Gorbendady «. ai.— pi. t. an (hendad) A great 

Gorbendaid, «. a^ — p2. gorbendeidian (hendaid) 

A great great grandfuher. 
Gorbeneiddiaw, v. a. (gorbenaidd) To become 

Gorbenfam, a. f^—pL t, an (gorben — ^mam) A 

great grandmother. 
Gorbengaw, j. wu (hengaw) A great great great 


Y ejftrm icrviat a dal«TBt. aluw v f^ m*r llolirvdd, j cyffel- 
ybtoa o Mid 7 dja a ladder a*l herbjakat. o*t forbearaw bjd j 

rcMlveaattAanpayroaipcaaalion fbraapdcriacoajaae- 
lion wttb Ac aiardcrcr, wmt oa Ibe mm* dcgTce oo the part of 
tbe prrwa ■lain shall reoctrc it, frpai ihr naat fnal ft eat rnad- 
tehcr t» Ae gicat great gneat gtaartrhibi. ITclfb L«m. 

Gofbennain, #./.— pi. gorbenneinian (gorben — 

nain) A great great grandmother. 
Gorhenw, «. m.— pi. I. an (henw) A surname. 
Gorfaenwad, «. «. (gorbenw) A samaming. 
Gerbeowawl, a. (gorhenw^ Relating to a surname 
Gorbenwi, o. a. (gorbenw) To surname. 
Gorheig, a. fL aggr. (hesg) Large reeds. 

Cloren tool cul orlifif . 
CottoB baidd, eelya a bear. 

A bare tail af rieader reada, tbe beard* of baileT, boll7i and 
■edffca. Ma GaeA, Pw/mf, 

Gorhewg, a. (bewg) Full of assurance; saucy. 

GorMwf yn d«f def oneddfb gaa ; 
Gyvdr-iarch ol pfaaiUa 
AU J CeCbiD— 

P«ntf ihall I be carried to the Mr iheitered staltoB; tbe aare 
flboled iCeed wUi oot falter, no botb than tbe Cecbia. 

Or, •» Meredgdd, 

Gorhewgdra, a. m. (gorhewg) Malapertness. 
Gorbewgi, v. a. (gorhewg) To be malapert. 
GorhQiaid, «. «. — pL t. an (hiliad) A bringing 

forth abundantly. 
Gorhiliaw, v. a. (hiliaw) To increase the species, 

to propagate ; to multiply ; to enlarge. 
Gorhuiawg, a. (hiliawg) very proUflc. 
Gorhilig, s. m. (hil) Four-leaved allseed. 
Gorhiniawg, f. /. — pi. gorhiniogan (hiniawg) The 

lintel, or top of a door-frame. 
Gorhir, a. (hir) Overlong ; extremely long. 
Gorhiriad, s. m. — pi. t. au (gorhir) A lingering ; 

a being very dilatory. 
Gorhiriaw, V. a. (gorhir) To linger; to be very 

Gorhiriawl, a. (gorhir) Very liogeriDg or slow. 
Gorhoen, a./, (hoen) Extreme flow ; vivacity, or 


Daw a garal def orboea, 
A droea eu paoKMi o*a poca. 

Ood, who deUfhta ia fair chearfalnew, dcHvercd tbe five afct 
Mt of tbeir teraeot. tnim* Tnr, 

Gorboeni, a. a. (gorboen) To exbOarate, to be 

exhilarated, to become cbearful. 
Gorboenas, a. (gorboen) Full of vivacity. 

a yn jr ArfXwjii. 

to rejoloe la the Lrr«, 
SL TV^rctfys. 

ac I fyv T* orboeaH. 

Tbe vlM iartrarter aaald advlw 
aad to live cA««r/aii|r. 

Gorboenusrwydd, «.m. (gorfaoenus^ Cbearfulnes. 
Gorhoff', a. (boflf) Very ddectable, or lovelj. 

GorAa/Eoa, most desirable things. 
Gorfaoffaidd, a. (gorfaofi^ Of a very delectable, or 

amiable nature. 
Gorfaofiedd, s./. (gorhoff) That which extreme] j 

delights, what is a favourite. G^rhafHi 

Gwtkhmai, and G^kofedd Hywei^ the titlea of 

poems by those bards. 
Gorboffi, V. •• (gorhoff) To desire, or deli^ io, 

extremely ; to love to excess; to overprice. 
Gorhofliad, a. m. (gorhoff) A desiring, or deligbt- 

ingin extremely. 
Gorhoffiant, a. au (gorhoff^ Extreme fondoeas. 
Gorboli, «. a. (gorhawl) To pursue a claim over- 
much ; to question overmoeh. 
Gorholiad, s. m. (gorfaawl) A puraning • daiB 

overmuch ; a questioning too closely. 
Gorhonawl, a. (honawl) AMertod ovemmch. 
GorhonI, v. a. (honi) To assert over-violently. 
Gorhoniad, a. at. (boniad) An Inaiating to excess. 
Gorbud, t. ai. (bud) Extreme fascination. 
Gorhndaw, a. a. (gorhud) To allure extranely. 
Gorbndawl, a. (gorhad) Extremely aUvriag. 
Gorfaudiad, t. ai.— pi. f . an (gorhud) A flMdaa- 

ting extremely ; a gready enticing. 
Gorhndwr, s. m.--pl. gorhndwyr (gorbwl— gwr) 

One who entices, or deceives, extremely. 
Gorhudd, «. m. — pi. I. ion (fandd) An over eover; 

an upper covering, or envelope. 
Gorbnddaw, a. a. (gorhndd) To cover ever; Ib 

overcast, to overcloud ; to overveiL 
Gorbuddawl, a. (gorhudd) That b overeovcriag. 
Gorhuddiad, a. ai. — pi. t. an (gorhudd) A cover- 
ing over ; an overcasting, 
Oorhul, s. m.— pi. t, ion (hnl) An overooaer. 
Gorhuliad,, — pL <.au (gorbnl) An overooveriag 
Gorhuliaw, r. a. (gorbnl) To overcover. 
Crorhuliawg, a. (gorbnl) That overcovera. 
Gorbun, «./. (bun) Excess of sleep; lethargy. 
Gorbunaw, e. a. (gorbun) To oversleep. 
Gorhunawg, a. (gorbun) Oversleepy. 
Gorhunawl, a. (gorbun) Tending to ovenieep. 
Gorhuniad,ji. m. (gorbun) An oversleeping. 
Oorbydr, s. wl (hydr) Overboldnesa; arrogaaoe. 
Gorhy drawl, a. (gorhydr) Overconfldent. 
Gorhydri, «. m. (gorhydr) Overconfidence ; arro- 

gaocv ; pomp. 
Gorfaydriad, s. m, (gorhydr) An assuming over- 

confldence ; an arrogating. 
Gorhydru, a. a. (gorhydr) To assume oveicoofi* 

dence ; to be overbold. 
Gorhynawl, a. (gorben) Extremely andent 
Gorhynod, a. (hynod) Extremely notable. 
Gorhynodawl, a, (gorhynod) Tending to render. 

or becoine very remarkable. 
Gorhy nodi, r. a. (gorhynod) To make very re^ 

markable ; to become very distinguished. 
Gorhy nodiad, s. m. (gorhynod) A rendering very 

remarkable, or conspicuous. 
Gorhyot, «/.— pl.t. iau (h^nt) A superior coarse; 

— that is upon the way ; a sojourner. 
Gori,«. m. (gor) The act of brooding, or breed- 
ing; suppuration. 




ilorl, *. «• (gor) To brood ; to broed natter; to 
tuppante. /or jfo gti, a hoo bateliing. 

TcMU yak 9derjm hr«|* yv 4nfiwj m goci. 

I <•* pfrfMtiBai ot tifKPi ft 

Urd ara 10 tai cfta Md /• *ri 

Cyw ter, M M Mv^vo, <7«m, bH m 

Gonad, 0. wL^pl. L an (gor) A brooding; top- 

Goriai, «. e.—pi. gorieion (gor) A brooder. 
Goriain, «. ii. (gawr) A frequent crying out. 
Goriatn, v. e. (gawr) To ery oat frequently. 
GoriaDy o. a. (gawr) To cry oat freqnently ; to 

moan, to complain. 
GorinfTy o. n. (gawr) To ntter montM^ or cries ; to 

lie qaerolons. 
Goriawly a. (gawr) Apt to moan ; qoeralont. 
Goriffny, •. m. (ifVny) An ascent, or acclivity. 
GorUynyddy «. m. (gotlfyny) An ascent. 
Gorimya, f.m. — pL <,aa (rbimyn) A small chlnlL 
fiorior, •• (gawr) Apt to moan; qnemlous. 

I jrm VmMg nriar 

Mr aavl I Odaw I'r mur. 




Gorir, «. (ir) Estremely firesh, or green. 

Goriraidd, «. (gorir) That is of n rery fresh na- 
ture, or fall of sap, or very green. 

Gorb, prefk (is) Greatly beneath, below, nnderi 
inferior to. odo. Beneath, In a lower place. 

Ooriael, «. (goris) Very low, inferior. 

GoriseMd, s. m. (gorisel) £ztreme inferiority. 

GoriseUad, s. m. (gorisel) A rendering, or becom- 
ing extremely low. 

Goriselrwydd, «. m, (gorisel) Inferioraess. 

Gorisela, e. a. (gorisel) To render very low ; or 
inferior; to become extremely low. 

G ori s e l wr, s. wu^pl, goriselwyr (gorisel-*gwr) 
An inferior person, an inferior. 

Gensgell, 0. «• (isgell) Ihe froth of liqaor. 

Gorisigeilawgy a. (gorisgell) Orer-foaming. 

_ , >wf, a ifitaa n iiiii i tii a t i > ^fH <<r* 
a ddav attat l*r japfttf : |ao | bvylm y paacolfkHiu 


« vta h* A^S-MMM 
■si irroTMoa for lUrty | 


lo Umm lata tha 


Gorisg«IUad, 0. M. (gorisgell) A mantling over 

with ftoch; a foaming over. 
Gorisgelln, «. *. (gorisgell) To loam on the top. 


CoMc alaaf wan ■• to ay a««IUaf, «kct« tWiv l« jnaa vfaa 
tkwtwUtmmmittmmn UfHcS h ar b«m, Ik* mi oTMr^ao. 

raiM. Vnaek m rUtU$im. 

Gorith, 0* M. (rfaith) A faint appearance; a phan- 
tom, or illnrioo. «. That partly appears { illusive 

il« to aa iliwiaf imlcr. fWI«fa. 

Cn>rif bind, 0. nu (gorith) A faintly appearing ; de- 
ception of appearance, lUuslon. 

Gorithiaw, «. a. (gorithV To appear Indistinctly. 

Gorithiawl, a. (gorith) Tending to appear Indis- 
tinctly ; like a phantom. 

Goritliiwr, s. m.— f/. ^orithwyr (gorith— gwr) 
One who appears indistlnctlv. 

r;ariw, 0./.—^. I. iau (rbiw^ A gentle ascent 

(vorlad, 0. m. pf. I. an (llad) Supreme blessing. 

UoriMlnwl, a. (gorlud) Supremely gracioos. 

Oorladiad, 0. «• (gorlad) A Messing supremely. 
Vol. If. 

Oorladu, 0. 0. (gorhid) To bless supremely. 

Gorlaes, «. (llaesj That is very low, or trailing. 

Gorlaesiad, 0. ai. (gorlaes) A trailing extremely. 

Goflaeso, o. n. (gorlaes) To trail overmuch. 

Oorlais, 0. ak— pi. gorleisian (llais) A very shrill 
voice, an acute tone. 

Oorlaitb, a. (llaith) Hnmid, or moist, to exceu. 

Gorlam, 0. m,^wL I. an (Uam) An overskip. 

Gorlamawl, a. (gorlam) Sopersalient. 

Oorlamiad, 0. m. (gorlam) .Supersalieocy. 

Gorlamn, v. a. (gorbun) To overstep, to oveiv 
skip; to leap npon, or over. 

Oorlan, a. (glan) Extremely clean, or pure. 

Oorlanlad, 0. m. (gorlan) A midiing very clean, 
or pare; superpnrgation. 

Goilaniawl, a. (gorian) Tending to make very 
clean, or pure. 

Oorlaoastri 0. m.— p<. U an (Uanastr) An upper- 
most layer. 

Gorlanastrawl,«. (gor Unastr) Being strewed over, 
or overspread. 

Gorianastnad, 0. m. (gorianastr) A strewing, or 
spreading over. 

Oorlanastrn, v. a. (gorianastr) To strew over, to 
spread over. 

Gorlanio, v. a. (gorlan) To make veiv clean. 

Gorlanw, 0. at. (Uanw) The state of being over* 
full ; repletion ; high*water, or high tide. 

Gorlas, 0. «. (glas) lae blue which the Interme- 
diate air gives to distant objects ; *' Nmtmrt't 
umvtTMml ro60.'' a. Covered with superior blue, 
covered with a general verdancy, as It appears 
in a landscape, approaching to a blue. 

Oartot f««lli 4ldn U S«irr 
GoHdyar cam ara gfaacSa, 

Of Jlmttt grrm the mtMuidtmgnm; 
Mai, mmH veral Ika atghttafvlt ut wi 


Oorlasaidd, «• (gorlas) Tending to be of a bluish 
hue ; between a fine bine and green. 

Gorlasary 0. «. (Uaaar) A fine blue enamel, or 
coatring. a. Of a fine Une enamel. 

a«« S aanai y« tryiar; 
Ni pbatdlwH rhvaa Jrala haS 
Nca i a rlwtr fonMir. 

Am r Bol pawerfhl la the dUi ofiaaiatt: bH««<^ Iwa hoal* I 
«o«M act Sairtil vHhaal UaoS; mi I aat caUaS iSt mm eimd m 
Jimewi Ma#. Tm4u»$m, 

Gorlasawg, a. f (orlas) Having a fine blue tint. 

Gorlasawl, a. (gorias) Tending to render, or be- 
come, of a fine blue. 

Gorlasiad, 0. m. (gorlas) A rendering, or becom- 
ing, of a superior blue; a doing over with blue, 
a covering with verdancy. 

Gorlasu, e. a. (gorlas) To make of a fine blue ; 
to colour very bine ; to colour over with fine 
blue; to become very blue; to cover with 

Gorlawen, a. (Ilawen) Extremely joyful or glad. 

Goriaw^an, a. a. (gorlawen) To overjoy ; to be 

Gorlawenydd, 0. m. ^gorlawen) Excess of joy. 

Oorlawn, a. (llavm^ Overfull, redundant. 

Oorlavrmlid, a. «. fgorlawn) Rednndancy. 

Oorlawnedd, 0. m. (goriawn) Redundancy. 

Oorlawn bnl, 0. ai. (goriawn) An overnlling, a 
making redundant; repletion. 

Oorlech, a-/-— pi* #• i (Uech) HUiat Is above slate, 
a kind of stone ; — also a flat stone roof, or cover 

Gorlecbiad, 0. m.— pi. (. an (Uecbiad) A sculkiug 

Gorlecbn, e. a. (llecbn) To senik extremely. 

Gorled, 0. m. (lied) Extreme breadth, or width. 


G O R 



Gorledawl, a, (gorled) Extremely expansive. 
Gorlediad, s. m. (gorlcid) An expanding extreme- 
ly ; extreme expansion. 
Gorledrad, s, m. (Iledrad) A hetnoas theft. 
Gorledrata, v. a. (gorledrad) To steal beinonsly. 
Gortedu, r. a, (gorled) To expand extremely. 
Gorlef, «. m. (Hef) A very loud voice; an oatcry. 
Gorlefaln, v, a. (gorlef) To cry out londly. 
Gorlefawl, a. (gorlef) Extremely noisy. 
Gorleisiad, f. m. (gorlais) A squeaking. 
Gorleisiaw, o. a. (gorlais) To squeak, to sqneal. 
Gorleithiad, s, m. (gorlaith) A making, or uecom- 

ing very hnmid. 
Gorleithiaw, v. «. (gorlaith) To become very hn- 
mid ; to moisten extremely. 
Gorleithiawl, n. (gorlaith) Very hnmific. 
Gorlendid, «. m. (gorlan) Extreme purity, or 

clearness ; extreme comeliness. 
Gorlenwad, «. m. (gorlanw) An overfilling. 
Gorlenvri, r. a. (gorlanw) To overfill. 
Gorles, s. m. (U^s) Supreme benefit, or good. 
Gorlesawl, a. (gorles) Extremely beneficial. 
Gorlesn, v. a. (gorles) To benefit extremely. 
Oorlethawl, a. (Uethawl) Very depressive. 
Gorlethiad, «. m. — pL I. an (llethiad) A depress- 
ing extremely; a smothering. 
Gorletbn, v. a. (llethu) To depress extremely. 
Gorlewin, s. m. (llewin) The extreme of light ; 
point of radiation ; ultimate point ; the west. 
Gorlewinaw, r. n, (gorlewin) To diverge; to tend 

Gorlewinawl, a, (gorlewin) Occidental. 
Gorlid, t, m. (Hid) Extreme rage, or wrath. 
Gorlidiad, s. m. (gorlid) A raging extremely ; a 

fnming excessively. 
Goriidiaw, v. n. (gorlid) To be very wrathful. 
Gorlidiawg, a. (gorlid) Extremely enraged. 
Gorlif, 8. m. — pi. t. ion (llif) A great current ; an 

upper current. 
Gorlifaw, r. it. (gorlif) To flow very strongly ; to 

flow above. 
Gorlifawl, a. (gorlif) Superfluitant, overflowing. 
Gorlifiad, r. m. — ph t. an (gorlif) A flowing in a 

strong current ; a flowing above; a current. 
Gorlifiant, t. m. (gorlif) Snperfluitance. 
Gorlithr, $. m. (llithr; An overslip; extreme 

glibness; very slippery. 
Gorlithraw, v. a. (gorlithr) To OTersIip. 
Gorlithrawl, a. (gorlithr) Tending to overslip. 
Gorlithriad, $. m. (gorlithr) An overslipping. 
Gorlithrig, a. (gorli3ir) Extremely slippery. 
Gorliw, s. HI. — pi. t. ian (Iliw) Exterior colonr ; 

apparent hue ; resemblance. 
Gorllwiad, t. m. (gorliw) A colouring over; a 
giving an apparent hue ; a giving a resemblance 
Gorliwiaw, v. a. (gorliw) To colour over ; to give 

an apparent hue ; to give a resemblance. 
Gorliwiawl, a. (gorliw) Tending to colour over, 

or to give an apparent hue; resembling. 
Gorlochawl, a. (gorlawch) Tending to protect 

extremely; greatly cherishing. 
Gorlochi, r. a. (gorlawch) To protect extremely. 
Gorlochiad, t, m. (gorlawch) A protecting much. 
Gorlog, s. m. — pi, t. an (Hog) Extreme hire ; ex- 
cess of interest ; nsnrv. 
Gorlogawl, a. (gorlog)Of extravagant hire; nsn- 

Gorlogi, r. a. (gorlog) To hire at an extravagant 

price; to commit usury. 
Gorlogiad, «. m. (gorlog) A hiring at an excessive 
price; acomrnkting usury. 

Gorloes,!./. — pi. t, au (gloes) Extreme otterance; 
a murmuring sound; also an organ, a. Of a 
murmuring sound. 

(•orwillaU DOC yo achadw fllii 
Gorioet rjdao dwfr Dy^en FireMdIn. 

I aoxinmlv watched ffaardlnir the bound of fhe Itrndlf mntrmnr- 
ing ford* of the water or the towering Breiddio. Gmalehmat. 

Rhoe« iddi bob rhyw iwyddnn ; 
Khufrl roJlani o'r meddlaat 

Gwrad-lef teiyo ac orloea : 

Gormodd rfiodd : gwr ncddw a*i rhoea. 

I beatowed eren kind of aasldvltr npon her; flowlnr pn^ "^ 
tor appropriate •U>re; the powerfol note of the barv and argmmT 
loo ffrcat a f ilt : li waa a dmnken man who fa«c It. 

Gorloesi, v. a, (lloesi) To pour excessively ; to 

pour over ; to snpereffuse. 
Gosloesiad,/!. m.—pl. t. an (Uoestad) Snpereffusion 
Gorlon, n. (Hon) Extremely chearfiil. 
Gorlonaid, s. m. (gorlon) An overfill. 
Gorlonedd, s. m. (gorlon) Extreme chearfnlness. 
Gorloni, r. a. (gorlon) To make extremely chear- 

fnl ; to become overjoyed. 
Gorlosg, s. fit. (Hosg) Extreme burning; the barn- 

ing of the surface. 
Gorlosgawl, a. (gorlosg) Tending to overborn. 
Gorlosgi, r. a. (gorlosg) To overbam; to barn 

the surface. 
Gorlosgiad, s. m. (gorlosg) An OTerbarning. 
Gorlosten, s./. — pL t. i (llosten) An earwig. 
Gorludd, $. m. (Hudd) Extreme depreisioD, or 

Gorlnddaw, v. a. (gorludd) To depress extreme- 
ly ; to hinder, or oppose, extremely. 
Gorluddawl, a» (gorindd) Extremely depi 
Gorludded, a. /. (gorludd) Extreme depi 

an overburden. 
Gorloddedig, a. (gorladded) Overfiitigaed. 
Gorluddiad, «. m. (gorindd) An overfaUgning. 
Gorlwg, «. m. (Hwg) Superior brightness. 
Gorlwm, d. (llwm) Extremely bare, or naked. 
Gorlwnc, #. m. (llwnc^ An excessive indraogjbt. 
Gorlwng, $, m. (Hwng) An excessive indraoght. 
Goriwybr, ». m.—pl. t. an (Uwybr) A tnw* over, 

or along the suHace. 
Goriwybraidd, a. (goriwybr) Tending to over- 
trace, or to make a track. 
Gorlwybraw, v. a. (goriwybr) To over-trace. 
Gorlwybrawl, a. (goriwybr) Over-traciDg. 
Gorlwybriad, s. m. (goriwybr) An over-tracing.- 
Gorlwydd, s. m. (llwydd) A helping onward. 
Gorlwyddaw, v. a. (gorlwydd) To help on; fo 

give success ; to prosper greatly. 
Gorlwyn, s. m. (llwyn^ An escort, a convoy. 
Gorlvryn, v. a. (Uwynl To escort, to convoy. 
Corlwynaw, r. a. (gorlwyn) To couYoy. 
Gorlwynawl, a. (gorlwyn) That convoys. 
Gorlwyniad, s. m. (gorlwyn) A convoying. 
Gorlwyth, «. wi.— pi. t. au (Hwyth) An oveiloail, 

or surcharge. 
Gorlwythaw, v. a. (goriwyth) To OTerbnrdeo. 
Gorlwythawg, a. (gorlwyth) Surcharged. 
Gorlyd, a. (gor) Broody ; teeming, fuU of matter. 
Gorlyfawl, a. (Hyfawl) Apt to Hck over. 
GorlyfiadfS. m. (Hyfiad) A licking over. 
Gorlyfn, a. (Hyfii) Extremely smooth. 
Gorlyfnawl, a. (gorlyfn) Tending to make very 

smooth ; coaxing. 
Gorlyfniad« *. m. (^gorlyfn) A smootMng the &ar« 

face ; a coaxing ; a harrowing. 
Gorlyfnu, r. a. (gorlyfn) To smooth the surface ; 

to make very smooth ; to coax ; to harrow. 
Gorlyfu, r. a. (Hvfn) To lick the surface. 
Gorlygawl, a. (gorlwg) Extremely splendid. 




Goriygiad, <• m. (gori wg) A mtlag ■ greftt glare. 
Goiljfa« «. «. (gorlwg) To cast a great light. 
OorlyoMlra. f. «. (gorlwm^ Eztreoie ibarpneM. 
OorlTBedd, t. ak (coriynii Estreaie polgoancy. 
OeriyoMi, a. a. (coiTwai) To iharpea eztrenely. 
Go^aa, «. a. (Uyaa) To tipple esoaalTeljr. 
Gorlyacawl^ (gorlwae) That swallowa estreawly 
Gorlyneiady a. ak (gorlwoc) A swaUowisg greatly. 
Gorijragoi.a. a. (gorlwaeVTo gorge; to ^p. 
OorlTBgawl, a. (gorlwng) HaTiog ao ladraa^rt. 
Oorljraglad, a. at. (gorlwng) A awallowlBg in. 
GorlyogOy v* a. (gonwag) To Mrallow la. 
Gorlywj a. wl (Uyw) A ■aperior director. 
Gorlywtad, a. ai. (gorlyw i A goiding over. 
Garlywiawy a. a. (gorlyw) To gokle over. 
Gorlywyddy a. m.-^fL I. aa (gorlyw) A aaperior 

gaaavaor, or preadeat 
Gorilad, a. ak— pi. i. aa (llad) BeaadlctlflB. 

ttrf iMv rMM ju pwyViad, 


U§mimg ti l»ft wlMm tiM !■ mom 

(govUad) SapreaMly graci 

9 a. ak (goiUad) Sapreaie grace. 
, a. /— fi. I. aa (gorilad) The cottfe* 
crated bread la the eaobaiiat 

Tht iM «r ptet b iB *• Awl. im. IHiBtp f . 

Gorlladiady a. ak (goiflad) A blearing tapremdy ; 

a coaferring i opreaie grace ; coasecratloo. 
Gorllada, a. a. (gorilad) To oonieerate. 
Gorllaes, a. (Ilaea) That hangf very low; trailing. 
GorQaeaawl, a. (gorllaes) Teading to hang down 

▼ery mnch; trailing. 
Oofllaeader, a. ai. (gorllaes) The state of hanging 

down, trailing, or drooping. 

gorllMater o tardi 
■Wl k« BvoMcS, widi 

ktMk ^ mftfHmmt. 

C o r ll a esedd, a. ak (gorllaes) Extreme tendency 

Gorllaesiady a. ai. (gorUaes) A hanging down very 

mnch; a drooping. 
Gorllaesa, a. a. (aorllaes) To hang very low; to 

droop ; to trail; to drawl. 
Gorllalth, a. ai. (Ilaith) Extreme moistness; 

alaaghter. a. ExtreoMly moisL 

T«Br Mnfor, adiff Blbr Bbyili ; 
OwfAiTK «l •rthtU, ffwaiib fwsihkwgw! 

A haaM «llho«t t9\\ntm, oacaritc sad ■loani/iU pn»*peri: 

aMdf • #l«irdd, 4 i>. •* OniA4d. 

Gorilaaw, a. ai. Hhiaw) High-water, or fall tide. 

Pern farflaam, high-water amrh. 
C orll aw en, a. (Uawan) Oveijoyed ; enraptared. 
GorUawenAady a. ak (gorilawen) An over-joying; 

a reJoidBg extremely. 
Gorllawenlawl, a. (gorllawen) Tending to make 

GovllawenAny a. a. fgot Ua w e a) To be ove^oyed. 
Gorllawcan, a. a. (gorllawen) To render over* 

jdrjred ; to beeoam overjoyed. 
GorUaweawchy a. m. Tgaillawea 
Gorllaweaychawl, a. (gorlUweawch) Teading to 

Daweawchy a. m. (gaillawea) Extreme jay. 

anhe ovenoyed. 

OorOawenychlad, a* ak (gorllawenvich) A render- 
ing, or becaminft, overjoyed. 

GorOawenycha, t,a, (gorllawenwch) To reader 
~; to be earaptared. 

GorUawenydd, a. ak (gotttawen) Extreme joy; 

raptnre, tranaportofioy. 
Gordawesy a. (Uawes) Extreawly expert. 

of lh« tatrrmtla mtit^t 

NmI gwv fWBvr irydar Crta 

U he Bot Blld, ite dBwB of an lB««_ 
cbbSM! Cr 

Ovvr PMTf • poM StocywMi 
Cb4 orl|B««i, orlUwcD, 
PBdtlr cTBBeddf, cbAw c«dr atdilcB, 
Ar dd«g jrr dSygaac • ri i gi B 

TW BBB W FMry* BfflortBBv pMflB of Ike »Ml ««(«# ta4Uc 
csUBMly iMrry, a>«t«M dMiiff«lib«d oMow. •'([^^U:^ 
MTf «d Bad koomd, (bey aeqalfcd to MclfM. Ct»ddH»* 

Oorilawn, a. (Ilawn) Over-fall; replete. 
Gorllawnawly a. (gorllawn) Tending to be over* 

fhll; plethoric 
Gorllawndid, a. ak (gorllawn) Repletion ; exabe- 

rancy, Inxnriance. 
Oorllawnedig, a. (gorllawn) Being over-ftOed. 
Gorllawnedd, a. ak(aornawn) Over-flll ; plethora. 
Gorllawniad, i . m. (gorlbwn) An over-filling. 
GorUawnn, a. a. (gonUwn ) To over-fill. 
Oorilech, a. f.-fl. t. I (Itedi) What la above 

alate ; a kind of fossil stone. 
Gorilechawly a. (Ilechawl) Very scalking. 
Oorilechiad, a. m. (Ilechlad) A scalkiag maeh. 
GorUecho, a. a. (Uechn) To scalk extreaMly. 


Gorllacbyiil, forddirjrBl I fvWBw Mas. 

thay vaaM'plleli 
Ik im aaOBcA.tkW 


i; tktf 

Gorilad, a. ai. (IIM) Extreme breadth. 

Gorlledawl, a. (gorlled) Extremely expansive. 

Oorlledlad, a. m. (goriled) A widening graatlv. 

Goriledo, a. a. (goriled) To expaad extremely. 

GorUaithlad, a. m. (goritaith) A moiatening ex- 
tremely ; a becoming very hnmid. 

Gorileithiaw, v. a. (gortlaith) To moiaten ex- 
tremely ; to make very hnmid. 

Gorilelthiawg, a. (gorilaith) Very hnmafic 

Oortleithlawg, a. ^gorilaith) Tending to make 
very moist. 

Gorllenwad, a. «. (gorllanw) Appletioa, afllav. 

Oorilenwi, a. a. (gorllanw} To over-fill; to flow 
over; to flow to the- high- water amrk. 

OorlMBW gWBfd an dried a yMdrr^bBBi. 
Blood laia m t riUm roaod Uic fcMof tbas tftat Maitftr oim «no- 

Oorllewin, a. «. (Uewin) The extrenm of light; 
the point of radiation ; the ultimate, rear, or 
posterior point ; the west. M^ y gnUewim ya 
fdn, the dawB Is breaking. Gar(lfiria 6aa y 
gryaf , tfie radiating point of the baae of the 
wind, or that part of the sky where it begins to 
brighten. 8U, 

NId oe« ^rrlwjdd ead lr«^ 
Na Sreala forUtwiB IIb. 

1 herp U Bo Lotd obcomI 

BOf a Uaff Hmx U \\m di>f<nmB 

LM»la«K yw fy agorllowta, 
Lli« oeod dda rea* lle« a odva. 

r..«ily roloored it aiy hmett a goodly c^door fivca br ■ Ii«a4|fce 
laa. iraoB IMn, iV gmm rw?*. 

O ddwvrala wybr, harldlwybr kla, 
Uorea IH«, i*r f orllewla. 

Tho« «lo»( ran frtMB tlic •••tera »ky, Ibe rv^ltd patk of |li« vra* 
ibOT ol clMM««C ewloar, lo Iba mmt. H. «* HmUpm, I'r *««4. 

Oorllevrinaw, a. a. (gorilewin) To diverge; tend 

westward ; to go westward. 
Gorilewintwl, a. (gorilewin) Occidental. 
Gorilewlniad, a. m. (gorilewin) A rendering, or 

l>eing, weateriy. 
Gorilewodid, a. ak (gorilawn) A repletion. 
Oofllewyehii, a. a. (Uetryeha) To reflect a light. 

P S 





6or11twydd, j. m. (Ilewydd) The txtreme of 
light, or poiut of radifttioo ; the west. 

Yii l)« yJd cadIU vl ddjdd. 

Wltk the Hob from llw wm, wterercr be p>f be will nln tbe 
^f, jr. •» D. «ft TWw-. 

Gorllewyddawl, «. (gorllewydd) Ocddeotal. 
Gorllcwyn, <• m. (Uewyn) 'rbe extreme of light, 

or point of radUtioo. 
Gorllif, «. M.— pi. t. ion (llif ) A snperflax. 
Gorllifiw, c. a. (gnrllif) To flow aho?e. 
Oorllifawl, a, (gorllif) Flowing to excess; super- 

Gorllifiad, «. m.-^L I. an (gorUif) A flowing 

above ; a flowing to excess; soperflnitance ; a 

flowing in current; a current. 
Gorllifiannawl, a. (gorllifiant) Superfloitaot. 
Oorllifianniad, s. m. (gorllifiaot) A flowing above. 
Gorllifiannn, v, a, (gorllif) To flow above. 
Gorllifiant, «. m,—pl. gorllifiannan (gorllif) So- 

perflttitance; a strong current. 

GreddrdodM rtaf poen 

\ n orlliflMt hoen hirn ni fclakl. 

4 dtopoaitioa «ai irit'co to pmri upiwt piiui an ovn^ftvm of 
•t'Irili, which WW Dot ■oefht for. iwr, F^/ekmmm 

Gorlllo, s. m. (Ilin) A supreme of a race, or line, 
a. Being superior of a lineage. 

Teyrocdil orddwy, orddyfniad forUiiif 

Yn forllwvn dwjr gmwed, 

Vofhyriirf tirftorfaMMd * 

Y'ogiijfsrfod lyrood cad. 

The cnrberof prinrctt, (li« vell-iccoaipMtb'd otmchie/o/a ract, 
followiBc bf t wre w tMO ihowen, In Cbc mttOuf of wcapooi of the 
a€*tteriux of Ibe Aekl* crowd, and Id Ibc reocoouirr of ibe ap- 
ptrfued coB>lMt. Cgnddttw, 

Gorlliw, f. m. — pL (. iau (lltw) Exterior colour; 
superior hue ; a resemblance. 

Gorllwvo yM wyfddja Kvlrllaci, 
CurlSw elry aau nartao macai 

I iM por^elng afirr a p^raov of cooiplaltBDt word, of the smpt' 
rimr kmt of the drlvca aoow of Oic plata of tbe fleld. 

J}, at OwUgm. 

Gorlliwiad, «. «i. (gorlliw) A giving an exterior 
colour ; a making to resemble. 

Gorlliwiaw, «. a. (goriliw) To colour over, to co- 
lour the surfisce; to give a fine hue, to make to 

Gorlliwiawl, a. (gorlliw) Being tinted over; re- 

Gorllon, a. (lion) Oveijoyed, enraptured. 

Qorllonaid, s. m. (gorllawn^ Surcharge; overflow. 

Gorlldnawl, a. (gorllon) Tending to make very 
cheerful ; rapturous, ravishing. 

Gorlldni, v. a. (gorllon) To give extreme delight, 
to be full of joy ; to be transported with plea- 

Oorllooiad, s. m. (gorllon) An overjoying. 

Gorlludd, s. m,~-fi, f. ion (lludd) An extreme de- 
pression; an over-pressure ; extreme fatigue. 

Gorlluddaw, e. a. (gorlludd) To depress over- 
much ; to over- fatigue. 

Gorlluddawl, a. ^gorlludd) Extremelv depressive. 

Gorlludded, s. /. — p/. f. an (gorlludd) Extreme 
depression; fatigue. 

Gorlluddedig, a. (gorlludded) Over-fatigued, ex- 
tremely depressed. 

Gorlluddedn, r. «. (gorlludded) To over-fatigue. 

Gorlloddlad, s. m.^pL I. an (gorlludd) A depres- 
sing extremely; an over-fatiguing. 

Oorllwg, s. m.^pl. gorilygion (llwg) The liavlng 
an eye upon, an escort, a protection. 

Gorilwm, 0. (Ilwm) Extremely bare, or naked. 

Gorliwnc, s . m. (Ilwnc) An excessive swallow. 

GovllwDg, f. m. (Ilwng) An excessive Indmnght. 

Gorllwybr, s. m,'-pl i, au (llwybr) A ince. or 
track, over; the mark of a footrtep; sn im- 
pression of a foot. 

Gorllwybr Ua lIcDwIa cwyagaal. 
The <rwA of the boat the drcia of fwB did SS. JU. /. Mm*. 

Gorllwybrad, s. m. (gorllwybr) An overtraeiBg. 
Gorllwybraw, e. a. (gorllwybr) To overtnce. 
Gorllwybrawl, a. (gorllwybr) An over-trtinisi:. 
Gorllwydd, s. m. (Uwydd) A leading over; soc- 

cess, prosperity. 
Gorllvryddaw, v. a. (gorilwydd) To prosper, to 

givesnccess; to succeed. 

m orUwfddwya m iljaea aog Mcr trail yao weA byaf . 

Gorllwyddawl, a. (gorilwydd) Being prosperov. 
Gorilwyddiad, s. m. (gorilnydd) A prosperiag. 
Gorilwyn, s. «. — pi. I. an (llwyn) An eieort 
Gorllwyn, v. a, (llwyn) To escort, to eoavoy. 

Gad iari 

D*orUwya laa dy ear-ttya. 

Safer bc to ofcerf thee lowarda Ihy apleodld ■aiwhia 

it.akGmlhm. ! 

Gorllwynaw, v. «. (gorllvryn) To escort, to caa- 
voy; to be a safeguard. 

Gorllwynawl, a. (gorilwyn) Being an escort 

Gorliwyniad, t. m.— >p<. t, au (gorilwyn) Aa es- 
corting, or convoying. 

Gorllwynydd^ s. ak— pi. t, ion (gorilwyn) Ooe wbo 
convoys, or conducts safely. 

Gorllwyth, «. ai.~p<. K an (Uwyth) An sfer- 
burden ; a surcharge. 

Gorllwythaw, e. a. (gorllwyth) Tosnrdiargc. 

Gorllwythawg, a. (gorllwyth) Overbordeoed. i 

Gorllwythawl, a. (gorllwyth) Overbnrdenios. 

Gorllwythedig, a. (gorilwyth) Over-burdened. 

Gorllyd, a. (gor) Broody, teeming ; fall of nst-i 
ter ; suppurative. Mar or/lyd, a brood heo ; ^i 
gwrUjfdf a batching egg ; Tfinif g^f^id^ mooltiAC, 

Gorilydrwydd, s. m. (gorllyd) Broodinesi; spc- 
ness to teem ; a tendency to suppurate. 

Gorilydd, s. at.— p/. f . ion (llydd) An embryo. 

Yb ofllydd cyaaydd cyn al eald rMala; 
Yo arUw)br ar»alD iwIb Borefid. 

An raOrve oflorreaae waa Ibe Mr oae theach yaC laktn. i 
forai that waa to wear the coralUne aleeo. nr. fr^^ 

Gorily ddawl,a.(gorllydd)Belonffing to an embryo^ 
Gorilyddiad, «.ai.(gorllydd) A iSrming aa eaibrys 
Gorilyfawl, a. (ilyfkwl) That is licked over. 
Gorilyfiad, t. ai. (llyfiad) \ Ucking the surfsce. 
Gorllyfn, a. (llyfn) Extremely smooth. 
Oorilyfnawl, a. (gorllyfn) Tending to smooth. 
Gorllyfniad, s. m.— pi. I. an (gorilvfo) A smooth* 

ing the surface ; a coaxing ; a harrowiag. 
Oorllyfhn, e. a. (gorllyfn) To smooth the sarfsce, 

to make sinootn, to stroke, or to coax ; lo bvro* 

Gorllyfaa pea d Ira elcr hclMo. 
Stf^img a dog'a head whUat golar by. 

Off ye gorllyfha elflawa, 
£wtff y nor os«a lawa. 
A harrow $mMtkiug tbe oeeaa, the doe ofthe tea fan «f lur^O 

/•!• Omk, er Itoaf. 

Oorilyfn, v. a. (llyfn) To lick the anriaee. 
Gorllygawl, a. (gorllwg) Being caeorting. 
Gorllygiad, s. m.-^id. I. an (gorllwg) An escort 

ing, a convoying ; a protecting. 
Oorllygn, e. a. (gorllwg) To escort; to protect 

Fiey a'n g^Ufg f Who will protect us f 

Gayddam a*M forilwr, fwr Itwydws Uhwr; 
Uwr hydrfrr aagca »* efhyash etta wr. 

Wr koow who yrai^j aa, a waa af hoary aa f o r t boadw 
a aiaii at «h«« draib atnu hit dart la the ^**^g^^f!^4 

GOR 117 

ito mm to tar cUWnM, mA km 

Gftrllygyddy t. n.— fL f. Ion (sotilwg) An ft- 




cortery n eonfoynr ; • protector. 
GorllyB, a. (Uym) Extrenoly almrp, or onto. 
Gorilyamwl, m. (gorUyn) Tending to ihnrpon es- 

trcndy; veiy poinmnt. 
Gorilyminil, «. n.— ^ <• an (gorilyni) A mnking 

extremely sharp. 
GorUyaM, v. «. (forUym) To sharpen eztv^mely. 

t lf Sd • fwwtli Sff k*k4f«f. 


Gorilymwr, «. ai. — ff . gorUymwirr (gorflym — gwr) 
One wIm nnket eatreasely sharp. 

GoffUyaqrdd, a. ak— pi. I. ion (gorUyn) One who 
tharpess eatremeW. 

Goraiy a. ak (gor) what has a tendency to force 
in, or to fill ; a plennm. 

GormalL a. ak— pi. gonneillon (gorm) The act of 
overwtaelining ; the act of overooming ; oppres- 
sion ; distress. 

GomantyS. ak— pi. gomiaint (com) That tends 
to mn in, or to o?er-filly a plenitnde. 

Mifcilijw iiriiMUiiBiitalflM. 

tinmmlm'mkkpitmUmda^htMtktOm to ww l M wfto- 
WiMiMf^. am 

In the eonrte of one year ; gwg afnsn araMty n 
drone bee ; M ya araif «, to be an encronehnent. 

0(ir— ■ J tftlawf ar il sayM. 

Tin telmHMi of te clMm «po« hit Mtov. Adtgg, 

r Smmb ar wlr Ujff9i y PiiiHtaiati 

ncva M tm€ramkm€mt apoa tfca iaat r%M vT Iba 

6r. a» Afthat. 

G oim e sa w l , a. (gormes) Intmdlngi trfspassing, 

nsnrping ; oppressive, tronblesonie. 
Oormesdeym, a. ai.— pi. I. edd (gormea^teyrti) 

An nsniping prince, an Intrnding tyrant. 
Oorasesedig, a. (gormes) Molested ; nsorped. 
OoraMsgylch. «. m,—fL t, an (gomica--cylch) A 

drde, or drcalt, or grievance ; an oppressive 


All fMrtk fwartb fwrtkodM cfwrala ; 




Om, Brfekt 

Gormawdy a. ak^-pi> gomMdion (gorm) Pleni- 
tnde, exnberance, excess* a. Overmnch. 

Gonnafil, a. (gorm) Tending to fill in ; plenary. 

Gormeddy a. /• — pi. C. ion (gonn) An overmn- 
ning, intraision, or encrOachuMnt; invasion; 
grievance ; aMicatalion. 


Tair sataaM a MaaOiiV fay* Iwa, aa aU 
rl«4a«d * CanatoM, a dSaattyal yaM ya 
rtl fWMy VvyMyf ncM; tfy4y<M, garMa y S 

^trmitn carM to iMi Wand, aad aal oa« dapaitrd 

to Ike tiaM of U«dd, 

of toa Caiaal, who 

ttf , Ik* tovaM« of toa G»y«Myl FflcM ; IkMlf , 
tte te«a»iM oT Utt t a t — a Tntdd, 

Gormeillad, s. ai.— ^ I. an (gormail) An oppres- 
sing, a doBsineering, oppression. 

Gormeiliaidd, a. (gormail) Of an oppressive ten- 
devcr; tending to overwhelm. 

Gonncilinw, a. a. (gormail) To overwhelm ; to 
overcome, to prerail, to predominate ; to op- 
prem ; to become predonunant 

Oa larMU m oV paaw dafcydd as ffttydS, yM y byM dc<^. 

$IUU pTtdtmtmmtt ov«r Iha otiMortf 



Gonomlinwg, a. (gormail) Being overwhebned ; 

oppressed, afflicted. 
GonDcUiodig, a. (goraaall) Being overwhelmed. 
Gormeilieidd-dfn, a. ai. (gormellbddd) Opprea- 

sivenem, hnrdensomeaem. 
GoraNiUwr, a^n.— pi. gormeilvryr (gofmall— gwr) 

An epprriwor, or a tyrant. 
Gomwilna, a. (gommll) Oppressive, tynunlear. 
' 1, a. m. pi . gormalsiaid (gormes) An 
ir, or intmdar. 



Altor MartMi tka latf , 
«— --^ awar to* ftaai ar 


Gomsaa, $,/,^—fL L ion (farm) Intmslon, or en 

', an Intrnding moon, or the ihirteenth osoon 

ferahaaaiha nmaT 
Ut vnMliMW rtmitf of tha 

Oormesiad, a. «.— p/. I. an (gormes) An intrud- 
ing ; a asolesdng, Intmslon. molestation. 

Gormeslyn, «. m.— pi. I. oedd (gorasea^Oyn) A 
rednndant haasoor ; a pletliora. 

Gormeslynawg, a. (gormeslyn) Having n rednn- 
dant hamonr. 

QoraMsoldeb, s. ak ( g orme sa wl) Intmstvanam ; 
oppressiveness; bnrdensomencss. 

Gonsesn, a. a. (gormes) To Intmde, to encroach^ 

* to molest; to tronblci to nsurp, to oppreiSy to 
be bnrdensome. 

Gormesw r, $, wk^-^fL g armaen yr (gaimas gwi) 
An Intrnder, or encroncher, a nmlester; an 
nsnrper; a tronblesonm person. 

Gormesvdd, «. ak— pi. t. Ion (gormes) Intrnder. 

Oormlad, s. ai. — pi. t. an (torm) A forcing in. 

Gommd, a. m. — pi. t. oedd (gorm) Mednndance, 
snperanl^[, excem. a. Rednndant, snpeite- 
ons. a. Too much, overmnch, too grant. 

Oormodawl, a. (gormod) Snperabnndant 

Gormodedd, a. m. (gonuod) Snperabnndance. 

Gormodi, a. a. (gormod) To snperabonnd* 

Gormodlad, s. at. (itonalod) A rendering, or be- 
coming rednndant ; a snperabonndtng. 

Gormodoldals t. «• (gormodawl) Excmelveness. 

Gormodolrwydd, a. (gomMdawl) Bxcassivenem. 

Gormodd, «. m.~pl. t. ion (gorm) Excem; snper- 
abnndance. a. Overmo<i, too mnch. 

Sawal ca tathydaiSfr Svywaa, a^ 

hiar - 

n«adf darfod Mdyal fySawai ca tati 
gvcddllllon aV «onBeddioa, fevyatoaaak 
y gwaddtd ya y rteyw ahartaaa. 

Aflv ihay had fWSBai tkair dafaltoa a» *a pada, aT tiM ta- 
aalaa a*d trnpft^ttm ik«y ikaBMalVM 1Mb did aai, a* U «aa 
■aac to tkaaa iacrllcaa Or. mk JHkmr* 

Oormoddawl, a. (gormodd) Rednndant 
Gormoddi, v. a. (gormodd) To make rednndant. 
Gormoddiad,*. ai. (gormodd) A making rednndant 
Gormoddiaeth, s. m. (gonnodd) A redundance. 

NlkyddafkylkyB «r * 

Ha vui aafvar ba ft faad MS wk 
taoagli aad «icrM. T. £1. O. «* 

Gormoddoldeb, s. (gorasoddawl) Excessiveness. 

Gormoddotrwrdd, a. ai. (gormoddawl) Exeasriva- 
nem, snperinity, abnndance. 

Gormo, a. a. (gorm) To tend to force in ; la in- 
trude ; to pervade. 

Oormna, a. (gorm) Tending to force in, ar to 
overmn ; Intmsive, pervading. 

Gormwyth, •• m.«pl. I. oedd (gorm— gwyth) A 

Oormwythaidd, a. (gormwyth) Rheunmtla. 

(1 OR 



Gormvythaw, •. €. (gormwyth) To generate 

Gofmwyttawg, a. (gonnwyth) Rheumy. 
Gorvwytlnwl, tf. (gormwyth) Catarrboiu. 
GoffVWTthiad, tja.— -p/. I. aa (gormwyth) A flow- 

ii^ 01 rlieam, a defloxion. 
6ormwy^g, a. (gormwyth) Rheamy. 
Gormwytbus, c. (gormwyth) Catarrhons. 
Gormwy^osrwydd,s.iii.(goniiwythos) The state 

of being rheumy, or catarrfaoas. 
Gomawfy «. m. (nawf) A swim on the surface. 
Gonie,s.m.— fl.t.oedd (ne) A superior hue; an 

exterior tint; a blush. 

6«cll forac golcbi aoff m fflytbau 

km of 

is better ttBku ftaj aoskinf . 


G««rT Cuoa Taavl r«tr feddwi ftiih, 
' f»wr fore ar tor diffjith. 

aad perfiecl qaccs. of mind ^nVm and prolMnd, vitk 
-rr A«« of the dmw of moraiDf oa % nruir r^^ 

CgndSelw, i ^/. 

Gomertfay a. ». — pi, I* oedd (nerth) Superior 
power, or impulse ; also the knotty-rooted fig- 
wort, otherwise called y dd^iUn ddn, dai dm^u 
4a^ eraiik mamMy and g^reMmertk, 

Gomerthawl, a. (gomerth) Very powerful. 

Gonierthiad, t. ».— irf. f. an (gomerth) A giving, 
or attaining, superior power. 

Gomerthrwydd, s.m. (gomerth) Superior power, 
or force. 

Gomerthu« r. a. (gomerth) To endow with su- 
perior power; to attain superior power, to at- 
tain superiority. 

Dy vybodnrth lU tj ryfeddmeh nofr 1 g:^«?f ei thwyllaw: m»» 
hi ya achelawf , iri mlUi not (onertha. 

1>j kBo«ledf«ii aore wootlerfui than thai I sboald be able to 
deceive tt:Ute csccUcol, I caaaol i*r wmijU It. 

If. P«rr«, Pmtm cTcadx.S. 

Gomidr,s. ai. — p/. t. au (nidr) Extreme intricacy 
or entanglement. 

Gomidraw, v. a. (goraidr) To entangle extreme- 
ly ; to be bewildered extremely. 

Gomidrawl, a. (goraidr) Very intricate. 

Gomidriad, s.m. (goraidr) An entangling, or em- 
barrassing extremely. 

Goraod, fl. ai. — pi. t. an (nod) Conspicuous mark. 

Gornodawl, c. (gornod) Conspicuously marked. 

Goniodi, v. a. (goraod) To mark conspicuously. 

Goraodiad, s. ai.— p<. f . au (gornod) A marking 

Goraonad, s. ai.^ pi. t. au (gornawf) A swimming 
aboTe, superaatation. 

Goraofiaw, v. a. (gornawf) To swim above. 

Gomofiawl, a. (gornawf) .Superaatant. 

Gornwyf, t. ai. — pLi. an (nwyf) Superior, or ex- 
treme briskness. 

Gornwyfaw, v. a. (gorawyQ To endow with ex- 
treme briskness, or vivacity ; to vranton. 

Gomwyfawl, a. (gornwyf) Tending to make ex- 
tremely brisk, or lively. 

Gorawyfiad, s. m. (gornwyf) A making, or be- 
eonung, extremely brisk. 

Gornwyfus, a. (i^orawvf) Extremely brisk. 

Gorobcr, s. ai. (gober) An over- work ^ a seat. 

Kby m-^Uot aaaot aaa« c%mtt ; 
Kb} Botir I «ir, i orober.' 

TW MliHtTVb «i)l math priitr, 1o concordant bcIo«1> : bit ju»- 
aei vUl be btjrbi; |>rkisctf, aod bn rn^prrmf ■'*»■• 

£ta. «3 6»-/«». i Lyvafya 1. 

Cd««U baal dida«U hodaal rTrd#r dcrfra; 
Va boedi dya trcaya trwai orobrr. 

raifcr* the ti 
M the hit of ] 

ID. decnnof lb* abraptneia of hf> ra- 
ttarv Baa, «ith hnw tjjk. 

Cr. a* M. e^ D»/v4d. 

GoJad BMvr yw ffwried aedd 
Y roraber a gitedd. 

It U a gfcat proii to 106 Iha 
trmmdmmrp fik. 

in whk-hflhe CMded die «• 
ikifwdd Hen, i»r wtddw. 

Gorolid, «. m. — pl« f . on (gofal) Extreme care. 
Gorolahis,a.(gorofal) Overcarefol, overcantuNia. 
Gorofer, «. (ofer) Extremely trifling. 
Gorofereddy «. ai. (gorofer) Extreme triflingness. 
Gorofn^ on.— pl.l. an (ofn)Extreme fear,or dread 

Gorofa 1 cydd anaf bjd Bam (Wftyd dya. 

Wfrdi Uyvriya, Uywiaadr Gwyadyd. 

JErffva/ tfrM^ aflicti ac IcU no man ■hAll ddlTrr mr. aAa 
UywH^D, the (ovcraor of dw Uad of Fdidty. D, Bemfnt. 

Gorofnawg, a. (gorofn) Over fearful. 
Gorofnawl, a. (gorofn) Extremely awful. 
Gorofni, r. a. (gorofn) To fear extreoiely ; to be 

timid overmuch. 
Gorofniad, f. au (gorofn) A fearing extremely; 

a being over- timed. 
Gorofous, a. (gorofn) Extremely timid. 
Gorolcfa, s. ai. (golch) An ovft-wash, a washing 

of the surface. 
Gorolchaid, a. (gorolch) That is vrashed orer. 
Gorolchi, v. a. (gorolch) To over-wash. 

A cbyn i elo dan cMrcb, 
Un yloedd wryd yn I Hrch. 
Gonrolchei o rraa I teirrb : 
Baddfaa fab BMddfiaa dihafaich. 

And before he «at oorerad aader the twau, one who «o«U i^ 
pear a hero io hw abrine, goredi^ 9wwr —it hia haraaw: Hoddtia 
the foa of Blciddfaa the daaatlcBS. ilaearm. 

Gwyar ta i i okh er rMithaf lad. 

The >pp of ttK head wW teeetr— lied with blood. 

Gorolchtad, «. ai.— pi. I. an (gorolch) A mahiag 
over ; ablution. 

Gorolygawl, a. (golygawl) Being overlooking. 

Gorolygiad, «. m. (golygiad) A supervision. 

Gorolygu, r. a. (golygu) To supervise. 

Goror, s. /. — pi. I. an (gor — or) An exterior bor- 
der, coast, or region ; a clime, the upper re- 
gion ; a confine, or border. 

Gororawl, a. (goror) Boundary, bordering. 

Gororeu, s. ai. — pi, t. on (goreu) The very best 
a. SuperiatiTC. 

Gororwy, s. ai. — pi, f . on (gorwy) The extreme 
verge, or rim. 

Gorpharawd, a. (parawd) Being over-remdy. 

Gorphell, a. (pell) Very distant, very far. 

Gorphelledd, s. ai. (gorphell) Extreme remote- 
ness ; great distance. 

Gorphelliad, s. ai. (gorphell) A making very dis- 

Gorphellu, v. a. (gorphell) To put very remote. 

Gorphen, s. ai. — pL t, ion (pen) Extreme head, 
or end, a conclusion, the end, or termiaatioin. 

I Pa»b ya y forphea. 

Erery body ia Ihe c«acfa«M«. Admg** 

I Gorpheu^ r. a. (pen) To complete, to ooodaile, 
to finish, to end, to terminate. 

Gorphenawl, a. (gorphen) Condmfing, finiahivg. 

Gorphenedig, a. (gorphen) That is condndod. 

Gorphenhaf, t. ai. (gorphen — ^haf) July. 

Gorpheniail, — pi A. an (gorphen) A finahing. 

Gorphenn, V. a. (gorphen) To complete, to fiaiafa. 

Gorphenwr, s. m. — pU gorphenwyr (gorphen — 
gwr) A finisher, one who concludes, or ends* 

Gorpherchi, r. a. (perchi) To reverence g;reatly, 
to adore. 

Gorphovns, s. m. — ^pl. f. au (powys) Rest, re- 
pose, cessation from motion, f^id &e» mm rktt%f 
nmg0rpk9tpf9 arao, there is neither rale nor 
rest in him. SiL 




Gorphowyadrm, •• a. (gorplMiwyi) Hepot«docM 
OarphwTil, «. ». — fL 1. oedd(pw7ll) Lom of rea* 

■OB, dlfltraetioiiy modoeit, rage, lolly. 
GorpbwjUaWy v. ••(gorphwyll) To boeome dls* 

traeted, to go mad, to loie the feaaes. 
GorpliwyDawg, a. (gorphwjil) Belog dUtraeted, 

imaae, or nad ; Mag oat of reaioo. 
Gorpbw^lliad, «. n. (gorphwyll) A dUtractiag ; a 

beeoauBg dUlractad ; dit^aetloa. 
GorphwyllQi, a. (a o r ph w j fU) Teoding to diatnel. 
Gorphwyt, «« m. (pwy t) Reit, or repoM. 
Oorphwyi, 9. a. (pwyt) To rest, to repooe. 
Oorphwyaaw, a. a. (goipbwyt) To go to reft, to 

rest ; to take rest, to repoce, to be at rest ; to 

leave off, to ceaie, to dentt 
Gorpbwysawl, a. (gorpbwTi) Restiag ; qaieteaot* 
Gorpbvyadra, «. wu (gorpbwja) Repoaedaeaa. 
Gorpbwyala, 9,/,-^. t. aa (gorphwya) A reatiag 

oedd (gorpbwya—Ue) 

Gorpbwyalawaya. (goipbw3ra) Reatf\il,apt to real, 
le, t. Bi. — fL i, 
A resdog place. 


Gorpbwvaari, a. m , - pi . gorpbwjawjr (gorpbwja 
— gwr) Oae wbo takea rait, a repoaer. 

Oorpbwyayddy t. ■i«--pl* f. Ion (forpbwys) A 

G ot ph w yay ddlaaA, (gonbwjaydd) Qaletiaai 

Gonff, a. ak-^. I. loa (ibif) Aa extra aaaibar. 

Go rr Uh ari, a. (gorrif) SaperoaaMrary. 

Goraaf, a. /.— fl. t. oedd(ial) A atation, a ataad, 
a atandiag pb^e. Gara^ ai/, a magailae of 
araM ; f arii^ cg^MUk, a dearar, or exeeptloa of 
law; gtnrf gi^rekkmtif a lawifal exceptioB. 

niA rliiM ffvid dw ofwT: vdMw cjri««M«»l j fy |«ayra» 
— '" YBygyfraM. 

■I ii MetMVT for M mmm i i m.' m ImKU yof Mr I mi 

Gw a afa w l , a. (gonaf) Statioaary, poaltkmal, 

' al,apfl(' 

ed; excepted, deaiarred. 

•taading. An^ydr araVMrf, a pfi^ed battle. 
Gotiafedig» a. (goraaO Bciag atatloaed, or plteb- 

Gonafiad, a. ak^pL I. aa (goraaf) A atatlonlag, 
a taking a atation ; a potdna toaatand ; aatop- 
piag, or baiting; a wttbatanding, an oppoaition, 

Gonafoldeh, a. ak (goraafawl) Statlonarineaa. 

Goraafolrwydd, a. ak (goraafawl) Stationarlaeaa. 

Gonain, a. a. (maaf) To atatM, to aettle, to 
aland in oppodtion, to witbatand ; to deaiar. 

Goraalwr, a. ak— fl. goraaf^r (goraaf— gwr) 
One wbo atationa, or aettlea; an oppoaer. 

Gonaig, a. ai.— pi. aoraelgUa (aaig) A aaperior 
meaa, or conne or meat* 

Gomng, B./,—^ t. an (aang) An orer-tread. 

Oonangawl, a. (aoraang) Over-treadiog. 

Gorsangedig, a. (goraang) Orer-trodden. 

Goraangiad, a. ».— pi. I. an(goraang) A treading 

above, an orer-treading. 


Goraangn, a. a. (goraang)To over-tread. 

'4y lca,4ylt«wyf 1} 

-.•,««. I --y-.^ 

u oT say latyumni, U, P. Mtck, i D. mi 

Goraangwr, a. ai. — pL gonangwyr (goraaog — gwr) 
one wbo over-treada. 

Got aedd, a./. — pi. I. aa (aedd) A aapreaie aeat; 
n tbrone ; a raiaed moud, taainlaa, or plaee of 
preaideacy ; a tribnne, a tribonal, or ooart of 
jadicntore. Garaadd /rataaiairf , a privileged 
aeaaioB ; garaadd gwlad aa aivlaaydd, a aeoMon 
of tbe king nnd conntry, orof dvU jndieatare; 

Garaadd ddy f f n a al l , a eonvandonal aaaai^ na 
eztraordiaaiy trlbnnal; g9r$t4d Mrdd, tbe 
aaaaion of tM bardt ; gtfmdd dalailAaaiar, a 
provincial aaaewMy ; giru4A gfftUmf^ tbe aes* 
aloo of oompetencT, being tbe tbird awetlng. 
wberein wbat bad Deen ao aauy times redtald 
waa eitbar ratified or rajeeted, by tbe baida; 
Garaadd apiVf' €pmd^ a saarion of ooaladar- 

ate aapport ; gfmdd ryaiad, a federate 
try aeaaion ; gwratdd AanMadr, a aanraaae, at 
apeclal, aeaaion, or rlbailA Cfmmrff itatalad^, 
tae anpreme voice of tbe Cymmry* 

Trfpkcik bM owft tl y« M 

aa wiai*rtfM 

<«■• Milk* foiM •!*•«»• 


Goraeddawf 9 a. (gonedd) Havlag a aapreoM aaat; 
prealding. a. c«— pi. Qoraaddoglon, tbat baa a 
preaidency; aprealdent; a magistrate. 

TH-Sy fWiiNwi yi 


Ooraeddawl, a. (goraedd) Relatiag to a anpraa 

aeat ; presiding. Ch^ g ar rn dda irt, tbe bill af 

Goraeddedig, a. (gorsadd) Made presidential. 
Ooraeddfa^ a. /^-pl. goraeddfeydd (goraedd) A 

plaee of preaidency ; a aaat of Jadlcalare* 
OoraeddCUwl, a. (goneddlb) Relating to pnsi* 

dency: Jadicatoiy« 
Goraeddtalac, a. /.— al.goraeddfeineian (gonedd 
lainc) A aeat of preaideacy; a tbrone. 
A ftraa l y ^a i h w t aa p iiii W Mi u Mwa ^ sit 

Gorseddiad, a. a^— pl.l. aa (gorsadd) A prasidl^, 

a aittiag la jadgeaMat ; a goaalppiBg,or tattllag 
Goraeddoaaatb,^-pl.l. aa (gorBeddawg)Tbe 

oiice or a preiideat. 
Goraeddogawly a. (goTMddawg) Belongb^ tn a 

OoTMddogi, •• a. (gorseddawg) Ta endow with 

preaidency; to baeooaa presidant. 
Gorseddo, a. a. (garsadd) To preside; to sit la 

jadgement; totaCtU; la eslabllsb eae*fe self. 
Gorwddwr, a. ai.— pi. garsaddwyr (goraedd — 

gwr) One wbo sits in Jndgeaseat ; a president. 

-gwraig)A waasan wbo preaidaaya tattling gsaaip 
Goraefyll, a. a. (goraaO To stand over; to take 

a atation; to ataad; to iasisi; towltbstand. 
at to Ml ft wttviiaw «a> dua i» < 

by • M4 CM Mr SM wak SmH^ 

OoraefyUM, a. ak--pl. I. aa (forsefyD) A taklag 
a atatfon, a atationlng; a aabalsting; an insist- 
ingi; a witbstaadiag. 

Tcbyr^Ma y fj* bMb » aytoMwi m 0H 

Btrwrng, » fkinm y« UlMrtow • 9M 0«« 
I, M« «!■ cy»— IM wL 

II i* lIMy 
•nd «aiKt 

b lh*l Hm* k Mcb » 

M » Unel laaw 

Ooraeiyilliawg, a. (goraeiyil) Being placed, or 
atatioaed ; Mag inaiating, or oppMlng. 

Goraeiyilrwydd, a. ai. (goraefyll) The atate of be- 
ing atntioned, or plaeed; onpoaedneaa. 

Goraelddiawg, a. (goraedd) Having preaidency. 

Goraelawg, a. (aelawg) Having an earnest look. 




Gwvellady f . m.-^pL t. am (seliad) A looking ear- • 
nestlj; agaaof. I 

Gonela, v. a. (sdo) To look very stedfastly. | 

Gofieofi, V. fl. (goreaof ) To over-tread. 

Gorterth, «. (serth) Extremely precipitate. 

Gonerttiawl, a. (gorsertb) Very precipitoos. 

Gvffwrthtad, «. mu (gorserth) A. renderiog ex- 
tremely precipitoos ; a becMnog very steep. 

Gonertlni, e. ■• (gorsertb) To beo>oie extreme- 
ly predpitooB ; to mke very steep; to be very 
loose, or obscene. 

Goniii, «. K. — pi. I. ao (sin) A door-post. 

Adwiea bob foraia j'mfogtf foiIWrvia. 
lkBO«eTef7 ^iibr io tfaec»*corik*«t*4. Tmiitwim. 

Tare fapaa y dr«« M y ti^lo y fwag*m. 
Siffifct th« liaicJ of lite door •» m to skake Ue rf«<rr-^(/j. 

ilKAJ Ix. I. 

Gonor, s. «. (sor) Extreme offence, or peL 
Goraori, r. ■. (gorN>r) To take extreme ambrage. 
GoTSoriad, t. ai. (gorsor) \ beiog extremely of- 
fended ; a being in a violent pet. 
Gorsych, a. (sycb) Extremely dry, or parched. 
Gorsychawl, a. (gorsych) Extremely drying. 
Gorsycblad, s. m. (gorsych) A drying extremely. 
Gortfycfao, e. a. (gorsych) To dry extremely. 
Gorsylw, «. ai. — pi. I. au (syhr) Earnest notice. 
Gorsylwad, «. ■i.^pl. L an (gorsylw) A regarding 

very earnestly. 
Gorsyhrawl, a. (gorsylw) Earnestly beholding. 
Gorsylwi, o. «. (gorsylw) To regard earnestW. 
GorsyUtad, s. m.—pL I. an (sylliad) A beholding 

very earnestly ; a ganne. 
Gorsylla, v. a. (sylln) To behold stedfastly. 
Gorsyn, a. (syn) Being extrensely astonislied. 
Gormyawl, a. (gorsyn) Tending to astonish, or 

stopii^ the senses, extremely. 
Gorsyndawd, #. ai. (gorsin) Great astonishment. 
Gorsvnn, v. a. (gors^n) To astonish extremely ; 

to be extremely astonished, or amaxed. 
Gorsytb, a. (syth) Extremely erect; very stiff. 
GoTsythawl, a. (gorsyth) Apt to be ver>' erect 
Gorsythder, s. ai. (gorsyth) Extreme erectness. 
Gorsythdra, t. m. (gorsyth) Extreme erectness. 
Gorsythedd, t. m. (gorsyth) Extreme erectness. 
Gorsythiad, «. ai.— pL t. an (gorsyth) A render- 
ing very erect, or stiff; a becoming very erect. 
Gorsythn, r. a. (gorsyth) To become very erect, 

or stiff; to make very erect, or stiff. 
Gort, s. ai. (gor) A »harp spring, or impulse. 
Gortain, v. a. (gort) To spring, or impel quickly. 
Oortawl, a. (gort) Having a sharp impulse. 
Gortiad, «. ak^pj. t, an (gort) An impelling, or 

ottering ont sharply. 
Gortiaw, r. a. (gort) To impel, or push sharply. 
Gorth, «. ai. (gor) That abuts, or sUnds opposite 
Gorthasg, #./.— pt i. an (tasg) An over-task. 
Gorthasgawl, a. (gorthasg) Being over-tasked. 
Gorthasgiad, s. ak— pi. c. an (gorthasg) A giving 

an over-task. 
Gorthasgn, r. a. (gorthasg) To give an overtask. 
Gorthaw, s. at. (Uw) Extreme taciturnity, or si- 
lence; endurance without complaint; patience. 
Gvr dm ti orlJkcir, a man of good forbearance, 
or a patient man. 
Gorthawl, j. a.— p<. gortholion (tawl) An over- 
balance, a preponderance. 
Gorthenao, #. pi. (gorth— genau") Opposing lips. 
a. Of opposing lips. 

HirtM borlie, briim achrl boa ari«nt, 
A*i grxtbo a:J gortheowi. 

Tbr Hiri*» oC b«ff»l.>horn, bi;Mt ennch*^! *ifh anrk-nt ttr^or. 


Gort hew, a. (tew) Extremely thick, or gross. 

BteiAd bvdtiia onbro ju utrm Uyafawd. 
TV voif oi c2« lAidtat trgfoa ta the oaken i 

H««crtb fcirrb orfbcw. 
TV A orb MW^t for tleni* aogt tlerM. GtMlekmui, 

Gorthewi, r. a. (gorthaw) To become very silent, 
or calm; to make very ulent 

CoTtkt-nt U vTtbff, rverth fj Urftvyf; 
>M fortbav a wmTS wrth s rw?'^ 

^ V rrvoiBAi KMi «i//«f to Bc, a cauM of mr tedkM* fllaea ; 
i« tr wry nXrmi vOI Bot bc «bat I AmU do to tbe oac I looc. 

CwnddelK, t Bfuf. Mmdmwg. 

Mcaescr a'ai g«flte« 

TV cap-bcaRf trmafmUlixn ■ 

let Ubi M»t leave Be. 

O. Cwfeitimmg. 

Gorthir, s. ai. — pi. t, oedd (tir) The higher part 
of a country, the upper country, the highland. 

Sritb raa ii stdd fo abob Baeaftwl ]■ evo gyfaaBed^, aSmr 
tr*/ &r d«4-^ «D aacBavt ortbir. 

TVrr arr vetra portioe* of Uad ia erefy Maaorof aa takabikJ 
r«.»ioa. a»<l tatneca lo*M*bipb ia aa ayiteirf ■ ■ nor . 

Gorthirawl,a. (gorthir) Being upland. 
Gortho, f. at. (to) The upper covering, the roaf i 
an envelope. Gwtho tir, brush-wood. 

Odi r\ Bcwo fortibo. 


O (Uaiar a fro. 

TV bard sbo sboil not nlncF ne, ao lilmca my be obuia. w> 
Ul he f oes into a c ortrmg of earib aod irraveL 7kltr«^ 

Gorthoad, «. as. (gortho) A covering over, or en- 
veloping; an overcasting. 

Gorth da wl, a. (gortho) Tending to envelope. 

Gorth oedig, a. (gortho) Covered over, enveloped 

Gortbol, V. a. (gortho) To cover above, to cover 
over ; to envelope ; to overcaiL 

Pali. rvrHu rvyUia, 
CwjI-fakli wrth rerddawr 
O raddaar ftrcrthfawr 
Y cortbdir. 

A roocb. tV Dodm rrtreat of brr vbo h like the lea mtm^iJ- 
AJnti* proad of tV mioMrd, wilb prrclow raddy cold u ii <•■ 
nrr^' CymddHw, i Bfmf, 

Gorthorawl, a. (torawl) Being broken orer. 
Gorthorch, s. f.—pL gorthyrdi (torch) A supe- 
rior wreath, a torque, a collar. 

Ac ja BgvaMb Ardcrrdd oedd aw Tj a|OCtbordk. 
And ia tbe actioo of Anicridd of fAd araa ■; ealfar. 
A fortboncb aar %m el fwawf I. 
WMb a ffoMen ctUmr rooad bii aeck. 

B. jr. 

Gort^orcb al waaf d prrtbod. 
A ccUmr «Ucb f will aot refaae. UU G«tk^ 

Gorthorchawl, a. (gorthorch) Over-wreathing. 

Gorthorchi, r. a. gorthorch) To wreath round. 

Gortborchiad,fl.ail (gorthorcli) An over- wreathing 

Gorthordd, s. m.—pl. t. ion (gorth — gordd) That 
is abutting, or external; that is out of juris- 
diction; a banished one. 

A'm Tt nfvledlf r^IHddladoo, 
Drrfrt^i r*Ud oared <>rtltork}diou. 

I an rifXf^ h't Riv so«rrpifro of banqnefera «UH tbr iabi rHaar^ 
of a CO lutTT, the rrl'dgv of the eritta. Cfmditelm. 

Oorthorddawl, a. (gorthordd) Being banished. 
Gorthorddi, r. a. (gorthordd) To banish, to exilf. 
Gorthorddiad, s. m. (gorthordd) A banishing. 
Gorthori, r. a. (tori; To cut over, to score; to 

make an incision. 
Gorthoriad, s, m. — pi, I. au (toriad) An inciMon ; 

a cutting over; a K»)ring. 
Gorthoriaut, s. m. (toriant) Incision ; infraction. 

NtJ aHh trait tiro* Cairaia a'i hlaot; 
O'l ui>>i>raw<}\i fvartbda«dd forthoHaat. 

«b«- ^rtii»'*; o( l*»r rij* <>f ■Kautlal. Cpttit.rtir, I O. litfy* >•■'•• 



nd on 



.:; To cause 

..)t) DominatWe. 
>i; Dominatioo. 
i'o get the mastery, 
. to get the better. 
ii; Domineering. 
. . ^orthrechwyr (gorthrech 
„i'U the mastery; an oppressor 
.1. (goTtbrain) A scattering pro- 
«hiog to excess. 
. r. a. (gorthrain) To scatter pro- 
iavish to excess. 
•awl, «. (gorthrain) Verv lavishing. 
«iad, s. M. (gortiirais) An acting very 
'cioody^ or violently. 
'^Breisiaw, v. c (gorthrais) To act veiy rapa- 
>^y ; to do great Ttolence. 
tireifiavl, a. (gorthrais) Very violent. 
^ris, f. 8i.--pl, i, ion (trin) An extrense toil. 


Ml s vBAvo wa«d hyo ddevUn. 
- ifcariJtt thoa be la diJIemUt, I «!» c%ote blood 

tfanoiad, s. ai. (gorthrin) A toiling extremely. 

t^noiaw, v. «• (gorthrin) To toil extremely. 

^rioiiwl, tf. (gorthrin) Very toilsome. 

^(*j <. m.—^ t. Ion (tro^ A turn over. 

Inroad, ff. flk — pi. f . an (gorthro) A taming 

|«r; s twisting over. 

^rotwl, c. (gorthro) Taming over. 

''^roi, t. «. (gorthro) To turn, or twist over. 

tiirvcli, s, in.— pi. gorthrychion (trwch) A 

Mve, a groove In the stave of a cask, for 

Uiof the headpiece. 

*'wiD,a. (trwDi) Very heavy, or depressive. 

bpFdiawl, a. (gorthrwch) Being cat over. 

^chiad, s. m.— pi. f . an (gorthrwch) A cnt- 

■Corer; a grooving. 

iirycho, V. «. (gorthrwch) Tomalce a groove. 

^rynndwv,a.(gorthrwm) That may be great- 

^eprcned, or oppressed. 

^ou II, 

Gortbrymawl, «• (gorthrwn) Very depressive. 

Gorthrymder, s. m.— pi. I. an (gorthrwm) Great 

depression; heaviness; oppression; affliction. 

Gorthrymdreth, s. /.—pi. 1. i (gorthrwm— treth) 

An oppressive tax, or exaction. 

*hrymedig, a. (gorthrwm) Being oppressed. 

medigaeth, «. m,—pi. i. aa (gorthrymed- 

"ssion, oppression. 

w], a, (gorthrymedig) Tending to 

Repressive, oppressive. 

r gorthrwm) Oppressiveness. 

< (i^orthrwm — caeth) Oppres- 

• d. 

' I irwared bwjrnt t wnaedi 
i« II orthrjMgMtb foddloa. 

.( ileiocr ibcn o«t of til ibtlr Arsvllf emtfntd cob- 

. I Iliad, s. m.— ^pl. t, an (gorthrwm) A 
.tly depressing; an oppressing. 
iir>miannawl, 0. fgorthrymiant) Tending to 
•K-pression; depressive, oppressive. 

• ' orthrymianniad, s. m. (gorthrymiant) A causing 
depression, or oppression. 

Gorthrymiannii, v. a. (gorthrymiant) To cause an 
oppression ; to become an oppression. 

Gortorymiant, s. m. (gorthrwm) Oppression. 

Gorthrymig, a. (gorthrwm) Oppressive. 

Oorthrymn, e. a. (gorthrwm) To depress greatly, 
to oppress ; to harden ; to afflict. 

Gorthrymas, a* (gorthrwm) Oppressive ; vexing. 

Gorthrymwr, «. m.— pi. gorthrymwyr (gorthrwm 
— gwr) An oppressor. 

Gorthrymydd, s. ».— pi. t, ion (gorthrwm) An 

Oorthar, s. m. (gorth) A repalse, or repolsion. 

Gorthwf, s. m. (twf) An overgrowth ; an excre- 
scence; loxnriance. 

Gorthwy, s. m.-^]^ I. on (tvry) A stretch over. 

Gorthwym, a. (twym^ Overwarm, overhot. 

Gorthwymnaw.v. a. (gorthwymyn^ To overheat. 

Gorthwymniad, s. m. (gorthwym) An overheating 

Gorthwymyn, a. (gorthwym) Overhot, very hot. 

Gorthyfail, f . m. (gorthwf) The chervil. 

Gorthyfawl, a. (gorthwf) Overgrown, excrescentt 

Gorthyfiad, s. m. — pi. t, an (gorthwO An over- 
growing, a growing npon ; excrescence. 

Gorthyfiannawi, «. (gorthyfiant) Tending to over- 
grow, or to become overgrown. 

Gorthyfianniad, s. at. fgorthyfiant) A rendering 
overgrown ; a becoming overgrown. 

Gorthyfianna, v, a. (gorthyfiant) To caose to 
overgrow ; to become oversrown. 

Gorthj^ant, s. m. (gorthwf) An overgrowth. 

Gorthyfo, v. a. (gorthwf) To overgrow ; to grow 
as an excrescence ; to Inxnriate. 

Gorthyn, s. m. — pi. U ion (tyn) An overstrain. «. 
Overtight, overstrained. 

Gorthynawl, a. (gorthyn) Over-straining. 

Gorthyndra, s. m. (gorthyn) Overtightness. 

Gortbynedig, a. (gorthyn) Overstrained. 

Gorthyniad, «. as.— ^ 1. an (gorthyn) An over- 
straining, an overdrawing. 

Gorthynn, v.a. (gorthyn) To overstrain. 

Gorthywys, s. pi. itggr, (tywys) That leads sa- 
premeiy; a genendissimo. 

Wrth Tv Now b* tvn fy aidtwlj 

Ac wrtbjrd orthywyt grskMBWl 

NB'a dod, Bdd BiBBdoodd, jb mbbIbwI bc BBr. 

from my God. do ool wisb to MMrBle mr; and witb thftrlf, 

J cilia 

thou ardcat tf^Htr tm^nme. Bad cbiaf of fair- rooted oMiwlont. 
Place M* Bot la the balHBce with fold. 

LL P. Meek, i D. aft Ovafa. 

Amyneddas frai, far cadcttklf 
Enwawf ortbjwyt. o'ai goruewi. 




PMtrat taft I Wen, Mwk of tte coailcl*, noUttBdni- 
sr«ai« iM^fT. to bdM ceatmtodi to be tlMiit. _ . ^ . 

Gorthywy taw,v. a. (gorthy wyi)To le«l rapremely 
Gorthy wysawl, a. (gortbynys) Supremely leading 
Gorthywysiad, f . m. (gorthy wyi) A leading »u- 

Gore, ». a. (gor) To caose ; to accomplish. 

Yn noMo owddfed 1 or« drcUMra. 
PowcMtoff ft ttoro oC mcod to todoro Ue •^**%,,^j^^|. 

Goracb, «. m,—pl. t. ion (nch) That U above, or 
over ; sapremacy, toferelgnty. a. Upper, up- 
permost, sof ereign. 

Cfk— tl ft ryddl too ofvek gwr. 

Evt» ihoft wtit be ftoder ih« doMtolon oTmii. 

Goruch, prep, (uch) AboTe, superior to, over. 

adr. Atiove, over. 
Gornchadail, «./. (gorach— adall) Superstructure 
Gomchadf ilad, s. m. (goruchadail) Superstructure 
GornchadeilawyV.a. (goruchadaU)To superstruct 
Gornchaf, a. (goruch) Most high, supreme, upper, 

uppermost, s. m. The Most High. 
Gomchafiudd, a. (gorocbaf) Tending to become 

supreme ; predominant. 

^«i Mdd ormcbifcHil ja f rh^ drwf , acn* cwM prr 

iUth yo y rmi Am. 

Envy to vrtd^mimmml to Ihft wicked one*. •« charitj to to IImm 
tkst tre good. Mmnkawg Crwgiiwd, 

GorocbaAiwd, t. ai. (goruchaf) A rendering, or 

liecoming supreme. 
Goruchafawl, a. (goruchaf) Tending to render 

supreme; supereminent. 
Gomchafiad, f. m. (goruchaO A rendering, or 

becoming, supreme. 
Goruchafiaeth, s. m,-~fU t. an (gomchaO Supre- 
macy, sovereignty; promotion; acqulsiaon; 

victory, trinmj^. 
Goruchafiaetfaawl, a. (goruchafiaeth) Relating to 

suprenncy. or sorereignty. 
Gomchafiaethn, v. a. (goruchafiaeth) To render 

supreme ; to l>eoome sovereign. 
Qomchafle, t. «.--fl. I. oedd (gornchaf— lie) A 

snpreme place or station. 
Gomchafu, v. a. (gornchaf) To exalt over. 
Gorachalimd, # . m, (gomcb— galwad) A superior 

calling ; a supreme vocation. 
Gomchanian, «. /.— p<. t. oedd (gomch—anlan) 

That is supernatural; metaphysics, a. Sn- 

Gornchanianawl, a. (gomchanian) Sunematural. 
Gomchanlander, s. ai. (gomchanian) superaatu- 

Gomchanianolaeth, s. «. (gomchanianawl) The 

science of metaphysics. 
Goraehtnlanoldeb, t. m. (gomchanianawl) Soper- 

natnralness, nreteraatuTalness. 
Goruchanianolaer, «. ai. (gomdianianawl) Sn- 

pernatnralness, preternatnralness. . 
Oorachanianolii V. «« (gomchanianawl) To render 

supernatural ; to become supernatural. 
Gomchanianrwydd, s. m. (gomchanian) Snperaa- 

turalncss, preternatnralness. 
Gomchanianu, «. «. (gomchanian) To render 

saperaatural ; to become supernatural. 
06ruchanlanydd, a. ».— pi. t. Ion (gomchanian) 

A metaphysician. 
Gorachder,«.m. (gomch) Superiority, supremacy 
Gorachdeyra, i. m*-^l, f. edd (goracli--teyra) 

A lord paramount 

Goruchddcreha&wl, a. (gorach— dercbafu 

Tending to raise superior. 
Gorachdderchafu, a. a. (gorach— derchafs) ^ 

exalt above ; to render superexcelleot. 
Goradiedigawl, a. (gorachealg) Snperiative. j 
Gomchedd,! .m. (gomch) Superiority; sopremM 
Gorachel, s.m.--pl. i. Ion (gomch) That ii mi 

reign, a. Sovereignf supreme; sapernsl ; tq 

Bcendant ; Yery high ; lofty. 

Br »ftl BO breolft oedd bca ar yr hoU dcfrau. fto yr oeU 1^ 
dy wyiofton ec mviwyddl, ft llywodnMh oracbd m ft d«i« 

llioaf b ttet one ktoff «m cblef over ell the Uertooi, )di 
wereicTenl pitoceeud tacde with amprrwm |uMtriM toj 
bftnds. '*«• "^ 

Gomchelder, «. ai.— p. (gomchel) SnprcJ 
cy; highness, loftiness ; snmmit. 

Ceryf ? Dtyaydd e'l oieihtMir ftoeddeaddifye Pr PiM 
• UeitolrlV^yBioii. 

The ttonce of the aouatola wd IH tMtrtwuMiwti vent 

feoce to tbe BrttoM* ftftd aa obrtracUoo to I 


Gomcbelfa, B*/.—pl t, oedd (gorachel— ms) k^ 

pereminent station. j 

Gomcheiiad, t . m. (gomchel) A rendering, m\ 

coming supereminent. 
Gorucheiion, «. pL aggr, (gomchel) Appeani| 

in the heavens^ meteon. 
Gorochelradd, t. /.—pi. i. an (gorachel-fn^ 

Supreme rank, or order. 
Gomchelrwydd, «. m. (gomchel)Snperior heig 
Gomchelu, v. a. (gorachel) To render sapreai 

high ; to ndse very high. 
Gomchiad, «. ».— pi. t. an (gomch) Thit m 

above ; a planet. 

Synhtodd, t'vnodd pc i U f yiito ft o^ hnl 

Ar el bet tol rwretrbtoo ; 
A*r llovid goracbfaMl gvoOy 
O Awr yiiff yft firhvetoo. 

PiMB Ibe raa the Senr efadcn feU. ftod f towed, ttke ipwU 
btobal: ftBd tbairoQod faaatoorr. the auM, wlto bm <-Jtr«f 

Gomchhmnawl, a. (gorachiant) Tending to « 

Gomchiannu, V. a. (gorachiant) To render tap 

endnent ; to rander UMiat high. 
Gomdiiant, a. m. f goradi) Superamineaoe. 
Gomchiaw. v. a. (gonich) To raise suprene. 
Gomchiawl, a. (gomch) Soperendnent 
Gomchiohif, a. (gomchiavri) Most highest 
Oomchioli, a. a. (gomchiavfl) To make ia| 

eminent ; to raise supremely. 
Oorachion, a. pi. i^ggr. (gomch) Appearsaea 

the air, meteors. 
Gomchionawl, a. (goraehiofi) Meteoroot. 
Gomchionen, t ./. Jim (goracbion) A meteor 
Gorachiongraff, a. m. (goraehion— cnff) M 

Gomchioograffydd, a. m. — pL ^ Ion (gwad 

graff) A meteorologist. 
Goracfaioni. «• a. (gorachion) To generate ■ 

ors ; to become meleora. 
Gomchionllyd, a. (goracbion) Aboundfaig * 

meteors, generating meteors. 
Oomchlyw, a. ai. (gorach-llyw) A lord p 

Gomchlywiad, a. m. (goraddyw) Agoverniaj 

Gomchly wiaw, v. a. (gorachlyw) To exercis 

vereign authority. 
Gorachrywiawl, a. (gorachlyw) Snpranelji 

Gomchlywydd,a. ». (gorachlyw) Lord paiasi 
Gomchragor, a« m, (gorach — rhagor) Sup 





6«nieknfoitiH,i. (goradiraeor) SopereieeDeiit 
Gonidingori, •. •• (foruchragor) To excel in 

ik lu^Mt degree; to become soperexceneot. 
Goradingoriid, «. m. (gonicfanigor) A renderiiig 

or bccooiBg, siperezeeUeot. 
Gflradingoriaetli, ff. ». (goniehragor) Superez- 

celleDce; topereoiiiience. 
Goradirif, f. m.— f/. I. Ion (gonich— rUf) An ez- 

tn^ or foperior namber. 
Corachrifiwl, «. (gorncbrif) Sopernomenuy. 
Gornehodd, f. n.—pl. I. Ion (gonich— add) A 

pnfoood oyftery. 
Gofiehwyl, j. w« (gomcb— ^wyl) A looking OTer. 
GffKhwjliad,ff.M.(gonichwyl) A inperintending 
Gonebwyliaeth, «. m.— p<. I. an (gorachwyl) A 

npcriotesdence, or ttewardsliip. 
GQndn7Ued,v.e. (gorachwyl) To superintend. 
GnAwyliiiT,f. ».— p<. gorachwyliwyr (gorach- 

«jl-^r) A laperintender. 
GfKknsrif, # . /.— ^. t. ion (gpracb— yagrif) A 

Gnckyigmen, «. /. (goracbysgrif) A snper- 

tMd, a. (rhndd^ Somewbat rvddy, of a reddish 

brawn; ueberb red bartsia. 
&inidd^^(gonidd — coch)Of reddish crimson 
Gfmldiaw, v. c. (gonidd) To malce rather of a 

oioMMi cokrar; to became a little mddy. 
(ffvg, V. a. (freier, ^f gora) Did, did perform, 

U set; he did, he made. It is frequently 

ned ai in aaziUary, answering to Did. ^f a 

•rif ddsimit MM, he did good to me; gomg %dd» 

pm^ be made him a crown. 

iHteh ci r«B » 9n9 y mab; ae ya otUaw ncdra y ctr«,Mf y 
Hia»d4Hiy daaSfraAya y boUcscmU. 

SlR«A M* bMv WBS whfti llw yooih rfU* and hi atteaiptfae to 
<M*iMf, kc «IMC bh fetber Mo* hii brcMt, lo ttat be lort 
i>mL Gr.mbAHhw, 

^■r> eraftot fvyr RhafUa aWoet cyd rbyfyfirM perifl a 
<7« tr rr a(bo, ygyvl ar y cmvnanl y tlr yn wrawl iwrlbwynebo 
1 Pntadaid,-a diribwr Mrfa a oraffwyd o^ PryABialaM. 

TkK 4U fA«y tbc aan of RaOM tben, tbovgb daofer net thiv 
f^tlM ritery Ibu mo aooaer bad Ibey aiuinad tb« iaad, bat they 
Mftiiy iiwiiiMd Cba B»iioiia > aadaa ianaanaa ■laaxbicr ««• 
■^ adtf BittDiM. Or* afr ilrtA«r. 

Gwnmaat ijil c m ndfad. 

nea didst meeampiUk acouna laott lerere. 

6*ng>w, P. o. (gomg) To snrmonnt, to accom- 
pfaii,to do; to overcome. 
Svipiri, a. (gonig) Tending to accomplish. 
SoTHiad, f. «. (gorog) An accomplbhing. 
^D, I. sk (gor) What ianp in agitation ; foam. 

Efbybw— — 

V^wylhUd, y'sfvytblawa oraa. 

Be nady wHb iba apear la tbe rafc of aratb, la the wrtthrul 
i«&. Cw»ddtlw» 

^nm wrrmnUwU al foflawdd ^a 
rv-fMb fffw, ilevdfavi, laawa MabCadna. 

^ Mryr ^«a ragf Of of tbc aca wMcb the vbore barely item 
»be raA«can« cUeT, bimvelT atubboro, tbe amtable aoo of Cad- 
n». ' Cpnddtiw, i Fad, aft Mtredfdd, 

ka oraa fal Rhaa radd el oaaa. 
nt taeiOi of Iba tlMn^Ubu, Ufca Rbaa wUb ibe crfmton laace. 

^^ '• (fcor) That foams; foamy ; mantling. 

Bid vya tvr, bid orao adrcb. 


be wbJia, let ibe baraeai beAemy. 

Gonithr, a. (otiir) Eztremely nnaiiiig. 

Cleddylba foratbr deddyfU ar «yr 

A oniff ya ddyval* 

n. - — '- « ikA MMf f irt iftlf hiedn (o laSlet woaada on 

Ra S«ealy caand ibe mmt '«*«f^3S;, n, .* o»al». 

^nld,«. /.— pj. *. ao (nrdd) Supremacy, 
^rddai.f./.— pM.attfgonirdd)8apremerank 

^rardduawl, a. (gornrddas) Of supreme ranli. 
^rddasisd, t.m. (gornrddas) A rendering of 

OomrddsBi, e. «. (gornrddas) To make of su- 

P^oi, or sopreme rank. 

Gornthraw, ». a. (gornthr) To astonish extreme- 
ly ; to wonder extremely* 
Oornthrawl, a. (gorathr) Very amazing. 
Oorathredd, «. m. (gornthr) Extreme amazement 

Cyanla brala braUdlbwr rtwr coraihiadds 
Cedawl yw fy Uyw llaw ddbwiaiedd. 

Hia tbe fonsoat laaca of the raTeaa aaaply f IaHp4. *1!l* !*!^' 

Gvelali wely 
aia TD fawr y 
i»aaar«r yit 

tbatooak «^r«aM oalaaiaAaMal; UberaUa "»I chief »»lj «»« 

Gornthriad, i. m. (gorathr) A causing extreme 

Gorawch, prep, (owch) Above, over, superior to. 
Gorwaedd, «./. (gwaedd) An extreme cry. 
Gorwaeddawl,o.(gorwaedd) Of very loud cnr. 
Gorwaeddi, v. a. (gorwaedd) To cry out loudly. 
Gorwaeddiad, ». at. (gorwaedd) A crying very 


Gorwael, a. (gwael) Extremely abject, or low. 

Gorwaelder, t. m. (gorwael) Extreme abiectncss. 

Gorwaeldra, a. m. (gorwael) Extreme abfcctncss. 

Gorwaeledd, $, m. (gorwael) Extreme abjectness, 

Gorwaeiiad, t. m. (gorwael) A rendering extreme, 
ly abject, or wretched. 

Gorwaelo. v. a. (gorwael) To render very wretch- 
ed ; to become very abject. 

Gorwaered, a. (gwaered) A descent, decUflty. 

Gorwac, a. (gwag) Supremely void ; vain, empty , 
frivolous ; pompous, vain glorious. 

Naehyaiaer eaw Daw yaom;. 
Take tboa not tbe naaie of God io aaia. LL O. Bergeti. 

ely bardd wedl el dryjao ya orwaff; •i*"*Jtff""2i' 
y pryd hyaoj : Gwaehler a ddy wed aiai ht oedd f eM- 

. itaEeli booo. 

I law a aplcodid bed vata^aatly decked oat; and that I prahnT 

Gorwagder, s. m. (gorwag) Extreme void ; vanity, 

emptiness, futility; vain glory. 
Gorwagedd, s.m. (gorwag) Vanity, emptiness; 

vain glory, pomposity. 

Paa fych fwyaf oH dy rwyf, 
Yn llawn o iiwyf fonwagedd, 
Heaaint, methiaat ddaw i U, 
A hynjf'n ddigynm^edd. 

WheD thou art f teaiert la thy atmigtb. fMI f '[«;\'S"!h« SftU-' 
Mniiv, old ace aiid docreplwde will coom to t»»««» /"J S^'!}"' 
oiit ceremoay. "* *»• "* 

Gorwagglod, «. m. (gorwag— clod) Empty prabo. 
Gorwagu, a. a. (gorwag) To render extremely 

empty, or vain ; to become very vain. 
Gorwain, s. m. (gwaln) The horizon, the extreme 

Gorwall, s. w. (gwall) Extreme failing, neglect. 
Gorwallder, s. m. (gorwall) Extreme, remissness. 
Gorwallgof, «. m. (gorwall— cof) Extreme fsUnre 

of memory ; distraction. 
6orwalIgofi,r. n. (gorwallgof) To fail extremely 

in memory ; to become distracted. 
GorwaUgofiad, «. m. (gorwaHgoO A faUmg ex- 

tremely in memory. 
Gorwallgofus, a. (gorwalleon Very forgetful, 
(iorwalliad, ». m. (gorwall) A becoming extreme- 

ly remiss, or neglectful. 
Gorwaliu, «. a. (gorwall) To become extremely 

remiss, or careless. 
Gorwan,n. (gwan) Extremely wejik, or feeble. 
Gorwanaad, $. m. (gorwan) A rendering or be- 
coming very feeble. 
Gorwan&awl, o. (gorwan) Very debiliUUng.- 

Q f 

G O R 



riorwmiiiii, ©. a. (gorwan) To enfeeble extremely 

Goiwaiic, «./. (gwanc) A craving appetite ; over- 

Gorwanciad, s, m. (gorwanc) A gorging, or de- 
vouring extremely. 

(iorwanciaw, r. a. (gorwanc) To overgorge. 

Gorwancn, r. a. (gorwanc) To overgorge. 

CJorwancn<(,a. (gorwanc) Overgreedy ; voracious. 

Oorwander, s. m. (gorwan) Extreme weakness. 

Ctorwar, a. (gwar) Extremely tame, or still. 

Brenln ln•w^Uln, mftb trwlad • f wyr, 
Wyfirorwir kiu daoad. 

Kinir of I'Ktncnl nre, thr »on of the covntrt and of mcti, I «ni 
f.%lrtm€iy drprrssnt for Ihvt. 

Lt. P. Mtck, i R. mb U. ah Owaim, 

Oorwardod, *. m. (gorwar) A rendering, or be- 
coming, very tame. 

OorwarAawl, a. (gorwar) Tending to make ex- 
tremely tame. 

Gorwarin, r. a. (gorwar) To make very tame ; 
to iM^come extremely docile. 

Gorwarder, *. at. (gorwar) Extreme docility. 

Gorwas, $, m.—jU, gorwais (gwas) A hero. 

I'lod orwai cMiSm ddadfunaot. 
tittipid hif^t fiiM thry dnf. 


GorwMsg^ »./. (gwasg) Extreme pressure. 
Gnrwasgawl, a. (gorwasg) Of extreme pressure 
<torwasgiad, a. m. (gorwasg) An overpressing. 
Gorwasgu. t>. o. (gorwasg) To overpress. 
Gorwastad, a. (gwastad) Very level, or even. 
Gorwastata, r. a. (gorwastad) To become very 

even ; to become very still. 
(iorwastatAad, s. m. (gonvastad) A becoming very 

even \ a becoming very still. 
Gorwastatfiawl, a. (gorwastata) Tending to make 

very even, or smooth. 
Ciorwastatln, r. n. fgorwastata) To make very 

level, or even ; to become very even. 
Gorwawd, «, f. (gwawd) Extreme praise ; flattery 
Gorwawiiiad, a, ai. (gorwawd) A praising cx'- 

tremelv ; a flattering. 
Gorwawdiaw, r. a. (gorwawd) To praise extreme- 
ly ; to flatter, 
(iorwawdu^s a. (gorwmwil) Ver>- flattering. 
Gorwe<!d, «, ai. (gwedd) Recumbence, the pos- 

ta re of ly i ng : re|>ose. 
Gorwedd, r. c. (gwVdd) To lie down ; to recline. 

Rr\» • err »» t r«i)>ttU'a, 
> • r^-r««^ IB jr arri^. 

G♦n^«^^daw^, ». ■•. yCorwediH Kecumbency. 

r-.:irvc«%iawx. *. (p>rwrtld> Recumbent; ciiuic. 

Gimoiiawi, «. v^cvMwvdd) Rtvimibent, Iving. 

iiMrvvtiiiAd. »- m — fl, f. an i^gorwedd) A lying 
», a co«cWsc ; a recliuing. 
^i li, *. m. vcorwetid"^ Cooctibinste. 

C^rm^il^^ V, «. vj^knredd^ To Ue down f re- 
treat' « ; t« be ia a sUie of concubinage. 

r^i*^m^i rwr. «. «.— p»\ cv^rwetidwvr ^g\>rwt^ld — 
rw •>»* v^ ii<^ down, or r^^.-'iiue*. 

*-»irw««^ •. m. C?rwaj* Extrrnte vanitv. 

• ^^r-vsiiiiLrv^. «_ r.^rwv^^d^ Beioj; in a hing 
3«nc]r«. ^ujunl : betiriddeo. 

Gorwel, s. m. (gwel) The extreme of viiioo ; tlie 

Gorweledy r. n. (gorwel) To see ia the extreme, 

to see over ; to see in the horison. 
Gorwen, o. (f, o/ gorwyn) Extremely white, or 

fair; wbite-topt. 

Gorwen ton taedd Porfk Wyddao; 
Garw ei Ucf, % rrtawen j (to. 

K'Aiir the top of the wave towards Ibe port e( Gvyddno; rMtli 
U iu voice, aod wbite-sklrted u the beach. PkfUp Br^i^iL 

Gorwen, «./. (gwen) An extreme smile; a grin. 
Gorwenad, t. m. (gorwen) A grinning. 
Gorwenawl,a. ^gorwen) Over-smiling; griooiBi;. 
Gorwenu, r. a. (gorwen) To over-smile ; to grin. 

Gn»wd I wraif aawadala. 
Wjlo, arc yr awr forwena. 

It it natural for a wonaa to b« Sckle, 10 «e«m aad ia I wwct 
after to laugk. AnHk GwiriftU. 

Gorwenwr, a. ai.— pi. gorwenwyr (gorwen-^r) 

A grinner. 
Gorwenydd, a. m.— p/. *. ion (gorwen) A grinner. 
Gorwerth, a. «i« (gwerth) Extreme price. 
Gorwerthawl, a. (gorwerth) Overvalocd. 
Gorwerthedd, s. m. (gorwerth) An overvalse. 
Gorwerthiad, a. m. (gorwerth) An overrslouif-. 

an overselling. 
Gorwertlm, e. a. (gorwerth) To oversell. 
Gorwir, s. m. (gwir) That is very trae. •. Verf 

Gorwireb, s./.—pl, t, ion (gorwir) A byperbolf. 
Gorwiriad, a. m. (gorwir) An asserting as trae in 

the extreme. 
Gorwtriaw, r. a. (gorwir) To assert as trae mt- 

Gonrisg, t. /.— p/. t. oedd (gwisg) An oatcrcowr. 

ing, an outer garment* 
Gorwisgaw, r. a. (gorwisg) To dothe over; to 

become clothed over. 

U*m awe! : Hwvi bnenvd er kyv. 
Pan onrHifr cord lehW haf ; 
Tcri<kl ptaf wvf br^iu^w ! 

ifttmr iWfraV: II iibair pnniiliMimi Hve.tbMh^"^ 

JBer row: aevticlf 111 «■ I Iks^ 

trrmf lA«m$t4rtt ia a < 

( G<«tTwyB«wyf»: traibfyl ebvwyad; 

i Gorwisr««s a/All •ni^ hrmj44. 

TW ware U crc««T»<d v^rh fc«a ; nbt ItobrJ tke iwl •«: 
I tV «fv^W* A*' /^' <« uMbrf- bar. B' ik Owm*. 

I Gorwiscawl, a. (gorwisg) Tending to cover orer. 

Gonrisgiad, a. at. (gorwisg) A dothing over. 
; Gorwiw,«.(gwiw) SaperexcrilenC 
I Gorwiwdeb, a. au (corwiw) SnperexceUeace. 

Gorwlad, a. /.— p(. gorwiedydd (gwlad)ABM- 
\ tenor region ; a ftwrdering oonntry ; a foragn 
, coanlry. 

Y<*T«ti.: a«*yN fi^w rkx^ r bmmm •> awkuth aMHtfl" 
wU<J «»: t«»i9 V **TJ;£a ct Ar/. i^ida*. 

TW ««r« kri .>^ ;b< V'>««r^cJ>{ 
f mAlt mm <4 * 

•'•" ' nj«ri»i r»nem fwariv»-c«'"t. 

frV -• 


- GorwIadawi a. (gonriad) RebliBf to o exterior 

rrtion, or foreign conntrr ; extrapiminasi' 
G<«rwiadu, r, «. (gor«rtad> To reader a forei|3i 

ciHiutrv or to become foreicn. 
Gorwi^d, a./.— pi. *. an (gwiedd) Supreme bss- 

qnet, a hi^h tVft»t. 
Gor«ie>lda. r. «. vgorvteiM^ To partake at' s st* 

preaae ban<)aet; to or^r-lvttst. 
inKwk\idawi. c. (corwfedd ^ Orer-feastiBg. 
Cn^rwieddtad. f. M. gonriedd) An anrer-feasti>S- 
G onHy b, «. . gwi j b' Over-wet ; vwy wet. 
G\\rK lTvh,« , icmU ch Over-«aaked,ov«r-dreBf W 
Gor»Uch:id,>.W.,£or«{^ch^ An over-dreadu« 

GOR 125 

Gomlydra, •. : (fonrtych) To ov«r-4raaA. 

ofUMfeii. B.mbOwim, 

Gorwr, «. M.>-fl« fo^wy' (W^^) ^ worthy. 
Gorwnldd, «. (gorwr) Soporlmmaii ; lierole. 

■ l^M^^^B^M ^^aL^^^^ m^I^^JImI 

UOT^fvyv OMCBwoa ■niuuiut 
UiAi »wchlr*> » fry" f IH^ 

I iBTiiiaioas Ml Mm fk« awte W 
Hint own* It. mccwwaed lo pot Iht tM^ 




«lik • *ftrr««ffBA Made, Md ite w^nrr «f >^ 

Gorwrawl, «. (ftorwr) Sopraaoly aanfol. 
Gorwregy», «. «.— jrf. *. an (gwrogyt) A bradog 

Gwwy, «. «.— fL i. on (for) A marftlo, or ri«. 
Gorwyoh, o. (gwydi) Extreniely bravo, or grood. 
Gonrydidor, «. au (gorwycb) EstfcoM brmTory ; 

■agnifieeDce, ostentatkNi. 
Gonrychodd, «. ai. (gorwycb) Pageantry ,graBdcQr 
Gorwyebn, ». o. (gorwycb) To make very brmre ; 

to make very gay, to OTertrim. 
Gorwydn, «• (gwydn) Estronely tongb. 
Gorwydnaw, r. a. (gorwydn) To beeomo very 

tongb ortenadons. 
Gorwydr, •. ai. (gwydr) A boar frost. 
Gorwydd, t. ai.— jpI. I. ton (gwydd) Tbe lopenor 

or aoprenie aspect; tbe supreme preMoee ; tbe 


Ci4 bo«d lyehas. ya crlffM ^ 
Y<ld •4all Urn f*afor«74d eoadt 
CT«Md fyM 4b • 4ed«yM. 

iMgb M mr U iMll. Mcmtely tiMMrdi *> Mi4 la A* MM- 
«f ih« «<wit eocval villfe* Um good wA IW <HllMi. 

Ttrtr altewr gwyrOfcwr. W^fr^^^^tj^^ 
Ys 17 rk««ff mir, a garwydd a ffwMi 1 

Iwir raaaf, 

t«« .1- « «- lWm«.il aad a ««-f»|-J;j^y^^ 

Gorwydd, $. ai.— fl. e. ao (rbwydd) Thit pro- 
ceeds with ease ; a trained, or managed horse ; 
a steed, or courser. 

ni^fhif. ewiHrnvca — p»4i*r ty«M<ekc« • iaMaf Md 
gar«fdd. Ml paddr fvwol ya yr a»yr* 

What the »Mtt dM «a« to r«> apM a tUti wM a Iwai da»|»M 
•nil cnt. «rs>«r «fal«r* old, cIok betwero th« lcf« aoil boor Nlw 
a Ml :->lbarM* wtr* Iko foar ImmCi of ilM«lr«d wont «o ikro«» 
lAc fum avallovi. talo tha air. H. CkUAvcA MtMm»$im, 

Gorwydd, a. (rbwydd) Of easy pcogrem, or going 
pretty firedy ; monng witboot exertion. 

ArclvyM ala aawyld fwl 
MaAfaa'a Maa I'n byWrd, 
Er bar, eya atoa tft byd! 

LoHar aar «HaMMlM«d aMoa, fwftfa oar rrlwaa te oar 

Gorwyddaw,«. a. (gorwydd) To glTe easj progress 
Gorwyddowd, s.M.~-pl. corwyddodion (gorwydd) 
Tbnt is In tbe state of managed progress. 

g o — i ry. 


of Sm grily diaadad gvHt laaall of Iha 

Wttk ySd yukoffttaT. 

Pp— S— <iMhiadi I ftl ayaalf coftfafad. Ufrnkgrn W-trdd, 

Gorwyddawg,a.(gorwydd)Havlng managed steeds 

OrafMd cryn cykeadd, aU oadd gaddiawr* 
A ddyiyrik al «yr ya anrydda«r' 


Oo r w yfa wi, a. ( Awyfbwl) 8ligbtly Impelllnff. 
Oorwyllnd, s. m. (rbwrfiad) A slightly impelling; 

or directing forwaro ; n rowing gently. 
Gorwyg, s. wu (rbwyg) A small rent, or tear. 
Gorwygaw, a. a. (gorwyg) To tear a little. 
Gorwygtad, t . m, (gorwyg) A tearing a little. 
Gor^, e. (gwyl) Venr bashfnl, or modest. 
Gor^yldra, s. at. (gorwyl) Extreme bashfnincas. 
Qor^ledd, s. m. (gorwyl) Exeem of diffidence. 
Oorwyliad, f . m. (gorwyl) An overwatcbing. 
Gorwyliaw, v. o. (gorwyl) To watch carcfollyi to 


Oanrjlitla aoi ya acbadv Oa. 
J aarlMflf wttekH tke aighl ffauiUaf Ifca boaad. 

Gorwyddftrcb, «• ak^pl. gerwyddMrdi (go* 
rwydd march) A m a n a g ed borse. 

O o tw yfn w, v. o. (rbwylbw) To Impeli or direct 
Ibrwnid slightly ; te row gently. 

Gorwyll, a. (gwyll) Extreasely dark, or gloonqr^ 

Oatagavd coed cala gorvyN. 
Tha raSa of Sie wood ta a Saa tm ml ^mg gUtmu 

Oorwylldra, s. m. (gorwyll) Extreme gloominess. 
Gorwylliad, s. ai. fgorwyll) A darkening greatly. 
GorwylUaw, r. a. (gorwyll) To make veiy gloomy 
Gorwyllty a. (gwyllt) Extremely wild ; rranetic. 

DhlddiU a da oaddva. 
A cfcryf • Iw^Ut a chrva. 


wd goodly I WW, aad iCroag, aad wrjf wM, aad 

Oorwylltedd, s. m. fgorwyllt) Extronm wIMnem; 

ssTagenem; giddiness; wantonnem. 
Oorwylltiad, t. «• (gorwyllt) A rendering ex* 

tremely iHld; a becoming very wild. 
Oorwylltiaw, «. a. (irorwyllt) To make very wild ; 

to become very wild. 
Gorwylltineb, «. m. (gorwyllt) Extreme wlldneie. 
Gorwym, s. m.— -pL f .ao(rhwym) A slight bnndago 
Gorwymaw, e. e. (gorwym) To btaid sleekly. 
Oorwymawl, o. (gorwym) Slightly binding. 
Gorwymind, s. m. (gorwym) A binding slightly. 
Gorwymp, a. (gwymp) Very fair, or gay. 

Ha«4d fa 1 rhara a^ tsMvr mrmjw^, 
Hwyl orao healfra ar froydd gta»>Mrt 
ftm tfM glaaw gorar gorayaip Iclbrydd. 

TaaMtfag was It lo lova bar. coalaf froa brr aaw aMiaalwa, 
wboM roorac was Hko Iha rvtcctloo of tha «aay bMI apoa Sba 
lagiowof Iba biaa laa, wbaa iba part aaar tba l y a lfc wi l aSfc 
h clear.. fir. Fftf Aoa. 

Gorwvmpow, «. a. (gorwymp) To make extreme- 
ly nir, or splendid. 

Oorwympdra, «. m. (gorwymp) Extreme showy* 
new, or beauty. 

Gorwympedd, s. ». (gorwymp^ Snprenm beanty. 

Gorwymyn, «. m. — pL I. an (gorwym) A slight 

Gorwyn, a. (gwyn) CHer-white, white-topt. 

Gorwyn, s. m.—pL I. ian (gwyn) Extreme craving 

Gorwynawg, a. (gorwyn) Haring excessive crav- 
ing or deure. 

Gorwynbvsa, f. m.— pi. t. od (gorwyn— pysg) A 
fish calleo a bleak. 

Gorw jnder, i. m. (gorwyn) Estreme whiter 

Gorwyndra, s. ai. Tgorwyn ) Extreme whiten^ — 

Oorwyniaw, e. a. (gorwyn) To have strong Im- 
pnlses of desire. 

Gorwynn, e. a. (gorwyn) To make over*white ; 
te make very while ; to tip with white ; to be* 
come very white. 

Gorwyr, s. ai.— al. f . Ion (wyr) A great grandson. 

Gorwyrain, s. /. (gwyrain) Supreme snl^ect of 


BTya Iwyr a*a gwyri afgatAit 
Xf icoraa fforwyrala a H\ 
Xr gwaaafli daiar gjaay 4d a rlMg al ftaa* 
• aaf yB eaafa. 



t b* 

Ikaaartt la 


■aa la Mi BtaoMMa. 




Gorwyres, «. /.— p/. t. an (wyres) A great grand- 

Gorwys, f. «. — p<. t. ion (gw^rs) A public call. 
Gorwysaw. o. a. (gonm) To cite pnblickly. 
Gorwysawi, a. (gorwys) Publickly cited. 
Gorwysiad,«.m. (gorwys) A pablickly summoning 
Gorwytfay «. m. — pi, t. au (gwyth) Extreme ire. 

Oorwyth meddw BcddwAird. 
The prMMalitfr of the drankard it drnnkeniie^. Talieiin, 

Gorwythaw, v. a. (gorwyth) To become extreme- 
ly inceased, or irritated. 

Gorwythawg, a. (gorwyth) Very ireful, or angry. 

Gorwythawl, a. (goi-wyth) Very irritating. 

Gorwy thdra, «. m. (gorwyth) Extreme irritability 

Gorwythiady «. m. (gorwyth) An irritating ex- 
tremely ; a becoming extremely angry. 

Gorwythlawn, a. Tgorwyth) Very wrathful. 

Gorydd, a. (rhydd) Somewhat loose, or free. 

Gory^gawl, a. (goryf^g) Somewhat arrogant. 

Goryfyga, v. a. (goryfyg) To assume a little bold- 
ness, or confidence. 

Goryfygus, a. (goryfyg) Rather arrogant. 

Gorymaddaw, v. a. (ymaddaw) To over-promise 
one's self. 

Gorymbleidiad, f. la. — fl. i, au (yrableidiad) An 
espousing a party to excess. 

Gorymbleidiaw, «. a. (ymbleidiaw) To act facti- 
ously in the extreme. 

Gorymbleidiawl, a. (ymbleidiawl) Apt to be ex- 
tremely factions. 

Gorymboeni, «• a. (ymboeni) To over-fatigue 
one's self. 

Gorymborth, s. m. (vmborth) Excess of food. 

Gorymborthawl, a. (gorymborth) Being overfed. 

Gorymborthi, o. a. (gorymborth) To overfeed 
one's self. 

Gorymborthiad, s. m. (gorymborth) An overfeed- 
ing of one's self. 

Gonrmchwal, t. m. (ymchwal) An overspreading 
of one*s self; a becoming scattered over. 

Gorymchwaliad, s. m. (gorymchwal) The act of 
overspreading of one's self. 

Gorymchwaln, v. a. (gorymchwal) To overspread 
one's self; to become scattered over. 

Gorymchwel, «. m. — pi, t, ion (ymchwel) An over- 
turn; a conversion. 

Gorymchweliad, s. m. — pi. t, au (eorymchwel) A 
turning over of one's self; a being converted. 

Gorymcbwdyd, e. a. (gorymchwel) To overturn 
one's self; to become converted. 

Gorymchwyl, «• /. — pi. I. ion (ymchwyl) A sub- 
veruon of one's self. 

Gorymchwylaw, r. a. (gorymchwyl) To turn one's 
self over; to become subverted. 

Gorymchwylawg, a. (gorymchwyl) Being over- 
turned, or subverted. 

Gory rochwy Had, «. ». (gorymchwyl) An over- 
tnming of one's self; a becoming overturned. 

Gorymdaenn, v. a. (ymdaenu) To overspread 
one's self; to become overspread. 

Gorymdaith, s. /. — pi. gorymdeithiau (ymdaith) 
A perambulation, a walk abroad, v. a. To 
perambulate, to walk abroad ; to sojourn. 

ahakf I ai onradaith hfddyw, ac cfory, a Ihreoydd: can ni all 
fod J colHr |*oph«7d albo o GaeruMleoi. 

It to utrtrnvj for me l« fo about tn-^ij, and to-morrow, and 
the folloirliiK day : for U caonot be that a prophet Khali be ln«4 out 
of JereMlem. NC Satuburff Lme 13. 

Gorymdeithiad, «. ai.-<pl. I. an (gorymdaith) A 
perambulating, or walking abroad ; a scjonrDin^ 

Gorymdeithiaw, v. a. (gorymdaith) To travel 
overmuch ; to be always travelling. 

Gorymdeithlwr, $. m. — pi. gorymdeithvryr (gor- 
ymdaith— gwr) One who travels mudi. 

Gorymdeithydd, «. m. — pi. t. ion (gorymdaith) j 
One who travels much ; a wayfaring man. i 

Gorymdrin, t. m.-~j»<. t. ian (ymdrin) A being . 
busy overmuch. ' 

Gorymdro, s. m. — pL i. Ion (ymdro) A turning 
about of one's self; extreme delay. | 

Gor3rmdr6ad , t . m. (gorymdro) An over-delaying. 

Gorymdroawl, a. (gorymdro) Over-dilatory. 

Gorymdroi, v. a. (gorymdro) To delay ovenniich; 
to be over-dilatory. 

Gorymd^nawl, a. (ymdj^nawl) Over-tenacions. 

Gorymdyniad, $. m. (ymd^niad) A contending 
overmuch, a being too tenacious. 

Gorymdynu, v. a. (ymdynn) To contend over- 
much ; to be over-tenacions. 

Gorymddadliad, s. m. (ymddadliad) A dlapntlag 

Gorymddadlu, v. a. (ymddadln) To dispate toei* 
cess ; to be cavilling overmuch* 

Gorymddal, r. a. (ymddal) To contain, or bear 
one's self extremely. 

Gorymddwyn, $. m. (yroddwyn) A being broaght 
over ; an embolism, or insertion ; comprehen- 
sion . Dyddiau gorymddwyn y intercalatory day$. 

Gorymddwyn. r. m. (ymddwyn) To be briHigbi 
over; to bring one's self over; to comprehend. 

Gorymddygawl, a. (gorymddwyn) Being brought 
over ; aMucent, apagogical ; enibolismical. 

Gorymddygiad, a. m.—pL t. an (gorymddwyn) A 
being brought over; an abduction. 

GorymegnYad, t. m. (ymegnVad) Over-ezertioo. 

Gorymegniaw, v, a, (ymegniaw) To over-exert 
one's self. 

Gorymegniawl, a. (ymegnVawl) Tending to over- 
exert one's self. 

Gorymestyn, v, a. (ymestyn) To overstretch one'* 
self; to over-extend one's self. 

Gorymestynawl, a. (gorymestyn) Self-exteodiog 
in the extreme. 

Gorymestyniad, $. m. (gorymestjm) An extend- 
ing of one's self extremely. 

Gorymwneuthur, v. n. (ymwnenthnr) To exert 
one's self overmuch. 

Gorymyl, s. m. — pi, t, ion (ymyl) The extreme 
edge, or margin. 

Am bob OD cytaaln »ydd yn y gorynyl dc«i« «n do procil a 

For every one conaonant there nay be la the rifht tHrrmttf, 
ooe paitte of reverrioo la counted. Qw* 

Gorymylo, v, a. (gorymyl) To make a verge. 

Gorymyrawl, a. (ym^rawl) Self-incentive in the 
extreme, urging one's self to excess. 

Oorymyriad, s. m. (ymyriad) A punning over- 
much ; a self-exciting overmuch. 

Gorym^ru, r. d. (ymjru) To pursue overmncb. 

Goryn, s. in. — pi. t. au (gor) A pimple, a blain. 

Gorynawg, a. (goryn^ Having pimples, or bUins. 

Gory no, r. a. (goryn; To break out in pimples. 

Gorynys, #./. — pi. i. oedd (ynys) A peninanla. 

Gorysawl, a. (ysawl) Extremely consuming. 

Gorysgwr, s. m. (ysgwr) A yoke, a pressure. 

NI ddyly neb roddi rorytffwr ar yrh el fiiydd heb ri crnad. 

No one oofht to pl*c* * Jf*^ "pon the o« of another «iil>>«i 
hi* ron*cnt. ft'eUk 

Gorysgwydd,s.fn. — pi. (.auCysgwydd^ An extreme 
projection ; a shouldering, or jutting owtr. 




OuppfjUtm^t. (goryigwydd} To projeet over. 
Goryigwjddawl, «. (goryagwydd) Being pnject- 

iog« or ihoaMeriBg over. 
Garysswyddiad, f. a.-^. *. an (forjigwydd) A 

prqjte&ag over, a slioaldeiiiig over. 
G«7aid, «. M. (jrdad) A ooafamiiig extremely. 
Goryw, v. a. (yso) To consume extremely. 
Gorjw, V. (ffd. if gom) It it done ; it is finisli- 

ed; nude ; he, she, or it, lias done, or made. 

Sereb w IfSor •'■ foryw. 
Aiectloo far Ifcr feti MtrcMw m. D. oft Gmilfm, 



Z. 6. Otki. 

GffTw, f. M.--|iJL U ian (rhyw) A slightly marked 
kiid, or ipedes ; a degenerate sort. 

0«)i|id, <. n. (goryw^ A degenerating. 

G«3iiaw, V. ». (goryw; To degenerate. 

Gajiiiwl, c (goryw) Tending to degenerate. 

Gi, 1. a. (go— ys) That is partly the agent; that 
lEifa to, or partly is ; that tends to support; 
tkit paiily acts, or caoses. — It is used as a 
pnfii, whereby the force or import of the 
wd to which it is joined l>eeomes lowered 
fron what it would be if standing alone. 

W, 1./. (af) A slight, or unsetUed stand. 

^, f. ■.—pi. goseiglaa (aaig) A slight meal. 

M, I. /.— iSl gooeilian (sail) The under-pin- 
^ the groundsely or groundwork. Gfosa^i 
(^, the «rie of a drag, a piece of timber put 
i»)er a drag to preserve the lieam from wear- 

iw, rnni Mbftl mMtm gob^tth, 


lys f^ MfiyfiroB* 

^B, t. f.-^ goieiniau (sain) An indistinct 

Mad, or noise. 

^c (nlw) Somewhat indisposed. 
^■Wer, f. m, (gosalw) A slight illness. 
Jvdd, t. sk— p/. U an (sardd) A slight rebuke 
^3«ddawl, a. (goaardd) Slightly chiding. 
^wddiad, t. m. (goeardd) A slUhtly chiding. 
**ardda, v. a. (gosardd) To chide sUghtly. 
^(^anig, a. (mrug) Somewhat morose. 
wrs^, 9. )|. (gosarug) To become rather 

J't'vrvydd, «. m. (goearug) A little morosenem 
"a^r, f . IB. (gathr) A gentle tread, a tread by 

*^ the foot fafirely touches tiie ground. 

^^■^nf«9a-/ftrc& gasuAr, Gascogne horses of 
,Bwtie tread. 

wttkrawl, a. (gosathr) Slightly treading. 
f^thriad, a. ai. (gosathr) A slightly treading. 
fwtkra, a. «, (gonthr) To tread slightly. 
""*d, i. fk tewd) A placing, or laying; a sta> 

^^ or ordinance ; a position ; a set on, an 


G«M tM»«l rfnie ft ofif Arthor. 
AtM ae iir«l« or FfMo dU Artkv. Or. •* Arthm, 

'"l^* V. «. (mwd) To place, to put, to set, to 
"T; to appoint, to set upon, to attack. Go- 
'^ Hr, to set land ; goutwd rhmyd^ to lay a 
^: fMavd 6wfd, to set meat. 

4*T? V_y ?** !•■ ^*P* y f«lw|th cyntftf hfd pftoo«p|o— y 
■III LJ4V ite|{ wwi J braifai« 

J^ »*MHboD aT ih« caok to rro* tlic da* Iw btkct the Snl 
^^«<«l Ac i4a<lM< Ike iMCbciDrc the IdBf. Wttthlmm. 

'*««dd, «. z..^. gosoddion (sawdd) A slight 

, **^as bio, or blending. 

'^■Nitli,.^ «.w^l. gMbeithion (paith) That u 

partiy aeeii tttfongh; that is polished. «. Re- 
flective; poUshed. 

Aridvyriardriif o dSmid-fclth ftwra. 

lhe^«MfA«rf floor. 



Oosbarth, a. m. — p/. U au (parth) A distinct part, 
or particular. pr«p. Toward. 

OwyCb-iw (wftaar Owcnwynwya. 

rowmif tho bloodypWn, oppetinf ihtaM, 
« In ISO eowM oruifoawyowjfB. 

Gortwth Bn^oo. 

Wnik ItthoirtBoflhochtof iow w tetto 


• vorkoT 

Oosbarthawl, a. (goabarth) Particularialng. 
Oosbartiiedig, c. (goabartli) PUrticttlariBed. 
Oosbarthlad, s. m. (gosbarllO A particularising. 
Ooabarthu, «. a. (goobarth) To particulariae. 
Ooabeithiad, a. m. (gosbaith) A maUng to reflect 
Ooabelthiaw, «. c. (gosbalth) To cause to reflect. 
Oosbeithiawg, a. (gosbalth) Haring a pottsh. 
Ooabelthiaw^ a. (gosbalth) Tending to shine. 
Oosbeithig, a. (gosbalth) Shining ; polisked. 

Owoiab I wrr iMbrfllilf foAwytta'* 
A s«TV ft nsM ftrddUIu. 

I fcftTO Ktt —a of t^iarfMiMmiwt, iillh blood thfttctaUei — 

Ooaben, a. m.— pi. I. an (pen) A particular. 
Goabenawl, a. (goaben) Jwticular, IndiTidnal. 
Oosbeniad, a. m. (gosben) A particularising. 
Gosbenn, a. a. (aoaben) To nartienlari». 
Gosborth, a. m. (porth) Sli^t support, or aid. 
Gosborthawl, a. (gosborth) Slightly tending to 

support or uphoM. 
Oosborthi, v. a. (gosborth) To support slightly. 
Oosborthiad, a; ok (gosborth) A sUthtly supporting 
Gosbrawf, a. ai.— p<. gosbrofion (prawQ A proof 

in part; a slight knowledge of. 
Gosbrofiiwl,a.(goabrawf) Tending to know a little 

of, slightly corroborating. 
Gosbrofi, a. a. (gosbrawf) To know a little of; to 

prove slightly ; to taste partly. 
Gosbroliad, a. m. (goabrawf ) A alighdy aaai^ing. 
Goabwyll, a. m. (pwyll) That la in the act of rea- 

Gosbwj^law, a. a. (goabwyll) To decide partly. 
6osbwylliad, a. m. (goabwyll) A partly dedding; 

a ali^tW reaaoning. 
Goieby a./— pi. U ion (goa— eb) A gift, or present 

NoTi'r fwr I arwr ftor ohj 

Nl ddof cwSd d vyMb; 
Bt I WB o «ft«d 1 wohcb ; 

Hoftvcn to Iho ana ! ft bora of aoMoB«4^ for •ams tadlfntty 
wiJl BOtui|irofteb fall face ; I koow do pftoofyrlc by wUeb I wfty 
beaoor btai ; be bet aol kaowa how to nflMo eay oae. 


Goaebawl, a. (goaeb) In the nature of a gifL 
Gosebiad, a. ai. (goaeb) A presenting. 
Ooaebn, v. a. (goaeb) To present a nft. 
Gosefyll, v. a. (gosar) To stand slightly. 
Gosefyllian, a. a. (gosefyll) To stand partlv. 
Goseliiad, a. m,--^. U au (goaail) A founding; a 

laying a foundation ; an underpinning. 
Goaeiiiaw, v. a. (goaail) To found ; to underpin ; 

to prop. Goanltaw cir^ to put a piece of timber 

under a drag. 
Goseiliawg, a. (goaail) Having a foundation. 
^Goseiliedig, a. (goaail) Founded; under-pinned. 
Goaeiniad, a. m. (goaain) A alightlv aounding. 
Goaeiniaw, v. a. (goaain) To aonnd alightly. 
Goseiniawl, a. (gosain) Of a slight sound. 




Ooteirch, «. pi. aggr. (selrch) Slight harness. 
Gotel, s. m. (sel) A beholding partly; a peep. 
Goteliad, f. m.—pU L an (gosel) A peeping. 
Goselu, V. a. (gosel) To behold slyly; to peep. 
Gosen, s. /•— P^ <* au (sen) A Might rebuke. 
Gosenawl, a. (gosen) Slightly chiding. 
Gos^niad, t. m. (gosen) A slightly chiding. 
Gosenn, o. a. (gosen) To reboke slightly. 
Goserfyll, a. (serfyll) Somewhat tottering. 
Goserfyllian. v, n, (goserfyll) To totter partly. 
Gosg, «. m. (osg) That is partly Koing off. 
Gosgedd, »./.—pL t, an (gosg) Figure, or form. 

y dieifl ft Tmrtlhtent y'ncocfcdd cacyBon d> 1 dwylhw dynioo. 

TlM dcvllB appear In lbc/»m of ffood Mfelt to decclTe mea. 

Xi< G* Hrrgut, 

Gosgeddawg, «. (gosgedd) Having a shape. 
Gosgeddawl, a. (gosgedd) Tending to shape. 
Gosgeddiad, s. m.— pi. t. ao (gosgedd) A shaping 
Gosgeiddig, a. (aosgedd) Shapely, comely; well- 

sbapen, well-formed. 
Gosgeiddigrwydd, s. w. (gosgeiddig) Shapeliness. 
Gosgel,s.M.— pi. «.lon (eel) A partial obscurity; 

a glooai. a. Ratlier obscure, gloomy. 

D?r» f»«aw^», dtr* I fVntdd, 

Uf ■latf'r (rwco«U ^n en tef«eb, 
A Ik'ti ha«dd I gaH Uon^ddwch. 

M g»»n jrno gllfach d»«rl» 
Y» y ir«a«foildaii y |o«iic«I.— 

Coait lay l«*e. c*h»* abo»». to • ptoatanl place of jnrwo ♦»»<"'*• 
»ur««. wHrrr tli«> thk-k woods •remtJwtr b^nucs *n«l » p»«ce where 
ttBlvtM«M !• ea^li «*«•>««*. Tfc^Of ««• thall hi*e • c^Joi reireml, 
T» tk« .k«Uai bciwOh Uie f <*«», £'. Jf-MrtW • forga«»g. 

Gosgtvlawf , a. (gosgel) Somewhat secluded. 

Gi>«geUad, t. m.-W- *• »« Cr»5«0 ^ partly con- 
eHUittg, or obwttriag. 

Oosgeltt, r. a. (gosgel) To conceal partly ; torea- 
dor somewhat obseiinp« or gloomy. 

CSiMjcil. u M. uHO A slight goiac oat of the way. 

tUiagiUail^ s. a^-W- «- •« (f®**"^ ^ P^^^X ^'^'""S 

back, or retnNitiu|(. 
tU<«ii4Uaw« »w a. vKiwl^ To fall back partly. 
iiiWH^lwrn, *. «•. W« go*alymaa (clwm) A slight, 

iM tompi^raiv laftlettlng; a tent-iasteniog. 
Uiu^shwax*!. i. y.S^**gUm) Tending to knot, or 

\U^^wtail« s. ••. (gosglwTO^ A sllghily tying. 
tiiV»4ihiM«, V. «. ^Kxvtj;lwm> To tie slightly. 
t;*vv8i», s* -•. ^vHi^ A dirt^ctiou. or conrse from, or 

«a)%U^; a>mnUttlar«Uroclliw; obliquity.- Aff- 

n^^ *«» *M^i^. to r» oWlqwolv. 
^i.l•M^»ml. «, m, Ut«g^O A gt»ing aside; a taking a 

IMiiKoiiUi lUmMion; a ai»ln|| obliquely. 
tU»aMo«*wl» a. i|i*««o> l^mliug to go wide. 

t4iWM^^^^. »s - Vll*^^»^ '*'*» r» •****«•» «^* P> obhquely. 

(,«t.M«*A »M »»i*«»^ a ik#*a« 

iKi^MouM » ^ W' *' ^»*" (oortUO A retinue, a 
^ T^^M .V aU^iXuls. .U.UI.. or tbllow^rs: a 

„:.r:r;..u. ^ -^^ ^'- ;;.rw::r 

i;;,Vl;r.wxVM u:»^-'«-»^»v • 

r; :;^i; . J^.. u:;:.a :. ^ • ^ - '^v.r::" 

Gosgorddawl, a. (gosgordd) Belonging to a re- 
tinue ; attendant, escorting. 

Gosgorddi, v. a. (gosgordd) lb form i retisne, a 
going in retinue. 

Gasgorddiad, «. ta. (gosgordd) A forming sredsue 

Gosgordd wisg, s./.— p<. f . oedd (gosgordd-~gaisg) 
Dress of a retinue ; livery. 

Gosgorddwr, s. m. — p/. gosgorddwyr (goigordd- 
gwr) A man in attendance. 

Gosgbwr, s. m,—pL gosgowyr (gosgo— gwr) One 
who goes aside, or obliquely. 

Gosgoydd, s. m. — pL t. ion (gosgo) A goeriiide. 

Gosgraff, a. (craff) That impresses slightly. 

Gosgraffiad, s. m. (gosgraff) A slightly impreaiog 

Gosgraffu, e. a. (gosgraff) To impress fsintly. 

Gosgrain, a. (crain) Partly crawling. 

Gosgred, s. /. — pL f. ion (cred) A faint belief. 

Gosgredawl, a. (gosgred) Slightly belieTing. 

Gosgredn, v. a. (gosgred) To beiieve sligfady. 

Gosgreiniad, s. m. (gosgrain) A partly crawliDj. 

Gosgreiniaw, v. a. (gosgrain) To crawl partly. 

Gosgryn, a. (cryn> That causes agitation, apt to 
induce d read. Rhyn a gosgrffn, dread and terror 

Teyroedd osfrrjrn. mal Gvya Gwartber, 
Teyniaidd, gwnidd fwr yn ynfder. 

The dread of klnn, like Gvya Gwanher, a priaeely uA t k^ 
roic nan Id dllliculty . Cyudddm, t'r «rf<. iUyt. 

Gosgryniad, s. m. (gosgryn) A causing agitatim. 

GweUr i'w lys 

DlecbinK welUnir walloOad, 
Diaclior ocfordd oaffryniad. 

In hit eoart it leen ifae cnp-bearer of onratrained lfatiM,t*l 
a rednue not to be restraioea, tlud cmut* trepUatim. 


Gosgrynu, v. a. (gosgryn) To cause agitatioo. 
Gosgrynwent, s.f, (gosgryn — gwent) Ansgititd 
scene, or a scene of tumult. 


Go«gordd wrdd a orddyfyn prciddiaw 
Go«f rynweut cad went ced wallaw. 

To thee there i* a fleroe tr«ia accaitomlnf Itxrir in 0^* 
the tuMmUtioua acne of warfare, who poor oat /Ifu. 


Gosgnddy a. (cudd) Sculking, or lurking. 

Dan Rya— yttprydwyrdd. 
Get ced cyrdd cnrdd oagiidd. 

Under Rhys, with the frcen shield, there Is tfw fift for Sr •« 
of the tmrking exile. Pkyltp Hn^^' 

Gosguddiad, s. m. (gosgudd) A partly scoUudS' 

Gosguddiaw, v. a. (gosgudd) To hide sUgbtly. 

Gosguddiawl, a. (gosgudd) Tending to *^^' 

Gosgwyn, *. f'—pL t. ion (cwyn) A smothertfl 
complaint, a mutter. 

Gosgwynaw, r. n. (gosgwyn) To complain slightly. 

Gosgwynawl, a. (gosgwyn) Slightly plainti**. 

Gos«;wyniad, s. m. (gosgwyn) A slightly cofflp«B' 
iog ; a muttering. 

Gosgyfeiriad, s. m. (gosgyfer) A placing, or gmitf, 
partly in opposition. 

Gosgyfeiiiaw, v. a. (gosgyfer) To go, or mb*» 
partly io opposition. 

Gospyfeiriawl, a. (gosgyfer) Tending to cstfi 
partly in opposition. 

Gosgyfer, a. (cyfcr) Partly opposite, or agaiiw- 

Gojg> ffraw, t . m. (cyffraw) Slight agitation. 

Gosg.vffred, «. m.—pl t, ion (cyffred) Adiglit »» 

Giisffvffrcdawl, a, Tgosgyffred) Slightly fsncied- 

Gos«\ ffrcdiad, s. m. (gosgyffred) A slighUy com- 
prehending, i 

Gosg>ffredu, e. a. (gosgyffred) To comprebfW» 

paf^'v. . ^^ 

Go.^«> ffroad,s.m.(KOsgyffraw) A slighUy sgita?* 

Givvfvffrbawl, o. (gosgyffraw) SlighUy agiW'«- 

OosgVffroi, r. a. (gosgyffraw) To agitate sli|b«) 




Gosf^mUd, «. M.^^. I. aa (cyna) A being slight- 
ly compact. 
Go^symian, r. n. (cyno) To be slightly ioincd. 
GosgymmoDy «. w. (cymmon) A combastiblf ; fuel. 

Vmotmm OUlk tea y« ccMsiv goic)naoa. 

Oae of cte ■!« mwmvIcs ta • «r« la lo practrv tPmbtulMf. 

WtUk Uwt, 

a Gwrthmynf 

til H had banl tha caMlc »ilh Vortiffcra la U. Gr. mb Jrtkmr. 

Mawr Mlvw deddyw tuu dirloa anliivn, 
' * — Birr •* — • 

fMryaaMBoV lu al 4ilff«ildci an lloifi j 



mama fwytb drayih dradioaf 

tarcWef: Oa/M af •rath tolka foaalaf a/ h<r«« lovanfe the 
te:aUjo/iaoriilnira. ^ *4«i*a JT.., 

Goftlef, #. m.-~p<. #. oedd (UeQ The organ of ot- 
teraoce, the throat; a tone ; a note ^ a note in 

GaArl ra ffyrafr ^Jfii 

Ac toUw rbwnf fovte'r bfdd. 

Lay Hold haabiy Unt, aad belov the iriodptpa. of iW ar^af 

A lef «ych Mlcfyw thoo. 
A pipe that Maadi eight a««r« in (to tooe. IT. Dmfydd, 

Gosmaeth, #. m.—pl. gotraeitliion (maeth; That 

tends to noariah, all roe nt. 
Gosmelthiad, t. m. rgotmaeth) Alimentation. 
Goameirhiaw, r. a. (gosmaetb) To afford aliment 

Rhefras, was lawylfeaa, a'th Mtarithia. 
Strait c««», thoa path erdaiititea, <Io #*fW mm^'ithmeni to ihf*. 

if, mti GwU^m, i U. Mtigtm. 

Gosmeithiawl, a. (gosmaeth) Alimonious. 

GoMd, «. m.—pi. i. an (gosawd) A placing, lay- 
ing, or setting; a statute, or ordinance i a set 
on, a stroke, onset, or assaalt; a site, or posi- 
tion ; a postare. G0Modau dyaioa, human or- 

MrirSaiaialdSBlddoMd.' '* ' 

•J*^*^!?.!^ wmrleoat it fl... in-p rin? autlUirr of the batile. 
Ike *pleMlid Madcr llhe a wolf la the «•«. I. Cfnddetir. 

Tori el phea 

Ac iMra ar aa foaod. 

Cattfaf aff her head wHh a tmOie ax oa <»• Unkt. 

U. a* GwllyM. 
Ua atod vyfaV aodwjrdd ya j biwch. 

f aa oTilMMaM tflipMKiMi aa (te aaedle la the has. 

. _ £.0. CWii. 

A oioda Daw parched dya. 

What Ood ^tpeiate let mm revere. Jtfef «. 

Rli)*— artieaiff DeheaharUi, trvf ddyaadeh a*l wlad a 
vertii daMd«B« ar hah U«da. 

B (m fhea»«crrifB of Soath Waira, hv Iheee 
did jCr a acatad valaa apoa eTery beaaL 

Gosodadwy, a. (gosawd) That may be placed. 
Gosodawl,a. (gosawd) Proposltional ; positional ; 

decretory; established. 
Gosodedig, a. (gosawd) That Is set, or placed. 
GtModedigaeth, «. m.— pi. i, an (gosodedig) The 

act of placing, or setting ; a position ; a propo* 

sition ; a maxim ; an ordinance ; a constitntion. 
Gosodedigaethawly a. (gosodedigaeth) Proposi- 

Gmodedlgaethn, v. a. (gosodedigaeth) To eonsti- 

mte ; to make a proposition. 
Gosodedigaethydd, t. ».— pi. (. ion (gosodedig- 

aeth) One who constitutes. 
Gosodedigawl, a. (gosodedig) Tending to be es- 

tablished; positiTe. 
Gosotli, 9. a. (gosawd) To set, to lay, to pnt ; to 

esitablish; to ordain. 
Gosodiad, a. au— pi. f. an (gosawd) A placing, 

sctUng, or laying; a fixing, or esUblisUng ; a 

position; a proposition. 
Vol. n. 

■lof Maeaaatrv 
WtUk laM. 

Gosodwr, s. m.— pi. gosodwyr (irosawd— gwr) A 
setter, or layer; one who fixeii, or appointu ; a 
propo^r ; one who set^ on, or mnkcs an onset. 

Gosodydd,!. m.— pi. I. ion (gosawd) A nflter, a 
layer, or fixer ; a proposer. 

Gosoddawl, a. (gosawdd) Slightly sinking. 

Oosoddi, e. a. (goaawdd) to sink in a little. 

Gosoddlad, a. Bi.~pl. I. an (gosawdd) A sinking 
n little. 

Gosom. a. m. (som) A slight sham, or feint. 

Gosomawl, a. (gosom) Klightly deceiving. 

Gosomi, a. a. (gosom) To diappoint slightly. 

Gosomlad, s. m — pL I. an (gosom) A slightly de- 
ceiving, or disappointing. 

Gosomlant, a. m. (gosom) .Slight deception. 

Goson, a. M.>-pl. I. Ion (son) A gentle, or easy 
speaking; soft or easy discourse; a mmour. 
o.a. To speak gently ; to discoorxe ; to rnmoor. 
a. Gently speaking, of gentle discourse ; being 

Cynddrtw wyf hvil tra Uyt, tru>llia«d tftom. 
Trtithllor fy eclitrikl y'lixh^lo oaon. 

Cyiiiiarlw am I •bilat I br, of baraMiileBa ilbceaiae, there alii 
he r«cUiMf of aiy tung lit (air ni«N««r. Cguddttw. 

Owrlalt f; nM o frirdd ya -_ 
Yd iBoii Rodrl rw)l drtgoa, 

I htrr Mwn a myriad of banli la gt^tU miir*«r praltlnr Roilrl 
the l««ii ro4 i-riiicr, /i. /*. fi^j^^ 

Gosoniad, a. m. (goson) A sofUy -speaking ; a m- 

Gosoiiial, r. a. (goson) To speak gently, to whis- 
per ; to rnmoor. 

Gosoniaw, r. a. (goson) To speak gently. 

Gosoniawl, a. (goson) softly-speaking; whisper- 
ing; rumonring. 

Gosor, a. m. (sdr) A slight offence, or nnbrage. 

GosoniiAl, a. (gosor) Slightly offqpded. 

(fosori, V. a. (gosor) To be sliahtly offended. 

Gosoriad, a. m. (gosor) A slightly offending; a 
being a little angry. 

Gosdrlant, a. m. (gosor) A slight offence. 

Oosran, a./.-^. I. an (rhan) That tends partly 
to divide. 

Gosranawl, a. (gosran) Tending to divide. 

Gosraniad, a. m. (gosran) A tending to divide. 

Gosracn, a. a. (gosran) To divide partly. 

Gosteg, 8./,^pl. t. ion (teg) That la fair, or tran- 
quil ; silence ; public attention ; a giving ont, 
a pubiication ; addreu or invocation, in poetry ; 
a j>relode, in music. — Gaalfgton prisdat, bans 
of matrimony ; coaa ar o'l/g, to sing pnblicly, 
or after silence is proclaimed ; rkoi ftieg, to 
command silence; go$tegi silence! 

Goaiar cerdd dafewd jm rhwc aaflya ya at dall partliffraarM. 

The poem dt Toeal aoof coaaMa af alx rcraea aader the forai of 
the anadlploaia. T^eef A. BmrddtmL 

Yinoda* a waal Lecila a Owtaddolaa, ae ar aalef udSarrhaf- 
•el biyllt ya rrealaee. 

^ Part did Lorria *Uh Goenddelau, aad pmblietv exalt Eatllt to 
he qace«. 6r. mb drtkm, 

Gostegawl, a. (gosteg) Tending to silence ; silent 

Gostegiad, a. m. (gosteg) A silencing; astflling. 

Gostegrwydd, a. «. (gosteg) Silentnesa; stillness. 

Gontegn, V. a. (gosteg) To make fldr; to tranqoil- 
liae; to still, or calm; to silence, or to cause 
silence; to become fiUr, or calm; to become 
silent.— Goalega/ Peace! Be silent! 

AevToaf aorh aamdd, aa chHvch aaeb porth. 

Can perthya attrafwch} 
GoaiCKwyr lira, eeaiiswch : 
Ooaier, balnU! Card/a fifaeh. 

I intriat fear proteriloa« vlthhold aot year aaala U fa for ai- 
teatloa ta dae : tU^timrUa af te oaarl. caaaiaad tUeaee. Slleace. 
baida! a h«nl foa hear. Ci/uMttw, i JL aS Ormg^^d, 

Gostegwr, a. m.-^ 

. miegw 

yr (gottCf-«wr) 


Ootelfch, ff. pL ^8T. (telrch) Slight huneii. 
Gotel, f . m. (lel) A beholding imrtly ; a peep. 
Goteltad, «. m.— fil. t, an (gowl) A peeping. 
Oofela, V. a. (gotel) To behold slvly ; to peep. 
Ooten, «. /.—pi. f . an (s^n) A ulight rebuke. 
Gos^nawl, a, (gosen) Slightly chiding. 
Oot^niad, t. m. (gosen) A slightly chiding. 
QoUnn, v. a. (gosen) To rebnke slightly. 
Goserfyll, a. (serfyll) Somewhat tottering. 
Goserfylllan. r. n. (goserfyll) To totter partly. 
Gosg, 9. m. (osg) That is partly going off. 
Gosgeddy M//,--pL t. an (gosg) Figure, or form. 

Y tfdS a yMfWriut jr'BKoagedd ngfl^ da i dwjihw dj . 



«f rood aagak id decdv<' 
LL O. //■ 

Oosgeddawg^o. (gosgedd) Haying a shap* 
Gosgeddawl, «. (gosgedd) Tending to sh 
Gotgeddiady t. m.— ^i. I. an (gosgedd ) 
Goageiddig, «. (gosgedd) Shapely, cot 

ihai^n, well-formed. 
Oosgeiddigrwydd, s. fis.(g08geiddi 
Gosgel,«.«.--pl. «.ion (eel) A p.. 

nj^nom. a. Ratlier obscure. 


Ue one'r cew<gord « n 


lion rio-< 

A IVa bftirdd iirii i 

TP y gwifod dan ^ 

Coae ailovcf come abow 
Mrai,wberafhetlilrfc «oo<i. 

SMaeta la cMlly obialnini. 
the abeller beneaUi tlic - 

Goigelawg, a. (go.*. 
Gosgellad, t. m.^; 

coding, or ob^ 
Gosgelo, V. o. (v 

der somevi-h 
Gosgil, «. in. 
Gosgiliad, * 

back, 01 


or T 





« -^ 

law; abe- 
Ot a Koveiug 

T^ reader abas- 
^«a«r swbsertieaC; to 





, ^ *^ ^ itfja vg«rt««) One who 

<i««r« 09 sharp. 

^ ull K r e*•^^W' V^'*^ ^ oteclate. 

.•.-.**., J* *T;^^^^ a «arHv officiating. 

tv v^. ^ -^ ^.fya«>4dwyrvgo*wydd— 

* .T^ * N,^ wW ♦x^'*** * P*tty office ; a petty 

tinae ; • 


Slightly charminfT. 
11 ) A slightly cbsrmio;, 




' ' I ^ Provinon for trsfel- 


, '. tWlrwl; 
t i.i. 


"Ill priiMnif berUct 
. t t t>i, /. jjadtfvy. 


A pro>iMOB- ^ 'I'd pro*i«le 

. I .m.ton.nicc. 

: ar '>trujM o't gci>>n'dfii*>ii« Ifi 

I* > itU iiUti niUi Corowall lo tnpptiri Ihtbi 

Gr. «& Ariif. 

i.i twi:, a. (gosymdaith) Having inp- 
. ;, < 1 maintenance. 
' ' . ^ . umU ithiawl, a. (gosymdaith) Tending to ss^ 
port, or maintain. 
I G «•>> mdeithig, a. (gosymdaith) Yielding, or briof ' 
ing sastenance. 

Kc«d hjabya d lya 

K Ihrydar raetUoBi ' 

A thro cerddocloo, | 

A Uirabludd irwcidlAn 

Sard; Ua ront ia coaapicvooa, with ekeerfal solap «f tv^ 
I the nwad of Btlaitrela, and bvaile of aervaala kmrir»f* «id 

fmnsUmt, D. mi Irmam lu.^ 

Gosymdeithiwr, s. m.— pi. gosymdeithwyr {p» [ 

ymdaith— gwr) A purveyor. 
Oosymdeithydd, «. m.— p2. t. ion (gosymdsitli) I 

provider of sustenance ; a panreyor. 
Gosymerth, s. m. (Rymcrfh) That seems to dsr 

itself ; the gossamer, also called gtcutnu 

CuirU Owya C)atynr«lat jo flaa, 
Ac Articrth foaynitrth irotati. 

IW ca*tlc*br Owya Uwu didat kaariile aaM^aiid Ait«rU> V S 
■(bt gmummtr, LL P. JfocA, i K. <Trr. 

Gosvmerthawl, a. (goaymerth) Genthr darting. 
Gosymerthn, r. a. (goaymerth) To dart,orpil 

out gently. 
Gosymmaith, t . m.— pi, goay mmeithion (ynnnaitk 

Travelling sustenance. 

SoBiiiyd S •« oayaimaUk* 
I lave bcea diaappotaled oT/aorf. 0. •» €w*ir*', 

Gosymmeithiad, «. m. (goeymmaith) A provisioii 

ing for travelling. 
Gosymmeithiaw, v. a. (goaymmaith) To prorisiM 

for travelling. 
Gosymmeithiwr, f . m. — pi. gosymmeltbwyr (p^ 

ymmaith — gwr) A purveyor. 
Gosymmeithydd, t. m. — pL f . ion (gosymnait) 

A purveyor of provlaionfu 
Gosymo, v. «. (syma) To jet, or throw bsci 

wards and forvrards ; to warble. 
Gosymud, s. m. (symnd) A allglit move. 

Gvar S! rl<^«lyr irlan Klocarddnad, yth amla, 

0*lh mrvnio mtrnwd ! 
Mcdrl uraw* a drvk-'.ad 'od : 
Mt«nr brfr MroorOdod ! 

Alaa! tl»o« McMly-ithttrrinr daring •w<^li 
That rrvai thy «/«»r""ir arttbKard tho« aiiborat* 
^ fatal rtap with tulraftc ha> t tl.o« CMt : 
Ihca^ratnd Meiric owned thw tierrtori>rr * 

C^mdtMm, m. T. O. tiirv** 'i 

Gosynndaw, v. a. (gosymnd) To move panU. 
Gosymndawl, a. (gosymnd) Partly moving. 
Gosymud iad^ «. m^~pl. t« an (goay mod) A par 


'Garbling, tHUilig. 

'•i neid fswy 

lay when I obtain » nr- 

aze; having 




!. -mind; 

I ailly, 
; a little astODish- 

• .:l)t lapse, or fall, 
u til) A slightly falllDg. 
. utli)Tofiarsliffhtly. 
'. u'»*»yrth) Slightly falling. 
. m. (gosyrth) A alight aptness to fall. 
>yth) Somewhat erect, or stiff. 
ul, a. (gosytb) Tending to mid^e some- 
.t erect. 
•>tbder, «. m. (gosyth) Erectoess In a degree. 
oytbtad, «. m. (gosyth) A making somewhat 
erect ; a becoming somewhat erect. 
^tfaa, V. a. (ifosyth) To make somewhat 

erect ; to become somewhat erect 
^«t, f. «. (god) lliat stimnlates, or drives oot ; 
iocoDtioence ; adoltery. 

Gvdl cynowfi fo^ n%g an nddr. 
Uii better to bcnr wfth an adaUcrer than any tbicf. Jdage. 
Nirad gmtll oi oa'f Ilddr! 
Iiaot ttw mdmltrrtr better than the thief! Adagg, 

TyBfedfen r^ralg ot. 
The ble of an adult ertms woman. Ad»gt, 

Got fyda got a boenlr. 

Thf oMUrtr vlth the admUertr will be tomcnted. 

brtuttd. Parel. 
Gvte ot o*i drafod ya y dyddJan. 

Wot iB iia mdmUtnr becnnM of Ua aetioaa in thoM dayg. 

Orufgdd Vned. 

Cojad, f . m.— pi. t. an (got) A stimnlating, a 

driiiDg oot. 
6«iio, V, a. (got) To stimulate ; to drive out. 
G«tiaoBwl, a. (gotian) Stimulating ; goading. 
Mduo, r. 0. (gotian) To stimulate. 
(Wtiiw, r. «. (got) To stimulate ; to act incon- 

tiaeotly ; to commit adultery. 
G«tiiirl, a. fgot) Stimulating ; adulterous. 
Getoew,«./.--p/. t. on (got— hoew) A spur. 

Tra foB ] yn ned y nraa draw, 
A «ifl( o aar ei otoew, 
Byddai re y rhylhrwn I waew. 

Jl[Wrt I oatoT Uic ntre of voader yoatb, that w«n of jroM hit 
fptr, I VM woBt to poih aidetitly tne kpcar. Ltgwarek Hen, 

Aro rto aar otoew. 

Slay yct» Ikoa with the toUen xpvr. loU Gtek. 

Cotoew anra gait ti. 

A geidea i;p«r tfaoo ftbouidnt hara. O. ab LI. M»tl. 

r»«twr,#.w.— !»/. gotwyr (got— gwr) An inconti- 
aent person, an adulterer. 

KM gmtn fr o(wr naVltddr. 
The wdmlUnr ia aol beUer than the thief. X/ywonrA f/«n. 

GotJi, g. a. (go) A pnsh off, a repulse ; pride. 
<>othawl,a.(gDtli}Tendingto push away; haughty. 
Gothi, t. o. (goth) To push from, to scorn, to 

act proudly ; to become proud. 
C'«tkiad, t. ai. (goth) A pushing from ; a scouring. 

131 GOW 

I Gothus, a. (goth) Apt to posh away ; prond. 
Oothnsrwydd, f.M. (gothus) Haughtiness. 
Gowaered, «. m. (gwaered) A down-hill. 
Oowalth, a. m. (gwaith) That is somewhat of a 

work ; eaercise, recreation. 
Oowan, a. (gwan) Partly opening, or gashing. 

Cdnlad yn ngbad gowao. 
A alnalivl In the gMkiȤ battle. Jaanrfo. 

Oowaniad, a. m. (gowan) A gaahlng,or opening. - 
Oowanu, o. a. (gowan) To divide, or separata 
nearly ; to gash ; to transfix. 

Satth gwaew gewanon 
aalth lonald afon 
O waed cynreioion 
A ddylanwaa. 

Seran apeaia tkmi aimliaUrce, aeven riven foU of the bkip.l nf 
. leading hero» they wlU BU. TmUMimt frndd. • Mfrddtm, 

Gowatwor, a. m. (gwatwor) A slight mockery. 
Oowatwor,v. a. (gwatwor) To scoff lightly. 
Oowatworiad,a.m.(gowatwor) A slightly scoffing. 
Gowatworu, ». a. (gowatwor) To mock partly. 
Gowatworns, a. (gowatwor) Apt partly to scoff^ 

Hcorn, or tannt. 
Goweithiad, t. m. (gowaith) A slightly working. 
Goweithiaw, r. a. (gowaith) To work slightly. 
Goweithiawl, a. (gowaith) Slightly working. 
Gowel, a. (gwel) Partly visible ; transparent. 

Vfal win gowei. 
Arrfaidd yn aiiel. 

He woald drink d^mr wine, nccotiomed to dare tiia battle. 


Goweled, v. n. (gowel) To see indistinctly. 

Goweledlad, a. m. (goweled) A partly seeing. . 

Goweliad, a. m. (gowel) A partly seeing. 

Gowel w, a. (gwelw) Somewhat pale, or wan. 

Gowel wad, a. m. ( gowel w) A rendering, or be- 
coming, somewhat pale. 

Gowelwawg, a. (gowelw) Having a slight paleness. 

Gowel wi, V. n. (gowelw) To be somewhat pale. 

Gowen, a. f.^-pL t, oedd (gw^n) A half smile. 

Gowenawl, a. (gowen) Slightly smiling. 

Goweniad, a. m. (gowen) A slightly smiling. 

Gowenn, a. a. (gowen) To smile slightly. 

Gower, a. tn. (gw^r) A small field, or close. 

Gowineu, a. (gwineu) Partly of a bay colour. 

Gowladaidd, a. (gwladaidd) Somewhat rustic. 

Gowladeiddiad, a. m. (gowladaidd) A becoming 
somewhat rusticated. 

Gowladeiddiaw, r. a. (gowladaidd) To become ra- 
ther rustic. 

Gowladeidvirwydd, t. m. (gowladaidd) A little 

Gowneyd, e. a, (gwneyd) To do slightly. 

Gowni, a. m. — pi. t, au (gwni) A basting atitch. 

Gowniad, a. m. (gowni) A aewing loosely. 

Go wnYaw, v. a. (gowni) To sew loosely ; to baste. 

Gown'iedig, a. (gowni) Loosely sewed, basted. 

Gowregysawl, a. (gwregyrawl) Slightly girded. 

Gowregysiad,a.iii.(gwregysiad) A girding slightly. 

Gowregysn, v. a. (gwregysn) To gird sleekly. 

Gowrid, a. m. (gwrid) A slight blush, or redness 
in the cheek. 

Gowridaw, v. n. (gowrid) To blush slightly. 

Gowridawg, a. (gowrid) Having a slight blnsh. 

Gowridiad, a. m. (gowrid) A slightly blushing. 

Gowrthawd, a. m. (gwrtbawd) A slight r^^tion. 

Gowrthawd, «.a. (gowrthawd) To reject sliishtly. 

Gowrthodawl, a. (gowrthawd) Slightly rejecting. 

Gowrtbodi, v. a. (gowrthawd; To rejeat sUghtlji, 
partly to refuse. 

Gowrthodiad, a. m. (gowrthawd) A slightly re- 
jectinff, or refusing. 

Gowrydd, a. m. (gwrydd) A slight strain. 

Gowybod,«. m. (gwybod) Slight knowledge. 

R « 

v; i< \ 



(« ,:;%>^s >wu Vo Ilimw pwtly. 

they be the wiater 

\>«'v\ \ lKv>;i\«l» a. (^Kowybod) Partly koowinf. 

i>ov^ X iwliM, a (i^owybod) Soaefflut knowing. 

i«o\>\ch^ a. (Kw>ch) Somewhat brave, or gay. 

Itov^NcliidJ, a* aiL (gowych) A. letting out gaily. 

Oa\«>chu, V, a. (gowyck) To set oat gaily. 

Uowvdu, 0. (gwydn) Somewhat toogh. 

liowydiuad, a. m. (gowydn) A becoming rather 
tough, or tenactoos. 

Gowyduu, V. a. (gwydn)To become rather toogh, 
or tenacioas. 

Oo^^yl, a. (gi^l) Somewhat bashfal. 

Oow>lder, i. m. (^o^vyl) Slight baahfolneM. 

Gowyledd, «. a. (go^yl) Slight baahfolneas. 

Oowyn, a. (gwyn j Rather white, whitish. 

Oowynder, $. m. (gowyn) Whitithne». 

Oowynlad, s, m. (gowyn) A rendering whitiih. 

Gowvnn, v. a. (gowyn) To make rawer white ; 
to become whitish. 

Gowyr, a. (giiryr) Somewhat obliqne, or aslant. 

Gowyraw, v. a. (i^o^yr) To make a little obliane. 

Gowy rawt,a.(goi^y r) Tending rather to obliaaity. 

Gowyriad,«.»i.(go^yr) A making rather obUane. 

Goyfed, M.m, (yfed) A slight drinking ; a sipping. 

Govfed, V. 0. (yfed) To drink sUghtly ; to sip. 

Ooyiiiad, $. m. (ysiad) A slightly consnming. 

Goysa, a. a. (ysa) To consame partly, to con- 
same, or devour, gradually. 

Gra, s. m. (rha) What shooto, or rises np ; the 
down, nap, or frieze of cloth ; also doth with 
nap npon it. 

El wely ocdd «{« fV tmhtitwir Arffcw gfwgn yoddo, o yifuw 
M, • m, a pliaii, m liaM, s bItaBl. 

Hb bed «M MTt for the eapenr Arther lo ilccp Id, of ■enlcl, 
tad/uf, Md miim, ud Uva, and caaOirtc. 

U. O. mb Urun—MaUutfiom. 
Ownlf wydi jm vvala gn fya* 
A Sm worn* tniltoc • wWle/iir. D. mb GwUfWU 

Graawg, «. (gra) Downy, nappy, or frieaed. 

I bwth« aba bcrthedd gotadaarr, 
A la i i t i i a dd griavf da c« gwivdd. 

To d^fftrte iDwavda as rieh Swry, aad Um»9 tumnA* of 

Griiawl, «. (gra) Tending to rise np, as down. 

Giab, a. m.~-pl. (• oedd (gra) A doster ; what 
grows together in a cluster ; plenty, exober- 
ance ; grape. 

Grabaidd, a. (grab) Of a dnstering tendency. 

Graban, s./.—^. I. an (grab) That has dosters ; 
that is in clnsters ; a doster ; a vineyard : — 
Many planU with dostered fruits are called 
Graban. £ir<a irr^brnt, grapes; gramas fr ^, 
com nnrii^ i^G^tU Gro^aa, the Vineyard, a 
pboe so called in Glamorgan. 

Grabawg, «. (gtab) Having dosters, clostered. 

Grabawl, a. (grab) Tending to cluster, dnstering. 

Grabiad, f. at. (grab) A clustering, a gathering 
Into dusters. 

Grabjn, a. (grab) Closing, or dasping; grasping. 

Grabiniad, s. wb, (grabin) A scrambling. 

Grabinlaw, v. a. (grabin) To grapple ; to scramble 

Grabipiawl, a. (grabin) Grappling, scrambling. 

Oradd, s./.--^. |. an (rhadd) A step, a progres- 
sive act ; a degree ; rank. 

Oraragndd I heaffuch. 

To icacb a ftmet to aa oM bor«e. 4J»t*' 

Gradd oediL o fforddii*«d<iir, 
Ya a<*ck I hvo ao Chai Ulr. 

A rmm»t>t Mb bekwfMl. tf tt My kc coaretfcd. ■orrclcTalod 
Itea to Vt Hir. if, Byfmi» 

Mac ntatd c 

the grmdmltm*. y. ^•f; ^ ^^^^ • 

Graddawd, s. ». (gradd^ A grodaatkio. 

Graddawg, a. (gradd) Having steps, or degrees, 
graduated, t./. A scale. 

Graddawl, a. (gradd) Progressive ; gndieBt,gTa- 
dnate. s. ai.— ^ gradddion. A gradaate. 

Graddawr,s.f.~pl.g]raddorion(gradd) A gradotte. 

Graddeb, «. /.—pi. i, ioo (gradd) A dimax. 

Graddedig, a. (gridd) Gralnated, gradated. 

Graddedigaeth, s. m.-^. I. ao (graddedig) Gra- 
duation, the act of graduating. 

Graddedigawl, a. (graddedig) Progressive. 

Graddfa, 9.f.—pL t. on (gr^d; Thatisgradoate, 
or divided into degrees. 

Graddiad. «. ai.— pt. t. ao (grmdd) A gradstioo. 

Graddiaith, #. /.-p|. graddleithoedd (grsdd- 

iaith) A dimax. 
Graddiannawl, a. (graddiant) ProgressionaL 
Graddianniad, t . ai. (graddiant) A gradaatioo; s 

Graddianno, «. a. (graddiant) To gradoate. 
Graddiant,*. ai.—jrf. graddlanoao (gradd) Gn- : 

dation ; rank. 
Graddiaw, v. a. (gradd) To mdoate, to diride 

into degrees ; to confer rau. 
Graddineb, a. ai. (gradd) Gradoality. 
Graddogi, v. a. (graddawg) To gradaate. 
Graddoldeb, s. m. (graddawl) Progrcsslveneti. ' 
Graddoli, a. a. (graddawl) To giadaata. 
Graddorawl, a. (graddavrr) Graduated. 
Graddori, v.a. (graddawr) To divide into dcgrecf. 
Graddu,r.a. (gradd) To gradoate ; to confer nnk. 
Graddwr, «. m.—pL graddwyr (sradd— gwr) A 

man of degree. Graddwr eglwys, a cfaoick 

Grae, «. m, (gra) That is asperoos, or angnlated. 
Graean, s. m. aggr. (grae) Gravel, coarse sand. 
Graeanawg, a. (graean) Calcoloaa; grittv. 
Graeanawl, a. (graean) Grannloas, calcoloos. 
Graeander, «. m. (graean) Oranoloaity. 
Graeandir, «. m,—pL I. oedd (graeaa~tir) Gra- 
velly land. 
Graeandde, a. (graean) Oraaalooa, calcohMe. 

Beddrj^gMdjrUrya afodlrBca Eflwya. 
Ya ydiffwysKracaaddc: ^ '^ 

Tanr Tonaeal ja nyaw**! CortN. 

The n**e of Ciri wiib the loar ■wetd te |]^ mnlac of ^"^ 
Cbarch, io the grarellf clif; Ibe Ball of Cootlct ia the ftmu.^ 

rf of Cortr» 

Graeanen,s./. (graean) A grananiy a graui* 
Graeanllyd, a. (graean) Gravelly ; gritty. 
Graeanllydrwydd, (graeanllyd) Gravelinetf 
Graeanllys, «. aa. mg^r, (graean— lly a) The grittj 

berries. GroMa/lys y da;^, water speedwell 
Oraeana,v. a. (graean) To grannlnte. 
Graen, «. m. (gra— en) Pungency, aaperitv, grid 

dolor, a. Pungent, severe ; grievous. ' 

EiddlofiTdJ doifrvrf cariad 

Grvm crbel rrrd:! 
Aahelnld va'cl foirdd, oMfod 
Y'ofraea redd j'airro ya fbd. 

The ccater of love witb fbc aaltllade of EUdloa«M «•« l<t«i 
thr riMTff of tbe iKaA of taBali, dMcrtMl are Om'' bvdt rr«» ^ 
bcin; la ibe mumrmfni fiiiir«, daiab In Um crovad. 

Br df rara-iMed, er dy ite 
6w«rcd I! 

Tkroagh thy 

if btoed, Ikfwvh tky MrrM drttM r •• 

Cr. Or . 

Graenawl, a. (graen) Asperoos ; poignant. 


OnMDder,«. ■. (San) PaigMiicy ; gitef. 

las 6RS 

Oei^wl ddWyider. 

Gnendde, a. (gnen) Pervaded nith asperities; 

A Mf Noiw ■« dilrodi cMiUjdd ya mt, 
r bi icHyiff tier, » terr hoH; 
A rta|Mo rbewy* dwys dyfyvgl, 
A rhcvw. ^airla, a tbrue qrionrli 


..» «. ^HfM of ■«, 1« w wktmmngtnp ^^^a^jf^J^ 
ffTf ktniliMltMdiMiiliiiicclaim; •adbcrorfebfanDdincoii- 
taM,rate,ioU, tod •vend or i>ne«faenee; In coamet apoo cop- 
hi pimM mUk nre, l« ihfia ■Aar rtri«k V>w« -M^ii*! 
nrf nNDd Ibe froat of Moclfre a thooMad fasnden wmTtor . 


Gtaenedd, f.m. (graen) Paogency, poignancy. 
Gneniad, a. «. (graen) A making asperons. 
GnsBon, «.f2. n*^. (graen) Gravel, coarae sand. 
GiKno, 9, a« (graen) Asperoos ; pangent 
Gneoiu, a. (graen) To asperate, to roogben. 
G««wyB, a. (graea— gwyn) Having white aspe« 
ritks, or points. 

.„, , ^afraeniryatoa: 

IVrcb M Asat cjitadd caloa. 

E«uftiMi»lfae Mnpc, ctaalered the Mb; tb< dsdu In ^ pond 
iMrlrarM h tbo wnTO : Morc poiwffnl Ibaa m hondrgl lh« 
iSctnaofthe heart. Uifwarck 0«n. 

Cnenjn,«.ai. (graen) A srain of sand, or gravei. 
Gnf, I. M. (gra) The garlide. Sil. 
Gnrd, f . m.— p(. grefjrl (graf) One that is romgh ; 
& mrfaooed one; m labber ; a rafl^n. 

Efyr OalVnhwch, fk» BaeL 

W«a Scged, a vchmcDi rmgbai ; the eu^ «f.^L5t* SLJ"' 
hid, Ime and iCBoroMk Myworr* aim* 

Gnfdi blUh twrjT ienalac. 

iWtcr AMapit yooBff nMtt. J>. «* 6»<iy«, i Of. Gtyf . 

Baclavf byddn, baffw? 
HwyaM fn lljrafraenw 

<^i.M.--pI. greioedd (gra) A blight or blast. 
Gaiad,«. m.— ]3. 1, an (grai) A blighting. 
finid, «. ■.—?!. grcidian (gra) That shoots out 
>i ptistSy or rays ; son-beat^ snnAhine; heat, 


G«Tr 7B aMwyih irwylb cr nraith Mdreo; 
Gvtr j« «B«|n rnM» groidf ydMln jr'acoodd ; 

>«« lBiuUa4 vnth finoe the baltJp of Melitcn ; m«n cherUb- 
i«ii«t,or the dtqMsiCloa of oxen aader the |oke are Ibe men In 
(taSa, ihe ptacM men of the banquet. Cy drf day. 

Edariaf rndna rhdan rbadlawn; 
tb a we b yn gnawfn araid aoogawn. 

I «iH hoaav the rtrtam ot feaeroni cbleftalM ; the iibae>rront- 
^imttuMkag ardncg Matter* tinUan, 

^^ «. (gra) Hot, ardent, vehement. Gratd 
'^t a vehement eagle ; g^ratd wron^ a fierce 
hn«; JkiRMtd grotd, fierce eonflagrators ; 
S^gmmpr, ardent manhood. 

C a Mwd finlil Graryaan lya. 
^/mtgnardlaa of GnigyaM halL 


HaM ayr gnld f rcddf. 

^ Ml of Mob, a awann Id erdeM dlipodtioa of mind. 

iUa. fr<M, I Lgwtlpn I. 

Mab Uywdyii had. baarl fyfb elKbMd, 

EidHijofrald frjroi lyrfb' 
Wyd rvyiead, cedwyr ddira; 
Wfd roddiad Aoddav ASa. 

^nifi,t./.-.p2, grciinon (rhain) A socket; a ring 

An gfilB f n yv)4 el ffrodd. 

»*» ta Ihe edfa oflta cboek. 

ii.e* il.£l«fd. 


A Ilafii o droed nyfo lijd rain. 

A grlddk with a lone baadlo BBootti to the neXrf . ^ 

Gran, «. m.— vl. f. an Tgra) A sharp projection, 
or ledae; ne ledge rormed by the cheekbone 
from uie nose to the temples ; the upper part 
of the cheek. 

Gnaiid ana ar na eyaoiSad. 

A lear apon the cAceUMu of a eonbataat U aaUml. JUagf, 

Mai paafaGanbin; 
Uawer delgr dm ran 

Gwcdy fTonlaw ! 

Maaj a plteooa cry like as there am for Caailan : amny al« 
over the cierA has falien. Or. tb yr Tnad Octh* 

T»oi ly afraa 

Try ddfr aa wr tra difrif t 

Orer ny ekteh rolk the lear after a naa Ihe neat piearfne ! 

ti. ah GteiTfOk 

Oran, a. (gra) Precipitoas, shelvy ; sharp. 

Bid fraa caa gen wrth awr. 

In the ihoat be the cloelac of the month ^rteinUate. 

Ltfwank Btn* 

Granawl, a. (gran) Precipitous, shelving. 
Granwawr, $. f. (gran— -gwawr) The projectiiig 
appearance of tne cheekbone. 

Eidol addoer gran granwawr gwyn. 
lidoFa Mood la eoU, whow etmpUrtmt h wbMe. ilaffria. 

Oranwen, a. (f. o/ granwyn) Having the nppcr 
part of the cheek white, or fair. 

Uaw ya nghfeea, giyd yn ngro giaawyidon. 
A haad on Iho croii, ahifeklnff anonff the gravel ^^J^fi***' 

OraowK, «. m. (gran) A shelving appearance; 

the fall of the dieekbone. 
Oranwyn, a. (gran— gwyn) White-edged; having 

the opper part of tiie cheek white. 

Bo goagordd, a ba cerdd yn all aMhya, 
Ac eryr urh wybr« a Uwylv graawya 
Rbag uddfeUilg. 

There waa a train, aad there waa a coenetn the leeoDd place, 
and an eagle above In the Ay, aad a wAi4e><d|ffed path before the 
wary cUcf. rolleria. 

Grsnygre, «. «. (granwc) The coarse of the pro- 
minence of the cheekbone; the visage. 

Gwyrtb araU, gwcrthfcwr el dadfryd, 
Orioygre dyba dybryd. 

Hallowed the other, pi 

iredoaa wonld be bar retaro : the eD«ti<«< 


Noact ia brcoBie dlami 

Grawn,«. m.«ggr. (gra) Berries; grain ; the hard 
roe of fish.--Gratni eiddew, or crmptlyreiddeWf 
ivy-berries ; grawn ytgaw^ or erawtl yr yfgow, 
elder- berries ; grawm yr yabyddrndf haws ; graim 
y perthi^ briony ; grawn parts, grains of para- 
dise ; grawH girta, grapes ; graam yr Aani, coBi- 
mon gromweli; graiMi y Uew^ com gromwell; 
grofiya o $d, a grain of com. 

Grawnafal, #. m.-^pl. t, an (grawn— afal) A 

pomegranate. v ^ . ^ ^ 

Grawnfaeth, s. m. (grawn— maeth) Grain foed. 

a. Being fed with grain* Grawi^idU grstpyi , 

grain -fed studs. 
• Grawnwin, «. m.— pi. «. oedd (grawn— gwin) 

Grape wine, or wine made of grapes. 
Growth, 8. m,—pl. t au (rhawth) A plunge. 

Hal ydd oedd yn liww lowyg ring maint y dolor a gtmnl, ydd 
ymchwelal el farch, a thnth garw gaoddo a grawtb. 

At he wai in a dead it front the inlenienoM of the hart be bid 
got, M. bor«. reterned with q.lok '^j; -"JrliSiaf.Ah.^i-.. 

Grawthawi, a. (growth) Headlong, pinging. 
Grairthedd, «. m. (grawth) Ptnagingnesa. 




Onwtfafkys, «. tm. (grawth— br^i) A plaDging or 
headlong liaste. a. Ptungingly hasty. 

Ymjb tar w ntUA, aid ted 

Ac tmyt grm«tlifr|« gnrnm-f^gtA, 

Tb ae belong fold mmI lilTer M»t a ttOlc. aad BUIUom Qfkmd- 
hmg kmstt pamperad vliJi gratn. Lt. P. Mack. 

Orawthiad, «. m.—pl, t, aa (gra#th) A ranniDg 

headlong, a planging. 
Grawtho, v. a. (grawth) To plange headlong. 
Orawys, t. m.— pi. t. an (gra— gwys) Lent. Gra- 

wffM Mtdr, the festival of Mary ; Grawys ebyt- 

tyly the festival of the apostles. 
Orawysawl, a. (grawys) Lenten, of lent. 
Gre, s. /.—pi. t, on (rhe) .Several together; a 

flock, a herd ; a stad. Caug re, a brMd mare; 

K^^fy^g^^gi the maned herd. 

Ore ryrreithiairlp deg caaeir a deogafat ae yttalwya. 

A lawful ttmd, Sfty maret and a sUlUra. WtUh Ltmu 

Ban amwi ar rr. 

I have been a alalUen over a «l«dL ralictia. 

Olamnea anfoa gianwynion gre. 

Doablkai the tending a timd or while franlfd onei. 

LL P. JTm*. 

Ore ■* iddo, 

A awirrh; pan na lydd I'm oat 

A flwtf to him beloaia, and iteeda; why doe* he not give one 

Oread, t. m.— pi. f. an (gre) An aggregating; a 

herding, a flocking ; a making up a stud. 
Oreal, «. m.—pi, t, on (gre— al) An aggregate of 

rrindplet; a code; a collection; a magazine, 
t was the name of a celebrated book of Welsh 
•lories, long since lost, highly extolled \s^ dif- 
ferent writers. Gw/od y greai, the elemen- 
tary world, or the world of spirits, the same as 

fthodlaie l*lh gchdo taUh ddigaiog, 
Hal y graal nyn y grog. 

' "Tf.*!?""** to And thee aa 1/ far the Grt^ dncm !• the 
•pcech by tke cnw. i»7 «S Owi/yai. 

Gwyro wlad y greal ydya. 

We art penoM from the world of ia/Hl^fluv. £. 6. Coiki, 

m chald le I boll chwedlan bwa: 
S«ln Oreal yo lal I'n oedd. 

L. Mm, i £. «* O. e» JHaiMi. 

Am an Uyfri mae*n Ikfaln, 
A gar mwy nar aer a amin, 
Y graal teg I'r « lad bo»- 
Ujifr o enwoff farchoglon ; 
Uyfr a greSI yr boll ford gron. 

ror one book he la complalaiag. which be lovce mare than gold 

5^frr*J?S? •*"■?• *!* d**' O'**' •'»'»•• country : a book orthc 
famed kalghia ; a book of the mytlery of aU the Roaad Table. 

fltUe'r 0<|ra. 

GrMn, r. n. (greal) To aggregate principles. 

Greant, s. m. (are) An aggregation ; a code. 

Greawd, s. m. (gre) An aggregation; a code. 

Oreawl, s. m. (gre) That aggregates; an aggre- 
^te. Y greawlf the briony. 

Greawr, t . m.^pl, greorion (gre) A flock, a herd. 
C^Uk greorion^ the circuit of the herds, being a 
tiibnte exacted y eariy from vassals, or tenants, 
for supporting the herds of the chief. 

Ueowyd dwy leawr I fawr femydd ; 
Dead metocb amilw, a Mw mifydd. 

the metley-coloafed ticeda and UkewUe kine. SelStT 

Gredd, t.f.—fi. I. an (rhedd) That is implanted, 
or imbibed. 

Oreddf, s . /.— »l. greddfan (gredd) Nature, dis- 
position; habit; inatloct. 

Gmldfawd, #. m. (greddQ A grounding In a ha- 
bit, or qualitv. 

Greddfawg, «. (greddf) Having a babit^ or quaUty 

Greddfawli u. (greddf) Conititutiooal, aitinl, 
habitual, complexional ; congenial. 

Boglrlairl, arwynawl add, 
Angerddawl greddfawi GralUd. 

Awfaland wrathful chief, aolnrelly vehcmeot i« Gntffs^i. 

Lt, P. Mtckt i G. a Utmir%. 

Greddfedig, a. (greddf) Naturalized, habitasted, 

Greddfiad, a. m. (greddQ A redderiog nataral; a 

habituating; a becoming congenial. 
Greddfo, v. a. (greddf) To render nstnnl, or 

habitual, to habituate, to become natural^ or 

habitoal; to be conge mal, or (nbred. 
Greff, 8,/.^pl, t. ion (i Ueff) A sneer, iroay. 

Mai>n*a rboi greS i*m ya rhy gryf; 
Malnt 1 awgrym. 

He is gluing me a aoecr too powerfally : bow gmt Ua ieatitti 

8. mb HtwH Gryi. 

Greffiad, s. m. — pi. t. au (grefi^ A soeerios* 

Greffiaw, v, a*,(gr^ff) To sneer, to speak ironj. 

Grefliawl, o. (greff) Sneering, ironical. 

Greg, s. m. (Hieg) A cackle, or cackling. 

Grf gar, a. m. (greg) A cackling. 

Gregar, o. a. (greg) To cackle. 

Greiad, a. m,—pl. I. au (gral) A singeing ;fl 

Greiaeth, a. m. (grai) The act of diffosiogbcat; 

a scorching, or singeing. 
Gretan, a. f,--pl. t. au (gral) That dilToaes heatj 

the sun. 
Greiaw, e; a. (grai) To singe, to bhut, to blight 
Greiawd, a. m. (grai) A singeing ; a bligbtin*. j 
Greiawl, a. (grai) Singeing, bitting, blasting. 
Greideli, a./.— p<. t. i (graid) A circular plated 

caat iron used for baking cakes upon; a bake 

stone; a griddle. 

Mal yr far dan y reldcll. 
Uke the hen beneath the griddle. id^fcj 

Greiden, $./.—pl, L an (graid) What daruUgbi 
or sparkles ; what is burning, or ardent; a fta^ 

Greidiad, a.m. — pL i, au (graid) Abeatiog;! 
scorching ; the scorching of the son. 

Greidiaw, v. a. (graid ) To heat, to make ardesC 
to scorch, to singe, to parch ; to become heated 
or ardent; to be scorched by the sun. Mad 
haul yn gretdto, the sun is scorching, or tbc itf 
scorches. SU, 

Wedl, nl wnaeth Daw ddyddanrwydd ym ya myd : 
Nl gaakl llew gryd gieldlaw awydd. 

Aflerwarda, God afforded me no h«p|Mne« thro«rh ■! ^ 
dnoe the lion of the about waa not auflcred to kft Unirr. 

if. Btnft^** 

Fe eilw y fcreb boa ya Uw tirloo y lea, 

A gwUled ag wylaw mae'o gneldtaw mewa gwm. 

He ealla tbia ay mph the pl<>aaant h«ie of the marWir. ta^ eiil 
laff aad weeping, he la temnking la the bcmi. 

Greidiawg, a. (graid) Having heat or ardeocj 
being scorched, sinsed, or parched. 

Greidiawl, a. (graid) Hot, ardent; siogeiB| 
scorching, or paichlng. 

Ara«e gryd, grridiawl wrhydrl. 

The bulwark agaloat Tear, of mrdent awnhood. 

tAvf* Cut 

Greldljwl, arwynawl arwyattedd glyw« 

Cloyw rryr tryrnriki; 
Clwyf dyg>n. Dean. UogMd, 
Clywed el fined 1 fcdd ! 

Pmrehfd and obnouloaa the auiface that roveri tkr < ••« ' 

XlmdM eagle of royalty ; It !• a aercrr wound to tbe So.i> * 
t North to hear of bla gotag to hia grbte ! 

Al. P. JTar*, iJf. 'Ary**^ 

Greidiwr, a. m.— pi. areidwyr (graid— gur) Oi 
who heats or makes araent; a scorcbcr, 


Gretdar, i. m.—pL t, on (gtmid-~iir) A sooreber; 


RkyMi ft UdM «lM doltr. 

fIndidcUcfliMbceabaJlf: iM»lIiM faa> bees gives tnUm to do 
tnf ft sood. Cir«d<<«iv« 

Greidyll, f. m.—pL I. aa (greid) A griddle. 
Gfdedd.y N. (grai) A singed or blighted state* 
GreieoTD, t. M. dim. (graian) A single grain of 

friTel; a pebble. 
Greiofys, j. n.— p/. t. edd (grain — ^bys) The 


GnioUd, «. m. (grein^ A formiDS a ring. 
(rm'niiMr, r. «. (grain) To form into a ring. 
Greioiawf^, c (grain) Having a ring, ringed. 
Gmoiaw], a (grain) In the form of a ring. 
Cmoru, <. ai. dim, (grain) A small ring; a pen- 

^t, ao ear-ring. 

Tyvjnld grefoyn I no. 
nrpndnt vm nod* to oIiIim to tke ilda orUioliica. AJ^t, 

Grdro, i. n.— jrf. I. an (gre— llyn) A standing 

GfBB, 1 M.— ^. I. ian (rbem) A crashing noise ; 

tpath ; a snarl ; the crash of the teeth, which 

I beast makes in chewing the cad ; a mnrmnr. 
Gitfliad, t. w, (grem^ A crashing, a gnashing. 
Cioual, V. 0. (grem) To crash, to gnash, to 


(tanaWfCa. (grem) To crash, to gnash. 
^awl, c (grem) Crashing, gnashing. 
^('•/•— ^' I. i (rhen) A large earthen yeasel. 

M p *-l»d ai r taoell o fel ; pedmlr no jn nhob taoell, dwy 
taol }t abab am, % Ilwych deotrr iir droKl yn mbob f ran. 

ii«R tu— b fonr ion* of htmn ; fonr csuka In erery ton, two 
r^ati* is ever; caak, sod the md of two men opon s bar In 
'^'^rri' Weitk Law9. 

&«Bid, i.f-^, greneidian (gren) The quan- 

lij that fills the gren, 
^«. 9. a. (gren) To fill the gren, the vessel 

^t^lea, 1./. (greawl) That is clostered together, 

^ briooy ; idao called grenwl and ft2on«g y 

"i^^ >• ak (rhet) That is warm, or cherithing. ' 
^ftmr, I. aa.— |4. f . on (gres) A welcome. 

Ortpftw usw oof fandd jrn Mbrydolo 
l*m pr|<lJkwT ddadeobodd. 

^ P^Me iwleowB of the mlaatroUf la Britain to ny naf nifl- 
nathdrappitcnu LL P. Moeh, i R. ab Ujfwtlitn. 

|T^«iad,a. aa.— ^. I. an ^gresaw) A welcoming. 
I^awl, t. (gres) Ardent, cherishing; warm. 
'^wo, e. a. (gresaw) To shew liindness, to 
"*^De, to receive hospitably ; to be hospita- 
ble. Gioj rrjairai, to give a cold welcome. 
"Biaaas, «. (greaaw) Hospitable, kind to stran- 


"t^vwT, a. aa. — pi. gresawwyr (gresaw— gwr) 
, Ok who receives hospitably, or treats kindly. 
|rE«a«ydd,f.Bi. — pi. I. ion (gresaw) A welcomer. 
fc<j,«. m. (gres) Pity, or compassion. 
f«nd|<.ai. (gres) A commiseration, a pitying. 
"^i 0. (gres) Pitying, compassionate, piteous. 

Mor gmlB frcata. 
So roaipiMhiinta % kiBf . U, P. Moeh . 

;»wya, «. ». (gres) Pity, misery, calamity, 
'^^ynswl, a. (gresyn) Piteous, miserable, de- 
pieraMe, lamentable, wretched, 
''•'yadawd, f . m. (gresyn) Compassion ; pitifol* 

136 6RP 

Gresyndra, «• m. (gvesyn) Pitconaneaa ; misery* 
Gresyngar, a. (gresyn) Compassionate, pitiful. 
Gresynprwch, s.m.(greayngar) Deplorableaesa. 
Gresyn],a.m«(gresyn) Pitaousneas; wretch^daess. 

OwaMi, o*r c«r bwyfUydd 
Cynl a gmyol lydd. 

1 have Mea, from ooe cad to tke other aSUctkiB aod mUerf 
prerall. Grt, Ommht, 

Oresjfniad, a. m. (gresyn) A commiserating. 
Oresynoldeb, a. m. (gresynawl) Pitifolnesa. 
Gresynolrwydd, a. m. (gresynawl) Mtserableneas. 
Gresynn, e. a. (gresyn) To pity, to com passionate, 

to take pity, to be sorry for, to deplore. 
Gresynns, a. (gresyn) Miserable, deplorable. 
Greo, V. a. (gre) To aggregate, to collect. 

Bdrdd llafar llof dc, 
Ett fwawd arm §>«• 
Ar yftrawd, ar )*tr«r 
Yiti7w aiawr mirc. 

The floent bards arrajed la Hxht, tbdr pralae wiH aot May n« 
!• mtttel^ft DOT oo Ibot, aor va honabaek, wltb aapect of rtmt 
eaaaiag. Tmlieiin, 

Grenlys, a. aa. (gren — llys) Groundsel. 

Grew, a. m. (rhew) That is spread, or laid even. 

OwalD yd ehilr 
ar an dir ya wir 

Efy* nfraM y'ncrow ya llew llofradd; 
Efj* ngryd y' offrya ya rya rybadd. 

Owala be la aaaiod, a tall aad kUf htly prince; be for land li tra- 
ly accimed of wrath ; he In the beat, ta the ptmin b a r«d-«lsafta- 
teilBf Uoa ; be la the aboat la the coaSlct ii the alitBal of terror. 

GtMlekmmif i O. Owjfutdd. 

Grewr, a. m. — ^pl.grewyr(Ere — gwr) A herdsman. 

Grewys, a. m. (gre — gwya) A herd; a atnd. 

Greydd, a. m. — pi. t, ion (gre) A herdsman. 

Grif, a. ai. (rhif) An aggregated masa; frog- 

Griffyll, a. pi, aggr, (gri£f) Frog-apawiv Mor oer 
a griffyll^ aa cold as frog-spawn. 

Grifft, a. m.— pi. U oedd (griff) The spawn of 

Griff tiaw, v. a. (grifft) To produce frog-spawn. 

Grifftiawg, a. (grifft) Having frog-spawn. 

Grig, a. m. (rhig) A low rnatle, or rattle. 

Grigwd, a. ai. (grig) A rustling noise, o. a. To 
make a low^attie, or rustling noise. 

Grill, a. m.— pi. I. iau (rhill) A crash, a crack, a 
gnash ; a chirp or sharp noise, a. Creaking ; 

Fan ddel ya ol rhyfel rhew 

- ' ' \\c ■■ • 

Bill doidtr a*l ball dell-dew, 
Oleiaion fydd, mal, 

Oleiaion fydd, mal, ^fydd filll. 

When, afler the war of froat. the tree of the vale iball apriid ita 
thlch'leaveinnaolle frcen, will be, la May, of cAifjriv devotioay 
the peth where April ranged. 1>. mb awkl$m. 

Grill gnaw. a. m. (grill — ^gnaw) A scranch. 

Grillgnoad, a. m. (grillgnaw) A scranching. 

Grillgnoi, V. a. (grillgnaw) To scranch. 

Grilliad, a. aa. — pi. t, au (grill) A crashing, or 
creaking; a gnashing ; a chirping. 

Grillian, a. a. ,<grill) To make a crash, creak, 
or crack ; to chirp, to creak. 

Grilliaw, «. a. (grill) To crash, to creak, to chirp 

Grilliedydd, a. m.— pi. I. ion (grilliad) A creaker, 
a chirper, a cricket. 

Gro, a. pi. aggr, (rho) Pebbles, coarse gravel. — 
a./. An aggregate of pebbles, formed by the 
water on the shore ; a beach. V ro/awr^ the 
great ridge of pebbles, one so called near Aber- 
maw, and another at Aberystwyth. 

Nl tha fy nhcB am Weao 
Mwy na*r alf ya min y ro. 

My llpa will ao more be lUent aboat Oweoo than the wave on 
the edge of the »mcA. £• O. Cotki, 




Oro»idd, cr. (ifro) PebbW, like pebbles. 
Grodir, •. m. (^gro—ttr) Land loll of pebbles. 
0R0£0, f. /. Greece.— Groff Fatpr, Gr«eia 

Magna ; the part of Italy so called. 
Groegaidd, n. (groeg) Oreekish, like Greek. 
Groegeiddiaw, v. a. (groegaidd) To make like the 

Greek ; to become Greekish. 
Groegiawl, a« (groeg) Grecian, or of Greece* 
Groegwr, j. «.— pi. groegwyr (groeg— gwr) A 

Grecian, or a man of Greece. 
Groegydd, s. m,—pL i, ion (groeg) A Grecian, or 

one well versed in Greek. 
Gronell, $,f,—pl> t, an (grawn) Hard roe offish. 
Gronellawg, a. (gronell) Abonnding with roe. 
Gronelliad, «. m. (gronell) A forming a roe. 
Gronello, v. a. (gronell) To generate a roe. 
Gronyn, «. m. dim, (grawn) A single grain, or 

particle, a grain. A^t byddi roaya gwell er Ayay, 

thou wilt not be a Ml the better for that. 

NId t fWMw yn afroorn. 
P»ln (» dtit) ctDBot p«iietrit« upmriieU. Adagt, 

Gronynaidd, a. (gronyn) Granulons, like little 

Gronynawg, a. (gronvn) Abonnding with grains, 

or detached particles. 
Gronynawl, a. (gronyn) Oranalary. 
Oronyniad, •• m. (gronvn) Granulation. 
Gronynn, «. a. (gronyn) To grannlate ; to become 

Groyn, s. aB.ilt«i. (gro) A single pebble, a pebble. 
Grn, s. m. (rhn) Tliat pervades, that breaks 

Gmsl, s. Ni. — pi. f. an fgrn— gal) Gmel. Gnul 

trwjf loilk^ groel maoe with milk ; gmol trwy 

ddiifr^ Itniel made with water ; grwaJL priUiad^ 

thick milk, or milk thickened with flonr ; fncoi 

Umeih, milk cmel ; graal dwfr^ water-gmel. 
Gmalaidd, a. fgmal) Like gruel, gmelly. 
Gmalo, V. a. (gmal) To make into gmel. 
Grnd, s. m. (rhnd) Coarse hard particles, grit. 
Gmdd, f. c. — p2. 1. Ian (gm) The cheek. Uni- 

rmddf inasc. the two cheeks ; dwffruddffim, the 

two cheeks. 

Kl cbd fraU ntlodd ealon. 

The eketk wlU not eoncml the •SItclloii of th« iMUt. M^t. 

Y nion tru feW, 

Whaicfcr lh« kavt ■JtM eoocftl, Om tktA vill detlar« It to 
■«. 0. HtU^, 

Gmddfan, «. ai. (grndd — man) A groan, a moan* 
Gmddiann, v. a. (gmddfan) To groan, to moan. 
Gmddfiiddig, a. (gmdd — bnddig) Qiusing the 
cheek to be abashed, or to blush. 

OniddfWdlc vicdfir wild ohcn, 
Gtin<^>" nryha rvdd oaeii. 

TW ekffk aAMAIiif levcnlM of tn •netest CMiitnr, the \mA 
or GraiTMii «llk • crtaMoa pAc Cimddtim, i H. mk Ov«m. 

Orair, s. ««--f(« '• ion (rhnff) That Is fierce or 
bold ; a griffon. 

Graffidd frvf fwaewrodd fulirryw. 
Grafradd tlic raddy ipMrtd grigwm of nob*e r%<-r. 

Grufit, ff. m,—pL i, ion (graff) A griffon. 

Elthyd oddafh («vat 
Rh«sr d»« fmWi tr hjnU 



the «l«d wu 

bcl«r«n two 



Grag, s. M.— pi. i, oedd (rbug) Heath, or ling. 

Cock y gitv, the red game. 
Gragaw, r. c. (gmg) To gather heath or ling. 
Gmgawgy & (grag) Abounding with heath. 

Gragbren, $. m,-pl. i. I (grog-pren) Freock 

Grageilyn, a. m. (gmg— all) 8ea heath. 
Orugiad, #. m,^-pl grngiaid (grug) An emmet. , 
Gragiar, «, A-irf, ((ragieir (grug-ilr) A heidi. 

ncn, or heath towl ; the moor hen, giowe. 

Grugieir cockum^ the red game. 
Gmgion, t. pi. o^gr. (grng) Emmets or ant;. 
Omgionyn, #. m. dtm. (grogion) An emmel. 
Grnglwyn, «. m.— pi. t. f (gmg— llwyn) The 

Grot, f . m. (gm) Grit, a kind of fossil so criled, 

consisting of rough hard particles; cosnensd. , 

Onit ocr yw ffworrd tlr ar. 
A ccid grit II k d»t cover* tb« ploughed laad. 

Grutiaw, v. a, (gmt) to cover with grit. 
Gratiawg, a. (gmt) Abounding with grit 
Gmtiawl, a. (grot) Of the nature of grit 
Grw, s. m. (rhw) That Is uttered imperffctly. 
Grwg, s. m. (grw) A broken rumbling noiie. 
Grwgach, s. m. (grwg) A murmuring, e. s. Tt 

Grwgachawl,a. (grwgach) Marmnring,gT«BbliM 
GrwfEachiail, «. m. (grwgach) A murmnriag. 
Grwgachlyd, a. (grwgach) Apt to gremUe. 
Grwgachu, r. a. (grwgach) To murmur, to granUi 
Grwgn, s. m. dim. (grwg) An indistinct ramblisf 
Grwgnach, a. m. (grwgn) A murmur, a gmmbllai 

V, n. To murmur, to grumble. 
Grwgnachawl, a. (grwgnach) Murmuring, grw 

Grwgnachiad, s. m. (grwgnach) A mnrraoriBi;. 
Grwgnachlyd, «. (grwgnach) Apt to grumble. 
Orwgnachu, r. n. (grwgnach) To mumar, t 

Grwm, t. m.^pl, grymtan (grw) A murnor, 

gmmble. a. Growling; surly. 
Grwn, *. ai.— pi. gryniau (rliwo) A ridge, sin 

or land, in a fidd. *^ ' 

Hn o ryolM a was Slltir. 
AUttwoodrii^wukottnilob fftUk 

Grwn, s. m. (grw) A broken, or trcmbUng adb 
a hallow murmur ; a groan ; m. ham, or droac 
the groaning, or cooing, of a dove. 
Grwnach, «. m. (grwn) A oiarmnr, m gmmble. 
Orwnachu,«.«.rgrwnacb)To mnrmnr, to gramk 
Grwnan, t. m. (grwn) A low nolae or momor; 
hum, or drone ; a purring. C«»n grvasi, 
sing a murmur, to make a parring. 
Grwnauy v. a. (srwn) To make a droning wmi 
Grwnaw1,a. (grwn) Rumbling; groaning ;droDii 
Orwniad, «. m. (grwn^ A mn mm ring, a ramblis 

a groaning ; a droning, a humming. 
Grwng, s. m. (grw) A mmbting noise ; a gmat 
Grwys, #. pL af^gr. (rhwya) Wild gooseberries. 
Grwysen, s./. dim. (grwys) A wild goosebern 
Grwyswydd, #. pi. aggr. (grwya^gwydd) Goo 

berry -trees. 
Grwy8wydden,s/.(grwy8wydd)A gooseberr^tt 
Grwyth, t. m.-^pU I. an (rhwyth) A murmur. 
Grwy thaw, «. a. (grwyth) To mnnnar, to ramb 
to groan. 

NIrirlhtr I'm ovi^l^, rrwytlMr |*« Mr-loM, 
A mwymd rl clwiloii. nc iwoaod « cbHnoc*. 

to cnl4 tcrrar I will rcfrti. / wiU g^^mn fro* n? I*'!.-*: 
f« irndcr «M bcr lore, oiih o c^>M|^Kfto« of »\rtM« .» * 

Grwythawl, a. (grwyth) Mnrmmring, rambtia 
Grwythiad, «, tu. (grwyth) A mnnnuring, a r 
■ninSt * groaning. 




G^d, I. wL—fi. I. ian (rhjd) Vehemeiit vtter- 
loce; a icfeani ; a ihoot, a war-boop. 

Aiu d»fr dymr m fryd. 
tte vtier-bird*, twaltaooi li Itieir acnum, Mgrddim, 

lt*n>-P*'BM to Bj fpMr, glcMPlDf la the <* •■<. 


Ttcer firw fflewdaer 

TirwT« flier f lodM 

f lodr«riwy. 

rBRilrtlMd wfO be Ihc ilKMit of Um eacrry ef tattleb th* de> 
(ncc W Ite leader oktdiutelT bnv« !• > Mclrt ftbleld provident of 

Grjdiad, «. in*— pi. f. an (gryd) A acreaming; a 

iboQtiDg, t whooping. 
GrjdiaB, v. t. (gryd) To make a roagh noise ; to 

Kreamj to whoop. 

Gryd Cfbyd oe«b«U micliae* 
Srefwid y' — ee g»dd y mm ! 

C«ak or barMted walchtaff ^ well, for Orea^kM to 1b the 

OrrdiuMwl, c. fgrydiant) Screaming. 
CfydiiDon, t. a. (grydiant) To otter acreams. 
Gndumt, «. m. Tgryd) A screaming ; a shouting. 
Grydiiw, v. a. (gryd) To otter a roogh aoond ; 

totcream, to shriek ; to whoop. 
Orrdiawl, a. (gryd) Screaming; whooping. 
MwAy I. flk (gryd — gwst) A mormor. 
Ctjdwt, r. c. (gryd— gwst) To mormor; to 


NcM ff^ Ualoaydd ddewlol aolea fred« 

Hcb irryd«et rwrnngocUoo 
Di«-e*M fltf ru. 

ti • |«od ied qelet Ihlth, a dMae aad jmt belief, eitbeet «niI- 
■'^MMaodMe, aay G«d crtabIM eir. if. /i. e» Ims. 

Grydntiad, a. m. (grrdwat) A monnoring. 
^4yitiawl,a. (gryawst) Mormoring, mattering 
^rdjsta, V. a. (grydwst) To otter a low indistinct 


(nt. t. «.— p». #. oedd (rhyie) Harahneaa. 
Mys, f. fj. ^gfr. Opfryg— llys^ Heath-berries. 

^y are aiao callea liy* y hrmn^ Uy$ y Ucm^ and 


«rrcBid,a. wu (grygyo) A making harsh. 

^^piait» I. M. (grygyn) Harahneaa, asnerity. 

^no, ff. fL •ggtm (gr>g) Small black berries 
faU of hard seeds, growing upon moontains. 

^fvtOt, a. m. (giTg—gwellt) Cock's foot grass 

"^TJ^Vf <• ■• (gryg) That is roogh or harsh. 

Cfym, 1. a» — pi. #. oedd (rhym) Force, energy , 
power, strength, a. Energetic, potent^ mighty. 
-Mfipa grym, in force \-^emtm grym^ import- 
s' vorda; ffgffrmitk rymy the common law. 

^>der, a. m. (grym) Potency; nervoosness. 

wymfyw, a. (grym — ^by w) Powerfolly alive. 

^•t ¥• iM leffBafaeth ihwBff y fryafyw, y aerthmwf, »»r 
per Grw »*r fcwarf. 

i^ gtvtac e dMIaelkm bctwcca the mralie«HM«f • the 
»"^rf>I,aedlhetrae ChrM, ead Ihr blwoac. 

IT. AIMmy. 

^pgf, t,f,^pi, i. ao (grwm) An enigma. 
y?ttj ad, s. IB. (grwm) A droning, a granting. 
^^ttjad, a. ai. (grjrm) An endoing with power. 
^nial, e. a. (grwm) To mormor, to motter. 

k siyeUel o^a gwel e'n 

Aeri 6ea ay hod fT«eMi»|r with my lervMC 

Sf/f, Cg/kilUntg. 

^niala, «. a. (grymial) To mormor, to grumble. 


y aoe el rhy«*ryd a waa' 

Grymialawg, a. (grymtal) Mormoring, muttering. 

Trl phelb al bydd ch bril-ryw, 
OryeiltlBVff, MTchawf a lyv. 

There are thfw softs «hl(h hare aot Ihdr equeli« tlie rrMR' 
htim4, the eaioroes, and the pert. D. ab Gwiigm, 

Oryroialedd, a. «i. ( grymial) A atate of mormoring 

Grymialo, e. a. (grymiial) To mormor, to gromble. 

Grymialoa, a. (grymial) Grumbling. 

Grymialwr, a.m.-- p<. grymialwyr (grymial— gwr) 
A mormorer, a grombler. 

Grymialydd, a. m. — pi. U ion (grymial) A mur- 
murer, a mutterer, a grumbler. 

Orymian, e. a. (grwm) To drone ; to grunt. 

Grymlannawl, a. (giymiant) Tending to give po- 
tency ; to make efficacious. 

Grymianno, e. a. (gnrmiant) To endoe with po- 
toncy or power ; emcaciooa. 

Grymiant, a. m. (grym) Energy, potency, might. 

Grymiaw, r. a. (grym) To endoe with force, or 
energy ; to strengthen ; to attain force ; to be 
able ; to be offeree ; to avail. 

O dcrfydd 1 ddye, ya nydd enll nee ffiffael, fd«iew oed| o^fod 
i arwMsef, ava rl djrsUou, to firlAoii 
ffyfnilih a ddywed as ryoiia iddo hjrny 

el arwMsef, are rl djrsUou, to g MAmi, neu yn evfhrDae errlU, y 


J^Mr. tt altht I *«U tyke U apea ny belly to aMir « 

Sir Dm xYvevr. 

Vot. IL 

Shoeld a penwR, oe the day of dstcrmtnlnff a eaeie, applv for 
delay, on accoeni oT bU voucbcr, or bis «itnr«ses beiox strk, or 
In other necewiUcs, the law says that that tkaU not br •ftftci lo 
Ua. WtUk Law, 

Grymlaw],a. (grym) Potent, tending to give force, 

or energy; nervooa. 
Grymo, r. a. (grym) To make potent; to endoe 

with force, to make nervoos. 
Grymos, a. (grym) Powerfol ; nervoos. 
Orymosaw, «. a. (grymos) To make strong, or 

powerfol; to become stroog or nervoos. 
Grymosawl, a. (grymos) Tending to make strong. 
Grymnsder, a. m. (grymos) Potency, efficacy, 

mightiness, strength, nervoosness. 
Grymosdra, a. ai. (grymoa) Potency ; nervooaness. 
Grymoarwydd, a. m. (grymoa) Powerfoloeaa ; 

nervooaneas; potency. 
Gryniad, a. m. (grwn) A laying in ridgea. 
Gryniaw, v. a. (grwn) To ridge, to la^r in ridges. 
Gryniawg, a. (grwn) Having ridges, ridgy. 
Grynlawl, a. (grwn) Consisting of ridges, ridged. 
Gryngiad, a. m. (grwng) A mattering ; a grnm- 

bling; aporring. 
Gryngian, a. m. ^grwng) To motter ; to gront, to 

gromble; to growl; to por; to chowter. 

Oryagtaa y bydd gwreagya bach. 

The little OTChlB always keeps ^rrla^. .... 

X. Sfow, Tr Myf'M"* 

Gryngiaw, v. a. (grwng) To matter; to gront; 

to gromble ; to par. 
Gryngiawl, a. (grwng) Grombling; granting. 
Grtw, a./. The Greek tongoe, Greek. 

Owir fa *Nrryw ac Ebryw gacL 
Trae thai In Qr%*k aad Hebrew It was foaad. £. Q. CtkL 

Gobain, v. a. (obain) To howl, to moan. 

GW, a. m. r. That inceptively denotea approach, 
or tendency to. It ia a prefix In composition. 

Gwa, a./, (gw) That la inceptive aa to motion, or 
direction ; that throwa from, or that ia the base, 
or origin ; the groood. It is osed as a prefix to 
some words, denoting a beginning or tendency. 

Gwach, a./, (gwa) A hole, a cavity, a cell. 

Gwachel, a. m. (c^l) A partly concealing; an 
ayoidance, or ahnnning. a. a. To avcid. 

Gwachelyd, v. a. (gwachel) To avoid, to eachew. 

Gwachell, a. /.—pi. gwechyll (gwach) A needle, 
skewer, or broach ; a knitting needle. 

Gwachello, «. a. (gwiichell) To broach, to skewer. 


OW 4 



Owaol»l,«. (eol) Ofa Imd orlMik itateof body; 

feeble ; innispoted. 
Owad, f . m. (Rwm) A denial, or a ditownlDg. 
Gwadadwy, «. (gwad) That may be rejected or 

disowned; deniable. 
Gwadaeth, «. m,—pl. gwadeitlii (gwad) A tpoat; 

a coek ; a spoat that throws the floor from the 

mill into the trongh. 
Gwadal, «. fN. (gwad) That rejects ; tiiat is liaed. 

grounded , stanch or firm ; a stanchion. 
Owadatiad, f . m. (gwadal) A stanching ; a render^ 

ing or becoming firm. 
Gwadalrwydd, «. m. (gwadal) Standiness. 
Owadaitt, o. a. (gwadal) To render stanch, or 

firm ; to become stanch. 
Owadalwch, s. m. (gwadal) Stanchness, fixedness. 
Owadawl, a. (gwad) Denying, negative. 
Owadedig, a. (gwad) Denied, disowned. 
Gwadiad, «. m,—pl. t an (gwad) A denying; a 

rejecting; a negation. 
Gwadn, j. m.-^l. gwadnao (gwad) A base, or 

foundation ; a pedestal, a sole. Gwodn car, the 

sole of a drag ; gwad* iroed^ the sole of the 

foot ; gwadn aradfj the chip of a pkmgh. — Ar 

y gwadnauj upon the soles, or standing. 

Uadd f fwidn fal y bo y trocd. 
TonttteMlfMoofidlattotkefooL Adtg9. 

Gwadnawg, a. (gwadn) Haying a baaCy or pedes- 
tal ; having a sole, or soled. 

Owadniad, «. m. (gwadn) A layiiig a base ; a sol- 
ing; a footing or tripping it. 

Gwadnn, «. a. (gwadn) To lay a base, or founda- 
tion ; to sole ; in familiar speech, to trip it, to 
loot it.— 'Gwodna esgUtra, to sole shoes. 

Gwadnwr, s. m.~pl. gwadnwyr (gwadn— gwr) 
One who soles. 

Gwadn, v. a. (gwad) To deny; also to disown. 

Nl Ivydd irolai « « 
Walllitt«< «a Otmitd «IU Ml 

It b Bol tlw pnipeffty of Ood (A«< i« 


Gwadwr.s. m.— pi. gwadwyr (gwad— gwr) A de- 
nier, a disowner. 

Owadd, i, f.-^pi' <. an (gwa) That is down, set- 
tled, or grounded ; a mole, or want. Priddy 
waddf earth thrown op by the mde, or a mole- 

Gwaddawd, s. m.— p{. gwaddodion (gwadd) Sedi- 
ment, grounds, dregA, or lees. 

Owaddawg, a. (gwadd) Being grounded ; feculent 

Gwaddawl, a. (gwadd) lliat is pot down, or set- 
tled, f. m. A portion, dower, or what is given 
with a wife upon marriage. A radde$ rft wadd- 
owl iddi r Did he give her any portion f Oyfed. 

Gwaddedig, a. (gwadd) Grounded ; settled. 

Gwaddeg, M.f.—pl. L au (gwadd) Wliat serves as 
a passage ; a spoot. Gwaddeg uMlia, the sent- 
tla of a mill, through which the meal falls oat. 

Gwaddn, t. m.— pL gwaddnau (gwadd) A base- 
ment, a sole. 

Gwaddodawg, a. (gwaddawd) Feculent, dreggy. 

Gwaddodi, V, a. (gwaddavrd^ To make a sediment 

Owaddodlad, s. m. (gwaddawd) A settling, or 
casting a sediment. 

Owaddodlestr, a. ai.— pL t, i (gwaddawd— 41eatr) 
A vessel used in brewing. 

Gwaddodlyd, a. (gwaddawd) Feculent, dreggy. 

Gwaddolawg,a. (gwaddawl) Dowered, portioned 

Gwaddoledig, a. (gwaddawlVSattled as a portion. 

OwaddoU, r. a. (gwaddawl) To dower, lo poilioo. 

GwaddoUad* a. m (gwaddawl) A doweriog. 
Gwaddolwr, s. ai.— p«. gwaddolwyr (gwsddiwl- 

gwr) One who gives a dower. 
Gwaddotwr, t. ai.— pi. gwaddotwy r(gwadd-gwT) 

A catcher of moles. 
Gvraddwr, f . a^— pi. gwaddwyr (gwadd-far) 

A mole-catcher ; he U aUo called (jrciar. 
Gwae, $. /.—fl. «. oedd (gwa) That U pierdog! 

a woe. 

A»n I ffwyM* da gtwk; 
I nnn och • t^me iil; 
I iWnr darrma &n leau! 

Ul «fo to noon Itoi «t were boni} lo alter dgte m* ■« 
lo as; lo iliod te«r« for leoen. *• «• t^^*'- 

Gwae,ia*eri.(gwa)WoeI Alas! XIryr groe// 
Utter woe is me! Gwae fy agfcaloa/ Woemy 
heart! Gwaejinnaubyth! Ever woe u tome! 

Arflwydd f wen fwee «l 
ITm lo the MfTaol of a focbto lord. 

Gwae e sir ni Kmienl. 
W0e.' that loTca Uiotc «bo lore not. 

Gwaean, f . m. (gwae) Tliat issu^, or fioai. 
Gwaened, t. f. (gwacn) That b issaed, or pit- 

Yi doabofi««wiad fwoth tm pheAe*. 
If UAmM ooow tow Umt H were well boI la b»w dwjj- 


Gwaeanwyn, t. -i. (8^«»?r«^AT^lS' 
or rising of the sap ; spring. It m othenme 

called Gwaenwyn. ^^ 

Gwaed, .. m.^h i. an (gwa-«d ) Blood.-Gr«| 
ew delwad, blood before the ft>n»^» l*" 
embryo before iU parts are formed. Cwrt^ 
ddiUod, blood-clothes ; Owudy^^.^K 
raw a ddoiar, dwarf elder :-6«wd dyalGwttt 
dyn Byw I Gwaed dyn a't gUydd! Gwaed pj^ 
loa ! Gwaed drwg I Gwaed y gwr drwg ! G«rt 
diawU Gwaed y eytkra^! Interjcctloai «! 
swearing, analogous to— Blood and wooadsi 

Odid tffchoU Iwb 

Gvraedast, f . /.— pi. gwaedeUt (gwoed-|Mi)' 

blood bitch. ^ .. ..j. 

Gwaedawg, o. (gwaed) Saagnine, foil of Wsofl. 
Gwaedawl, a. (gwaed) Of blood; •Mgoineow. 
Gwaedboer, t . ai. (gwaed-poer) BkHNl-spittiac 
Gwaedboeri, a. a. (gwaedboer) To tplt Mao*' 
Gwaedboeriad, a. m. (gwaedboer) Aspittuigi 

Wood. , 

Owaadfaen, s. m.— pi. gwaodfcini (F»»«*r*I!j 

Blood.slone, osed to be worn loond taeoco 

to prevent bleeding at the noio. 
Gwaedffrao, a. /. (gwaed-ffron) A Uoad-ipiM 

Nl ddirngli aaaiya iH o wrfcydrt -w^ — ^ 
A BlDoaa u*Bi ffwaodffraa fwrfth f^ ■t:w«B«awa. 

the tpUHmg of By btmd I ^ my balhwed mmm «< "^^ 

Gwaedgael, a. (gwaed— cael) Bloodsocking. 

Gwaedgi, t. w.— pi. ipaaedgwn (gwaed-ci) 
bloodhound; a mastiff. 

Gwaedglais, s. m.— pi. gwaedgleidau (go««>- 
clais) A blood-stripe, a bloodshot. 

Gwaedlys, a. ai. (gwaed— llys) The knotp* 
GwaedlyB mawr, purple giaaspoly; g««'«f 
byehan^ or gormdd^ red bartsia ; gwaedlyt r*1 
or 6riar y laarcA, common vervain. 

Gwaedgnnd, a. f.—pl. *. oedd (gwaed— cnad) 
bloody pack. 

Owaedgoll, a. m. (gvraed- coll) Bloodshed. 

OwMdgolli, V. a* (gwaedf oU) To abed blood. 




Abloodboand. , ^^, . 

(j,„edW. i. m. (fWMin A tatdog of Wood. 

c Having a Made drenched in Dlood. 

OeM fMJIrii OvyaUUa Mb EUydd. 
|«M^r «ilt IM «M tte Mid* ar OwfUMB MO «|r^fiH[M. 

GiriAliao, #./.-|rf. «. •« (gwaed-lUm) A Weody 


LMmi pdddnd mracdM K^^^»^ i 
Utawa aerwyr brlv breiMwl lidMi. 

Gfiedled, «. (gwaed) BloodaUined, bloody. 
Gmedlan, i./.-^. *. i (gwwd— Men) A bbod 

fcil; a bloody YeiU 

Ef • m l M 
A cvwdJca ■« bn 7 d Mtblawf, 


St MM 

A vvacd, • bwTd bnla* 
A bina ar fdua. 

A galoB adftidittawf . 

He «M HCfl vUb • «ri/ •/MMri. cowplcaow mad lb« head 
«y li«iri tad foad for cffowi, aad tba rat en op tbcoarpiat ai 
ba of hope benft. XI. f*- iif«*» < £|ftMlf» I. 

Gnedlif, a. m.— pi. #. oedd (gwaed— lUQ An la- 
ne of blood; a bloody-flnx. 

OwMdiiiav, 9. ».(gYniedUf) To ran with blood. 

OtaedUfiiwU c. (gwnedUf) Sancniflaona. 

€«MdIia, a. M. (gwned— Ilin) A flux, or Isantt of 
Mood; a renning of blood ; n Moody-flnz. 

Mai aaa Md ncdcl arflrcMlhlilB 
Yfwaal ftecMn madlia. 

■stMn catfa the strtam ^f hhtd. 



6nedliog,a. m. (gwaedlin) A ranning of blood. 
Gnfdliw,$,m.-iLt. inn (gwaed— lUw) A blood- 

eoknr. c. Of a blood colour. 
Gnedfiwiad, a. at. (gwaedllw) A making of a 

hiood coloor; a coloariog with blood. 
Cwedrmaw, a. a. (gwaedllw) To eolonr with 

blood ; to make of a Mood coloar. 
Gficdiimr^.m.(gwa«d— llwrw) A blood atream. 
6«Kdlyd,a.(gwB€d) Btoedstalned, bloody, crnel. 

Gvaadlyd vrtfc faiot djr dracbywedd. 
Crwf tbraafh fhc exrcaa of fhy afliectiaa. Adage. 

Gntdlydiad, a. m. Tgwaedlyd) A making bloody. 
Cwiedlydiaw, a. a. Qgwaedlyd) T 
toimbroe or atain with bfood. 

1*0 make bloody. 

Cinedlydrwyddy a. an. (gwaedlyd) Sangalnari- 
a»,bloodineaa; bloodthiratineaa. 
Cntdlydo, «. a. (gwaedlyd) To atain wHfa Mood. 

C««d ft Ida hyd hiwr, can nl cbwynrr an d«no, yr arglvf dd 
^^iJTvyra. wrdi wacdlyda d dlr. 

apoo tb» ft oBiid, thoa/b no eomphlnt ilbiUl^be 

hmq that _^ _ 



CaaedJyp, «./. (gwaed— Uya) Bloodwort, or cen- 
Uiody. It a» alao oaUed Canclwmj and Ujfataa 

<^«aedoertb,«. ai. (gwaed-nBarrfa)ThatatreQgth- 
nu the btoodt that gtvea conrage. 

Ootnfaglh «Mdd »a«iBUtk lyfri. 
ftaiBaf OB wiae —a ^» co^anft *pmrt9 tmirag*' Ammrtm, 

Gnedeea, s, at. (gwaed— neu) A Mood iaaoe. 

DndffwdoTd fr«acdnca 

Ut die UMdcfrM* OMf af«hi Ibc day ttMi woBa are aMlied. 

Gwitdopeth, a. m. (gwaedawg) Sansntnity. 
Owttdo^wl, a. (gwaedawg) Sangniferoua. 
Gaaedogen, M./.—pl. i. an (gwaedawg) A blood- 
faddiag, bUckpadding. 

OwsedagI, «; a. (gwaedawg) To aaaga^. , 

Gwaedogiad, a. ai. (gwaedawg) Sangnificalian. 

GwaedoU, v. a. (gwaedawl) To aangaify. 

Owaedoliady a. m. (gwaedawl) Sangntfication. 

Gwaedoliaeth, a. ai. (gwaedawl) The atate of be- 
ing of blood; kindred by blood. 

Gwaedraidd, a. (gwaed— rhaidd) Running with 

Gwacdnidd Tj nglilcddTr a fodridd yn Vjri^ ; 
Ya nghyfranc a Uoef r llawr neud yvgndd ! 

Bh0d-tlalmml H ay iwoid and vobevMnt in battla : In Ite eoa- 
Mat with Ueagrto Ite rra^od will It not Ud« iiNlf ! OMfeAnMl. 

Owaedrawd, a. m. (gwaed-ihawd) Gonrae of 
blood, drenlation of the blood. 

y fwenitli ywT cnawdr . 
AV r»ta yw*r gvaadrawd. 

Tha wbtat Is the a«ih, and the wtea la ihe «••<««"*. 


Owaedraiddiad, a. ai. (gwaedraidd) A drenching 

with blood. 
Owaedreiddlaw, a. a. (gwaedraidd) To drench 

with blood. 
Owaedradd. a. m. (gwaed— -riindd) Blood-red. a« 
Reddened with blood. 

(Md ooffyr owld onflr •» hart 
Oadd aoghodd gwodrodd r«Mdfy«r. 

There wok eprar*, dreadfal naa tbair wrath ; eooMilcopaa waa 
the crimtom-MMnHl blood- rtppUaf. £1. P. JTmA, i l^wttgn I. 

Gwaedroddaw, v.a. (gwaedrndd) To blood red- 
den, to redden with blood. 
Owaedruddiad, a. ai. (gwaedrndd) A reddening 

with blood. 

Owaedryar, a. m. (gwaed— rhyar) The rippling 

noiaa of blood. 

O^d Meaal b^ dralo dtwilanw fwaelrytr 
A IHw cwyar fwyr ya belt. 
Menal was witboat an ebb fVooi an overflow of rippUmg N«*d, 
•ad the brine waa Uogcd with tha gore of ana. OwmltkmmL 

Owaedn. v. a. (gwaed) To bleed ; to let blood. 
Gwaedwrf, a. m. (gwae— twrf) A tamultof woe. 
Gwaedwyllt, a. (gwaed— gwyMO Of wild blood. 
Gwaedd, a. /.— p/. t. an (gwae) A cry, a ahoot. 

G vof dd gwM^ the cry of a country ; a common 


Hydr waedd fwacfb wi<h fito. 

The tknU of conAdence la tbe woiae to a eouatry. ^<<«r e. 

l«eltMawfr dy alon, dy elya gwae of; 
Gwiiedd a gwlad aea*Ui ganlyn! 

EacpoMd arethy fc. 
country do they not follow thee ! 

woe to ihy anUcpoM; tbe thmri and the 

Gwaeddan, a.m.(gwaedd) A aqoeaker, a aqoealer. 

Gwtw ddyn wyd, gwaeddan ydwyf. 
Then trt n merltortoiia penon, \ am a drivtUtr, D. «* Owilf m 

Gwaeddawl, a. (gwaedd) Crying, or ahonting. 
Gwaeddfan, a. (gwaedd— ban) Of a loud cty, 
lond-ahontlng, loud-aoanding. 

Diairimd fan irw?ot gwaeddflin^ 
Oedd bail gawr am ban gnrtbao. 

The echoing point of the AigAfowullef wind waa ^.][^^^^ 
oTer the camp. *"«>^ ***•* 

Gwaeddgreg,a. (gwaedd— creg) Of a hoarae cry, 
roogh ahoatiag ; hoarae-Toiced. 

Henawd molawd gnawd gnc ton waeddgreg 
Wanar wlag lafor a«r ofeg. 
UtoraHe make •» lmpf«»«l«n on her whoae Atn li ef **• hjo 
In her eoone. Catn^ajfn, t wmmmm, 

Gwaeddi,a. o. (gwaedd) To cry, to about, to bawl. 
Gwaeddiad, a. m. (gwaedd) A crying, a ahonting. 
Gwaeddiwr, a.m.— p«. gwacddwyr(gwaedd— gwr) 

A crier, a shooter. , , ^ . - ^. 

Gwaeddolef, $./. (gwnfr-dokf) A cry of woe. 

8 S 





1d«, or wretcked 

tt\t \v 


»w- .•»! 

or tnvaei ; s k«fnm|; dmiu. 



<Wiarfvd, s. «. 'eme — b>i] Stsir of mc ^wa. tbf mud Jm -iiaBr a: ^ . , 

Gmeg*. *■/. — p^'t. an pn A fiboii; s liafi . • »tat buL-tanfer ^oie fcaenln. aM o.^ 
a backk ; llie trasne of a imnkk. ciurika fwraamr^. dbau. oonc^ai. csir'<Ar./i, 

Gwkef^awl, a. ^fwa«« Vadt tD bntsUc. «r claa^ bm la Ansksirv ix » the iMnaelH. aid a Ue:- 
~ ' ^ ft. VL. (.r«rarr A cdaKpiap ; • b wr in lin g. t aiartfaai^uR^ ii » ibr icazer ipoier 

TacUfip; t» knickte- Gnraelliai. a. m. pvraeL A brmtUBZ v^ t 

■■c tIm- ; jcaobifc. Mac ■L^'wer, a pnxtins nptm a kmim^ ae*ii>E. 
. it ife very flufrenuiie witl: tiiia, Crvatdia. r. a rviteL Tc tmadulE ikfw a 
petk pwael «v AaiHU tte » a poor nuae : pm npca a knittme Bnpdit. 

▼iieoBca; pvaetoaMa^MoatvikraiB, Garam. «./ — ^. fwaariac ^ ^aa «■ " 1 fUs, 

artr. a ••rue lUOMtASl. UM. C BlV^l * TUmMTtf mtil^tti^ \ 

aeak * '-r*i«y £ ■ 

Gwaeiaidd, a. ^pmd Of a lav ar vik 
Gmaeknr. r. a. riraei , T» saiLe loar ar 
» loir, or Tike. 

T*m ( iMmi >ta» tntfi^ raaeflu 

^ ^«- 

I, aba a ardnMaH ar aetttoDtait of iioaor. ' 

cf foai iHCtOB; 1 

't.-M« ft t )w uiU '\ . a 

Oaati tdig. a. ^i 
Oaratsftf a<l« a. m. 




CvMitidifiad, a. flL ;^«B(^dd A 

a staiif of kwseab, ar vret^»edi 

, a. a. eaaeicoc Ta rc-oaoe la a 
Bate ; tit tM*ciinie wrvisutA. 




Gwaciibu a. aa. 

Crwartoab. r. a rwaetawc 1 c titcins : ti s>, 
la Ike bcmoB: t» ca«(i a 

T. a. raatj T» rw ii- 
faiM; ti> 





Gwiendawi^, i. m. (g^ered) A flftt or bottom I 
at the foot of high gnmnd. 

(^waeredawt, a. (gwtered) Tending downward. 

Gifxrediad, f. m. (gwaered) A tending down- 

Gmreduy «. «. (gwaered) To tend downward. 

Gwacs,!. «,-^. i. ydd (gwa— es) Tliat is pnt 
down, filed or placed; a tent ; a pledge, or de- 
post; earoesL 

Olu. r pvchellHi. y parcMlganry, 
Nacbladd dy rcdnr, Mf jsdl fyawj, 
Kt cImt vaci M cotr warwy. 
Mlt»d, ntlt pir, tke rdd« llttie pff , b«Ty not tby «2«»s *«t If 
am mut rtfMc tow no pJ«^«« lore no pl«f . Mj/rddtn. 

Gmesaf, ». «.— pJ. t. oedd (gwaea) That may be 
rfJied upon ; that is pledged, a pledge, a depo- 
lit, an earnest, a warrant; that is asserted, a 
dfpoMtion; an answer. Duw—cewgadr watntf^ 
God the gloriously powerful pledge. 

Hid e«« w«d lios wmmT. 
Tkit to BO dcBlil for m pifigt- Adtge. 

TrigvacwT} wjU: wdd«l«, vn mmnt, nra tnddUryn h«b 

TkKifvttove »lMi: % voocher, or • wftrrut, «£def«nce wilh- 
ea twnat *'«'»* ^*** 

BvMsafawl, a. (gwaesaO RelaUng to n pledge, 
or deposit; deponent; responsible. 

f^nasSidf s. «. (gwaesaf) A laying down a 
Iiled|e,or deposit; a giving earnest; a war- 
natiDi;; a deposition. 

Gnejafo, v. c. (gwaesaO To insure, to pledge, 
to deposit; to warrant; to assert, to malte a 
deposition, to depose; to make responsible. 

lltMttfirr, #. m,—fl. gwnesafwyr (gwaesaf— 
|wr) One who lays down a pledge, or deposit, 
tse who warrants, a deponent. Gwaeufwr 
kesm, a liing^ protegee, a TaTasonr : CUdren 
fKmtfwr^ a pale of protection. 

M % fttmimt oddlvHli d hmmT ch«ciig«iat ft daL 

ir> K^(4 BM ■ban deput from hi* pledg* ^^j^f* 


chwcovftlnt f^d d etodlv: ft hwaw a dwlr 

Ma herlot ta d& Mora penco : aod ibat oae b 
m. WtUk Laws, 

Owfriali fi hcb «« ftir Mft, 
Oaaildwed a r^^ftdh awaa. 

I tiava dttlBfd to the*, widioat ona word af rai^oach, rarttalal 



fSKiawg, 0. (gwaea) Having a pledge, or de- 
posit; baring earnest, warranted, responsary. 
inesawl, c. (gwaes) Relating to a pledge ; ear- 
Bot; warranting, warranted ; responsive. 
i«ie»tad, f . m. (gwaes) A laying down, a pledg- 
is; Of depositing^ a warranting, a making a de- 
poatioo, responsloo. 

ivaeio, V, 0. (gwaes) To pledge, to deposit, to 
^give eaniest, to warrant, to response. 
itattirr, s. ».— pi. gwacswyr (gwaes— gwr) A 
iMger, a depoeiter ; a deponent. 
'VKttir, t. m. (gwaed— tir) Land of blood, land 
afieosted to make compensation for murder. 
Wth, a. ai. (gwa) The worse, that is less good. 

DeviaabK y gwadh ya U« y gwall. 

nnhMlchoMaibewanrlMlaad of the batter oae. Adage, 

Myaad ar y fwdl o*r fwaclh. 
T«lacaMorihehaatfiiaMthe«wr>«. Admgt* 

i*>e(b, €. (gwa) Worse, bad In a greater degree. 
6«ici&.iBaelk, worse and worse : Gwaeth yr 
«tf , the more was the pity ! Alas ! Vi wuth % 
^1 it is nothing to thee. 

Al itaU rr bad draal diaaiwy 

U« one. I fcMo lllw nwyl 

Nid gvaeli fvda Movn pais wea vlWf 

Naff larilM aawa ffvtof eariUw. 

bit aawawy ihM UM lao Oboald taka an addttioad raaga in 
»9(b, la flfeote craatcr lalaadoar ! naai (Uk Mm Mroaa. la 

Owaeth&ad, «. m. (gwaeth) A making worM ; an 

impairing ; a becoming worse. 
Gwaethach, ol (gwaetb) Bad in a greater degree. 
Gwaethaf, s. m. (gwaeth) The worst, or that is 

bad in the highest degree. 
6waethaf,a.(gwaeth) Worst, most bad. Gw9€iha* 

guUo, the agnail, or witlow. 

Drwf y« y drwf « a iwiath y« y gw a «t > af. 
Bad U the bad, aad worte it the wvni. Adage. 

Owaethafed, a. ^gwaethaf) Degenerated. Gwryd 

gwaeiha/edf degenerated manhood. 
OwaethAn, v. a. (gwaeth) To become damaged, 

or impaired ; to become worse ; to impair, or 

to make worse. 
Owaetlierwydd,tn<eo.(gwaeth— herwydd) Worse 

for it! Alas! 

Gwaatharwydd, Ddaw, aa** lladdcdl 
Aiat! God, that b« wai not vlda. U. B ew m MaUmaglan. 

Owaethineb, s. m. (gwaeth) An impaired state. 

Gwaethl, s. m,—pl, gwaethlion (gwae-^tyl) Oat- 
rage ; strife, contention. 

Owaethlawg, a. (gwaethl) Ontrageons, warring. 

Gwaethlfan, a. (gwaethl— ban) Loudly ontra* 
geons; loudly-warring. 

OwytbUwa yw fy aawa ya ayfyafl: 
Owaetblfaa yn Bgby»aa» yn afhyabdri. 

WratbTbl la ny aature in tbe tamdt; laudlg-wurringtu tha 
Tcaeoaatcr ta tbe cooflici. Li. P. meek, 

Cantr, ean caraf, eaa wyf gwrneOAtuk ; 
C»Ba ecrdd am bortb aai byrtb dodlaa: 
Cyfodwch! eenircb! ranyfo'ia bao. 
A nd, fdrdd, y aiawa, a cbtrt allaal 

I linff, daoa I lore, ilBre I an temdif eamlemtiemat ateffaff a 
lenff for aaiM^aca roand the Mirb-faaied aalef : arfae I MOf f I 
bave my flowlof bowl, ye bards and I am wItUa, ft^d yoa wiOod; 


Gwaethliad, «. m. (gwaethl) A being ontrageoiis, 

a warring, a contending, 
Gwaethin, v. o. (gwaethl) To act ontrageonaiy. 

Gwadbl edHd o*m broa paa broler eyarda 
I'rcyrraa ydoier. 

Wrdh r«f M from m? bread wbea tha roremod raabs are triad* 
from tbe tot wblcb benlla. Cgnddeha, m. B. ab M- «ft tddam, 

Gwaethlos, a, (gwaethl) Outrageous, warring. 
Gwaethu, v. a. (gwaeth) To make worse ; to im- 
pair, to damage. 

Meddyld pawb, yn ddlwaU, 
Bia waatbd aa ar y Udl. 


the doaa-maioa, better aad bettir tha^orpaa- 


• »ldl-baad 

cad k Ml van* lha» if ti ware a tady 

v. a6 Gidlym. 

Every body ouffbt, wllhod Ml. to lafrda and aot to dffnciate 
le aaotber. T, U. D. ab UgmL 

Gwaethwaetb, a. (gwaeth repeaied) Worse and 

Gwaethwaath fSMaaacr, g«ill»dl 1 

Wane and we 

Oaadbwadh, md mab fafr. 
Waree and wane, Ukc the |o«t*i brd. Adage. 

Gwaethwg, «. m. (gwaeth) An impaired state. 
Gwaethygadwy, a. (gwaethwg) Damageable. 
Gwaethvgaidd, a. rgwaethwgVTending to impair. 
Gwaethygedig, a. (gwaethwg) Damaged. 
Gwaethygiad, «. m. (gwaethwg) A rendering, or 

becoming worse ; a damaging, or impairing. 
Gwaethygu, e. a. (gwaethwg) To make worse, to 

impair, or to damage ; to become worse. 
Gwaethygns, a. (gwaethwg) Tending to impair. 
Gwaethygwr, s. m.— pi. gwaetbygwyr (gwaethwg 

— gwr) One who makes worse; a damager. ^ 
Gwaew, #. m.— pi. gweywyr (gwae) Pang, pain, 

or agony, a stitch, spasm, or gripe ; a lance, a 



% • 

of the 

(gwMw— ffon) 

rdr) The wan- 
-w ^^MMiiwiyrf (gwaew^Doff) 

Ow^^dM, «. flL (edU) An MtiM ewilMdr 
GwH^^inijdd^flk (gwigebwg) WmS! 
9^"8<H«» «. (eda) To act eaati<Mid«, to An. 

OwairtF^ «. «. («|jd; To tlma, to tidiew. 
Oi|^l^«^^^-fcaldi) Vainglorim 

Gara^Uad, s. m. (^iv^aleh) A leaderiiig,* 


^.« . ^*«iw--rk«dd) Roddy-speared. 

«. « »«**..« iktruii UwAla ; tik- Aftum, baitkl r^- 

— . -." 

» «!iiM^oflte ltl«ori»rUya;eUiioctoa 
« . . . '«w, CtuhAl'kl KMl or AffMl.tiM batd 

»«.«>^uik V M.^fL L aa (gwaew— saeth) A 

^ ^ ic^*«> A void, a vacaom. €• Void, 
.<.«^^« v^hMiii^ vala, IHvoloos. 

«.>«a >»^WI 9*^^*4 m eked «if • 

a^^<>ii» u m ^fWH) ^ «mptyliig ; a becom- 

v«H^^U» «i vpfH) Sonaewhat void, or empty, 
v^^i^ji^ •« o» Vl^*^) '^'^ render empty, or Toid, 

.V Kx>Miio emply, or void. 
vv^M^tM^NK •" m^^pi- 1* iM (fwaf— pren) A hd- 

v«»« «H d«««^)MNl timber. 
VH4^%^«WU •* M<- r'* gwafchwedlan (fwag^ 

x4««\slU Aa amply expreasiott. 
^^M«v4i««a(a, V. «< (gwagdiwedl) To utter void, 

iM uuok^aaliif oiLPresslons. 
^i^4%iuvi^ $s ei«l|waf ) Kmptloess, voidoess. 
\Wh«v,Ui««Us./. igwtf— trani) Vain waste. 
V»H^Ui««ai«w, •« «« (gwagdraul) To consume 

^iiAi<\s Uaf^rsuMaiP cmsff, to waste time 

^Nh^^, s. ak-pi. I. Att (fwig— ^y) An empty 
%^«««v^» •. m. (gwag) Emptiness, vanity; frivo- 

Oij«cli • r««d«rcli 
••M«%> tltAMtMHl iOtiidtll-Wdt tad 4cny «• y^J^^^^^ 

\<wi«v«ldiiwl, «. (fwagwid) Of a vain tendency. 
^«i««v«l<IM, s. m. (gwagedd) An acting vainly. 
%«VNigvdda» r* •• (gwagedd) To act vainly. 

awn Mr yii rM«^d«, • clu«4«*a Mhrydw. 
« W«^« taM IM« tt^img, Mi Mt«fteff <^n^ B^M 

^VN^vditut, «. (gwagedd) Tending to vanity. 
ti«^^t«Mwr, s. «i«— pf. gwageddwyr (gwagedd— 

|wr^ A wmm of vanity ; a trifler. 
tftwH^^wg, fl. (edtwg) areomapcct, cantlotts, 

btedAil, wary^ 

BM wutUwg ll«Ur. 

Gw^g^ickiav, ». «. (gwagfaleh) To ttader nil* 

gloriowi; ta beeaaie Tainglorloes. 
C wa ^da tA, «^ (gwag-molacli) Vaia-boeitii|. 
C wagfo la tMad, a. s. (gwagfolach) A Mifia| 

osteatationsij, or in a boastiag maimer. 
Owagfdacka, «. «. (gwagfolach) To act oiteoti- 

tioBsly, or swaggetlngly. 
Gwagfolaebas, «. (gwagfolach) Ostentatiou. 
Gwagfoly, 9.m.—pL t. an (gwag-boly) Eisptf 

bcUy, a. Empty-beilled. '' r' 

TW t^f-ieliitd will aoc Jm^y. Mtg^ 

Gwaggooed, s. BL (gwag— coned) VaiB rioiy. 
Gwaggonedd, s. ak (gwag-^nedd) \nn glofy. 
Gwagher, •./. (gwag— her) A vain bravado. 
Crwagherlad, «. m. (gw^er) A making an tn^ 

threat, or vannting. 
Gwagheriaat, 9jm. (gwagPier) An empty Tiontii^ 
Gwagberiwr, s. m.— al. gwagherwyr (gwigher- 

gwr) One who onkes a vain bravado. 
Owagboffedd, g. (gwag— hoffedd) Vain tffectm 
Gwaprfaoffi, ». a, (gwag-boffi) To dieriih a im 

affection, or partiauty. 
Gwagboffiant, #. m. (gwag— lioffi) Vain tffectim 
Gwagiad, t. ai. (gwag) An emptying ooL 
Gwagiaith, •./. (gwa^-iaith) l^npty tattle. 
Gwaglais, #. ai.-pl.gwag|eisinn (gwag-flais) Ai 

empty or hollow voice. «. Of ahiAowvoice. 


Oril«rM rkwof dock — ^ 

OofflMtaw bdrdd gwglei^an. 

Vm Utter b to ilof BpcU, fa eoMrrt 
ran; the bone of laoiroiatloB for (ho ooti 
Uof to iho bards ^ mt^y * 

• bcQM4o 
of Mob vt IT 

^1 !••• 

Gwaglwyf, f. /.—pi. «. aa (gwag— llwyQ tk 

linden, lime tree, or teil tree. 
Owaglwyfen, «./. (gwaglwyf) A Unden tree. 
Gwagogonedd, «. (gwag— gogonedd) Oiteatitis 
Gwagogoneddgar,a.(gwagogon«dd) VaingloriMf 
Gwagogoneddiad, s. ak (gwagogonedd) An set 

ing vainglorloasly, or osteotationaly. 
Gwagogoneddn, v. a. (gwH^ograedd} A behavia; 

Gwagogoneddas, a. (gwagogoondd) Vaingloriov 
Gwagogonl, «. a. (gwag— gogoal) T^ exalt vaio^ 

Owagogoniant,>.m.(gwag-«Qg«Miiuit) Vainilofl 
Owagorchest, a. /.—pi. <. ioa (gwag— gar^ 
An ostenUtioas exploit. 

Er tan MrM a cwafwieliaat, aM 4to ■waoM of^ ciatf* 
odd a cyfoclindll ar^aalUioa ctMb. — •..- »-^- 

Nocotthrtaodlar ^ o|iloloa of iho fcwda of ortmfofwM iM 

tawlSriJaai! """' "^ •■••^ •^■*« J^SiS; 

GwagorchesUwl, «. (gwngorcheat) Apt to act a 

ostenutions exploit ; vainly cniiilona. 
Gwagorchestiad, «. ai. (gwi^i«heat) A dmt 

feats oat of ostentation. 
Gwagorchesto, a. a. (gwagorclieat) To do an el 

tentatioos feat; to be vainly emoloos. 
Gwagorfoledd, #. at (gwag^-8«>rfol«dd) Vain « 

oltation, emp^ triumph. 







e,^orioMdniI,« (gna^ptrfoledd) Apt to exalt 

niilT ; nioly trimnptung. 
Cnfocfoleddiid, (. «. ^ingorroledd) A nliiljr- 

Gngorfdeddn, v. a. (gwagorfoledd) To rejoiee, 

or exalt, Ttioly 
Gngorfoleddiu, a. (gwagorfoledd) Vainly-joyous 
Gnir, J. «.-^ t an (gogr) A neve, or searce. 

ir)Ca * " 

Oncnw, a, (gwag— iai^ Capricions, fluttering; 

trifliof, light; wanton. 
Gngsawrwydd, <. m. (gwagsaw) CapridoasneaSy 

HotteruiKness, levity ; wantonness. 
Gw^faffroft, i. n. (gwaf— ymffrost) A vrin ex- 

iludon, or boaiting ; a rodomontade. 
Gngynffrofltiad, f. m. (gwagymffrost) A vainly 

Mustering ; Tahi exultation. 
GmgrmffriMtiaw, «. a. (gwagymffrost) To rodo- 

aootade, to vulkit ao empty blnstering. 
6vtS7mffro&tiawl,a. rgwagymffrost) Vainly Uns- 

teriog, Tiinly exolting. ^ 

Cwgymffrortiwr, s. ««.— pi. gwagymffrostwyr 

(pngymffroit— gwr) An empty blusterer. 
Gngymgsia, «. m. (gwag— ymgais) A vain at- 
tempt; an abortiTe feat. 
finKyDgeinady 9, (gwagymgids) A making m 

Gqpiveisiaw, «. «. (gwagymg^s) To make a 

niB, or fmiHess attempt. 
C«iiiu,f.a. (gwa— han) A separation; diver- 

itjf difference, distinction. Ar wmktmy apart. 
Mtt, 0. (gw»— ban) Separate, distuoiety dis- 

liaKushed, particobur. 

Rblu ya Ibiica jm Ihnr Porgmot, 
IV1 Oriit MCBi ioyaw la tte taad of M 


««ts who 

Mmdwy, «. (gwaiian) Sepamble, diTislble ; 

^stingniMile, diserlminable. 
^nbaBsi,i.n.--pl. gwabaneion (gwaban) Tbe 

fnitiTe ease, in grammar. 
Hkmtor, gtr. (gwaban) Being separating, 
^■sbnvl, €. gwidiaii) Separating, disjunctive. 
««kaWyg, «. m.—^ #. ion Tgwahan— plyg) 

^ diiphora, a term ib rbetonc. 
<i«teedig,a.(gwa]ian)Sepanited; diversiiied. 
(•ikuicdl^eth, f . «.— ^ t an (gwabaaedig) 

Sepfliitiott: dlscrimlnntios. 
^vahuedigaetbydd, s. m.— p). I. ion (gwahan- 

(^ig^eth) That wbich denotes a proceeding 

fran; tiie genitiTe case. 

Gnhuiedigawl, a. (gwahanedig) Implying a se- 
jm&Hi, or distinction . 

6o<aoedigrwydd, «. m. (gwahanedig) Separa- 
^tj; diacrimtnateness. 
^■«iifed,f. ».— pi. e. an (gwaban— bod) Di- 

*fnity of existence. 

T* P*A M«a yn abrad : y llctaf o hob byw, u o hyoy daeb- 
K^Mqdi pob nSb, M • bynt cyaaydd, yr hynn ia BclHr newa 
(!f«r«afa • « ifiiaitv pob ptfb o^r mnn, m o byoy fwateofod. 

JW thrti (Uhi of BuBi^ty In the inchaathrc P«*ff ^«Miou • lk« 
Waf kll KfeTiuid dMMe a Moaiafft the natber of alt tUoft, 

*^i^^«M« iMTCwe, vkMi itoab necnkc place in ■nother atalc ; 
Mte feiaiatt ei afl tfrite* fkon Iha Scad, aad thence MriWy 

(v^fodawl, a. (gwabanfod) Of a distinct 
■i<e of eiistenee. 

*^ltt^)af, a. (gwaban— claO HI of tbe lenrosy. 
«^hia|te(yd, s. at.— pi. #. on (gwabanglaf) Tbe 
. Itpmjr, or leparation disease. 
^•AMiglwyf, f . m.— pi. t. au (gwaban— dwyf) 

^vtejiwyiinpl, «. (gwtbnglfiyf) Lepffooa^ 

Gwabaniad, s. m.«*pL t. an (gwaban) A aeparat- 

in, or dif idiog ; separation. 
Owalianiaetb, s. m.— nl. t, an (gwaban) A sapa^ 

rating, partition ; discrioiinaDoa, distlnetloa. 

TH awahiBtauli angaiMffM rhwec dya. a ybah fenr vnM, • 
Daw: lD« ar ddya, le aii fcUtr ar Ddaw ; dechce at Am, ac ola 
geUlr ar Maw; ae aBgea newtd cySwr omol yn affhylca y K«ya' 
frTar ddya, o aaoddKfVyihaedd y oHwaaL ae ale gfttr w JMrt* 
f ao alln pob dyoddef, a hyny gin wyafyd. 

The three eaafeidabie dUtimetUma bel wee a aaa, wtth aveiy 
other llvlBf tUbf, and Ood; lallade ■• to Ban, whieh eaaaoC ha 
wUb God; a heffaalaf •■ lo saa, arhkh caaaot he tellh Ood, aad 
a neccdklij of a rotatory chaaga of hie aiode ef exialeaee ia tiie 
circle or leildty as tt» aaa. bewff froa aaable to beer tiie ledtaai 
of eterally, wMch caoaoC be wUi God^ froai Ui beiag aUe to ea- 
doie all thUifBf aad thai coarittaat vith MlcHy. ~ ' 

Owabaniaefbawl, a. (gwabaniaetb) Dlscrimina- 
tive; disjunctive. 

Owabaniaetbu, «. c (gwabaniaetb) To make a se- 
paration ; to discriminate, to distinguish. 

Owabanitor, np. (gwaban) To be in separating. 

Gwabanlen, s. f>—fL t, i (gwaban — ^llen) A se- 
paration veil. 

Gvrabannod, s. m.— pi. t, au (gwaban— nod) A 
point of division; a colon. 

Gwabannodawl, a. (gwabannod) Having a point 
of separation; duuacteristicu. 

Gwabannodi, v. a. (gwabannod) To put pofants of 
separation ; to cbaracteriie, to pnnctnate. 

Gwahannodiad, s. m. (gwabannod) A dlstlnctloa 
by points ; Interpnnction. 

Gwabanoldeb, «. m. (gwabanawl) Separateness. 

Gvrabanoli, v, a. (gwuanawl) To render separate. 

Gwabanolrwyddyf.m. (gwabanawl) Separateness. 

Gwabanran, t. /.—pi. t^ au (gwaban — rban) A 
separate part*, a paragraph. 

Gwabanranawl, a. (gwiAanran) Tending to se* 
parate into parts; particularising. 

Gwabanrannu, v. a. (gwabanran) To separate 
into pars ; to divide Into paragraphs. 

Gwabanred, s. /.—pi. I. ion (gwaban) Discrimi- 
nation ; peculiarity; a characteristic. 

S» Nidocelinrhediethdyaa«ioBddeB«aaihciiir;!«franal>f 
awahaaied iliwBf y atitl beCh a'r lUU; ya acwf ynadiawdd 

There are to heama knowJedge bet two pHnclpal parti: that 
i», ia the Intphiee, a 4t$aHmimmHm betwaeuaaethtof MSaaa- 
ther ; aad oext ceaoiaeM of ■ pecch. M» Ptrru 

Gwabanredadwy, a. (gwidianred) That may ba 
separated into parts ; diserlminable. 

Gwabanredawl, a, (gwabanred) Discriminating. 

Gwabanredoldeb, «. m. (gwabanredawl) Discri- 
minateaess, distinctness. 

Gwabanredoli, v. a. (gwahanredawl) To discri- 
minate ; to characterise. 

CNrahanredoliad, s. m. (gwahanredawl) A discri- 
minating, a separating into parts. 

Gwabanredoliaetb, s. m. (gwahanredawl) The 
state of being separated ; discrimination. 

Gwabanredoirwydd, «. m. (gwahanredawl) Dis- 
criminateness, distinctness of character. 

Gwahanredo, o. a. (gwabanred) To discriminate. 

Gwahanrwydd, «. m. (gw^an) Separateness. 

Gwabansang, s. /.—pi. t. an*( gwaban— eang) An 
interposition ; a parentbetiis. 

Gwabansangawl, a. (gwabansang) Interposing; 

G wahansangiad,s.m. ^gwahansang^ An Interposing 

Gwabansangn, v. a. (gwabansang) To Interpose ; 
to put in a parenthesis. 

Gwahann, «. a. (gwaban) To separate, to part, 
to divide, to sever, to put asunder; to distln- 
guisb, to discriminate. 

A wahaaodd gaawd ffwabioodd ddolar. 
JIa that Aee^rfMl«il*l«ii Sat AarMwilSpaa. ^dwr. 




Owihanwr, f. m.— ^ gwahanwyr (gwahan — 
gwr) One who separates, or divides. 

OwalMoydd,t.M.-~p2. 1, ton (gwahan) A separater 

Gwahardd, i. m.—pl. t. oedd (hardd) A prohibi- 
tion ; a chedc. Heb rdunrdd, heb erbynwedjfd, 
without prohibition, without contradiction. 

Gwahardd, v. a. (hardd) To prohibit, to forbid. 

Trl iilwtk • «mbcrddlr f fwdd: dwyn ufowl, dirra tatom, s 

- J!ir!! .•*■•"«■ •refifUdden to » bud: to pnetiie 4kpnb«, to 
pnctiiolaMor«]tt7,aDdtobcsranu. Smrdd^. 

Eiif m'tb weMrdd 

CyfaUlt ft BMb aiUt jr Mrdd. 

Am* will Boc ktttrdiei tboe, tboa frlcad ftftd foUor ton of bart*. 

D, A Owilfmu 

Gwaharddadwy, a. (gwahardd) That may be for- 
bidden, or prohibited. 

Owaharddator,^ er. (gwahardd) Being forbidding. 

Gwaharddawl, a. (gwahardd) Prohibitory. 

Gwaharddedig, a. (^ahardd) Prohibited, for- 
bidden; under an interdiction, contraband. 

Owaharddedigaeth, s. m. — pL t, an (gwaliardd- 
edig) A prohibition, or interdiction. 

Gwaharddedigawl, a. (gwaharddedig) Proliibitnry 

Gwaharddiad, s. m,'--pl. t, an (gwahardd) A pro- 
hiliiting; a prohibition, or interdiction. 

Gwaharddiaeth, t. m.— pi. t. an (gwahardd) Pro- 
hibition, interdiction. 

Gwahardditor,s«cp. (gwahardd) To be forbidding. 

Gwahardd n,v.a. (gwahardd) To prohibit, to forbid 

Gwaharddwr, s . m. — pL^piraharadwyr (gwahardd 
— ^gwr) One who prohibits. 

Gwahawd^, s. «.— fii. gwahoddion (gwa— hawdd) 
A bidding, or iuTitation. 

Gwahawdd, «. a. (gwa— hawdd) To bid to come, 
to invite. 

Ewch gmft hyay aUaa I'r prif-ffyrdd ; ft chysolfor ft gftffoeh fwft 
botMwcb I'r brkidaa. 

Oo ttuntlw oat Isto the Uffb-wftyt ; sad •■ aftajr •• ye shall 
iad do iTM tmrnit* to tho Bftrriiffc. W, SaUtbmrp, 

Orwf llya al alar oad ft vahoddcr. 
Poor la tho coBrt whert only imek m» ht iawUtd aie adailtlad. 

Gwahen, «. ai. (gwa — hen) An exhaustion. 
Gwahenawl, a. (gwahen) Tending to empty. 
Gwaheniad, «. m. (gwahen) A pouring out 
Gwahenu, v. a. (gwahen) To pour out, to empty 

Bia pas wftbaaer hyay. 
Shftlloar whM that $k»U At trnptUd. Adage, 

Gwahen wr, «. m.—pl. gwahenwyr (gwahen — gwr) 
A pourer, an emptier. 

fhrahenydd, t. m.— -pi. t, ion (gwahen) One who 
pours out; one who empties. 

Gwahoddadwy, a. (gwahawdd) That may be in- 

Gwahoddai, s. m. (gwahawdd) An inviter. 

Gwahoddator, ger, (gwahawdd) Being inviting. 

Gwahoddawl, a. (gwahawdd) Inviting, bidding. 

Owahoddedig, a. (gwahawdd) Invited, or that is 
bidden. Gwakodd^digitnf those who are in- 

Gvrahoddedigaeth, «.«!• (gwahoddedig) InviUtion 

Gwahoddedigawl, s. (gwahoddedig) Invitatory. 

Gwaboddgar, a. (gwaliawdd) Fond of inviting. 

Gwahoddiad, #. m.— pi. i, ao (gwahawdd) An in- 
vitation, or a bidding to come. 

Gwalioddiaeth, «• m. (gwahawdd) An invitation. 

A hoddyw hob arabodrflaoih, 
* Y Mocthaa i yaiaitli aeth 7 

Aod t»dfty vlthoM as ioottofMh aiy cbcoriaa troalmenla aro 
»U l«M ! A mb iff wrf Gvya. 

Owahodditor, sup. (gwahawdd) To be inviting. 

Gwahoddwr, s. m.— f I. gwahoddwyr (ewiluwdd 

—gwr) An inviter. 
Gvrai, s. m. (gwa) That is in motion or action. 
Gwaii, #. M.— pi. gweilion (gwa-il) Thatuo?er 

spare, at hand, or attendant. ' 

Gwailg, a. m. (gwaii) That is over, or apon. 
Gwain, s. f.^pL gweiniau (gwa— in) Thatserrei: 

that supports ; a carriage, a wain, a wanon ; t 

scabbard, a sheath. 

Hawdd yw tyaa rlcddyf hyr a walft. 
A dioit iwoid la oaaily drawa fnai Ibo toMmrd. 'fif, 

Gwain, a. (gwa— in) Smart, neat; brisk, lively. 

A daa draod adar fwyr fwftaar ffwala. 

I «w ander tho root of the bMi of pfay Baa of Ma ctftcr. 


Gwaint, «. m. (gwain) That is smart, or oetl; 

that is lively, or chearful; smartness. 
Gwaint, a. (gwain) Smart, or neat; brisk; lifdj, 

Br lUs gwledlff Noa, ffvalai ya aihlymwyd. 

For the good of the tomeiffa of Mob, orrfni la die fOMfict 



Oaowf tofwch fy>.dfa gwthd, 
Ya lliryr, er aiaist a fe^. 

»i!!2^"* !■ •aoqaile J««ly to pralae tho heaaty of .y nun rrt, 

whatercrboDiay kaov. ' Gt^tUt. 

Gwair, «. m.->pl. gvreiriaa (gwa— 4r) That iliooti 
out lively; that u brisk, or luxuriant; Iisy.- 
Gipatr rAM, meadow hay ; gwmrgwyndwn, ki; 
off dry land, or where com is also groira 
gioatr 6nu, coarse, or rushy hay ; bng-v^ 
and rAos-watr, hay off moist mountain-ipiMBd 
ton-uHiir, common meadow hay ; gmtr ktU 
hay off marshes overflowed by the sea; iwn 
">^%"t guillwort. 

Gwair, a. (gwa— ir) Of a fr«sh, or Uvely natnrf 
apt to shoot, or to sprout; ardent; waatoa. 

Tartanawg, oanawv eni 
" ibair, 
Ac al dyr I doyn-«lr. 


medwyV Bomrt 

i dyr ooffyr aofcrdd «ftir» 

Tho iUeld-hcariaf famd raTafv. the OMaMoibh nrier d\ 
he.ocacy, bat doc* aot braak hla rovfti woW. 

dn^ddtim, i m 

Gwaisg, J. m. (gwa— lag) A briak motion , brid 

ness ; vigour, energy. 
Gwaisg, a. (gwa— isg) Of • qaick motion; apt 

run; brisk, sprighdy; Tollatale. adv. Btiik] 

actively, alertly. 

Gwalif i»a dwyfodd e^wdd 
Smmriiw did afltcUoa 

Gweuais fowtdd « ^___ -- 

Ooo f aioc I Portaawt wco. 

I forawd ft MMff of tho Uwtiw mmo. 


ft vocal «n)'«t« 

Gwaith, ». m.— pi. gweithiodd (gwai) Act, or i 
tion; work, labour; workmanship; aaacti^ 
or battle. Gwaiik y rwenyn, chequer-vcM 
gwaitk y pnf/^ the barbies. 

Dvopartb fvaith «l ddeclira^ 
Two parti of a wtrk h to befia ic Jitu 

Nl cbeSIr r«alUi r»r fn wao. 
AnaB^MrAcaaaotbotedflk^vfthoy. Ad^ 

EfBollr pa»b with al 
Nl char 6ofydd 

Evf ry bo4y will bo praJMd acordii^ to hte 
not Uie ho|)rlr««. 

O«ao hwTDl yr ynfyiUoii 
Ran fa walth Faddoa. 

Woe to Iheai tbo fooll«h oaoa whea iko kmtiU of 



Gwaith, s./.— pi. gweithian (swmi) Course, 1 
or time. C/nirailA, oae Ume^ or once; 




gwtUkt three tinei, or thriee ; tmheli mrilJb, 
nnetimcsy or now and then ; weitkUut^ some- 
tiaes; Utwer gwdik, many tlmeft^ or ddifdd' 
iwtitkf opoD a certain day ; if w^h Aon, this 

Giatb, adv. (gwai) Becaose fhat, since. Gwaiih 
fddrff porpoeely; aid eit yao imitaaad oUicra, I 
did Dot go there beeanae that I coald not. SiL 

G9tlfS,/,-fL I. an (gwa^al) A place shut in, 
fewed or shdtered ; a place of repose ; a shel- 
Kr; t bed, or cooch ; a place where animals 
lie; a bed in a garden ; a piece of coltiTated 
^Twnd; a fidlow; an inhabited country. — 
Gwtl cmack, a hare*s form : gwal ew$gy and 
l^v^f a dormitory, a place where people at 
banest retire to sleep. SU. The Cymmry ap- 
propriated this name to regions that were cnl- 
tifi(ed and had a ^xed inhabitancy, as oppos- 
d to the wilds, or the unsettled residences of 
Die CtUind, Celyddon^ Gtcyddyl^ Gwyddehd^ 
)tg»ti4id, and Y$godog%on ; which are terms 
dttcriptive of sach tribes as lived by hunting 
md tending their flocks. In late periods Gwal 
fcaibeea a name used in a loose acceptation for 

GwBtei tr W«i yunen dnrch. 
G»r t ciisa>i8am gwrdchioD-nwch. 

Lei hm ukr 0V(r 60til a broken blade, the hero with % hun- 
MfaoMof arteot ipulM. T. AUd, i B^tLmh Tktu 

— Rhw ciw^r TBtol, 

Rhtff wf ■ v«Md, rhair rbiryr Gwal, 

^**t rvB iww rbaco'D y llwjn 

Klnr fvaew anap, rliar rwcDwyn, 

Dewl Tth wcddl nl Uiaa, 

Dcrfel a'th fdd 70 d'aHka. 

^nhw dire dncaie, afaioet weapoD and blood, afalott the lo- 
*«*^ of Caal, aeaiMi a haad*^n from the oppoelte weed, 
*^<« ercataal pafo, «(alnM polvon, Dewi to tby prayer will not 
iTiibiit, brrrd wlli preserve thee in thv arnt. 

iA. morganwgr • R. Mantel. 

Portynffal,r-« hyd Wal. 

Tbrj did beai Spain, Portufral, and aa far aa Oa«l. 

Bfrir. Oajpdd^ i JUmyr SlittAeth. 

rtb welcd, wr, i*tb wal da — • 

To Kc thee, food Mlaw, in thy tDor tkeUfr ii pleasing. 

D. MGwUgm, i*r epffiflog. 

To Uc rindal fw offhylcb cl wal, 
Cwelld earpfaia. 

l«4ead of Sac Hiaen roand hla camek, raga were acen. 

Y Brawd Mad. ab GwatUtr, i OriH, 

CrM i Ddow 

A*ii rboddea, dySao. 
Gwen-wlad, ipval ola«. 

Mftfcia Ged» who» am ft Thanday, prepared for ■• the nflon 
"^i tpkudid plaet af rest. TaUttbt, 

Cdtwmir dy wal, call air da, 
Dwrb y wiedd, na chywUyddia. 

^ Wc ik| n^iat na«, la a good witty cxpreaalon, ortr the feast, 
^4awHBoc ^d0gc. 

^^} 1. A-irf. t» ian (gwa) A fence, a rampart, 
« mil. GwAl S^er, ttie wall of Severas ; 
Fn y v^/, head of the wall; pen ^irdf, wall 

^1 *• M< (gwal) Follness, snfliciency, enough. 

Ac edid mor ddrwg ydwyd. 
Gad fyih «■ gwala o f«yd. 

M hardlt, aa had Iboa art, wilt fhoa erer get one /f U of vlc- 

^bf , ». /—p/. *. an (Uabr) That is spread 
^teveii; a pathway. 

Gwalahr haal gloew wybr y w hi. 
TW *m^*paikma9 la the clear ether. 

D. •( GwUpm, 

or arranger ; i leader or head of a tribe ; a so- 
vereign, or supreme ruler. 

Fan fhl welydr htdr hydwyll, 
Y belrdd a ddywawd o bwyil. 

When bold nUeri are Sable to deception, the bards speak dis- 
creetly. Mj.ab0.ab I'^/rig. 

Gwaladriad, a. m. (gwaladr) A disposing or ar- 

Gwaladm, e. a. (gwaladr) To dispose, to arrange, 
to put in order or trim. 

Gwalaed, a. m. (gwala) A making full, or replete. 

Gwalaeth, a. m.— p2. t. an (gw — alaeth) That 
grieves, a cause of sorrow. 

Gwalaethiad, a. m. (gwalaeth) A causing grief. 

Gwalaethu, v. a. (gwalaeth) To cause grief. 

Owelrfyl def , fy rbeg, tf rhin— 
Rhyn gwalaeth. 

Fkir Owfllriyi, ny hUaa, ay lovoi she eamtft we er<i>/ extreme. 

^^ibbriad, a. m. (gwalabr) A making a path. 
^viiabru, V. a. (gwalabr) To make a path. 
^^*^, «. ai. (gwal) Arrangement, order. 
^^'•Wr, #.«,— pi. gwelydr (gwalad) A diaposer, 

Vol. U. 


Hlraeth a'm gwalaeth gweled araaw fwng 
Gynbdirwng echwug; och o*r coddtew 1 

Longing makrs me ta mMim to see upon him the aad aUeadane* 
le the narrow space; atos, tfa<* rovcring over! 

BUdagn Farddt M. O. Oach. 

Gwalaru, v. a. (alaru) To aatiate, to surfeit. 
Gwalas, a. /. — pi. t. an (gwal) A conch ^ a bed ; 
low land, a plain or level. 

Gwell eanol eweilgi cain, 
Owalai morfnrch, a gwylaln. 

The veina acroas the fair ocean, the cencA of the sea boraes and 
the gulls. Or. Grygt i*r dom. 

Gwalbant, a. /.— p*. *. an (gwal— pant) Tlie top 
of a wall of a bnllding where the beams rest. 

Gwalc, a. f.—^l. t, iau (gwal) Fence-work ; a fen- 
der; a palisade; a battlement; a parapet; a 
rail ; a cock of a hat; the hair of the head turn- 
ed up. Girak catteUf battlement of a castle; 
guHtlc pont, battlement of a bridge ; gwale car, 
the frame of a drag that holds the load. 

Y golodog 

Vwchiaw d wale uchel wen, 
Goiyo a wna gwaelha'r gwaa. 

The wealthy, orer his battUmmt Ugh and white, will ask the 
weak to do bis woraL W, MiddUlan. 

Gwalciad, a. m. (gwalc) A turning up ; a making 
a fence, or parapet; a cocking. 

Gwalciaw, a. a. (ffwalc) To turn up ; to make a 
fence-work, to make a parapet ; to cock. 

Gwalciawg, a. (gwalc) Having a fence, a battle- 
ment, parapet, or rail ; cocked. Met wakiawe, 
a cocked hat. 

Pan fo gwyr yn waldawg 
A'r gwrdgedd yn grlbawg ; 
Mdblon yn aagcllawg 
Ac ysgawn aangao— y bydd hyn. 

When the men shall be with ctieitd katt, aad the women bigb- 
crtstrd, and the yoaths with flaanting wlags, and Hcbt steps, will 
all this be. Oranw lidu. 

Gwaloiedlg, a. (gwalc) Turned up ; fenced ; hav- 
ing a parapet ; cocked. 

Gwaicu, V. a. (gwalc) To turn up ; to fence ; to 
make a parapet ; to cock. 

Gwalch, a. m.—pk gweilch (gwal) That rises, or 
towers up; a crested one*, a hero; a falcon, a 
hawk. Yr tryt yn wakh rkyfedd, thou art a 
wonderful fine fellow; 0*r gwalch f O you sly 
one! gwaUh y weUgi^ the osprey; gwakh y 
penwaigf the razorbill; also called coa gan lung- 
tor, or the seaman's foe. 

' Mai adain i walch. 

Like vinga to (he AmvA. Adagf* 

Cynam — 

Eryr fjrmyr giryr, gwdlch disaecneg. 

Cynan. the earte of the land of men, who are Amvm with no 
English. _ Caiuadtfn. 




Gwakliaidd, a, (gwaleb) Apt to rise vp ; like m 

hawk ; full of spirit; dieerfol ; ardi. 
Gwalcl)e«, «. /.— j>/. t, ao (gwaleh) A female hawk; 

a sprightly female. 
Owalchiad, «. m. (gwalcb) A risia|r« or soaring. 
Owalchlys, s. /. (gwaleh— llys) Hawk's beard ; 

otherwise called L/yna» yr kibawg, 
Owaleho, v. «. (gwaleh) To soar, or to tower op. 
Gwalchwr, s . m,— pi, gwalchwyr (gwalch~gwr) A 

hawker, or a falconer. 
Gwalchwriaeth, «. m. (gwalchwr) Falconry. 

Yb Itch 

Ns fwcilch r« hnrvilB as r<«kliwita«lh. 

Adlea, do boic of hawk* to b« cairted, nor of kmwkimr. 


Gwalchydd, «. m.—p{. #. ion (gwaleh) A falconer. 

Gwalchyddiaeth, s . m. (gwaldiydd) Falconry. 

Gwald, «. /.—pi. L ian (gwml) A hem; a welt. 
Gwold e»gid^ the welt of a shoe. 

Owaldas, t. m,—pl. t. an (gwal— tas) A strength- 
ening welt, hem or border ; a shoe welt 

Gwaldiad, s. m. (gwald) A welting; a hemming. 

Gwaldon, •./.— pi. I. ao (gwal— ton) The raised 
bank of a river, or dike. 

Gwaldn, v. a. (gwald) To welt, or to hem. 

Gwides, #./.— pi. e. au (gwal) A coach, a bed. 

R* fJFdd dobjf I b«cli yn dy walct. 
So not like s tow lo iby cmcA. ild«f«. 

Uoesr waJoi yn wont war. 

'fboa dUrtnake dwcMoiIfy of UooffH* a tanc darrt. 

X/. P. Jf«cA, i LywHfn 1. 

CyiB reeled (wain ajckcdlff, 
Caffwyf GritC, fy rbwyf, fy rbySf ! 

Bfforc I we Ihv ttmck of pHiinv* aiav I flnd Chiftt, ny loid, 

Gwalfa, «./.— pi. t, an (gwal) A stratum. 

Owelwn— y llawr ya walfa o bob diryddUrtb. 

I coaM get the floor a cooUaocd $lrmtmm of every Uad of bolcbery. 

Slit Ww%, Bmrdd Cwg. 

Gwalfawr, a. (gwal— mawr) Of large extent. 

OyUHvlh y gur ffwallkwr bva. 
Wide b the twallow of Ihls hrngtMIUd maa. 

Gwallad, «. m. (swiH An enclosing, a walling. 
Gwaliaw, v. c. (gwAI) To enclose, to wall. 
Gwallawg, a. (gwil) Enclosed with a wall. 
Gwaling, «. wi^'-fil. I. an (gwal) A litter. 

Y'agbwr b«th anfbywair 
AM gwallBf ya tA ffwyllaa. 

la OM concr of ao aoOdy bot wllb ber li(i«r kccpinf ber 

Gwaltes, «. m,—fl, gwaltelslan (gwald) A welt. 

Gwalteisiad, «. m. (gwaltes) A welting. 

Owalteisiaw, v. a. (gwaltes) To welt, as a shoe. 

Gwaltysiad, s. m. (gwaltes) A welting. 

Gwaltysa, v. a. (gwaltes) To welt ; to hem. 

Owalu, V. a. (gwal) To form a b€Ni or conch; to 
take to a conch ; to wallow. 

OMralwys, «. pi. aggT.—fL t. on (gwal— gwys) 
Gaols, or the people or France. 

Gwa]y,«. m.— pl« t. on (gvral) What contains, ca- 
pacity, or the Inside. 

0«rll wyoeb aa r*^. 
The Mvfcce b beller ibau ibo im»id«, JtUge, 

Aafcl a1 rbir y'orvaly rhad. 

Aa aagcl will coaal Ua la lhe/allaM« oTffnco. 

£.0. CelAJ. 

Gwalyaid, s. m.— /il. gwalyeidlan (gwaly) What 
is eontained, the fill, or contents. 

Dyro l*M aa gwalyaM o fwyd. 

Gwalyaw, v. a. (gwaly) To fill, to make fidl. 
Gwalyawd, «. «•• (gwaly) A filling: asatiatiag. 
Gwalyawg, a. (gwaly) Having the fill ; satiated. 
Gwalystawd, f . m. (gwal— ystawd) Pecalisr Iscs- 
tion, or arrangement. 

Pob dlarli^ ya agwalyMawd d llytfiyna cytilB. 

Every proverb to be aader tbo peemUm- 

7. •* l/te. 

nlUve ieiter. 

Gwall, «. m.'-pl. i. an (gw-all) That U effaiedi 
that Is oat, void, or empty ; a lapse ; a £uUog, 
or defect; need, want; neglect, heedle«B», 
— Girall vrngelidd, want of cheriiUni; fwB 
jyatpyr, defect of sense ; gwall tea, nq;lect «f 
looking after fire. 

Maedlawl ffvodleael gvatt arao. 
The devil huroaoda/olilofaiMMiUB. Mitp. 

Myoycb bcb raid bod arvaM. 
FreqaenUfwUbooieccaaloaoBebopoolbewrwf. 4itff. 

Qwallaw,e. a. (gwaU) To draw, or poorest; tc 
empty ; to ezhanst ; to let go. N«'» r»**» 
o'tk law, do not let me go out of thy hsad. 

Myaar— irom Calitawd Oododia I waOaw araaai y aoi 
rbodda ef oH fodd ; al elH dltbaa d drddaw. 

I will bave ihe bora of Colgawd of OodaHa (• ''v^ . _. 
apoB ■«• tbat BifbC ; be will oot give te ofWj oiira •gjM** 
COM! Ihoo force bla. H. Cmikweh-lUimt*^ 

GwaUawd, ». m,-^pL gwallodion (gwaU) A fsUBit 
a mistake. 

Odlyd fed ■evn fwaHawd br. 
UyBwalcb, aier ddaU a Homer. 

TboB migblrrt be la ooe sboct »Up, »fViite W«J, » "«* • 
Hooer. l^' Cpuirti, iE.rn^ 

Gwallawf, s. m.—pl. gwaUofion (gwall) An ei 

haustion ; an out-pouiing. 
GwaUawg, a. (gwall) DefecUve, or faulty. 

md fwalUwf firadawf fradwrli^ 
MabDaw er anb dy a dlrpetaetb. 

Tbe dccHtfel treicbery lo the Son of God b ad <;[<«<«** 
retpecc to tbe MlvaiioB of the aooa of bmo. cir«««^ 

Gwallawgalr, «. m. (gwsdlawg— gair) A Wie o 
pression ; an error in pleading. «• Fssltj i 

Nl eby II aeb d dir ya afwallavffatr, ooi ddyreydSo dxr c«* 

No oae •ball Iom hb bad tnfmU* pimdimg caeriA » itoSb 

pea three Uaiee. ITiU Uw 

GwallawRair y w yr hawlwr a gollo d hawl o w«il. 

flmlle i« mUmding b the dalonat ttat dwU Umkk rM^ 
defect. »'♦*'* '^ 

Gwallawiad, «. m. (gwaliaw) A pouring oat. 
Gwallawwr, s. ai.- pi. gwallawwyr (gwsUsu- 
gwr) A poorer ont, or emptier. 

Daa lygad swrlh ya aailhgilf, 
Diyttyr walbvwyr llTf. 

Two ud eyee agalad OMh other weeplaff, aarUbd JMi^rVJ 
of itrwi O' ** vmufm 

Gwallawydd, «. «i.-pl. #. ion (gwaliaw) A pooM 
Gwallbwyll, f. m. (gwall— pwyll) Defective, \ 

fallible reason; irrationality. 
Gwallbwyllaw, v. w. (gwallbwyll) To becosse 4 

fective In reason ; to lose the reason. 
Gwallbwyllawg, a. (gwallbwyll) Having a dtt^ 

tive reason ; halfwitted. J 

Gwslldan, s. m.— pi. (. an (gwall— tan) Acs 

snming fire. 

0»a:idaa y«*a dnS rhd r«vylltle« dfe«M, 
Aar y w ac eaaU i rai gwcbiM*. 

He U like a wiUJIr,, taatof lh« 
•OHi b gold to Ihate who are 


Gwallddefnydd, «. as. (gwnll— defnydd) A wn 

use, or purpose. 
Gwallddehiyddlad, a. «. (gwnlMdelbydd) A p 

ting Ion wrong wc. 




OmflddefiiyMUiw, v. «. (gwalMdefliydd) To pnt 

to wroiif pnrpote, to misose. 
OnlMdenTildiawl, «• (gwallddefnydd) Tending 


GmllfivD, f./. (gwtU— barn) Fanlt^ jndgment. 
OwiitftnUf «. i. (gwanfam) To mi^adge. 
GmllgaiDy t* WL (gwall— can) A fabe step. 
GvallgunOy «.«. (gwaUganiJ To take a iabe step. 
Gnii^, #. M. (gwall— cor) Distraction. 
Gvill|ofi, V. R. (gwallgof) To fail in memory ; to 

bccNue distracted, or disordered in mind. 
M/^ofiad, s. IN. (gwallgof) A distracting; a 

beeomiog distracted, or disordered in mind. 
G«iil|oU, s. n. (gwall— coll) Loss by neglect. 
^ffiUgoiij, 9. a. (mllgoU) To lose bv neglect. 
6i%fnutb, tj.—fl. gwallgyftdthiaQ (gwall— 

cyfnitb) A faalty, or defectire law. 

fl*j«d tr r.By* iMwo, nU OS oed idJo 1 •Irii: 7 SyddliiVBir . 
MfTMygwiOnMtMaa.acycBaiddefodaa. ' 

ff» dataut itedd pairaa » dafm In ite cMrt of aMmriil*, 
mat kiat't deiMCy prohUaff o««r thai coart, ihcitt is ao dctet 
itflaiottMer: oo Um* day tbc ^wIIm Imm uid Um wiom 

iiWlbaktancod. ITHmA ' 

Cnl&ad, «. M.--p|. I. an (gwall) A faiUng, a be- 

ag defective ; a neglecting. 
^iiDg, I. si.>-pl. I. an (gwall) A loose gown. 
mOocUd, «. m. (gwallawg) Defection ; a neg- 
J^of ; a becoming defective. 
mlkcao, «.«. (gwallawg) To render defectiTe ; 

« neglect; to become defecti¥e. 

^f^mm J (yfniib o^ bunheo, onU gaa waUocla cmn- 


J^eUM tola* «IU DOt be tot Aran beiof daUow oTIL bat by 
*«*«>>/ lo le oa after prralMtoa ia rraoted. Iftl** Zsmw. 

^^ibkftin, t. a. (gwallawf; To become defective 
•r nUsdous. 

•^•'Wunt, f . M. (gwnllawf) A defection, or fail- 
le i indigence. 

Ovfll Eft vrts towb iteff iwaltofcin*. 
tn « kMer to every ooe agaliiaC imdigtmee, L, O. CotkL 

Jjjjorawd, «. ai. (gwallawf) An eahaosting. 
^o6y f. a. (gwallawf) To poor ; to exhaust. 
•JIfifiad, f. m.—pi. gwaUofiaid (gwallawf) A 
^»er, upster, or butler. 
^«&w, ». c. (gwallawf) To pour out. 
J^md, f, n. (gwallawf) A pouring out. 
?«JMwdr, «. ai.— pi. gwallofiodron (gwallof-— 
■Jo) A poorer ; a drawer of liquor. 
^J|«^,f.Hi— pi.gwallofwyr (gwallawf— gwr) 
••*»7<M, t. ai.— pi. t. ion (gwallawf) A pour- 
^^i ao ezhaoater ; a drawer of liquor. 
J^wa, i.ia. (gwall) A poorer, or scatterer. 
^J*^ ^gr.—pl. I. an (gwall) The hair of 
■*Mad. Gaealll y dilatar, or earuHilll y /or- 
"S^eoooBOB hair-mois; gwalU ^/orwyHf oom- 
*^ laaidenhair; gw0iU gwtmr^ or dtielydd, 

KM Moel fvr yn arawa fwallt. 
4 J«nn aaiilaf Aw kmir to ooC bald. ^d«f r. 

H^tadd, a. (gwalU) Hair-like, capillary. 
^*Si«- (gwallt) Having hair; long-liaired. 
^ iMlttaisf , a blaunng star. 
^tfelea,«. U. •/ swalltfelyn) Yellow-haired. 
I^ifelya, a. (gwaUt— melyn) Yellow-haired. 
l^'HlDcli, a. (gwallt— coch) Red-haired. 
*||Wch,a. (gwallt-Hsrych) Curly-haired. 
^'tUr, a. (gwaUt— bir) Long-haired. 

Ovrahwya swalltbirioo. 
^J^ Uuh\ the pi«)«ry «r Hm people of Gnent tbc hmg 

Owafltlad, t. m. (gwallt) A growing of hair. 

Gwalltu, V. a. (gwallt) To grow hair. 

Owalltwen, a. (gwalltwyn) White haired. 

Owalltwyn, a. (gwallt— gwyn) White-haired. 

Gwalltweydd, a. m.— jil. (.ion (gwallt— gweydd) 
A peruke-maker. 

Owalltwr. a. m.— p|. ^paalltwyr (gwallt— gwr) A 
dealer in hair, a hair merchant 

Gwallos, a. (gwall) Apt to be defective; negli- 
gent, heedless. 

Gwallnsaw, v. a. (gwallus) To become faulty ; to 
become negligent, or heedless. 

Aai na chredaiat dl U, ac an It* wallonw I chynrbor, yr «yd ya 
forwodd yn yr aabapowydd yBa< 

Becawe thoe didit not baUere her, and bacanae tboa dldaC mrr- 
Uet her ooanael, tbou art lylof in that aohappy ■tal e. ^ 

Gwallnsder, a. at. (gwallus) Default ; negligence. 
Gwallusdra, a. m. (gwallus) A neglectfulness. 
Gwallusiad, a. m. (gwallus) A making faulty ; a 

becoming faulty ; a defection ; a neglecting. 
Gwallnsrwydd, a. ai. (^Uns) Defectivenesv ; 

neglectfulness ; omission. 
Owallwg. $,pl. gwallygion (gwall) Defection. 
Gwally^a,a./.— pl.'gwaUygreydd (gwallwg) A 

failing, a blemish, an imperfection. 

Brwyif ofaloB dall eln fwallyrHi. 
Henry and bllod carco our /otliaf . /ar. •& f CgrUg. 

Gwallygiad, a. m.— pi. I. au (gwallwg) A render- 
ing defective ; a becoming defective. 

Gwallygiadu, v. a. (gwallygiad) A causing a de- 
fection, or imperfection. 

Gwallygiaeth, a. m. (gwallwg) Defection. 

Gwallygiaw, r. a. (gwallwg) To render defective, 
to become fallible, or imperfect. 

Gwallygiawl, a. (gwallwg) Tending to defection. 

Gwallygns, a. (gwallwg) Defective; fallible. 

Gwallymbwyil, a. m. (gwall— ymbwyll) A talsely 
reasoning with one's self. 

Gwallymnawdd, a. m. (gwall— ymuawdd) A neg- 
lect of affording protection. 

Gwam, a. ai. (gw— am) That goes partly round ; 
that partly encloses ; a tilt, a vamp. 

Gwammal, a. (gwam — bal) W avering, fickle, ca- 
pricious, inconstant, unstable, unsteady. 

Cerdd waoimal fa*r mwogial maa. 
A eaprieUuM loaff waa that matlerinc of mine. X>. «& OwUfm. 

Owammalder, a. m. (gwammal) Waveringness, 
fickleness, capriciousness, instability. 

Gwammaldra, a. m. (gwammal) Waveringness. 

6 wammalddyn, a. m. — pi. t. ion (gwammal — dya) 
A capricious, or flighty person. 

Gwammaliad, a. m. (gwammal) A wavering. 

Gwammaliaeth, a. m. (gwammal) The act, or 
state of wavering. 

Gwammalrwydd, a. m. (gwammal) Fickleness. 

Gwammalo, e. a. (gwammal) To waver, to act ca- 
priciously ; to vramble \ to become fickle. 

Gwan, a./. — pi. I. au (gwa^an) A going through, 
a dividing ; a course ; permeation ; a thrust, 
stab, or prick. 

Hael ei wan. Ml Owetn Owrncdd, 
nil Madawf , bydr fyimwr ronedd, 
Mwyniaat crrdd. Bid cardd «l ddlvcdd. 

Gencroaa hhemrsf, oflTsprtnr of Owaio Gwyncdd, of Madop't 
rare, a boU and conrteoaa •C<ick, tbe tbenic of aoof , bl* end van 
uot dUfraoarai. Or. mb Gwrgenmm, m. 6r. afr C^mmm. 

Owan, a. «. — pi. gweinion (gwa) That is bereft; 
a weakling, a. Weak, feeble ; faint, infirm ; 
poor. Ai yur wan wyd tif What, art thou 
very weak f Bifd gwam iawn aydd yae, he is in 

T g 




▼cry poor circnmsUnccs : Aeih y« mm «r«i, it 
is gone low with her. 

Nl bydd c««n beb cl gwdtn. 

Tliere U do »e«* thing wltbMt iU poteacy. ddat*. 

Tydl'r rwao. tmw dl a'r fvir; 
AriAn da a wraadewir. 

Tbotf «wr Mtf, be •Heni iciprclivf tht trnih; It l» Ihe prectoaa 
Booey UmTi will l>e »»*«»•«» to. /«»• IV"f '«'♦*'• 

Gwaoiiad,*. m. (gwan) A weakening, or enfee- 
bling, a becoming infirm. 

Gwanaf, •./.-pi. «. an (gwan) A layer, or row ; 
a stratum. Gromfo yd, a layer of com, spread 
oat from the reaper's hand; gwanqf o uwir, a 
layer of hay, as left by the scythe. 

Gwanafawg, a. (gwanaf) Having layers, rows, 
or flakes, flaky. 

Gwanafawl, a. (gwanaf) Placed in Uiyers. 

Gwanafiad, i. m. (gwanaf) A placing in layers. 

Gwanafu,«.fl. (gwanaf) To place In layers. 

Gwanaidd, a. (gwan) Tending to be weak, or fee- 
ble; evanid. 

Gwanar, «. m. (gwan]) That leads throngh; a 
pass ; a guidance, a leader. 

Gwyr a aetb Ododla chwertblo waaar. 

Heron wrat the Gododia, a iaafbios eomne. 

Need fwaeddreff fwaaar f wynt jft edwl. 

Does aot ibe c^mru of tbe deoodlof wind teem w^lh !»"««"» t 

£tn« oo Vfoalcaaieit 

Pddlvch, nrjbyd*«<* «»^ ■ J^ 
Elcb aalff uduv, a*cfa r^aaar. 

OoM ye, kaow ye that I aai yoar oaly Cod, *^^^ ^7(Zl 

Gwanar, a. (gwan) Tending forward ; forward ; 

Gwyr cwaaar fwawr trydar trala. 

Tbe fbrworrf aiea of the dawa of the dla of vloleace. 

"^ .Srityll Bnf-fmth, 

Gwr a*ai ffwoaelh Uraech hlr eet^ ag cf 

YdI ddel Uo aef, a llo dalar ; 
Gwr (wekitad ya og bad, gwr gwiaar ya lag.— 

A Biaa who baa caaeed oie regret, by loog partSog with Un, oo- 
tll there shall coaic the host of beareD, and the host of earth; the 
maa of Ihrotliog la tbe coaSict, tbe msb ofvtpeditnt In tbe dlA- 
cnitjr. Cjfmddefw, m, ft. Plmidd. 

GwanAo, o. a. (gwan) To weaken, to enfeeble, 
to enervate' ; to become weak, or feeble. 

Gwanas,«./.-— (gwan) That runs through, 
or is fixed in, a jut, a prop ; a shank; a tongue 
of a bnckle; a clasp; a wooden hook, for 
hanging clothes upon ; a tenter hook. 

Dahmda genvflVddinas; 
Athwyd Biedd a ryralhas, 
Ac aar coetb ardy waaai. 

Coaie along wlih aie to the diy : thoa •halt hare nead, which I 
have prepared, thoa whh pare gold oa thy hvek. 

Vg. mb Mgdm. 

Cyaaelwais i ddralg dragon waaas. 

I have aided a dragoa* a glorlogs biUmarM. 

T^a y galoB hon, hoed a catha, 
Er twf aiaia rlalo, rHddear waaaa. 

Hroken is this poor heart, grief liave I found f^oai the grow 
a •leudcr lady, with raddy goMca drntp. U. mb OiMia. 

^^ B^^W^% ^P^^S^WW e 


Gwanawl, «. (gwan) Permeait: tbMstiaf : iHb- 

■ • awe Cl » ^-^^^ 

bmc, pricking. 
Gwanbwyll, s. m. (gwan— pwyll) A weikander- 

standing, a. Of a feeble nund. 
Gwanc, «./.— jrf. t. ian (gwang) That takes is 

amply ; a hand-basket, made of matting ; von- 

city, greediness. Pane y imhc, tbe impalse of 

the appetite ; y Kwac, the idephagia. 
Gwanciad, «. m. (gwanc) A gorging, a glattiag,! 

swallowing greedily. 
Gwanciaw, v. a. (gwanc) To swallow greedily, to 

englut, to devour. 
Gwandwr, s. m.— p/. gwanciwyr (gwanc-^gwr) 

One who gorges or devours greedily. 
Gvranctts, a. (gwanc) Voracious, ravenous. 
Gwancusrwydd, «. «. (gwancus) Voradooaen. 
Gwander, s. m.— pi. t. oedd (gwan) Weakneu. 

V bwa- 

Ar y waaaa wr eolawa, 
Ac ar y laaca ya grwa iawa 

The bow apoB the AeoA 
grratly heat. 

a stiaight eaoegh, and la the flehl 
JMm. I>ry<. 

O hydd Uvia yr oa, 

Mac gwaaaa I'ai gwaew aaloa. 

If the ask ahoaM be heavy, thcia Is ami far ny straight apcar. 

Gwaoasawl, a. (gwanas) Rnnoing throngh ; prop- 

ing; tending to support. 
Gwanasiad, «. at.— pi. gwanasiaid (gwanas) A de- 

nooiac, or one possessed. 
Owanasn, v. «. (gwanas) To ran throngh, to stick, 

or tbrast In ; to prop; to clasp. 

A phlaat Elagl y'ogwaader 

OychjBoa Suasdrais y dan fla«<dal Uoegr. 

With the SOBS of the Anf Ii;s !■ dUtrf**, kladlethe IsBe <4%k- 
kace la the coaibasUhlc hoascs of Lloegria. CfUidm, 

Gwandra, s. m. (gwan) Weakness, infirmity. 
Gwandwf, s. m. (gwan — twf) A weak growth. §. 

Of a weak, or tender grovrth. 
Gwanedig, a. (gwan) Being nin throngh; leps* 

rated, divid<Mi ; transfixed. 
Gwanedigaeth, t. m. (gwanedig) PermeatioQ; i 

running through; a partition. 
Gwaneg, «. f.—-pl. t. an (gwan) Course, best, 

gait; a drift ; a surge, or billow ; a hannch ot' 

venison. Gwenyg y mot, the billows of (be 


EUlw gwaaeg ton am su*S* 

or Iba hue of the ccmrse of iha ware roapd a atoac. 

£inu» OfctriU. 

V llwynog * 

I>y wao^ a adwaenva ; 
Gresaw'o wir i*r ihaadir hwa. 

Relaard, thy gati I know ; thoa art traW wdcoac tn I'j* « 
trict. H. Uwvi Cf/d. 


Rbedrg fal gwaaeg gwynt. 

He It nianlng like the eowit of tbe wind. 


Fal gwcool ar foi SV<Mf • 

AB eyelid like the swallow oa Ihe boao» of tfie 


D. ok G»ti|«i 


Ar wyneb fal eirjr waaeg . 

The ayiaph with the ceaeteBaocc llk« the drift of <aa«. 


Gwanegawl, a. (gwaneg) Relating to a coon 

gait, or drift ; driving. 
Owanegfti, s. /.—pi. gwnnegfeydd (gwaneg) 

drive forward ; a drifting. 
Gwanegiad, «. m. (gvraneg) A driving forwtrdi 

drifting ; a rising in anr^ses. 
Gwanegu, V. «. (gwaneg) To proceed, or go ; 

Issue ; to ponr ont ; to drift ; to rise In wti^ 

Tew, tra thew dia thro, e 4rm thtfcha tria, 
A gwacdila aai ddealla ya gwewege. 

. thick the oTcrthrow, f^oa the eitiwc nt\ 
the Mead streaM JIfmtmr naawd tac keen. 

Ota. itrjtektiMtt* 

I gwaa«a el t}p4 

There weia aaaa saail teara of an>rlliiaala keve rwNWf 
Mi eyes. jroiiAain OwfJri 

TMck, doably 
r conSIrt, aad C 

Gwan^dd, «. /".(gwan — ifydd) Weak faitb. 
Gwanffyddiad, t. m. (gwnAflydd) A ntttrastl 
Gwanflfyddtaw, v. m. (gwrnnfiTydd) To bco 

hopeless ; to become weak nr Inlth* 
Gwanffyddiawg,a.(ffwnifl^ad)Having ilirt 1 1 
GwantTyddiawl, a. (gwnaffyiid) Diacmstral. 
Qwangalon, «./. (gwan — cnlon) A weak hearl 

Wcakhearted, fainthenrted, dUpirited. 




Gmnialondid, f. «. (gwangaloD) Faint-hearted- 
Befff' dmidily* 

GwuialoDi, e. m. (gmuigaloo) To becAve faint- 
hearted, fearfol, or timid. 

Cfu^oBttd, f . «. (ewaiigaloa)4 diaiiaar tailing. 

SfiopJoorwydd, $,wl (gwangaloD)yaiiithearted- 
nen, or want of courage, 

GmogtJofliiS; a. (gwaogalon) Faintheartied. 

Cwmgoel,*./— f/. *. ion (gwan — oocl) A weak 
belief; a distnut ; saperstition. 

GwiDfoeUaw, o. a. (gwangoel) To iiave aligbt 
rtfiuce; todittrost. 

Gnugoelos, c (gwangoel) DittnistAil. 

Gvig^rcd, t./. (gwan — cred) A faint beUaf. 

Gvangredawl, <• (gwangred) Faintly bdleving. 

Gtugreda, v. a. (gwancred) To dl*«trntt. 

fifulieddf, a. (gwan— Heddf) Feebly-bending. 

Gwtallcddrdeddf didawlH Meitbydd, 
CwB^I«er Fftvria MUoer aiddwyr wMgryM. 

iWiliHn^«f btiM contMil puriM oflMr pMicffyrlit ; the 
auabuiht cold Irir puttm of Much of il«ci)olof co v«c. 

ivr. Fgehan. 

GwuUeddfo, v. a. (gwanlleddf) To bend feebly, 

toiocIiDetbrougb weakneia. 
Ovuobaitb, «./'.(gwan— gobaitb) Despondence. 
Gwaoobeithiad,«.ai. (gwanobaitb) A desponding. 
Gwaoobeithiaw, v. a. (gwanobaitb) To have fee- 

bkfaope; to despond. 

Uidm (er broa Daw, tj mod I yo ftwr yn Rwykod naik'AUwn 
I tuin ofjdMawd pertfftitto I'w ffyfraiUi «f » w ctto na waoobcltb- 


t itiatvUfoi to the MVWBCC of God, that I wm qmt warible 
6u I rocid not give perfect •«bakWoo to bli Ian, and yet (hat I 

Giuobeithiawly a. (gwanobaitb) Desponding. 
Gfiatf I. ai.-— pi. t, an (gwan) That opens, or di- 
ndei; a butt. 

aaai caatef f«Mt cyMfla. 

ofa hsBdrad te k tbe fereaioa *mU 


<nnotaD, i, wu (gwaot) That is apt to separate, 
vniooff. a. Variable; fickle; wanton. 

Cya>laa*B awr, m^wr • mao, 
A ilnihna f wyotav f «aotao. 

S»« dxre havebeea llffbt aod heavy dooda, and the fotu of 

OwmowdMi, a./, (gwin— gwdan) Perriwinkl^; 

also called Unwrtg and frUasg. 
Owanwr, s. m.— p(. gwanwyr (gwan— gwr) One 

wbo thmsts, or sticks ; a piercer. 
Gwanwr, #. m.-pl. gwinwyr (gwip— gwr) A 

feeble person ; a weakling. 

Af fli»na», cyd bwjf waowr. 
Ya IMff iwltt 1 frnld y r«r. 

I will tiien fOfthoogli I be a wemkUmg, to be the fttHre binl to 
the hcroli table. inmn Ttm, 

Gwanwyn, s. m. (gwan— gwyn) The spring. 

Gwanwya, ar dwyn fr do, 
Dmu, y w ya blodeao* 

Tha T**f, opoa tbe fref h aiaiMled hash, dotlt, niely, Uoom. 

Gwanwynar, «. m. (gwanwyn — ar) Spring tillage. 

Gwanwyndymp, a. m. (gwanwyn— tymp) The 
spring season. 

Gwanwyn wynt, a. m.— pi. (, oedd (gwanwyn — 
gwynt) Vernal wind. 

Gwanwyr, a. (gwan— g^yr) Feebly inclining. 

Gwanycbawl, a. (gwanwch) Weakening. 

Gwanychedig, a. (gwanwch) Weakened. 

Gwanycbiad, a. m, (gwanwch) A weakenfag. 

Gwanycbu, r. a. (gwanwch) To enfeeble, to ener- 
vate; to become disableq, 

Gwang, s./. (gw— ang) Greediness, voraeity. 

Gwangen, a./, dim, (gwang) The shad, a fish. 

Gwaogiad, a. m.— p2. gwangiaid (gwang) A snio. 

Gwangod, a. pi, aggr, (gwang) The shads. 

Gwar, a. m. (gwa— ar) That |s secore; that is 
even or smooth, or placid. 

Gwar, a. (gwa— ar) Placid, gentle, mild or taaM. 

Need fvir>«qhl aieaedd «ynweiit ftanar. 
Of tame appeanaee to the ftore of.iaa choiebyanl Ibllow. 

Aateaor, ffwr hlr addfaia oedd, a chorff ctarlaivl a oc4d UMo, a 
cbyftawB a rwar oedd. 

<^tsta«l, a. (gwant) Tending to sever. 
^tisd, a. ai. (gwant) A severing. 
^^tt, V. a. (gwant) To sever; to thrust. 

Mid yr yaiddocoat waew ; mad y*ih mat ar|ll. 

WcU iUA fbea bear flM apear ; well did aootbcr tkruti tbee. 

LI* F, Mvch, 

^^nstwy^a. (gwant) Apt to move away; fickle. 

RbaU-hrco cad balddlad bdrdd waotwy. 
Ik red baadc of eoaSk» Jet the flcfcle hard* but dare. 

Gmni,t. a. (gwan) To push forward, to thrust. 
to penetrate, to pierce, to stick, to prick ; to 
!tab. Vm gwoMpwyd a gwaew, 1 have l>eeB 
fiB throagh with a spear. 

y Mk ft waaal old adwcliiU. 

Wbwioeier fca aktmid and etwy voaM aot be reeoipiked 

itila. ^amria. 

C«a ffDdid dyraawd rfroOo^ Arlbaral KwtDtr*nbe» el nrov, ae 
«a WrvyiM ei acrth cT a*i bwrles hyd y ddaUr :— ctfodea Ffrollo 
n D%ai ; ac cagyM ai fleddyf, a gwan ddyraawd aBfaeawl ar 
^•j(i«a Batch Aitaar. 

____' abc Mow of Prollo, Arthar tknut a blow apoa 

hBlreMi,aadby Muaorhla - - - 


wp timMjf 

■Ircaatb be throw blai apoa the 
: and llAed bit aword, tinrmtimf a 

«Sy 4e«aa apoal^ braaitV Aithai'a hone. 

Or. a^ Aftkm, 

^^wwch, i. «. (gwta) WeakBCii, debility. 

Anloaor waa a tall alaadar 
he waa jnat aod mild. 

and ha had a coaiely fona, and 

ny I 

If. Umrtd, 

Gwi^r, 9'/»--v^' *• «tt (g^— •') That is over, or 
upon ; the upper region of the back, or next 
to the neck, the nape of the neck. 

Gwara, a. m. — pi gwareon (gwar) A sending, or 
guarding; exercise of defence ; fencing ; play- 

Gwara, v. a. (gwar) To fend ; to fepce ; to play. 

Gwarftad, a. m. (gwar) A renderiMg docile, gen- 
tle, or mild ; a taming ; a civilizing. 

Gwarftawl, a. (gwar) Tending to make tame. 

Gwarad, a. m. (gwar) A covering over. 

Gwaradrig, a. m, (gwara— trig) Delay, loitering. 

Gwaradrigiad, a. m. (gwaradrig) A delaying. 

Gwarad rigiant, a.m. (gwaradrig) Delay. 

Gwedy dawed pawb, beb wandrif lant, aairyfeiUoa ifrarthm ft 
f laddadlffacth yr anirdliald yv yairoddyot. 


WbcB cTer> body waa roae, wlthoat d#l«ir 
aacrificca ; aad thej gave thcaiaclTea ap to 

ibey oflcrad dtrera 
Or. M* Arthur, 

Gwarad riglaw, a. a. (gwaradrig) To delay. 

Gwarad rigiawl, a. (gwaradrig) Dilatory. 

Gwaradwydd, a. m.—pt, t. au (gwarad— ^wydd) 
Keproach, disparagement, dishonour^ disgrace. 

Gwarad wyddaw, «. a. (gwaradwydd) To dispa- 
rage, to discredit, to disgrace, to scandalise, to 
pollute, to defile. 

Gwaradwyddawg, a. (gvraradwydd) Having re- 
proach ; disgraced, scandalized. 

Gwaradwyddawl, a. (gwaradwydd) Reproaching. 

Gwaradwyddiad,a.m. (gwaradwydd) A reproach- 
ing; a disgracing; a scandallaine. 

Owaradvryddul, a. (gwaradwydd) Scandalons. 

Gwaradwydd wr, — ^p<.pralradwydd wy r (gwar- 
adwydcl— f wr) A seairaaliieri a reproaeher. 

« WA 



K m.--^ pareaoB (givm) Ptoy. 
, «. M.— j»/. I» ion (gwft— rbafan) Aw- 
I9 a hiDdennce ; « grudge. 

•trictioD, , ^ ».— 5^. 

Owarafoo, r. a. (gwa.-rhafao) To prohibit, to 

hinder ; to forbid ; to begmdge. 
Owmfanaw, r. a. (gwarafnn) To prohibit; to 

forbid ; to begrudge. 
Gwarafnoawlyo. (gwarafan) Prohibitory: gmdg- 

ing, relactont ^ » » » 

Owarafonedlg, «. (gwarafan) Prohibited ; be- 

©warahinedigaeth, t. w.-pl. i, w (gwarafan- 

edig) A prohibition ; a grudging. 
Owarafancdigawl, «. (gwarafonedig) Prohibitory. 
Owan^niad, t. ai. (gwmrafnu) A prohibiting, a 

forbidding; prohibiUon ; a begnidging. ^ 
Gifarafuniaeth, t . m. (gwarafnn) Prohibition : a 

relncUnce, or unwillingneM. 
Owarafnnwr, t. m.-^^ gwarafuowyr (gwarafnn- 

•— gwr) A prohibitor; agmdger. 
Owanldd.a. (gwar) Oende; placid; benign, 
uwarandaw, #. m. (gwar— andaw) A listening. 

or attention to hearing. 
Gwa randaw, «. a. (gwar— andaw) To Usten. 
GwaranUawgar, «. (gwarandaw) Apt to listen, or 

to give attention ; attendre in hearing. 
Gwvandawgarwch, 9. tu (gwarandawgar) Atten- 

tivenen in bearing. 
Gwarandawiad, t . m. (gwarandaw) A Ustening 
Owarandawns, a. (gwarandaw) Apt to listen, at- 
tentive in hearing. 
Gwaranda^wr. t. m.~fif. gwaranda^wyr (gwar- 

andaw—gwr) A Ibtener, a hearer. 
Owarandawydd, #. ai._p|. |. ion (gwarandaw) A 

listener, a hearer. ^ 

Gwaranred, «./.— p/. 1. ion (gwarant) Stebifity ; a 
gnarantee; a warranty; authority. 

*"■• ■■• gwt lu i l fwcnnrad fwir. 
Ti«r. U to IM iMii tb« «raM|Uy of cnth. O. CgfHtUntt. 

0waranredawl, a. (gwaranred) Tending to ana- 

raatee; anthoritetive. 
Gwaranrediad, t. m. (gwaranred) A guarantee- 

Gwaranredn, e. c. (gwaranred) To gnarantee. 
Gwaranrwy, «. m.— pi. #. on (gwarant— rhwy ) A 
warranted pledge ; a gnarantee. 


f^Mlfkin TC fwand 
Gwirmwd c««ds«d Md, 


•i ft pvtlM vtck rlerf. ^^Tmlifim. 

Gwafwit, a./.— pi. #. an (gwar) Attestetion, war- 
nut ; Mcnrity ; authority. 

Cyn«u ll«,n li«« |*th wdwal: 
Oidr •ryr, Tlfc »jr jo vmimBl. 


CyBMry vAvr wuL 

UrMiya, lk« WaMi*» luiSawy of tcnrily 

O M air li«b d wannL 
Ootn dl« «I gM rr dMt. 

Blmim Wmm, 

MMMttcf* W « word wttkoat h» mrfA«Hl», the bcM dilaff b 

Oivar«4 ■! 

Ai^riMl tta Attanof *• Mtt«lly oT Iht Iratb, Mifcr m. 

H. D. mk (Am. 

Gwarantawl, a. (gwarant) Anthoritati?e,iapport- 

Ing, warranting. 
Gwajantiad, «. ».— pi, I. an (gwarant) A gnann- 

tealngf Meofiagt or mpportlng. 

Gwarantrwydd,f . m. (gwarant) A wamatiie, or 
warranty, an aYonchment. 

C0d gySwjdd ffwumntrwydd gwlr. 



Gwarantn, a. a. (gwarant) To warrant, to avooch. 

Gwarantwr, «. iii.--pl. gwarantwyr (gwarut- 
gwr) A warranter, or an a?oncher. 

Gwarantydd, «• iii.--pl. 1. ion (gwarant) A mi- 
ranter ; one who attests 

Gwarau, «. m.—pL gwarenon (gwara) A pliy, or 
game; amusement, pastime; a dramatic repre- 
•entetion. — GwartmgvyddbwyUf game of choi; 
gvoraa lovl^ipnfd, game of backgammon ; gw§- 
raufffUtialy game of draughU; gW8r«a«ia44t 
manddel, a kind of play with the fingen; fm- 
raa brock tfn nghod, the game of the badger in 
the bag, which is acted by people's endeavoar- 
ing to put each other in a bag ; giDoroa vgn 
cotdf and giraraagwyr IVota, a playing at tilu 
and tournaments; girarov rA^a, and itgla 
doaeii, the swinging ; gwaron fom ddwifbigf ptiy 
of two- pointed cudgel; giMraa mt IrccA, gone 
of I conquer 

Gorea yw y fw»i«tt urn >tcr. 

Tbc plmjf to beat wbta loft off. Adair. 

Tii rwww ymdrech o«dd gu y Cjmmrj gyat; gwani t*«^. 
•c jmithu MguUlM dnr, m ymdyna ar drmwt taaaa. 

Thr ee f aaiM of conteodon had th« W«lib of ohl : Ike p«e «f 
wrritUor, and throwtaf of iron balla, aad haatiRy om awAtt 
acroai OriM. fVHik La«i. 

Gwarau, v. a. (gwara) To play, to perform at 
games, feats, or ezploito ; to game. 

Gwaraa cadr fVvydr arna c«aA 
A pbelydr. 

To pUy the poiveifil eooStel of loaraaaicat vWi stana. 

R. O. fryri. 

Gwarau, o. a. (gwar) To make gentle, tame, or 

docile; to become gentle, or mild. 
Gwarkus, a. (gwar) Tending to DAke gentle, or 

mild ; softening, humanizing. 
Gwirawg, a. (gwar) That crosoea over the nipe 

of the neck ; a bow for tying cattle. 
Gwariiwr, «. m.— pi. gwarawyr (gwar) One vbo 

tomes. Gtfuraioyr aidf cA, a breaker in of honest 
Gwarbin,«. m.— pi. I. an (gwar— pin) A bow-pbj 

which keeps the bow mm slipping out. 
Gwarchen, «./. dim (gwar) The upper part of tbo 

back and shoulders. 
Gwarcb, #. ai.— pi. I. au (gwar) What enclooeij 

or shuts up ; a cover or a lid. 
Gwarchad, t. m. ^gwarch) A coTering oter; I 

guarding, securing, or protecting. 
Gwarchadw, i. m, (gwar— cadw) A presenriafi 

secoriuR, keeping, guarding, or looking af\er. 
Gwarchadw, e. a. (gwar— cmdw) To keep, tt 

ward, to watch, to guard, or to look after. 

P«y J Iri eyonwyatad, 
A warchcdwla cfilAdI 

Kwy * til cylbrwy«kl 
A tadoti arwydd ! 

JTG^MrSrSSTpS^'t'^SS?^ • '^ 


tn' VI 

Gwarcbae, f . ai.— pi. I, oedd (gwar— cae) A hew 
ming in, or securing, a blocking up ; a leaKvc 
a siege; a place secured, or blocked np; a pil 
son ; a ponnd. 

Oercbwtdl Vm d wavckaa : 
Oonaadd y'ancafSadd y aao • 

Sad aa«a to bm Ato laprlaoaacat ; k« Haa la ihr •►«* f** 

Gwarchae, v. a. (gwar- 

. ^ _. To bem In, to« 

care, to shut, or block op; to laacne; to U 
siege; to impriMm ; to povnd. 





A iivr MciikWB'r Ito ■»•! 
■ffcetofilB tfwOttw— ■• tad where K k! 

GwvcfaieMl, «. M. (gmu-cliae) A coTering In, or 

blocking ap; a besieging. 
Gmrcbaeawl, «, (cwaidwe) Tending to lieni in, 

or to block op ; besieging. 
Gnrckaeedic, «. (gwarchoe) Hemmed in, se- 

etred ; coniiied ; besieged. 
Gvaicbiiedigietb^.M.-'pi. I. an (gwarcliaeedig) 

TIm let of sbatting in, or eonfintng. 
Giafchaeedigawl, a. (gwarchaeedig) Having a 

teodencj to close np, or to confine. 
Gfircban, i./.— pl.<. an (gwarch) Wliat secures ; 

nirreibtible influence; talisuMUyan encliant- 

■ent, an incantation. 




Ikva the toenteMM «f MmI- 

Yn arM adwy wy e ecfydd. 

tHi ihdrMtt AeUfllAff wlU he w 
iThebmckihar vill 

/ la the Urohe 

0*e cM^dMT, y eel w_._ 
Dew ihic dUwl e dnlg o den. 

PnBiMr prlMW, I ibaU hafe the fnimtim of Oed, afyeec 
ikMI ett the heit or flfe. T. DtHtptg. 

Gnrehanawl, o. (gwardian) Endianting, talis- 

Cnrehsntad, s. ai. (gwarchan) A protecting by 

woe covering Tirtae ; an enchanting. 
Gnrchaoo, «. a. (gwarclian) To protect| a« by a 

taliinao, or charm. 

Gmchator, ger (gwaichad) In covering. 
fivftchas, «. M.--^. gwarchenoedd (gwar— cau) 

Aihitting in, or enclosing ; confinement. 
Gwcfaao, V. a. (gwar — can) To shut in, to en* 

dcMy to confine, to block np ; to imprison. 

Oi Owy-Wem, Is j Deao* 

A nrc&hea, flWff d g«vcha»-] 


U At two Owath helow the Soeth, thall oooie Ja qo«it of her, 
M Ike skmtd tt memrwd, tt aficti am aot. 

Iniea i^X/ff < ifaai. 

Efifcbaoad, t. ai. (i^rehan) A shutting in ; a 

cnfiiiag, or imprinoning. 
Bvuebaoawl, a. (gvrmrchan) Tending to shut in, 
^ or to enclose ; confining. 
>«inliuedig, a. (gwarchan) Enclosed^ confined, 

tonronedy encircled. 

I^vduoedigaedi, a. m.— p2. t, an (gwarchaued- 
}ti The act of shutting in. 
>wc)M«d,f.fli.— pi. gwarchodan (gwarch) Wliat 

^tn op, or secures ; a cover ; a looking after, 

or goardittg. «• «• To look after, or to guard, 

Yr *lt f* twfOjdo eaa hyay rr rhal Icveiac briodi, pteati, 
r * inl nW f c*, hah ftti dte acWyeer Vr r«ith«yaehwr wand- 

' w ^cdiiat, Ibrrcrore, for the joaag oace to mAnf, to befet 
'^i'fn, t» fai* earr of tte hoeie wllhoat ravine eof caaie Tor 
^•<vrnar7 la reproach. l rba. v. U. 

'^ chtwd wr, a. m. — pi. gvrarehawd wy r (gwarch- 
lad-gwr) One who guards; a warden. 

'/nrchavdyr, a. m. — pi. gwarehodron (gwarch) 

^ A wirden, a conaervator. 

■^vehawr, •.«■.— pi. gwarchorion (gwarch) A 
eorerer, or one that encloses. 

'^vthdwr, s. m.—fL gwarchdyran (gwarch — 
^) A tower that confines, or guards. 


1^ erh|« newa r«arehdwr. 

la a wmkk-Umtr, liaJah xzlx. a. 

look after. Owor^JM a fa, look after the houae ; 
Dwt ttn gwwcked! God preserve us ! 

Y feivlk al Chwiff a*l fwarrhfd, 
A faref yr haf ar hj d. 

The Mr oae, thht <« waUktd hy Uai thai ilecpt not, I «1U 1ot« 
att the MMaar hiof . i>. mh OmUfwu 

Owarcheldlady i. at. (gwarched) A warding, or 

Gwarcheioiawl, a. (gwarched) Conservatory. 

Owarcheidioldeb, «. «. (gwarcheidlawl) A statu 
of warding, or conservation. 

Gwarcheidiwr,*. ai.~-pl. gwarcheidiwyr (gwarch- 
ed — gwr) A man who guards. 

Gwarcheidydd, s. aa. — pi I. ion (gwarched) A 
guardian, a warder, a watcher. 

Gwarcheidwad, «. ai.^^. gwarcheidwaid (gwar- 
clndw) A gnarder, one who keeps in ; a gnai^ 
dian, a warden, a conservator. 

Trt faartlalilaed Or: aiwlwydd y dimao y tir iddo «nh far* 
volaodi y percheaawff, hvd oaiddeto f r eilMdIeo I ol^a «b dy> 
lyed : cydcdfedd hyd ool ddelo el gfdeiireddioa i ol^a aa dylyail ; 
y ueb y rhodder Or atlo hyd ooi dMer 1*« oiya. 

The three ettutrvmtmn ot lead : a lord, lo whoei laad ihaU d«- 
eeead hy tha d«alh of the firoprieior. aatU the hetr shall eoaM 
to daoMad hie rtfhi; a eobelr aalU hte eoheira ahalleoaw la da- 
iMad their rUrhl ; he to who* lead ehall he flvea la ueii, aaltt 
aMreehUlhaadeMadandaofll. ITtUk ~ 

'*''cked,o.a, (gwarch) To ward ; towatch^to 

Gwarcheidwadaeth, t. ai. (gwarcheidwad) Chiar- 
dianship, wardenship. fitfya gawreMdaairf- 
odlA, to invest with a conservatory trust. 

Gwarcheidwadawl, a. (gwarcheidwad) Relating 
to guardianship, conservatory. 

Gwarcheid wades, a./.— pi. t. an (gwarcheidvrad) 
A female guardian, or trustee. 

Gwarcheidwadu, o. a. (gwarcheidwad) To act as 
a guardian, trustee, or conservator. 

Gwarchen, a. /.—pi. I. an (gwarch) A cover; a 

Gwarchglawdd,t. ai.— pi. gwarchgloddian (gwarch 
— clawdd) An entrenchment ; a fort. 

Gwarehgloddiad, a. aa. — pi. I. an (gwarchglawdd) 
An entrenching, to confine. 

Gwarchgloddiaw, «. (gwardwlawdd) To entrench 

Gwardiiad, a. m. — pi, f. an (gwarch) A covering, 

Gwarchitor, tap. (gwarch) To l>e covering. 

Gwarchlys, a. m. (gwarch— llys) Chaste-tree; 
also called ^ loorciiaydd. 

Gwarchodadwy, a. (gwarchawd) That may be 
guarded or protected. 

Gwarchodaeth, a. aa. (gwarchawd) Wardship. 

Gwarchodawl, a. (gwarchawd^ Conservative* 

Gwarchodedig, a. (gwarchawd) Guarded ; warded 

Gwarchodfa, «. /.—pi. I. oedd (gwarchawd) A 

Gwardiodl, «. a. (gwarchawd) To guard, to se- 
cure; to ward, to look after, or to oversee. 

Gwarchodiad, a. ai. (gwarchawd) A guarding, se- 
curing, or proctectlngY conservation. 

Gwarchodwr, «. m.— pi. gwarchodwyr (gwarch- 
awd — gwr) A protector ; a conservator. 

Gwarchodydd, a. ai.— pL t, ion (gwarchawd) A 
guardian, or protector ; a conservator. 

Gward, a. ai.— pi. f. an (gwar) Whatguarda. 

Gwarder, a. ai. (gwar) Placidness ; l>enignity. 

Gwardra, a. ai. (gwar^ Tameness, docility. 

Gwardwydd, a. aa. — pi, t. an (gward — gwydd) A 
reproacbiul aapersion, scandal. 

Gwardwyddaw, e. a. (gwardvrydd) To scandaliae. 

Owardwyddaul, a. (gwardwydd) Scandaliaing. 

Gward wyddiad, a. aa. (gwardwydd) A defaming* 
reproaching, or scanoaliaing. 

Gward wyddos, «. (gwardwydd) Scandalous. 

G wardaoyddwr,— el. gward wyddwyr (gward- 
wydd— gwr) One wno scaadil&ei. 

O W A 



Owardd, f. «•— jrf. i. i<m (gw-«rdd) Forbid- 

dance or prohibition. 
Gwnrddawl, a. (gwardd ) Forbidding ; interdictory 
Gwarddedig,a. (gwnrdd) Interdicted, forbidden. 
Owarddiad, $,m,--pl. L ao(gwardd) A prohibition 
Gwarddrws, t. m*—pl. gwarddrysan (gwar^ 

drwt) The lintel of a door. 
Gwarddn, v. a. (gwardd) To prohibit, to forbid. 
Gwarddwr, «. m,—pU gwarddwyr (gwardd — gwr) 

An interdicter, or forbidder. 
Oware, •. m.—pl. I. on (gwar) A play, a game. 

Nl MDodftf i ff nirware m ayn f btvAa. 

I «m BOC ltt?e off my pUf, If II fi tbe khi'i pIcMtm. 

H. Cmr. tf4f •— JfaMflMf fen. 

Gware, to. a. (gwar) To play ; to act in games. 

A fw«r« pelf e fc pkeo Smmq. 

And /• ^y at bafUnt with Suont* k«adk TWiciiii. 

Ar IdtklK cyrarwyneb ar ef| y fweM ddaa faeliwy iewliie win- 
tnon, ju r«rare iwjddbwytu 

UpM a fonn. oppoilie to Mm. lie law two vonair jonth* with 
aabarn hair, plajftrng at ctieak Br, Max, tVledlf—Mabitugion, 

Gwaread, «. m. (gware) A playing, a gaming. 

Gwareawl, a. (gware) Playsome, sportive. 

Gwared, $. m.—pl. t. ion (gwar) A guarding 
against, a saving from ; a riddance, release, or 
deliverance; redemption; remedy; the mem- 
brane round the embryo in the matrix, the 
afterbirth, or secnndine. 

Nl ein iwncfa f wared i'w pbaa. 
An old veman kaowa bo remtd^ ivt her head. Addt*. 

Gwared, v. a. (gwar) To guard, to fence against; 
to save, to preserve from danger ; to rid, to re- 
lease, to remit ; to deliver; to redeem; to res- 
cue; to free. Niwaredai idd^f it would not 
avail him. 

Rbaf aawyd al weryd eanwylL 
A candle mUl not fMord affiinai cold. Adtgt, 

IfiraeCh am htm n^ wcryd. 
Refrat (or the dead U »Ul not mrmU. Adage, 

Gwaredadwy, a. (gwared) That may be protect- 
ed; salvable ; that may be released, or delivered 

Gvraredator, gfr. (gwared) In delivering. 

Gwaredawg, a.(gwar(!d) Having protection, being 
saved; having deliverance. 

Gwaredawl, a. (gwared) Tending to protect, or 
to save ; tending to release or to ransom. 

Gvrarededig, a. (gwared) Protected; preserved, 
saved ; released, delivered, or ransomed. 

Y ewarr«llirlnB canaot fawl 
t Ddiw, ffcrdd aodawl r7MB. 

The raoMMrrf tnt» will ilnf pralM to God, a harmonlooi aad 
■ypMpflileaoBff* Mm. Prpt. 

Gwarededigaeth, t. m.— f<. I. au (gwarededig) 
The act of protecting ; preservation ; deliver- 
ance ; redemption, or ransoming. 

6warededlgawl, n. (gwarededig) Preventative, 
preserrstive, salvatory; redemptofv. 

Gwarediad, s. m,—fl* t, au (gwared) A saving ; a 
delivering, or ransoming. 

Gvrarediant, «. m. (gwared) Salvation ; deliver- 
ance, redemption, ransom, 

Gwaredig, e. (gvrar) Being made tame or docile. 

Gvraredigain, a. (gwaredig) Having docility. 

Gwaredigeiniad, s . m. (gwaredigain) A rendering, 
or becoming, gentle or mild. 

Gwaredigelntaw, r. «. (gwaredigain) To render 
of a gentle natore ; to civilize. 

Gvraredigeinlawl, a. (gwaredigain) Tending to 
be of a mild disposition. 

Gwaredigeinns. a. (gwaredigain) Of a mild, or 
pladd dispoaitionf 

Gwareditor, fi^. (gwared) To be sariag, or keep. 

ing safe ; to be releasing, or delivering. 
Owaredoldeb, «. m. (gwaredawl) A stste of lafetf 
Gwaredoli, v, a. (gwaredawl) To render salvable; 

to become redemptory. 
Gwaredolrwydd, # . m. (gwaredawl) A state «f 

belnr saved; salvaMeness'. 
Gwaredogrwvdd, «. sa. (gwaredawg) A dbpoii. 

tion to deliver or to save. 

God, out of Ma dttlmtHmg dUfttUitmt eWhad UmiMt m- 
maat caUedpertaonM; aad that It a Mrt ofdoak ^ Imv*. 


Gwaredred, «. c. (gwared) A seeking of proton 
tion, a running tor safety ; refuge, a. Beuig 
under protection ; ransomed. 

Nlfer a foaBt 7a anf hyAvd 
USern, oer warrdred. 

Hyd pomoea byd, 

Hfd pao (idillwoffwf a. 
Critt farthiwed. 

Many there were la the oooroaed coviae of hell, a e«td ttf^r* 
during the Sve pcrloda of the world, BotU ChfM hMtnnl iJk koa' 
dace. T%lut». 

YdI mae ffwanr fwaredred. 
In there there U the exnltatioB of the 


Cwe rt heSa ddewin Dow aVn ffwared ; 
Gwerthfawr hriodawr gwawr fwaredrad. 

The laproBiely divine one of Ood wtB deliver 1 


■overall of the dawn of the ramtrnmed, U^wetf* I'ndd. 

Gwaredu, v. a. (gwared) To afford protectibs, 

to save; to deliver, to release, to ransom. ' 
Gwaredwr, s. m. — pi. gwaredwyr (gwared— irwr) < 

A preserver, a saviour; a deliverer, a redeemr i 
Gwaredydd, s. m.—fU i. loa (gwared) A presen- , 

er, a saviour ; a deliverer. 
Gwaredd, s. m. (gwar) Placidness, gentleneis. 
Gwareddawg, a. (gvraredd) Abounding wiA i 

meekness, or mildness; benign. 
Gvnu^ddawl, a. (gvraredd) Of a gentle, iuM,« , 

softening tendency; hnmanliing. ^ 

Gwareddogi, e. a. (gwareddawg) To render of 1 , 

gentle nature: to become gentle or civlUxt^. ^ 
Gwareddogrwydd, a.m. (gwareddawg) BeDifait ' 
Gwareddoldeb, s. ai. (gwareddawl) Gentleoeia 
Gvrareddoli, r. a. (gwareddavH) To render ef- 

gentle nature; to become of a mild onalitv. 
Gwareiddiad, «. m. (gwaraidd) A renueriot;, S 

becoming, docile; a haman^ing. 
Gwareiddiaw, a. a. (gwaraidd) To render adi^ 

or gentle ; to humanlae ; to boeome mild. 
Owareiddlawl, a. (gwaraidd) Tending tomaki| 

or to become, docile ; hnmaniaing. 
Gwaren, s. m,—pi, t. on (gware) A play. 
Gwareu, e. a. (gware) To play ; to act in gaaa 
Gwareoad, t. m. (gwaren) A playing, a spordag 

an acting in games, or exploits. 
Gwarenawl, a. (gwareu) Playing, playful. 
Gwarenfrith, a. (gwareu — brith) Play full v «r 

egated. Gorwfdd gwart^riiU^ a steed pis; 

fully spotted over. 
Gwarens, a. (gware) Sportive, or playful. 
Gwareiius, a. (gwareu) Sportive, playful. 
Gwareiiwr, «. m.— pi. gwareuwyr (g w at ea - g*1 

A player, an actor in jrnnioa. 
Gwareiiydd, #. m.—pL, I. ion (gwaren) A pUyij 
Gwarcwr, t . m,-'fl. gwarewy r (gisara— gwr > 

player, one who acts in games. 
Gvrareydd, s. ai. — fl, f. ion (gware) ▲ playrr. 
Gwarflon, s. /.—pi. gwarfTyn (gwir— ffoiO 

stroke with a stick over the back. 
GwariTdni, V. a. (gwsrffbn) To ply aatkhol 

the back ; to troance wltb % atsB. 




GwiriTooiad, «. «. (gwarffoo) A tronnciog. 
GfariTdDiaw, t. a. (gwarffon) To beat with m stick 

over the back. 

GnrffkdfU, (fwar— caled) Stifloeclced. 
Gwutlalediad, i. m, (gwsrgaled) A nwlclng ttiff- 

leekfd. or itablwni ; a l»eooiiiiog stiffneclKed. 
GffirsaJedrwydd, «. wu (gwargaled) Stiffnecked- 

nm; itabboraaeM. 
Gtirpledo, e. a. (gwargaled) To render ttiff- 

orcked; Co become staoboni. 
€tar{ioi, a. (gwar— cam) Stooping in the shoal- 

dm; ha?iag a bend of the neck. 
G«ir{eini,i.n.(gwarg;ani) A stoop in the shoal- 

den; a twist or bend of the neck. 
0f9r|ed,f./.— f<. t. ion (gwar — ce<i) A sarploSy 

I relid, or remainder ; orts, leavings. 
Onr|rroiD,a. (/lo/gwargrwui) Round-shonldered 
&«)'i;:mmya. (gwar— crwni) Ronnd-shonldered. 
€wjrwth, *. nu—pi, gwargrythaa (gw&r — 

crvtlj) A. hanch on tlieback. a. Hanchbacked. 
^irynam], a. (gwargrwm) Tending to be 


Cnrvnmedd, s. m. (gwargrwm) Stoopingness. 
Cu'r^mi, t. WL (gwargrwm) Stoopingness. 
^^r^rymiad, «. m. (gwargrwm) A becoming 

*w?rrain, v. «. (gwargrwm) To l)cnd the np- 

?»r part of the back forward ; to become 


^*^<), «. m, (gwar) A spending, or expending. 
firiiiiv^ V. c. (gwar) To spend, to expend. 

Pm bl b«CB fnin, pan tgj%U waed 

— MtMKUaL 

^Mi nfCM akoaM be Joyom, «»ti«D blood iboaM h4«len, vhca 
r f titmU Une tmt, be vovid gift ao refug*. If- «& Owmin* 

hiamj rmeriwch artaw am y r kyn nid jd> w far*. 

"^j^y««9€iirfnwocy for wbaiti Dot bread. /««teAxl.S. 

2*^*^1 <• (gwsr) Spending, expending. 
^^if, 4. (gwar) Being expended. 
^oeb, t. M. (gwar) Gentleness ; mildness. 

'(tfnforiMb Mcrcb yv gwarincb, a ■•yndar, aicreh. 
J* (iMf occticaca of a fenale it hmgemttemMi, Ui 

*wriwT, i. ai.— pL gwariwyr (gwariaw— gwr) 

J'»f •*© lays out or expenda. 

••»^ ». /.-pl. #- in (gwir— Ilott) A bar, 
t3 vhicb the bow la fixed, to keep it roond the 
>^of the animal ; also called Gaoarfgr . 

^jj^i «•/.— pL #. an (gw&r) A jroke ; a bar to 
**Kb the bow ia fMtened, which goes roond 
ue B«ck of cnttle, in fastening them to the 

^'b; alio a stroke over the shontden. 

'?'*'S*^» s. A—pL i. an (gwarawg) Snljec- 
^; Inuge; snrrendry. 

Jl^ fwiragadk J ayM : ckdraa gwaatafwr, ac wmmynmr. 

Owarsang, t. f.—pL I. an (gw&r~-aang) A tram- 
pling npon the neck. 
Owarsangawl, a. (gwarsang) Neck -trampling. 
Owaraangiad, s. m.—pL I. au (gwarsang) A tram- 

pling npon, a vanqnishing. 
Owarsangn, «. «. (gwarsang) To trample npon. 
Gwarsangwr, t. m.—pL gwarsangwyr (gwarsang 

— gwr) A trampler npon. 
Qwarsyth, a.(gwir~syfh) Stiffnecked ; stubborn 
Owarsythawl, a. (gwarsyth) Apt to be stobbom. 
Gwarsyfhdra, «. m. (gwarsyth) Stifftieckedness. 
Gwarsythiad, «. m. (gwarsyth) A. rendering, or 

becoming, stiffnecked. 
*GwarBythni, s. m. (gwarsyth) Stiffneckedncss. 
Gwart, «./.— p<. I. aa (gward) That eniirds. 
Gwartawl, a. (gwart) Guarding, fending. 
Gwartiad, #. ai. — pL L an (gw»rt) A guarding. 
Gwarta, o. a. (gwart) To guard, or to defend. 
Gwarth, s. m. — pL t, an (gwar) That is npon, or 

over; that forms a brow or ledge over; a shore ; 

a covering ; also reproach : scandal, dishonour ; 

shame. Dawed i warih, to come a»hore. Sil. 

Vf marddalr i'Ui bwrth nlil f warlb, akl gwan. 
My bardic lore in the prerlnci 1« not a tf/firwer, It not feeble. 

. Did «ut«l wraiir oM mjaycb wartb. 

From the frequciM*! of her t/iamt lit u woiuau br brasra. 


Gwartha, v. a. (gwarth) To put or thro\v upon ; 
to asperse, to scandalize. 

Gwarth&ad, s, m. (gwarth) A casttns^upon ; a dis- 
paraging; opprobrium, contumely ; iiyury. 

Gwarth&awl, a. (gwartlia) Tending to asperse, or 
to reproach ; opprobrions. 

Gwarthadwy, a. (gwarth) Reproachable. 

Gwarthaed, «. m. (gwartha) Aspersion, infamy. 

Heb irynfbor y daetham I ddeehrea ynUdd a fferyr RhafUn: 
rbald *w I'a yaioglyd rtng aa dynvdduw yn rhan Kywliydtlue o'r 
yialadd ; caaya •• dyg wyddwn, colled a f warthaid a galTwu. 

Wilhovt advice we have come to bealn to Avht with the men of 
Roma : we moct fnard RfattHt oar Mlluit loto the dlefraeefal part 
of the Sfbk; for If we ibaU m> bappeo, we sbaJI exprleace loa« 
aiid in/kmg, Or» •& ArtMur. 

Gwarthaf, s. m.— pi. I. ion (gwarth) The upper 
part, the summit ; the surface. Bod or wartlunf, 
to be close upon, or bard by. 

J^ot ire firee ktnda of komaget, that of the rerogee'e pale* 
^ ^ iii*«ter, ami 8c«)o«rncr. WeUk LnM. 

^■^rofiethawl, a. (gwarogaeth) Subject to ho- 

^:f, bomageable. 

^'^^i^ethiad, t. m. (gwarogaeth) A yielding 

Jl^e or sobmiasion. 

")n>eaetfaQ, V. a. (gwarogaeth) To cause sab- 

^ion; to do homage. 

^•<awl, a. (gwarawg) Tending to subjection. 

^^A'f'pt V- «• (gwarawg) To subjugate ; to yield 

^^*»?f , or sobnussion. 

"^yoirad, t. Hk. (gwarawc) A snbjngating; a 

'Ku« homage, or submission. 
*'»j'oswT,«.«i.— ^.gwarogwyi (gwarawg— gwr) 

(Joe Kho does homage. 
Vol U. 

E dynai yn oad aaawTc 
Elly* ar d warCbaf i lawr. 

« he In aa laetanl palled down hk hall apon hk bmck. 

Bed* Atrdrem. 

Gwarthafawl, a. (gwarthaf) Relating to the top. 
Gwartfaafdy, «. w.— p/. K au (gwarthaf— ty) A 
bnilding that is npon, abutting, or leading to. 

Pan y myoo y brcoln fftidd i*w ffwrandaw» caned y fwncerdd 
ddaa faoa ya modd l>aw, ac y trydydd o benactban, yn y f warlb- 

When the king would have a tonf to Itsten to, Iri the chief of 
•one recite two ■ongt addreiied to uod, aud tba third to nrlncee, 
In the UHtiekamAtr. WrUh Laws. 

Gwarthafiad, «. m. (gwarthaf) A covering over ; 

a riding. 
Gwarthafl, s. f.—pl. «. an (gwarthaf) A stirrup. 
Gwarthafliad, s. m. (gwarthaf!) A stirruping. 
Gwarthafln, o. a. (gwarthafl) To stirrup. 
Gwarthafu, a. a. (gwarthaf) To cover over; to 

be upon ; to ride. 
Gwarthair, «. m.—pL gwartheirian (gwarth— gair) 

A word of reproach. 
Gwarthal, s. m. (gwar— Ul) What is given in 

exchanging, or bartering, things, that they may 

be equd in value ; what is given to boot. 

Nl chynghalo gmu^haX gAu ddewlt. 
A itttUd thing dace not accord altb choice. Adog*. 


O W A ^4 

Owarthu, «./• (gwwtli) A oorert, a tbdter. 

Baa ydivBff vn nhu. 
I h»T« bten ipuiire to Uw ire, I h«Te ben wood '"{JjjJJJJJ*' 

Gwarth&n, r. o. (fwarth) To throw upon ; to re- 
flect opon ; to dUparage, to dugrace, to decry. 

Gwarthawl, a. (gwarth) Beiog placed over, or 
upon; a»per»iDg, reproaching. 

Owarthawr, ». w.— pi. gwarthorlon (gwarth) A 
qoadrate; aqaadratnre. 

Gwarthedig, «. (gi»arth) Degraded, dwgraced. 

Gwarthedigaeth, s. m.— pi. t. an (gwarthedig) 
The act of reproaching, or scandalising. 

Gwarthedigaw, e. a. (gwarthedig) To render re- 
proachful ; to become shameful. 

G warthedigawl.a. (gwarthedig)Tending to make, 
or to become, opprobrious. 

Gwarthedd, «. m. (gwarth) Reproachfulnew. 

Gwartheg, t. pi. aggr. (gwarth) Thatserresto 
cover, or to make equivalent; a medium of ex- 
change, or traffick ; and cattle being that me- 
dium, amongst the Britons, the term came to 
imply the animals themselves in the aggregate. 

Et warlheff oed4 
TelnBll o ddeota An 

Hto cmttU were » thoMsd TvlexMlBf llw UU ■!»?«. »n;d three 
tfMwoBd ro«ad Solnt OaroMii. I- 0, C^tkL 

Gwarthegawg, a. (gwartheg) Having an equiva- 
lence, or indemnity; abonnding with cattle. 

Cjrd dtcth, aid Mlh jrn wBitheiswgw- 
Nl yn Eryri jrn rbd»wf , ,^ 
Nl ib6ro al bowr o fa prctddUwff. 

TlM»«cli he c«Me, be dM aol fo tmrUked wUk h^tlf : we la Er- 
»ri belnff arra? ed, no loterraplloa wa* flfta to Um pa^rtnr of 
M»h a« teaded Um hrrds. Jffnifr. 

Gwarthegawl, a. (gwartheg) Serving to cover, or 
to render equivalent. 

Owarthegiad, s. m. (gwartheg) A settling or equa- 
lizing a value ; a trafficking. 

Gwarthegu, «. a. (gwartheg) To lay upon ; to 
equaliie transactions of dealing; to traffick. 

Gwarthegydd, s. »•— pi. i. ton (gvrartheg) A chap- 
man, a dealer in cattle. 

Edwf a wartk twartbavrdd; 

Owerth fwyl a acffydd ; 

Ar a ddyfo drafwarth a'I drabfdd. 

Ha li acqaitotod with the repmerh of the ekmpmmm g the wice 
of the bMMU hewtll retac; eoch aa b part ■hane will ohula lu 

£/|r««rdk iVcw. 

Cyua a Ckedwaladr» cadr ra llndd, 
Edaiycawr hvdfVawd. ffavd a*a deab 
D»o anh 

Daa aoi 


Edaiycawr hvdfVaw^ Aivd i 

' ideonn, dwyteacyvyi: 

•rciCTaSinen ohiald UofVdd: 

Daa had ; daa (odawl fwted wartlKfTdd. 

CyMUi ead Cedwatedr. miiMj In the battle, ihey will be hoaoer. 
ed to Iba da« ef doom, fortaiie will aCfrnd thrai ; two lenartona 
chiHb, profowiid their coaiwel; two that will overroac the MaxoM 
bjr the aid of the Lord: two gnerow eoce; two treacurefa of a 
cooolry of the ■wrcAeef. Tmtuttm, 

G wartheiriad, s . m. (gwarthair) A using reproach- 
ful language; a libelling. 

Gwartheiriaw, v. a. (gwarthair) To use reproach- 
ful words ; to scandaliie, to libel. 

Gwartheiriawg, «. (gwarthair) Using reproachful 
words; opprobrious. 

Gwarther, s. wL—pl, t an (gwarth) That Is used 
to be upon, or riding ; a cavalier. 

Cwaew bydwa mwa, jacwyd aaidral, 
Owarthcf (bb Stadawr arfawf erfal. 

A apear ready to be broken, a ahleld battPivd roaad, alth IhcB 
Ibc emwmtier aea of Madog aaed to be arinwl. 

CgnMdHw, m. Cadwmltm. 

Gwarthfa, «. /.--i>i. <• oedd- (gwarth— ma) The 

private part, or privity. 
Owarthfael, #./. (gwarth— macl) Gain, or advao- 

tage of reproach ; mean advantage. 


Etjr ctd, rwthedMgwartbhd,, 
Eiekwyn pahl, dicUaM ■rehafael. 

The ewl« of halUe, the rticcter of a amo edenl^irr, fte nk- 
Bent balwarfc lUUaff op Ibc P««W«»f^. . . • a *. / . 

Gwarthflawdd, t. f.--^ gwarthfloddto (gwtk 
blawdd) The tumult of the shore, or sarf ; tk 
activity, or btiskneM, of calumny. 

Gvrarthfloedd, «. /.--pi. t. an (gwarth-Worfd] 
A cry of reproach ; opprobrium. 

Gwarthfor, «. m. (gvrarth— mor) The weiuj 
sea, the sea that beaU upon the shore, the nit 
adv. Over, upon, or along the sea. 

Dyddoent f warthfev. 
•fhey woeld coim If Me. ^"*«* 

Gwarthfre, «. /.-pi. t. on (gvrar^-bre) At 

over-topping hill ; an abutting hill. 
Gwarthiad, f . m.—pL i. an (gwarth) A pattisj 

upon, or covering; aspersion. 
Gwarthiant, f. m. (gwarth) Aspersion, olemiT 
Owarthlawn, a. (gwarth) Infamous; i<P»J^« 
Gwarthle, f. vu—pL t. oedd (gviarth-Ue)!! 

privity. ^ . f ^ 

Gwartblef, #. m. (gwarth—Uef) A cry of n 

proach. a. Opprobrious, oontumehoos. 

Nl b« warthleT cerSd eyafarcWec* 
O bee TallcalB. 

Void of cefaMOir haa been fhe 

to CfnfutkM 

Gvrarthlonedd, f . m. (gvrmrtMawn) ReprotAA 
ness; Infamootnesfc ^x * *.. 

Gwarthol, «./.— pi. <• io» (gwarth) A stont^ 

Gwarthred, «. «.-|»i- «• Ion (gv»arth-rhed) R 
proach, disgrace* 

Gwarthredns, a. (gvrarthred) Reproachftl. 

Ymidaalaw yw dyw^yd geMM ffwarlbradea o aebea «•■ 

Scoldlaff la the apeeklef of rtrnmthfai wot* b^ mj *jJ 

Gwarthmdd, «. m.— pi. t- Ian (gwarth-sH 
Ignominy, disgrace, opprobrium, shame; I 
proach, disparagement, contumely. 

O ddlfryd 0wy«dvd ilnf f«J^ J^^^ 
O wartbrwM fwithfyB Gwja Owaither- 

Fro* def^odlof Owya*flMil«» tf *5S^'«!2S*'1 
of the oppoilliooV Owya 0«rth«vWwlM bajd-gjl 

Gwarthrnddadwy, n. (gwarthnidd) Liable to 

probrinm, or disgrace ; «PW^'?W«. . 
Gwarthmddedig, a. (gwarthmdd) ScandduiJ 
Gwarthruddiad, t. m. (gwarthmdd) A remie^ 

ignominious; a reproaching. 
Gwarthraddiaeth, i. w. (gvrarthrwld) Tfce 

of shaming, or disparaging. ,^ 

Gwarthraddiaw, v. a. (gvrarthradd) To d«pl 

to shame, to disparage, to reproadi. , 
GwarthruddUwg, a. (gwarthmdd) ReproicW 
Gwarthruddiawl, a. (gwarthmdd) IP^*"!; 
Gvrarthrnddiwr, f. m, pl> gwarthnwM 

(gwarthmdd— gwr) One who dlsgiacei. 
Gwarthraddns, a. (gwarthmdd) Ignominiool 
G warthu, t». a. (gvrarth) To cover, or throw aj 

to asperse ; to scandalise. 
Gwarthus, a. (gvrarth) Asperslve ; shameWj 
Gwarthusrwydd, «. m. (gwarthus) Shtmenw 
Gvraru, e. a. (gwar) To render gentle, or m 

Mll-feitdd BawTfrydlR ry dd a afot a D«*. 
Dya Tb wyd a*« VI 

A thowaod blrh-adnded barda «od h^to**** /•' ."^ 
rta|ienoBforoiewhoMa»W*tboai^ari4». U r. * 


Gwarwch, «. m. (gvrar) Gentleness, mlWn« 
Gwarwelniaw,v.a. (gwar— gwciniaw)lo*si 
• gentle carriage ; to behave genUy« 




j, •• (gwtr— fweiniiwg) Of ft g«i< 
tie, or mild deniMiiODr* 

Gnmg, I. a.— pi. gwarygaa (gwar) A stoop* 

y fwrcil ^r ffwinnr kao. 
A flitewodd w CMM 

The fleoikr bm wtth lb« ugtA attmp dJaed •poo » aat 

Gfimy, I. ».— pf. I. on (gwar) That makes 
■lid; Unit lootliesy or pleases. 

R1*B lOftira gmuwj, bI*b goiwj fforddareh. 

Gfirwyfa,f./.~jrf.|. oedd (gwarwy— ma) Plea- 
are, delight 

Owra Umm y dans flKvcb 
Oar varwjb'a dtf rl^»ch• 

1WiknpcUMada'»daitafSwaloaka«ai lia jrfaanw or 
•VMWMab 1». a* OwUyak 

Ctuy, I. n.-.^ I. an (gwar) The bow of a yoke. 

A fua yr laa carad «l vaijaa- 
BtSilimilktjakektUailoraUiAawa. 44iV«> 

Cni^i. n.-ff. gweiaion (gw»--as) That Is of 
nodi or even quality, a smooth plat ; a youth, 
1 U, a yoong man ; a page ; a servant ; Gwu* 
Vfjck, a hero, a valiant yonth ; gwvr c gaoeu- 
i% men and yontha, or men of all ages ; da 
'H*n i| that's my good fellow. — Gtoas y dryr, 
9*<dVf or ftmhyn^ the titmouse ; gtMS y jctri, 
Moiccol ; gwoMif gpg^ gwieheU y gog, gwigyn 
f lY) >nd cetU^ cog^ a little bird that fol- 
iovi the cuckoo, and in whose nest she lays her 
cq; j'Mf y wndTy and gtpocU aeidr, the adder- 
nil, or dngon-fly. 

Aa fVf ap kaa chvciddla gvca f was. 

At Ike 

aT Iha affed iba latUa of llw jtmIA to apl to 

.^^afJMMlaidylf aatlaw ar f brcaia ya 


wait apoB tta klat coallaaalljr 

^1* »a >■ ttfta prtacipal fcaOralt. ' iTfdA 

"^thy f. ». (gwas> Attendance, service. 

"Midd, 0. (pras) Belonging to a servant. 

■tsa, <. e. diM. (gwas) A youth ; a page. 

vMaaeth, f • M. (gwisan) Attendance, service. 

*«u(«ilwwl, du (gwasanaeth) Minbterlng. 

■ttuKtithddyn, «• w^ — pi. t. ion (gvrasanaeth — 


"■iiieathgar, a. (gwaianaeth) Serviceable. 

^asothgarweh, a. m. (gwasanenthgar) Ser- 

vKtsUeoem; oondnciveness. 

■Mfleathiad, «. m. (gwasanaeth) A serving, a 

*B*teriBg; acondocing. 

>»ot, $. m (gvraa) A ministration. 

INbarrk fladda a fwaaaau 
*« incvcml barial aad m^miMttrlmg. TalUtim, 

*>BiKotbnyn, «. «. — pL t. Ion (gwasanaeth^ 
^) A petson who Is a servant. 

Cat gwaiaaattinya hcb ofa. 
^»^tm h a ■mmif voM oT fear. Jdmgt, 

'^aoeatfia, «. «. (gvrasanaeth) To serve, to do 
'^ice; to be of service ; to minister. 



ae al*s gwaianeaUo ai baa. 
li ba who baa aa aaa Is acrva bha, and tettn aot hla* 

E waarlb i*« waaiaactka 
Y qrdd* a ft^t»c a fa. 

Mb Ibat k, Ibat will be, aod that has beea. 

HMfM Pnmrtk. 

OwiMaeiithwr. •• ai.— pi. gwatanentbwyr(gwas- 
anaeth — ^gwr^ A server ; a minister. 

Gwasanenthydd, t. m.— pi. I. ion (gwasanaeth) A 
server; a minister. 

Gwasanenthyddes, s. /. — pl. I. an (gwasanenth- 
ydd) A female servant. 

Owasam, t. ai.— pl. I. an (gwa— aam) What is 
strewed on the nonnd, or that is trodden upon ; 
•Iraw laid under any thing; litter | booty. 
GiMSom odya, straw laid on a kiln, under the 
grain that Is to be dried. 

Nl f rir 7 ffwlr o*! cara ( 

Nw a'a m daa al waaara. 

Tba tnttb win aot ba drlrea iUoff stan ; il wfll not fo to cbaff 
baaaatb te draw. LewU Mo», 

Gwasarnawl, ic. (gwasam) Strewed as a litter. 
Gwasamiad, «• m. (gwasam) A strewing on the 

ground ; a treading under feet; a littering. 
Owasarnu,o.a.(gwasarn) To strew on the ground, 

to tread under feet ; to litter, to lay a litter. 
Gwasarnwr, s. m.— pl. gwasam wyr (gwasarn — 

gwr) One who strews, or lays as litter; one 

who treads under foot 
Gwaskn, o. a. (gwas) To minister, to serve; to 

humble; to Moome humble. 

Bvyf aalbd woaod waiSa. 
O wcUoa vaMaactba : 
A'n dirfyao Daw, ya dyfjaa acf 

May I ba cacsitlaat aad plaeed la to AaaiMf, la acrvlaf af arr- 
rants; may Ood taauaoa na, whea ba saaiBiooa bcmvra to fata 
pniteetloB. Eikir Smit* 

Gwasawd, s. at (gwas) The disposition of a cow 

to take the bnll. a. Being In such a state. 

BwDck woMttwdf a tufty cow. It is also called 

Gwasawg, a. (gwas) Being serving, or minsterlng. 

s. M. A servant 

Ml bI'bi car G«eBddydd*ae al*a banaercb ; 
Wyf caaK>B waaawg ffwaanf Kbydderrta. 

Ma Oveaddydd doe* aot lore, aod aha will not frcel eie; I aai 
bated by tb« aiUaMrr oftba aalbortly of Kbydderch. 

Gwasawl, a, (gwas) Ministering, serving. 

Gwaseiddrwydd, s. m. (gwasaidd) A state of mi- 
nistering, serviceableness. 

Gwasel, a. ai.~pl. I. an (gvra — sel) A glance, a 
view, or sight, as that taken in shooting. 

Gwasenthawl, a. (gwasaeth) Ministering. 

Gwaseuthgar, a. (gwasaeth) Serviceable. 

Gwaseuthiad, s. m. (gwasaeth) A ministering. 

Gvraseuthnyn, t. e, — pl. t, ion (gwasaeth—dyn) 
A ministering person ; a servant. 

Gwaseuthn, v. a. (gwasaeth) To minister. 

Gwasg, a/f'—pL I. oedd (gwa) A pressure, a 
squeese ; a compression ; a press ; the waist, or 
wnere the girdle is tied. Giooig casvs, a cheese 

El wtaf ofdd, 0*1 %raaf aiddll, 
O Sodaa hn-gaairaa fll { 
A'l casal dcbf M>yat 
O aiffyll (wrdd rcaiyll r»yot. 

His robe, from bis aieader wuUt, waa of a tboaiaad tlay braacb- 
laa doweia; and bto aajitWtbey compared aa of tba wiuf* of tba 
ardent iapphig wlad. D, mb GwUym, iV FromjraUh. 

Gwasgar, s. m.-^, t, ion (gwasg — ar^ A scatter- 
ing, or dispersion, a. Scattered, dispersed. 

Glaa rema bdyrn bSanant, 
Glaa lafar f wa»gar g w l i fan at. 

Blae bladca of ttcel ibey itrewcd, blue arnoar acattered tlK*T 
did pal OB. Cgn44eim. 

Gwasgaradwy, a. (gwasgar) Dissipatable. 
Gwasgarawd,«. ai. (gwasgar) Dispersion. 

Gwasgar* wd aUf» braint ncbaf bii; 
Uaasfiawd cynld I lyrdd o farddoni. 

Tha traltering of rtcbra , tba higbcatdafrca of bonoar : aad Ui 
rcfage of sosg to a myriad of bards. Or. aS M. mb Jfm/jfdd. 

V t 


G W A 166 

Gwasgarawg»4i.(gifat8ar) Being iciaterad tboat. 

O W A 

Rirr To Lywrlyn iter lerfja TsT, 
C(W»ttr vjfboeild wigfoedd wuffmrwetr. 


A man «m Uywelfii on the ronflncf of the TiT, thcwiendpi 
of public liverlct mott temltmd, Bltddpn Pmrdd. 

Gwasgarawl, a. (gwasgar) Dispersive, scattering. 
Gwasgarawr, «. a. (gwasgar) To scatter about. 

BerUiidati rbiu riiy ««|w»wr. 
Priccrif J««eU b« will «pa<(rr ■<>•( profutely. lA, P, Mteh, 

Gwasgaredig, a. (gwasgar) Scattered, dispersed. 
GwaigaredigioMy scattered ones. 

Gwasgaredigaetb, i. m.-pl. t. an (gwasgaredig) 
A being scattered ; dispersion. 

Gwasgaredigawl, a. (gwasgaredig) Dispersive. 

Gwas^aredigrwydd, s. m. (gwasgaredig) Disper- 
sed ness, diffnsedness. 

Gwasgaredd, s. m. (gwasgar) Dispersed ness. 

Gwasgarfa, s./.— p/. (. oedd (gwasgar) A scene of 
scattering ; dispersion. 

Gwasgargerdd, s, f. (gwasgar— cerdd) A song of 
scattering ; a song of prediction. 

C^orcbynsD i^Mtonld gwugmod calchd— d» 

A rrUnne »ll| celebrate the ihrltrr of riMmelled cortring, • 
dUptrMiugtvmg ofhabillwCDt. CpmdOelw, i O. CtftUimwg. 

Gwasganad, «. m. (gwassar) A scattering, a dis- 
persing, or strewinK about. 
Gwasgaroideb, $. m. (gwasgar) Dispersedness. 
Gwasgarolrwydd, $. m, (gwasgar) Dispersedness, 
Gwasgaru, v. a. (gwasgar) To scatter, to disperse. 

(■orwyn Mmo derw.ebwiTw brif 60; 
Rbair liwyald r«eiirtTid tfcn ; 
Pybjr twjll: pell ofml I'm ctlea. 

CUUertar Ifcetopa oftbc oskt, hmU Ui« brmchei of the ath, 
b^rorr tbe duck* the ware is mmde f ditptnt: audacloaa ta de- 
tell : deep In mj btait la care. Ltpwfarck Hem, 

Gwasgarwr,! .a.— p/.gwasgarwyr (gwasgar— gwr) 

A scatterer, a disperser. 
Gwasgawd, B,f,—pl. ewasgodion (gwa— ysgawd) 

A shelter, or shade; a covert; a waistcoat; 

Guasfawd hftkyr^ a term in grammar, for two 

consonants together, one sheltering the other. 
Gwasgawl, o. (gwasg) Pressing, or squeeaing. 
Gwasgedig, a. (gwasg) Pressed, compressed. 
Gwasgedigaeth, ». m. (gwasgedig) A pression. 
Gwasgfd,s./.— pi. f(wasgfeydd (gwasg) A pres- 
sure; a depression ; a fainting fit. Gwa$g/a' 

on angeuy the pangs of death. 
Gwasgfwrdd, s. m.— p/. gwa^gfyrddan (gwasg— 

bwrdd) A pressing board ; a piaten. 
Owaiigiad, s. m.— pt t. au (gwasg) A pressing. 
G wasgodawg, a. (gwasgawd) Affording shelter. 
Gwa>godawl, a. (gwasgawd) Sheltering, shading. 
Gwasgodfa, s,/.—pL t on (gwasgawd) A bower. 
Gwasgodeilig, a. (gwasgawd) Sheltered, shaded. 
Gwasgodi, r. a. (gwasgawd) To shelter, to cover 

with a shade, to overshadow. 
Gwasgodiad, s. m. (gwasgawd) A sheltering. 
Gwasgodle, t. m.—pl. L oedd (gwasgawd— He) A 

sheltered place. 
Owasgodlen, B.J.—pU I. I (gwasgawd— lien) A 

sheltering veil. 
wasgawdlwyn, s. m.— pi. I. i (gwasgawd— llvryn) 

A Ahcltering grove. 
Gwasgodwydd, s. m. (gwasgawd— gwydd) A shel- 

teiing wood; a bower, or arbour. 

Pbb prni a hianer }n wa^codwydd S4 a dal i*w brrcbcaawg' 
nac ya nfarddaa. mc ya agwaalawd Tw df y plaao. 

Every In* that aball br plaaled a* a »k€U*rimf 

i wiK tlicr in fardco«» or whHber a* a iliel- 

la, ibi value lu lt» owner 

tt r to bb buMe be abaJI plaiil It. 

S4 peace 

' a* a ilie' 
WtUk Lamt* 

Gwasgotty, «. m.-^pL t* an (gwasgawd — ty) A 
hovel, an outhonse. 

Gwaagrwym, s. m.— pi. #. an (gwasg— ffawjnn) A 
bandage, a girdle. 

Gwasgrwymyn, s. m. — pL i. an (gwasg— rbw^m 
yn) A band round the waist, a girdle. 

Gwasgo, r. a. (gwasg) To press, to sqneese. 

Gwasgwyn, s. m. — pL gweisgwyn (gwa— ysfwyn 
A gentle rising; a smooth hUl; the hio^e 
thigh of a horse, or a gascoin: also a man^ei 
horse, or steed; the country of Gascon] 
Gwtfigvcyn gtnymdaiik^ a retinue of steeds. 

Hln-falch dymbor hoea-rwya, 
Yn wyrh ynilewych am iwyu, 
Gwkf -wyrdd yw dol a gwntf wye. 

KiadtyMnilinff aeacon of Ane wi-atber, Rally it Kluter* r.K 
llie yrove aod f reeu-robcd are tbe dale and f r«/iy ntUt^t '1 

Gwasgwynes, s. /.— pJ. «. an (gwasgwyn) Tfci 
rises, or swells gently; an epithet for a tniot 

Gwaafwynci y waliC gaMwl* 

The fcallf-nMlMiif M« villi tbe aleft jiody. 

Gwrasgwynfarcb, s. m.— pi. gwasgwynfeirch(8Wi 
gwyn— march) A managed horse, or steed. 

Gwaafwynfcirchy fo«elrch, |0Mlbr. 
Oenttf pacing ttetdt ■tiffbtly haroewed.tUrUly |r;^'°^ , 

Gwasodi, v. n. (gwasawd) To become viati 

the bnll, to become tofty. 
Gwasodiad, s. m. (gwasawd) A becoming taft] 
Gwasodrwydd, «. m. (giirasawd) Toftiness, orl 

want of a bull by a cow. 
Gwast, s. m.—pl. t. au (gwas) A spread, apW 
Gwastad, #. m.—pl. i. oedd (gwastad) Thsl 

CTen, smooth, steady, or continued; a pisi 

or level ; a plain. 

Rhetkl maea yn lir«ff» wmImI* 
Let the none roll antil It celt a Irvd. *^ 

mcbeOr rwMi^lM' 
Nolrvd wtllbefotlbrAbalL ^ 

Gwastad, a. (gwast) Even, smooth, level; ij 
dy ; continued ; constant; demure. J 
o*nUadd arat yn wtstad, he is running her d^ 
continually ; Yn wastad ieg, continaally. 

BhI wartad gwnlff ■! arehir. 
Let the weaa* who la M««r«ik«d appear ctfiiMfaA 

Aojea y lybydcdd fnulBd y» hM wphtM, a byd J P«* 
brdwar 1 uuarbyaithcf o faoaa. 

The e«»cnUal of the n^^oik co^tea-oa to • '«r «;^ 
lablc*. and Utc teufth of Umj •un» froa four to *^^^'^j^ 

Gwastadawl, a. (gwastad) Of nn even tendei 

continued, constant, nniform. 
Gwastadedd, i. m. (gwastad) Evenness, con^ 

ity, a level, or plain country. 
Gwastadfa, s./. (gwastad) A level space, a H 
Gwastodfan, s. /.— p«. I. «a (gwastod-m* 

level place, a level. , 

Gwastadfod, •./. (gwasUd— bod) A codsIsdI 

bitation ; an even, or constant state. 
Gwastadiad, s. m. (gwastod) A levcUiog, ■ 

king even or smooth. 
Gwastadle, #. m.— y/. I. oedd (gvra»tad-» 

level place, a plain. 
G wastodoldeb, «. m. (gwastadawl) Evennen ; 

tinnity; perennlty. .* .v. ^. 

Gwastodolrwydd, «. w. (gwaatadawl) l^"^ 
Gwastadrwydd, i. m. (gwastad) Evenness 

tinuity ; constancy. 

6 W A. 


O W A 

Ced vcdl wt^t»4r*f&i, 

Tbe Madlag cfaala of cMtcuporuy cUdB, hilbltmiy free Ik 
IJthif COttif CTlBf itintiiN ofOTMiancv* 

Cfmddeim, i Wtnwffnwfn* 

Gwvtadoy 9. «• (gwaitad) To make level. 
Gnitata, «. c (gwastad) To make even i to be* 

omDeeven; to become qalety or tranquil. 
Gmstitaad, «. m. TgiiaiUU) ▲ making even. 
Gmclattawl, €. (pwasuta) Tending to make 

erea; tnuiqnillizing, 
GwastaUo, v. a. (gwaatata) To make even» plain, 

or level; to smooth ; to continae ; to reat. 
Giaitat4wr, «. m.— fi. gwattatawyr (gwastata — 

gwr) One who mslkes even ; a calmer. 
GvttUteydd, $.m,—pL f. ion (gwastata) One who 

nakes even ; one who calms, 
Gvastitu, V. a. (gwastad) To make even ; to stilly 

t0 become still, or tranquil. 
Gnstraff, s. m.— ^ U ion (gwa— jFStraff) Piodi- 

plity; waste; lavish expenditure. 
Omstnffawly a. (gwastraffj Squandering. 
Gwistniffedd, s. m. (gwastraff) Prodigality. 
Gvtttraffiad, $, m. (gwastraff) A squandering. 
Gvutnffa, o. a. (gwastraff) To squander. 
(rnstnffwr, s. m. — pL gwastraffwyr (gwastraff— 

gwr) A prodigal, or wasteful man. 
Gwtttrawd, t. m.—pL gwastrodton (gwas^trawd) 

A iroom of the stable, or equerry. Garos^rod- 

m f^vya, the grooms of the reign. 

Gnrtnvd aAvfa »Mylf ddal gwagOmM f brattia ptm msthq, » 
»^B MiffjaOi • <l«jii cirarrb rw letty. 

The gntm of Hm rrtrn k oMIgad to hoM the itfmip of tbe kinf 
•tn l« BiMiali, aod wkca be iltaaoutt* ud lakvMa bone to bw 

Ovastrin, « -^pL #. loo (gwaa^tria) Servitode. 
Gviririoiad, t. »• — pi. I. an (gvrasliin) A perfor- 

uisg the doty of a servant. 
Gwntriniaw, e. «. (gwastrin) To minister. 
GmtFodawl, «. (gwaatrawd)Kelating to a groom. 
Gwastrodedd, a. «. Cgwaatniwd) A groom's effikre. 
GvMtrodi, V. a. (gwrastrawd) To serve as groom. 
GvastrodJad, «. m. (gwastrawd) A serving as a 

S^^^OB) or page. 

Gwtttrodyn, t. m. dim. (gwastrawd) A page. 
^nUf «. 0. (gwas) To reduce to the state of a 

Knrtot; to make as a slave. 
Gntwar, s. m,—pl, t, oedd (gwad— gwar) A moc- 

^ciy, derision, or jest ; soorn, oontempt. 

Ar <r«ftttar cyauar y nd. 
B« WM mrtf fbairf la •erAery. D. mb GwUgm. 

G««t«ir, V. a. ({[wad — gwar) To mock, to de- 
nde, to make a jest of; to laugh, to scorn. 

Gmtwr J djdd am wallb mm. 
'•n/ihgdeiyfsrUMvotfcof ttNB^ht. Admgtk 

Ovitwvawl, a. (gwatwar) Sarcastic, ironical. 
(<ntwaredig, a. (gwatwar) Derided, contemned, 
^vatwaredigaetta, s^f.—pi, ». an (gwatwaredig) 
1^ act ot deriding, or mocking ; derision . 

^^•eiBdiildbcfMabeb|ofltMbuddygoUReth f Prydciiitakl, 
* naaoeth Iwl Ccl»ar, a b;uy (ran ci wacwaredigaeth. 

to paii wliboat 
tbe rclreai of JuUua Ci 

embcrlDff Ibe vidacr of 
r» and that ttltt there- 
of, mb Arthur. 

(^ntwareg, t ./. (gwatwar) Irony, sarcasm. 
^twsHawl, a. /. (gwatwar — ^mawl) Satirical 
^Jihe ; irony. 

^Iwaigir, «. (gwatwar) Derisive ; flouting. . 
^**^«v^rdd, s./. (gwatwar — cerdd) Irony. 
Gvnainid, «. m. (gwatvrar) A mocking, a play- 

>0Ks|iOB,aje8liBg; asooffing; defisioa. 
^^**t*>ni, «. «• (gwatwar) To mock ; to scoff. 

Owatwarns, a. Tgwatwar) Moekiog; sarcastic. 
Owatwamsrwycid, s. m. (gwatwams) Sarcastleil- 

Gwatwarwr, «. m.— pi. gwatvrarwyr (gwatwar— 

gwr) A mocker, a scoffer ; a sattrist. 
Owatwarydd, s. at.— pi. i. ion (gwatwar) Satirist. 
Owathred, s. m.— pi. i. ion (gwa—tred) Intent or 

pnrport, design. 

Gwaibrad y Uyfr hwo— y diagybl yn lofyn, ac yr athrav ya aicb. 

Tbe Miyerl of Uiia book— the diadple aaklaf i sod the anilcr 
aaaveilaf. JUmeUurtms, 

Gwan, a. m,—pl. gwenoedd (gwa) A weaving, a 

knitting; a web. 
Gwau, V. a. (gwa) To weave; to knit, ilfai y mae 

jf dyuion ya gioaa irtry etc gtiydd, liow the peo* 

pie are running throngfa one another. Cs/i. 

Giroa Aoaaaaa, to knit stockings. 
Gwaudd, s./.— pi. i. au (gwa^udd) A daughter 

in law, or a son'ts wife. 

Nl ddaw coT t cbweffr tl bod ya «Mdd. 

It will aoc rerar to Ibe 

thai ibe baa beea a daagbr 

Gwawch, «./. (gwa — wch) A loud scream, or cry; 

a sea bird so called. 
Gwawd, s. m. (gw— awd) A song of praise, a pa- 
negyric, or encomium ; praise ; also irony ^sar- 
- casm, or mockery . 

Tyfcd It* ar bob laftwd 
Aoaercbloa (»ycUoO( a f wawd. 

To tbec rtooi every toasae nay apriaf Mr fiMal^ioaa aad 
frmUt, Jfywi < >l«rdra«M, </rrcA. 


Caaaf li'» a dadgaoaf «ra«d 
O fawl fy ab-Aiawd fljddJawa. 

OOad! I wttlitof toaMe,aadl«fUliMaeaa«Me8rf«aafraa 
tbe pralM of a laublal loa4«e. JMm. Prjfs, 

Gwawdawd, •• m, (gwawd) The act of praising. 

Gwawdeb,s./.— pi.^ ion^gwawd)An encomiastic. 

Gwawdebo, o. a. (gwawdeb) To compose an en- 
comiastic, or panegyric* 

Gwawd faeth, a. m. (gwawd — maelh) Nnrtnre of 
praise, a. Praise-nnrtared. 

Gwawdferw, s. m. (gwawd— berw) Ebullition of 
praise, a. Effervescent with praise. 

Gwawdgan, s./. (^wawd — can) An encomiastic 
song, or panegync. 

Mai nravdKaa Afaa» afyddftyd ffrwyUtlava 
O gor (Jadwallawo tiTnua'ddawo taryd. 

Like the pnff yrieof Avao, of geutle mind aad fruitful* ia lae- 
Biory of i^M illou, of royal-ffifled roueieoaoce* 

6. /Ma, • Ar/—, m. Sir O. Umgd, 

Gwawdgar, a. (gvrawd) Fond of praise; also sar- 
chstic, or apt to jeer. 

Gwawdiad, a. m. — pi. i. an (gwawd) A beatowing 
encomium; also a jeering. 

Gwawdiaw, o. a. (gwawd) To beatow eacomiom; 
also to jeer, or to use sarcasm. 

Gwawdiawl, a. (gwawd) Eaeomiastical. 

Gwawdodyn, a. m. (gwawdawd) An encomiastic. 
Gwai0dodjrR hir^ and gwawdodyn hyr^ the long 
encomiastic and the short encomiastic, are me- 
tres in the Welsh prosody. 

Gwawdus, a. (gwawa) Encomiastic, panecyric 

Gwawdwr, a. ai. — ^pi. gwawdwjrr (gwawd---gwr) 
A man who makes an encomium. 

Gwawdwyn,a.m. (gwawd — ^gwyn) A passion for 
praise, a. Ambitious of fame* 

Vaef a*l beriy,ar)wy ffartbaa dya, 
Llywclyn f«4wdwyu, ftvaa 
Owyr . 

He tbat will panae ber, a prelude to a WTbre coaSkt, Is Liy- 
wel)a, trdtnt aftvr /traittt tbat ruiia men tlirourh. 

IrfyirartA UtUg, 




Gmiwdjddy «. wu-^pL t, ioo (gwawd) Ad enco- 
mutft, a panegyrist. 

A gddw Dawy niedd rwawdydd 
Ds goel redd, dloRel /ydd. 

Wtol God kcepi, ajt m «imom<mi io a maoMr worthy ofcre- 
dll, will be nfe. if. H. a^ //m. 

Owawl, f. M. (gwa— awl) Light ; radiancy. 

Uy* Klwy* boradwys 

Ue ■•« IICMycb cwych y ffwswl 
Uyfryd-wedd ein Naf rhadawl. 

The hallowed coort of paradl«e, where there it r'orloM the 
reflectloa of ihe tight of the happy countenance of oar rracloaa 
l^rd. Fartk, jBwk £\ 

Gwawl, «./. (gwa— wl) A wall^ a rampart. 


GoruK Seferoa jpraith calo, 
Yn drawi droa V nj« Prydaia : 
Rbag f werio rjflhrawl fwawl Ma* 

Severitf fonaed a fair unictore. aeroH orer the ble of Britain : 
afiiost a forward throng a wait of Moqm. 

Gwawldde, «. m. ^gwawl — de) Piiosphorous. 
Owawlddeain, a. (gwawl— de) Pliosphoric. 
Gwawn, j. in* aggr. (gwa— awn) A qaiclL dart- 
ing of rays ; the gossamer. 

GwcnlUao fvawn y lleoad. 
Gweollito like the rtpt of the moon. leu, Hawdden, 

Gwawr dyrld Meiriooydd mawr anawdd yn nwyf, 

Gwyiibryd nyf cyo daddawdd; 
Owyd it gofal »'iii IsUwdd 
G«»wn Itw, och, heddiw o'l chawdd ! 

Thf dawD of the day of Meirlonydd, a great leverity to myjpaa- 
•ioo «kiUi tti« fair viMKe of Uw ■iiuw before a melts ; mitchiefaod 
aaxiei} Ik » klM.* given me ; the of gostamer hue, v*oir lue this day 
Iron her cruelty. i^. a6 y Cj/rUtg, 

K bfty «« glod 

Irs (o bftoi amol, ac yn orwyn gwawn \ 
7ra fo yr clgtawn %n lUwu ilynwyn. 

Ml* fMKT will laH whilM the r lorioua ran tball be, and the goi- 
ut gUltrriBf white; whlM tlie oceitn U to full flow. 

L. G. Cothi. 

, f./. — pt I. oedd (gwa — awr) A brealung 
oat of light; that radiates; the dawn, the au- 
rora, the brealL of day ; a hue; or cast; also a 
lM;ro. QwoMT feUn, a yellowish hoe ; gwawr 
MMgtu, a lightening before death. 

GiMynt eagyll gwawr 
KAgoryui yu wocwawr. 

1 K«-r (JMg*«l with blue the wloga of the dawn when the; tent the 
•Umm HMStMCMgcra of pain. tatutin. 

Mawr yw co«t gwawr, myn delw Garon ! 
Ac nhl mawr y w bntt gwawr fwlrloa. 

Great la the ker»*t espence by Carou*a Imafe! Bnt not great 
the hoaac of th« loooccnt A«r». L. U. Ctdkl. 

Gwawraidd, a. (gwawr) Like the dawn ; dawning. 
Gwawriad, #. m. (gwawr) A dawning, a brealung 

oot of light, a glimmering. 
Gwawriaw, v. a. (gwawr) To dawn, to begin to 

brighten; to glimmer. 
Gwaws, f. m. (aws) Rath, tenderness, pity. 
Gwb, f. OT. (wb) A moan, a dolefal cry. 
Gwd, s. m. (gw) A twist, a wind, or turn. 
Gwden, «./. — p/. t. i (gwd) A withe ; a coil, a 

ring. Gwdyn ear, drag withes, used as sabsti- 

tntes for iron links : Uwden y coed^ eloffrwym 

y mwcif the great bindweed. 

Anhawdd gwahawdd ffwyot y'ngwdeo. 
It it dlflicolt to lOTlte the wind into a ring. LI, P. Moeh. 

Gwdenawl, a. (gwden^ In the form of a withe. 
Gwdeniad, $. m. (gwden) A witbing, a forming 

into a withe ; a binding with a witlie. 
Gwdeno, p. a. (gwden) To form into a withe; 

to fasten with a withe. 
Gwdd, 8, m. (gw) Ttiat twists or tarns round. 
Gwddi, 8, tn,—pl, t, od (gwdd) A hedging bill. 
Gwddw, «. m. (gwdd) The neck, the crag. 

Kl wddw eilwaiih oedd oiwyn. 
Mia McA again waa like a whrcl. T. JUd, ifarch. 

Qwddwf, s. m.-^. gyddiau (gwddw) The neck, 
the crag. Gwddv^ gryg, the common heron. 

Awydd a dyr d wddwf. 
AmUtlon will break hia utet. jd^,. 

Gwddwg, 8. m,--pl, gyddygan (gwdd) A neck. 

Gwddwgen, s/.(gwddwg) A neckcloth, a cnnt. 

Gwddor, s.f.-^U. i (gwdd) A wooden bridge, 
or boards laid across a rivalet 

Gwe, s. f.-^pLt. oedd (gw) What is drawn, or 
sent out; web, a web of cloth. Gwe conr>,i 
cobweb ; gwe feUn, lesser yellow trefoU. 

Owe, a prefix in eamposititm (gw) It has an incep- 
tive import, or denotes a beginning, and a ten- 

Gwead, s. m. (gwe) A weaving; a knitting. 

Gweadur, #. m,—pl, t. on (gwead) A weaver. 

Gweawd, s. m. (gwe) A weaving; a knitting. 

Gweawdr, #. m,—pL gweodron (gwcawd) A wei- 
ver. Gweawdr copyn, a spider. 

Gweawl, a. (gwe) Relating to weaving \ te&titc. 

Gweb. »./. (gw— eb) A phiz; a smirk; a snack 
of the lips. 


A gwen web, lawen heb lid. 
Bald with a fair cotmtenamee, merry and free froa uger. 

It. a» Gvilpi. 

Gwecry, a. (gwegr) Vapid feeble, weak, flimsy. 

A phawb a liena fal hen-wiag wecry. 

And erery one will grow old like an aodeai /fiary (vwaL 

Uujf4d bit. 

Onid yr Arflwydd a adeilada y ty, ofer fydd UaAv el M>cihd*yT 
a gwecry. 

if the Lord doth not balld Ihe hoatc, vala b the Uteir ofik 
bnlJden and fetUe, 1*^^ ^a- 

Gwech, a. (/. d/gwych) Brave; fine, gay. Kfwi 
gwech-doH, the bold-voiced fellow. 

Gwed, 8, m. (gw— cdj An atteraoce, a saying. 

Gwedawl, a. (gwed) Relating to speech ;9peakiD|. 

Gwedi^ prep, (gwed) Af^er, later than. Gnii 
gwatih, after work. adv. After, when, ifw 
the time that ; afterwards. Gw^dt iddo rpd^ 
after he had given ; gwedi ateb o Jbrai, wfaes 
she had answered ; a ddot di yn» weiiJ ^^ 
thou come there afterwards ? iivdi dacMi ^^' 
ing finished. 

Bedd mah Oafraa y'Nghamian, 
Gwedi llawer cyS«|mn; 
Bedd Dedwyr yo AlH Tnrfaa. 

The grave of the ion of Oarraa in Camlan, tifter naay t iii*& 
trr ; the grare of Bedwyr in the cliff of Tryfaa. 

JSigt. Btdda* MU»r- 

Gwediad, «. m. (gwed) A speaking or saying. 
Gwedn, a. (/. qf gwyan) Tenacious, toogh. 
Gwedresi, »./. (gwe— tresi) A lizard. 
Gwedwr, s. m.—pl. gwedwyr (gwed— gwr) A 

speaker ; one who says, of spe&s. 
Gwedwst, s.m. (gwed— gwst) A silent and listeo- 

ing disposition. Ujfftd. 
Gwedy, prep, (gwed) Afler. adv. After, whes, 

afterwards. The same as Gwedi. 
fiwedyd, s. m. (gwed) A saying, a speaking. 

Trl cbclwydd y •ydd : cclwydd gwcdyd, celwydd ^tm,hdi^r^ 
yroddw)n, a phob un a hair crodn oa'a dylld. 

Then.- are thr^e fal>ehooda: falaehood of tpfckimg, f»l»f>^ '^ 
•iltnir, and a fklaeiiooU of condoct. andetYiy oae «>ll 'o-^^ 
belief mat sboald not be. B^rdt**- 

Gwedyd, v. a. (gwed) To say, or to speak. >» 
wedai air, be would not say a word. 

y r awen o ddiawl— yw yr awen a wed gelwydd mew" «'*♦ " 
* fnyiu berhodaa a gwydlaa. 

IV rou»e from the devil ia the moae that sptaht falvkt^^ >« * 
boiii;, BDd multipilea aina and vicra. b*T^»- 

Gwedydd, «. m.~-pl. i. ion (gwed) A speaker. 
Gwedd, 8.f. (gwe— edd) General connexion, c«J- 
tour, form, order; shape; fashion; the looi, 




•r ttpeet; oonplexion; a team; m yok«. Drwg 
fw « weddvmi^ InmI is her ■ppeanmee : Gw4dd 
•fetrck^ a team of lu>net; gwedd • yeMa, a 
yoke of oxea; Ym m i tmg Urn mid Criii^ to 
Bobaail oae*t idf ooder the yoke of ChrUt* 

-Mr fwralfgM. •*« rMM M 1 
fwj4 cite paa feV 4Miwito4i» 


i). •* Otrilf a. 

Oweddaidd, a. (gwedd^ Orderiy, weU-oonnectedy 
well-shaped; well-benaTed ; cML 

A'h 40wli If ■■11 tvalft^ 


Gweddawdy t. m. (gwedd) Hie aet of eoBoeetlng. 
Gweddanv, c (gwedd) Connected, or haying 

cawMctfon ; seemly, coopled ; yoked ; wedded -, 

cooiagaL Ntwfid weddawg, newly married. 
Gweddawl, a. (gwedd) Disposed in order; well- 

eoonected ; orderiy ; acenstoBMd to sabjeetkm ; 

«sed to the yiAe ; moderate ; r e a sona bl e, toler* 

able. Oya gwirditevl, a good sort of a person : 

Mme kmm ya • weddawl^ that there is pretty 

Gweddeldd-dra, s. ai. (gweddaidd) Orderiiaess; 

eonoectedness ; moderation ; decency. 
Gweddeiddgar,a. (gweddaidd) Decent, or seenUy. 
Gw«ddelddiad, s. m. (gweddaidd) A rendering, 

or becoming, connected; a beeondng decent. 
Gweddeiddiaw, a. a. (gweddaidd) To render or* 

deriy ; to dl^MMe; to moderate. 


htm !• ditm m t 

Owedddddiawl, a. (gweddaidd) Tending to ren- 
der orderiy or welfconnected ; of a decent ten- 

GweddC* <- /•— fl. t. an (gwedd) Snbmission ; 
sopplication; prayer ; adoration. 


rll. jm wl m B cfSawadcr, m » ackyi»*Bitr raiM* m 
Daw, M y« ackftra 0«v,Mra p«S pais. 

Oaaf nwl tky piataEflaaf aaa la Hn 

aad la ««4^ dlMiaOaa, aad la 4iKf«tlaa 

lavt» la lofc la bva Gai» aad la lavtog Gotf 

Qweddiad, s. m. (gweddi) A sappUcatingf a 

Gweddiad, «. ai. (gwedd) A conforming ; a sab- 
mittiBg; a snbjagation. 

Cweddt^or, s. ak (gweddiad) One wlio snlmdts. 

Gweddiannawl,a.(gweddiaot) SnbmissiTe orderly. 

Oweddiannn, a. a. (gweddiant) To bring to or- 
der or to render sabmtssive ; to liecome orderly. 

Oweddiant, s. ai. (gwedd) Sabmissioa to older. 
% a. a. (gweddi ) To sappUcate, to pray. 

Ml MAT. ai vaMla, 


Gweddiawi, a. (gweddi) Praying, snppUcatory. 
Gweddig, a. (ga^d) Seemly, decent ; orderly. 

Owe«f m wf^ n M dialfr naaJ a*ai fr»lfrk. 

The rfMirt dappiMloa aT a» itowar af IMn badavf •«» 

II. a* Owtff a, 

Oweddill, a. ak— pL f . ion (gwedd) A remainder. 
It, rcBck ; ortS| ieavlngs. 




GweddBttad^s. ak(gweddiU) A leaying as 
Gweddilliaw, a. a. (gweddiU) To amke a 
der, to leave as a renmant; to leave orts. 





ic^ aatll Ika laAna af att Ita SMI to 
», a^ ««•• MM la*a af May kaea«i 

GweddiWedig, a. (gweddill) Left as a remnant 
Owedditor, sap. (gwedd) To be sabmltting. 

'f vaa gyMiai 

Nat davleaMa aiy paaamlr. aar m Maf mJ 
thaa Sffa< af iIm nca af ifaalgwa, aad aT caa^aal 

, f . ai.— fl. gweddiwyr (gweddi — gwr) 

One who prays, a sappUcator, a petitioner. 
Gweddlys, t. /. (gwedd— IWs) Woad. It is aba 

called Mibmgn^ g las , glasfas, and giaatfda. 
GweddoB, e. a. (gweddawl) To render orderiy, 

or moderate; toBMiderate. 
Gwedda, v. a. (gwedd) To render orderiy, or 

connected ; to sabmlt; to do homage ; to yoke; 

to wed; to becoaM orderiy; to b ecoam; to 

befit. Ft wfddai, it woald seem ; 

gwedda, It is necessary io sabmlt. 

Mil «aa fcr IW ialai if B 

Uka a priaca, *« witfaal Mtarfl M la aM 


WBH §m0ff fli^f Ao Vg 


ir. amm, imirddStk. 
ac y gnad d a j g paaik a 

Gweddns, a. (gwadd) Orderiv, well-befittinf« 
well-digested ; well-shaped ; handiome; seem* 
ly; weU-bebaved; fitting, beseeming. Kai* 
ddjfgimd gwtddmt. a decent behavionr. 

Gweddasaw, a. a. (gweddiu) To reader orderly, 
or connected; to become confommMe, to be- 
come well-shaped, to become deceat. 

Gweddasdra,s.ak (gweddas) Orderiiaess, decency 

Gweddnsiad, s. ai. f gweddas) A rendering order- 
ly, or decent; a iMcoming orderiy, or decent. 

Gweddasrwydd, s. m. (gwcddas) Orderliness. 

Gweddw, a. (gwedd) Being passed beyond con- 
nexion or order ; being nnyoked ; widowed ; 
solitary. — Dya gweddw^ a widowed person; 
dyass lofddar, a widow wonwn ; gwrgweddw^ a 
widower; gwi^ weddwj, a widow; ddi«a 
gwtddWf an ox deprived or a fellow. 

OwaMw pwyil hCSaaiyaaAi. 

to Aartlirf* a l i S aat p ar wui M ta. Admgt. 


Saftad fwralf «addw eya («f« a haal 

Aa laatlt-tot la a 4affla waaiaa 
hair Ite laNlt-iaa io bar ' 

gato a 

Gweddwad, s . ai. (gweddw) A rendering solitary» 

a bereavlag, a becoiaing widowed. 
Gweddwar,c. (gwedd^gwar) Of a aiOd aspect. 
Gweddwawl, a. (gweddw) Bereaving ; widowing. 
Gweddwdawd, s . ai. (gareddw) Widowhood. 


aa diag anawoa 

f S^ to Mtorikn » bt4 




G W E 

T«niar— a rUli<>«;odd ddiilad ei rwedilwdawJ oddl am dani, tc a 
IfuddicHkl ei kiui 1 ^orcbadd. 

Tamar— pat aira« the earmmls or her wiJarhooH from nffhrr, 
aad covered benelf «ith a veil. 6n. Kxx*Ui. 1 4. 

Gweddwedig, a. (gweddw) Bein^ widowed. 
Gwcddwt, V. a. (gweddw) To bereave ; to make 

one a widow; to become widowed. 
Gweddyg, s. wt,—pL t, an (gwedd) A shoe-lait. 
Gwef, i. m. (gwe— eO That is clear, or fair. 
Gwefl, 8,f.—pl, I. an (gwef) A chop, a lip. Gwefl 

Is mostly applied to mean the lips of beasts, 

and GwrfuM the human Up. — Gwefiau ceimion, 

wry chops. 
Gweflaid,«./. — pi- gwefleidiao (gwefl) A chop- fall 
Gweflaidd, a. (gwefl) Like a lip, labiated. 
Gweflawd, «. m. (gwefl) A dash on tlie chops. 
Gweflawg, a. (gwefl) Blabber-lipped. 
Gwefldew, a. (gwefl— tew) Thick-lipped. 
Gweflfawr, a. (gwefl — mawr^ Large lipped. 
Gweflgrwn, a. (gwefl — crwn) Having the rim, or 

margin turned round ; dog-eared. 
Gweflodiad, «. m. (gweflawd) A dashing on the 

chops, a stroke on the month. 
Gweflodiaw, r. a. (gweflawd) To slap the chops. 
Gweflyn, s. iR. (gwefl) One with blubber lips. 
Gwefr, «. m.—pL gwefran (gwcf) Amber. 

GvalU djn befr o U« fwefr ff«ych. 

The hair of the anuu-t niaSd I* of the colour of the flnp auihrr, 

D. ah EU-mmnd. 

Md mnwchodil cainwydd Pm jv, 
Na Kwefr; ni wii el iryfr) w. 

It la to me nor flnc f^rained jet, oor nmhrr ; I know nothiiiir to 
compare with it. CuioV G/y»i, i'r putlitau. 

Gwefraidd, a. (gwefr) Of the nature of amber. 
Gwefrawg, a. (gwefr) Having amber; consisting 

of amber. 
Gwefrawl, a. (gwefr) Being like amber. 
Gwefreiddiad, «. m. (gwefraidd) A making, or 

becoming, like amber. 
Gwefreiddiaw, v. a. (gwefraidd) To make, or to 

become, of the nature of amber. 
Gwefriad, «. m. (gwefr) A doing with amber. 
Gwefriaw, w. a. (gwefr) To do with amber. 
Gwefroli, v. a. (gwefrawl) To make of the quality 

of amber; to become like amber. 
Gwefrn, r. a. (gwefr) To do with amber. 
Gwefns, »./.— pi. *. au (gwe— bus) The human lip. 

Ar dy veftf* a*th fiuan 
Y maeoca. 

Id thy tip and thy Um there b life. 

Gut. OlMM. 

Gwefnsaidd, a. (gwefus) Like a lip ; labiated. 
Gwefusaw, v. a. (gwefus) To touch with the lip ; 

to form or make a lip. 
Gwefusawg, a. (gwefus) Labiated, having lips. 
Gwefusawl, a. (gwefus) Labial, relating to the 

lips. Gwefusolion, labials. 
Gwefusdew, «i. (pwefus— tew) Thick-lipped. 
Gweftisglec, ». /.— p/. t. iau (gwefus— dec) A 

smack of the lip. 
Gwefusglecian, r. (gwefusglec) To smack the lips 
Gwefusiad, s. m. (gwefus) A doing with the lip, 

a touching with the lip. 
Gweg, «. m. (gw— eg) A tottering, or shake as if 

ready to fall. 
Gwegi, «. m. (gwag) Vanity emptiness: levity. 

Mae hi yn llaum o trf/rt, she is full of levity ; 

paid ar gwegi yna, have done with that trifling. 
Gwegiad, s. m.— p/. i, au (ftweg) A tottering. 
Gwegian, r. a. (gweg> To shake, to totter. 
Gwegiaw, v. a. (gweg) To totter, or to shake. 
Gwcgiawg, a, (gweu) Tottering, or unsteady. 
Gwegiawl, a. (gwcg) Tottering, or unsteady. 

Gwegil, J. nu—pl, t, an (gwe— cil) The hinder 
part of the head, the bottom of the back part 
of the skull -, the back. 

Gwcil r*efU car am mryneb eatrawa. 
The hmek of a friend ia better than a btranfcr*! face. Adaff. 

GweUf ar ddi^if brlf-fardd 
Gwe|{il bfd. 

I perceire the back of the worid turned apnn a pleanaf 

hfdo Pkylip 


Gwegilaw, r. a. (gwegil) To turn the back of the 

head ; to turn the back. 
Gwegiliad, s. m. (gwegil) A turning from. 
Gwegiisytb, a. (gwegil— syth) Stiffnecked. 
Gweglyd, a. (gweg) Tottering, feeble, weak. 

Dymffoloch Go^ledd f«efl)d laoedd. 
i am praised by tbc North of/trbU 


Gwegriad, a, m. (gwagr) A seardng, a sifViji|;. 
Gwegru, r. a. (gwegr) To tnm in a sieve, to sift. 
Gwegrwr, a. m.— pi. gwegrwyr (gwagr— gwr) 

One who searces, a scarcer, or sifter. 
Gwegryu, a. m. (gwagr) A searcing, or siftiDg. 
Gwegrynawl, a. (gwegryn) Searcing, or sifting. 
Gwegryniad,s. m. (gwegryn) Searcing, a siftiog. 
Gwegrj'nu, r. a, (gwegrvn) To searce, or to sift. 
Gwcgyd, «. m. (gwag) i'anity, emptiness, leiitj. 
Gwehelyth, a, /.—;>/. t. au (helyth) EitracUoo, 

lineage ; the stock of a tribe, a tribe. 

Gnar, o liiiioo f veheiyth, 
A roddo uTcti ar (ercb fjth ! 

Woe t» the remaiua of auy ancient H«ck that Khali Vftr Kt L» 
love on «oaian ! S^fFV* Cgfrtli^t. 

Ba ryw hael bar wrhelyth; 
Ba rat beilcli a bery b>th! 

^Vhtt et>iuro:ifi oae of linfage pure; what pmedoaNiR li^ 
who atiall ever last ! /«r. fg*tl*f^ 

Gwehil, *./. (gwe— hil) That is imperfectly pro- 
duced, or fructified. 

Gwehiliad, a. m. (gwehil) A producing imper- 
fectly ; to yield trash, or refuse. 

Gwehiliaw, r. a. (gwehil) To produce imperfect- 
ly ; a yielding trash, or refuse. 

G wehilion, a. m, aggr, (gwehil) The refuse, tnili> 
or riffraff ; the refuse or winnowing of con. 

Mac Knehilioo i*r ^weatth. 
There i« a refute to the wheaU Ad^t*- 

Gwehilioni, v. a, (gwehilion) To produce tmh' 

to leave a refuse. 
Gwehyn, a. m, — pi. t. ion (gwe — hyn) Eihaostioo. 
Gwehyn, a. (gwe — hyn) Pouring, or shcddint. 

Rhad-tvehyn, grace -difl using; ctg-wekfu^f^i^ 

Gwehyn, r. a. Cgwe — hyn) To empty, to pour, to 

shed, to evacuate, to exhaust. 
G\vehyna<lwy, a, (gwehyn) lliat may be poured 

out, or diflnsed ; exhaustible; 
Gwehynai, a. c. — pL gwehyneiou (gwehyn) Tint 

pours, or effuses ; an exhauster. 
Gwehynawl, a. Tgwehyn) Effusive; pouring. 
Gwchyniad, «. m. — pll t. au (gwehyn) ElfnsioB. 
Gwehynu, r. a. (gwehyn) To pour out, to cinpty« 

to exhaust, to shed, to diffuse, to effuse. 
Gwehyn wr, ». »i. — pi, gwehynwyr (gwehyu- 

gwr) A pourer out ; a drawer. 
Cwehynydd, «. m,—pL t, ion (gwehyn) A poorw 

out; a drawer. 

Yr VI v! ti- htilih w M\ 64?r>ll irrr bron yr Arfiwydd.ofyiBJ"?*' 
dj !{"fvl liy<i wt li>ii\dvJ d> (idwfr. 

Tho.i VLT{ tbiji d-iT tttudlnr before the Lorli fr«i» **y^*r[ 
wooU lo th« tlfavrr of »airr. iAeiU.sui. i>- 

Gweiddi, r. a. (gwaedd) To cry out, to bawl. 
Gweiddiad,s.iii. (gwaedd) A crying out, a bawi^o?- 




tiwekJdiwr, i. m.-^L gweiddwy r (gwaedd— gwr) 

One ttho cries oat) a bawler. 
OweifnMdy i. m. (gwefr) A making clear like 

Gffeifri«itfa,«./.(gwefr— iaitb) Laminons speech, 

pmpicaofia ku^age. 

Mtf vyrdybwd o*m c«a«rd, o*ai cwdfrtaltb, 
GWclM bryd brjaiav i ymdaUh. 

I a ooi fUnied wftk re^ieet to ny preiM« my imniiMiu mmcA, 

Sekttat the Bind to biiCrn to no(«. CynMclw. 

Gveilcfaydd, «. m.— p{. t. ion (gwalch) A falconer. 
Gveilgi, «. flt.—fl. f . oedd (gwailg) A torrent, a 
flood, a land*flood ; a tide; the ocean. Tyio- 
^ 75^*^ ^^ >ADd of the sea- 
Cell wglwydd y vrilgt. 
'nclnitteryoftlMlordorttMltfrvwni. if Jay* 

DrRdyd ior«f<-«irod ya nrlchynv, ac yn crwydrsw noroedd, 
n<dittvllelbn*«yiift« ynddo: acerehlftoraf iGwrfutnn 

Tsf f Prrdaia i bretwyUaw ynikli, rhsg y n dyoddef tyaih«^ » 
•0iv7 ivdiffoeM afti fwy. 

M* nU that he mseaconpMrittKi and waaderiaf the teasyieck- 

af Hot 1 ptaec lo dwell In : and he aelMd of Uwrcaot a portion 
J(k \ik of Britain 10 dwall iherda, leal he ibottld be Mfferlng 
ftcmpcftand tnfodnif Ou/itoda any lonfer. 

Or. aft ArlkuTw 

Oveil^^, i, 01.— |»I. U oedd (gwailg) A beam, 
tr bar; a perdi; a bar lying horizontally. 

Yr odd K«eU|lnf trlan ar y dd»y-f orch, >c ar y wdlginff 

rkerr«uaia«er ^«rcA npon the two fork«» and upon tit9 penk 
I •;am«-ha»k. Mabimoftan, 

Cteili, <. M. (gwail) The state of being over, or 
kndes; iorplasage. 

Ni cknmalaa adrch na neircb gweili. 

He woeU not roUnct loflrcther trappings, nor spare horae*. 


Oweilig, s. (gwail) Being oyer, or spare. Pwya 
a iretiig, weight without any thing over. 
^eiliog, J. m. (gwail) Pale brass ; brass. 
^eSw, I. m. (gwail) The state of being ased. 

Gadyfordd UcfiiAwn llyaoedd ifweddawl, 
Uooeild anroleedd ar weifw didanl. 

TWuihe oT UtiiiiOB of beaottful Italia, hoata «1lh rtchea of iD* 

BiH,obGmgam, i £.jrw«lya t. 

Mydd, «. m. (gwail) A sparer; an absolver. 

U« f ««ilyd4, y w dawed o*r eolledif at y dyn a dyoln, a chrair 
n*U0, tdyvedyd : lyog t Ddnw a*r craltt na ddygatat y petb a*r 


Tb( nth of an abtmlptr b tb« eonlne of the one who ia robbed 
'tfte pcrno whom he ««Bperta, briofflnf a rellck with hln, and 
••fin: f««v before ttod and the rellcli, IhatUioa haat not atuien 
■•* ud lacb llHnf of my gooda. WtUh Lmwt, 

^iol, «. a. (ffwain) To minister, or to serve. 
^eini, I. m, (gwain) Service, servitude. 

Gwdni fcwrd liyd frawd ya dir. 
TVe uniet eT proapcttty, will be anre till doonaday . Adage. 

^^^ciaiad, s. m* (gwain) An attending, or minis- 
teriog; a sheamog. 

Olacter llaehar ilucUad i laabar, 
Uachan far Uaw wdalad. 

trmUy «)nadog the darttog of oJa bine •haft, the wrath of 
l-KbM WM the dmltur of bis laiwl. 

CrmUetw, i O. Cx/eilimwg. 

Cieuriant, g. m. (gwain) A ministration, sendee. 
^'vcimaw, v. a. (gwain) To put in a sheath. 

Cjrcli a diymhcn yr Ellmtn 
lu wctaia gledd, Gwain y Glyn. 

the Oervana, Owain of the Olyn, «ft«ol* not 
Ldb R.ab lewaa Ltwpd, 

^Hoiawg, a. (gwain) Ministrant; having a 
>^i»th, or sheathed. 

Yfiria, gaa dcym, o gym carawg, 
Arfod focdd fehldiad angad wciniawg. 

*'*-h a ptlacc I dr«ak oat of borna adorned with goM, with a 
'^M dartng the boar wa* hit miHiMltri»t hand. MeUyr. 

^eisiawl, 0. (gwain) Mioistrant; sheathing. 
Vol II. 



Oweintd, s. m. (gwain) Attendance ; service. 

Nt chynnydd gwcloid arall. 
Atttnittmct upoo another yiilJa no Increase. Ad"g*. 

Gweinidator, ger. (gweinid) In ministering. 

Arwedd Owynedd ffwHtiiJator. 
tH minknring the gallaniry ofUwyuedd. CgmdAtlw. 

Gweinidawg, s. m. — pL gweinidogion (gweinid) 
A minister, a servant. 

Tri gwelnlodgion sweo; cof, nwyf, a d}ac. 

The three mimigitrt of the miue: memory, anlour, and learning. 


Gwelnldfiireh, t. m.— pLgweinidfeireh (gweinid—- 
march) A serving horse ; a working horse. 

Gweiniditor, siip. (gweinid) To be serving. 

Gweinidoca, v. a. (gweinidawg) To perform the 
function of a servant, to do service. 

Gweinldogaeth, t. /. — pi. t, au (gweinidawg) A 
ministration, ministry, or service. 

Gweinidogaethawl, a. (gweinidogaeth) Adoiiois- 
trative; ministering. 

Oweinidogaethiad| «.m. (gweinldogaeth) A min- 

Gweinidogaethu, v. a. (gweinldogaeth) To per- 
form the function of a ministry. 

Gweinidogawl, a. (gweinidawg) Ministraut. 

Gweinidoges, s./. — pL t. au (gweinidawg) A wo- 
man-servant, a maid-servant. 

Gweinidogi, r. a, (gweinidawg) To perform the 
function of a servant ; to minister. 

Teg loo, oa gweioldawg-wyf, 
DlK*\ y gwdaidog wyf. 

Glorloaa aoprrnie, if I am a lerraiit, without blame map I H0 
mjf duty. Gro. 0|aain> 

Gweinidogiad, «. m. (gweinidawg) A ministering. 
Gweinif, s. m. (gweini) Service, ministration. 
Gweinifarcb, «. m. — pi. gweinifeirch (gweini — 

march) A horse in attendance. 
Gweinifiad, i. mt—pL gweinifiaid (gweinif) An 


Por daor te«wr wenlSad. 
Like a cfaicrkaln the btarer of a ahleld. U. P. ii§tk. 

Gweinig, a. (gwain) Ministrant ; serving. 
Gweinigiad, f. m. (gweinig) A ministering. 
Gweinigiaw, v. a. (gweinig) To minister, to serve. 
Gweinigiawl, a, (gweinig) Ministrant ; serving. 

Saitad gwralg gaeth deuddeg ceintawg; oa g^dnlglawl fydd, 
nid el nag yo rhaw nag yn mrcaao, pedair amgaint lydd el aar- 
Sad : aef y w bono gwrug wrtb el mrawydd. 

The One for intuit to a bond-woman !• twelve pence ; should she 
be mUendnnt, neither gotog to the spade, nor to the mill, her Sn^ 
for injvrjr ah*ll be twenty-four pence : aach a one ia a woman at 
her needle. Weltk Law*. 

Gweinydd, <. m. — pi* t» ion (gwaip) An attend- 
ant, a waiter, ^a servitor; a servant; an admin- 
istrator. GtcWayddioa ymadrawddy organs of 

Gweinyddawg, a. (gweinydd) Ministerial. 

Gwelnyddawl, a. (gweinydd) Ministering. 

Pednir amgalat yw nrted gwelnyddawl gaeth. nhl el nng yn 
rhaw nag yo mreoan; sefyw bono gjvialg wrth el nodwydd. 

Twenty four-pence ia the fine for Injury to a female aUtndant 
alave who goes ucKher to the spade nor to the mill: sacb a ooeia 
a aoman at her needle. Wel$k 

Gweinyddes, t./. — pi. I. an (gweinydd) A female 
attendant, or server; an adminiatratrix. 

Gweinyddfarch,s.m.— pi. gweinyddfeirch (gwein- 
ydd — march) A horse that is in use, or serving. 

Gweinyddferch, «. /.—pi. U ed (gweinydd — - 
merch) A serving- woman, or a maid servant 

Gweioyddiad,s. m. — p/.l. au (gweii^ydd) A min- 
istering, serving, or attending upon. 

Gweinyddiadawl, a. (gwelnyddiad) Ministering* 





Gweloyddfadtt, v. d. (gweinyddUd) Td ndnliter. 
Oweinyddiaw, r. a. (gweioydd) To minbter. 
Gweinyddiawg, a. (gweioydd) Ministeriog. 
Gweinyddiaiwl, a. (gweioydd) Ministeriog. 
Gweinyddo, o. a. (gweioydd) To mioister. 

AddH I bawb d fweiayddo. 
Mtet for cTcrr one it wh»t «rr»M A<«. Adagt, 

Oeb! ddydd ya rwdB^dd g wenwya* 
Ah ! m day wiii<j<«rjitj poitoa. Otjf. Owefif%. 

6weirdir,f . m.— p2. 1, oedd (gwair — tir) Hay-laod 
Oweirdy, s.m.— pi. i, ao (gwair— ty) A hay iKNMe. 
Oweirglawdd, «. f^—vU gweirgloddiao (gwatr — 
clawdd) A hay-field ; a meadow* 

ttf yw ffw«irrl»«dd, Ur dlTwynluit MMya d wilr, » cUtwM 
ya rt fyioi* 

A A«|r-<»elMiir» b tend fron wldch aochiaf It cot except lit 
bay, wttk aa enclMoie roaad fu WtUk ' 

Gweiriad, t. m. (gwair) A becomiog hay; a 

maktog ioto hay. 
Gweiriaw, v. a. (gwair) To become hay; to malte 

ioto hay ; to become, or to wither, ioto hay, to 

make hay. 
Gwehiawg, a. (gwalr^ Aboaodiog with bay; 
Gweiriediff, a, (gwair) Laid oot ioto hay. 
Gweirlawd, t. f.—fL gweiriodao (gwair— Ilawd) 

A meadow. 

Gwelriavd a thia fHf Ir hmi 
Y«' arhaiirer, eoH r«rcf Ihrya. 

My hoiacle Iha aMa^Mt and aadtr Iha frees baagte. the riiade 
of Um baicl grova. D. ■» GmUfwu 

Gweiryo, t. m. tftai. (gwair) A blade of hay. 

Oweisgeo, «./.— pi. t. ao (gwaiig) A press* 

Gweisgi, a. (gwaisg) Alert, brisk, active, liTely, 
gay. Y ganfftn ureUgi, the lively girl ; aiac M 
yn ttiUgi or H tkroedt she Is very brisk opoo 
her foot; enam gweUgiy slip-shelled oots, or 
that are ready to drop oot of the bosks. 

Gweisgi'ad, t . m. (gweisgi) A reodering alert ; a 
becomiog brisk ; a slipplog oot of the hosk. 

GweisgVaw, «. a. (gweisgi) To reader brisk ; to 
slip oot of the shell ; to become brisk. 

G weisgioo, «* pU €gKr. (gwaisg) Hosks, or sheik ; 
the refoae of grain, cr froit, that has been 
sqoeesad oot* 

Gweisgiooi, v. «. (gweisgioo) To hosk, to press 
graio oot of the bosks; to braoah. Gioeisf- 
toat caipt, to cmmble the cheese throogh the 
haods in prepariog it for the vat. 

Gweisgfoollvd, a. (gweisgioo) Abooodiog with 
reAise or bosks. 

Gweisioo, s. pi. ugtrr. (gwas) Yooths ; servaots* 

Gweisionain,! .pi. dim. (gweisioo) Hoy yoonpters 

Pedwar-awlb ■raffilni a*fli baya*, 
Kaid««tawg tywyMwganbya; 
I wnb Wea gwaMonala ocddya*. 

Twenty foar eoa* to ne there hare baea, laadiaff cUefe wcaitef 
the geldea tarsals computA with Gwoa Ihay were ttmp ttrtm- 
<*"r'* Urwmrk Htm. 

Oweithao, «. pi. aggr. (gwaith) Times* ado. 
Stmietimes, now and theo. 

Oweithdy, «. ai.— pi. f. ao (gwidth— -ty) A work- 
shop, a maooActory. 

Oweithfa, M./.—pl. gwelthfeydd (gwaith) A fac- 
tory, a maoofaetory. 

Oweithibddig, «. (gwalth—boddig) Vietmions. 

far dad gwdtkfWdlt. 

Larl aTeMarieM ftea. Av<- Btdtm Mtofr. 

Gweithgar, a. (gwaith) Welt-worked : laborioot. 
Gweithftarwch, t . ai. (gweithgar) LaborloosoeM. 
Gweithiad, «. m.--pl. t. an (gwaith) A worUng; 
workmaoship; iactare, naaofaetara. 

Gwelthiao, s . pi. ^gyr. (gwaith) Tines, or tin 

ado. Sometimes, oow and theo. 
Chveithiaw, «. a. (gwaith) To work, to UMiar. 

Ffirdd achariad gvyeb ara', 
Bytbt a dmwo. gyda gabalib di, 
Dyna V dellad Mhdwy, 

Dft n Bodd aid rhald 
Daw a wnel, ot bafel hi, 
Daa oddefi ya dwya Iddl ! 

Fkith aad love, ever ecatle and fair, aad frtee arron|ia«i 
wtih good hope, behAM that it a Sna ttravtara of r>«<^U tore, 
It ncedlm f • wvrk anv More : Oad fcraatt tiaai tt> »tmaita4«. « 
der Mifferiag, tfut wc ae broaght talo lu X>r. S. Ctmi, 

Gweithiawl, a. (gwaith) Effective ; workioc. 
Gweithiedig, a. (gwaith) Being worked, < 

Gweitbiedigawl, a. (gweithiedig) Operatift. 
Gweithiedydd, s. m. — pi. t. ion (gwdthiad) A 

operator ; a maoofactorer. 
Gweithieo, s* f. (gwaith) An action, a battle. 

Eilwaith gwelaii, gwedy garriOiea, 
Aar yigwyd ar ytf wydd Urfca; 
Ba ail yao £lgao hea. 

A vecond tlnw I mw, aAar CM/Tfef, a gaidea ihield on at*4 
dar of Oiiea: he wm thoc like Eigne of aadeatlfaaa. 


Gweithiwr, f . wu—pL gweithwyr (gwaltb—gv 
A workman, a worker. 

Ctliwrh, *iBOfre1wdi. ane ffwy Uald wtlihlaa; 
Ynaltb, wcilhwyr dirlaldr 

Fall back, bewtrr, there are 

atkactt: iniM« 

Gweithle, a.m.—pL t. oedd (gwatdi~-tte) A wo 

place ; a maoofaetory. 
GweithoD, t . /. (gwaith) The present mstai 

adv. At preseo^ now, at this time. 
Gweithred, t./.^pl. I. oedd (gwaith) AcdoB,s 

deed, fact, work. 

Caa docth htb wahhredocdd da. 
OdloaalBthanlMwtthcMttMdwM-Af. id« 



Oedd gwr rwnwl d welthrad, 
Oedd gwaldi balcb, bnteb ctgoQcd* 

He waa a man of Manly ietd, ba waa a 
hae caai>cd a gap. 



bate via batka 

Gweithredadwy, a. (gweithred) OperaMe. 
Gweithredai, «. e.--pl. gv ' ^ '* '" 
An operator. 

gweithredion (gweithn 

Gweithredator, ger* (gweithred^ In operatiB| 
Gweithredawl, a. (gweithred) Operative. 
Gweithrediad, f. m.— pi. f. an (gweithred) 

working, or acting ; ageney ; operation ; tn 

Gwelthr«dladawl, a. (gweithrcdbid) Rclatia| 

an operation, or manofactnre. 
Gweilhrediado, «. a. (gweithrediad) To operal 
Gweithredlanoawl, a. (gwelthredlant) Teodl 

to operate, operative. 
Gweithrediannn,«.a. (gwelthredlant) To oper< 
Gweithrediaot, «. m. (gweithred) Operatioa. 
Gweithredig, a. (gweithred ) Operatite, efici< 
Gwelthreditor, sap. (gweithred) To be woikil 
GwelthredoMeb, s. ai. (gweithradrnwl) Operati 

ness; practicableness. 
Gweithredoll, v. a. (gweithredawl) To real 

operative, or eAdent. 
Gweithredo, «• a. (gweithred) To operalCi 

effect, to act, to make ; to tmiMaet. 

Att«mdwyr rmM^i 

■a gnat 





(fwttthred-fwndg) A worUog-womaii. 
Mthredydd, f . m.— pi. I. ion (gweitlirad) An 

effidentcioje; an operator. , ^ . ,jv 

Gveithredyddei, #./.— f«. *. «i (gwelthredydd) 

A work-woinaii. 
Grd,«.ii. (gwe— €l) The sight, or^ition. 
Gwelad, •. ». (gwel) A seeing, or t>ebolding. 
Gwdidar, t. m,—]^ «. on (gwelad) A beholder. 
6wdadw7,ft. (gweiad) Thatmav be seen, Tisible. 
GnhBief , #./. (gwel— ameg) A haw, an eacres- 

ceoce in tlie eye, so called. It Is also named, 

ftntgwrUf and HfcMUn. 
Gfdator, ger. (gwelad) In seeking or looking. 

Giebvd, f. fli. (gwel) The act of looking. 
Gtelawg,a. (gwel) Having vision, or sight. 
(ffddiyo, «. M. dim. (gwalch) A laneret; a lit- 
tle pert fellow. Ygwekkynf the pert sprig. 
Gmled, «. M. (gwel) Sight, vision, or seeing. 

Ovded, dfitcd, ■ cbetn. 
Mag, kMiloff. ud eoooMUaf • B0r44M, 

OwM.v. 0. (gwel) To see, to behold, to look 
npoq. Nk gweU aiMit. thon wUt not see her : 
nwtUreiopaheikaddaWf it will not yet be 
leeowbatwlll come: pan welo ya dda^ when 
he KSi good : OS iM weU mono^ if thon shalt not 
Ke him : gwel^^-chwif gweUD'Chwi^ poeheeh and 
iwtlweh ekwij behold yon : Wela^ behold. 

Gwelp % ch4l, » cklf w. 
to, tiricawsey, aadkctr. Btriiu, 


Ovdkh Cynnra tb cjv'rrfl «fM, 
Y> Lloagr fB IkMffI d Cliym*k 
An fvetel, eili»u jm olu: 
A*l fii«l» ipwclynl ryfeddsa. 

of Wain ttUoc op anus. In Uoegrio bnrnlDr her 
U, with bgildiOf* In » l»l*»: *^o^ 

■moi, vlNcvor aktmUl tee 

I i(, lAcy MOO wooden. 

i^ bei^firu4. 

Ovdediid, t. m.— ^. I. an ^g|weled) A seeing, or 
dacrying; perception, vision, sight. 


Mediuaawl, «. (gwelediant) Perceptive. 
G«tlediuina,9.a. VB««i^i<AO To'endae with 

Tiaoo or right. 

Gveiedisnt, s. m. (gweled) Vision, perception. 
G*eledig,«. (gweled> Visible, being seen. 
Gntod^th, f./.^-^. t. au(gweledig) A vision, 

>ppvitioa^ or appearance. Gwelidigatlk aos, 

> viiion of the night. 

<>«etedigawl, a. (gweledig) Tending to be visible. 
^^edwr, «. m,-^l. gweledwyr (gweled— gwr) 

A leer, a beholder, a spectator. 
^vde4ydd, j, m.— pi. «. ion (gweled) SpecUtor. 
^(^, f. fli. (gwalc) A tong of a bnckle. 

Ovelfia lordi twrch Irwyd, 

C jn Aoi gclaioB. 
The f«v «f (h* ftes of Ibc batrowlof pir, tt wm brought, as a 
<«*, bdoK Us Jmls. r»ttnim, 

0«eri, «. wL-^pL *. an (gwal) That is laid open ; 
i woQod ; an exposure ; abusive language ; con- 
tamdy . Gweli fa/aictf , the wound of the tongue, 
or scandal, also the 0ne for slander. 

Qorare gweli In 
TWs pby of a ffraea weund. Ai^gt, 

Nl ikdir |««n Ufe«d aamyii i arglwjrdd. 
fiM/tr demder shaO aot be paid bat lo a lord. diege. 

Oweliad, s. m. fgweU) A laying open, or expos* 

ing; awonnalng. 
Oweliaw, e. a. (gweli) To lay open, to wonnd. 
Oweliawg, a. (gweli) Having gashes; wounded. 
Gweiidydd, s. ai.— pf. <. ion (gweled) Spectator. 
Oweling, s. ai. (gwal) A clear space, a lawn. 

A daa fortdwjrd baallon, 
Cjrfred eeidd wylUoa 
Ar wdinf dirioo. 

Uodor tbo tbifb of the generoas ones, hi eqaal pace (>e dua 
oacs walk, oo a pleasaoi <«<mi. rsli«iii. 

Gwelitor, sap. (gweled) To be seeing. 
Oweli'us, a. (gweli) FuU of gashes, or wounds, 

OwallHs aid diddolar. 
The wsmmMIs doC voidorpalB. ddag*- 

Oweliwr, «. «i.-pl. gwefiwyr (gweli— gwr) A 

Gwelw, s. «i. (gwel) A pale hue. a. Pale. 

Marcbogion Beircb gwdlwon gwdlcb. 
The rldera of the ^« bones of heroes. Crr^ddeiw* 

Ne«d anscr gaaaf gwalwaf iwvUtll 
lo winter Ubm is not the ocean omsIjmIi/ BUddjfn Urdd. 

Owelwad, s. m. (gwelw) A growing pale. 
Owelwder, s. m. (gwelw) Paleness, or faintness. 
Gwelwddu, a. ai. (gwelw— du) Pale black, a. Of 

a light black. 
Gwelwedd, t. m. (gwelw) Paleness, or faintness. 
Gwelwgaen, «./. (gwelw—caen) A pale surface. 

Oedd hoea blaen fwelwnen gwellglng saSir: 
Dlwair oedd, m death, dcddf-geeth gywir. 

She WW fUr as the top of the paU tmr/ace of the sapphire wa? e, 
she was chMie, and wise, ef pure eondaet. and •incnre. 

Or. ab M.ab Uafydd, 

Gwelwgan, «. m. (gwelw— can) Pale white, a. Of 
a pale white aj^earance. 

Gwelwgan fwellffi, bell baUt. 
0/a jmU vtkite the torrent, salt the lea. .^ipioorBA Hsu. 

Gwelwgoch, ff. m. f gwelw— eoch) A pale red. a. 
Of a pale red colour. 

Gwelwi, a. a. (gwelw) To grow pale, or wan. 

Gwelwlas, s. m. (gwelw— gtas) A pale blue. a. 
Of a pfde blue appearance. 

Gwelwlym, a. (gwelw^Uym) Of a pale sharp- 
ness of appearance. 

Gwelwr, ». m,—pl, gwelwyr (gwel— gwr) A seer. 

Gwely, s. ai.— pi. t, au (gwal) A bed, or couch ; 
also a family; or tribe; a family district; au 
Inheritance ; also a plot, or bed, in a garden. — 
GMfelg pren, a bedstead ; grtoefy pla, a feather- 
bed ; gwily cosaocA, or gwely casaod,. a flock- 
bed ; gtoeiy gweUtf a straw-bed :— Girelv wyr- 
toA Cyaaa, the heritage of the grandchildren of 
Cynan, a name given to EUbnydd, In Carnar- 
vonshire : Gi0g|y eenedlf a tamily heritage. 

Nid gwelf M» «*Talg. 
II ii DO btd Mitbout a wife. J<tof fc 

Hawdd yfa w^lel welj. 
He will free) J drink who sees hJs bed, d4agf» 

Gwelyaw, e. a. (gwely) To bed, to put in bed. 

Gwelyawd, «. m. (gwely) A bedding; a lying in. 

Gwelyawg, o. (gwely) Having a bed ; bedded ; 
belonging to a family ; hereditary.— Tir gwely- 
awg, hereditary land : eenedl welyawgy a fami- 
ly having a heritage. 

Gwelyd, s. m.—pL I. on (gwal) An opening, a 
wound or gash. 

m Ibraidd pvsgod yn ebyr. 
Gelwtd g»cl)d o wand gwyr. 

The fltbes will not make tholr way ihroogb la Uie eivdlbs of ri- 
ver* ; there would be erj lug on* • ••»it4 b* ^Vj*<JJjJ^'^J^, 

X J 





kr ■-■' ' 

Bf ♦haA 

'/tft, wti uttiDt r.A* f ■» -•- •*'\i 'r '«•••: *•• -i .a 

Gweljdd, t. m. — jri- f. ?o 'rwal> A pla:C€ of re- 
pose ; a bed ; a ilock or a Liiiuly. 

> 1 •- • '.i^ t. » r-; ? • xj 

-•5 ?• 

:u. I 

GweJtadwy, «. 'fw^il; Tkai naT be bettered. 
Gweliail, t . «.— ^'. zweUei^aii (gwe-llaif) A 
pair of tkeu%y ec scuson. 


.**« ii«i«.^ r»'.. 

u.-;m 1 

Aiia vr: !'<f 1j» •» 

./ c , 


GwelJia. r. «. f rwefla) To better, to make btl 
ter, to BBctioraie, to become better. 

Gweljddain,«. r«r»l?di HaTinr a pUce of rest, j 
Gwel^dCAJiu «. m. r«ti^diain, A stale of rest. | 
G veiTddawiE, «- rveiyvid* Uaris^ piace of re:«t. 
G wei; ddo, r. c ' r"<(ijdi } To ■aA.e a p! ace of re- 
16 take repose. 

lur - _. ' 

G»^ia£^^- f- «- tiJiL. 'r«^N'ii A saiall place 
c: rt^j**t ; i*c ^im'M fc>^?e. di« eriie. 

le ma — 'itr a.i»m- i ii« i»-u> ?» r > t.r; ^ — iiiri>l )/ • <aaa itaftc 
fc— !• iiut u^ ;rf->t L..ii i^-tij -vi.-v. ^:- 

G v**r« 

«- n- — 7*. f- IK rw^T A c*mf!fa. 

*. f. rmj — KAA A t>:ti pUce; a 
>tT ; a t-s-iTLae. 

K. .swtiT-f". A Nia^ la, tise time 
vi niMi^ i«. AtLur e^rti^'-txti^ tii^ moatb ct 

G^^vftai, f. a. 'iwtNY" A pattia^ in bed. 

GweiTtodi, r. «. rweKfawiy To Ue in, to be ia 

Gwti\fiL, r. «. (ffwelrf) To bed. or to pot to bed. 

Gwdyr, «. «. — f^- t! an ( rwaJ ^ A wine pres*- 

Gweiyjordd, #, «. — pj. t. an ( ffwely — cordd) That 
sarroaxxls tbe bed ; the tribe-*tos:k, or tbe 
train of a heritage ; oifsprin*. liQ<:a«:e, kindred, 
race, or tribe. — Gtctiki^^dd. • §yi^^erxixmt^ a 
race of correctives. 

GweWodi, c. «. (gwelyawd) To lie io ; to be in 

Gwell. f. M. (fw— ell) Tbe better. «. Better, 

good in a create r de^iref . A ir»d ri ya «-c^; • 

•Art tboo t>etler.' «r« irt/i. in a better ofianner; 

— ^ic€U xo^ aiir, sreai %iiid valerian. 


D. villi Ir-^z. ia^ii wiir c*«' '■ 
t'^*-r-miii fra<-r«.;» •• Lt 4 • asii ■•tat -, ii- »,v^. 



f*rr.\i f J. : i" • 

53* » ?'•— ^ • j-;w ax lA^tcin^ t:«c world, *oil ibtxcfilcto ti 

GweJcinad, #. «. ( ewdlaif; A cutting withshein, 

or s:isson ; a sikearins. 
Gweileiiiaw. r. «. ffv«Uaif; To cut with shews. 
Gweiieinedjdd, J- •.~p<.f.ion(gweUcifiad)OD( 

who fi5€s the <hears, or scissors. 
GwelleifiwT, $. ».— fi, ^elleifwyr (gwdlaif- 

z^T) A shearer, or one who uses a iduon, 
GweUcirVn,*. m. dim. jwellait") A pair of scisson. 
Gwrlliid. f. m. swell ; A bettering, ameodiog. 
GweliLinnawi, «.'(rweniant^ Convalescent 
Gweiiiaafia. r. «. t gwelliant) To convalesce. 
Gweiliani, j, m. {jwell) AmendmeDt, improft- 

iB^ni; c.>ovaIe«ccnce. 
GwtUis. «. ;gweiJ Improving, or raeudiDg. 

TV »**i<«T«^ fnx, f«{:rrmrff ao«rHhin{ Ihe doqacnl ofiiiw 
?*^— od- CfnOtit. 

Gwelim, c. (rwcll Tending to improve on 
GweJiintb, $. n. zwetiin) linprovenieot;caltiir(, 

effect ot melioration. 
Gweiling, u w^—pL f. an (gwell) A blessiog. 

Tj ^11 ie'-iM aoii it^fl-xlvjm. WtUk Uv. 


Gwclla, r. «. (sTwell To better, to mend, to in: 

Gwellaad, f. m. tgwellA) A bettering, amondinj ; ! 

ameDdmeni, iniproNenifut. 
Gweliaawi, a. , gwella ^ Tending t.> u\'t biTtor. 

;, .•'i^ '.x^i (. I.e., 

♦^ ■ . : »- <,-r-:.,. -I I -3..- . i-«<. "c If oi Ihc thning, '?( "tS* 
!--''..«'. ^ii. i.:; ' .rt^:»t .-dt^K ol CaucLIsab race bekxed. 

Gwelli, ^.w-fu-rr-^'rw — ellt) Grass; straw, sward. 
Gictik y dollar,' the gras of the field ; pc^ 
g^Lii, or fiAsrtLt, green grass; yd or « iwtt, 
com apon its $traw : Ych gwelU, and jfcA <yr- 
mrcK or gYcii/«rr, and ribycAcirr, the sward os, 
and farrow ox, terms osed in ploagbiogfortbe 
beasts in both sides of tbe team :— Gii«U( 9 
c«w, or Uyz^ 9 ft, coocfa-grass, gweUtygtitk*} 
grass wrack.— li*»gi gire/i/ gve/jr, the bomifl? 
of the bed-straw of a dead person. 

F^ f<« »Anr^ a r-4c!k fr«elll Nil. 
Ut i* <-<•- iTt Ait »*fc*rt the irtM of May. ^•^'f 

G wcllraidd, «. (g^eitt ) Uke grass, like stnw. 
GwcUuwg. «. (gwelit ) .Aboonding with grass, or 

>lrjiw; grassv, swardv. 
GwtlUawT, J, m, .iTweUt) That is on the gn^- 

r.K-c .Mirr « rh^y-k^M-r, the one on the sward 

ati j iue one in ibe t arrow, terms in ploogiiiog 

for ihe two oxen abreast. 
Gwtlltiad, $. m. ^ff>»ellt) A turning to straw. 
Gweliiijw. r. >», ^si^tllt) To tnm to straw; to 

mm oif il.e straw, or to give the last thra.<b ii* 

the c\^m under the tjail. 
Guellioriad. t. w. ^sx^ellUwr) A coveriog »»"' 

cni>5: a covering witii straw. 

1 l.wir.i.^ruw. r, «. ;2wellUwr) To cover v\ 
J crAys . to cover with straw. 





GweHtyn, «. m. (gwcttt) A blad« of grtis ; a straw. 

Tor f gmtitfn **■ 4|a 


, brak tke jrr«w «ith my fair »•& 
S. «4» K. •* Al«rv<. Iial«l. 

(rweUwell, «. (gwell rcM«leif ) Better and better. 
mdr* Id a better and better manner. 

G««U«cll M ftrff fVMlliwMtt h|d fenr. 
0<tfr(r oarf ttUtr ntll pabcrtr, worM tad wont 


>weUyB, «. m.-^. <. ion (s«^) What U better. 
>wellyDiady J. m. (gwellyn^ An improf Ing. 
jwellyniadwy, a« (gweUyniad) Improvable. 
>wellyniaw, «. a. (gwellyn) To improve. 
ivrellyniawg, a. (gwellyn) Having a teodency to 
unprovement ; cultured. 

GwffljnUwf dejrm, fedtro co*pl, 
<rf«a|t«« yM 4in« euw dy fob. 

A pfterc iOTi«<«oM •fUtuingw^ ptiBMhtof Um aickty eofi, poor 
cat w By aMC a IheflM lo pralM: Uirc. 

U. P. JfwrA, « II. aA Ow««. 

Owellyiirwydd, «. m. (gwellyn) Improved ness. 
Gwcaap, a. (/• f^gwynp) Fair, or splendid. 
GwempI, «./. — pLi, an (gwemp) A wimple. 
Gwen, «./• — pf* <• M (gwe — en) A itate of blus 

or extasy ; a smile. 
Gfreoy «• (/• ^gwyn) A fair one, a beauty. 

Hid bmvdd cadw cyaoMV •« n wyrk 
EbW ItaUr ya rby g«U adryck. 

II H aoi ca*f i« kcfp IW pert Md g^ wfm^ •falart • tUtf 
pryteg •Uk c«cc« of caoaiBg . I*, mi OmUfm, 

Gun, «. (A ^ginm) White; lair; beaatifal. 
Vddfm men, the lair maid. 

Aoflrn y |yk«<Md««* yw bui deg«lllt • kyd y pcnaUl o kcd«ar 
1 SB baa ar bymkcf. 

•MMOal «f tkt/mlr co-oHaitBa b a vcnc of ics ayUaMa^ 
•ad tkc leogik of tk« tUiax froai fo«ir lo tlxieoo ytnm. 

Owenan, <./. (gwen^ A bHtter under the skin. 
Gwenawg, a. (gwen) Having a smile, smiling. 
Gweoawl, a. (gwen) Smiling, pleasing ; blaiMl. 
Gwenci, a./.— pf. I. od (gwanc) A stoat. 
Gweadaly a. (gwen^tal; Having a white fore- 
head ; fur-fronted. 

Teg yw dy <J»f 

O bat lif^ loiief «va<l«l. 

hAr to Iky gremtb. If wkUe-fromttd Imkg thoold b« dr«nic«i fair. 

Gweadady s. m. (gwan) Weakness, or frailty. 
OweadoD, a./, (gwen-^ton) A white skin. a. Of 

a white, or fair skin : the herb bedstraw. 
GwCBddyddy s. /. (gwen— dydd) The morning 

Gwener, s. /• (gwen) That confers happiness ; 

Venus, 8ir€U H^Mcr, the morning star; Dydd 

Gwtmer^ Friday ; GtcmUt Gwtntfy maidenhair. 

Y'atkykk tern y G«rwr 
Y kyiitt iwni liuk ddvy u wtr. 

Af««a4 Ika liar Vwm$ Ikcrc be coBMcUattoas of H»n la palra. 

iweoerawl, a. (gwener) Tending to diffuse hap- 
piocas ; relating to Venus ; belonging to Friday. 

Cyaairy gvcvarawl kyil fnvd gorfydd. 
Cy«MMa ••lIldMNMday tkall kt 


dUrtai OrM, groca rtavoddawl, 
ya gwarawd dfM gwaacnvl. 

oa Ikt day ^ r< 


jwenlky a«/. (gwen) A curb of a bridle. 

a gad a gwcafa. 

Gwanfro, t./.*-pi. f. ydd (gwaa— bro) The re- 

Gwengaen, «./. (gvren^caen) A white 8«rlhca> 

a. Of a white surface. 
Gwengan, a. (gwen— oan) Of a bright whita. 
Gwenglaer, a. (gwen— claer) White and dear. 
Oweagraith, t. /. (gwen— cralth) Saaiele. 
GwenhanI, a./, (gwen— haul) The fair sua. 
Gwenhudiw^ «. ai. (gwen— audi w) That allorea 

with a snule ; the name of a celabrated dwarf , 

of a diaracter similar to Elsop. 

All yw lUiy*. ya aei y rkl», 
Wao tiu<U«l, I w«iiiiuib«- 

Like GwcokBdhr, b fthj*, tke ft^blr dcrtlver, aa tke kraw of 
IkckUl. r. ^Tf*. 

Gvrenhwys, s. fU •ggr, (gwent) Men of Owent. 
Gwenhwysaidd, a. (gwenhwys) After the annner 

of the Owen dans. 
Gwenhwysawl, a. (gwenhwys) Relating to the 

Gwentians or people of Gwent. 
Gwenhwyseg, a. A (gwenliwys) The laagaaga of 


Mawr <ldidto«d fy agwawd y*Kg«eak«ya#g. 
Ortady doqaeat la aiy Ma«c la Um UwttMmm tmfn** 

Gwenhwyson, «• pi. ^gr. (gwanhwys) The 
pie of Gwent, or GweatlaBa* 

Oanidawg o Waat a*l 

vevaaoc of waaat vpHb bh 

Gwenlaitii, «./. (gwen— iaith) Bland, or soothiag 
language; flattery. 

Nl ckarodd— ^ 

ha Merdilin «ealcflk-Sa lack, 

Na Tkatto^ al Iklyaack. 

Nor McrddlB, allk blraMl/ailrriiy teagae, aat Talta^a la*« 
not her Mpartor. D. at Oiriiy«, t fmrtmdd, 

Gwenielthaar, a* (gweniaith) Adulatory. 
Gwenieithiad, f. m. (gweniaiLh) A flatterinc. 
Gwenieithiavr. v. a, (gweniaith^ To use niaad 

words ; to flatter, to sooth witn fair words. 
Gwenieithbiwl, a. (gweniaith) Flattering. 
Gwenielthns, a. (gweniaith) Apt to flatter. 

Kid gwaalaMkaa aad Mcrrk. 

WoBta to Ike awN epi le/aller. 

Gwenieithwr. s . m.^pl. gwaaialthwyr (gwanlaith 

— gwr) A flatterer. 
Gwenith, s. m,—pl. I. oedd (gwen— ith) Wheat 

Gwenilk yigit/anM^, common quaking grais; 

greatIA y bitckf fwemitk yr kydd^ Imckwhent ) 

gtceniik y gsf , gwaUik y 44faaar, and llwwkm m 

6raaaa, pilewort; fioeatii y 6raia, EngUili 

Gvrenitimwg, a. (gwenith) Having wheat. 
Gwenithdir, a. «• (gwenith— tir) Whaat-laafl. 
Gwenithen, s./. dim. (gwenith) Grain ofvr h aa t , 
Gweaithfaen, a. «• (gwenith— maen) Granlta. 
Gwenithweilt, s. m. (gwenit h g w U it) Wheat- 

straw. G««ni<Aioslil yatdatn, creeplag wheat 

ptemaaal kaadagr. 

la Ikeir — atka wrte pat, aad a mri wttk aa- 

W, M%44Uiwm. 

Gwenithyd. «. ai. (gweaith—yd) Wheat eoia. 

Gweno, a./ (gwen) The evening star ; aleo a wo« 
man's name, the dimliratlve of Gmra. 

Oweaaol, ••/.— pi. t. laid (gwea— dol) A iwaliaw, 
a Bsartin. Gmranal y diQ^, the water swallow, 
or swift; gaMwial y am*, or MfroMn, tha sea- 
swailow, or scraya; gwenasi y gkaydd, tha 
sand martin : — Gmraaal y gwifydif, a weaver's 
f battle. 

akedlclgioa afoeydd, 

*akyd «acu<>l,BMl gwuaol gwrydd. 

Raa l« Uie aaidst of rtv^», alnag \he *»lr, like ■ «ra*rr*» «*■<- 

i<#. r. tnf, iv rkrwMitf* 

- ^ 





fiaed t» wart; ill M i —i i i cfc iiii re , b«t 
SAciestlY cMKf^cWadei abe paru of the 

triet of vteick C«rr mrmi, or t^ K«»U jii«rsa 

y V, «. (fwea) To Hule, to look pleaouitlj. 

, «. V* V^ rirrmwtiwj Of a white paie- 

, of «aa ec«tp4exiMi. 

«./, :fwe»— r«ia4e») 
pie tree ; aioo caOed prtvM^ and 

c/.— f<. t. ocdd (fves— fvuf ) ▲ Mir. 

Crmtmrrjm^ «. «. fgfpea — gwjn) Teoom, pouoo. 
Gweswjaady t. sk (gveavyii j A pouooin^. 
Gveswjnav, v. a. (gweawjo; To poijon; to fret. 
Gweawjnawl, «. (fwenwyn) Poitonooi ; fr^tfuL 
G m tm rn y rndtTf «. ak (gweowyD) Poiaoiioiuiieas. 
Gweawyodra, «. ak (gweawyo) Pouonoosiieas. 
Gweawjnig, a. (gweowyn) Pouooooa, fretliiig. 
Owtmwymgrwydd, t, im,{gwtDwjmg) PoiMoons- 

Gwenw7Bl]jd,«.(gwenfrjn) PoiMnoiis/)r TeDom- 

o«t; taflamed; fretfol, vexations. 
Gweowynllydrwydd^.w^gwcnffyiillyd) Venom- 

ooaoeM, inflaniedneai. 
Gwenffynwr, f. m, — pi. gwenwynwjrr (gwenwyn 

— gwr) One who poisons ; one who frets. 
Gwenyd, s. ». (gwen) Felicity, bliss, happiness. 
Gwenydfa, «./.(gwenyd) The place of felicity, 

the scat of bliss ; paradise. 

Orrwawf fab^n yo y cynta* 
A faftt fanoo yn y (rw»;n)'l^»^ 
Af awen rofonuitt '>> arti«lu, 
^o dMrtM bydoedd byw Adda. 

Tm (^/twiiMt inf4a^ in the bnrlnolnff>Mnf ftbfian of principks 
l« frt**, f #*«»» yf ffUtUff With in« moiK, of ji;lor7 from lli« tuche»t, 
« vMek iMVhi* tant !••» extBtrncf, aad Adaa Utcd. 

Owenydbd, s, la. (ipreoyd) A felicitation. 
Gweoydo, v. a. (i;wenyd) To render blissful. 
Gweaydd,i. m. (ffwen) That makes happy ; that 

diverts or anroses. 
Gweayddawl, a. (ipreoydd) Felicitous; amosing. 
Gwenyddiad, s. m. (gwenydd) A yielding bliss. 
Gwenyddn, v. a. (gwenydd) To yield happine&s. 
Gwenyn, «. pL a^^r. (gwen) Bees, Gweaya y 

mctrck, gad bees, wasps* 

BoMdd f «enyn o bftradwyt mn y«; ac o icbaw* pechawd dyn 
y daeitayot oddyoo ac y dode* Ua« ad aruyot. 

Tha eriflo of tb« 6«r« to from paradise; and 00 account of the 
*lo of ibaD did tbey coaie fh>in ibcoce; ai>d Ood gave hiN blcMini; 
■poo tbem. WtUk Late*. 

Owenynawg, a. (gwenyn) Having bees. #. m. An 

alveary : bastard banlm ; also called Uystau y 

GwenyndrOy s. m. — pi. ^ ion (gwenyn — tro) The 

tarn, or circular range of bees. 
Gwenynddail, $.pl. aggr, (gwenyn— dail) Baulm. 

also called g'lveNynl/yt. 

) Abae,oitbtt, 


Gwep, «. «. 


> A pbce for bca. 
■. — pL I. i cgweajtt—Utttr) A 
afao caJ«d Cwck ganfa. 

— I. od (gvaof ) A nis. 
t.aa (gweb) A vingeySpii 

Gncadgavp, to 


c»j^ a 



vjik Uf gmamaUa c 

Gwepa,s.m.(gwep)The visage, the 
Gwepia, s. ■. (gwep) The visage, the front 





Gwepiaw, r. a. (gwep) To make a wry ftce; b 

grin ; to mock. 
Gwepiwr, a. ai. g we pwyi (gwep— gwr) A pii- 

ner; a aiocker. 
Gwer, s. wu (gwe— er) That is throaa to the nr- 

face; that shaJes ; a shade. Dwftd, TiUow; 

soet. G«irr ■oaflaija, nuttoa saeL 
Gwera, r. a. (gwer) To collect tallow, or net 
Gweraidd, a. (gwer) Of the nature of taUav. 
Gwerawg, a. (gwer) Aboanding with tiUov, or 

soet. Kw«nnrf, Aarac^f 4i/«d,a«f^ 

%naa y dtfmU^ Ufrimd 9 aior, sea pUatiia. 
Gwerawl, a. (gwer) Tending to be tdlowy. 
Gwerchyr, #. wu—fL t. iaa (gwarch) A cons. 
Gwerchyriad, «. at. (gwerchyr) A coverisgow. 
Gwerchyriaw, r.a. (gwerchyr) To cover ofer. 

GvyddlM an ^wmkjT, go irfc a rt gvytlilMiJ 
Tbe«adcaxtkc*«rr«kcr, avnnfalMdtaK! Qnii^ 

Gwerdd, a. (/. ^gwyrdd) Green, verdmt 
Gwerdden, t./.—pL i. i (gwerdd) An emenW, 
Gwerddig,s./. (gwerdd) Chickweed,wiDlerpe«i 
Gwerddon, #. /.— p*. *. an (gwerdd) A gws 
spot, a green ; a mead. 


Rtuoo, prydyddloD d«il 

Mwyia^ c«rdd yn sua fwotldoa. 

The triagtd ooei, lord* and mioatrili af At iMtrOt '"^ff^ 
lag it their aoof oa tbe edfc of the £rte%, U* »i Owttf^ 

Trciffla 'i glya. irm floew a f laSt 
Ac ir-lif el dwtr ironaa; 
Covd bmo, pob r«erddoo o gj^^ 
£r ;uiga<« p^wb i'r aBfylch. 

Wander over it* rale, mort clear aad rentaat, ud ik ^ 
•tr«-sm uf iu pellucid water; tin; wood of tbe hUl; ckh V-^ 
arvuud, to allure every one U> tbe a^iieoibly. Htvrn ^'^^ 

Pmcrrdd adar y werddoa* 
Ar uu twydd 'a yr yaya boa. 


Chief of soag of tbe birdt of ttie ^rrea tt<*df, particabrlT »* 
thuiale. ir. ti*.**^ 

Gwerddonell, s./. (gwerddon) English cUrv^ 
Gwerddooig, a. (gwerddon) Greenish, wrdMi 
Gwerddyr, »./. (gwardd) The sharebone. «» 

also called, cyick yr ar/ed. . 

Gweren, ». /.-pi. 1. 1 (gwer) A cake of taW«' 

also Uie cawl of the entrails. Y wem J*< F 

treren/airr, the cawl of the stomach. 
GwerganwyU, s./.—pl. I. an (gwer— clnwjMj a 

tallow candle. ^«, 

Gwerganwyllydd, «. m. — pi. i. Ion (gwergifl*!«' 

A tallow-chandler. . 

Gweri, r. a. (gwer) To seek the shade, M^f" 

yn gweriy the cattle arc seeking the ihadc; ^ 

same as cysgota. 




Gwdltyii, I. w. (gweBt) A blade of gnu ; a it? aw. 

Oii *uUjM»n yehwiMr* 
Tor y fwcUtya h*m 4|o dcf. 

, break the ttnw mith mf Mr ooo. 

GveQircIl, «. (gwell repeeied) Better and better. 
tit. Id a better and better manner. 

CveUwcll kfd fivf, pvMthwMtli bfd fanr. 
BfUtr atd hditr «Blil pab«rtT, «rar«e and wocw aalil death. 

CtellyD, «. «.— p<. I. ioD (gwell) What U better. 
Gweliyoiady t. m. (gwellyn j An improving. 
Gvdlymadwy, a. (gwellynmd) Improvable. 
GfdlyniaWy v. a. (gwellyn) To improve. 
Ovellymaw^, a. (gwellyn) Having a tendency to 
improvement; caltored. 

G*«UjDU»g dcym, ir^dvrD goipi, 
((waUav ym »aa« eaw a j foil. 

iffttr<foB«<#n»«/McM<iyff, paaMifatf Iha aiifhty oacatpoar 
.<!> ay Biie a Ihcaa to prate ihec. 

U, P. Mtek, i l>. ab Owain. 

GffflTiirwydd, i. m. (gwellyn) Improvedness. 
Gwmp,a. (/I ^gwynp) Fair, or splendid. 
6«iiBpl,«./.— ^£<. an (gwemp) A wimple. 
Gntj t./,-^, I. aa (gwe — en) A state of blim 
Of atuj ; a smile. 
&RB)i.(/.«/gwyn) A fair one, a beanty. 

Kid bawdd eadw ejmmm area wych 
Ktaie IMIr JB rhy faUcdrych. 

bdwieMr t« keep the pcct aod gmy afm;}** agtiwt athkr 
pnMI vtift eiccw of eaaikioff. 1/. «• GwUpm. 

^tn, «. (A o/ fptm) White; fair ; beantifnl. 
Yiifu woy the fair maid. 

t«fn r ni'*dcdd««a yw b«ii d«r*<Ui • M 7 penolll o bedwar 
tt hu u byntfhcg. 

ncMCMlW of tkt/uir co-«zl«a4oa b« vane of lea ayUablai, 
it4 itt leof ih of the lUnzA fron four lo ■Uteao vertca. 


iwno, 1./. (gwen^ A blister under the skin. 
jvcoawg, a. (gwen) Having a smile, smiling. 
^«Birt,a.(gwen) Smiling, pleasing ; blaml. 
M»Bd, t./,—pL I. od (gwanc) A stoat. 
^^^Mj a. (gwen — tal; Having a white fore- 
^i rsir-fronted. 

T«f yw Ay dwf 

U DU deg lad^ orcadaJ. 

ft'i* (hr ft«wtb, If mkit^/rvuted lodcc thoald be deemed fair. 

/I. a6 GwUyNi. 

^^Mf I. m. (gwan) Wealiness, or frailty. 
nidoD,<./. ([gwen — ton) A white skin. a. Of 
i«bite,or fair skin : the herb bedstraw. 
'*^<ljdd, f. /. (gwen— dydd) The morning 

*«Bcr, f. /. (gwen) That confers happiness ; 
\tfiaa, Serem H^eaer, the morning star; D^dd 
<^««wr, Friday; GaraU< Gwea^r, maidenhair. 

Vafbyirk •erea y Gwracr 
Y hydu »«ru Iwb ddwy o ser* 

*'^ni Ike «tar f«Mtf there be coaateilattona of ttaia la palra. 

L. G. CotkL 

"^Q^wt, a« (gwener) Tending to diffuse hap- 
facu; relating to Veuos ; belonging to Friday. 

Cy»afy fweacrantl byd frawd gorfydd. 



aatUdooaaday akftll be aaprcaM. 

Ooalam dIdiHt Grtot. groM rlaweddairl, 
IMlaivJya grnmmd dydd f weaer»wl. 

^m padaaa aad atecM Ghrial, arboae aflkacloBaeroM waa rick, 

•ta^ <./. (gwen) A curb of a bridle. 

nrwyaaa INp Moan a gad a fwcof** 
Afodd glyayad. 

. ^** ^w«».brtdlea ta their BMMtka were pat, and a curb with an- 
"^N^budarr. If. MMdlriM. 

Gwenfro. #./.— ff. i. ydd (gwan— bro) The re- 
gion of bliss. 

Gwengaen, #./. (gwen^caen) A whita sorfhct. 
a. Of a white surfkce. 

Owengan, a. (gwen— can) Of a bright white. 

Gwen^aer, a, (gwen— claer) White and dear. 

Gwengraitb, «. /. (gwen— craith) Sanicle. 

Gwenhanl, #./. (gwen — haul) The fair san. 

Gweuhndiw^ s. m. (gwen — hndiw) That aUnres 
with a smde ; the name of a celabrated dwarf, 
of a character similar to Esop. 

Atl yw Rbyt. ya ao) y rhlw, 
Wao hudawl, 1 weiinudlw. 

Like GwcobadJw, !• ftbr*, the feeble deceiver, aa the brow of 
tbe hUl. r. iVff. 

Owenhwys, «. pU aggr, (gwent) Men of Owent- 
Gwenhwysaidd, a. (gwenhvvys) After the manner 

of the Gwentians. 
Gwenhwysawl, a. (gwenhwys) Relating to the 

Gwentians or people of Gwent. 
Gwenhwyseg, <• A (gwenhvrys) The laagaaga of 


Mawr ddtdlawd fy nfaratwd y*Nir«eDh«yaer. 
Greatly eloqaeat la aiy Mate In the Owttukm '*"f *f*. 

Gwenhwyson, s. jd. aggr. (gwenhwys) The peo- 
ple of Gwent, or Gwentians. 

C^radawg o Went a'l Wai ih n y atoa. 
Caradoc of Onaat wM hta Ow t n t U nu , 

Gweniaith, s./. (gwen— iaith) Bland, or soothlag 
language; flattery. 

Ni charodd 

Ka Merddin trenlelth-aB lacb, 
Na TbaUedn el Iblyaacb. 

Nor Mcrddio, with bir and/aifcr jii/ tOBgac. nor TaUcala latad 
not her aoperlor. D. abOwiifm, i Por/udd, 

Gwenleithpary a. (gweniaith) Adulatory. 
Gwenieithiad, s. m. (gweniaith) A flattering. 
Gwenieithlaw, v. a. (gweniaith^ To use blaad 

words ; to flatter, to sooth with fair words. 
Gwenieithlaw 1, a. (gweniaith) Flattering. 
Gwenieithus, a. (gweniaith) Apt to flatter. 

Pi id gwenlelthaa ond merrh. 
Wonan la the moat mpt fjmur, ddtgt^ 

Gwenieithwr, s . in.— pi. gwenielthwyr (gweniaith 
— gwr) A flatterer. 

Gwenith, s. m.—pl* t, oedd (gwen— ith) Wheat 
Gweniih ytgyfarnog, common quaking grass; 
gwenitk y bwehj gwenitk yr hydd^ bnckwheat $ 
gfcenith y gog, gweniih y ddaiaty and (iynaa y 
6roNav, pilewort; gwenUh y (train, English 

Gwenithawg, a. (gwenith) Having wheat. 

Gwenithdir, #. m. (gwenith— tir) Wheat-land. 

Gwenithen, s./. dim. (gwenith) Grain of vrfaeat, 

Gwenithfaen, s. m. (gwenith— maen) Granite. 

Gwenithwellt, s. m. (gwenith— gwellt) Wheat-« 
straw. GwewitkwelU ymdaeHf creeping wheal 

Gwenithyd. s. m. (gwenith— yd) Wheat coin. 

Gweno, «./. (gwen) The evening star ; also a wo« 
man's name, the diminutive of Gwen. 

Gwennol, #./.— pi. t. laid (gwen— dol) A swallow, 
a martin. Gwennol y d^r, the water swaUow, 
or swift; gwinnol y am*, or ntgroemit the sea- 
swallow, or scraye; gwennol y glenydd, the 
sand martin :— Gicfaaol y gweydd, a weaver's 

Rhcd I elgion afoovdd, 

*Rbyd naenol, mal gweunol gweydd. 

Rao lo the mldrt of riven, along tbe vale, Uka a weaver*! «Aiil- 
a«, T. Pryi, IV f Irwtaltf. 


ewcamwy, f. m. (gwtn) lily of the iralley. 
Gwearodi f. f. (gwea— rhod) Orete of fclieUy. 



ttwrda, miM tjmmni 
AkyBfod • Bl ! 

t9, ilM«leiilgB BdAffTnka » recoocUtalloa boiiraai the* ud 

Owent, i. /I— pi. f . oedd (gwen) A ftir, or open 
regiioo, a diampeign. ft is a name now con- 
fined to nearly all Monmontfaihire, bat which 
anciently compr^ended also parts of the conn- 
ties of Gloucester and Hereford y being the dis- 
trict of which Coer went, or the VtiUa sttaram 
of the Romans, was the capital. v, 

Owentas, M./.—pL <. an (gwent) A high shoe, a 

Yroodd dwy wmlM o fwrdwald* ui ai dnad, • gw«ecM Mr 
•r 'yaif »■ 1 0«d yn ea cm. 

J two iktet of Mack taathcr en kit fceC, ftad goldm 

elMps OB the ioiiapa lo fMiM ihea. If. lfa*Mi *' ^ '— 

Gweno, «. a. (gwea) To smile, to look pleasaaUy. 

Gwenwelw, «. (/. ^prynwelw) Of a white pale- 
ness, of wan compleuon. 

Owenwialen, s./. (gwen— gwialen) Common ma- 
ple tree ; also called gwinioUn, and gwiMioUoydd. 

Owenwisg,«./.--pl. t. oedd (gwen— gwisg) A sar- 

Owenwyn, t. «. (gwen— gwyn) Venom, poison. 

Gwenwvnad, s. ak (gwenwyn) A poisoning. 

Owenwynaw, «. c. (gwenwyn) To poison; to fret 

Owenwynawl, a. (gwenwyn) Poisononsi fretfnl. 

Owenwynder, «. m, (gwenwyn) Poisooonsness. 

Gwenwyndra, t. a^ (gwen^n) Poisononsness. 

Owenwynig, a. (gwenwyn) Poisonous, fretting. 

Gwenwynigrwydd, s. ». (gwenwynig) Poisonoos- 

Gwenwynllyd,a.(gwenwyn) Peisonons,or Tenom- 

ons; inflamed; fretfnl,vexatious. 
Owenwynllydrwydd, Venom- 

onsness, Inflamedness. 
Gwenwynwr, i. ai.— pi. gwenwynwyr (gwenwyn 

— gwr) One who poisons ; one who frets. 
Gwenyd, t. m. (gwen) Felicity, bliss, happiness. 
Gwenydfa,s./.(gwenyd) The plaee of feUclty, 

tbeaeatofblias; paradise. 

Corraawff fiten ym y eyato' 

A faat !»«»■ »■ T fT^I^ 
At awM foroalaat o*r achelra, 
Oaa dardd bydoedd by« Adda. 

TlM cravMd tafksl. lo Ika bcftoalaf,Miir okf w ^Oftedpfei 
la Ifea r#f l«i ^/eUcUg. wllfc tCa •wof fbr? riMi th« lilgkart, 
•I vMch MffliU bM tola etfMaM*, aad Ada* ttvad. 

Jb ^aWMTa 

Owenydiad, f. ai. (gwenvd} A felicitation. 
Gwenyda, a. a. (gwenyd) lo render blissfhl. 
Owenydd,«. ai. (gwen) That makes happy ; that 

diverts or amuses. 
Owoiyddawl, a. (gwenydd) FeUdtous; amusing. 
Owiayddiad, s. ai. (gwenydd) A yielding bliss. 
Gwnnyddu, v» a. (gwenydd) To yield happiness. 
Gwenyn, s. pi. offr. (gwen) Bees, Gwcnya y 

aiiMk, gad beesy wasps. 

OweDyoen, a. /• dim. (gwenyn) A bte, ow bee 
Giocasfaca oraies, a drone. 

Brlwddweli aarcrlliylel 
OwMi BOi turn ai dMKl M. 

BoMtl f«M7B • haradwia mm yw{ ac oaehMapactowd dya 
J daothyatoddyM ac y dodcs Da* ad aray«u 

Tto artffla ofiba h$t$ Is froia paradUo; to4 oa accooat of the 
•IB 7 MM did llMy COM from ibeDca; and tiod ffifc hUblcMtnc 

Gwenynawg, a. (gwenyn) HaTlng bees. «. m. An 

alveary: bastard banlm; also called Uysioa y 

GwenyndrOp #. m.— pi. e. ion (gwenyn— tro) The 

tarn, or circular range of bees. 
GwenynddaU, s. pi. agfr. (gwenyn— dail) Baulm. 

also called fwiayaliyt. 

For pattNt «rfer war, adoad bM vlU aol coHact laaty. 


OwenynUei a. as. (gwenyn— Ue> A place for toe 
Gwenynllestr, a. at.— fM. 1. 1 (gwenyn— Uestr) J 

bee-hive. It is also called CawAgweaya. 
Gwengyn, # . m. dim. pL—t. od (gwang) A mis. 
Gwep, a. ai.— pi. I. au (gweb) A visage, a pU 

Gwumdgwepy tomakeafaee. 

Ootwr ft^*t darib ^ akad» 
A gwtf catb a gifU d. 

Part kbit look, aaj ba ba dccatvod, vlib bif fmuw/«r 
» cat MMicbed by a ooff. T.hfi 

Gwepa, «. m. (gwep) The visage, Che pbis. 
Gwepia, s. m, (gwep) The visage, the frost 

Prydydd y^aa««|da ^tflt 

Wbo la bfe mb poaMaaa beavM, Ilka a po«C la the 1^ or > N 
lof* Gai.OMH 

Gwepiaw, e. du (gwep) To asake a wry h»i 
grin ; to mock. 

Gwepiwr, a. m. gwepwyr (gwep— gwr) A |ii 
ner; a mocker. 

Gwer, t. ai. (gwe— er) That is thrown to tke « 
face; that shades ; a shade. Ofifed. Tilkx 
suet Gwer numUwjfn, mutton soet 

Gwera, a. a. (gwer) To coUect tallow, or loet. 

Gweraidd, a. (gwer) Of the nature of taUov. 

Gwerawg, a. (gwer) Abounding with HUov,^ 
suet YwermDg,bmfU€im$d^md,mMfi 
listen y de/atd, I^Hod y aiar, sea plantsis. 

Gwerawl, a. (gwer) Tending to be taUowy. 

Gwerchyr, s. ai.— pi. «. iau (gwarch) A co? cr. 

Gwerchyriad, s. ai. (gwerchyr) A cotenngol 

Gwerchyriaw, a. a. (gwerchyr) To cover owerj 

OwyddiM at c««rckyrf sorctadd g«yiblap>l | 
Tba«11deaitbcMffr«har, ftwralhfalbldlBg! CHH 

Gwerdd, a. (A ^gwyrdd) Green, verddot J 
Gwei^den, #./.— pi. <- i (gwetdd) An einen* 
Gwerddig,«./.(cwerdd) Chlckweed,wiDter{;^ 
Gwerddon, a. /.— fl- <• an (gwerdd) A ^ 
spot, a green ; a mead. , 

afaloa. prydyddloa daU 
Mwynr cMdd y« ada 

Tbe vtagad ooai, lords Md alulfali af cbo lia««. vtMl 
lag is tboir aoog oa tbc «dg« of the frwm. p.aiG9H 

Trdf U M glyn. Urn floew a ffla«» 


Coed broB» pob r*«nldoB a gykb* 

Er yaigmv pawb l*r aaigy*^* 
Waadar over lis rale, moat elffv aad rttiaaU uA m 
UrMM el Us peUadd «aiar; Ike wood of the hUi; mn 
around, to ainirc crery one to the afttembly. Mcwyi i^/l 

Prnerrdd adar j wrrddea* 
Ar BB owydd 'a yr yaya baa. 

Chief of soag or the bMi of Iha fTfcMfle^, lArttc^ I 
thk ma. ar. t»f.*i 

Gwerddonell, •./. (gwerddon) English dar| 
Gwerddonig, a. (gwerddon) Greentsb, fenl 
Gwerddyr, #./. (gwardd) The sharebooe. 

also called, etfkk yr mr/ed. 
Gweren, t. /-pi. «. 1. (gwer) A cake of m 

also the cawl of the entrails. Y iterf \ 

werenfrnvr^ the cawl of the stomach. 
Gwerganvryll. a./.— pi. «. an (fwei— ckawj 

tallow candle. 
Gwerganwyllvdd, a. ak— pi. i* Ion (gweiga 

A tallow-cnandler. 
Gweri, a. a. (gwer) To seek the shade. «a 

ya gweri, the cattle are seeking the ihade 

same as cysgota. 




Gteriii, J./. F*. HIT- («*«) ^^ «WI todety, the 

eoaiiDon people, the Tiilgar, the nmltitode; a 
iMxl; of men. Gwerin y i g y rf d 6ipyg, the table- 


A filwnniiv f fWlwfiB. 


ttr Hpi. »uai, iMMhr and privrtely, iIibII tr^ak ttreeword* of 
th tU priflUttve lwnafe« Jqr«««<"« 

Gwerifl, f . (gwer) Dodle ; chrUy oommoo, Tnlger. 

r ynrilttofl qranrdv a ddaafoowyd, % ggwmanit, kwtr town 

tooof bt rorw»rd» I !»▼• 
Mil ante mtgrnrwrnUf, 

Gfcrinad, f. m. (gwerin) A dfilizing; a becom- 
Of preralent, or eonmiOD. 

Gtennaw, 9. a. (gwerin) To render tame ; to 
Rider prefalenty or common ; to render ml- 
fir; to become common ; to dTllue. 


It It Mt CI9 <• eteiliu Uw nfcntle* 


Hw tamed not do wdl, urn 

Id if 


6feiiBawg,«. (gweria) Pre?alent, TBlgar. Imth 
nrnoqp, the cominon toagoe. 
Ciemiawl, «. (gwerin) Civil; plebian» or nutic. 

Antrnjid oof a llKwr. fnavr f«MlB««l. 
AidMvaf o'th Mwdd iteff tawdd tMnwl. 

lai of bfwwi Md eMtb, ihewUMTMlUglil, I WK«eh thy pro- 
' tCslMllbeiaTdlMOlMioD. OiMleAaurf. 

Svotudiwd, «. m. (gwerin) Civiliiation. 
Smisdoliy au «• (gweiinmrd) To pfaetiae ci> 
^tj, or iodality. 

SvtriDiad, $, m. (gwerin) A civiliiing. 
ivuioiaeth, 9,/.-^fL I. an (gwerin) Democracy. 
Kvnimaethawly a. (g^erinmetfa) Demoeraticd. 
B«^oi, <• yl. eg^. (gwerin) The coennon peo- 
Fie,tke nmltitode; a fal»Ue, a mob. Ttwdmr 
<^f fvcrtaM, a great gathering of tiie nmb ; 
EKn y g««ri»ef, the idol of the moltitode* 
^wfadwriae^ a./.(gweriiH-gwladwriaeth) 
, A republican gOTemment. 
'*^ ^/- (gwer — glat) A green meadow. 
'icriid, f. fli. (gwer — llid) A flowing wrath. 
'veriii, t. «• QmM ' H in) That ia of pvre, or 


*ni, tj.—fl. t, ydd (gwer) That is inundat- 
^;a fwamp, a bog, a meadow; also alder 
trees; which are alao called coed gwtm^ or the 
<*ttip trees; alao an epithet for bell. 




TW tUon, or rttaan lopt, viU Mte a feoerftl lUoiMnr. 


1, dywtl-wtni— 

>i<tJ» v9d li^ a tarvlUo ami^, ke win pa« diraoffb. 

*°^*S» <• (fw«*v) Abounding with aiders. 
Ktrnen, a./. — p|. I. i (gwem) An alder tree; 
*^a matt of a tup. 

Dwff y wenea dcf arnad ; 


Ihcc s ftve thy aolttciide t» the taad af 

Gwemin^a. (gwem) Of aewaaspy natnre; of, or 
relating to, alder. 

Yd Dvdd cadvyaawr, 
Y'agMawdd gvanta. 

Thoa arilt ticid the f«ak^ la tha d«y of Madtal la chalaa, la tha 
treach ^iA« ^laia. 

Owemlley «• m. (gwem — Qe) An alder grove* 
Gwers, a. /.—pi. I. i (gwer) A apace; a wWe; a 
leason ; a verse. Dy9gu gwen, to leara a les- 
son; ya mken gwera^ In a while; oroiau msra 
fntm', I stayed a great while, adv. For a while. 

Wylaf wecsv tawaf wady. 
I wn wacpa wAilff, I will fhea ha ritet. 

I dretglo were draw I glad. 

I will go to nageAr a wJkflr yonder io the 1 


Gwersa, v. a. (gwers) To qiend time idly; to tat- 
tle, to gossip. 

Gwersigy «./> dim, (gwers) A short lesson ; a Ter« 

Gwersn, v. «• (gwers) To leetare; to repeat lea- 
sons ; to xedte Terses. 

Gwersyll, t . m.— pi. I. oedd (gwer— ^11) A camp, 
an encampment. 

Gwersyllawgt c (gwersyll) Having a camp. 

Gwersylledig, a. (gwenyll) Encamped ; tented. 

Gwersyllfa, •.f.—jl, I. oedd (gwersyll) The site 
or place, of encamping, an encampment* 

Gwersylliad, a. ai. (gwersvll) An encamping, a 
making a camp; a pitching of tents. 

GwersylUg, a. ai. dtai. (gwersyll) A small en- 

Gwersyllt. a. m.—pl. I. an (gwersyll) A camp. 

Gwersytitiad, a. ai. (gwersyllO An encamplng- 

GwersylltOi «• a* (gwersvHt) To encamp. 

Gwersylln, e. a. (gwenyll) To encamp. 

Gwersyilwr, a. m.—fU gwersyllwyr (gwersyll — 
gwr) One who encamps. 

Gwersyllydd, a. m.— pt. I. ion (gwersyll) One who 
encamps; orformsacafap. 

Owerth, a. ai. (gw^r) Vdne. worth, price; sale. 
At werikj on sale; pa/otal yw gwtrth Jkwaf 
How mncjh is the price of this f Gwerik iqfinodf 
the wortli' of the tongoe, a fine paid for fUse 
Judgement, or testimony. 

HI ddlcagmi namyn trl 
A ■loata a'ai gwaadm 

'rae gwwfh fy agweifadwd* 

Waaa eaaM cecapa »ve thrNb heridaa ne, who was 1 
the epIlllBg of aiy blood throogh the mtrii ct ay holy 


Dywed air cywalr ya ol eawad Bwyf, 

Caa gorwyfcwya glrad ; 
Ai or gwarth, caaaarth eeaad, 
AI o'th fodd, eaw rboddya rhad. 

Speak a IblOtfal word after the ihower of love. •• I aa QVPn** 
aad M dliani grlei; oroat oT good wUI, gnlalloagdy aadaribeaaBa 
of gift. Or, oft D, ab IWor. 

Gwertbadwy, a. (gwerth) Saleable, vendable. 
Gwerthawl, a. (gwerth) Rdating to Taloation. 
Gwerthedig, a. (gwerth) Bdngsold, or vended. 
Gwerthedisaeth, a. ai. (gwerthedig) Vendition. 
Gwerthedd, a. ai. (awerth) Valoe, or price. 
Gwerthefin, a. m. (gwarthaf) That is sovereign, 
or supreme, a. Sovereign, or supreme. 

Llanl CadwatlawD fV mrmwdt 
Y*Dg«crtbeSo bro uaaawd ; 
Bl faraaaar ya ffoaawd. 

Tho . 

aT the coaalry oT Daaod 

ipaMatofOadwaUoB, aiy brother, la the wfpwp&rl 
'~ his wrath ievloteat IB the eamege. 


k Hmt, 

With Daw ydd wrlaT byay. 

To Oad I wfll waep oa'eM aooaaat, 





fl««tMla InMn, fralsr bcnadar byd, 
Vfrrthl^fMcd o'u bryd pjd pcvUxiHr ! 

Tht amHreign Kinsr. the miirbty Rnlcr of the worl^ ■?*\^ 
M?« from My iDicntloii the ilAiifer of the tinner ! LL F, Mixk» 

CjUrcb»tl*r dewla fwertliaio, 
Oweitblkwr with el rod t n ftwiiii, 
Cerdd foMtat, ntl y cut MyiddtM. 

I wHl fieci the $mpnmt OtvlBtty, pradoM froBteiaf Unff, t 
«fpniwMM«4dlBerMdiddDf. tf.atOiMto. 

Owertbfawr, a. (gwerth) Precions, valuable. 

Td yr maiaer yd oedd Cyofelyii. fab Teacfka, y freoia ya vr 
faya boa, y caned lera GrM an Arglw yild al, y |«r er 1 erertb- 
hwr waad era bryawi ccnedl dya o gallblaad 

la the Use when Cynfelyn, ibe mo of Tcaelto. «•• Ua( la Me 
WaBd,iene Cbrkt oar Lord wae bom, the peiwa, «Im»i. by hb 
pneitmi blood* redeemed the fanarattoa of aian ftva bcmdHe. 

vTt eo ilfiAiir* 

Gwerthfawrawg, a. (gwerthfawr) Of a predons 
natnre, greaUy valoaUey of great worth. 

Til pintb gwatbftwrocar I itdya : icchyd, a rbyddid, a riilawcdd. 
Thef« m tbiae aMil pr§aama tblB|» for ama: beatth, liberty, 
aadTirtae. Triotdd, 

Owerthfawreddy i, m. (gwertiifiiwr) Predoasness. 
Owerthfawrofprwydd,*. m. (gwerthfawrawg) Pre- 

donsness, toe state of being predoas. 
Qwerthfawnu, a. (gwerthfawr) Of a predoos 

nature; very raloable, 
Owertfaiady «. m. (gwerth) A sdling; veiidition. 
Owerthiant, j. m. (gwerth) Vendition ; price. 
Owerthlawg, a. (gwerth) Predons ; Talnable. 
Gwertho, r. a. (gwerth) To sell; to vend; to 

traffic, to bargain. 

Aaffta a bryn •« t werth. 
NcceMity wUl bay aad will ««ll. 

Scfwch ailao, forwynloD, a •yllwch wenrdrc 
Cynddylan ; ily* Pcncwero need taaddc *. 

Cyfoelkawf t wertba, 
Tytawd I b^an. 



The wealthy le mU, the ladlfeat to bay. 

Gwerthwr, •. m,^l. gwcrthwyr (gwerth— gwr) 
A seller, or vender. 

Owertbyd, •./.—pi. «. oedd (gwarth) Axis; spin- 
dle. Owerthfd nulin. the a&le whidi passes 
tfaroBgb the stones of a mill; gwerikyd troeU^ 
the s^dle of a spinning wheel ; gtDertkffd yif ol, 
a round of a ladaer. 

ewerthydald, «./.— pi. gwerthydddian (swerth- 
yd) what Is upon a spindle, a sptndle-fnll. 

Gwerthydn, r. a. (gwerthyd) To pot on a spindle. 

Owerthydwr, *. m.— pi. gwerthvdwyr (gwerthyd 
gwr) One who makes spindles. 

Gwerthydd, f . wi.'-fL t. ion (gwerth) A seller. 

Gwerthyr, s. m.—fL «. oedd (gwarth) A fortifi- 

Owem, V. a. (gwer) To be spreading round ; to 
beeome tallow ; to generate tallow. 

Gwery, a. (gwer) Tending to spread, or grow out. 

Owetyd, s. m.— pi. t. an (ijwer) An excretion; 
the sward, or covering of the earth ; mannre. 
Gtpcryd y dvfr, the conferva : the lower part 
of the belly. 

V Kelaia feiowen a oloir bcddyw, 

Daa woryd ac arwydd: 

Uwae fy llaw, iladd fy arf Ivydd ! 

The hlr wMIe corpte i» laierrcd thlt d»y. eader «r/* ind mo- 
aaaeat: woe ny band, ih«t aiy lord k klaia • ^ymtrr* Htn, 

Mai gryr llwyd yr wyd tr &, 
Fewa eaaol a <he*n cawna ; 
Garan yn bwrw ri («rryd; 
OaraaV wyll, ir rwr yr yd. 

Stand otttj yc vtrgla*, and bcltold the fwiHnMy orCfiki>,}U.: 
the coart oi Peafwerv it it aot dcvoared by laan! 

U f rnt i ck Ha 

Ef a*l dwf 0*1 der worydia. 

He will briof htai oat of bla hlr cmmtnf. LL P. Maek. 

Gwerydn, «. a. (gweryd) To sward ; to genenu 
moss ; to till ue groand, to manure. D^ed, 

6werydwedd,s./. (gweryd— gwedd)The fsoeo 
the earth ; the sward. 


A Thadyr aea gwyr !• fwcrydwedd i 

li a aot a cahnity, when Tador, the chief of «en, k bneg 
the mrfmet of the ground, G»obM.ob Daf^U. 

Gwerydd, «. m. — pi. t» on (gwer) Thatspriagi ip 
a springal, or a youth. 

Cradaf i awen, a*ai ibeen %*m ibydd. 
Mad gyaaall nawr werydd. 

I trml to tlie aime, with which my Lord win cade* mt, bt 
(Ur coUectlOB of teevinf spHmg. Cfn44H». 

Dctw ydd yai— 
Yn andawd nndad fmdorlon, 
Caa dracar, ran war wcrnMoa ; 
Tan lenyn, caa lorf cafylleBh— 

Y Iqfddon. 

Thas we are ia anltr, m brothaia fkma a coa w o a Mitr. • 
eompaMloDate, with geaOe womtkt ,- ia the end, vtUi a kii 
aagelt may wc be ! Cfadd^f 

Gweryddawg, a. (gwerydd ) Foil of vigour. 
Gweryddawl, a. (gwerydii) Tending to tpril 

ont ; apt to be wanton. 
Gwerydd iad, s. m. (gwerydd) A springiug M 

an acting wantonly. 
Gweryddn, «. a. (gwerydd) To spring oat. 

Pan oedd yn lien cicinch, ef a weryddal Meflt |«t Inik* 

I, be mo uld 

,m^ .««..^. 00 the ice. lihe a fray heron, that In the ditch 
picks the read*; or a itorli rttiing up ihe rtmUtU» or her xiomarA; 
or wUhfobllaMmhaoa the border "flh^ftrkl. ^ , ^^^^.. 

Gwerydiad, «. ai. (gweryd) A swarding, or grow- 
ing through the surface ; a becoming mossy. 

Gwei^dre, s. m. (gweryd— rhe) Cultivated land, 
an inhabited region ; a country. 

When he wai a decrepid oh! 



Gwerylym, a. (gwery — Uym) Greatly spresdii 

Utfymaa, fwerylyai, ffwcittd goiaiB. 

A ditfttiUnf , aa M«m»djf i f > n« i f i«f, Sowtarwrath, «f wfl 

Sla. eft Qwgm 

Oweryn, s. m.— ^. U od (gwer) A worn, or I 

that breeds in die bncka of cattle. 
Gweryrawl, a. (gwer->-gyrmwi) NdgUng. 
Oweryriad, s. m.— pi. t, an (gwer— gyiisd^ 

Gwery ni, «• a. (gwer — gym) To utter the «i 

as a horse; to neigh. 
Owes, t. m.— pi. gwys (gw— at) That ii moni 
Gwesawd, s. m. (gwes) Departure; a strayil 
Gwesawl, a. (gwes) A departing ; strayiog. 
Gwesgrydd, «. tn. (gwes — crydd) A coon< 

going round, a drcumrotation. 

Qwealloer Fawrth addoer, addwyr wcarrydd ; 
Owan-lluD wawr anhan Feliionydd y daelh- 

Tlie rhilliojc Talr moon of Marrh, nf tioldly rifrltniar f\ 
rleep-ben-aTiuf ray case upon a fceMc trum* in M«inp>^ , 

G wesgryn, s. iA.(gwes — cryn) Agitation, tre|K 
Owc8f;ryiia\vI, a. (^wesgryu) Tending to asi 
Gwesgryniad, f . m. (gwesgryn) A caosingto I 

with agitation. 
Gwesgrynu, ts, a. (gwesgryn) To cause agital 

Nid yn wyry, yn war. 
Yd wMjfryn nifar. 

Not chaately. not adhlly will Ibe foe ogiUU* Ov^ 

l*an weaxryn caamiawn caaipcalr; 
Pan llMld yn Hnchlad, pae llochir, 
Ya liyu, yn llacbar yd fenUr. 

When with daniint cvnioit be ogitoioi Ibe ceei i a t ; « 
•l^y* In linlinr «ratb ; wWn be !■ aoothcd, Ktit v*i t 
heltallHwcdiobe. Cfdd*iw^ \ H- •* *^ 

Gwesiad, s. m. (gwes) A departing, a i;oia| 
Gwest, #./,— pi. 1. 1 (gwes) A going oul; i 

6 W £ 



loeotertatoneDt; a place of entertainment ; 

u ion ; I lodging. 

Owrttewd (Wtthawdd » mya'd i weit. 
IcWsf u lufUidM nd yec goinf to aa Mitnlaii 


Gwest, V. d. (gwes) To go about ; to vliit ; to 
pirttke of entertainment ; to be as a snest 
Htb trfti poeMt or le araUf without being 
obliged to pet op in another place. 

IiBeoalBffto&esfMtitolhee. D,^OwUpm, 

Gfati,v.f. (gwest) To go aTisiting; to par- 
take of entertainment, to go at a gnest. 

Gmttkbf $, m, (gwest) The state of being as a 
$«est, or fisituit. 

Mctai, t. e.—pl, gwesteioo (gwest) A visitor ; 
i^etl; one wlio partakes of entertainmenly 
1 lodger. 

Y Ml y 4TUr cadw gwHM, M nM y dydd:— Mai hya y dyHr 
«* (wcttal: lla yr aiMldMfynwr, a dcaddyo lydac «f o ddyaloo 
1 1| f crigndd jaddo; a Uiynca o bonyat ea bod yn gddwaid ar- 
» oWyd foniqrfenvy byd y bort dnaocih. 

^4ti^frdiaaU ha kept dwiaff lb« aiiAt aad aoC the day:— 
6w««|hi alMkcr lo be kept: the eath of the dalaodaat, aod 
i^pcnoM aKb Mb, of the BNra of ibe bovM, wberda be il 
t»> AT) ncartaf of their balBff f aaidlaaa o«ar bla froBi the I 
(^tnbrteaadl&eaestiBonilag. WtUk ' 

Cwestiwl, s. (gwest) Being roving ; visiting. 

Owesteisd, f. m. (gwestai) A being a gnest; a vi- 
uiiog, t psrtakins of entertainment. 

Cvesteisetby «. m. (gwestai) The act of going as 
a guest; s frequenting of entertainments. 

^eit&, f. /•— /i. e. an (gwest) A place of en* 
(ertiioineot; entertainment; or hospitable 
nceptioB ; a lodging ; a periodical obhgation 
BpoB t fSBsal to contribute for the reception 
9fthe prince in his eircnit. 

Svjdd y dyiMa y« rbaaa arfao y gwcitffaa.